Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Captivating Launch!

by Anna Campbell



What? You didn't know?

Today is the day CAPTIVE OF SIN is released.

Hmm, that sentence looks rather odd. Now he's released, can he still be a captive?

Aaaaarrrggghhh! It's all too much to think about!

When we've got a...WEDDING to plan!

More about that to come. Hmm, I must be excited. I seem to be restricted to one-sentence paragraphs! Always a sign of rising agitation in a writer.

First, here's the blurb for CAPTIVE OF SIN:

He pledged his honor to keep her safe . . .

Returning home to Cornwall after unspeakable tragedy, Sir Gideon Trevithick comes upon a defiant beauty in danger, and vows to protect her whatever the cost. He’s dismayed to discover that she’s none other than Lady Charis Weston, England’s wealthiest heiress—and that the only way to save her from the violent stepbrothers determined to steal her fortune is to wed her himself! Now Gideon must hide the dark secrets of his life from the bride he desires more with every heartbeat.
She promised to show him how to love—and desire--again . . .

Charis has heard all about Gideon, the dangerously handsome hero with the mysterious past. She’s grateful for his help, but utterly unwilling to endure a marriage of convenience—especially to a man whose touch leaves her breathless. Desperate to drive him mad with passion, she would do anything to make Gideon lose control—and fall captive to irresistible, undeniable sin.

Here's a link to an excerpt:


There's already been a couple of great reviews. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY said: "Luscious love scenes. Readers will cheer for these lovable and well-crafted characters." ROMANTIC TIMES gave CAPTIVE OF SIN a Top Pick and a 4.5 star rating. They also gave Gideon a K.I.S.S. (Knight in Shining Silver) Award. Their wonderful review included these lovely words: "Campbell holds readers captive with her highly intense, emotional, sizzling and dark romances... a romantic, deep-sigh tale."

So I thought, how best to celebrate this momentous occasion in Gideon and Charis's (not to mention Anna Campbell's) life.

As you'll gather, this is my first marriage of convenience story. I suspect it won't be my last. That's just such a fun theme to play with.

Gideon and Charis elope to Jersey in the Channel Isles where she's legally able to marry without the permission of her guardians even though she's under 21. Prior to the Marriage Act of 1822, the Channel Islands operated as a de facto Gretna Green for people in the south of England. You could marry there without the restrictions that applied on the mainland.
Actually this part of the research was really fun - although quite hard to do. In the end, I had to write to a library in Jersey and get them to help me with details like where the marriages took place and whether there was a residency requirement before the ceremony. The answer was that the marriages, like Charis's and Gideon's, usually took place in the inns and hotels that did a roaring business out of the runaway couples and you could make your vows the moment you set foot on the island. So eternal thanks to the Library of the Société Jersiaise in St. Helier.

Speaking of things that are fun, I had a great time finding pictures for this blog. If you google, weddings, you get the most amazing selection of drool-worthy images.

I've now decided I want to get married in Barbados.

Um, or Costa Rica.

Or Fiji.

Or why not go for a classic like a castle in the Scottish Highlands? That picture really did make my heart beat faster with excitement. Although I supsect the weather in Barbados, Costa Rica and Fiji might be a bit more reliable!

Anyway, back to Gideon and Charis. After all, this is their day!

Of course, this brief ceremony in an inn parlor isn't any girl's dream wedding. Charis is wearing shabby borrowed clothing and she knows her groom doesn't love her.

Hmm, could she be wrong, my friends?

Nonetheless, I feel Charis and Gideon deserve something a little more spectacular. So I've lined up the cabana boys. Sven has given up massaging and has promised to be an usher. The Banditas will make wonderful bridesmaids. We have tubs of margaritas out the back ready to go. I feel perhaps I should step in as mother of the bride!

All is set for a fairytale wedding.

Um, except where? How? What fabulous celebration shall we throw to celebrate the joining of Lady Charis Weston and the very gorgeous Sir Gideon Trevithick, national hero and baronet?

Well, Banditas and Buddies, that's up to you!

Tell me about the wedding you'd put together for Charis and Gideon. My favorite three answers win signed copies of CAPTIVE OF SIN! Good luck, my wonderful wedding planners! May the best cake win!


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limecello said...


flchen1 said...

Ooh, nice grab, Limecello!! How's the GR with wedding planning?

Congrats and happy release day, Anna!!!

~Drew said...

Anna!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

First off, that cover. Wow. Paul Marron is to die for. And congrats on the reviews!! Woot!

Since Gideon is from Cornwall, I say go all out, and get married on the beach, crashing waves on the rocks in the background, an intimate affair with just them, witnesses and a shivering vicar to perform the nuptials. (It can be cold in Cornwall!) A wedding breakfast of Cornish pasties and pilchards washed down with port.

Then, the two of them, on a sailboat, taking a honeymoon trip up and down the Cornish coast.
They never come up on deck. For days.
Pass me a drink!

Pat Cochran said...

Congratulations to you, Miss Anna,
on this release day. Enjoy, enjoy,
enjoy! I totally agree with the
comments about the cover, that is
a most handsome young gentleman!
As to the wedding, I'm going to
think on that particular occasion.
For now, it is past my bedtime! I
will see you later today!

Pat Cochran

Anna said...

Since I won an ARC, I'm out of this contest. I just wanted to say very, very happy release day! This is an amazing book. I'm hungry for the next you'll release, but patient because I know good things will come of taking the time to do the job right. :)

Congratulations, Anna!

Anna G. in D.C. :)

PinkPeony said...

Many congrats, Anna! My copy arrives tomorrow and I'm trying to finish this assignment tonight so I'll be able to devour it without any distractions!

Elyssa Papa said...

First of all . . . HAPPY RELEASE DAY, ANNA!!!!

I'm so excited that CAPTIVE OF SIN comes out today. I know the book will be fabulous and make me cry. (And that's a very good thing.)

I love marriage of convenience stories. There's just something so romantic about them, even though my modern sensibilities would balk if someone tried to marry me off to someone I didn't know. Unless, of course, that someone was Richard Armitage. ;-)

For Charis and Gideon since they got married in such circumstances, I'd have a renewal ceremony with all the bells and whistles. Champagne would flow, there'd be chocolate bon bons to spare, and of course, Charis needs a beautiful wedding gown. Perhaps something like Ivanka Trump wore or this (even though I suspect that dress would not not be allowed in 1820s). But I think they'd need to have something lavish yet very exclusive.

But the most important part about a wedding is the honeymoon. For that, Gideon and Charis need to go to some nice secluded beach with white sands and blue, blue seas.

Oh, don't enter me into the drawing as my copy of COS will be arriving today, and I might sneak away from revisions to read it. But, shhhh, don't tell anyone. ;)

PinkPeony said...

A setting for Charis' and Gideon's wedding...hmm...
I'm envisioning a huge estate on a clear summer day somewhere along the south coast of England. A perfectly laid table for a wedding breakfast in the dining hall and then an outdoor reception under big white tents hung with boughs of flowers and greenery. Waiters will circulate trays of bubbly and canapes. There will be one tent for dining and dancing, one for the ladies to repair and recline and one for the gentlemen to hide from the women so they can quaff brandy and smoke cigars. Favors (they didn't have wedding favors back then, did they?) would be dark chocolates shaped in the silhouettes of the bride and groom. And there must be large, albeit well-behaved wolfhounds in attendance sporting floral wreaths around their necks and a tame dancing bear who is partial to sweets. If you're going to be mum of the bride, no turbans or feathers, okay? Grins, Jen

limecello said...

Congratulations, Anna! Happy release day!:D Fabulous post.

As for location... well my mind automatically defaults to the Mediterranean, Monte Carlo, Italy, etc.

:X I know nothing of... the more western areas. So since I get to make it up... Monte Carlo. The whole lavish, rich, opulent, delightful she-bang. [Hey, we can't be classy *constantly* right?]

Champagne, prosecco, kava... the Blooming Hibiscus Cocktail I've mentioned before should be the drink of choice... I can't even get into food. Gorgeous cake of course - flower arrangements, indoor and outdoor receptions...
Hey - in my imagination, there is no cost. :D

Keira Soleore said...

YEAH!!!! Nine more hours, then I'll have it in my hands!

Happy release day, dearest Fo.

Keira Soleore said...

I don't have anything clever to contribute about the blog because I went la-la-la as I skipped over it trying to see if there was anything that was not about the story. I'm going for a completely virgin (oxymoronic?) experience. I know the title and have seen the cover. But no blurbs, excerpts, reviews, back cover copy, what-have-you. I don't even know the names of the protagonists.

Authorness said...

Congratulations to the mother of the bride, the bride and the groom! ;)

Oooh, I get to be a wedding planner for a minute--how exciting!

I would whisk Charis and Gideon off for a destination wedding. How does Africa sound? Somewhere hot where Gideon is free to roam shirtless over the savanna. They'll feast on exotic fruit and wild game. Friendly villagers will entertain them with primal percussive music and eventually leave them to "retire" to a luxurious hut overlooking a waterfall.

Happy release day, Anna! xxx

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Lime, one chook for you! Dress him up in his tuxedo and bring him back to trip the light fantastic. Cluck the light fantastic?

Gosh, Fedora, so close! Thanks for the congrats! It's always such an exciting day in a writer's life when she's got a new book on the shelves!

Anna Campbell said...

Oooh, Drew, I do like your thinking! The weather in Cornwall can be nice. Mind you, it can be absolutely awful. I remember sitting in a pub in Mousewall (pronounced Muzzle, don't you just love English pronunciations?) and the waves were crashing over the roof, no joke! But clearly, Gideon and Charis will have a very sunny honeymoon. They deserve it after all the storms they have to weather to get their happy ending!

So glad you love the cover. I think he's SOOO handsome and he actually looks like Gideon! The reviews so far have been great! Always an encouraging sign!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Pat, my fellow 24th Auguster! I've been waiting for this day with bated breath! Thanks for swinging by. Another fan of the cover, huzzah! Can't wait to see what wedding plans you come up with! The wedding in the book really isn't a happy occasion!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Anna, always lovely to see you! So glad you enjoyed the ARC! I'm not exaggerating about the storms before the happy ending, am I? Poor Gideon and Charis really go through the wringer, poor darlings!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jen, lovely to see you too. Hey, cool on the pre-order on its way! I hope the UPS is jammed up with COSs as we speak ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Ely, if you don't want the Richard Armitage assignment, I'll volunteer ;-) I love marriage of convenience stories too - ever since I first started reading Harlequins, it's been a plot device that I've loved. There's something about having them under one roof and married - yeah, there's THAT - but there's also a real emotional intensity too. Especially in a historical where you couldn't get a divorce and you were stuck with this person.

Your secret is safe with us. Shhhh, Sven! That Swedish boy sometimes has a big mouth, you know.

What a lovely idea for the wedding. I'm just off to check the dresses out!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, aren't those dresses gorgeous? I've got to say I went into quite an organza and roses dream when I was putting this post together. Even forgot about the launch and just sighed over all the beautiful wedding pictures.

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Jen, if I ever walk down the aisle, will you plan the reception? That sounds lovely. And even more, it sounds like Gideon and Charis could have it at their beautiful Cornish estate. I had such fun writing Penrhyn - it's very Rebecca with the cliffs and the sea and the long gallery with portraits of all Gideon's disreputable ancestors, including a very glamorous pirate called Black Jack Trevithick. He was fun to write too!

Christine Wells said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Anna!! Yes, I know I should be congratulating the happy couple but really, as mother of the bride and chief matchmaker, you deserve a lot of kudos, my friend. How you managed to get those two together makes such a sexy, sigh-worthy romantic tale. Gideon is so lovely and handsome and tortured. Sigh. I'm sure Charis wouldn't mind sharing!

Congrats on the rooster, Lime!

Anna Campbell said...

Lime, Monte Carlo sounds like a great location. It's always got a glamorous James Bond feel to me! And Gideon has a really sexy offsider called Akash who has a James Bondish air to me! So I think that's a great choice. I've never been there but I'd love to go one day! Hmm, perhaps I can talk Gideon into ditching that Charis chick and going for a more experienced woman! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Keira. You've been such a wonderful support in the lead-up to this, I'm going to let you sit on the bridal table with Akash! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Keira, really? How did you miss out? Or did you do this deliberately? In that case, please ignore all future posts. We are entering the cone of silence!

Anna Campbell said...

Oooh, Vanessa, I like the idea of this African experience. Although I think Gideon has had his fill of the colonies ;-) The waterfall sounds great, though! Thanks so much for swinging by. You've heard so much about this story and what I went through to write it - I think you should sit on the bridal table too! Hmm, I've got a couple of crusty old family retainers who can partner you. Perhaps you'd better bring your own gorgeous groom!

Anna Campbell said...

Christine, you heard a lot about this in the gestation stage too. I've got a family retainer available as a partner. What's that? You're taking Sven! Sheesh! Thanks for those lovely words about the book! I actually think Charis might mind if someone steals Gideon - she's quite a determined young miss!

PinkPeony said...

Anna...where did you come up with the name "Trevithick?"

Authorness said...

Oh, dear. Do you still want me at the bridal table after that faux pas? And can I still bring my own gorgeous groom? I'll make sure we steer Gideon clear of the regions he'd rather forget.

Alli said...


Ok, for a setting - it'd have to be a small, golden sandstone chapel perched high on a windswept mountain in the Scottish Highlands, with a flagstone drive meandering all the way from the base of the mountain to the top *sigh*
Charis arrives in a concealed carriage, the door opens, but wait, she refuses to step out. Why? What could be wrong? Oh, my. In her excitement to wed Gideon, she has forgotten her shoes. The bustling crowd learn of her plight and their titters and whispers reach Gideons delicious ears.
He wants her, NEEDs her, he will have her. He strides down the aisle, out into the throng and sweeps Charis from the carriage into his powerful arms. He strides back into the chapel, ignores the gaping mouths and wide eyes watching him carry his bride to be to the alter.
He doesn't set her down, but continuous to hold her while they exchange their vows. He bestows a kiss of toe-curling heat - the guests all witness Charis's toes curling here - on his bride and then strides out through the mob, forgoing the comfort of the carriage for the swiftness of his black steed.
He mounts and rides off into a blazing sunset - BTW, there's a heatwave happening in Scotland at present - with his captivating wife cradled across his muscular thighs, a sinful smile curving his lips at the wicked thoughts buzzing about in his handsome head. *sigh*

Gosh, that was fun:)

Huge Congratulations on the release of Captive of Sin, Anna.

Best wishes


Cheryl said...

Hi Anna,

Yayyy, another Anna Campbell book is released to the world. Enjoy your special day!

As a recent mother of the groom, I'm all wedding-ed out, but I think a private, romantic garden wedding at Stourhead would be lovely for Charis and Gideon.

Looking forward to reading COS!

Élodie said...

Yay!! I am so excited about the release of this book! I've been eying that cover for the last couple of weeks and waiting with baited breath for its release! I cannot believe it's finally here! Whoot!!

Congrats Anna Banana!!

The Medium Watermelon

Alli said...

Hi Anna. Me again:)

I forgot to mention how much I love your characters names.

Charis - Beautiful:)
Gideon - Gorgeous:)


Anna Campbell said...

Jen, you'll laugh - there's a pioneer of the railway industry, a Cornishman, called Richard Trevithick. And I always thought it was such a cool name. I wanted to set a book in Cornwall. It's a really remote and beautiful part of England and it was a favored setting for the gothics I loved as a teenager. So Trevithick and Cornwall just came together. Actually while I'm talking names, Penrhyn is also a castle in Wales and it houses a collection of objects associated with Clive of India. But his house came to my mind as Penrhyn and wouldn't change so Penrhyn it stayed!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort! Gideon's a fairly reasonable guy. Well, most of the time! ;-) I'm sure when I tell him the debt his existence owes to you that he'll forgive you anything!

Anna Campbell said...

Gosh, I think there's a heatwave happening at my place after that description, Alli! Hey, you should write historical romance, my friend. Ha ha! Alli is a prize-winning writer from Australia - and as you'll have gathered she has an obsession with the Highlands. But who can blame her? I LOVE the sound of that wedding! How romantic is that? All we want is a bagpipe playing as the sun sets over the Scottish hills!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Cheryl, Stourhead is on my list of places to see before I kick the bucket. Haven't made it there yet! Stowe is another one! Ha ha! Of course you're weddinged out - maybe you can just sit quietly in the corner and get sozzled with the mother of the bride (and groom). Hmm, this is starting to sound a bit odd! I'd better stop now - hic! Thanks for the congrats, my friend!

Darcy Burke said...

Happy release day, Anna! Gideon and Charis sound exactly like my kind of people and I loooooove me a good MOC story!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Elodie, lovely to see you! Haven't seen you in a dog's age, as they say in the best Regencies. Although usually not mine! Hmm, I think of you more as a shapely cantelope! Hope you enjoy meeting Gideon and Charis!

Anna Campbell said...

Alli, I know you're the same - I can't really get to grips with a story until I've got the right names for the characters. These two appeared with those names attached! Thanks for saying you like the choices!

Anna Campbell said...

Hiya Darcy! Great to see you here. Was lovely catching up in DC! I adore MOC stories - I'll definitely write more before I'm done. Thanks for the good wishes!

Annie West said...

Anna, what a day! I'm so pleased CAPTIVE OF SIN is finally out there.

Now listen up, Banditas. Are you gathering close? I've read all of Anna's books in ms stage (some of them several times over) and I can tell you that THIS story is a stand out. I love all Anna's stories but I can tell you there's something about Gideon and Charis that's just fantastic. This book has it all. Passion, a hint of mystery, sex, a gorgeous honorable hero, desire, a turn-the-page plot, a determined heroine, hot sex, a dark past, danger, emotion and, oh, did I mention the love scenes? Honestly, this is a book for anyone who loves a great wounded hero and a strong, strong love story.

Congratulations, Anna. This is a red letter day. As for planning the wedding, I'll give that a miss. I'm planning on diving back into the book instead.


Julie Cohen said...

Congratulations Anna! It sounds like a fantastic book. I love me a tortured hero and a marriage of convenience.

I know this isn't the right period, but I will always, always suggest a Vegas wedding. Flashing lights, fantasy, and Elvis joining your hands forevermore. There is truly nothing more romantic. D'you think Gideon and Charis could find the Tardis somewhere?

Julie x

Alli said...

Oh, Anna,

I can't believe I forgot to include the breath-stealing skirl of the bagpipes as they rode off *sigh*

Can't wait to read COS. The reviews are fabulous. Yay You!


Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Annie! What a lovely wrap for Captive of Sin! You could have mentioned the love scenes, though. Sheesh! Honestly, I'm awestruck at what you said - all jokes aside. Thank you! And honestly, this book wouldn't be on the shelves without your hard work - you really are the world's greatest critique partner! And no, if Charis isn't giving away Gideon, I'm not giving away Annie!

Anna Campbell said...

Julie, I think Doctor Who was on the wedding list... Goes away to check. Yes, yes, he is. Especially in his gorgeous David Tennant incarnation (in which case, he's MY partner!). Laughed at Charis and Gideon in Vegas - I think that could make a darned good sequel. Thanks so much for swinging by. I know you're in your writing cave (yeah, I read your MySpace page!).

Anna Campbell said...

Alli, I'm so thrilled with the reviews. Got two really nice ones over the last two days too. One was in BookPage: http://www.bookpage.com/reviews.php?id=10001934 The other one was on Rakehell. Cybil really liked the book and called it an 'amazing read' - nice, huh? You can see that one here: http://www.annacampbell.info/captivesin.html

Anna Campbell said...

And while I'm touting great stuff, have you see the wonderful trailer Vanessa aka Authorness put together for Captive of Sin? She did it as a surprise present for me and I was rapt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTsRuTIYBaM

mariska said...

Congrats Anna! WooHOo! I'm sure the book is fabulous. So many great reviews of it. Is there anyone can lend me the book as soon as you'd finished it? Coz i've been trying so hard to win it, just no luck so far *g*
About the wedding, oh i just skip that, coz my wedding was planned by others :D
I just can think about Honeymoon, care to Join Julia Roberts in Ubud, or Jimbaran in Bali? She's here for over one month film shooting of Eat, Pray, Love. Beautiful beach, great weather and i'd love to arrange the accomodations for the newly wed : )

Lime, great catch of GR!

Authorness said...

Phew! Glad to hear all's forgiven, Anna and Gideon. Anna, I've been thinking about the wedding cake. How about adapting your famous chockie slice? You're so busy these days; I'll be happy to bake it for the happy couple. All you need to do is give me the recipe...

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Mariska, you never know - persistence MAY pay! LOL! Hey, I didn't know they were making a movie of Eat, Pray, Love - my favorite bit was the Italian section with all the ice cream. Yeah, I'm shallow - and I also like ice cream! Let us know if you catch site of JR!!!! I think she'll be really good in that role.

Anna Campbell said...

You're really quite sneaky under that sweet exterior, aren't you, V? Fat chance! Mind you, a chocolate slice cake sounds pretty fabulous to me! Gideon and Charis are nodding their heads!

Amy Andrews said...

Hi Anna just popping my head up from deadline hell to say yay!!!

Man, are you writing faster or is time speeding up?!! It doesn't seem that long ago you were signing your red monster for me...
In fact, I think it was February!!

Mega congrats on the wonderful reviews and the Top Pick!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Amy! I have to say the Top Pick was a great thrill. And such a lovely quote Kathe Robin gave me too. Actually the books are slightly closer together than normal because I didn't have a book out in 2008. So Tempt the Devil was pushed back to 2009. Mind you, we're not really talking an avalanche of productivity - ten months between is still pretty slow! I'm so glad you stuck your head out of the writing cave to say hello! Good luck with the deadline!

Christina Phillips said...

Hi Anna, had to pop by with congratulations for the release of Captive of Sin! Oooh I soo love the sound of this book, Gideon sounds divine. Just need to find a few more hours in the day to catch up with my reading!


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Christina, thank you so much for swinging by! It's so exciting to have a book on the shelves! And I must admit to a huge crush on the gorgeous Gideon ;-) Just don't tell Charis!

Anna Campbell said...

OK, that's my day on the computer. I'll be back tomorrow morning. Cabana boys, get these girls some margaritas! Please keep the party going in my absence! My head is buzzing with all these great wedding ideas. Clearly Gideon and Charis are going to be racking up the frequent flyer points! ;-)

Nighty night. And see you soon!

Jane said...

Happy Release Day, Anna. You can't go wrong with a destination wedding in Tahiti. The ceremony can take place on the white sand beach and the guests can enjoy the exotic cuisine.

Helen said...

Congrats limecello have fun with him he could perhaps be an usher as well after his training yesterday

Anna Happy release day what fun planning a wedding for Charis and Gideon.

I would love to have them married in a castle (do they have castles on the Jersey Isle) with a beautiful antique white embossed satin dress and long train white doves released and a huge reception with all the perks and of course the Mother of the bride dressed to perfection with stunning jewelry.

Congrats on the wonderful reviews Anna I can't wait to get into this book

Have Fun

Eva S said...

Happy release day, Anna! I'm so looking forward to reading the book!
My favorite place for a wedding would be the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece, or if you like something different, a wedding in the SnowChapel in our SnowCastle here in Finland!

Sharon Archer said...

Woo woo woo!!! Congratulations on the release of Captive of Sin, Anna! Readers are going to love Gideon and Charis's happily ever after!

My wedding plan for them would be something quiet and intimate in a lovely little stone church - and the one I have in mind is the Church of the Good Shepherd on the shore of gorgeous lake Tekapo in New Zealand's South Island.
(dreamy sigh)

Laurie said...

Captive of Sin sounds fantastic! I too enjoy the marriage of convenience theme.

I loved the wedding in Mama Mia: Greek Island, church up on a hill overlooking the sea, pretty flowers all around, casual, relaxed fun reception.

Closer to home:Is there a nice romantic spot in England or Wales that's beautiful and looks out over water?

Eleni Konstantine said...

So thrilled for you Anna on the release of Captive of Sin...

Can Sven be let out of being an usher for a minute - I seriously need a massage....yes, not a good look at a wedding, but .....

I think the setting is irrelevant really - oh yes it adds to the atmosphere but really just having them realise they are in love and only have eyes for eachother, that's is the wedding the deserve.

E x

Tiffany Clare said...

I'm so excited this is out today.

This time, I couldn't even read your six chapters up on the Avon site. My CP sent me the link, said, OMG, you have to read this. My response was... I can't torture myself like that anymore. Did it last time, then had to wait forever for the damn book to come out!

WOOHOO On another release, Anna! I can't wait to get my hands on this book today!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anna- your book sounds wonderful.
What about Chari and Gideon running away to sea. Being married aboard by the ship's captain- beneath the billowing sails of a friend's schooner which is on it's way to the Mystical East.
The wind in their hair and endless sunsets and moonlight to fill their nights with unbridled passion and magic.

Keziah Hill said...

Hmm... let's see. They've been through a marriage ceremony that's less than spectacular so now they are due for something that declares to the world they are in it for the long haul. Ah ha! St George's Hanover Square! The church of choice for thumbing their nose at the ton.

Congratulations Anna! I've just ordered my copy. I too, love a good marriage of convenience. So much scope for torture.

Janga said...

Congratulations, Anna! I'll be headed to the bookstore today, and Captive of Sin is at the top of my TBB list. I can't wait to read it.

The Greek island wedding sounds perfect to me--sunshine and sapphire seas in the land where Athena stopped time to extend the night for one famous pair of lovers. But after seeing the pictures Kathryn Caskie posted of her wedding, I have to say Scotland is an incredibly romantic site too.

Kandy Shepherd said...

Anna congratulations on your release day! Can't wait to read CAPTIVE OF SIN.
Ah, weddings. Love them. I always cry. (Except at my own, I was too busy laughing and enjoying myself!)
Did you know parts of Cornwall have a much warmer climate than surrounding areas? There are even palm trees. I imagine your couple in a beautiful garden. I spent Easter in Cornwall years ago and the daffodils were breathtaking!

Debbie said...

Congratulations Anna!

Ok, so first question - how to you pronounce Charis? There was much discussion on the Heyerlist over the possible pronunciations depending on the origin of the name - I think Sha-ree sounds prettiest! (Well, not Cheree - which sounds very Aussie! Sha-ree, with a European lilt to it!)

Next, you need to know this was a VERY bad question to ask, as I've always wanted to be a wedding planner! In fact, several of my friends have decided I will be planning their weddings, since apparently I did a good job on my own!

So, first you need a fabo location. Like this castle, keeping with the times...

Although - wouldn't this be fantastic?!

But, back to the castle - they'd be married in the gorgeous chapel, then retire to a marquee in that large grassed area in the middle of the castle circle. (I don't suppose marquees were invented then?) Anyhoo - this is my imagining..

Cutting the cake and dancing would follow.

Then, the honeymoon!

My wedding was only 3 years ago, and I want another one! :-) Cant wait to read COS!

michellewillingham said...

Congratulations, Anna! Can't wait to read it. :)

As for a wedding, how about a romantic wedding on the Aran Islands (Ireland), overlooking the sea?

Marisa O'Neill said...

Hi Anna! And Congratulations on this new and fabulous release!! It's always a celebration at my house when there is a new Anna Campbell book to read. I've had the extraordinary good fortune to have already read Captive of Sin! As a matter of fact I just finished it at 2 a.m. this morning. (Couldn't put it down) I'm still recovering. How excited I was to read a marriage of convenience story - I love this plot device - and Captive of Sin is now on my list as one of my all time favorites.

For those of you who haven't read it yet - get thee to a book store now! I fell in love with... Charis! Yes Anna, Charis stole my heart, she's an amazing heroine and from page one to the last I admired her. You've lovingly drawn a woman with courage and heart. And how wonderful that you've given us a heroine who in my estimation is the hero of this book! The prose danced in my head and the emotions they evoked were at once poignant, immediate and revealing.

The journey that Charis and Gideon embark on resonates clearly and their thoughtful discovery of one another tugs at your heart and captivates you. The book is so very romantic; by that I mean the language, feelings, thoughts and deeds between the hero and heroine are heart wrenching, insightful, sensual, endearing and illuminating.

Thank you so much for once again giving me such an amazing experience.

Beverley Eikli said...

Hi Anna - and congratulations on this spectacular union and your wonderful achievement.

If I were Gideon and Charis I'd want to celebrate at a long table perched on the edge of a cliff in a wild and remote part of Cornwall.

This was the sight that met me when I was in search of a youth hostel near Wadebridge after a bicycle mishap during a two-week solo adventure around Cornwall and Devon when I was 18. My pedal fell off and I didn't have a tool kit to fix it, so I was pushing my bike over the hills towards the town in the distance when I stumbled upon the extraordinarily unexpected and exquisite scene: the setting sun sparkling on the sea in the background and a white damask-topped table perched on the edge of a cliff at which were seated the 8 occupants of the tiny youth hostel. I joined them and dined on asparagus soup, staring across the sea and feeling that Cornwall must be one of the most beautiful places in the kingdom and I one of the luckiest girls in it.

A toast to the bride and groom!If I hadn't got married in the beautiful Clare Valley, that youth hostel near Wadebridge would have been my choice. Tell Gideon and Charis!

Sue said...

Can't wait to read Gideon's story! Will he beat your first hero- and still my personal favourite- Kylemore???
Ooooh, so let's make Gideon super heroic and white knight-ish as he comes charging in to rescue Charis. To allow his bride of convenience at least a small touch of romance, the gorgeous Gideon arranges the most beautiful wedding possible on Jersey Isle. The church is draped with swags of fragrant smelling greenery and bunches of coloured wild flowers are tied with bows in every corner. An open carriage pulled by six white horses carries the bride to the church where petals have been strewn along the path she walks to meet him. When she approaches him at the altar, Gideon drops to his knee before her and takes her hand. He looks up at her and thanks her for marrying him and promises Charis that things will turn out all right.
After the ceremony he scoops her up in his arms and strides out the church door to announce to all the gathered villagers that this is his new wife, the most beautiful woman in the world.
And the happy couple drove away in the carriage amidst the cheers of their well-wishers. They spent their honeymoon secluded in the nearby castle, barely emerging to eat or drink.
Aaaah, such bliss!
Have a beautiful wedding, Anna,

Gillian Layne said...

Congratuations, Anna! (((HUGS)))I'm off to snatch up a copy right after work! Which I need to go get ready for...cause if I get fired, then I can't afford the book...;)

anna cleary said...

Oh, Anna. How romantique. Give Gideon and Charis a solemn ceremony on a mountain top in the Basque region of Spain, where the air is pure, the streams flow with wine (though not chardonnay, with its distinctive woodchip aftertaste) and butterflies kiss the wildflower petals!

Congratulations on your latest tour de force!


Nancy said...

Wow, Anna! Just after 8 a.m. in the eastern US, and the blog is hopping! You go, girl! And congratulations on the release of your latest tormented couple. I'm looking forward to reaching their HEA moment and its big payoff. The book is even now waiting for me to pick up.

What kind of wedding would I give them? I guess I'd stick to the British Isles. Maybe St. Margaret's chapel, Edinburgh Castle, with its simple white plaster walls and intimate air.

Or St. Margaret's, Westminster, which is still intimate but a bit larger and more ornate.

Or a change of pace with a minister on the cliffs of Cornwall, perhaps at Tintagel.

Congrats again on your new release!

Limecello, congrats on taking home the rooster.

Sarah said...

Happy Release Day Anna!! My copy should arrive in the mail today (fingers crossed) and then I plan to read, read, read. I'll let you know my thoughts on the wedding once I feel that I really "know" the characters.

Although I had dance cards at my wedding and feel they are must for every couple:)

Best Wishes for Stellar Sales!
Sarah Tormey

Candi said...

Hmmm, guessing she's an easy spirit, in as much as she probably wouldn't care how or where they said the vows so long as she was with him... so

It would have to be his doing, a set-up, somewhere like a sweet little church. She has no idea, until they arrive, two witnesses, close friends of course, and a bundle of simple decor that bring tears to her eyes. Like her favorite flowers...

Since their first wedding wasn't all it could have been, his pledge this time, is heartfelt and sincere, telling her even if his reasons hadn't seemed more than convenience when they said their vows the first time, he'd known deep down that she belonged with him...

Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on this!

Happy, happy release day!

Vanessa Kelly said...

Happy Release Day, Anna! You must be so excited! Randy and I will run out to pick up the book today - we both look forward to reading it.

For Gideon and Charis, I would plan a wedding on the shores of Lake Como - perhaps on the terrace of an old villa overlooking the lake. It would be late in the afternoon, when the rays of the setting sun are gilding the lake and the tops of the mountains, and turning the stone of the terrace a warm, golden glow. It would be late spring, naturally - so lots of roses and flowers and climbing vines. And champagne! Lots of good, French champagne!

And I hope you're cracking open a bottle of the bubbles today, Anna!

Terry Odell said...

Just popping by to say congrats! Looking forward to reading this one.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL Anna - here I thought I was checking the blog early and there's 80 comments all ready!! Great way to launch another fabulous Campbell release.

No time to go through all the comments so I'll be back later, but I wanted to say that I know from experience that marriage of convenience stories have their own unique challenges, but they can be oh-so-fun. Can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Kelly said...

YAY! It's finally here! Happy, happy release day, Anna! *dances a jig in celebration* You must be so proud of your kids ... :D

Since dear Gideon and Charis missed out on the big to-do, I'd suggest a huge outdoor wedding in Kew Gardens, when all of the flowers are in bloom. Hundreds of guests sitting outdoors, and Charis in a true princess gown ... it would be quite the fairytale ending!

And now I know who's brain to pick about elopement in the 19th century - I have one of those early on in my own ms! Consider yourself warned, my friend ... :D

Christie Kelley said...

Congrats on the release, Anna!! It sounds like another winner from you!

Kirsten said...

Happy launch day, Anna!! I'm rushing off to work but I wanted to throw some confetti at you before I did!

WAHOO!!!! :-)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

HUGE congrats on your launch, Anna. Must check for this when I pop out to the bookstore the next time. Stuck at home today because the duct-cleaning guys are here. Oh, the excitement. :)

Nikki said...

Congrats, Anna! Can't wait to get my hands on COS!! I'll be harassing my post office workers daily now! :)

Now about this wedding...personally I had a fairytale themed wedding, but I think Gideon & Charis need something a little more unique!

Sooo...the theme is "Catch a Falling Star"!

The ceremony would be held under a clear, starry night with a full moon; small and quite intimate.

The bride would wear a silky dark blue satin gown embroidered with all manner of celestial things- silver stars, moons, golden suns- and would be decked out in the sparkling diamond and moonstone jewelry that would catch the starlight. The groom would be likewise dressed in deep blue with a silver celestial embroidered waistcoat. A handsome pair they would make!

Following the ceremony the reception would be held in a large airy venue decorated with twinkling star lights all around, with one end of the room dominated by a silver full moon and the other by a blazing golden sun. The cake would be a crescent moon surrounded by smaller star shaped cakes. Music would be filled with songs containing references to sun, moon, stars, sky, etc. And the evening would be concluded by a spectacular fireworks display that lights up the heavens.

Afterward, the couple would honeymoon at a quiet mountain retreat, close to the heavens and close to one another. They would of course them proceed to live happily ever after!

Becke Davis said...

Hurray! I pre-ordered Captive of Sin ages ago, but if it doesn't come in the mail today, I'm going to have to go buy a copy from my local bookstore. Heck, I may do that anyway, since my mail tends to come late.

I agree that something distinctly Cornish is called for -- a wedding with a backdrop of cliffs and the ocean waves crashing around them, accompanied by the screeching of gulls. Or they could take a carriage to the ruins of Tintagel and have the wedding there, or at Wells Cathedral, which isn't far.

But my top choice would be at the ruins of Wheal Edward:


Anna Sugden said...

Happy launch day, Anna! So excited - can't wait to read Captive of Sin. Just got to wait for the Amazon pigeon to struggle manfully to Cambridge (avoiding storms, cats and the postal strike!)

Love reading marriage of convenience stories. They and friends turned lovers are my faves.

I got married the first time aorund in Antigua and it was fab. The wedding, not the marriage LOL

The second time, we had a perfect English summer's day and we got married in an old English manor house near Beverley in East Yorkshire. The best ... and the marriage is too!

Of course, you do all know that the rules about weddings over here are very strict! No beach weddings or garden weddings or ruins. Vicars can only marry people in their parish church. Civil ceremonies can only be in specially licenced premises (and until recently that was only registry offices!). LOL

But, you can get married at sea!

Kate Walker said...

Anna my dear - sorry - no brain cells left to think of any wedding plans. I just sent off my latest (At last!) to my editor and have post-book brain defunct syndrome.

But I had to come by and say Hurrah! And Congratulations! On the publication of yet another fabulous book. Can't wait to read it . . . and I actually have a moment or two to myself while the Ed reads the book. (Eeek no - don't want to think of that!)

Oh and I'm heading for York again on Thursday - and Bettys tearooms. Want to come? It's only a short flight. Oh well - I'll have to raise a cup of tea to you and to Charis and Gideon. . . Perhaps they could have a reception in York? It's dryeer these days!



Anna Sugden said...

Love Cornish Pasties, Drew - but pilchards and port *shiver*!!!

I'd go for a proper cream tea (and eaten Devon-style even if he is from Cornwall - got to do it right!(Yes, I'm from Devon!)

Julie! Snorking at your Vegas wedding and the Tardis!

Oh, and Anna - as mother of the happy couple (as Christine says) it's all about the hat, darling! Do tell.

jo robertson said...

OMG, Anna, I've waited forEVer for Captive of Sin to be released. Okay, so why is it not waiting on my doorstep right this minute flown by courier pigeon from Amazon?? Sigh.

Weddings. Gideon and Charis (whose name I ADORE, btw) deserve the best and I'm thinking the Swiss Alps. All that cold outside, the warm fire inside, lots of snuggling and hot toddies along with anything else hot.

Congrats on the release, my Bandita friend!

TinaFerraro said...

Congrats on your newest release, darling Anna!

And I suggest the that site of this wedding be the historic and romantic...Venezia...

Lisa Marie Wilkinson said...

I can't WAIT to read this one! As you know, I'm already a fan. Congratulations on your new release and the wonderful reviews Captive of Sin has been receiving!

Amy J said...

Congrats Anna!
I posted my review and your Q&A we did on my blog today!
Stop on by and say hi if you get a chance!

~Drew said...

Anna C, I LOVE it when the cover model actually resembles the hero described in the book! It does not happen often! I read one where the hero was described as having short, fair hair, and the model on the cover had long black hair and a beard! LOL!

Anna S: LOL! I have never been to Cornwall, oh, how I would love to go! I reached back into my only brush with Cornwall, the BBC series, Poldark, they seemed to drink a lot of port and were fishing for pilchards a lot, LOL!!
Of course, Gideon and and Charis could have been married down in the depths of a Copper mine...naw.

Julia Smith said...

'Today is the day CAPTIVE OF SIN is released.

Hmm, that sentence looks rather odd. Now he's released, can he still be a captive?'

LOL, Anna!

Happy Release Day! And now, to the wedding of Charis and Gideon -

They will be properly wed at a resplendent cathedral ceremony, attended by all of the ton who then arrive for the wedding breakfast following at their new home.

Huge, exquisite flower arrangements and elaborate twining bowers of blooms scent the air and caress the eye. A string quintet plays in the corner of the grand reception room, which is later followed by a glorious tenor singing sweetly to the new couple. A troupe of dancers and acrobats pounce upon the floor to liven up the mood, before the quintet takes over once more for dancing by the assembled guests.

But first, Gideon extends a hand for his beautiful bride, and they lead the dance for the quadrille. Laughter and clapping hands ring out as the celebration carries on to a second dinner, brought into the room by an army of servants. Champagne flows, and Charis and Gideon sneak out onto the terrace for a breath of air. With the sounds of delight wafting out to them from the reception room, they lean into each other for a kiss that never seems to end.

TerriOsburn said...

Wow, nearly 100 comments and it's barely lunch time. Y'all are rocking!

Happy Release Day!!!! I was lucky enough to win this book yesterday from the Round Table blog. Which reminds me, I need to send you my address still. LOL!

I'd definitely do a destination wedding if (that's a huge IF) I ever get married again. Somewhere in the UK would be at the top of the list, but somewhere warm and beautiful and tropical would be hard to resist as well.

What am I saying?! I don't have the figure for a beach wedding. The UK it is!

TerriOsburn said...

Okay, I should pay more attention. We're planning THEIR wedding, not mine. *sigh*

Definitely something seaside, on the rocks. This dress > http://tinyurl.com/yhkzcwx

Gideon in black, of course.

The wind, the sea, the gorgeous couple...I think that's all you need. :) Oh, and a well appointed little cottage close by for the honeymooning.

p226 said...

Happy release day. :)

And limecello, that bird may be a little sore today. Don't indulge him if he whines.

Cassondra said...


Congrats on this release! I can't believe it's here already. I'm definitely not properly dressed for a wedding.

Lessee...I've said a bunch of times that if I had it to do over I'd get married barefoot on a warm beach, with gentle waves lapping at my feet. Pretty dress, pretty flowers, and one HELLUVA party afterward. I'd use the money I saved on the big church wedding to buy something nice and have a great honeymoon.

So I think that's what I would plan for your couple. The moon is full. The sound of the sea is the music. Candles and wonderful wine and good food and the people who care about them all around. I know it's not elaborate, but I like it.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

WOOOT!!! Hi Anna! Congrats on another fabulous release day! WOOOOT!!!

*car keys jingling* Just so you know, I'm off to the local Barnes and Noble to get COS as well as a couple of others. Had to stop in and tell you though and get a nip of those wedding margaritas. Driving, so I'll keep it light on the imbibing until I get back with my prize.

Weddings. Sigh. I'd like to plan YOURS you darling woman! Ladies, we should conspire to find our darling Anna a delcious hero. Grins. THEN we can have the fun of hearing her love story. Oh, think of the fun Charis and all her other heroines will have plotting the bachelorette party.

Speaking of which, I think that Inn at Mousewell would do fittingly for a good rip-snorting bachelorette party. Bartender! Stand us a round!

As for Gideon and Charis, they DO need a special day, and much as Gid's not big on the colonies anymore and they ARE already married, we'll have to make do. Hmmmm. I'll give it some thought.

COngrats on the Tuxedoed Chook, Lime. Make him stay out of the canapes until AFTER the ceremony, would you?

Jamie Lynn said...

YAY! Its finally here!

So, I think that these two deserve a nice getaway. I've always been quite partial to Bermuda (and it is a british colony) With the beautiful blue water and pink sands. They could renew their vows at Fort St. Catherine's over looking the little town of St. George then go back tp their little bunglow that jets out into the blue water of the atlantic for a very romantic 2nd wedding night!

Ah these two deserve the best! Congrats Anna!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

(Aunty swings in on a chandelier) Another FABULOUS LAUNCH PARTY in the Lair!!!

Super congrats, Fo! We've all been anxiously awaiting the release of COS and now it's FINALLY HERE!

Cabana boys! Fire up those industrial sized blenders! (Aunty snaps her crop menacingly)

No need to go anywhere else for a wedding. We'll have it right here in the Lair since everyone is here anyway! Aunty hopes our Bandita Bucket Boots are appropriate with our bridesmaids dresses. If not, then we'll just have to attend in our full bandit regalia. :-P

Of course, a lovely castle to storm might be a nice change of pace...


Gannon Carr said...

Happy Captive of Sin Release Day, Anna dear!

I'm so looking forward to Gideon and Charis's story!

Ah, weddings! I could see them saying their vows on the Amalfi Coast--luminarias lining the steps of the church, the sun setting in the background. And of course, a wedding feast with lovely Italian food, wine and chocolate! Bellisima!

Beth said...

Whoo Hoo! Party in the lair!!

Congrats on the release of Captive of Sin, Fo! I can't wait to read this book :-)

Love all the wedding ideas *g*

And now I'm back to the writing cave! You don't mind if I take a Cabana Boy back with me, do you?

Anna Campbell said...

OK, I'm back! And man, is this joint rockin'! Can't wait to dive in and boogie with a cabana boy or two! Oh, that's right, it's an elegant wedding. Perhaps we'll be doing the minuet instead. SNORT!

Emmanuelle said...

I love all those parties !!
You girls really have some imagation !!
Congrats Anna for this much anticipated release !!

** Of course don't count me in this contest... I've already been lucky ;-) **

The Romance Dish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Campbell said...

Jane, I've got to say Tahiti is one of my dream destinations. It just looks so gorgeous! Mind you when I did French at high school, one of set texts was Murder at Tahiti so I hope that's not a sign of what might happen!

PJ said...

Happy Release Day, Anna! Wow, this is some party you've got going on over here!

I've had COS on pre-order for a couple weeks now but B&N won't ship it until today! What's up with that? Don't they know I want to read it *on* release day? (or preferably before) :) Poor UPS man is in for quite the surprise when the package finally arrives. I can see the headline now.

Salivating madwoman attacks helpless UPS delivery man in desire to reach Captive of Sin!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen, what a lovely idea! There are castles in Jersey - in fact, I discovered in all my research that there's one smack bang in the harbor where Charis and Gideon sail in. Um, right, better go back and rewrite that scene, I decided - so now it's much more accurate! So excited to have my book out. Whoo-hooooooo! I hope it's in your hot little hands soon!

Anna Campbell said...

Eva, I've seen photos of the snow chapel. It's spectacular! I've never been to the Greek Isles although they're definitely on my list. I love the sea and the sea and landscape there look absolutely spectacular. Can't you just see the bride and groom silhouetted against a sunset? Wow!

Anna Campbell said...

Sharon, I've seen photos of that church too - clearly I spend far too long looking at wedding venues! I'm really excited - I'm hoping to have my first trip to New Zealand next year for the conference. I might even get to see the church you mention. Thanks for swinging by and for the good wishes! Gideon is GO!

Anna Campbell said...

Laurie, I must say my dream wedding would probably be Calgary Beach on Mull. It's hilarious, there's absolutely nothing there and the bustling city in Canada is named after it! But it's the most beautiful place you can imagine and I could definitely get my sunset shots. The Lake District would be lovely too - especially if it was a lovely day. Sigh. Thanks for swinging by!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

PJ, you crack me up. :>

Cassondra, when I married the DH we did a small family wedding, then threw a totally casual monster party at the house. OMGosh, it was a blast. Tents in the backyard (those banditas who've been to my lair know what that means) DJ, singing group, a keg...lordy-dee that was fun. Best wedding I've ever been too or been in. Hahaha.

Oh, and Banditas, that was before the kitchen was remodeled so it was QUITE cramped in some spots, but much fun was still had by all. Snork!

Anna Campbell said...

Eleni, what a beautiful post. I'm not surprised you need a massage! Eleni's been running a fabulous string of interviews with Aussie romance authors as part of her Eleni Fest. It's been brilliant and thank you so much for asking me to be involved. Seriously, check it out. Today's column is by the fabulous Rachel Bailey who's a debut Desire author next year and she's talking about how to get published. http://eleni-konstantine.blogspot.com/

Anna Campbell said...

Tiffany, I know what you mean about the six chapters. I never read them either - if the book's good, I'm just left in such limbo until it comes out! Ooh, how cool that people can say, "I'm going to buy this book today!" Thanks for swinging by! Hope you enjoy meeting Gideon and Charis!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Mary, I LIKE IT!!! And Gideon comes from a long line of daring seafarers so that would suit him down to the ground. Thanks for popping by!

Anna Campbell said...

Keziah, I laughed at you and the torture! Clearly you've read my books before! All that close proximity and turbulent desire? Works for me! Ooh, a big society wedding with the Prince Regent giving away the bride? That works for me! There's a lovely wedding at St George's in Lord of Scoundrels too so I'd feel I was paying homage to the master!

Anna Campbell said...

Janga, aren't those pictures of Kathy's wedding breathtakingly romantic? I must say Scotland is definitely on my list too. Mind you, first I need to catch my Richard Armitage. It reminds me of a ghoul's recipe for shepherd's pie - first catch one shepherd... Thanks for saying you'll pick up the book! Hope it leaps into your hand at your bookseller!

Yeah, Greece really has some pluses doesn't it, not least the weather. I must see Mamma Mia. I know people will want to throw stones at me, but I'm not really an ABBA fan!


Anna Campbell said...

Kandy, Cornwall is beautiful, isn't it? And such contrasting landscapes. I remember how wild and dramatic it was around Tintagel and then somewhere like Polperro was just this gorgeous little fishing village - well, mainly tourist now, but gorgeous all the same. Laughed at you crying at weddings. Last wedding I went to was on a headland looking over Sydney Harbour just on sunset and a batch of kookaburras turned up and laughed their heads off. It was a lovely touch!

Helen said...


That castle sounds just the place for them to marry with the ocean in the background and all of these wonderful people as the guests what a wedding.

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Ha ha, Deb! So Charis stumped you and your friends, did she? Actually I think you can pronounce it any way you like, frankly! But it's actually Greek for 'love' (very symbolic!) - charity comes from the same root. I THINK I'm right about that. I'm willing to be corrected! Anyway, 'ch' in Greek is pronounced with a hard 'K' sound so she's 'Karis'.

Congratulations on your wedding. Given what a fabulous job you did putting Charis and Gideon's together, clearly it must have been a doozy! I loved all the pictures - I vote for that castle and the chapel!

By the way, has anyone else noticed a tendency for balding male models these days? Is it because they look like they've reached the age of wisdom?

Anna Campbell said...

Michelle, I just read a fantastic book about the Aran Islands - The Stones of Aran. It made it sound so hauntingly beautiful! Although I must say, right now, I'm leaning towards somewhere a little sunnier ;-) Thanks so much for swinging by!

MsHellion said...

Well, of course, I'd throw them a wedding on my pirate ship. Captain Jack Sparrow would officiate; and there would be rum all around! And since we're a ship of girls, and we're all weird about wedding dresses and stuff...I'm sure we'd be able to fin Charis the dress of her dreams--and as anyone knows, it's the dress that really matters.

Also Santa, our Galley Ho, is an excellent chef and if she didn't make a kick-ass cake, she'd know someone in the biz we could get one from. (Network, network...)

Lastly, we have all those hotties on the ship--so if Gideon got cold feet, we could press gang him to the front.

I'd let them use the Captain's Quarters to honeymoon.

Anna Campbell said...

Marisa, what can I say but WOW? Thank you so much! I can't tell you how delighted I am that you loved this book! 2am, huh? Music to my ears!

How interesting that Charis really touched your heart. I loved writing her journey - she's actually quite young and untried at the start, for all that she's been through. After all she's not much past her teens! But she turns into solid gold when she goes through the fire of her relationship with Gideon. I loved how she was ready to risk everything to get what she wanted! Like that in a heroine!

Honestly, that was such a gorgeous take on the book, I'm going to frame it. THANK YOU!!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Bev! Thanks so much for swinging by!

Wow, I love your story about traveling around Cornwall. One of those lucky accidents, really, wasn't it? That setting sounds absolutely gorgeous! I agree it sounds great for a wedding. Actually I had huge fun with the setting - I want the HOUSE!!!!!

Gosh, you've had an interesting life!

Thanks for the good wishes!

Annie West said...

Anna, just back briefly and read your comment. Just as well you're not letting me go as a CP! Do you think you could get rid of me? I'm already looking forward to reading what comes next. But in the meantime I've got my own, luscious copy of COS to drool over.

Anna Campbell said...

Suzi, you've been talking to Alli! Gosh, you girls have fertile imaginations! Lucky Charis and Gideon is all I can say! What a beautiful picture for a wedding! Actually the manor house (it's Elizabethan so not really a castle but that's OK!) has a private beach - ideal for a honeymoon. Although perhaps not in the English climate!

Thanks for swinging by! Hope you enjoy COS!

Anna Campbell said...

Gillian, and you call yourself a dedicated reader!!!! A dedicated reader would get fired for the sake of a good book. Well, maybe not... LOL! Don't work too hard - hope you find the book without too much hassle!

~Sia McKye~ said...

Hola Banditas! Hi Anna! * giving a hug to Anna.

I'm here with my margarita bucket. Must have salt and please tell me the margaritas aren't the frozen type. I like mine with salt, tequila gold, over ice, in a bucket...um where is that luscious bartender, Sven, wasn't it? I'm sure he'll know a thing or two. *wagging my brows. If not, I know a thing or two, lol!

I'd probably have Charis and Gideon marry at the Priory in candlelight. Have the inside decorated in gaily colored ribbons and wildflowers and primroses.

I'd have Charis in a fine light white satin gown with an over dress in semi sheer silk, heavily embroidered with cherry and pink stripes of primroses, with soft green leaves here and there. The bottom of her skirt would have a wide ruffle and a wide ribbon band in cherry and deep pink, caught up on one side with roses and leaves made up in ribbons. A wide stiffened Cherry colored ribbon under her bust with primroses and leaves attached at the end of the long trailing ribbons. Around her bodice, embroidered primroses in cherry, pink, and soft green. She's have a fine white silk shawl shot through with primrose and a lovely fringe. Hmm, in her hair, matching ribbons weaved--no bonnet.

Gideon, a gold brocade,double breasted vest with a snowy white cascading Cravat, in a fine linen with white embroidered satin, black breeches and tailcoat. No hat.

There would be collage of finger foods and lots of good champagne. Later a walk above the beach. If Gideon can’t figure out what to do from here, the boyo is need of some serious help.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna, I went in search of piccies of Calgary at Mull. OMGosh. Gorgeous. I can see why you'd want that lovely spot. Be sure to do the wedding in...like August...or something. I think it woudl be too shivery otherwise! Hahaha!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Anna, I can see why everybody loves your books so much - well, I knew anyway, but what a beautiful answer. I've actually been to the high Pyrenees. Amazing and so wild! And the air's so clear, it really is like wine!

And hey, great to meet someone who is NOT a chardonnay lover! I agree about the woodchip flavor! Personally I like a nice sauvignon blanc!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Nancy, I know both the churches you mentioned. Did you know St Margaret's next to the Abbey was the fashionable church for weddings last century (perhaps before that too!)? All the hons got married there. Wonder if it's still the bee's knees! The chapel in Edinburgh has such an atmosphere of peace, doesn't it? Which is amazing considering its warlike surroundings! Last time I stayed in Edinburgh, my hotel was right under the rock - I'd come out and look up at that amazing skyline of the castle! Wow!

Thanks so much for swinging by. Yep, I think you've basically got the story arc down pat for my books ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Sarah, aren't you a classy chick? Dance cards! How cool is that? Thanks for picking up COS! You'll see what I mean about the first wedding being a bit on the grim side - they definitely need a second chance at the ceremony! Thanks for swinging by! Always lovely to see you.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, thanks, Candi! Actually I think you've got a great take on the characters already. They're both in such dark places emotionally when they get married the first time, I love the idea of giving them a real celebration. Thanks for popping by the lair!

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, ooh, bubbles, what a great idea! Thanks for saying you'll rush to pick up the book!

You know, I've been to Lake Como but one of their famous hazes had come down and we couldn't see anything. The postcards told us it was really beautiful - sigh! I love your idea for the wedding. And Italy was such a favored destination for Regency rich folk, it might even happen!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, thanks for swinging by, Terry! And for the good wishes! Mwah!

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, it was really fun to give a marriage of convenience them a Regency noir twist! As you know, MOCs are FUN to write! Thanks for swinging by - the party really seems to be hopping, doesn't it?

Anna Campbell said...

Kelly, actually on my list of topics for the blog tour is great elopements! I'll put a note up on Facebook - would love to hear your take on it. Actually originally Gideon and Charis were going to do the Gretna Green route but then I discovered all this amazing stuff about elopements to the Channel Islands!

The Kew Gardens thing really works for me. With bluebells and peach blossom and the birds singing. Sigh!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Christie! It's turning into a great launch day, isn't it? Thanks so much to everyone for popping in to talk dream weddings and raise a glass in Charis and Gideon's honor!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kirsten, thanks so much for swinging by. Cough, cough! Blasted confetti - it gets everywhere! Don't work too hard!

Anna Campbell said...

Trish, duct cleaning? Be still, my beating heart! Snork! Thanks for swinging by and wishing CAPTIVE OF SIN well.

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, who knew we had so many brilliant wedding planners in the lair? You girls put me to shame! Gideon and Charis are leaving the Anna Campbell wedding agency and chasing you!

Nikki, what a lovely idea. I love the star imagery! Really special. And dark blue's my favorite color, so I'm happy with that! And I love the mountain retreat idea - they're a passionate pair!

Hey, hassle that postman!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Becke, isn't Cornwall just the most romantic of settings. I checked out that photo - wow! Isn't that gorgeous?

Ha ha! I love that you're so eager to read COS, you're actually going out to buy another copy. Seriously, you're a darling!

I love Wells Cathedral. The scissor arches and the chapter house in particular. And the village is just gorgeous - the first time I went there, it was late in the afternoon heading towards sunset, and I remember sitting on the green, green grass and watching the swans swim around the beautiful moated bishop's palace. A really precious memory.

Thanks for swinging by - and I hope Gideon and Charis give you a cheer when you finally open their story!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Anna, I had a word with the Amazon pigeon and he's putting on a special burst of speed just for you! Wish I could deliver the book in person!

MOCs are one of the staples of romance. I love friends into lovers too. Sarah Mayberry does wonderful Blazes that use that theme.

Ooh, Antigua! How cool! But the second one sounds even better!

I did not know that about the wedding regulations. Mind you, this is actually a renewal of vows so it probably could happen anywhere it took G&C's fancy. In Australia, I think you can get married pretty well anywhere. Although as far as I know, the getting married at sea thing (well, by the captain at least!) is no longer legal.

Happy reading!

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, I'd LOVE to come to Betty's with you again - as long as it's not as wet as last time! Thanks so much for swinging by to wish Gideon and Charis all the best. And congratulations on getting your latest masterpiece in. I always do some reading when I've got a book in too - it just refreshes the tired little brain cells!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Anna, hats look awful on me. All you can see is the double chin! I think I'll have to get some feathers a la a proper (or improper!) Regency matron and put together a spectacular headdress instead!

Yes, I must say Drew's menu didn't exactly have me slavering. Now a Cornish cream tea! YUM!!!! Oh, and some of the beautiful Cornish seafood cooked by that chef guy with the cute dog. What's his name?

Anna Campbell said...

Jo, thanks so much for telling me how much you're looking forward to this book. Sadly, the Amazon pigeon is too busy flying to Cambridge at the moment and he got snappy when I had a word with him about you as well. Sheesh! Good help is so hard to find these days!

Ooh, the Alps! Gluhwein and apfel strudel! Suits me! And hot chocolates with fresh whipped cream for dessert. Don't know about G&C but I'm there with bells on!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Venice, Tina! I LOVE Venice. Clearly Gideon and Charis need to have several weddings! How can they choose between all these wonderful suggestions? Thanks so much for swinging by. You're the best!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Lisa Marie! You know the lovely feeling you get when you see a great review! ;-) Thanks for swinging by to join in the party - here, have a glass of Bollinger! To Gideon and Charis!

Anna Campbell said...

Amy, that's an absolutely fantastic review. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks for popping by. By the way, that's a great site you run over there!

Here's the link again: http://myoverstuffedbookshelf.blogspot.com/2009/10/anna-campbell-captive-of-sin-blog-tour.html

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Drew, I had to laugh at your post. There's actually a very dramatic scene in a tin mine! You can't have a Cornish book without a tin mine. I was a huge Poldark fan - had a real crush on Ross. Thought he was gorgeous when I was a teenager. Wonder what I'd think now! Hey, we can have pilchards! Pilchards rule!

The pose on the stepback even relates to the story. I love that. My first two German covers were lovely but they featured strapping blonde valkyries whereas both Grace and Verity were dark-haired.

Buffie said...

OMG! Look at all the comments!!! Sure wish I had the time to read them all.

Congrats to you Anna on this release day!! I absolutely LOVE marriage of convenience stories. I honestly think they are my favorite.

PJ said...

Anna, I think while you're on your blog tour you should let Gideon and Charis have a wedding tour. There are too many beautiful weddings here to have to choose just one!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Julia, you got me! Hey, I love all this really elaborate romance-novel take on the wedding. Charis and Gideon are delighted too! And what a romantic scene as Gideon leads his new bride in the first dance. Sigh!


Maureen said...

Congratulations on the new book Anna! I see a wedding in a beautiful English garden with just a few friends and family. A few musicians, some fabulous food and much wine.

Anna Campbell said...

Terri, wasn't that a fun day at the Romance Roundtable? PHWOAAARRRR!!!! Thanks for being such a great part of it. I'm really looking forward to my voyage on the Romance Writers Revenge tomorrow. Just promise you won't make me walk the plank! Congratulations on winning COS!

Laughed at your reasons for choosing the UK. I hear you! In fact, I think the more I think about it, I think personally I'd choose the Alps. Or perhaps the South Pole! They like em cuddly up there, keeps you warm when the polar bears are growling!

Anna Campbell said...

Terri, what a beautiful gown! How romantic! I have to say though that that color would just swamp me. Good thing it's for Charis!

Anna Campbell said...

P226! Great to see you and thanks for the good wishes. Actually the rooster has been rather quiet today - clearly, you wore him out yesterday. I think he needs a good week of bootcamp with you! He's getting flabby!

Anna Campbell said...

Cassondra, that sounds like a lovely wedding! I'd definitely come! I love the informality of it! So lovely to see you at my launch! Gideon is dying to meet you! ;-)

HYOUNG said...

Hey Anna, congrats on your latest release. Love the cover - once very sexy man! Can't wait to read it!!
Cornwall and it's wild craggy coast is one of my favourite parts of England. Couldn't go wrong with a wedding on the cliff top, the wind floating Charis's veil behind her as they pledge their love, the white silk marquee shimmering in the sunlight, Gideon's chest a solid shadow through the fine lawn his shirt ... It'd work for me anyway...

~Sia McKye~ said...

Annie, I'm jealous, positively green my girl. You not only get to be Anna's CP, but already have a copy of COS. Sheesh. Some people get all the luck. (yeah, yeah, I know you had to work for it ;-)

Wow, what a lot of good planners here. I've done modern wedding planning but I tried to keep it in the era.

If I had to plan one for me? Scotland baby. Preferably in a castle chapel, in candlelight, accompanied my brother's pipe band with grand and tenor pipes. Oh, and a arch of swords (held by sexy Scots in kilts) in to walk through, dropping the swords to their sides as I walked into the chapel. And a cool room , sans ghosts, overlooking a lock. Dancing until the wee hours. With good Scotch on hand.

I couldn't resist giving a quick glimpse of what I would do.

WooHoo, you Banditas throw a great launch party!

Laurie said...

Congratulations on your release day, Anna!!! Wow! Look at all these comments - a whole lot of love!

We had a great time visiting with you and your bandita buddies at the Roundtable on Friday! You guys are always so much fun!

As for planning the wedding, how about getting married in western Ireland - Doolin maybe. Wonderful music and dancing, walking the Cliffs of Moher, nights in a cozy cottage or a small castle ( I was astounded at how many castles there are in Ireland - kind of like Walmarts here. One on every corner. :) I love Ireland!

Don't enter me in the drawing. Although I'm without a car for a few days, I'll bribe my daughter to take me to the bookstore before the week is out. I can't wait any longer to read COS!!!

Great party!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Jeanne! Welcome to the big celebration day! I admire your strength resisting a margarita or two! When you come back, we'll have to hit the bar!

Hey, how cool you're off to buy the book! Yeee-ha!!!! All sorts of great books are out today!

Actually Charis is a pushy wench - I think she'd take over organising the bachelorette party. We call them hens' nights here. BP is much nicer!

The pub at Mousehole was a really interesting place. About as big as a cupboard and stuck out on a breakwater. I'm not joking about the waves coming in over the top of the roof. I felt like I was really in Victoria Holt country!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Jamie, Bermuda sounds nice. When I was chasing wedding pics for this blog, there were some gorgeous shots of ceremonies in the West Indies. I'd love to see that part of the world one day! Thanks so much for swinging by!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Cindy!!!! You're RIGHT! I can't believe I didn't think of it already. We have a fabulous record of holding big events here and they're always a hit. And Gideon and Charis would fit right in with the rampaging Bandits!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Gannon, hey, great to see you! Thanks for the good wishes for COS! Oh man, there's a downside to this blog. I want to hop on a plane now and visit all these wonderful places. I have been on the top end of the Amalfi Coast at Sorrento (a day trip to Capri which was spectacular!) but apparently further south, it's just to die for beautiful. Mind you, speaking of to die for, apparently those skinny little roads along the clifftops are as scary as could be.

Anna Campbell said...

Beth, we're flush with cabana boys at the moment! Here, have two! And here's a barrel of margaritas! And a chandelier for you to swing from. Good luck in the cave. Thanks so much for dropping by to wish my fourth opus good luck!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Emmanuelle, great to see you! And congratulations again on winning COS on the Romcon blog! Thanks for being such a wonderful supporter of my many and varied appearances on this blog tour! And thanks for you congrats!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, PJ, can we have video of you attacking the UPS guy? Or perhaps he's run away with Anna's Amazon pigeon and nary the two will be seen again. Now that would be a wedding to plan! Thanks for popping by to wish me luck with the new book! I hope you enjoy meeting Gideon and Charis!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, that sound fantastic! Actually, in the interests of full disclosure, I used to be the functions manager for a hotel. It had a lovely colonial-style building with river views that it used to use for weddings so we were very popular, as you can imagine. I used to love dealing with the brides - didn't have a single Bridezilla!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, I think the sea will get a look-in at this ceremony in some way!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Hellion! I'm touched! Touched to my faux pirate boot soles! You're giving up your quarters to Gideon and Charis? You are a true friend, my dear!

I love the idea of the pirate ship wedding. Particularly as there's a pirate in the story already!

Get Santa cooking! Even if G&S are canoodling in the corner, I'm always up for a great cake!

Looking forward big time to my visit tomorrow to the Romance Writers Revenge. Thanks for swinging over from your heaving deck (it obviously had too many margaritas!) to wish COS fair sailing!

Anna Campbell said...

Oops, G&S wrote a little list. G&C are our lovely wedding couple!

Anna Campbell said...

I got two advance copies of the REAL THING. I kept one and gave one to Annie. Honestly, she did an awful lot of work on this book! Perhaps I should give her a co-credit? Nah! Snork!

The party's definitely jiving, isn't it, Annie? Thanks for swinging by. And hey, you're not goin' anywhere, CP of mine!

Virginia said...

Hi Anna, congrats on your new release. I think a wedding dress from about the mid 1800 hundreds would work well and maybe on a beach with the ocean in the background. I love the beach so I am going with that.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Sia, great to see you! Thanks for having me over to Over Coffee the other day. It was a great day of blogging.

I'm with you on the classic margarita with salt. Mind you, I'm a recent convert. Only had my first margarita at the Dallas airport after the conference there in 2007. Yum! Have definitely had many since. I always used to pick creamy, girly cocktails but margaritas are absolutely yumbo and have become my drink of choice at writers conferences. Sven's a masseur but as an international man of mystery, I'm sure he can whip up a fab margarita!

Ooh, I love your plans for the wedding. I can really picture those clothes and Gid and Char will look lovely in them!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, there's an old Scottish baronial manor house just up from the beach that they rent out. You'd need a biggish group to make it worthwhile but honestly, it's my dream to stay there one day. Maybe we can have a Banditas reunion there. Mull is my favorite place in the universe and I think Calgary would be pushing for my favorite place on Mull. You're right about August, though! Hey, how's this - last time I was there, golden eagles were wheeling about in the sky above our heads. How cool is that?

Anna Campbell said...

Buffie, I adore MOC stories too. All that opportunity for nookie. Or for nobly ignoring the urge to nookie. It's always worked for me, whether in a contemporary or a historical. Thanks so much for swinging by. Here, have a margarita! Sven made up a new batch before he took off with Sia!

Anna Campbell said...

PJ, my thoughts exactly. Picking only three to give the prizes to is going to be a real pain!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Maureen, I love an English garden! Where I live, it's very subtropical so stuff grows into a jungle really quickly. But my heart belongs with those beautiful traditional English gardens! And they're so romantic! Great choice. Thanks for dropping by to wish G&C a great life together!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Helene, it's working for me - especially the chest bit ;-) And Gideon has a nice chest - check out that cover if you don't believe me! Snort! Hey, another fan of Cornwall. I'd love to go back there but it's still quite out of the way and on shorter trips, I just haven't had time to get down there. And now I'm really interested in the Channel Islands. They sound fascinating! Sigh. I need six months in the UK and a limitless budget. Thanks for swinging by!

Anna Campbell said...

Sia, Annie REALLY worked for that mention on the dedication page. Snort! She needed a few stiff drinks once she was done!

Ha ha! I noticed some people stuck to the Regency and some people just let their imaginations take flight. They're all working for me! Aye caramba! How do I pick a winner?

Ooh, love the idea of the Scottish wedding. Perhaps we can work that in with my Calgary Beach fantasy!

The party's been HUGE, hasn't it?

Thanks so much, everyone, for swinging by to toast the happy couple! Well, they're happy by the end of the book anyway!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WOWZA! This place is JUMPING! With cabana boys, gladiators, pipers, booted bridesmaids, and drinkies galore!

Fo, what you heard about the road down the Amalfi coast from Sorrento is ALL TRUE! Talk about a scream fest!!! That was Aunty, who made the mistake of sitting directly behind the bus driver.

Those hairpin curves are... ARGH!!! There are no words, only wailing. :-P And the bus driver would lay on the horn whenever he came to a stretch of single lane (most bridges).

Italian driving at its most nerve wracking, but the views are spectacular. ;-)

quaffing another margarita

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Laurie, another Roundtabler! Thanks for swinging by to wish my Gid and Char luck! Yeah, we're all so familiar with each other, we're speaking in short forms!

I had the best day on the Round Table. And I can't stop saying PHWOAARRRRR! Which rather frightens the poor postman!

Oh, another vote for an Irish wedding. JT and Michelle W would agree with you. I love the west coast of Ireland. I've only been there once. Would love to go back. We hit Connemarra just as the sun started to go down - absolutely magical. And it's no coincidence there's a very spectacular stately home that's now a girls' school there called Kylemore Abbey! Laughed at castles being like supermarkets there. Much PRETTIER than supermarkets, I think!

Hey, cool on you getting out to get the book. I hope it happens!

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, love the idea of combining the period dress with the timeless setting of the ocean. I must say, I think the ocean has been ahead on points today. Or perhaps a castle somewhere. Hmm, a castle by the ocean? Thanks so much for swinging by!

PinkPeony said...

Hi Anna!
Wow! This is some party you've got going here!
My copy of COS is sitting on my kitchen counter winking at moi!

I've always wanted to learn more about the Channel Islands...especially after I watched the miniseries "Island at War"

Anna Campbell said...

AC, we took the bus back to Rome along the high road from Sorrento - and apparently it gets scarier further south. And you were next to the bus driver? I think I would have just shut my eyes and prayed, views or no views!

Isn't this party amazing? Wow!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jen, how fantastic you've got COS!!!! Yay! In between winking, it's saying, "Read me, read me." Snort. The party's been wild today, hasn't it?

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, about the Channel Islands, I bought a stack of guidebooks because it's a place I haven't been. And I became absolutely fascinated. There's so much history there, from the Stone Age on. And the climate is actually better than it is on the mainland. I love the French influence there too and it sounds like the eating is good. I like to eat (as you know!).

Kate Carlisle said...

Ack!! I almost missed the party!!

Oh, who am I kidding? This bash'll be going into the wee hours, so pass me a margarita and some chips and quacamole, por favor!!

Anna, I'm sooooo excited for your big day!! My order has been shipped so I shall soon be holding dashing Gideon in my hot little, er, hands! Yippee!!

Like so many others, I'm a huge Marriage of Convenience fan, and I can't imagine anyone spinning a more luscious MOC story than you, my darling!!

Anna Campbell said...

Phew! Caught up! Might go and have a cup of tea and try and get over my incipient hangover. Oh, if only Sia hadn't kidnapped Sven! I could use a massage!

Party on, dudes! I'll be BAAACCCCKKK!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kate babe, I was so hoping you'd make it! Mind you, given your latest blog, you could have been stuck in an airport somewhere!

Um, just WHERE are you holding Gideon in your hot little hands?

Oh, you girls have dirty minds! I meant in the kitchen or in the garden or in the... Snork!

Hey, cool you've ordered Gid!!! Happy reading!

Keira Soleore said...

Fo, cone of silence indeed. It was deliberate. For some books, I like a pristine experience.

FYI... I had to go to four stores this morning, before I could find a copy, and even then, I had to fish it out of the bottom of the stocking cart. The book seems to be a little slow to arrive in the Seattle area for some reason.

Back to reading...

Keira Soleore said...

Fo, cone of silence indeed. It was deliberate. For some books, I like a pristine experience.

FYI... I had to go to four stores this morning, before I could find a copy, and even then, I had to fish it out of the bottom of the stocking cart. The book seems to be a little slow to arrive in the Seattle area for some reason.

Back to reading...

Pissenlit said...

Happy book birthday, Anna! :)

Louisa Cornell said...

Late to the party, but I would NEVER miss La Campebell's launch of Gideon and Charis into the wonderful ocean of matrimony and amore! (in that order!)

Can't wait to get my hands on this one as it sounds to die for!!

Hmmm. A wedding fit for a love for all time?

How about a wedding at twilight at that most wondrous and mysterious forever spot - Stonehenge?

Ladies in elegant simple gowns in soft colors. Men in buckskins and open collared shirts and Hessians. The ancient stones lit with hundreds of little candles. The "aisle" up to the center of the temple a carpet of wildflowers in a riot of color. They bride and group are married under a canopy of ivy twined about a trellis of solid oak and yew branches. The bride is dressed in the simple white gown and gold jewelry of a queen of heaven. Her unbound hair crowned with a wreath of wild roses.

The reception? Deep in the clearing of a forest with the trees acting as a glorious green cathedral. Small torches light the clearing. Simple wooden tables and benches and good English fare like roast beef, potatoes and lots of ale. A few flautists, a fiddler and perhaps a tambor player and you dance into the night. And at some point Gideon takes Charis up on a white destrier and carries her deeper into the forest where a cozy lodge awaits them. How's that?

Louisa Cornell said...

Late to the party, but I would NEVER miss La Campebell's launch of Gideon and Charis into the wonderful ocean of matrimony and amore! (in that order!)

Can't wait to get my hands on this one as it sounds to die for!!

Hmmm. A wedding fit for a love for all time?

How about a wedding at twilight at that most wondrous and mysterious forever spot - Stonehenge?

Ladies in elegant simple gowns in soft colors. Men in buckskins and open collared shirts and Hessians. The ancient stones lit with hundreds of little candles. The "aisle" up to the center of the temple a carpet of wildflowers in a riot of color. They bride and group are married under a canopy of ivy twined about a trellis of solid oak and yew branches. The bride is dressed in the simple white gown and gold jewelry of a queen of heaven. Her unbound hair crowned with a wreath of wild roses.

The reception? Deep in the clearing of a forest with the trees acting as a glorious green cathedral. Small torches light the clearing. Simple wooden tables and benches and good English fare like roast beef, potatoes and lots of ale. A few flautists, a fiddler and perhaps a tambor player and you dance into the night. And at some point Gideon takes Charis up on a white destrier and carries her deeper into the forest where a cozy lodge awaits them. How's that?

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Keira, how disappointing about the book not being readily available. I've had this problem before. In fact, I remember with at least one of my books, the north west and the south west didn't get it for ages after release. Thanks for persisting - I'm so glad you found it!

Happy reading!

Gannon Carr said...

Anna, I can attest to the fright factor of the road up and down the Amalfi coast. Especially, when a big tourist bus is coming the other way. Eeeek!

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