Monday, February 2, 2009

Nicola Marsh is a Bandit for the Day!

by Anna Campbell

It is with great pleasure that I introduce one of the nicest people in Romancelandia, fellow Aussie Nicola Marsh. Award-winning Nicola writes for Harlequin and has sold more than a million copies of her books! Very impressive in anyone's language. You can find out more about Nicola and her books at her website.

Nicola, a very warm welcome to the Romance Bandits. Your latest release in America is a Harlequin Presents called THE BOSS’S BEDROOM AGENDA. Can you tell us a little bit about this story and the inspiration behind it?

Firstly, it’s fabulous to be a Bandita for a day! Thanks for having me. I’m really excited about my current release because it’s my first Harlequin Presents and a favorite book of mine. The story, set in my fabulous home city Melbourne, features a bubbly metal sculptor and a sexy archaeologist, two opposites who are thrown together for a few months. The story was inspired by a trip to Melbourne Museum with my kids, who love the place. While walking down those quiet, pristine corridors, I wondered what it would be like for a naturally exuberant person to work there…and shoe-a-holic Beth Walker was born! She struts into Melbourne Museum like she owns the place and stand-in CEO Aidan Voss soon realises he has his hands full with his latest employee.

You’re a writer who always leaves me breathless with admiration. I don’t know how you do everything you do. You write a handful of books a year (so far you have four scheduled for 2009) and you have a young family. Can you give us some insight into your working day? Have you got any hints on time management you’d like to share with us?

Blushing furiously here! My working day starts during toddler’s nap time, when I clear my inbox, post my blog and take care of other promotional stuff. My actual writing time starts at 8.30pm when both kiddies are in bed. I write for 2 hours solid to crank that word count up and luckily I’m quick so I write 4 books a year. With time management, don’t let the Internet distract you. While MySpace, Facebook, etc…can be fun (and addictive!) use them as a reward for after you’ve met your allocated word count/page count for the day. I use both for promotional purposes but tend to pop on once a week, for the simple reason they can be time wasters.The other hint is use any ‘spare’ time to write. If you need to pick up kids, invest in a portable word processor and use every spare second to up the word count.

Great advice! You’ve just had your 19th book scheduled. Congratulations! But let’s go back to the beginning. Here in the lair, we love call stories. Can you share yours with us?

Thanks. I can hardly believe I’ve sold 19 books, I still pinch myself occasionally! ‘The Call’ was fabulous, exhilarating and totally mind-blowing. I’d submitted a full of my ‘speed dating story’ to the Harlequin Mills and Boon UK office after they read the partial and enjoyed it. Four months later, I was home on a Saturday night, five months pregnant, after cancelling a dinner date because the hostess was ill. The phone rang and it was Kim Young, saying she loved my manuscript, a slot had opened up and if I could get a few tweaks done by the Tuesday, it had a good chance of publication. I jotted down her suggestions on a tiny piece of paper, hung up and squealed! I was working full time as a physiotherapist at the time, so I worked that Saturday night and most of Sunday, emailed the manuscript off…and waited… A week went by and I was cooking dinner on a Monday night when the phone rang around 6.30pm. Hubby answered, gave me a thumbs up so I knew it was Kim, so I took the phone with shaking hands and listened to her say they loved my book and would like to buy it! I think I repeated ‘great’ about a hundred times, to every single question she asked me! I haven’t stopped grinning since.

What a great story! You write across several different lines at Harlequin. Can you give us your take on the difference between the banners your books appear under? Are the differences drawn starkly in your mind or do you see your stories more in a continuum? What do you think makes each line distinct and appealing to readers?

I write for Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Modern Heat/Presents. The Romance series is packed with emotion, with stories that really tug on the heartstrings, whereas Modern Heat is more fun and flirty. For me, the differences aren’t too stark as I find my ‘fun, flirty’ voice (according to my lovely ed!) carries over to both series. With Modern Heat/Presents, the settings are glamorous and cosmopolitan, with strong Alpha heroes and heroines who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and grab it with both hands! With Romance, the heroes are alpha with a softer edge, the heroines strong and the settings global. I adore writing for both series! In Romance, I was lucky enough to be approached to write for their newly launching mini series ‘Escape Around the World’, so set my book in Melbourne and India, where my characters take a luxurious train journey through Rajasthan and visit exotic cities like Agra (home of the Taj Mahal), Jaipur and Udaipur, as well as Goa and Delhi. A TRIP WITH THE TYCOON (September 09) captures the emotional heart of Romance while giving readers an armchair ride through an exotic setting, the best of both worlds!

You have another Harlequin Presents coming out in September this year in America. Can you tell us about TWO WEEKS IN THE MAGNATE’S BED?

I’d love to, as this book is linked to my current release, THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA. In TBBA, Beth’s geeky cousin Lana features in several scenes and she absolutely had her own tale to tell! When passed over for a promotion at Sydney Museum, where she works as head curator, Lana realises she needs a new image, so takes a cruise she’s won. However, she doesn’t bank on sexy sailor Zac helping her on her mission to loosen up! Set in the South Pacific, this is a classic Cinderella tale with loads of fun.

What’s next for you?

My next release is THE BILLIONAIRE’S BABY (Romance, May 09). Set in the trendy Docklands of Melbourne, it features Camryn, a hip city girl running her own café and running from her past, a past which catches up with her when builder Blane Andrews struts back into her life with one goal: to reunite with the love of his life. I cried for the first time while writing this book and my editor cried twice, so I think it’s my most emotional? As for what I’m currently writing, I’m about to start revisions on my next Romance, ‘The Dating Dilemma’ (working title.) It’s my ‘foodie’ book, where the heroine cooks to vent frustration/relax/hide from the world. Probably not ideal to be working on this while I’m trying to wean myself off chocolate and lose some weight!

As you can see, I love setting the bulk of my books in my fabulous home city, Melbourne. From the restaurant culture to the cafés, the gardens to the beaches, Melbourne has something for everyone, a truly cosmopolitan city. What’s your favourite city? And why do you think it would qualify as the perfect setting for a book? I’m giving away a signed copy of my current release, THE BOSS’S BEDROOM AGENDA, to one lucky commenter. Happy reading!


Virginia said...

GR are you coming back!

Keira Soleore said...


Keira Soleore said...

Sigh. Nope. Not me. You got him, Virginia.

Virginia said...

Hi Nicola, nice to see you here in the lair. Great interview, I loved your call story. I really enjoy reading those, it has to be one great feeling when you get that first call.

You must be great with time management to be able to write with small children in the house. I know when my son was young I couldn't get anything done.

I don't have a favorite city. I was raised in the country and now I am a small town gal. Give me a small town any day. I don't like going to big cities.

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, sounds like Keira was nipping at your heels! Congratulations!

Nicola, I should have explained. The first poster of the day gets to spend it with a mythical and rather naughty bird called the Golden Rooster. He's fought over quite hard as you can probably tell!

Keira, you always make me smile. I always think of Maxwell Smart - missed it by THAT much! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Nicola, thanks for coming to visit us today! I think you'll fit into the lair just fine. I've always known you were a bandit at heart!

Do you have any ambition to write anything other than short contemporaries? Not that you need to! If you're on a good thing, stick to it and all that.

Also I wondered what you like to read. Do you get any time for reading with your busy life?

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Anna Campbell has Nicola Marsh on display, two giants of Australian writing. ---- Gee any Melbourne stories crafted this week will prove to be hot, hot, hot. ---- Nicola you have your Bollywood image on display here, I thought I was the only person on earth who knew you display two personas. ---- I adore your novels they live, breath and offer release from the drudgery of everyday existence.

A location and Melbourne isn’t allowed. Has to be Mumbai why not half in both. She meets him in Mumbai and has to return to Melbourne, where he follows her.

Thank you for all the pleasurable entertainment Nicola.
Thank you Anna, for the same, and also for having a closet full of interesting people.
---- Eric

Anna Campbell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Campbell said...

Eric, don't tell people about my closet! I lure them in with offers of Tim Tams and cabana boys and then the only way they can get out is by agreeing to become guests on the Bandits. If the secret is revealed, my quarry may take evasive action!

Actually, Nic's so much fun, I'm not sure I WILL let her out of my closet!

Nicola Marsh said...

I am intrigued by the Golden Rooster...

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Virginia, I love call stories too. Gives me goosebumps every time...

Small towns are wonderful settings for books too.
For my 6th book, 'Wife and Mother Wanted', I wanted a small town so I invented one set a few hours north of Sydney.
Imagine my surprise when I heard from someone who read the book that there really was a town called Stockton a few hours north of Sydney.
Spooky! (in the same book, the heroine, Carissa Lewis, collects ceramic frogs. And I heard from a real life Carissa Lewis who also collects ceramic frogs!!)
This book was definitely my 'spooky' book!!

Nicola Marsh said...

I'm thrilled to be here, Anna :)

I've actually written 2 contemporary romances and I have an agent about to try to sell those. I love the longer word count, when secondary characters can really come into their own.

As for reading, I'm voracious!
Romance and thrillers are my absolute faves (Harlan Coben, Tess Gerritsen, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Barbara Samuel, Adele Parks)

BTW, I've also devoured both your books in very quick time and can't wait to get my hands on Tempt the Devil!

Nicola Marsh said...

I'm so glad you enjoy my books, Eric :)

Mumbai would be a very glam setting, particularly with M&B launching in India recently.

When I was writing 'A Trip with the Tycoon', I toyed with including Mumbai but found with Delhi, Jaipur, Upaipur, Agra and Goa, I couldn't get my characters to go anywhere else!

Nicola Marsh said...

Tim Tams AND cabana boys?
I'm NEVER coming out!

Keira Soleore said...

Nicola, welcome to The Lair. Congratulations on your most recent release, but gor, huge congratulations for releasing FOUR books this year. WOW! I'm simply amazed and awed at how you do this and with two small children at home with you. WOW! WOW!

Thanks for explaining the difference between the Romance and ModernHeat/Presents lines. Your Romance with a train journey through northern India sounds like a fabulously dreamy story. Will that one be sold in the U.S., too? What other stories are you writing in the Escape Around the World miniseries?

Looking forward to reading your latest AGENDA.

Keira Soleore said...

Nicola, M&B India was doing a contest for writers writing about Indian locations, but they wanted entries only from those already in India.

I was thinking about writing something, but then I read that clause (a few times to be sure), and that project didn't go any further.

Nicola Marsh said...

Sssh...little secret, Keira...I'm seriously sleep deprived!! I reckon I could sleep for 5 years straight if allowed... :)

But it's busy and fun and I love being around for my kids and being able to work at night. I'll catch up on sleep when they're both at school!

'A Trip with the Tycoon' will be released simultaneously in the UK and USA in September.
I can't wait! And I'm really looking forward to seeing the cover...wondering it it'll be the beach in Goa or maybe a couple in front of the Taj Mahal...romantic!

Nicola Marsh said...

You're right, Keira, they were specifically targetting Indian writers because M&B launched there last year and they'd love to get a 'local' author onboard.

Anna Campbell said...

Nicola, the rooster has been looking at your lovely photo and he tells us he's intrigued by you too ;-) He's a flirty old chook!

Oooh, and you're waiting for Tempt the Devil. You definitely get the best cabana boy to play with! Thank you!

Good luck with the single titles. I can see your voice translating really well to a great longer contemporary!

Anna Campbell said...

Nicola, Keira is just back from a trip to India and has blogged about some really interesting aspects of life over there on Cogitations and Meditations: Loved the blog about the Gypsies of India in particular. Absolutely fascinating!



Everytime I hear about you writing soooo successfully (and in my targeted line Harleqin Romance) with little munchkins I think 'Wow, I can do this'. This is usually followed a few days later, after my two little devils have run me ragged, by the thought 'OK, so Nicola Marsh is a time management goddess' *grin*.

It is great having such talented Aussies as inspiration (yes that does include you Anna - was at your Brissie Writers Festival workshop last year. Have done more with my writing since than I ever thoughtI would!)

Anita (hiding under the pen name to be Ellanora)

Keira Soleore said...

Fo, thanks much for your kind comments about my blogs on India. The address is

Give M&B's push into India, it's great that you snagged an Indian story and of one of the most visited rail journies Delhi to Rajasthan. Did you have the Lake Palace of Udaipur in your story? I honeymooned there. I know. Ooh la la est moi.

Nicola Marsh said...

Gotta watch those flirty old roosters ;)

And the Best cabana boy for little ol' moi? Yes please!!

Am hoping publishers feel the same way about my longer contemporary romances, Anna :)

Nicola Marsh said...

it's hard with littlies; hard to find time to write, hard to find time to yourself half the time. I know!

I have to give up stuff I really like doing (like watching TV and movies) to write, so I guess it's about finding the balance.

Wishing you hours of writing time :)

Tawny said...

Nicola! *waving* Hello and welcome to the Lair! We're so excited to have you hang out with us today. I love your call story adn am so impressed with 19 books! WOW congratulations.

Congrats, too, on the successes I'm seeing alongside your name! Didn't your latest make a list? And hit the eHarlequin top 10? I'm so excited for you.

And Virginia, congrats on the bird.

Anna Campbell said...

Anita, thanks so much for saying you found the workshop worthwhile - Christine will be delighted too! And delighted it's translated into productivity! And I think Nic IS a time management goddess!

Keira, I didn't know that about your honeymoon. You lucky duck!

Nic, my November book CAPTIVE OF SIN features quite a lot of stuff about India, although it's set in England. My hero is an ex-East India Company man and his best friend is a half-Indian earl (who I think is rather dishy!). So Keira and I have been having numerous conversations about the fascinating Subcontinent!

Annie West said...

Hi Nic,

Lovely to see you hear. I hope you've survived that sweltering Melbourne heat OK. The temps just soared this last week!

Not sure I have a fave city. Lots of nice things in so many places, but I have to mention two that I've been to recently: London because everywhere I turned there was something I'd heard about or wanted to visit for years, or something I knew from childhood stories as well as adult reading. One week was definitely not enough. And then Paris. Lovely for strolling (as long as you have a warm coat!) and so different from anywhere I've been before. Definitely on my visit again list.


Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Tawny, thanks for reminding me. It's another reason to celebrate Nic's visit here today - her current book is top 10 at Harlequin! Whoo-hooo! Congratulations, Nicola! I'm still boggling at a million books sold. That's AMAZING!!!!

Nicola Marsh said...

oh wow! The Lake Palace is where my characters Tamara and Ethan have a very 'interesting' interlude.
And you honeymooned there? You lucky, lucky thing!
When I get the kids off to bed in another few hours, I'll check out your blog!

Anna Campbell said...

Annie, lovely to see you here! Thanks for popping by! I know you're in the throes of writing another Annie West masterpiece so we're privileged to have you. Great choice of cities - everybody's so excited to say hello to Nic, the question kinda got lost, didn't it?

I've got a lot of favorite cities. Amongst the really big ones, Rome, London, Copenhagen and New York. Then I love Venice and Cordoba and San Sebastian and Granada and Edinburgh and Glasgow and York and San Francisco. Oh, too many to list. I love Sydney and Melbourne too - they're so different! And Perth is beautiful with its magnificent river and gorgeous beaches.

Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Tawny, waving madly to you (and so looking forward to having you guesting on my blog soon!)

And you've outed me...The Boss's Bedroom Agenda made the Waldenbooks Bestseller List in its debut week (the first book of mine to make it!) and I'm absolutely thrilled! Closely followed by it making eHarlequin's Top 10 Bestsellers too.

You should've seen my stupid grin :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Oh wow, Anna, can't wait to read that one too!

Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Annie!

I adore London, one of my favourite cities...can't believe it has now been 12 years since I visited it...would love to return soon :)

As for the heat, 33 degrees today was a welcome change from the 43-45every day last week. Shocking! Thank goodness for air con!

Nicola Marsh said...

I love Rome and Venice too, Anna!
Glorious cities.
In fact, Italy is one of my fave countries in the world.

I'm hanging out to get to NY one day...

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, I've been feeling for you poor Melbourne girls over the last week. Those temps were just disgusting and so many people lost power - I kept thinking of food rotting in all that heat and the stink. Yuck!

Monique Wood said...

Oi, Nicola! Glad to see you here :-)

Well, Sydney is my fave city, but I am a tad partial to Venice, London (like Annie) and I really like Honolulu. All very different cities, with loads of story potential.

Hmm, maybe I need to write more foreign settings? Dig out the dusty old photo albums and brainstorm. Con my hubby into taking an international holiday with toddlers (!) to do research...

Anyway, Anna, I enjoyed your interview with Nicola. After reading it, I realise need to work on my time management skills, big time. Loved to read about 'The Call'. Very exciting!!

Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Mon!
Sydney and Honolulu are both wonderful cities too :)

And don't forget, overseas readers find Aussie setting as exotic as we find other cities so you may not have to twist hubbie's arm just yet ;)

Nicola Marsh said...

can you believe some people lost power for DAYS?

Anna Campbell said...

Mon, I've never been to Hawaii. It looks beautiful, especially some of the wilder parts. Must go one day. Thanks for coming by!

Minna said...

Favourite city? More like favourite cities, in my case. Helsinki, Vancouver and Toronto.

Minna said...

And Joensuu, but I would hardly call it a city.

Monique Wood said...

Nicola - how funny to think our settings are 'exotic', eh?! Nothing exotic about my current setting (Sydney, hot night, children in the bathtub throwing water all over the place *grin*)

Anna - you have to get to Honolulu, and travel around Oahu. We hired a car with car seats (yes, I did travel with toddlers!) and had an amazing time. Shopping at the factory outlets was AWESOME (I came home with about 7 pairs of shoes! Lol).

Anna Campbell said...

Minna, Helsinki IS a beautiful city, isn't it? That lovely harbour! I haven't been to Canada, although I'd love to go one day.

Mon, I have a very good friend who goes to Hawaii every year. Never goes near the beach. He just goes shopping!

Jane said...

Hi Nicola,
Congrats on the new release. Melbourne is lovely. I've been watching the Australian Open on tv these past two weeks. Glad to hear the heat wave is over. I'm from New York, so I'll have to say NYC is my favorite. There's always something going on in NY. Whatever your tastes are there's something for everyone.

Congrats on the GR, Virginia.

Donna MacMeans said...

Welcome Nicola - I'm in awe of your writing discipline. My little ones are in their twenties now which you'd think would mean more time for writing. But it seems as one distraction leaves, another takes its place. Thanks for the reminder to utilize all available time.

Favorite city? There's so many I'd love to see. Here in the states I like San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago, New York. Honolulu has been mentioned (though I prefer Maui to Oahu). Sadly, my hometown is none of those places - but maybe that's a good thing...less distractions!

Love the sound of your books & love those beautiful covers as well!

Anonymous said...

Anna, I’m going to expose you in front of your Bandits. They need to know just what it is in the bottom of that closet.

They believe you have their best interest at heart and, until now, don’t know you’re feeding them a little of what is already possess.

The name Tim Tams belongs to America. The name Tim Tam is to honour the 1958 winner of the Kentucky Derby. (Horse - Tim Tam --- Owner - H.A. Jones --- Jockey - I. Valenzuela –--- Stable - Calumet Farm (All American) ---

Some upstart Australian rode on the horses back by stealing the glory. I’ll bet they were a romance reader, definitely some kind of Bandit. ---- Eric

Minna said...

Minna, Helsinki IS a beautiful city, isn't it? That lovely harbour! I haven't been to Canada, although I'd love to go one day.

Helsinki, Vancouver and Toronto are definitely worth a visit. And in Toronto -at least the last time I was there- there was this shop where you could get all kinds of Finnish stuff from Nokia rubber boots to Finnish candy.

City of dreams/Paul Oxley´s Unit

Sir Douglas Quintet - Meet Me In Stockholm

Eva S said...

Hi Nicola,
many of your books are on my keeper shelf, and I'm always looking for more! Four books this year, great!

I think my favorite city is Barcelona. The old part is wonderful, with the narrow streets and very old buildings. I do like Helsinki too, but right now I'd love a warm, sunny place....Melbourne sounds great!

Nicola Marsh said...

Vancouver is another favourite of mine...spent part of my honeymoon there.

I've seen Helsinki on TV; looks gorgeous.

Nicola Marsh said...

Maui and Kuai (sp?) are both gorgeous too, well worth a visit :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow Jane,
living in NY must be fabulous!

It's definitely on my hit list of must-see cities.

Nicola Marsh said...

I'd love to visit New Orleans and Chicago!

I reckon I'll need a few months to see all the places I want to see in the US.

Nicola Marsh said...

I'm so glad my books are keepers for you, Eva :)

I absolutely love hearing from happy fans :)

Gillian Layne said...

Nicola, you definitely make me think of that saying "Where there's a will, there's a way!" Thanks for sharing your process with us. I love reading about archaeologists, and the metal sculptor sounds so fun and unique!

I love my small town, too, but as for a large one....I do think Eugene, Oregon is gorgeous. The west coast of the US is so lush.

How long had you been writing before you sold?

Great interview, Anna! :)

Nicola Marsh said...

I've only been to LA on the West coast, Gillian, and would love to see the rest.

I started writing late 2001 and got the call May 2003 so was pretty lucky. The first partial I subbed was rejected but they liked my voice and asked to see any other work I'd done, so I sent them my speed dating story and the rest, as they say in the classics, is history :)

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, one of the things I love about New York (and it's one of my faves too) is that sense of bustling life you get the minute you set foot in it. There's a special electricity in the air, isn't there?

Donna, I'm hoping one day I make Chicago - want to see all the architecture - and New Orleans. So far, I'm seeing the US via RWA conferences, LOL!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Eric, you have destroyed all my illusions. I am devastated! Whaaaaaah!

Minna, I thought all the Scandinavian capitals were lovely. Stockhold is gorgeous too, with those lovely canals and the islands so close.

Anna Campbell said...

Eva, I'd love to go back to Barcelona. Last time I was there, all my luggage was stolen so I got in the car with my best friend and we hightailed it out of there!

Gosh, you girls pick great places for honeymoons, if you don't mind my saying! Lake palaces? Toronto? Wow!

Anna Campbell said...

Gillian, I think Nic's so inspiring partly because she does get so much done. Makes the usual excuses we come up with sound pretty unconvincing, frankly, when I think of what she does. As you say, it makes you realize what you could accomplish if only you were as disciplined as she is ;-) Thanks for saying you enjoyed the interview. Nic's been on my list forever. I thought she'd really enjoy the lair and I thought the lair would really enjoy her! I think that's proving true!

Nicola Marsh said...

I'm loving being here :)

Now, off to get toddler into bed, kidlet showered and into bed, then I might actually get to write some words today!

Must admit, feeling mighty guilty. I've had 6 weeks off from actual writing (been revising and doing promo stuff) so all this praise has me making sure I tie my butt to the chair tonight and work!
And keep popping in here, of course :)

Helen said...

Virginia he has come to visit you today he must have been missing you enjoy your day with him

Wow great interview Nicola and Anna you really are very busy Nicola and the books sound wonderful looking forward to picking them up.

As for favourite city I have been to Melbourne once 32 years ago and really enjoyed it then I am going to Melbourne in about 2 weeks for the Romance Readers Convention and hubby and I are making it a bit of a holiday and staying a bit longer can't wait to get there. I guess my home town of Sydney would have to be special to me our harbour is beautiful with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and I love the Rocks area with all of the old buildings I do love cruising on our Harbour.

I t is going to be fun learning about everyones favourite Cities.

Have Fun

Nicola Marsh said...

That's great you're making a holiday of it, Helen.

You'll have a ball! Melbourne is fabulous (yes, I'm biased and proud of it!)

Serena said...

Hi Nic,
Nice to see you here with Anna! [Serena waves]

Hmm my favourite city really is Melbourne but otherwise it's a toss up between Vicenza in northern Italy (mainly because it reminds me so much of Melbourne ;-P) and beautiful Roma! Must be my heritage...


Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Serena,
great to see you here.
Ooh...Vicenza sounds like a must-see if it's like Melbourne :)

Anna Campbell said...

Nic, if we're encouraging to write another book for us to read, we are very happy! ;-)

Helen, really looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Melbourne will be such fun! Did you see Stephanie is going to launch my book?

Anna Campbell said...

Serena, the Italians have a knack of building beautiful cities, don't they? So many to choose from! I haven't been to Vicenza - would love to go though. Another one I'd love to see is Mantova.

Sharon said...

Hi Nicola and Anna

Great interview! You are THE time-management goddess, Nicola! If you could package your process, I'd be lining up to buy some.

Mmmm, favourite city... I love my childhood memories of Christchurch in New Zealand. Wide streets, gorgeous old stone buildings, the Avon River meandering through the city, lots of parks, towering deciduous trees (I seem to remember being able to pick up chestnuts off the ground) and then there was always lush green grass - there ain't much of that in our sadly sunburned paddocks after last week's heatwave in Victoria!

Love the sound of your latest books. I'll be watching for them on the shelves downunder.

Sharon Archer

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Sharon,
I like the thought of being a goddess (if you could only see me now in full 'goddess' writing attire...PJs, messy plait, glasses, no make-up...tres chic ;)

Off to bed now, will pop back in the morning.

Don't party too hard while I'm not here...and don't let that rooster wake me too early!!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Nicola and Anna!

I wanted to pop in and say congratulations on all your success, Nicola! And I'm another one who thinks you are definitely a time-management goddess, you put me to shame!

Laurie said...

Hi Nicola,

I always like to hear about authors and their hectic lives. I'm amazed at what you accomplish with kids!

Favorite city: toughy, since I haven't traveled outside of the US very much.

Boston. The history, the waterfront, the cobblestone streets, the colleges the people, the accent!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Nicola, welcome to the Lair! Thanks for hosting Nicola, Anna. It's wonderful to hear about how you cope with children and a heavy writing schedule, Nicola. I must take your advice on the facebook thing. It's been a bit out of control lately!

Your books sound terrific--I love a fresh, flirty voice, so I'll look out for yours. Being an armchair traveler will suit me down to the ground while the children are small.

Hmm, favourite city. I'm not sure. I'd love to explore London more. We tend to spend more time in the countryside when we go to England. Kyoto is a fascinating city to visit, also. What I found interesting was that many Japanese go there to discover their own culture. There seem to be more Japanese tourists in Kyoto than foreign tourists.

Christine Wells said...

Ellanora/Anita, welcome to the Lair! So glad to see that you've been taking your writing further since Anna and I did the workshop in September. Don't forget to drop us a line and let us know what you're up to.

Meanwhile, hope you have fun in the Lair!

Christine Wells said...

Ellanora/Anita, welcome to the Lair! So glad to see that you've been taking your writing further since Anna and I did the workshop in September. Don't forget to drop us a line and let us know what you're up to.

Meanwhile, hope you have fun in the Lair!

Christie Kelley said...

Welcome Nicola! And holy cow, it's 7am on the east coast and we have over 70 comments already!

Nicola, your books sound great! My favorite ciy is probably New York. I love the excitement of the city, the shops, the museums and of course, Broadway!

Keira Soleore said...

It's barely six o'clock here on the pacific coast, peeps, and there are 74 comments already. Wow!

Fo and Nicola, quack! Lucky duck indeed. Father-in-law had some influence, knew someone in management, so that's how we got in at the Lake Palace and got a better rate. We're hoping to repeat it for some notable anniversary. Don't know if it would be possible now.

Nicola, now, I'm dying to read your h & h's "interesting" incident that happens at the palace.

Keira Soleore said...

Minna & Eva, I loved my visit to Helsinki a few years ago. It's very much a walkable city and that's what I enjoy. That copper-domed church was awe-inspiring as was the palace. The best summer strawberries, I've ever had were in the open-air market by the water.

Keira Soleore said...

Hah! Thanks, Eric, for outing the Tim Tams.'s been a case of taking coal to Newcastle, eh? These Aussies have been playing us, eh? Hmm.

Louisa Cornell said...

Congrats on nabbing the GR, Virginia!! Next time, Keira!

Great interview! Welcome, Nicola. If you can fix it by Tuesday we'll buy it! Wow! No pressure there! I love it!

I love the sound of this new book. Museums always seem like church to me and I can really appreciate a woman who refuses to see it that way! This sounds like fun!

And I must let my Mom know about your books. Her favorite Harlequin author is Annie West and she's read La Campbell's books too! She says "Those Aussie girls can write!"

My favorite cities are London and New Orleans. London has so much history and culture and is so busy and alive. I write Regency historicals so a research trip tp London could last a lifetime for me.

New Orleans was a favorite haunt of mine when I was in graduate school. 24 hours a day there is always something going on and the best part is participating is your choice. The city is laid back enough that you can just sit and observe if you want to and nobody minds at all. There are some great old book shops, terrific food, amazing music and the atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. The city has its own personality and like most of it that personality has many sides - the good old party boy, the mysterious witchy woman, the obsesses musician, the historical old lady in all her finery, the history professor. Did I mention the food????

Joan said...

Welcome, Nicola and congrats on receiving the coveted "Bandita for a Day" award.

You've already been issued your own cabana boy along with as many margharita's as you can drink. Demetrius is standing by with his you have your coupon?

Your books sound fabulous and once again my TBR pile is teetering.

As to stories set in my hometown? Not too many Romans here but Elizabeth Bevarly is in the midst of a series set in Louisville during the Kentucky Derby. The first was "Fast and Furious" and I just finished "Ready and Willing" which REALLY reflected the history and feel of my hometown.

Treethyme said...

I like big cities: Chicago, London, New York. I'd love to live in a city again! (I'm on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio right now.)

Nicola, I've read a couple of your older books but I'm not sure if I've read your newer ones. There is at least one in my TBR pile, though, so I'll try to get to it soon. (One reason my TBR pile is so dangerously high -- it actually has overflowed from an entire bookcase -- is that I keep finding new authors here. Blame the Banditas!)

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome Nicola! Lovely to have you with us in the Lair. And thanks to Anna for a fab interview.

I loved your call story - how cool is that?

Snowy greetings to all our BB's from Cambridge - it's blizzarding outside today Brrrr!!

Favourite cities - London, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco, Charleston, Denver, Stockholm and Amsterdam. I also loved Toronto and Ottawa and I have a big soft spot for DC.

I would so love to come to Oz one day (already have a booking at Chez Campbell *g*!) - the whole country fascinates me (and not just because of the opals!)

I think any city that has a heart and soul to it is a great place to set a story. Each of my favourite cities has so much personality and so many facets that you can set a wealth of stories in them.

As for where I live - it's a small Miss Marple-like village just outside Cambridge in England (another favourite city!). Perfect setting for so many stories.

sarabelle said...

Hello Nicola and Anna.

Great interview. I am very intrigued and would love to read some of work Nicola. I would love to visit Australia just something about the place Down Under that amazes me.

Anna I just have to thank you and tell you that I rceived TTD and read it and OMG it was absolutely amazing. I am so in love with Erith and envy Olivia to the depths of my being. This was a book that I definetly was very sad to see end.

Houston A.W. Knight said...


Love the cover and the book sounds great...I'm adding you to my must read list.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

P.S., Hi Bandits!


Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey, Nicola! Glad to see you here in the Lair. What a fantastic call story and career you have!

Having raised my family, I'm just now starting to do a little bit of traveling. I think Chicago is a great city for shopping, cultural learning and sight seeing. It would make a great setting for a book!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Nicola! A hearty welcome to the Bandits' Lair.

Your books sound fabulous and exciting. I love books set in exotic and unusual locales. I admire how prolific you are!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

WOW! It's noon, east coast in the USA and it's already up to 86 comments! Yikes!

Huge Welcome, Nicola, to the Lair. I adore the story lines you've put together, and I love that you too write with the short people underfoot. It's that "write every spare minute" thing, isn't it? :>

I also love the call story.

Now, I'll go read all the comments, but wanted to jump on and say hi, first thing.

Virginia, congrats on the GR!

Dianna Love said...

Wonderful interview, Anna. It's nice to read about someone I hope to meet in two weeks at the ARRC.

Congratulations on your success, Nicola. That's quite a list of books and I love that you set them in Melbourne.

p226 said...

My favorite city is Wilmington, NC. But as for a great setting for a book? Nope. I can think of fifty or so settings that would be better. Wilmington's nice, and someone more familiar with the place than I could probably make it work.

Helen said...

WOW Stephanie is launching your book I am so glad I am going to be there I really am getting excited now 17 days to go.

I love books that take me to places I could only dream of going to and some of the locations in your books are just the thing to take me on an adventure with great heros and heroines.

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Sharon, great to see you here! Christchurch sounds lovely. Hey, everyone, Sharon Archer is a new Mills & Boon Medical author and she's going to be my guest when her book comes out! Yayayayayayayay! It's called Single Father: Wife and Mother Wanted (personally I liked the original title which was Love and the Locum but obviously Harlequin felt that didn't give away enough of the story!) and it's out in July! Yay, Sharon!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Christina, lovely to see you. Great to have such a nice Aussie (well, adopted Aussie in some cases!) turnout for Nic's visit!

Laurie, I'd love to see Boston one day. Actually I'd really love to see New England generally (Boston counts as NE, doesn't it?). I want to see the houses on Cape Cod and the autumn colors. Has anyone seen Baby Boom with Diane Keaton? It's one of my favorite movies and it features a very hunky vet who lives in Vermont. I wouldn't mind seeing him either ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Christine, after hearing about your visit, Kyoto is definitely on my list!

Keira, wasn't Nicola being a sneaky little devil, putting in that intriguing hint of naughty deeds afoot at the Lake Palace?

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, you make New Orleans sound absolutely fantastic. I'll have to visit it one day! Oh, too many places, so little time (not to mention the bank account groaning!). I love you mum, by the way ;-)

JT, the Kentucky Derby makes a fascinating background for a story, doesn't it?

Nicola, are you a horseracing girl? Do you go to the Melbourne Cup? Melbourne's our horseracing capital.

Anna Campbell said...

Becke, my TBR pile has exploded too thanks to the Banditas and their pals. But on the other hands, I've read some great books I'd never have known about otherwise so I still think I'm the winner, even if I'm having trouble finding the door to my bedroom these days!

Anna, you know how I'm dying to visit you and see the village. I love that sense of history you get in English villages. The snow is featuring in our news bulletins in Oz today! Eeeek!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Sarabelle! Wow! You're MOST welcome. Nicola, unhand the best of the cabana boys. I'm giving him to Sarabelle! ;-)

Sarabelle is a fellow Dirty Dancing fan who won TTD when I visited Writers at Play on my big blog tour.

Thanks so much, SB! I'm absolutely stoked that you loved the book. I had a huge crush on Erith too - loved that he faced up to what he felt even though he didn't want to ;-) Oh, and he was pretty sexy too, snork!

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Hawk! Hey, you're becoming a regular. Here, have the second-best cabana boy. No, Nicola, it's no use sniveling into your margarita. The decision has been made! ;-)

Suz, as I said earlier, I'm a bit of an architecture fiend and Chicago has all that wonderful Art Deco stuff. I'm assuming one day, they'll have an RWA there. Although I hear it's not the best place for weather!

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, are you coming to ARRC? Me too! We'll have to get together! I think it sounds like it's going to be a ball. Yayayayayayayayay!

We're having our first ever Australian Romance Readers Convention from 20th to 22nd February in Melbourne, the city Nic and I love so much. There's going to be all sorts of stars there!

Anna Campbell said...

P226, you know, I don't know a darn thing about Wilmington ;-)

Helen, isn't the Stephanie news exciting? I'm so touched and humbled that she's doing this for me! See you there!

Treethyme said...

Anna S., I love Cambridge but Oxford drove me nuts. The last time I was there it was all one way streets but I think my husband mentioned that it was all pedestrian walkways now.

I LOVE Wales, the Cotswolds, the south Kent coast, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset...I think I'm overdue for a visit.

Maureen said...

Hi Nicola,
Congratulations on all your success. It's amazing that you can raise a family and have four books out this year. My favorite city is New York. There is always something happening and just walking down the street is an experience.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Now Anna...P226 may actually know Wilmington, NC...not much going on there. (May be part of its allure?)

And hey, what's with the doling out of cabana boys today? Eh? :> Where's mine?

Nicola don't let her fool you into believing she doesn't have the BEST cabana boy waiting on HER!

Eric, that's funny about TimTam the horse.

I forgot to mention my favorite city - Charleston, SC. Asheville, NC runs a hot second though.

I'll bet we'll get back to Chicago for an RWA soon, Anna. Its a great city for architecture. And Baseball. Grins.

Anna Campbell said...

Maureen, you're right - just a wander around the corner in NY is an adventure!

I don't get baseball! Yeah, I know. But people have tried to explain it to me and I still don't get it! So I'll stick to my architecture in Chicago, Jeanne.

Oh, and as if you didn't STEAL the best cabana boy off me a coupla days ago and he hasn't been seen since. You act like butter wouldn't melt in your mouth, Duchesse, but we all know the truth so don't try that innocent act with me ;-)

sarabelle said...

Now ladies no reason to argue, I have it in writing that Anna is giving me the best cabana boy, but I will only borrow him for a while then throw him back in the ring for you two to duke it out over. I promise not to wear him out to much. :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Phew, you guys have been busy while I've been snoozing and dropping 'baby' off for his 3rd day at school.

Give me a moment to catch up!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Christina :)

Boston is another city I'd love to visit, Laurie.

Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Christine!

That's one of the things I adore about reading, the 'armchair travel'. It's brilliant being swept away to other places.

Nicola Marsh said...

I'm definitely seeing a Broadway show when I eventually get to NY, Christie :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Several 'interesting' incidents at the Lake Palace, Keira.

Alas, you'll have to wait to mid-year to find out what happens...with the book out in Sept, it's usually out online a month earlier.

Or I'll be running comps on my blog so drop by :)

Nicola Marsh said...

New Orleans sounds fabulous!
Can't wait to visit one day...

Nicola Marsh said...


After a hectic school run with my car doing funny things, I could definitely do with Demetrius right about now... ;)

Nicola Marsh said...


my TBR pile was seriously staggering before Christmas, so I read like a maniac while taking a break from writing over the holidays and it's now back to a respectable tottering :)

Nicola Marsh said...


I've been to Cambridge and loved it!
Hope you're not snowed in!

Nicola Marsh said...


you're so lucky to have read TTD.
I read 'Untouched' recently and loved it!!!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Hawk,
hope you enjoy the book.
It's one of my faves!

Nicola Marsh said...


Chicago would be a fabulous setting. I'd love to do some first-hand research one day...

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Jo.

It's mad sometimes with my schedule but I enjoy a challenge ;)

Nicola Marsh said...


you're so right! I think I know I have limited time to write so make use of every second :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Dianna.

Anna is gorgeous so you'll love meeting her :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Helen, you're sooo right,
every book is an adventure, that's why I love them :)

Kirralee Schmidt said...

Hi Nicola! Hi Anna! And everyone else! I love Melbourne - I have a lot of friends who live there and I live just over an hour away from there! I still get to experience all the great things Melb has to offer, but still enjoy a rural lifestyle. I have a fascination with all of the capital cities of each state of Aust, but I think my two faves at the moment are Brisbane and Adelaide. I can't wait to visit both of those places. I have a dream to live in each capital city (including Hobart) for at least 12 months each, just so I can get the most out of every state!

I have a question, Nicola, and anyone else who'd like to chime in. What do you do to keep motivated to sit at your computer & write? After a full day of child charing and everything, how are you not too exhausted to write? Do you have a special secret kick up the pants method you'd like to share?


Nicola Marsh said...

I was sneaky, giving that tempting bit about 'A Trip with the Tycoon', wasn't I, Anna? ;)

I am a horseracing gal, love the hype of the Melbourne Cup (love it so much I wrote an entire book around it, 'Inherited: Baby') but haven't been for a while courtesy of the kidlets :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Anna and Sarabelle,

Dirty Dancing is my favourite movie ever!

I adore it.

I fell in love for the first time around the release time, and the music takes me back to that fragment in time always...sigh...

Nicola Marsh said...

I think as a guest, I deserve ALL the cabana boys!
Greed is good ;)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Popping in late to say WELCOME to the Lair, Nicola! We're so happy to have you as Bandita for a day. Did anyone loan you some bucket boots and a rope for chandelier swinging?!?! Do have another margarita while you're waiting.

Of course Aunty has to weigh in on favorite cities. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to Melbourne when I was DownUnder. But I agree with Helen, Sydney Harbor is FANTASTIC, and I also really enjoyed Brisbane for the one short day I was there.

My new release is set in Venice, so happy to see that place getting some LURVE, though I must admit that Rome is my first love in Europe, with Paris a very close second.

In the US, our City by the Bay, San Francisco ranks right up there (to visit, couldn't PAY ME ENOUGH to live there!) with New Orleans and NYC. But one of my all time favorite places in the US remains Key West, a FUN FUN place to visit!

I agree with Donna, Maui is my pick over Oahu but anytime the weather is COLD, I wanna be in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico! What a friendly, pretty place! And speaking of pretty, as far as beauty goes, Bangkok is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen but the heat and humidity... OYE!


Nicola Marsh said...

Aunty Cindy,

I'm having so much fun here I haven't even got to the chandelier swinging yet!

Key West, Mexico, San Fran...I better make that a year off when I get to that part of the world next, it's going to take me that long to visit everywhere!

Kate Carlisle said...

Nicola, welcome to the Lair! Fabulous interview, Anna!

All your books sound so delicious, Nicola. I love the idea of the museum setting in THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA. Very intriguing! I want them all now!! I'm off to Amazon as soon as I finish this comment.

I have a number of favorite cities, so how to decide? San Francisco, New York, Paris, Edinburgh, Hong Kong. I've never been to Melbourne but I definitely intend to get there someday. You make it sound very enticing! Thanks again for being here today. Can't wait to get your books!

Virginia, you got him again! Keira, you were robbed!!! :-)

Joan said...

Oh, and as if you didn't STEAL the best cabana boy off me a coupla days ago

Smoke screened ya'll good as I have #1,2,and 3rd best cabana boys helping the glads to chip ice off my house. They take turns coming inside to warm, warm up :-)

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow Kate, raiding Amazon, huh? Hope you enjoy my books!

Hong Kong is an intriguing city...I visited a very long time ago, in my teens. Would love to see it now.

Pat Cochran said...

Welcome, Nicola, I've just been over
on your website reading about your contests!

Hello to Ms. Anna, all the Banditas, and the Bandita Buddies!

Favorite cities: Honey liked Boston, Daughter enjoyed Nice,Son enjoyed Toronto. I love my home city of Houston (there's always something on in Houston!)but Anna
knows my super favorite city is
Venice! The gondola tours, the
stroll through the Piazza, and
the churches!! Oh, I'm ready to
visit again, right this minute!

Pat Cochran

Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Pat,

what a wonderful list of cities...Venice is one of my faves in all the world :)

Right, off to pick up kidlet from school, back later!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Oh Anna, I wanted to do the boat tour of the architecure of Chicago when I was there, but Novemeber is way too cold to be on a boat out on Lake Michicgan. Heck it was even too cold for the bus tour of the architecture!!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Nicola, Good article. Liked your definitions of the various Harlequin imprints. Presents used to be my favorite, many moons ago. I remember I loved reading stories set in other locales.

Some good pointers there on juggling time and family. I know I find it problematic when I'm juggling writing articles to deadlines, then blog articles, professional promotions I do for a couple of indie publishers, and then find time for my own editing and writing books. Oh and raise a family. I get a bit frustrated at times, don't want to feel every minute must be regimented as it was when I worked away from home. But as my schedule fills, I'm finding I have to organize more. I like your point of buying out time and make it work for you.

Congrats on your books, sounds like you're enjoying the creation and it comes across.

Anna Campbell said...

Sarabelle, but once you've worn him out, will he any longer BE the best cabana boy??!!!!

Nic, it can be a bit overwhelming! Take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive into the lair! I think I can find the fourth-best cabana boy to stop you from getting into too much trouble. Mind you, he IS only the fourth-best cabana boy so we can't expect too much of him.

sarabelle said...

I do believe that Numero Uno Cabana Boy has more stamina then I can wrestle out of him so I think he he will be still be at the top of the standings when I am done.

Anna Campbell said...

Nic, I remember the lovely email you sent me after you read Untouched. Thank you again. Actually now I think of that, I might see if I can wrest the second-best cabana boy back from Jeanne's clutches. Actually I need to start a cabana boy log book. I've forgotten who I've assigned them to!

Oh, and now you say I'm gorgeous? Wow! Sarabelle, sorry but I want that CB back now!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Kirralee, what a great question! Thank you for asking it. Personally I think Nicola has a klatsch of elves in her attic and they do it all for her while she lies around getting her toenails painted by gorgeous young men.

Nic, I had a feeling you might be a Melbourne Cup kinda girl. I'd love to go at least once - it always sounds like such fun.

Anna Campbell said...

What???!!! Now I see you want ALL the cabana boys, Nick? And Demetrius too???!!! I've created a monster. You were so polite when I first invited you into the lair ;-)

Nic, we actually have some diehard travellers in the lair. Aunty Cindy is just back from a cruise to Turkey and she's always flitting off to Mexico and other exotic places. Kim is our other intrepid traveler. She's just back from her fourth visit to Costa Rica and my fridge is decorated with the postcards she sent me from Jordan.

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, I love Melbourne. To me, it's the most European of our cities. Full of lovely cafes and bookshops and concerts. Perhaps because the weather is so unreliable there (Nic, you have to admit Melbourne gets pretty rotten weather!), there's lots of lovely indoor things to do like galleries and... Ahem!

Actually, JT, you've been through such a trial with the weather lately (as has our lovely Trish), I actually don't begrudge you CB 1, 2, 3. But seeing the girls don't know about them, I'm actually offering them 4, 5, and 6 and pretending they're the best we've got. You must admit they're still pretty good! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Nic and Kate, I've never been to Hong Kong. In fact, I'm pretty pathetic. It was Europe or Australia for me until I started hitting RWA conferences in 2006. I'm clearly not terrifically adventurous. No chandelier swinging for this square!

Oh, Pat, I always associate you with Venice. Nic, Pat won a luxury holiday there a few years ago, all expenses paid. How cool is that? Even going budget class in Venice costs a bomb - someone else picking up the tab is my idea of heaven!

Anna Campbell said...

Suz, back when I was a captioner, I subtitled a travel program about Chicago, including the boat tour. It's been on my list ever since! Obviously I'll have to check out the weather when I go, though!

Hey, Sia, is this your first visit to the lair? If so, pull up a cabana boy (number 8 was free last time I looked), have a margarita, and relax! Welcome!

Anna Campbell said...

Hmm, Sarabelle, you say that with a GREAT deal of certainty. Interrrrrresting...

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Sia,
sounds like you do a lot of time juggling too!

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow, these cabana boys are popular here, Anna...I had no idea...I would've snaffled the best one first if I'd known :)

As for my army of elves...hmmm...the only elves around here are the munchkins, one of which has gone down for a nap, the other deep in a shark sticker book I bought especially to buy some time to 'play' here :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow, you gals do travel a lot.

How lucky is Pat, winning a trip to Venice? Cool!

Joan said...

You must admit they're still pretty good! ;-)

Indeed they are, Anna as we hold VERY high standards here in The Lair!

sarabelle said...

Okay Ladies I give him back, if you will note he is all in 1 piece, a very yummy piece if I do say so myself. He is no worse for the wear. lmao :)

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Nicola, now I know that you were happy to visit the lair. No great love hath a woman than she who forks out for a shark sticker book to keep to a munchkin quiet!

Sarabelle, I'm noticing some rub marks...

Nicola Marsh said...

I've had a ball!

Authorness said...

A million books sold?! Nicola, you're amazing! Congrats on your latest release.

Melbourne is fantastic, but I have to say my favourite city is New York. You can do just about anything at any time, and there are so many wonderful characters walking around. A great city to find inspiration.

Great interview, Anna!

~ Vanessa

Nicola Marsh said...

Sorry Kirralee,
I must've missed your question in all the cabana boy excitement!

You asked for any kick in the pants secret to sit in front of the keyboard?

For me, it's called 'paying bills!' lol

Yes, I'm exhausted at the end of the day but in a way, when I sit down at the keyboard at 8.30pm, that's finally 'my time'.
It's quiet, it's peaceful and I can lose myself in my characters' lives.

I don't get much else 'me' time so I've really come to look on those few hours each night as the best of both worlds, a paying job plus some time out for me.

Hope helps :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Vanessa.

I seriously can't wait to get to NY!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Vanessa had her honeymoon in NYC!

V, thanks for calling by. I know it's been a busy time for you.

Anna Campbell said...

Miss Nicola, thank you for being a brilliant guest! I'm sure the new books will add an impressive total to the million already sold. They sound fantastic! And yes, you DO have to hand back the cabana boy before you go. Sheesh!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to a fantastic day in the lair!

Don't forget to check back to see who won the signed copy of THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA! Good luck!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks so much for having me, it was a blast!

My cabana boy doesn't want to come back so I'm keeping him as a Bandita souvenir :)

MarthaE said...

Good interview! I am a small town girl but for a city I think I would pick London cause there is so much there to use both current and historical.