Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Deadline Musings

By Kate

I’m writing to you from Deadline Hell, an actual place located hundreds of miles beneath the earth in the depths of the Cave of Desperation.

The reason I’m here is that I’m racing to finish my second book, due in just a few weeks. I’m sure I won’t make it on time. I know everything I’m writing is dreck. And why am I italicizing words for emphasis? I've forgotten how to write. Gah!

I’m stressed out and not sleeping well. I’m forgetful and prickly. I don’t know what I’m doing and don’t know where I’m going. My butt hurts from sitting in this chair all day.

I’m living on chocolate kisses and frozen foods. My skin is pasty and I wear only sweat pants and work shirts. Big, shapeless shirts and comfortable shoes. Oh, just call them slippers.

I squint a lot.

I have a stack of new and exciting books I’d love to read—but I can’t. Reading something new would mean focusing on the words and the story—and I’ve lost my ability to focus.

So I’m re-reading. Comfort reads. At night, before I crawl off to bed, I’ve been re-reading old favorites. I started with J.D. Robb’s Naked in Death and plowed through the next four "In Death” books. Then I jumped to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Nobody’s Baby But Mine. Next, I might move to some old Julie Garwood Scottish historicals. Gotta love those Highlander heroes. Men in kilts, 'nuf said.

So tell me, who do you turn to for your comfort reads? What was the last book you re-read?

And I would be remiss if I didn’t send a super-dooper wowzer yowzer THANK YOU to my darling Banditas for the incredible bouquet of star lilies and box of chocolate yummies they sent me to celebrate my first book hitting the New York Times Bestseller List!!

Thank you, my lovelies!

Cabana Boys, attention please! Sven, front and center! Pina Coladas and soothing massages for all my friends!!!


Helen said...

Is he coming to my place

Have Fun

Kate Carlisle said...

Helen!!! You got him!! Congrats! Do you have big plans today?

It's good to see you back in the Lair. Hope you had a lovely time at the readers' convention!

Jane said...

Hi Kate,
Congrats on hitting the NYT list. Good luck finishing the book two. I love Julie Garwood and all her historicals are comfort reads to me, especially "Saving Grace" and "The Bride." Stephanie Laurens' Bastion Club and Cynster series are also comfort reads. The last book I reread was Cindy Gerard's "Show No Mercy." I'm a big fan of romantic suspense and she's one of my favorite authors.

Congrats on the GR, Helen.

Helen said...


Congrats on the book hitting The New York Times Bestseller List WAY TO GO GIRL.

I am sorry you are stressing but re reads are a great way to unstress I agree actually at the ARRC I have just come home from we had a pyjama party on the Friday night teddy bears and favourite re read books were a must (I didn't go in PJs I stayed at the hotel around the corner I didn't want to scare Melbourne with me walking the streets in my PJs LOL)I took my Romance Bandits bear and a couple of my favourite books I couldn't fit them all in the bag so I had Tempt The Devil Anna Campbell and The Wild Sight Loucinda McGary two great books that I have read recently.
As for re reads I love any of Kathleen Woodiwiss's and any of Julie Garwood's historicals I have re read these books but I don't re read a lot at the moment because I have so many on the TBR pile I feel guilty not reading the new books I have, but in saying that I have heaps of books that I could re read any time.

It has been a while since the GR has visited there is still 1 packet of Tim Tams left but it is shopping day tomorrow.

Have Fun

limecello said...

Congratulations, Kate - and good luck with meeting your deadline!

Congrats on the GR, Helen!

As for books... hmmm I most recently comfort read... (I've been doing a lot of this so trying to think of the last one...) ah yes - a bunch of Shannon McKenna's books. Especially her novellas. Meltdown is one of my favorites.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Jane - Ah, Cindy Gerard's romantic suspenses are great fun! And everyone knows I simply love Julie Garwood's oldies! And the Cynsters are favorites, too.

Kate Carlisle said...

Helen, that PJ party sounds like it was a blast! Glad to hear the Bandita Bear kept you company. :-)

That one little packet of Tim Tams will not last long! Good thing it's shopping day. Have a great time with the GR!

Natalie Hatch said...

You know Kate that every book you write from now on will have the title "From New York Times Bestselling Author".... that's soooo cool.

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, it's been a while since he's visited you, isn't it? Get out the Tim Tams! By the way, absolutely lovely to see you in Melbourne at ARRC over the weekend. Wasn't it so much fun? I'm still buzzing! Oh, and thank you again for picking Tempt the Devil as one of your faves. I was stoked!

Kate, YOU LITTLE BEAUTY!!!!! Congratulations. You know how happy everyone in the lair is for you. We've screamed and danced and sung and thrown things (including the skinnier of the cabana boys)in celebration ever since we found out.


I like it!

Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks so much, limecello! I'll have to get back to the book soon, but right now ...

Shannon McKenna is awesome! Her books are sooooo sexy. Really, she's one of the best!

Kate Carlisle said...

Natalie, it's still so surreal, I can't wrap my little brain around those details! It's crazy, isn't it??? LOL

Anna Campbell said...

I re-read all the time. I find it's a failsafe way of getting out of the occasional reading slump or sometimes, as you say, Kate, you just want the warm comfort of something that you love. And Richard Armitage never answers my calls at such times...

I've also been doing a series of reviews of favorite books on Romance Novel TV. That's been great. I've revisited things I love but have never re-read like Flowers from the Storm.

Anyway, among my re-reads are Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. Must have read that 100 times. A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson. Must have read that 99 times. And when I really want something politically incorrect but brimming with passion, I get out a book from 1981 called The Flesh and the Devil by Teresa Denys. Absolutely stunning writing and SOOOOOOO bad but SOOOOOOO good! ;-)

Fun post, Kate. No wonder you're a NYT bestseller! Good luck with the writing!

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, the Bandita Bear was a huge hit. You know, I'd never seen one in the flesh before. He's GORGEOUS!!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Ladies, put Paolo down! He's starting to shiver, poor lad. :-)

Anna!!! Thank you! But it sounds like the place to be last weekend was Melbourne for the ARRC! Wish we all could've been there with you, especially when you won! Woo hoo!! Talk about an invasion!!

Kate Carlisle said...

I've seen our cutie bear in person! So soft and cuddly, isn't he? I want him!

Kate Carlisle said...

Anna, I'm completely embarrassed but must confess I've never read Lord of Scoundrels! The fact that you've read it 100 times means I'm going directly to Amazon and ordering it right now! Yikes!

And I agree, sometimes you've just got to go back and re-read one of those so-bad-they're-good books from the early days. :-)

PinkPeony said...

Hi Kate!
I have friends who would kill to be in your shoes...a deadline on a much anticipated second book and a first book on the NYT bestsellers list! And, it's nice to know even bestselling authors think they're writing dreck at times. I've pounded a lot of dreck but I've never been sure how to spell dreck. :)

As for comfort reads...I just reread SEP's It Had To Be You for the fourth time. I love SEP. I also reread some of Linda Howard's older stuff. Open Season is one my my favorites--the party pack condom scene makes me grin like an idiot everytime. Other books I've read again...anything by Karen Rose, Julie Garwood, and the old Sandra Brown stuff, like Slow Heat in Heaven.

Good luck with your deadline. Maybe some peppermint tea to go with the chocolates or a peppermint scented footbath will soothe your nerves. Massage? Comfort food like homemade mac and cheese or chicken pot pie?
Sending you good karma. Jen

Christine Wells said...

Kaaate!! We are still happy dancing for you--thanks so much for posting a pic of the lilies. Glad you enjoyed them.

Commiserations on the deadline woes. I'm sure this book will be every bit as brilliant as the last. I know that's of absolutely no comfort to you at this point, but there you are.

Mmm, I'd have to say my comfort reads are often Jenny Cruise and SEP, mostly because if I'm writing I like to read contemporary and I KNOW I'm going to laugh when I'm reading those two. When I'm not writing I can't go past Georgette Heyer. Those books are like old friends--they never let you down.

Helen, congrats on the GR!

Tawny said...


btw, that whohoooo is for the NYTimes, not for your time in the pit of dispair, aka deadline hell. Just clarifying ;-)

I love comfort reads. Anything Nora is a comfort read. Harry Potter is a comfort read. David Edding's The Belgariad/The Mallorean is a comfort read. Note, most of my comfort reads are series, which indicates I'm a major baby when I need comforted and like to lie in bed for at least an entire weekend (or long weekend, maybe) and immerse myself in comfort.

btw... what's wrong with baggy sweats, big shapeless workshorts and slippers? *g*

Helen said...

It was such a fantastic weekend you are so much fun to be with the panels the talks from the overseas authors Sherrilyn Kennyon had me crying with laughter talking about her family and did I hear Dianna Love mention blowing things up and then saying that would have been with Cassondra and Steve. And of course there was the launch of the Australian edition of To Tempt The Devil by Stephanie Laurens.

The Romance Bandits bear had a great time he really enjoyed the reception on the Friday night lots of champagne and fun people to be with.

You must read Lord of Scoundrels it really is a great book.

Have Fun

Anna Sugden said...

Still happy dancing for you here in Cambridge, Kate! NYT - awesome!

Re-reading? I wish I had time! My TBR mountain is like Everest (or at least K2!). But, if I have nothing else, I return to favourites like Susan Mallery, Kathleen Kane, Deirdre Martin (hockey romances, say no more!), Kate Angell and SEP.

I also love Nora's Three Sisters trilogy and the Key trilogy.

I have Lord of Scoundrels on Mt TBR after Fo raving about it! And Julie Garwood's Saving Grace after Suz's raving!

Anna Sugden said...

Helen - so glad RB Bear enjoyed his trip out to the conference!

Anna Campbell - Congrat on your big award too!!

Oh and Kate - get writing! We want Book 2 ASAP! HIH was fab!! I won't give anything away, but can I just say I have a new bad boy to lust over in G?!

Virginia said...

Congrats Helen, for nabbing that rooster, you haven't had him for a while! I think he missed you! He will need Tim Tams!

Kate, congrats on makeing the New York Times best selling list. Old favorite confort reads is a great way to chill out! I have an old book of Constance O'Banyon's Rebel Temptress and I will grab it everytime for my comfort read. It is one that will bring tears to your eyes every time you read it.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Woo hoo Kate, still celebrating on your behalf, and congrats Helen on getting the GR.

I am with Anna, one of my comfort reads is The Sisters Island trilogy by NR, I have several that I go to when I am in a slump. I also like Laurens' Cynsters and Bastion Club Jane. I like to re-read some of Jane Feather's historicals and Rachel Gibson's contemporaries.
I have a TBR pile that is threatening life and limb but on occasion you just have to back and visit old friends.

PJ said...

Morning Everyone! Helen, congrats on the GR! Better keep him far away from that Bandita Bear. His jealous side is not pretty.

Congrats again, Kate! NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR! How awesome is that! :) I am so excited about Book #2. I know that you're probably filled with doubts at the moment but I have total confidence in you and am positive it will be fabulous!

VR, I am so with you on *G* and keeping my fingers crossed that we'll be seeing much more of him in future books. Much more!

I've said this before but Julie Garwood's Saving Grace is my all-time favorite comfort read. I adore that book and it never, never fails to give me warm fuzzies no matter how many times I read it. I'm now on my third copy of the book and have long since lost count of the number of times! Two other long-time fav re-reads are Jayne Ann Krentz's Trust Me and Johanna Lindsey's The Magic of You. I love all the Malory books but Amy and Warren's story always makes me smile.

Gillian Layne said...

Helen, congrats :) Loved the pictures you posted on Facebook. Looked like a fun time!

Kate, WAY TO GO!!!! I know book 2 will be just a fab. When I'm stressed (read-day job)I like Elizabeth Peters, cause I've read them all a million times, and classics like Little Women.

And if I'm truly frazzled? Reading Junie B Jones with my youngest, not that she needs me to read it anymore, makes me laugh out loud.

Christie Kelley said...

Kate, I'm far deeper in the cave than you right now. My deadline is Sunday! And I have some issues toward the end. Needless to say, I just popped out to get a moment of sunshine and now I'm heading back to the cave. Congrats again on the NYT list! Totally awesome news!

Minna said...

Congrats, Kate!
Comfort reads... Well, J.D. Robb, definitely.

Joan said...

Ahhhhhhh, Sven...that's it...that muscle right...there.

Oh, sorry, fell into the spirit of the celebration!

I double Tawny's woohoo and raise her a YIPPEE! I am so stoked about your NYT placement. MY copy of HIH arrived yesterday so am eager to dive into it.

As to re-reads I'll also echo many of Nora's books. In particular The Key Trilogy, the Cheasepeke series and one of her earlier ones the Donovan Legacy??? (Three cousins who are witches) Oh, and then the Irish ones...Jewels of the Sun and the Born In.

The lilies look gorgeous btw.

Joan said...

Kate, the Bandita Bear was a huge hit. You know, I'd never seen one in the flesh before. He's GORGEOUS!!!

I hadn't either but now..NOW...I have a box of seven in my office. They are so cuddly I cold dive right in there with them!

Pink Peony...YOURS (from the invasion) is on its way today!

Kirsten said...

Kate, I'm in awe of you on any number of levels. The whole NYT thing, of course. Wow. I mean, how many people in the UNIVERSE can say that about themselves, let alone DEBUT authors?

And then there's this issue about you reading while you're in the deadline cave. When I'm in the cave I work until I fall, exhausted, into bed. A complete stupor. My brain cells ready to fall out. The fact that you have enough brain cells left to read suggests that you had way more to begin with than I ever did!! (Which ain't too hard, but still impressive!!)

I'm with all you SEP fans. Susan Sey turned me onto SEP and I've been a huge fan ever since. My real comfort read is Johanna Lindsey's first few Mallory books. Anthony Mallory takes ALL my blues away...

Oh, and Tawny, you mentioned one of my all time favorites! The Belgariad! One of the best series in the world!

And Nancy will back me up on the other -- Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern. :-)

jo robertson said...

Hilarious post, Kate, so snarky and self-deprecating!

And congrats again on your NYT best seller status. I feel like I'm touching royalty or as close as I'll ever get!

Sadly, I don't reread books unless they're classics and I'm teaching the novel to students. Sigh. I'm such a slow reader, what a shame.

I AM listening to Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER on tape -- does that count? -- and loving the Scottish brogue the reader does so well.

Gotta love a man with a Scottish accent!

Yay, Helen! Way to go!

Jennifer said...

Kate, super-duper, mega, screaming congrats on hitting the NYT!! Homicide In Hardcover is awesome!

I love NOBODY'S BABY BUT MINE! I wish I held onto my books so I could reread that again!

The last book I reread was THE LYON'S LADY by Julie Garwood.

I think I'm gonna need two cabana boys...or is that being selfish?

Michele said...

Oh my gosh, Kate! I knew were destined to be friends! I LOVE Julie Garwood's Scottish Historical novels... those are the definitely my comfort reads. :)

And wait. We're not supposed to live on chocolate kisses and frozen foods? Shoot. Don't tell my husband and son that, okay? I've got them thinking otherwise. LOL

Hugs and Congratulations again on all your amazing success... you've worked so hard for this!! I'm so thrilled!!

Donna MacMeans said...


I don't re-read often, too many TBRs around, but I do keep comfort reads close at hand - just so I can touch them when needed and know they're there. I count SEP, Amanda Quick, and Julie Garwood in those books - but - got to tell you HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER may join that stack.

Seriously - I love this book. Really great characters and a little bit of fun in every sentence - even amidst bloody bodies and turmoil. It is no surprise that this book raced up the charts. Can't wait for the next.

terrio said...

It's so wonderful to see good things happen to good people. Super congrats on hitting THE list. Whoot!

I hate to admit it, but I never re-read. Or have never so far. The way I see it, with my horrible memory, these hundreds of books I've been collecting for around 20 yrs now are going to be brand new to me when I retire. My golden year will be spent with an endless supply of *new* reading material. LOL!

And then there's the hundreds of books in my house I haven't even read for the first time. LOL! I'm with Helen on the guilt!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi PinkPeony -- Jen! I love Linda Howard, too! I think I've re-read Sun of the Morning at least ten times. And Dream Man is one of my all-time favorite romantic suspenses. I've had to replace it three times!

And believe me, "dreck" is my middle name!! LOL

Kate Carlisle said...

Oops! Jen, just had to add -- Sandra Brown AND chicken pot pie? Heaven!!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Madame, the lilies keep multiplying! Two more buds opened this morning and the bouquet is even more glorious than that piccie shows! Thank you so much!!

SEP is the absolute best when I need to read for laughs--and the occasional tears. Ain't She Sweet is another favorite. I absolutely loved the dialogue in that book.

Kate Carlisle said...

Tawny, thanks!!!

Really, workshirts and sweats are the reason we all write, right? ;-)

Nora's series have gotten me through many a desperate weekend. I love her old Silhouette series, too. The Calhouns and MacKades and O'Hurleys. It's like going back and visiting old friends.

Nancy said...

Helen, have fun with the rooster!

Kate, mega-congrats on the Times list. We are all so delighted for you that only flowers and chocolate could express our feelings. :-)

As for comfort reads and re-reading, I have to think about that. Georgette Heyer is a reliable pleasure. So is The Lord of the Rings, but reading it takes too long to constitute a "break." It's more like a total halt.

The Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy L. Sayers are always a good break. I know them so well that they're like old friends. Anything by Dick Francis.

The last book I re-read, not counting novels I'm teaching, was Bring It On by Laura Anne Gilman. It's urban fantasy with strong romance, from Luna. I actually am teaching that but not for another couple of weeks, and I re-read it for pleasure because a new book had come out, the 5th in the series, and I went back and started from the beginning.

I tend to do that when a new book in a series (happens often with mysteries) comes out. I read the new one and then go re-read the earlier ones to feel as though I'm now current.

Am looking forward to many more Brooklyn Wainwright adventures!

Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks, Anna!!

You've mentioned two of my absolute favorite authors -- Susan Mallery and Kathleen Kane! And the amazing thing is, they just keep getting better and better. Wait 'til you read Susan's SUNSET BAY, coming out this week. It's phenomenal!!

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL, Anna. Yes, "G" was an unexpected guest -- and now insists on popping up when least expected. ;-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Virginia, thanks! I love a comfort read that makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It's the perfect companion to curl up with on a rainy day. :-)

Vicki said...

Helen have fun with him today. I'm going to get him one of these days...heehee

Kate, congrats on hitting the NYT list. And you'll finish book two AND it will be as great as book one. :)

When I'm writing the first draft and working hard to meet my own deadline goals(yet-to-be-published-yet-better-get-use-to-them goals) I read Nora. Her older books mostly since I know the worlds and the characters.

Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks, Dianna! All the authors you mentioned are my faves, too! But I hear you on the threatening TBR pile. Everywhere I look there are books to be read. They're giving me the eye, clamoring for attention, demanding to be read! They're taking over the house!! Whoa! Pushy, aren't they? Okay, gotta finish this book so I can put a dent in those TBR's!

Kate Carlisle said...

Aww, PJ, thanks for your confidence. I'll use yours while my own is rocking and sucking its thumb in the corner! LOL

The Mallorys are an old favorite of mine, too! I even love those wonderful Fabio covers! And Saving Grace is pure pleasure.

I have no idea what "G" is up to this time. He makes his own plans and doesn't share anything with me. I'll probably have to contact his agent to work out some kind of a deal. Sigh. ;-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Ah, Gillian, Elizabeth Peters is fabulous!! I love Amelia Peabody!

And thanks for the congrats!!

Now I've got to find Helen's photos and see what we all missed! We may have to discuss an ARRC invasion next year. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Oh, Christie, I feel your pain!! Yes, enjoy that little spot of sunshine on your face. The Vitamin D will do you good. Then back into the cave with you, Miss! We need you to finish your next wonderful historical!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi, Minna -- thanks so much! JD Robb is definitely a fave! :-)

Maureen Child said...

Kate.......move over! This deadline cave is getting crowded!! But it was way worth poking my head out to shout woo hoo again for the NYT thing!!!

And you banditas are soooo cool, sending flowers and chocolate!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Joanie, thank you!!!! I think of y'all every time I see my lilies! :-)

Please, enjoy Sven's talents all you want! He's here for you!

Love Nora's Donovans, too!

Kate Carlisle said...

Kirsten, thank you! You're too cute! Actually, I have very few brain cells left, but apparently I'm perfectly content to destroy them all before I'm done!! LOL

I'm totally intrigued by The Belgariad you and Tawny mentioned. I've never heard of it but I'm going to go check it out.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Jo! Thank you so much!

But royalty?? Snork!! Yes, that was me, snorting milk out of my nose as I laughed. Very regal indeed!

Oh, what a good idea, listening to OUTLANDER on audio! That Scottish brogue must be so sexy! Say, did I mention that my book two takes place in Edinburgh? Yup, gotta love that Scottish brogue. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey, that witch is back!! Hi Jennifer!! Listen you can have all the cabana boys you want! In fact, you'll probably need a whole crew to keep those appletinis coming. No, I'm not calling you a lush. Gee, you're a touchy witch, aren't you?

Ooooh, I LOVE Julie Garwood's LYON'S LADY! That was the first book of hers I ever read, and it's another one I've had to replace a few times. LOVE IT!!!

Susan Sey said...

Hello, Kate! I hope the deadline cave treats you well. You know at least when you emerge, your skin will be lovely. No sun damage at all--gorgeous, creamy white. Let that be a comfort.

And if that's not enough, just cherish the fact that you're a NYT BESTSELLING AUTHOR! I picked up my very own copy of HIH today & am dying to get started!

As for my comfort reads? I often re-read Nora & SEP. They're my absolute, all-time reliables. I never get tired of them, never fail to fall into even a well-remembered story. Of course, I have a hard time writing after reading them because every word I type feels like such slop comparatively. But well, chocolate helps. As does a niiiiiice big glass of wine. :-)

Hope the words are flowing for you today, & remember, it's never too early for a medicinal glass of wine, should deadlines require one.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

WHOOHOOO KATE!!! Great flowers...

Grins. Oh, and on that Times thing too. Ha! *dancing* Whooohoooo!

Helen, you get the NYT Day GR, hope he has his copy of the paper so he can share it with you. :>

Now, on to the's what I find Vewwwwy Scarwwwy.

Kate said: Just reread the "In-Death" series, first four books

Tawny said:I love comfort reads. Anything Nora is a comfort read. Harry Potter is a comfort read. David Edding's The Belgariad/The Mallorean is a comfort read.

Kirsten agreed on the Belgariad
FoAnna added Eva Ibbotsen.
VraiAnna named the Three Sisters
JT shouted out for the Keys
Nancy mentioned Laura Gilman and Kirsten and I know she's a McCaffrey fan as well...

The list goes on. You pretty much have my Comfort Reads right there. No wonder we Banditas get along so well!

Nancy, I agree that if it's a total immersion, halt what you're doing and recharge time, Tolkien RULES! Ha!

Kate Carlisle said...

Michele, hi!! Thank you for coming by! Yes, we were destined to be friends. :-) Julie Garwood's Scottish books were my first introduction to romance and I've always loved them.

I don't know why some people consider chocolate kisses and frozen dinners a problem. These are the same people who insist that exercise is healthy. Hello, shin splints, anyone? Why are there all those sports medicine doctors if exercise is so healthy??? Hmm?

Hee hee hee. ;-)

Beth said...

Hey, I dress exactly like a NYT Bestselling author *g*

Congrats again, Kate!! So proud of you :-)

I love my comfort reads and often re-read Nora Roberts, Suzanne Brockmann, Virginia Kantra and Meg Cabot (her YAs *g*)

Best of luck in the cave!

Kate Carlisle said...

Oh Donna, thank you so much!! You just reached out and touched my heart. I'm getting all verklempt, now!

Talk amongst yourselves.

I'm so glad you liked the book!! I just hope this second book doesn't fizzle and burn. Yes, that's the stage I'm at right now. LOL...I'm sure you writers can all relate!

And OMG, I can't believe I forgot to mention Amanda Quick! I love all her old books, but I think MISTRESS is my favorite. I just love that opening scene!

Kate Carlisle said...

Terrio, thank you!! LOL on your memory and those golden years!

And oh yes, I so can relate to the guilt! Of course, I have guilt about everything. I feel guilty for having just said that. Oy. LOL

Kate Carlisle said...

Nancy, thank you! I can't tell you what a wonderful surprise the flowers and choccies were! And I mentioned that your lovely card made my mother cry, right? Always a plus! ;-)

Oh, I simply loved the Lord Peter Wimsey series. I must've re-read them all hundreds of times. My favorite was Gaudy Night. I never thought the TV adaptations did that series credit, though. I wish they'd give it another shot. Maybe with, oh, say, Daniel Craig in the lead role?

Oh boy, I'll probably get letters about that little comment!! LOL

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Vicki! Good luck nabbing the GR one of these days! Hint--he's a lush and a chocoholic, just sayin'. :-)

Thanks so much for the congrats! And oh my, yes, do start setting deadlines for yourself while you're waiting for publication. There's nothing worse than the frenzy and shock that comes with meeting that first real deadline. Yoiks!!

Jennifer said...

"No, I'm not calling you a lush. Gee, you're a touchy witch, aren't you?"

Have you seen those cabana boys? You bet your boomstick I am a touchy-feely witch!

But I must clear up a little misunderstanding. Appletinis are like my familiar! I need them to do my spells and write my books! I. Am. Not. A. Lush. I am inspired by appletinis!

Kate Carlisle said...

Maureen, hi!!! Thanks for sneaking out of the cave to say hellooo!! Now git back in there! LOL

Aren't the flowers beautiful?? I do love my Banditas. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Susan!! Thanks! Yes, good skin is such a comfort. Snork!

And wine is such a comfort, too. For breakfast? Well, when I must. It is medicinal, after all. :-)

I know what you mean about reading the great ones. That's why I try to read at night only. Then I can fall asleep and forget in the morning that I can never possibly match their brilliance. Yes, I do have a very convenient memory. Or lack thereof!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Jeanne!! I'm still dancing, too!! In fact, the neighbors are beginning to talk. Although...this is Venice what's all this judgmental stuff about? Like they never saw anyone spinning around skyclad shouting YEEEHAW! before? Yeah, right. Hmph.

It is vewwwy odd to see all the same favorites listed, isn't it? That's why we're all so simpatico here in the Lair. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Beth, hi! And thank you!!

You know, we really should put on a fashion show at the national conference! We could do a workshop on "dressing for success." LOL! I'll bring my ripped workshirt and plaid pajamas. Hee hee!

Treethyme said...

Stargazer lilies and chocolates: those are almost as good as making the NYT list! (And I really wanted to italicize "almost", so it must be contagious...well, no, I always want to italicize.)

Comfort reads: my Agatha Christie favorites (and I must have some deep psychosis to find murder mysteries comforting!), oldies by Mary Stewart and Evelyn Anthony, newer romance favorites by Jennifer Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Kristan Higgans and Anna Campbell. And old favorite category romances by Charlotte Lamb and others.

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL, Jen! I've tasted your appletinis and understand how they help you channel your tremendous energy into your spells and chants. Sort of like how some people use white lightning to astral travel, right? Yeah. I get it.

I'll take another appletini, by the way. As soon as one of the cabana boys is free...

Treethyme said...

I love appletinis but the best (and I hope I got those html codes right...must...italicize...) are caramel apple martinis. Words cannot describe them!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Treethyme! Yes, those chocolates were fabulous and the flowers continue to bloom! I take that as a very good sign. :-)

You've named so many of my favorite classic reads. I grew up reading Mary Stewart! I love her books!

And I see you've discovered the newest superstar in the heavens, Anna Campbell!! She's fantastic!!

Treethyme said...

I'm one of Anna's biggest fans, and she has, in turn, hooked me on some historical authors I had missed.

Kate, I use Treethyme here, but you know me as Becke on Facebook and at We're excited to have you visiting next week!

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL Treethyme! How did you get the codes to italicize? I'm constantly stymied. Because, you know, I feel the urge to italicize with almost every sentence.

But whoa, caramel appletinis? OMG, I must try one of those!

Witch? Are you listening? I think your powers might triple with a little caramel added. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Becke! I know you're Treethyme, too!

And I'm thrilled to be visiting B&N's Mystery Club in March! I'll announce it everywhere and I'm hoping to mount a little invasion while I'm there. Nothing that'll crash the system or anything. Well, unless the witch shows up. Heh heh. ;-)

Treethyme said...

Invasions are always welcome!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ah, Kate, while I appreciate the final product that comes out of revision hell, you have my deepest sympathies. I'm at my desk arranging moderators for the Dreamin In Dallas conference and reading a CP's manuscript due next week at her publishers...dressed in scrub pants, sweatshirt and barefoot!! ah the life of the writer...hehehe

Comfort reads...girl, I swear we were twins seperated at birth...Nobody's Baby But Mine is my all time favorite SEP!! And of course I have a yearly visit with JG's Saving Grace!! My two favorite re-reads ever!!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Romance Bandits home of NYTimes Bestselling Author Kate Carlisle!!

Oh YES! I LIKE the way that looks! GOOOO KATE!!!! And who'd a thunk that I'm currently dressed like a bestselling author? Flannel pj bottoms, oversized red T-shirt, red clog slippers. QUITE the fashion statement, I must say.

Congrats on the GR Helen, and BIG THANX for taking The Wild Sight with you to the AARC09 party! Wish I could have been there too.

I agree for the ultimate comfort read, I open LOTR. Doesn't even matter which volume, there's always something that catches my attention and sweeps me up. Same with Outlander. I wanted to use it as an example in the presentation I gave last weekend and made the mistake of starting to read... 3 hours later... OOPS!

Okay, back to the cave for me but had to pop out and give a SHOUT for our first NYT Bestseller!!!


Suzanne Welsh said...

And Kate....


We are super proud of you!!

Lisa said...

While I'm not in deadline hell, I am in conflict resolution purgatory. I love Julie Garwood too! Maybe a highlander in a kilt is exactly what the doctor ordered. Hmmm

Helen said...

The next ARRC will be in two years time wouldn't it be wonderful to have an invasion of Bandits plenty of time to get organized

Have Fun

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Lisa said: While I'm not in deadline hell, I am in conflict resolution purgatory.

OMGosh. Yogurt. On the screen. Baaaaaaad Lisa. *cleaning monitor*

Snorking over that one.

Okay, CARAMEL appletinis? Oh. My. I don't even like 'tini's and I'd try that. :> As to white lighting and astral projection, I can stand up and testify that you go SOMEWHERE if you drink that stuff. (I cannot master the HTML codes, therefore, I capitalize)

AC, I love the way you think. "Our FIRST NYTimes Bestseller" Oh yeah. :>

I'll look forward to being part of the BN invasion when your there, Kate and Becke!

Pat Cochran said...

Good day to all and congratulations
to Helen on the GR!

Most sincere "Congratulations" to
Miss Kate on the NYT Bestseller List! Such a really marvelous

Comfort reads: Georgette Heyer(of
course); Shirley, Goodness, and
Mercy, Debby Macomber's Christmas
Angels; the Cynster Series; Jane
Feather's Brides Trilogy.

Pat Cochran

Janga said...

Kate, I add my voice to the chorus of congratulations. I've always loved Nora Roberts's comment about her reaction to her fist time on the NYT list: "I remember feeling thrilled and dazzled, but mostly relieved. Thank God that was done. Even if I never hit again, I could have NYTBSA engraved on my tombstone. I'm putting that in my will." LOL!

I reread regularly, not just for comfort but to cleanse the palate after a disappointing book, to study the craft of the geniuses of the genre, and just to visit with old friends. In addition to sharing a love for many favorites already mentioned, I reread Mary Jo Putney's Fallen Angels, Jo Beverley's Rogues and Mallorens, and Kathleen Gilles Seidel's Till the Stars Fall, Deborah Smith's A Place to Call Home, Anne Gracie's Gallant Waif, Carla Kelly's Reforming Lord Ragsdale, and Ruth Wind's In the Midnight Rain.

Isn't a keeper a book you expect to reread? It is for me, and a have eight bookshelves full and counting.

Kate Carlisle said...

Suz, hi!! You must be in our dressing for success seminar!! Your scrubs will be the hit of the show!! LOL

I love Nobody's Baby!! What a great story, and I love the parents' story and the grandmother. I already want to read it again!!

Yes, we might've been separated at birth! You got all the good, compassionate, friendly nursing qualities, though. I got all the evil ones!

Kate Carlisle said...

Aunty, I had no idea we shop at the same bestselling author store!! LOL! Must be the flannel pj's we're both wearing that gave it away!

Thanks for popping up out of the cave to say hello!! And thanks for the congrats! Ya know I love ya!!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Thanks, Suz! :-)

LOL, Lisa! Conflict resolution pergatory sounds pretty bad. Hope you get everything resolved and get out of there soon! And a highlander in a kilt is always the best remedy for what ails you. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Jeanne, LOL! Yogurt? EEyick!

Ooh, I like Aunty's way of saying that, too. Just the first of MANY for this group!

And I just wanted to mention to y'all ... I heard from my agent a little while ago ... HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER went UP on the NYT list, from #34 to #31 this week!!!! Hey, I'm not a one-week wonder!! Woo hoo!!! :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Helen, it's a date! In two years, there will be a Bandita invasion! Better alert the authorities!! :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Good day to you, Pat, and thanks so much!!!

Great list of comfort reads! I got hooked on Debbie with her Alaska series! Love them. I still have them on my bookshelf. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

OMG, Janga! I love Nora's quote!! How perfect. Yes, it'll be on the tombstone! LOL

Oh wow, Mary Jo Putney's Fallen Angels are on my keeper shelf, too! Sigh. I absolutely love that series. Thanks for reminding me to pull them out and visit with them again. :-)

Cassondra said...

Hi Kate!

Late to the party as usual. *sigh*


And yes, HIH is going on the "comfort shelf". Yes, I have a comfort read shelf. Books that have taught me something important or moved me in a way that makes me want to read and re-read over and over.

I find that it's less work to re-read, but I still get nearly the same satisfaction I got the first time. When my brain is fried, a re-read is the perfect place to go.

Some of the reads on my comfort shelf are SEP's Ain't She Sweet, which is my fav of hers. I also have a few of Jenny Crusie's up there, including Crazy For You, Man Hunting, and Faking It . I have some old Silhouette Intimate Moments books up there--ones from when the word count was longer. In particular I have a couple of Suz Brockman's books--her early books in her SEALs series. I have Tawny's latest up there, because it was such a powerful read and I loved the way she got so deep into the character's issues in a shorter, hotter book. That's dang hard to do.

And I've read HIH twice already, so it's earned a place on that shelf.

So glad you liked the flowers. And how come there's no pic of hte candy??????? Gone already??????? (grin)

Kate Carlisle said...

Cassondra, I'm thrilled and honored that you've read HIH twice! How sweet is that? I'm speechless! Thank you!!

And that candy was gone, baby, gone!!! It was devoured in seconds as soon as I opened it. I did take a photo of the wrapped up box with the flowers but didn't post it here. And I was going to take one of the empty, decimated box, but then it was all gone and so sad! LOL :-)

You're so right about Tawny's writing. I was blown away by Risque Business!

Nancy said...

Kirsten, I do back you on Pern--and Tawny on the Belgariad.

Jeanne, people criticize Tolkien (not always people from the literary establishment, either), but there's a reason those books sold a bazillion copies and the movies swept the world. Peter Jackson and his team did a fabulous job, but they had primo stuff to work with.

Anna C., we like Eva Ibbotsen, too. We read a lot of her aloud when the boy was younger.

Nancy said...

Kate, I also love Gaudy Night and share your disappointment with the adaptations on TV. I never felt they got Wimsey right. Ian Carmichael was too old and Edward Petherbridge too bland, imho. I always wanted to see Nigel Havers, who was Lord Lindsay in Chariots of Fire, in that role. To me, he looked like Lord Peter. But he's too old now, too. And I didn't warm to the actress who played Harriet.

Louisa Cornell said...

Tried to post this AM , but the BLOG monster ate my homework!!

WOOOOOOOT!!!!! Genuflecting repeatedly as we draw near to the NYT Bestselling Author's Cave!! Still SO stoked for you, Kate!!

Love those pretty flowers too!

Congrats on the GR, Helen. I can tell you now, one package of Tim Tams won't get him through breakfast. I am SO jealous you got to go to the readers convention in Oz! I know it was a blast!

My comfort reads would have to include :

Lord or Scoundrels - Loretta Chase

Untouched - La Campbell, it is just such a wonderful love story. Makes me smile and sigh every time.

Flowers from the Storm - Laura Kinsale.

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas. My Mom's antique carriage foot warmers are now sitting on my hearth in tribute to this book.

Slightly Dangerous - Mary Balogh. Love me so Wulfric Bedwyn

Simply Perfect - Mary Balogh. One of those absolutely hanky worthy, sigh worthy love stories.

The Education of Mrs. Brimley - just because I love it.

Scandal's Daughter - again, just because I love the story.

Devil's Cub - Georgette Heyer

I could go on and on!

Kate Carlisle said...

Nancy, I totally agree with you on the Lord Wimsey casting. The woman who played Harriet is much better off playing more evil roles like Hugh Grant's nasty mother in 'Sense and Sensibility.' She plays a great villain!

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL on the genuflecting, Louisa!! Sorry about the blog monster.

You've mentioned a lot of my favorites, too, who happen to be Banditas! What fine good taste you have!

And the flowers are beautiful, aren't they? The choice of Stargazer lilies is significant since they're mentioned in HIH! And by the way, I had to be reminded of that, because my mind is a sieve! But they were the perfect choice and they make me sooo happy whenever I walk by and see them blooming in profusion. :-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

So glad they're still blooming for you Kate!

Joan said...

Since Kate is at the top of her game (and lists :-)) I wanted her to end the day breaking 100 comments!

Ashley Ladd said...

I'm on deadline hell for two edits and two stories to write yet here I am. Can you say STRESS?

Hugs and good luck.