Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

by Donna MacMeans

So did you watch the academy awards last night? I had planned to - if only to watch Hugh Jackman, but alas - I missed the first hour.

I did get to see some of the more memorable acceptance speeches though. I liked the one - I believe it was Danny Boyle accepting yet another oscar for Slumdog Millionaire (which was a fabulous movie!) - and he jumped up and down as he imagined Tigger would do.

Now I realize most of the acceptance speeches are pretty boring, especially to those of us that are not on a first name basis with all the people they are thanking - but I also know that the opportunity to give a very public Thank You is probably more important to the winner then that gold statuette they receive.

I enjoy the speeches that are obviously unprepared that are spoken with shock, humility, and pure affection. I had the privilege of being able to deliver one public thank you in Atlanta a few years ago - and so I thought it might be nice if we all could offer a public acceptance speech for ...whatever we feel we should be recognized for (getting up this morning, staying sane while raising children, grocery shopping, etc.)

Now imagine yourself in a beautiful designer gown with an artfully crafted hairdo and professionally applied make-up. The microphone is in front of you, a gold trophy to recognize your many talents in your hand. What do you say?

I'll award someone with their choice of one of my books (choose between IN A HEARTBEAT, THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY or THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT). Let's hear your acceptance speech.


limecello said...


limecello said...

What a fun post, Donna! I watched the awards, even though I shouldn't have :P I really enjoyed the speeches this year. (Although I have missed the Oscars the past few yrs?)

I'm so glad Kate Winslet finally won.

The GR helped me through a trying day yesterday, and I'm glad I've got him back because today will be harrowing too. In fact, it ties into my acceptance speech. It has to do with something that was forced upon me - and is always the "difficult thing" I'll mention in relevant posts.

I'm damn proud I will get this journal to print. Come hell or high water it's going to the publishers this week, ideally today, if I can get my staff to work, the authors to cooperate, and the stars and planets to align. But despite the odds, it'll happen. Thanks.
And of course, I'd like to thank the Academy ;)

Tawny said...

The Oscars rocked!!! Loved them this year. Lessee, fave dresses, Amy Adams, Jennifer Aniston, that cute blonde from Mama Mia and Halle Berry - gorgeous.

All I could think of watching them was how incredible it would be to be nominated for a RITA, the same (okay, so maybe slightly less) glitz and glamour and amazingly awesome type show.

What would I say? I figure I'd pass out from shock, so Beth would have to go up and say things for me... she's good at it *g*

Monique Wood said...

The show was great, but Hugh Jackman was the highlight. I'm biased, but boy, he rocked!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Donna, great post! Boy would I love to accept a RITA--I mean, which of us wouldn't? But maybe I might have to settle for writing an acceptance speech for Meanest Mom in the World--thank you to my children, who made this award not only possible, but inevitable... Once Beth retires to the hall of fame for mean moms, of course:)

Again, Limecello? You're running hot!

Anna Sugden said...

Cool Limecello! That GR is havng a break from travelling, I see.

Sorry about the trying day - glad the pesky bird helped. Fingers crossed for the journal. Let us know how that goes.

Donna - great post. I didn't watch the Oscars - didn't have the interest this year and the time difference was a killer. Even Hugh Jackman couldn't tempt me to stay up past my bedtime.

I love seeing all the dresses - my favourite is still that Julia Roberts vintage.

Thank you speech - hmmm - so many people to thank. I'll have to think about that. I usually assume I won't win, so don't bother! LOL.

In the meantime, I'll just put on the cool shoes while I come up with a list!

Natalie Hatch said...

Go you one better Christine.
I would like to thank the Academy and my lovely teens for Wicked Step Mother of the Year award. I've worked long and hard to perfect my wickedness and feel honoured that I could outdo Cinderella's Step Mum, I mean that woman is a legend. But here I am, I'm Wicked and Proud!

Oh I loved Hugh, I adored Kate Winslet's yelling out to her dad, wasn't that fantastic? I giggled at Ben Stiller and I missed Tina Fey and Steve Martin, trying to find it on youtube but not posted yet. darn.

Caren Crane said...

Congrats, Limecello! I hope the GR doesn't throw a monkey wrench into your printing. :-0

I would like to thank the Academy for my Most Scatterbrained Friend award. Lots of friends are distracted and forgetful these days, so achieving this honor is quite an accomplishment.

Without friends like Deb Marlowe, Claudia Dain, Liz Carlyle and Sabrina Jeffries, I would have no one whose birthdays I could forget. Special thanks to my darling husband, children and famiy of origin for ensuring I have plenty of distractions to keep me from birthday celebrations, holiday parties, book signings and chapter meetings. They are also responsible for my singular ability to double and triple book myself for the same time slots! And special thanks and condolences to a pair of my dearest friends, Suse Williams and Susan Griffith, who have suffered with my scattered brain the longest.

I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you all so much!

PJ said...

Congrats, Limecello! Best of luck with the journal!

I stayed awake for the entire show last night and had a great time. Hugh Jackman was terrific! I loved all the music. Queen Latifah's musical tribute to those who died in 2008 was beautiful and poignant. Loved Kate Winslet's acceptance speech and especially her dad's whistle. Made me smile...and cry.

I missed the Red Carpet so I haven't seen all the dresses yet but I thought Kate Winslet looked elegant and classy while Ann Hathaway and Penelope Cruz were exquisite. Other "hits" for me were Alicia Keys, Taraji P. Henson and Freida Pinto.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

I want to thank Donna MacMeans...she taught me everything I know about writing a best seller. As a matter of fact, Donna come up here, Please. I want to give you my award. Oh, by the way everyone, I want you to know Donna's such a sweetheart, why she even help me write this acceptance speech.

Tee hee hee. I'm just kidding with you, Donna. I know, my dry Irish humor isn't funny. BTW, just wondering ... would a speech like this one help me win one of your books? LOL... I'm just kidding with you! It was a great blog.


Margay said...

I absolutely loved the Oscars last night! I love that they used the theme of old Hollywood glamor and Hugh Jackman's opening where he "made" props (due to budget cuts and a bad economy) was hysterical. And the guy has many talents we haven't seen before - dancing and singing! Well worth staying up for. I also liked how they had winners from the past individually introduce the nominees, but I also liked how they took you through each stage of production - very clever. And then at the end, they showed clips of upcoming films while they rolled the credits. Very enjoyable. As for my speech, it might sound something like this:

This is for my mother whose unwavering support of me kept me sane in the trying times, grounded in uncertain times, and hopeful in all times. She is my inspiration in all things and if I could emulate one-tenth of that for my daughters, I will consider myself a success.


PJ said...

Thanks, Donna! I was recognized in my local newspaper last week but there was no awards ceremony so no opportunity to give a thank you speech.

I'd like to thank Donna for giving me the opportunity to publicly express my appreciation for this unexpected recognition. I'd like to thank my grandma for teaching me the Golden Rule when I was knee-high to a grasshopper and showing me through her example how important it is to give back. Thank you to the CCU nurses for their tireless efforts and the care, compassion and smiles they bring to each and every patient who enters their unit. Thank you to all the students who have brought me so much joy over the years. It's been a pleasure to help you learn and watch you grow into fine young men and women. Thank you to all the rescue animals who never give up hope and bring unending love and joy to the families fortunate enough to adopt them and to the men and women who care for them and help them find those precious forever families. Finally, thank you so very much to every person who volunteers their time and energy to help another. You are all my heroes.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Limecello! Sounds like the GR knew he was needed. Don't forget to keep a list of all the people to thank close by as I'm sure you will get that journal published and will need that list!

Hmmm...maybe that gold statute should be of a Golden Rooster.

Donna MacMeans said...

Tawny - I saw some of the dresses in the paper this morning - OMG I love Beyonce's dress. It seemed to me - at least for the dresses featured in the paper - that the fashion was a throw back to the fifties - very tight on a curvy torso and then full at the bottom.

I have no doubt we'll see you accepting a RITA for your books. Don't forget we little people when you're up on the podium (grin).

Donna MacMeans said...

Monique - That's why I was bummed that I missed the beginning :(
THe TV in my office can't pick up that channel and I thought the awards started at 9:00. Bummer.

Doesn't Hugh look fantastic in a top hat and tails? I love the way the tilt of the hat can make a man look so sexy (though Hugh doesn't need much help in that department).

Donna MacMeans said...

Christine - I think the competition for Meanest Mom would be a stiff one. I remember my daughter told me when she was in first grade that they wished the neighbor next door was her mother because I was so mean. That the woman next door was a stay-at-home mom and, at the time, I was still working outside the home - just ripped my heart open. Motherhood is a tough, often thankless, job and they should give awards for it - televised awards. I suspect the best mom would also be nominated for the meanest mom if the kids were doing the nominating. Hang it there.

Donna MacMeans said...

Anna - Well you know I didn't expect to win that time in Atlanta! That's why I suggest you make your list now. Besides - you'll need it for that acknowledgment page that we know is in your future.

I'll have to watch for the PEOPLE magazine or whatever it is that features the dresses the issue after the awards. Don't you think they should do a feature on the shoes as well? Wouldn't it be something if they checked beneath those long dresses and discovered the actresses were wearing comfortable old tennies? They're not, of course, we walk different, stand different, in heels as opposed to flats. Those were definite heels stances.

Donna MacMeans said...

Wicked Step Mom LOL - You know you never had a chance, Natalie, right? Eventually, the kids will recognize all the wonderful things you bring to the family and to them, but why-oh-why does it take years for them to discover that fact? An award in the meantime would help - so you get the Not-so-Wicked Stepmom award.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL Caren - Bravo!

Please remember that the "friend" in the Most Scatterbrained Friend award is the most important part and in that you exceed, my friend. We love you!

Renee said...

Oh, I think I'm in the running for Meanest Mom. With four teenagers, it's probably the only award I'll ever win. Unless they give awards out for insanity? Because I just might get that one too.

I'd like to thank, I'd like to, I'd like, um, *@&#! I forgot who I wanted to thank.


Donna MacMeans said...

PJ - That tribute to departed stars brought tears to my eyes. Paul Newman, Charleston Heston... we lost some great ones last year. Queen Latifah's song was so beautiful. I keep forgetting she has such a beautiful voice. I always think of her first for her comedy.

Loved the shout out and whistle as well. How wonderful that her parents were there to see her get the award.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Hawk! Excellent speech BTW (grin). I truly doubt you'll need my help with your acceptance speech, you're a great writer on your own. Dry Irish wit is ALWAYS appreciated.

Karen H in NC said...

My speech under pressure, live, in front of the world, on camera?

err....ummmm....err....I want, thanks.

Didn't see much of the awards until the last hour. Did see part of the production number with Hugh in a top hat, white tie & tails...can we say 'YUMM-O!!'?

And then Kate Winslet's acknowledgment of her parents and asking her dad to whistle or something. That was great!

Donna MacMeans said...

Margay - Great speech! See - we do eventually appreciate our mothers (grin).

I wasn't surprised that Hugh did that singing & dancing number. He did a stint on Broadway as Tommy Tunes. I think it followed right after his first Xmen movie. I think he was even nominated for a Tony for his performance. Can't remember if he won. Darn it - wish I'd seen the opening. Can't have too much of Hugh.

Donna MacMeans said...

PJ - Great speech! What was the local newspaper article about? Kudos for them for recognizing they had such a newsworthy fabulous person in their community! Can we get to the article online? From your speech, it's obvious you enjoy a fulfilling life. Congratulations PJ - wave that Golden Rooster statuette high!

Donna MacMeans said...

Renee - LOL - we really should have a Meanest Mom award. Four teenagers? You're right - your sanity is on a tenuous thread (grin). Oh...the hormones...

Donna MacMeans said...

Karen H - I thought having the formal winners come out and say nice things about the current nominees was really classy too. I liked that better than the film clips taken out of context. Did you see Sophia Loren? She still looks classy (though they could have done a better job with her hair). Kate Winslet made a great speech.

When your time comes, I doubt you'll be quite that tongue-tied. VBG.

terrio said...

I watched the awards and loved them. Hugh did a great job and who knew Ann Hathaway could sing?!

Almost as soon as I turned off the TV, there was an article on Yahoo criticizing the awards. I couldn't believe it. I thought they did a beautiful job, made the show more interesting and above all, it did what it set out to do. It entertained. I loved when they had the former winning actresses say such beautiful things about the nominees. You could see (most of them) were very sincere. Made me tear up more than once.

Yay for Kate!

My acceptance speech would go something like this. I want to thank my daughter, for everything.


PJ said...

Here's the link, Donna.

PJ said...

Terri, I saw that Yahoo article and wondered what show the writer had been watching. It certainly couldn't have been the same one I watched!

Love your acceptance.

Virginia said...

Sorry I didn't watch the awards. I was deep into Tempt The Devil, awesome read by the way.

I am not much into speeches but Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this award. That about says it all in a few short words.

Congrats on the GR limecello!

jo robertson said...

What a clever idea, Donna. So sorry you missed Hugh Jackman. He was fabulous in that opening number he did. I didn't know he was so versatile, a singer (quite good) and dancer too! Yay for the sexiest man alive!

Yay to you for getting the rooster again limecello!

I think most writers dream of giving a thank you speech for some of their writing. The fellow who won the award for writing "Milk" was so refreshing and genuine I almost cried. What an affirmation for him!

I'd love to give an acceptance speech for a RITA. Uh, of course, I'd first have to have a book published LOL. I'd be sure to thank first my family and then my crew, the wonderful Banditas!

Vicki said...

I missed the awards. I was writing away and since the scene was going so well I didn't stop. But Science Guy taped it for me. :)

You've been chosen for an award,come claim it at my blog.

terrio said...

PJ - That's what I was thinking! Why does everyone have to be so critical? They keep saying things like, "This was Hollywood patting itself on the back and taking themselves too serious." Then they take the whole show too seriously. What the....?

About Hugh, he's done Broadway (Boy From Oz, Oklahoma) and hosted the Tony awards once. So he's pretty well known as an all around performer. That charm and natural sex appeal don't hurt his case either.

Donna MacMeans said...

Terrio - short, brief, to the point - it works! I missed the part with Anne Hathaway singing - I didn't know she could do that either. I wonder how they discover these things. I assumed the academy asked the various performers to do their thing - but as Anne Hathaway doesn't do a lot of singing (does she?) how did they know to ask? Oh well --

Donna MacMeans said...

PJ - Very nice article and wonderful that they recognize all that you do. Kudos to you for giving back.

Donna MacMeans said...

Virginia - We'll forgive you for being deep in the reading of To Tempt the Devil (very big grin). Actually, I was deep in Kate's Homicide in Hardcover when I noticed the time. Yes - Congratulations to Kate. I hope she's preparing her speech for the awards sure to come her way (grin). She'll be back in the lair in two days so break out your party clothes.

Donna MacMeans said...

Well Jo...I believe you did give an acceptance speech in Atlanta for the Golden Heart, correct? I'm sure it was just practice for the RITA. The book contract will come - just have to keep persevering. (Easy to say - hard to do sometimes.)

PJ said...

Hugh hosted the Tony Awards three times and won an Emmy for his hosting of the 2004 Tony's. He also won the Best Actor in a Musical Tony in 2004 for his role in The Boy From Oz.

I didn't know Ann Hathaway could sing like that but I checked out her bio and she's performed singing roles onstage and was performing with an honors chorus at Carnegie Hall when she was still in high school.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL Vicki - That's what I SHOULD have been doing (grin). I understand, though, how time flies when you're into a scene and just can't let it end. Kudos for you.

Donna MacMeans said...

Terrio - He does have natural sex appeal, doesn't he.

I was reading this article in Psychology Today about sex appeal and it talked a lot about how much one's smell contributed to their sex appeal. It went on and on about MHC levels and how opposite MHCs attract and the effect birth control pills have on diminishing the impact of MHC. Well - we can't bloody well smell Hugh through the tube and he still emits beaucoup de sex appeal! Seriously...

Pat Cochran said...

I was in a quandry yesterday on what I was going to view. Nascar or the Oscars? The Oscars or Nascar? Guess who won out! I didn't see the first portion of the Oscars, getting to the
show in time to see one of my most
unfavorite performers. No, not Hugh! His singing/dancing partner!

Speech, what speech? I would be the person reclining gracefully upon the stage, in my glamorous
gown by Carolina Herrera and
upswept hairdo. Who is that who
is supporting my unconscious self?
It is my dear friend and acting mentor, David Boreanaz!! Also
assisting in my care is my driving
coach, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.!

Pat Cochran

Beth said...

I didn't see the awards but I have tried to catch up on what I missed online this morning *g*

Sounds like there were some great speeches, skits and fashions!

LOL, Christine. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if I'll be retiring any time soon. We could share the dubious honor of Meanest Mom though.

And honestly, I wouldn't have to be so darn mean if my 17 yo son knew better than to hit hockey pucks in the basement!

Beth said...

What would I say? I figure I'd pass out from shock, so Beth would have to go up and say things for me... she's good at it *g*

LOL - I'd be too busy jumping up and down and screaming for you to give a speech *g* But I'd be glad to toss some water on your face to revive you enough so you could go up on stage :-)

PJ said...

Okay, now I'm the one who is shocked! Beth, you have a 17 year old son? I could buy 7 but 17? Wow! You don't look nearly old enough.

catslady said...

I loved Hugh Jackman!!!

And I laughed 'til I cried when Ben Stiller immitated Joaquin Phoenix on the Letterman Show.

I enjoyed the 5 presenters and some of their speeches. And I'm always shocked when I hear who died all over again.

I'm horrible at getting up in big crowds - "Thank you Everyone" (some do tend to go on too long lol).

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

I want to say THANK YOU, Vicki, for the lovely blog award! So glad you and all our wonderful BBs love hanging out with us here in the Lair!

Pat, I hear ya on the Nascar or Oscar quandry. The DH put up a MAJOR WHINE when I turned the TV to the Oscars (too late for the opening, btw!). Then, a little later he asked in a very pathetic voice, "Can't I watch the last 4 laps?" (Yes, he was listening on his headphones.) So our remote was quite busy last night. :-P

I too LURVED Kate Winslet's father whistling from the balcony. My mom used to whistle like that to call us in to dinner!

I thought the show was GREAT! Hugh was ADORABLE (as always)! And Sophia Loren was still gorgeous as ever.


Susan Sey said...

Hey, Donna! I'm afraid thinking up an acceptance speech is beyond me this afternoon, but I would like to say that I LOVED Hugh Jackman last night. Between the weirdness of having five people present one award, refusing to show clips of the acting that was being honored & mixing in film clips from previous years when they did managed to show a few people actually acting, poor Hugh had his work cut out for him. But he tackled it with good humor, energy & astounding charm. Yay, Hugh. Be seeing *you* next year, Mr. Jackman. :-)

Donna MacMeans said...

Pat - I take it you're unconscious from the shock? Good thing they had that fainting coach on stage (grin).

I forgot that you'd be seeing the academy awards much earlier than those of us on the East coast. Yes, I'd probably hit them late then as well (Heck, I managed to be late even at the late hour).

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL Beth - Hopefully he wasn't wearing his skates and digging into the floor at the time. My son used to hit the one of the supporting beams in the unfinished basement with a baseball bat. The sound would ring through the whole house. Those are those "wait till he grows up and his kids do this" moments.

Donna MacMeans said...

Thank you Catslady - I tuned into the show when Ben Stiller was doing that and not having seen the David Letterman interview, I wasn't sure what the heck he was doing.

Donna MacMeans said...

AC - So what does a Nascar race sound like through the headphones vroom...whine...whine...vroom ? (grins)

Yes - Hugh did absolutely great. It was good to see the prior winners as well and hear the accolades they bestowed on the nominees. I liked that.

Donna MacMeans said...

Susan - Those old film clips mixed in with the new ones threw me off as well. BUT the thing that I found most annoying was the ghost image of the Kungfu Panda that kept appearing on the blue board on the main backdrop. I never really noticed the images coming and going until that panda popped up again...and again...and again. (grins)

Cassondra said...

I did NOT watch the I missed the dresses and the pomp and ceremony.

Speech? What speech...

I'd be going ..."thanks so much I really appreciate it!" and then falling off the stage when I twist my ankle cuz I'm too old to wear stilettos.

I'm just sayin.

p226 said...

My speech?

"I'd like to thank the academy. I would have never believed that a movie about the special, forbidden love between a man and a rooster would ever land me on this stage. It tells me, America, that the barriers of speciesism and intolerance have been shattered! And a special thank you to the Romance Bandits who put me in touch with the Golden Boy for this project. And for encouraging me to push the boundaries! Thank you America! Goodnight!"

*que music*

Donna MacMeans said...

Awww Cassondra - It's like riding a bike. Once you get your balance, you never forget (grin).

P226 - Too funny! Especially as I'm here sipping a glass of red from a bottle with a big ole' rooster on it. Forbidden love indeed.

Beth said...

Okay, now I'm the one who is shocked! Beth, you have a 17 year old son? I could buy 7 but 17? Wow! You don't look nearly old enough.

LOL - thanks so much, PJ! As quickly as these kids are giving me gray hairs, I'll soon look old enough *g*

Joan said...

And a special thank you to the Romance Bandits who put me in touch with the Golden Boy for this project. And for encouraging me to push the boundaries!

So instead of "MILK" your movie was named....what?


MarthaE said...

I didn't see the show - don't watch too much TV as I'm busy reading books.
My acceptance speach:
Thank you all for this wonderful recognition as The Best Working Attorney and Recreational Reader Award. Sometimes it is hard to read all the books I want in my spare time. And it is difficult to resist the temptation to blog during the day instead of completing my tasks at work. I am glad I am my own boss and only my daughter is there to fuss at me to "get to work, Mom!" I give the glory to God for my talents and my avid reading - What can I say: Its the way He made me!!!

Helen said...

Congrats limello

Hi Everyone I am back and I missed the awards ceremony although we were staying in a nice Motel in a little country town call Gundigai I was so tired from the fantastic conference and the drive back towards home I fell alseep so missed everything about the awards until I get to watch some TV tonight I am so sorry I missed Hugh but am glad that Heath Ledger won an award.

Have Fun
A very tired Helen

Louisa Cornell said...

p226 ROFLMAO !!! You have been hanging out with the Banditas WAY too long!

And Joan ... CLUCK ???? I smell an Oscar or maybe that's a chicken coop.

I watched every minute of the Oscars last night. LOVED LOVED LOVED Hugh Jackman!! He was fabulous. I liked having the previous winners talk about the nominees. It had a whole passing of the torch feel to it.

I loved Kate Winslett's speech and her Dad's whistle. Too cute and wonderful. Heath Ledger's family showed a lot of class.

I loved what the winner of the music awards had to say. As a Muslim he had two choices - love or hate. He chose love. Too perfect!

If I won a GH or a Rita I would fall off my three inch heels in a dead faint so no speech worries there. My buddies Tammy and Sherry would say "She says thanks!" as they waved from their spots trying to get my big butt off the floor without benefit of a crane.

However, here is my acceptance speech for the Bakery (W)itch of the Year Award.

I would like to thank all of the people who made this award possible. However, most you need to get your butts back to work! What are you statues? You know what happens to statues. Pigeons poop on them! Move it! Now, where was I? Oh yes. Thanks for this award. I strive to be the very best at anything I try. All of the yelling, screaming, eye rolling, check lists, glares, box throwing and banishments to the freezer were a deliberate effort on my part to win this award. The fact that all of you still have all your limbs and are only slightly deaf is a testament to your intelligence. I would like to thank all of the customers who promoted my heart health by making it pound and have to deal with constant spikes of high blood pressure with your inane demands and ridiculous complaints. And the next time one of you promises to never buy a cake from us again, can I PLEASE get it in writing. And to the dear Co Manager over the Grocery Area, while I appreciate your constant attempts to make me participate in YOUR nervous breakdown, rest assured the only breakdown I want to participate in is my own. Now, wait a minute! Acceptance speech is over, get your skinny young selves in there and bake some bread! And you, yeah, you! You are NOT going to put that pallet of meat in my freezer. Are you listening to me????

Donna MacMeans said...

Joan - I was thinking "Home to Roost" or maybe "The Little Clucker" (grin)

Donna MacMeans said...

MarthaE - Well - we love you the way He made you! Sounds like you're a hard working Mom (as if there's any other kind). Excellent speech, esp. the part giving tribute to your daughter.

Donna MacMeans said...

Helen - You're back! Welcome home. Sounds like the conference was a great time. Rest up & tell us all about it.

Donna MacMeans said...

Louisa - LOL - I LOVE your speech even though I didn't believe a word of it. I can not imagine you saying those things to your co-workers (deserving or not). I bet we'll see you up at that podium for the GH one of these days. You're getting too close for it not to happen.

Keira Soleore said...

Banditas and Buddies, a quick note to say that I'll be offline for the most part for the next few days. Our cable modem and network router blew out yesterday, because the egg beater was turned on. REALLY!! I couldn't make this up; my imagination isn't that fantastic. :)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

I'd like to thank RWA, the judges, the fabulous readers of romance...Grins. :>

Donna MacMeans said...

Keira - Well, I hope you were at least making something chocolate! I had trouble with my connection earlier tonight - must be something in the air (or in my case - not in the air). Hope things settle down for you shortly, Keira. No fun being without your connection.

Donna MacMeans said...

...and the winner is MarthaE.
Martha if you could go to and send me your contact information and your choice of book, I'll mail it off to you. Your choices again are either:
In a Heartbeat (Romantic Suspense)
The Education of Mrs. Brimley (historical)
The Trouble with Moonlight (Historical Paranormal)

Thanks to everyone. You are all academy winners in my book.

MarthaE said...

Ohh!! I am so excited!! I have just sent you my info and choice! Thank you so much!