Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Frivolous Foray

by Christine Wells

I've had a bad week. I've been in the doldrums, a state which not even the ministrations of that magical man with the hands, Sven the Swedish Masseur has been able to alleviate. (Although, I might try his infamous cocktails with the rude names once I've finished this blog.*g*)

Anyway, to cheer myself up today with your help, I thought I'd indulge in some virtual shopaholicism (no time for the real thing, so virtual it must be).

Now, I was going to make a list of items in shops I'd like to buy but that was taking frivolity a little too far and it would probably be a little dull, also. I mean, who doesn't want a Prada handbag or a pair of Manolos, right? So I decided to stick with things that other people own.

I've made a list of 5 THINGS I COVET.

1. Of all the things in the world, I covet most the Stewart family seal, which is now in the possession of one of my cousins. My maternal grandmother's family were Scottish Stewarts and this exquisite piece of jewelry has been passed down and crossed oceans to Australia. I've only laid eyes on the seal once, and immediately, burningly wanted to have it. It is gold and has a crystal inset with an intaglio of a unicorn. Anyone who knows me understands my love for antiques and this one is even more special because a seal is one of those objects every Regency gentleman had dangling from his waistcoat. I WANT. But, sadly, I will only ever admire from afar.

2. Georgette Heyer's research notes. Anyone who has read Heyer's excellent Regency romances and knows a little about the writer herself will understand why I would love to get my hands on this treasure trove of meticulously detailed research.

3. Candice Hern's Regency antique collections. Have a look at Candice's website and you'll see the exquisite pieces she has collected. Candice was kind enough to bring some of her collection to San Francisco last year for us all to drool over. She was lucky to escape the Beau Monde conference without getting mugged--ever so politely, as we Regency enthusiasts are wont to be!

4. Audrey Hepburn's costume wardrobe. Givenchy used to design those wonderfully elegant creations for my favourite actress of all time. It's amazing how most of these garments have not dated at all. That classic elegance just slays me every time.

5. Audrey Hepburn's figure. So I could fit into her costume wardrobe, of course!

Over to you. What do you do when you need cheering up?

What 5 things do you covet? I've raided my prize cupboard for some goodies and will send a few coveted bits and pieces to one random commenter.


PJ said...


Christine Wells said...

oui, c'est toi, PJ!! Quick off the mark today!

PJ said...

Sometimes there are added benefits to getting up early to start the laundry. :) I wonder how the GR looks in coral? That's the color he'll be wearing this afternoon when we do our hospital volunteering. I wonder if he's ever aspired to being a therapy bird?

Christine Wells said...

Hmm, hospital volunteering? Just watch the GR doesn't chat up all the cute nurses, PJ. Keep that bird-brain on the job!

PJ said...

I'm sorry you've had the blahs, Christine. That's not a fun place to be. Sending sunny smiles and warm hugs your way.

What do I covet? Really, only two things come to mind. First would be really good camera equipment. Anytime I encounter someone with the latest photo gadgets and high quality lenses I almost salivate with envy. The second item would be the money to travel the world using that wonderful equipment to capture the beauty of our planet.

This next item would be a "nice to have" but I don't covet it and, really, if I did have it I have no idea what I'd do with it. It's my birthstone and absolutely gorgeous but much too big to wear, at least much bigger than anything I'd wear.
So I'll content myself by admiring it whenever I visit DC. You can keep the Hope Diamond. I'll take the Logan Sapphire.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Good Morning and congrats on the bird PJ.
Usually when I need cheering up I read or go fishing if the weather permits. I am not what could be described as your basic outdoor person but I do feel better if I can get out of the house.
5 things I covet, uhhh well I don't know if there are 5 but we will see.
1. My friend Barbara's house, but in my location.

2. Somebody else's body, one that has some energy and stamina and fits into a way smaller size. It doesn't have to be stunning, just in proportion.

3. I would like a library, again, it doesn't have to be stupendous, just a room devoted to my books with a comfy chair, a side table and a good lamp.

4. Enough property that I could have room to be private, where I live you can see in the neighbor's houses whether you want to or not.

5. A job that would allow me more time with my son, something where I could work from home maybe?

Christine Wells said...

Hi PJ! Thanks for the hugs! I love the sound of capturing all the beauty of the planet. That is a very worthwhile ambition.

You're lucky to have the sapphire as a birthstone. Mine is the opal and I've never liked it quite as much. I couldn't get the link to work, but I googled the Logan sapphire and I totally agree, that is an object of envy!

Christine Wells said...

Dianna I think your list sounds great! Oh, a library should have been on my list, too! I have always coveted libraries and almost bought a house simply because it had a library. Why not think big? It might be one of those two-storey jobs with a winding staircase to the gallery on the second floor. Bliss!

Joan said...

Well I didn't get up to do laundry like PJ ...gotta go to a WORK meeting....but congrats on the GR!

Hmmm...doldrums. Yup, got them too especially since they are predicting power outting high winds and severe weather for KY today...are those locusts I see on the window?

Shopping wise:

1. The winning Powerball ticket
2. The fantastic vacations and Bandita retreat in the Carribean (sp?) I'd have built
3. A spacious well decorated house in a wooded spot with a comfortable office from which to write
4. A figure that would fit in Audrey Hepburn's clothes...that I would borrow from Christine
5. Last but most certainly not least....a multi book contract with the publisher of my dreams and sold movie rights with the stipulation that I am allowed to audtion the actors playing my Roman boys...."No I don't like THAT tunic so much. Try it without the tunic: :-).

PJ said...

Ooh, libraries. Okay, so there is something I covet - Christina Dodd's office and library. It's a thing of beauty, complete with a gorgeous nest and incredible views on top. Some serious library envy going on here.

Deb Marlowe said...

Way to go, PJ! Make sure our bird uses universal precautions!

So sorry to hear you are feeling blue, Christine! Are you in the middle of the book slump?

I love the virtual retail therapy idea. So funny--as I was reading Number 4, I thought, 'Yeah, but I'd need her body!' And there was Number 5!

The thing I covet most can't be bought either--more hours in the day! That alone would take care of a lot of other items on my wish list!

Christine Wells said...

LOL, Joanie, love your list! Especially the part about auditioning your Romans. Of course, we WILL have our bandita retreat one day, never fear.

Christine Wells said...

Oh, yes, PJ. That is a gorgeous library. I love Christina's lament that she can't fill her shelves!

Christine Wells said...

Deb! Hello, sister mine:) Just thinking about your smiling face cheers me up! Thanks for dropping in.

Oh, yes, more hours of the day would be a luxury, wouldn't it? When did life become so busy? I think we all need to give ourselves a break sometimes.

Margay said...

I could say a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (from which I suffer) but in the spirit of frivolity, this is my list:

1. A Kindle - Hey, a reading junky like me deserves a high-tech toy, right?

2. A replica of the Black Pearl - what can I say but that I have some interesting pirate-based fantasies.

3. An actual library room to store all of the books on my tbr pile.

4. A Prius - cute and good for the environment. Enough said.

5. A house with at least five acres of land so I can fill it with all of the pets nobody else wants rather than allow them to be abandoned (damn you, Sarah McLaughlin for tugging at my heartstrings every time your commercial airs!).


terrio said...

Sorry to hear you've had a bad week, Christine. Retail therapy is always a good idea. I'm sure covetous therapy will work just as well. (Though I'd keep Sven as a back up plan.)

The only tangible thing I covet is a home of my own. And I don't have a specific one in mind. It's one of those "I'll know it when I walk into it" things. Goal is to have one by 2012.

The thing I really want is to travel. I want to see all those places that were talked about yesterday. And more! The natural wonders, the man-made wonders, the people and the history. I want to experience it all.

Congrats on the GR, PJ. I'd love to see him in a candy striper outfit. LOL!

Louisa Cornell said...

Keep that bad boy on a leash, PJ ! There are way too many cars available at a hospital. The GR LOVES to drive!

Wish I could send my canine clown crew over, Christine! Frodo, Adelaide, Sassafras and Vito would have you laughing in less than five minutes.

Five things I covet ?

1) Chatsworth. And never mind moving it here. I would move there if I could live in that house and bring all my books to add to the library.

2) One hundred acres or so fitted with state of the art kennels and play yards, cat houses (not that kind!) and screened in play areas, pastures and stables for as many unwanted pets as my staff could take care of and love!

3) A red Astin Martin. My voice teacher had one. She was in her 60's and got speeding tickets all the time!

4) My own plane so I could jet off to visit the Banditas, buddies and all the places I want to see before I kick it! (the bucket, that is!)

5) Kate Winslett's body and wardrobe. That woman has class, talent and great taste in evening gowns.

Gannon Carr said...

WTG, PJ! I hope the GR is a good volunteer at the hospital today. :)

Oh, I completely covet Christina's library! My dream library for sure.

Here, here on the winning Powerball lottery ticket, Joan! With those winnings, I would buy a lovely home in Monterey, CA. We lived there years ago and it's still my favorite place!

I'll take Jennifer Anniston's figure and wardrobe. :)

Barbara Monajem said...

My wish list:

1) Patience.
2) A house elf. I promise to keep him in kindness and clothing. All he has to do is keep me organized, throw away all the stuff I don't need, and help with the housework. Just help.
3) More patience. I have such a dearth of patience that there will never be enough.
4) A beam-me-up-Scotty device, except that I want to go sideways to western Canada where my sisters are. I miss them.
5) A ride with Doctor Who. Wheee!

flchen1 said...

Hi, Christine, we all need moments of frivolity! I covet:
- a full-time housekeeper
- a house large enough to house this housekeeper AND
- a spacious library for my existing TBR and the books I still want to acquire

I figure that's plenty for a start ;)

Congrats on the GR, PJ! Keep an eye on that bird, for sure!

Kirsten said...

Christine, I am rushing off to work but I wanted to give you a ((HUG)) to get you out of the doldrums, and two things I covet:

1) the cover on Scandal's Daughter

2) a horse farm in Charlottesville, Virginia that I used to drive past when I was visiting my sister (she went to school at UVA). Gorgeous thoroughbreds, white fences, and rolling hills. Incredible.

Honestly, I can't think of any others right now! I'm pretty darn content, I guess! :-)

Keira Soleore said...

Squawk! PJ has the chook. The lucky fellow's going to be eating those absolutely delicious chocolates of PJ's. And for a taste of that chocolate? I'm sure he's wear any color you ask him to, even coral and do hospital duty. Let him do the heavy lifting, I say.

Christine, I'm borrowing your #2 - #5. For #1, I'm coveting a two-book publishing contract.

Keira Soleore said...

And a bone-chrushing hug and an early-splitting smooch for Christine. The blues are never fun to have. Chin up, my fried. E-mail if you want to nosh more.

I also covet two more things: Christine's red purse from last year's RWA and Vane.

Vicki said...

Ooh interesting post. One thing I would love to have is a castle. Yep, the whole thing and I want it in Ireland. Of course the staff to take care of said castle would be part of the deal too. Then there is the handsome Duke who would shower me with much attention (to detail of course)when and where I wanted him too. Just saying...

Gannon Carr said...

I hope you're feeling perkier soon, Christine! Hugs from me!

I would love a lovely cottage in Ireland and a chartered jet to fly me there!

Minna said...

Let's see... I covet:
more space for my books and CDs
my cousins' summer cottage by the lake
all those DVDs I like so that I wouldn't always have to borrow them from the library
ticket to Canada -I'd like to see my Canadian cousins again
winning the lottery

Kenny Everett suggests a Sherman tank

jo robertson said...

Congrats, PJ! I think the GR will benefit from some charity work, don't you? And isn't coral the new black anyway?

Great topic, Christine! Oy vey, I covet so many things. I'm really not very good at keeping that commandment.

Mainly, I want Jennifer Aniston's hair. 'Nuff said. It's gorgeous.

Janga said...

(((Hugs))), Christine. I hope love and laughter defeat those beastly blues right away.

I admit Christina Dodd's library fills me with covetousness too, as does a certain chair she owns--and her writing pace.

A three-book contract sounds tempting. I'll even forgo the movie contract, as long as all three books make the NYT list.

I'm with Joan. That winning Powerball ticket would satisfy most of my wants nicely. Maybe we could win a week apart, Joan. That would give it time to rebuild. I'm sure that with my Powerball winnings I could hire a chef and personal trainer who would soon have me fit and ready for whatever I wanted to wear and a housekeeper to free me to write and a secretary to type my longhand mss and . . .

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL on the therapy bird, PJ (grin) and thanks for the link to Christina Dodd's library. I wasn't actually coventous before - just the thought of a library was nice, but surreal - however to see someone actually have one...I'm now extremely envious. Loved the cute picture of her dog at the keyboard. AND I'm covetous of the RITA statue sitting on her desk! Some day...some day...

Christine - big hugs for you. I figure those doldrum weeks are either the result of hormones (you know - the monthly kind), or a signal that something big is about to break for you - the darkest before the dawn sort of thing. I know - it's the doldrums generated by that glorious cover becoming replaced by your new release. Not to worry dear - that one is a beauty as well.

Other things I covet - a cook. A really good cook who can make nutritious meals taste sinful.

Time and money to travel and see all the things that I just know would inspire book ideas.

A house(with a library) near the ocean in a temperate zone. I want to be close enough to hear the waves crash on the shore.

My birthstone is an Opal as well, Christine. Do you see that fire within that flashes blue and pink within the stone - that's your spirit, girl. Time for you to shine.

limecello said...

Congrats on the GR, PJ! Have fun with him :)

Christine - what a post! I felt the exact same way yesterday. (Hoping today goes better.) I pout, then I blog hop, read, veg in front of the tv... don't work out :X (that's bad) and... eat. I braved a food allergy yesterday (walnuts) to eat chocolate cake, b/c yes yesterday was *that bad.* (Also my allergies aren't fatal, so I wasn't being too stupid about it.)

But right now, I COVET a digital reader. Amazon may have seduced me with all the extras on their Kindle 2. I've been leaning towards a Sony all year...

Virginia said...

Congrats PJ on getting the rooster!!

Let me see what I want.

To have all the money that I would ever need to live on the rest of my life.

To have a larger house out in the country with a room just for me for my sewing machine and my books.

I would like to be thinner and younger. I have never been then and have alway wanted to have a nice body.

To travel to Ireland and Scotland.

To be able to send my son through college without him having to take out loans. If I had my first wish then the rest would fall right into place and I could live happy ever after!

Beth said...

So sorry to hear you're in the doldrums, Christine. Hugs!!

There are many things I covet *g* usually items I see in magazines such as gorgeous clothes, shoes/boots and jewelry.

Other than that, I covet a new kitchen - maybe like Paula Deen's?

Oh, and I'd also love twice weekly sessions with a personal trainer

peggy said...

The things i covet.
All my bills paid off.
A large house
more energy.
to hit the lottery

Cheri2628 said...

Things I covet...
1. a thinner, toner body
2. hair that doesn't go freezy and curly in humidity
3. more cabinet and counter space in my kitchen
4. a nicer car
5. a beautifully landscaped yard

But I really shouldn't complain because I have much to be grateful for.

Junior G. said...

great blog!


catslady said...

Only 5 lol.

1. Anyone who can just throw things out without agonzing over it.
2. Tiger Wood's house (he wouldn't have to leave either!)
3.Eckert Tolle's sense of peace.
4. Any one of those heroes you guys write about.
5. I Dream of Jeannie's talents for crossing her arms and nodding her head and making wishes come true!

Treethyme said...

I would love a house with built-in bookcases everywhere, and a real office where I can shut the door (the living room has been my office ever since we moved into this house, and now the dining room is my husband's office).

Since I hate to throw out old correspondence, I'd need a separate room (NOT in the basement - ugh!) to store all those papers.

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, PJ.

I covet a lot of things.
1. George Clooney's Lake Como villa
2. James Bond's Aston Martin
3. Gisele Bundchen's body
4. The Vatican's art collection
5. Queen Elizabeth's jewel collection

Susan Sey said...

Congrats on the GR, PJ! Hope he behaves for you on your volunteer shift!

And ooooh, madame, what a great topic today! There are any number of things I covet.

I deeply desire my fabulous CP Kirsten's ability to craft these gorgeous, succinct sentences that say *everything* in, like, ten words.

I envy SEP's talent for witty dialogue in my very bones.

I lust after Jenny Crusie's ability to make anger funny.

I want to write men like Suzanne Brockman.

In more general terms, I wish I had perfect vision, curly hair, long legs & the ability to write short.

Barring that, I just hope I can write another half-decent book that doesn't make my agent cry & my editor drop me like a hot potato. :-)

Christine Wells said...

Oh, Margay, I wish your dream for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis would come true. Your other wishes show a caring heart. How lovely to want to shelter all those animals. I think we all want a library! Did you have a look at the one PJ posted?

Nancy said...

PJ, congratulations! I hope the GR behaved himself at the hospital.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Terrio! Yes, Sven is always a good back-up plan.LOL

That's an interesting juxtaposition--the longing for a home coupled with wanderlust. I'd love to travel more, too. Maybe when the boys are older. I hope you find your dream house. I know that feeling of just walking in and knowing. I felt like that about my house, too. Best of luck with that!

PJ said...

We're home from the hospital. There was a lot of grumbling about putting on the "cluckety, cluck, cluck pink shirt" but I patiently explained to the GR that it was coral, not pink, or it could possibly be called salmon. That set him off again with more grumbling - something about "not bad enough she puts me in pink but now she expects me to wear a pink fish!" He finally calmed down when I explained very firmly that unless he put on the shirt he wasn't getting a single one of the chocolate chip cookies that I made this morning. That seemed to do the trick. :)

He did get a little nervous when we pulled into the Vet's office on our way to the hospital but was okay once he found out we were just delivering Valentines cookies. He strutted and preened and acted like a regular cock 'o the walk when the ladies in the office fussed over him.

There's a good chance he may be invited back to the hospital. He turned out to be a pretty good navigator and was the most popular escort on duty today. He did seem to take an awfully long time coming back from guiding two lovely older ladies to the cafeteria though. I'm thinking he decided to join them for lunch.

Christine Wells said...

Louisa, wow, you really go for broke with your wishes, don't you?LOL Chatsworth! I'll add that to my list, although I quite liked Woburn, too. It already has its own zoo!

Woohoo, I love the idea of a private plane so we can all get to see you more often! I knew you wouldn't forget the animals and I can just see you in an Astin Martin, with Kate W's body and wardrobe, of course! I agree, she has a lovely sense of style. I modeled Gemma in Scandal's Daughter on Kate. I just love her peaches and cream colouring with those lovely blue eyes.

Nancy said...

Christine, I usually eat chocolate, not the healthiest way to recoup, when I'm in the dumps. Or I buy books 'cause we just don't have anywhere near enough books in the house.

Not! *g*

But I do buy them.

What would I take as a pick-me-up?

A clicker for my car. The dh has one, his vehicle being slightly newer, and I covet it.

Feet that could buy shoes anywhere. My narrow feet are very difficult to fit. I always envy people's gorgeous shoes.

Toned arms--still working on that one!

A good singing voice. I'm cursed with a good ear and an unreliable voice. Doesn't have to be in Louisa's league, just able to carry a tune!

An extra bedroom on our house so the overflow books would have somewhere to go.

And, #6, a mint condition copy of Action Comics # 1, the debut of Superman, which I would never sell and always treasure. The boy can sell it after we die.

Nancy said...

Vicki, I would also love to have a castle. If I could have the staff to keep it up and elegant grounds and the money to not open it for tours.

I think Anne McCaffrey has a castle. In Ireland. Or used to.

Nancy said...

Barbara Monajem--The transporter sounds great. I'd like to be beamed from place to place. It would certainly avoid the lost luggage issue!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Gannon! Ah, yes, Jennifer Aniston--remember when EVERYONE wanted her hair? Good choice! Christina's library is to die for, isn't it? Makes the one bookcase and many boxes of books I own look sadly shabby:)

Helen said...

Well done PJ he will be just the thing to cheer up the patients at the hospital today.

I am sorry you are feeling down there is nothing worse I hope you feel better very soon.This is going to be a fun post What I really want.

1. To retire so as I can spend more time with the family and have more time to read
2. I need to win lotto so as I can retire it would be nice if I could live on love alone but alas I need money
3. I would also love a library to house my books and be compfy in there nice lounge and chair
4. To be able to travel and meet some of the wonderful people I have met on the net
5. I really want a gold golf bangle I am dropping hints to the family
6. Sorry I am going to add one more to be fit so as I can keep up with the grandkids.

Have Fun

Lois said...

Oh boy, 5 things I covet. . . well. . .

1 - chocolate
2 - books and more books
3 - my computer
4 - sleep!
5 - chocolate, in case I didn't mention that. :)

well, that's the best I can do without that number 4 one. . . LOL :)


Christine Wells said...

Barbara, I love your list! A house elf would be wonderful, especially one who will watch my children while I write! Patience--I could use some of that, too! It's certainly a required virtue in my line of work!

The time travel--well, what historical writer would pass up that opportunity? And being so far from Everything in Australia, I can certainly identify with the beam me up wish! Great!

Christine Wells said...

Fedora, there are many economies I would make to have a full-time housekeeper. I mean, food--do we really need that? Clothes? Nah. But I do have a cleaner who comes once a week and she is worth her weight in gold! Maybe what I really need is a chef...

Christine Wells said...

Ohh, Kirsten, thanks so much for coveting my cover! It is pretty, isn't it? The horse farm sounds amazing and I'm so glad to hear you are content. There are very few people who say that, these days.

And thanks for the hug. Love ya!

Christine Wells said...

Keira, thanks so much for the hugs and kiss! My ears are ringing, but in a good way:) You all are really cheering me up, I can tell you!

As to your wish about the contract--that I look forward to with no doubt it will happen, just a question of when.

And Vane, ahhhh, Vane... Hands off! He's MINE! Or rather, he's Sarah's, I'm afraid. He's another thing I covet, but don't tell my husband! The purse...well, if I'm to have Audrey's wardrobe, I guess I can let you have the purse. Big hugs and kisses back atcha, K!

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Vicki, looks like you have just stepped into one of my novels! Don't forget to ask for the money needed to keep up a castle, will you? Hmm, I think I could get used to living in your fantasy. Thanks for commenting!

Christine Wells said...

Gannon, you will have Joanie wanting to come live with you. I'm sure she'd jump at the chance of a cottage in Ireland. But why stop there? I'm sure there are a few lovely estates in Ireland you could keep as your home away from home!

Can I borrow the jet?

Christine Wells said...

Wow, great list, Minna! A house by the lake sounds dreamy. Oh, and Kenny Everett--what a blast from the past!LOL I remember watching his show in the early 80s. Great stuff!

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Jo! Yes, covetousness is a dreadful thing, isn't it? There are actually very few things I really want with that fire in my belly, but I think that list just about covers it! Jennifer A's hair is a thing of beauty isn't it? I wonder if it's insured??

Christine Wells said...

Ah, Janga, I know your contract is on its way, but it's hard to wait, isn't it? LOL on the NYT bestsellerdom--I probably should have that on my list, too! How much is powerball over there? I really don't know what I'd do with all that money. I think it would really freak me out and I'd have to give most of it away.

Christine Wells said...

Ohh, Donna, you make me want to cry--in a good way! Thanks so much for the pep talk. Now I want to add an opal to my wish list!

A really good cook who can make nutritious meals taste sinful.

Oh, yes, wouldn't that be fantastic? There are a few meal delivery services around but their meals look the same as frozen dinners to me. I'd love to have someone like Oprah's chef, who works out all the calories etc for me. The house with the library beside the sea sounds perfect!

Christine Wells said...

Big HUGS to you, Limecello! Yes, I eat when I'm depressed. It's a terrible cycle to get into, isn't it? Feeling so much better today, especially since you all have come along to my pity party to cheer me up! I hope today/tomorrow is better for you, too.

I'm thinking of Kindle, too, because it would be so great to read all the latest releases right now, instead of waiting for them to be shipped to Australia. But of course, they're not selling them o/s yet. Sony or Kindle--it's like the old VHS Beta war when video players came out isn't it? A lot of people are waiting to see which way the wind blows. Hope you get yours soon!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Virginia, isn't it awful the way young people are burdened with loans before they even start to earn? They say money can't buy happiness but it certainly makes being miserable easier to deal with:) Who said that? Did someone say that or was it just me?

Christine Wells said...

Beth, I had a free session with a personal trainer once and it nearly killed me. I couldn't even lift my arms to type for over a week. I admire you for having that as a wish!

THanks so much for the hugs. I feel a lot better today!

Christine Wells said...

Peggy, I'm with you on the more energy thing! That and more hours in the day would be a really great thing!

Christine Wells said...

Cheri, I have a lot to be grateful for, too, don't get me wrong! And there are many, many people worse off than I am. But we're being frivolous today, so we're allowed to be selfish and shallow and materialistic! Let's have fun!

Christine Wells said...

Catslady, I'm ROTFL about Tiger Woods not having to leave! I will now have to hit google and look at that house!

Oh, and you've done the old 'I wish I could have a thousand wishes' trick, good thinking! I'm glad you picked Jeannie and not Sam out of Bewitched. I always thought the limitations Derwood placed on Sam were totally unfair!

Christine Wells said...

Wow, Jane, you really do think big, don't you? Why have Audrey's body when you can have Giselle's? I hope you'd use your power for niceness and not evil:)

Christine Wells said...

Susan, I heartily concur with all your ambitions! Can't wait to read your book and I'm sure the next one will wow your agent and editor, too.

Christine Wells said...

LOL on the account of the rooster's visit today, PJ! Gold and salmon might not be the best colour combination but I'm glad you managed to get the rooster to 'take one for the team'. Sounds like he showed the ladies a good time!

Christine Wells said...

Nancy, I'm a bit like you, I know I'm not singing well. Wouldn't it be better to remain in blissful ignorance?LOL Chocolate, ah, yes. Chocolate really does help, although not the waistline, unfortunately! Not that you have to worry!

Love the deep-seated desire for a Superman comic. You're so adorable!

Christine Wells said...

Snork! Nancy, I love that comment about the beamer avoiding the lost luggage problem. I hadn't thought of that!

Christine Wells said...

Helen, great list! I hope your family reads this so they know how much you care for them--and that you want that bangle. *g* And yes, I'd love to be fitter, too. I'm working on it!

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Lois! Sorry to hear you're sleep-deprived. I can identify with that. The desire for chocolate never truly goes away, does it? I think it's something to do with our chromosomes:)

PinkPeony said...

Hi everyone...

1. Grace Kelly's Mark Cross overnight bag from Rear Window. The one she pulls her peignoir and marabou mules out of in James Stewart's apartment.

2. A Jura espresso/cappuccino machine.

3. A the one Hepburn and Peck rode in Roman Holiday.

4. The ability to wear linen in the summer without looking like a wrung out washcloth.

5. A butler's pantry with an extra dishwasher and room to store the big platters and serveware.

Christine Wells said...

Hi PinkPeony! Ooh, that list sounds great. I'll have to have a closer look at Kelly's accessories next time I watch Rear Window. I am very partial to handbags. I know the Vespa and loved the movie, too! I laughed about the linen--I complained once that it crushes so easily and a friend of my mother's said, yes, but darling, it crushes so beautifully So maybe you can keep that in mind next time you feel like you're looking wrinkled!

PinkPeony said... the spirit of "covetness" (sp?) both Furla and Cole-Haan are having some great handbag sales on their websites right now... ;)

Christine Wells said...

PP, you are evil! Don't tempt me...

Karin said...

There have been some really great lists today. PJ, my birthstone is sapphire as well. One of my most prized possessions is the tiny sapphire ring my parents got me for Christmas when I was 10.

As for my list, here goes:

1. An ereader so I don't have to worry about not having enough to read when I travel.

2. A library so I'd have somewhere other than under my bed to put all my book.

3. Enough time and money so I can tour the States and see all the sights I haven't gotten a chance to see yet.

4. Audrey Hepburn's grace.

5. My brother's fearlessness.

Pat Cochran said...

First of all, my condolences to all
of the Australian Banditas and
Buddies on the fire deaths and
damages of recent days!

The thing I would want most all is
a "substantial" lottery win which
would fund all my other interests.
High on that list would be funds
for education for my grandchildren.

Pat Cochran

Christine Wells said...

Hi Karin! What a lucky girl, getting a sapphire when you were 10! My parents gave me a sapphire ring when I was 21. I still have it, though it's a bit small for me to wear now.

Isn't that terrible when you're traveling and you run out of books? When I was in New Zealand, I ended up persuading a few people to swap books with me. Can't bear to be without a book to read.

Wow, grace and fealessness would be an awesome combination! Sounds like a romance heroine!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Pat, thanks so much for your thoughts. Anna and I are a long way from the bushfires but it is a terrible thing and I so admire all the Australians who are showing so much courage in the face of devastation. Puts our petty troubles into perspective, doesn't it?

OK, looks like we need a Bandita syndicate in the next Powerball! We could all be millionaires together!

Suzanne Welsh said...

cool post, Christine...

Five things I covet, hmmm?

1. Gerard Butler....uh, do INEED to elaborate?

2. This lovely beach house we once stayed at on the OuterBanks, sans hurricaine weather. Would love to be able to go there every summer and take family or friends.

3. A month's trip to Scotland and England. That's my utlimate vacation!

4. Uhm, Beyonce's body. Sorry ladies as lovely as Audrey Hepburn is, I'm a woman who wants men to lust after spades!!

5. Sherrilyn Kenyon's imagination and writing skills. LOVE her characters!!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, wow, Suz! With Beyonce's body, I don't think you'd need to work too hard to get your first wish! Actually, that's a nicely rounded list--just like Beyonce. Snork! said...

the full blooded native americans

2 the ablilty to eat reeses and LOSE weight
(guess that not very covet since i doubt it works)


4 about any of the cars from the supernatural show
older models with lots of power

5 ppl who had nannys for their kids

Cassondra said...

Oh, Christine, down in the dumps?

That's so unusual. You're usually the one cheering up the rest of us! So sorry you're feeling blue. I love your five things to covet.

I'd have to think on mine to come up with something really good, but lessee.

1) I'd have to win a really big lottery, and be the only winner, to pay for the other four.

2) The house finished.

3) The yard done.

4) Lots of extra to give to causes I like to support.

5) More free time for fun--reading, traveling, day trips, horseback rides, marshmallow toasting, walking in the woods, howling with the dogs, get the idea.

Hmmm. I could go on. Lots of things around to covet but I don't much care about "stuff" as making things around me beautiful and having the time to enjoy them.

Christine Wells said...

Hi BlackRoze! Know what you mean about Reese's--the girls on the Eloisa James/Julia Quinn bulletin board introduced me to Peanut Butter Cups and I must say, if they'd make me lose weight, I would probably live on them!

Part of me envies people with nannies but then I want to spend time with my children as well, so it's hard to decide which way is better. I know which way would help me get more writing done, though!

thanks for commenting!

Christine Wells said...

Cassondra said: I don't much care about "stuff" as making things around me beautiful and having the time to enjoy them

Well said, C! Sadly, making things around me beautiful is just about last on my list these days. I wish it wasn't because having some flowers on the table and everything neat, clean and sparkly really improves my mood.

Hope that house and yard get finished--or are these the types of projects that remain moving feasts? Some people like to have a continuing project. I suspect you're like that.

Hey, thanks for the commiserations! I kept sitting staring at the blank blog page and my attempts to be cheery fell flat so I thought I'd just be honest. I have to say, reading everyone's great answers, it worked! Thanks for coming to my pity party:)