Friday, October 23, 2009

Par-ty, Par-ty!

by Donna MacMeans

Sorry, it's not a launch party. No exciting excerpts or promising premises today. Plenty of those coming up in the near future, though.

Today, I'm celebrating my birthday. It's actually tomorrow but, you know, the older I get - the longer the celebration lasts (grins)! So party with me. Celebrate your birthday - no matter the date. It's Friday. Let's all just kick back and have fun. I've instructed the cabana boys to be generous with the frothy drinks and I've ripped open a few bags of Halloween candy for treats. There's still a full week to replace the evidence. Please note that fire regulations restrict the number of candles I can put on the cake (grin).

For those into such things, I'm a Scorpio. Right on the cusp, actually. According to, that means I'm determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate (yeah!), exciting and magnetic. Yup - that's me (very big grin). I'm also jealous, resentful, compulsive, obsessive, secretive and obstinate - well, maybe not so much. I was really into this astrology-thing when I read that good professions for me would include anything that involved analysis, investigation, research, dealing with practicalities, and the solving of mysteries. When one considers the mysteries inherent in the IRS code - it's apparent both CPA and historical romance writer fit me to a tee.

As I'm on the cusp for Libra, I read those traits as well. Diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming, easygoing, sociable, idealistic and peaceable - well heck, those work for me as well. Downside - indecisive, changeable, gullible, easily influenced, flirtatious and self-indulgent - some of those fit. Maybe I can pick and choose the traits I like between the two signs. Cuspiness has its priviledges.

I was born in the year of the Dragon which means I believe rules and restrictions are made for other people. I'm an extroverted bundle of energy, gifted and utterly irrepressible, confident, fearless in the face of challenge and inevitably successful ---no, don't think that's me.

I am, supposively, a water dragon and I must admit I experience a creative rebirth when I'm near the ocean. So that fits. Dragons are also compatible with roosters, the GR was pleased to hear that. This site also says the Dragon's originality is the most impressive and outstanding of all is characteristics - like the sound of that. Just in case you were wondering...this site says suitable gifts for a dragon include tarot cards, camera, a copy of the I Ching, mirror, a family crest, and a mobile phone. What! No bling!

Speaking of presents - there's a pile of them by the front door. I think my husband is taunting me - does yours do this? He has shopped exclusively online and hasn't opened any of the parcels - but has left them there to entice me with the stack. I do like presents. It doesn't matter what kind of present it is - as long as it's wrapped. I prefer the paper/scotch tape type of writing rather than the pretty bags - but I put other people's presents in pretty bags all the time. I like to go to the hard work of opening a gift, but have no patience for the wrapping of one.

I'm hoping for a new laptop. Those don't look like laptop boxes by the door, but hope springs eternal. As a result of my kids using my laptop for their homework papers, and I suspect for the occasional online shoot 'em up game, I no longer have a delete key/or function. If I make an error, I have to backspace. That's a pain. However, I suspect I'll have to buy my own laptop one of these days. My family learned long ago that they can't go wrong with a book for a gift and I think that's what's in the pileup by the door - more fodder for the TBR pile.

This past year I've released The Seduction of a Duke and a story in the anthology, Tails of Love. I won a number of awards for The Trouble with Moonlight - so those three titles will be giveaways for today's blog. I also have a couple of DVDs from Lori Foster's event that contain an interview with myself and several other authors. Those are up for grabs. So tell me - What are you hoping for your birthday/ Christmas? Do you believe in astrology symbols? Any Scorpios out there? What's your sign - does it fit? Do you have any thoughts on wrapping paper? Singing cards? Birthstones? (Mine is an opal, by the way). Do you do anything special on your big day? Let's celebrate!


Lynz Pickles said...


Lynz Pickles said...

What are you hoping for?

Chapters gift cards. Indigo gift cards. Coles gift cards. (Yes, they're all owned by the same company. I don't care.) Gift cards for independant bookstores. Gift cards for French bookstores, like the awesome one in Québec whose name I can never remember. Gift cards for Mexican bookstores that I can use when on vacation next year. Does the Book Depository have gift cards? Because if they do, I'd really like some. See a prevailing theme here?

(I'd also be happy to accept some Tylenol. But since I know I'm not getting any of it tonight, my raging headache and I are going to bed. The GR can nurse me back to health in the morning, preferably using chocolate treatments. And books. Or gift cards I can buy books with.)

mariska said...

Happy (early) Birthday Donna! Hey, do you know that my little bro birthday is on Oct 24th? The same day as yours. And I, Nov 18th, then my father Nov 19th. Is that cool? We have 3 scorpios on the house :)
what i want from my birthday, next month, a new connection of internet to my pc. Coz I've been using my mobile to be connected to the net. That's why sometimes i missed my chance for getting book giveaways *g*
oya, some new books will be awesome for my presents..tee-hee
To celebrate these birthdays, we usually go to a seafood restaurant, with the beautiful sea scene while we're eating. Just awesome!

Lynz, congrats for the GR. And get well soon!

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Lynz.

Happy Birthday, Donna. I'm with Lynz, gift cards are always appreciated. I wouldn't getting a Kindle or iPhone. I'm a Sagittarius, so I get a lot of the birthday/Christmas combo presents.

Michelle said...

happy birthday donna!! i hope you'll have a great one and all your birthday wishes come true :)

my birthday's not till next year but for christmas i'm hoping for a new digital camera and i always ask for (and love receiving) gift cards from borders or b&n.

i'm an aquarius but i don't know anything about my sign. however my birthstone is amethyst and it's perfect because my favorite color of all-time is purple :)

not really big on birthdays... a dinner out with family to celebrate. but i started my own bday tradition a few years ago of spending a few hours at a book store just browsing (something i rarely get to do) and buying a birthday book (or books) for myself a few days before the actual date :)

Michelle said...

sorry... LOL i have to ask because it's been bugging me... i know the first person that comments get's "GR". but what's (or who's) GR?

Helen said...

Congrats Lynz have fun with him


I hope your day is filled with lots of fun love and pressies and you get your new laptop.

My birthday is 2nd April and I am aries and I am not sure really what that means but I know my birthstone is a diamond and they are a girls best friend and I love them. I got married on my 20th birthday so I also celebrate my wedding anniveray the same day and in the 32 years we have been married he has never forgotten and I always get lots of presents.
I love any present and I love them wrapped with nice and funny cards I do love getting gift cards from book shops then I can add to the TBR pile to my hearts content.

Have Fun

Helen said...


The GR is The Golden Rooster who travels the world to visit everyone and can be very fiesty when he wants to be he loves chocolate especially Tim Tams and has been known to spy and take off with cars if you ever get him be careful with him LOL

Have Fun

Blodeuedd said...

Xmas :D Bday
Well books, (duh), cds and giftcards to this clothing store and bookstore. Will be happy with that.

And I am a rather typical Pisces, it's weird but it fits me.

My bday is 4 months away, rather close to xmas really. Too many pressies around that time. And I do love opening them


Donna MacMeans said...

Hey Lynz - Hope the headachne is better. I live on Exederin for Migraine - wonderful stuff. Have the GR read you stories in bed, he does the different voices amazingly well. I fancy he casts himself in the role of hero frequently - puffs out his chest and the whole thing.

So let me guess what you'd like -- girft cards? (grin). Well, I wish them for you - and I hope they are wrapped in an interesting fashion - like buried in a big box. Otherwise half of the suspense is gone when you see the little wrapper.

Donna MacMeans said...

Mariska - good idea for a gift. Isn't it amazing what those little mobiles can do these days? You do well with punching the tiny keyboard - lots of practice I think.

Three Scopios in one house - that sounds volatile! I saw one description that Scorpios are like volcanoes just under the water's surface - ready to explode at any moment, but with a benign appearance.

We will probably go to a seafood restaurant as well, but one with a beautiful sea view. I wish. The coastline is limited in landlocked Ohio (grin). Next month, though, I'm headed for Jamaica for my anniversary. Lots of sea views there!

ddurance said...

I still want an ereader, so far I haven't justified the cost. The new Nooks from B&N look nice. Maybe, I guess we'll see.
I'm an Aries and it pretty much fits me. My birthstone is aquamarine or bloodstone as it's sometimes called and that sounds much more like Halloween, dontcha think? lol
I don't do too much wrapping paper. I can, I've even worked as a gift wrapper at a local department store, but I just prefer to throw gifts into one of those bags with some tissue paper. Tada! So much easier.


Donna MacMeans said...

Jane - How's that birthday/Christmas thing working for you? My sister has that comvination thing going on - but I rather like my couple month separation.

I have an iplhone and I LOVE it. I've had other mobiles, but the iphone is unlike anything else. I'm so impressed with the phone, I'm wondering if I should switch to a Mac computer! Now that's an impressive phone.

Donna MacMeans said...

Michelle - I looked up the zodiac sign for you. It says Acquarians are friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, original and inventive, independent and intellectual (i.e. loves books - but we knew that!) Does that sound like you? Of course, it also says you're intractable and contrary, perverse and unpredictable, emotional and detached. Aren't we all sometimes?

I like your birthday tradition. I definitely believe in buying something for yourself around your birthday (which reminds me I need to do some shopping!) because we focus so much on doing for others the rest of the year. This small celebration should include some time for being good to yourself.

Donna MacMeans said...

Michelle - oops, sorry. You know that goofy bird has been around for so long I forget we need to explain him every once in a while. The GR is the Golden Rooster - an often virtual rooster who is committed to being the slave of the day to whoever posts the first comment on the blog. Sometimes the GR makes a more physical appearance - like at reader events. Should you spot him, be sure to pose for a Kodack moment and we'll get the photo up on the blog for everyone to see.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Helen!

So you're the ram. Let's see - it says you're adventurous and energetic, Pioneering and courageous, enthusiastic and confident, dynamic and quick-witted. Yes, I can see you in those qualites. On the dark side, you're selfish and quick-tempered, impulsive and impatient, foolhardy and a daredevil. But only if you don't get that diamond for your birthday! (grins)

Congratulations on the 32 years anniversary. We're looking at 37 years next month. Now that's worthy of celebration!

Donna MacMeans said...

Blodeuedd -

Is that a new avatar? Love the woman and books - but I liked the old one as well. Very distinctive.

Is thee such a thing as too many pressies? Let's face it - in the winter months we need something to brighten the dreary days. Presents work wonderfully. Even if your day is four months away, I think you should start celebrating today. Get a running start on the whole thing. Pull up a drink and a cabana boy.

Donna MacMeans said...

ddurance - I know what you mean. That's why I always give gifts in those pretty bags - so much easier. I just like to unwrap the ones I receive. I used to be the one that wrapped all the children's gifts for Christmas - and because we'd hide them the day unwrapped the day we bought them - most of my wrapping was done on Christmas eve. I got so sick of wrapping presents that I pretty much refuse to do it anymore.

So many different types of ebook readers! There's something called a Que out there now, and another called Chapter maybe? I don't have a reader either up I'm told I can download books to my phone and read them there. Somehow that doesn't sound enjoyable to me - reading on that tiny screen. Haven't phyiscally seen a Nook yet - but anxious too.

Nancy said...

Lynz, congrats on taking home the rooster! I hope you'll keep him extremely busy. So he stays out of trouble. :-)

Donna, happy, happy birthday! That pile of packages does sound intriguing. No, my dh doesn't do that. He hides things. Except I'm here when he hides them, so I have a pretty good idea where they are.

I'm a Taurus, so I have a while to wait for my next birthday. What do I want? Not much, actually. I'm mostly into books and music, and I tend to buy those as I go.

I could use a card reader for the computer, so I can stick the camera's memory card in there and upload directly. The one thing I didn't check before buying my camera is whether it's compatible with iPhoto. It's not. Yes, I have software for it, but that's such a pain.

And I have to note here that my film camera never announced that it was "full" just as I was about to take a photo I really wanted. I always knew how many shots I had left.

I'd like a broadsword--15th century style. And nice hooks for hanging it on the wall.

And I'd love to be able to sing. But that's not something anyone can buy for me, alas.

Nancy said...

Lynz, I love gift cards. The boy and his cousins exchange those, which are so much simpler than trying to guess what someone you never see has or wants.

Nancy said...

Mariska, we once went to a seaside seafood restaurant in Washington state. There were seals on the rocks outside, and it was gorgeous.

Eating seafood, watching seals, at the seaside. Hmm--don't think I could say that three times fast.

The seafood restaurants we like at the Outer Banks are on the Inland Waterway or the Sound, not oceanside. The Carolina beaches are sandy, not rocky.

Nancy said...

Jane, I could go for an iPhone, even if I just used it as a mini-computer. Our cell provider isn't the one iPhones use. But they are so cool. A friend of mine has one she uses just for the apps, and she loves it.

Nancy said...

Michelle, I hope you get that camera. I take a "me" day for my birthday, too, and just do whatever I'm inclined to. Unless I have to teach that day, in which case "me" time is postponed until after I'm done.

Nancy said...

ddurance, I wouldn't mind having an eReader, but they'll have to come down in price a lot before they move up to my possibilities list. We have too many other things to handle for me to spend that to read books I can read without it.

And I'm hoping there'll be a universal format at some point. I don't like the idea that I can obtain books for a particular reader only from one particular provider or that a big provider like Amazon sells ebooks compatible only with its own device. At least, it's my understanding that's what they do.

But it's all irrelevant until the price drops HUGELY!

~Drew said...

Happy Birthday!

let's see, Zodiac, Cancer/Gemini cusp. Or so they say. LOL!
Birthstone, what is June, a pearl?
And speaking of Halloween candy, I am shameless, already dipping into it, at this rate there will be nothing left to give out to the kiddies!
I'm at an age where money and gift cards are what I want for my birthday.And since my family lives in a different area, the ideal gift! I like birthdays, the day is all about 'me'. LOL!

Also my with regard to my age (and maybe my crabby zodiac sign) I am finding it real hard to dive into the e-book pool. I only recently found out what a Kindle is! And I can't imagine curling up with one, I must be missing something!! Or am I?
Now, I did just get a itouch for my birthday this summer, and I love it.
Like Lynz, I am from Canada. Would love some Chapters gift cards!!

But as far as Christmas, I want wrapped boxes or gift bags under the tree, gift cards do not cut it. Unless, you give them to me in time for me to buy the gifts, wrap them and put them under the tree.

Oh heck, I don't wrap anything anymore, if it doesn't fit in a gift bag, I make it fit!

Donna MacMeans said...

Nancy - I can easily see you with a broadsword - and I doubt you would leave it hanging on a wall! Yes - I can envision Nancy strapping it to her side and hauling it into the classroom with her - that should win the admiration and attention of thsoe college students.

My husband is a Taurus. We're supposed to be not compatible zodiac signs - but hey it seems to be working.

I think I'm probably one who never fills up a memory card because I'm always forgetting to take my camera anywhere. I worry sometimes about how permanent those digital photos really are. I mean I have a box full of the hard copy photos from years back. I figure I'd use them for inspiration for painting "one of these days." But what will happen to old digital photos? What if the technology changes and my poor memory stick will be incompatible with the new stuff and I can't upload? I never worried about this stuff until a librarian was telling me the nice thing about a paper bound book is that it is always accessible. They have books on diskettes and floppies in the library which are now useless. Can't find a computer that actually reads a diskette these days. I worry about that sort of stuff with my photos.

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Happy Birthday, Donna!

My birthday isn't until May, but what I want more than anything is to have lost another 25 pounds. The ol' Lose 40 by Age 40 plan. :) I'm down around 11-12, so I'm on my way.

My birthstone is the emerald, which is fitting because green is one of my favorite colors. I'm not much into astrology, but I'll look at the occasional horoscope for my Gemini sign.

I LOVE whoever invented the gift bag because I'm horrid at wrapping gifts. It looks like a creature without oppossable thumbs wrapped them.

traveler said...

Happy Birthday and all the best. I love books and stationary the best of all. Also a meal out would be a lovely treat as well as a mini vacation. I am a Sagittarius and so are my two sons so it is a busy time of year.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Drew!

Every year I swear I'm not buying any Halloween candy until the day before Halloween, but then I'm doing the grocery shopping and see those candy displays and I cave. I'm about all the way through one bag of Reese's peanut butter cups. Those grocers know their business putting that stuff out there early.

I haven't an ebook reader either, although - at my age - the prospect of making the font larger is an appealling one. I think my publisher must be making the print fonts smaller in the paperbacks.

I had an interesting discussion with another writer who like to read books on her phone. Seems to me, you'd have to quicken the pacing for someone to stay interested in a book where only a paragraph or so is visible at a time. The times - they are a'changing.

Christie Kelley said...

Happy Birthday, Donna! I hope you get that new laptop.

Me, I'm on the cusp for Pisces and Aries. And I am a little of both so I always read them both. My birthstone is an aquamarine which I love. It is such a pretty blue color.

I haven't even thought about what I want for Christmas but I told my husband I want a new kayak for my birthday. Ours were stolen from the dry moorings in our neighborhood this year.

Have a great day, Donna!

Donna MacMeans said...

Trish - This is my losng standing plea. What I'd really like for my birthday is more time - time to write - time to read - time to do/go all the places I want to go, but...alas... no one can give that to me.

Second on my list would be to lose weight - effortlessly. That's another that will have to fall in the "gift to myself" category which likely won't happen. I've hit that magical point where my body is morphing into my mother's shape no matter what I do to prevent it. See - it's all my mother's fault (grin).

(hey - do you think if I'd lay off the Halloween candy it would help?)

s7anna said...

Hi Donna,


My dream gift would be an ebook reader because I'm always glued to my macbook currently and seriously I could use something a little more portable. Of course after that would be gift cards from all the online bookstores that I love...and if the online publisher i.e. Ellora's Cave doesn't offer GCs anymore...well straight out cash will do so that I can load up my credit card and go wild on the Jasmine Jade website...

I love getting wrapped presents...I feel like a princess when I know someone's taken the time to go that extra step...

I absolutely adore birthdays!!! I'm an Aries by the way and it pretty much fits me to a tee... :)

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

Minna said...

I'm hoping for books, gift cards, peanut butter sweets and a digital camera. Although I might soon get a digital camera by swapping. It's not a very GOOD camera, but it's easier to get stuff swapped if I have at least some kind of digital pictures of them. And I'll get it practically for free.

Asterix will soon celebrate his 50th birthday:

MsHellion said...

Yeah, I'm an astrology junkie. Well, I believe the general traits associated with signs. As for if the horoscope of the day is true, I'm less converted. I'm more of the "make your own destiny" side of things. I think that's more of an upbringing though--of the 80s and 90s--we were taught we could change the world, change it's hard to believe some guy in a closet room who's never met me can tell me if I'm going to have a crappy day or not. You have to choose to be happy.

But I have Pisces problems. I'm a dreamer; I love sleep; I eat too much; and I do feel constantly pulled in two directions but never quite able to commit to something and follow through. I have to work at making myself follow through. Make more of an effort not to let the negative Pisces prevail.

And even if you don't believe in astrology, a funny book to read is "How to Spot a Bastard by His Astrological Sign". HYSTERICAL. And completely accurate about my ex-boyfriend the Aquarius.

MsHellion said...

Oh, and what am I hoping for Christmas and my birthday??

To be a size skinnier, or two sizes skinnier. But that will actually take effort on MY end.

For Christmas I'd like the latest Harry Potter movie. I'd also like the "extended" version of Harry Potter 1 and 2 (movies), though I'd want to watch it first to make sure it was worth rebuying.

I'd also like a Nano so I can have music at the gym--but I don't have to have one.

~Drew said...

I have to get with it as far as new technology goes. I mean, in 1982, I was right there buying one of the first VCR's, even though it cost hundreds of dollars!
The older I get, the slower I am to embrace anything 'new'. Oh no! I am becoming my grandmother!!

Or maybe, I am more frugal,
waiting until the price comes down on things.
One vow, I refuse to go 'blu-ray'!
I just spend out money over the last few years buying DVD's to replace some ancient VHS, I am not doing all over again!

And I cannot imagine reading a book...on a phone. Wow.

There, crabby Cancer. Yep, that's me.

cheryl c said...

Happy Birthday, Donna! :-)
I hope that you have a lovely day!

My birthday is in February. I am a Pisces. I look at my horoscope just for fun, but the personality traits do seem to fit me.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Happy Birthday Bandita Donna, here is a little something for the party. Sorry, I don't know how to make a link on here.

I would like to have a lap top as well or a digital camera. Since my birthday is about a month after Christmas it is generally a little skimpy because everyone is still broke from Christmas.

I can't say I believe so much as I don't totally disbelieve in astrology, those things come pretty darn close, especially if they have the time and place of your birth.

I am an Aquarian and yes, it fits too close for comfort sometimes. To put it in a nutshell, an aquarian marches to the beat of a different drummer.

The bags are so much easier than paper but my mother used to wrap things in newspaper or the Sunday comics, I always thought that was cool. For a baby gift she would use a newspaper from the baby's date of birth.

My birthstone is a garnet whether you are going by the zodiac or the birth month, some signs are different, in your case your zodiac birthstone is an aquamarine.
I love a dark red garnet but I don't care for the lighter stones.

As far as celebrating my birthday it is usually going out to dinner and then back home. I have had several birthdays so they don't cause the excitement they used to.

michellewillingham said...

Happy Birthday, Donna! Mine was last Saturday. My husband scored HUGE points when he bought me a Kindle 2. I can completely understand now, how I would buy more books. Now that I don't have to store them--bring it on! :)

Julia Smith said...

Happy Birthday! I'm also a Scorpio Dragon. Which I enjoy very much.

Your pile of parcels ordered in by your husband is oh so devious. Yet filled with expectant fun, just like Christmas prezzies sitting under the tree. Hope they turn out to be things that make you feel like a kid again.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...


Since I love a party, I'll celebrate with you both today and tomorrow. SVEN! Birthday Massage for Donna! Tout suite!

So, now that I have a frothy drink in hand and some cake (thank you Demetrius!) I'll say I disagree that you're not a dragon. You are one of the most energetic people I know.

COol about all the prezzies too! Wheee! You'll have to let us know what you got.

For myself - Dec. birthday so I'm a Sagittarius - I want some iPod stuff, and a rolling bag for my laptop. Oh, and the bling wouldnt' go wrong either! Hahah! Christmas I'm not thinking about. I want it to be a bit farther away than it actually is. Sigh.

BTW, since I'm what they call a double Sagi (sun sign and rising sign) I'd have to say it fits. Grins. I'll have to go look up my chinese sign to see if it fits.

Wrapping - don't care as long as there's prezzies. Grins.

Most of the singing cards crack me up, so I'm good with them.

As to birthstones, I'm not so much on those. December birthdays are turquoise and blue topaz. Not that I don't like them, but they aren't my favs. I love tanzanite and garnets and sapphires. The deep rich colors. :> But I don't turn ANY bling down, so...

Have a FAB day, Donna! And HUGE CONGRATS that Moonlight won the Aspen Gold! You ROCK!!!

Lynz, he's back with yoU! Woot!

jo robertson said...

Yay, Donna! Any excuse to party. Since I'm a Leap Year baby and only get a real birthday once every four years, I'm taking you up on the offer.

I just wanna know -- where's the cake and ice cream??

Dr. Big hates buying gifts from actual stores he goes into, so I'm stuck with the things he orders from catalogues or on-line.

Last night he showed me a clock he was thinking of getting me for Christmas. It's electronic and programmed to respond to your voice. "What time is it?" you asks and it voice-answers, not only the time, but the date.

Now THAT'S a gift LOL.

TerriOsburn said...

Happy Birthday, Donna! My birthday is New Years Eve so there's always a party, but it's never for me. :)

I'm a Capricorn all the way and fit most of the traits they usually list. No idea about the year I was born in, may have to check that out.

I rarely get presents so never bother stating a wish list. But this year, I'm starting a brand new story for NaNo and if I get the 50K done (HUGE IF!) then I may be able to hit or get very close to THE END by my birthday.

A finished MS would be the bestest present ever!

catslady said...

My husband is a Scorpio and his sign is right on lol. I'm a Sagitarius - we're opposites lol. My BD is Nov. 29 so usually my BD blended in with Thanksgiving and I got a Christmas present early lol.
I have to say I've enjoyed many of your books - I don't have Tails of Love yet but it's one I want to read. Happy, happy Birthday!

Margaret said...

Happy B-day to yoo... (imagine Pepe Le Pue singing here) Ohhh cake! Enjoy.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Traveler!

You know - I love stationary as well but I haven't had the occasion to use it like I used to. I never actually handwrite a real letter. It's either email or typed on the computer (which is really fortunate as my handwriting is awful). I use notecards occasionally, but one box lasts for years.

We'll go out to eat somewhere - just not sure where yet.

Donna MacMeans said...

Christie - I didn't know that you were a kayaker - is that a proper term? Bummer that the others were stolen.

I sort-of received one present. We had some of our old windows replaces (yay, energy tax credit). I had a garden window put in the kitchen. It's one of those windows that bump out like a little greenhouse. Now I can put some plants in the window for color during the dreary months. It really brightens up the kitchen.

Donna MacMeans said...

s7anna - LOL, Yes cash fits most occasions (grin). I have a problem giving cash though - not sure why. Maybe I like the excuse of shopping for something special to give because I might find something special to get for me, too (grin). I attach so much memory to gifts. If I see something - even an item of clothing - I immediately think of the person who gave it to me. Can't do that with cash. But a gift of an ebook reader is definitely one with memory!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Minna - I think I have some peanut butter treats here - have some!

Yes, digital cameras are really important just to communicate these days. Isn't technology grand? Good digital cameras have gotten smaller and smaller. You can probably find one in your swap meets fairly easily - then you can send us photos!

Louisa Cornell said...

Commiserations on the headache, Lynz! Perhaps the GR has learned some nursing skills from our resident RNs! Take two chocolates and call the GR in the morning.

Happy Happy Birthday, Donna! Glad I chose today to sneak out of the writing cave for a few minutes.

I'm a Capricorn. All of the BEST Duchesses are born in December don't you know! I have a lovely Blue Zircon birthstone ring that my parents gave me when I turned sixteen and I really love it.

I was born in the Year of the Dog, which is extremely appropriate considering most of my roommates are real dogs! LOL

I would LOVE a publishing contract for my birthday (Dec 29th) In fact for a publishing contract I would give up birthday cakes and gifts for the next 50 years!

Have a fantastic birthday, Donna. I hope they have a new laptop stashed in the closet for you!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Ms. Hellion!

LOL on "How to Spot a Bastard by his Astrological Sign". I'll have to hunt that one down. From your description, I think I might be a closet Pisces. I can hear the bed calling me now.

Hey - you'd be proud of me. After my quick attempt to come up with a costume last month, I went and ordered a vest that will work perfectly as a pirate or gypsy. (Figured I can already read palms so might as well go with the whole costume). Now I can be a fully costumed bandita.

Donna MacMeans said...

Drew - LOL - Yeah, I was a proud owner of a new Beta VHS years ago. I think there are still old VHS tapes of little kid shows (Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles, anyone?) down in the basement. They served their purpose for the time - however - I remember my parents used to take movies of we kids with a Kodak movie camera and big bar lights. Lots of shots of we kids blinded by lights trying to stumble down the steps on Christmas morning. They transferred that film to VHS tapes for us. Of course, that technology is nonexistant, now. If I could find the tapes, I'd like to transfer them to DVDs if possible. Hmmm...guess I should try to search those out.

Thanks for the reminder, Drew. As my parents have both passed, those movies are about the only way my kids will see moving images of my parents. Too bad those movies didn't come with sound (or maybe that's fortunate in the case of my mother giving my baby sister a bath - you can almost hear her screams).

Donna MacMeans said...

AH Cherylc - Do you hear your bed calling you too? (grin) I think it's great that you have a birthday in the middle of winter. One really needs a pick-me-up then. So what are you hoping for this year?

Donna MacMeans said...

Dianna - That was great! Best present in the lair! I think you even captured Aunt Cindy swinging on that chandelier - and the corset - oh la la! what a talent you are!

I think the astrological signs resonate a little with everyone because we are complex beings with multiple traits. I think each of us fits each of the signs to some degree - but it's fun to think we're hard wired to certain talents and abilities. I particularly pleased with the supposed "passionate" nature of Scorpios. Believing one is sexy or passionate is half the battle to actually being so.

You should be celebrating thsoe birthday with gusto, girl! I figure I have fewer birthdays before me than I have behind me at this point - time to cherish each one.

Donna MacMeans said...

MichelleWhittingham - Congratulations on the Kindle 2. Of course now you have to buy all your favorites to have on the Kindle to reread at will, right? (grin). While it would be great to reduce the stacks of books all over the house...I think I'd miss the colorful bookcases displaying all my favorite books.

These ebook readers are really changing the face of reading aren't they? Bookmarks take on a whole new meaning. I've been to book signings where readers have asked me to sign their Kindle covers, rather than the book. It's a brave new world.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hey Julia - My Scorpio-Dragon sister. We sound like a gang (grin). I know of another Scorpio-Dragon author, Elysa Hendricks. She was born on October 24th, just like me. I'm sure there are many, many that share our birthdays - but easy it neat to bump into them?

Donna MacMeans said...

Jeanne - Oh apropos that you are the sign of the archer. See, you were destined from birth to write stories of life endangerment and manhunts. Is there a zodiac sign of someone holding an uzi?

I love those singing cards - esp. the Hoops and Yo-Yo ones. They can be annoying but they still crack me up. Last weekend my dh brought home a card that said "When you think about it, Sweetest Day always comes down to those three little words" You open the card and it sings.. "I want candy..." So true! (Pass the Reese's peanut butter cups, please!)

Love the sapphires and I could enjoy a blue topaz. I would love to accumulate some gemstones to pass along to my daughter - the family stones, if you will. Right now, that would be more in the nature of a pet rock LOL. One of these days.

Anna Sugden said...

Sorry I'm late - family crisis - nothing earth-shattering or devastating - just a PITA!

A very happy birthday, Donna. My little sis and niece are Scorpios too. I'm a Leo and typical, so I'm told. *g*

My fave gemstones are opals and tanzanites - I HATE my birthstone of peridot. Uggh reminds me of mushy peas!

What do I want for Christmas? I'm so lucky that lovely hubby is the best present giver ever (as anyone who knows him will confirm!) Whatever he gets is always awesome, though he draws the line at my own hockey hunk LOL. There are people at Nationals who always ask me what he got me for our anniversary (it always falls during conference), almost before they say hello!

I too would love a contract as a present - sadly, hubby can't delvier that, much as he'd wish to.

My favourite gifts are always the ones that show real thought has gone into them.

MsHellion said...

Huzzah on the awesome costume find!! I'm sure you'll be a kickass gypsy! I myself have yet to complete my costume, which is another Pisces trait: PROCRASTINATION. Mostly through sleeping. My favorite way to put off the inevitable.

Lisa Cooke said...

Hi Donna--Happy early birthday (again *grin*) I'm a Libra, but like you, I like to pick and choose from the character traits. I always have liked buffets. As for gifts, I've gotten to the point where I don't need anything and I like unusual thoughtful gifts. For my birthday last Saturday, my hubby gave me a new wig and pirates hat for the dances they always have at reader/writer events. The wig is making its debut at RT at the vampire ball (can't wait)

Donna MacMeans said...

Hey Jo -

That's my dh. He's not fond of stores and crowds so he buys everything online. LOL on the clock. Is this like a wristwatch or a wall clock? I think it should let you program what you want it to say at certain times ie. at seven AM it could remind you to go back to sleep. This could start a whole trend of talking devices - like the refrigerator that says..."Are you sure you want that?" everytime you open the door, or the toliet that reminds you to flush (hmmm...I wouldn't mind getting one of those for my son LOL).

Do you think they might sell talking golf clubs? (He-he-he) Now that would be a gift! Last I checked Joannie was dishing out the ice cream and cake - just watch out for the candle wax. Sorry about that.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Donna MacMeans said... You should be celebrating thsoe birthday with gusto, girl! I figure I have fewer birthdays before me than I have behind me at this point - time to cherish each one.

very good point Donna, I think you are right

Donna MacMeans said...

Oh Terri - I hear you on the finished manuscript. That is is the best gift ever - and a real incentive to party.

My sister - the one that lives in Orlando - also has a New Year's Eve birthday. Obviously, Florida is the place for cold month celebrations!

Good Luck with NaNo!

Kirsten said...

Oooo, prezzies!! Happy Birthday Donna! I am a huge fan of birthdays, especially mine, especially when they involve presents! I love jewelry -- I have a hard time buying myself such frivolity. And food. I love gifts that involve taking me to a restaurant where I can eat far more than I should.

And the gift of time...I love getting a few hours to myself, to soak in a hot bath and take a notch out of the TBR pile.

Ah....thanks for the party, Donna! I hope you enjoy the day!

Minna said...

Swap meets? I actually do all my swapping over the internet. Getting a digital camera by swapping with the locals here would be pretty much hopeless.

joder said...

Well, Happy Birthday early!!!!

As for gifts I love, I'm all about the gift cards. I love gift cards to B&N, Bath & Body Works, and Target. For celebrating, we all just go out to eat (birthday person's choice).

And I'm an Aquarious, which I know nothing about so I guess you could say I don't believe in the zodiac signs.

limecello said...

Yay Donna! Happy birthday! :D
My sign matches some of me I think, but not all.
I've got to run now but I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

Donna MacMeans said...

Catslady - With an avatar name like that I'd say you'd have to read TAILS OF LOVE. All the stories deal with animals - not necessarily cats and dogs. Stella Cameron wrote a cute story done in cat & dog vocabulary. So glad you've enjoyed my other books.

WOW! Sounds like lots of celebrations around your house in the fall months! Is there such a thing as cake overload?

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Maragret - Thanks for the birthday wishes but you need to spill about yourself. What are you hoping for this year? Zodiac sign?

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL Louisa - Be careful what you wish for...that's a lot of cake...

Better to have dogs as roommates than dragons, I'd say (grins).

Crossing fingers and toes that your dream of a publishing contract comes true, Louisa.

Donna MacMeans said...


Opals - I love them - all that fire contained within the stone.

Yes, your husband is a sweetie and a well known research resource for the banditas. No Hockey Hunk, though? Well - poo. At least you get to come back to the states periodically to catch up with the boys on ice.

You know you have all the banditas pulling for that publishing contract. If karma has anything to do with it, that offer should be coming through any day now.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hey Ms. Hellion - I hear you on Procastination. That's my bugaboo as well. We need to come up with a solution to help each other over the procrastination hurdle. I'll think about it after I go back to bed (grin).

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Lisa - So that's what you were doing up in Maine - celebrating your birthday? Can't wait to see the new wig. Like you, there's not much I need in the way of presents - but I still love to get them & rip them open (grin). It's always the unexpected gift that's best.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Lynz, I hope that wily wooster is behaving!

Oh, man, I'm obviously late for Donna's birthday party. DONNA, HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I'm like you - people can never go wrong with a book for me. Or stationery or soap. I hope you all are taking notes!

Love the astrological stuff. I think you're all the good stuff!

Hey, and congratulations on all your award success with Moonlight. I was so excited during the week to hear you'd won the Aspen Gold! Yay, you!

Anna Campbell said...

Dianna, I adore that wonderful celebration of Donna's birthday that you put up. Aren't you just the clever clogs?

Oh, I'm a Virgo and my birthday i 24th August. But that's right on the cusp of Leo - much more Virgo than Leo, though.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Kirsten - so what zodiac sign are you, m'dear? I love receiving jewelery as well, but I rarely wear it. My dh gave me a necklace with two tiny rubies that are cut like little hearts but set to look like little cherries - I wear that all the time - and an opal ring - but that's it. I don't think I've ever actually bought myself a piece of jewerly - Hah! That's probably why I don't wear it (grin).

Grab some cake, you skinny thing and find a cabana boy to serve up a drink. Time for a birthday toast.

Donna MacMeans said...

Well heck Minna - that's what I meant. Can't meeting on the internet be considered a swap meet? The internet has certainly made the world a much smaller place. heck - we're talking and we're oceans apart (grin).

Minna said...

Oh. Well, English is not my mother tongue...

Donna MacMeans said...

Hey Joder - Scroll up there and read my response for Michelle. She's an Aquarian as well so I looked up the traits. Do you see yourself there?

The thing about gift cards - people give them to my little sister all the time for various ocassions. She's disabled and can't drive. There's no Starbucks within walking distance of her apartment, yet people give her Starbucks gift cards all the time. I took her to a Starbucks last time I visited and she bought me a drink. The receipt says she has over $300 in gift card credit!!! That's a lot of pumpkin spice lattes!

Donna MacMeans said...

Thanks Lime - What sign are you? Oops - that sounds like a pick up line, doesn't it? Come back and party when you have time.

Minna said...

When I get a gift card I can't use, like Amazon gift card, I trade it for something else. Like for a gift card I can actually use!

Christine Wells said...

Hiya, Donna! Happy birthday and congrats again on the slew of awards Moonlight has garnered so far. Fantastic!

I'm not really into any astrology or anything like that. I do think Libra fits quite a bit of my personality--I can always see two sides to every argument, for example, but I don't think I'm particularly gullible! These things are fun to think about, though, aren't they?

Congrats on the rooster, Lynz!

Donna MacMeans said...

Thanks for the congrats on the Aspen Gold Anna (and Jeanne - forgot to say thanks earlier). That was a surprise. While I wasn't surpised THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT was a finalist - it is a fun paranormal read after all - I was surprised to learn it won the category. Most Paranormal readers are put off by the historical references and light nature of the book. I think it must have been the unique nature of an invisible heroine that caught the judge's interest. Besides - who doesn't like a good laugh every now and then.

So you're a soap girl, huh? I'm rarely given soap as a gift (I guess that's a good thing LOL) but when I have it - I hate to use it. I end up tucking it away in a lingerie drawer hoping it'll scent the unmentionables. I don't think it does - and eventually loses it's wonderful scent and then I have...what? So from now on - this will be my motto-- Use the soap. NO matter the shape. No matter the place of origin (I'm still hanging on to some Hawaiian stuff). Use the soap - life will be better for it.

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, when I went through Mum's stuff after she passed away, I came actross all this lovely soap because she was a hoarder too. Not me! I use the stuff! Apart from that, the perfume fades. You really SHOULD use it straightaway.

Donna MacMeans said...

Minna - This is a good idea! I wondered how I convert her rather extravagant gift card for something she could actually use. If I drank coffee, I'd buy it from her - but I'm not a Starbucks person. I'll have to suggest she swap it on the internet. Thank you for that suggestion.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Christine - Libra fits for your lawyerly personality. Not gullible, huh? I am. I trust everyone. I might harbor secret suspicions, but give me a sad look and an improbable explanation and I'll believe anyone. However, I'm also incredibly cheap which lessens any danger of my being taken in on a scam or scheme.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL - I promise Anna - I'll use the time to waste!

Minna said...

I would recommend Swap Treasures or Title Trader. I trade there ALL kinds of stuff I want to get rid off -in my case small stuff, due to postage.

Pat Cochran said...

Bless you, Donna, you mere child,
you! And a Happy, Happy, Birthday!
My last b-day,(August 24, a Virgo
with a Peridot birthstone) there
could have been enough candles on the cake to set off all of the
nearby sprinkler systems! The sign
fits especially well. Like you,I
prefer to bag, not wrap. We do
individual luncheons for b-days,
except for August when we do a
group gathering for the 6 b-days!
With 18 birthdays in the immediate
family plus all the holidays, we
are a partying people! P.S. I've
put new diamond earrings and a
motion detector lighting system
on my Christmas list.

Pat Cochran

Minna said...

Those are the places where I trade at the moment, anyway. Although unless the gift certificate is something you find on Amazon, then it's best to skip Title Trader.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Pat, did I know we shared a birthday? How cool is that???!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Snork! Donna, that's sounding like I told you you need a wash! NOT TRUE!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Anna Campbell said...
Oh, I'm a Virgo and my birthday i 24th August. But that's right on the cusp of Leo - much more Virgo than Leo, though.

My daughter is Aug 14 and Leo all the way, right down to the red hair, supposedly a lot of Leos have red hair.

Michelle said...

thanks donna and helen :)

i'll try my darnest to grab that GR next time ;)

Pissenlit said...

Congrats on the GR, Lynz!

Woo! Happy early birthday, Donna!

What do I hope for? I'm with Lynz on this one. I'm all about the Chapters Indigo gift cards. I wouldn't mind gift cards to a French bookstore but uh, I'm not sure what I'd do with ones for a Mexican bookstore. No hablo español.

I'm not into astrology so all I know about it is that my Zodiac sign is Leo and according to Chinese astrology, I'm a Metal Monkey(does that make me a monkey robot?). My birthstone is a peridot. Pretty!:)

Wrapping long as it's wrapped nicely. Poorly wrapped objects really bug me...they're a pet peeve. I've never gotten a singing card but a friend of mine sent me an eeeeeevil card from France one year. It had Teletubbies on the front and when you opened it up, it shot a handful of confetti in your face. I think it was payback for the mooing socks I gave her one year. I didn't know they moo, honest!(not that that would've stopped me had I known beforehand) :D

I actually really dislike it when my birthday rolls around and I just try to lay low on my birthday. My birthdays always involve celebrating in ways that everyone else enjoys as opposed to in ways I enjoy. Also, I can count on one hand the number of times when I didn't have to share my birthday celebration with other people's birthdays.

Oh wow, did I end that on a downer, or what? Ha!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...


HAPPY HAPPY Bday, Donna!!!

Yes, that DOES look like me swinging from the chandelier (except for the glasses) in Dianna's adorable bday wishes!

I'm sure you'd never guess that like Le Duchesse and the lovely Jane, I'm a Sagittarius. And I'm afraid the stereotypes all fit me too! Impatient, out-going, prone to exaggeration?!?!? GUILTY as charged! I was born in the Chinese year of the Rabbit/hare. Also appropriate considering the thing rabbits like to do most is what *I* like too!

Of course I meant eat carrots! ;-)

I'm getting EXACTLY what I want for my bday this year... another cruise to Acapulco! And lots of handsome waiters with exotic accents to sing and fawn over me.

P.S. Whomever invented gift bags deserves the Nobel Peach Prize!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Yes, I meant Peach, because gift bags are such a PEACHY idea! :-P

The Romance Dish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nancy said...

Donna wrote, re: the broadsword: Yes - I can envision Nancy strapping it to her side and hauling it into the classroom with her

Now that is a thought. I wouldn't have any discipline problems. This semester has been good, though, with no need for me to land on people.

I do admit I'd play with it. *sigh*

Nancy said...

I could use a watch, actually. My Timex died, and I've been using a bangle watch I bought for dressier occasions, but I prefer a watch that doesn't move around on my arm.

And Star Trek on DVD (Hi, JT).

Nancy said...

Dianna, your birthday web page is fabulous! Very cute.

PJ said...

Sorry about that. I just realized I was signed in under the wrong ID.

Happy Birthday, Donna! Hope you have a fabulous day, weekend and, what the heck, whole year! :)

My birthday was last month. I'm a Virgo and some of those characteristics apply to me but I'm more of a Libra in many ways. Maybe it's because I was born less than 48 hours from the Virgo-Libra switch. My birthstone is sapphire and I adore it!

I don't know what will be on my Christmas list yet. Depends on what I can afford. lol I'd love a laptop but unless I can score a really good "Black Friday" deal that probably won't be under this year's Christmas tree.

Pissenlit said...

Drew - Oh heck, I don't wrap anything anymore, if it doesn't fit in a gift bag, I make it fit!

That's one of the reasons I prefer wrapping paper to gift bags. There are a limited number of gift bag sizes and not everything fits perfectly in them. The last wedding shower I attended, someone gave a present in what looked like Frankenstein's monster gift bag cobbled together with 1.5 gift bags. :D

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Pat -

Blessings on anyone who refers to me as a child (grin). Love the idea of all the partying going on down there - cake year round so to speak - yum.

Diamond earrings and a new motion detector system - Those must be killer earrings (grins). May you receive all you desire and more!

Donna MacMeans said...

Minna - Very cool idea. I can understand how postage can be a limiting factor. That makes gift cards pretty perfect, doesn't it.

Donna MacMeans said...

I knew I was smelling icing in the wind in August! It was coming from West Maryland (my brother). So with all that icing - how come I didn't get any cake! (she says with hands fisted on hips)

Donna MacMeans said...

Michelle - you've got to be quick on the trigger to get that wily bird. I mean - what the heck is Lynz Pickles doing up at 4:12 AM, I wonder?
Or you, I guess, at 5:30 AM?

Boggles the mind.

Donna - who is definitely NOT an early riser. Late-going-to-bedder maybe.

Pissenlit said...

There was no icing wafting in from Canada in August 'cause I didn't get a cake this year.

*snicker* Okay, I'm going to stop grumping about my birthdays now. :D

Donna MacMeans said...

Hey Pissenlit - where did you find mooing socks? Did they moo when you walked? Love to get some for my daughter who collects odd socks - odd as in different designs, not odd as in the lone survivor from the dryer - althouogh we have quite a collection of those as well.

That does sound like an evil card.

My water dragon horoscope says that my best friends would be metal monkeys! I wondered how one would discover such an intimate detail - but there you are. Who knew? (You wouldn't be writing a steampunk novel at the moment, would you? Sounds like you've been born with the knack).

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi AC - I get it. You like globe "hopping". That's what the rabbits do, right? He-he-he. Your dh is a lucky man. Love your idea of a birthday celebration.

Donna MacMeans said...

Nancy - I've always worn a wristwatch - One that lights up at night when you push a button and has easy to read numbers. Not exactly a fashion statement - but practical. The strap broke a week or two ago. I've put off buying a new one - but I still look at my bare wrist at least once a day. Old habits die hard.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi PJ - Well - I doubt I'll be getting a new laptop either (grin). That would be one heck of a birthday gift - but hope springs eternal.

Sounds like you might be on the cusp between Virgo & Libra yourself...a Vibra !

Pissenlit said...

Donna, I found the cow socks(there were other animals too) at Wal-Mart several years ago. They were ankle socks with what I originally thought were merely plush cow heads attached to the back at the top. It turns out that when you press the heads, they moo. My friend inadvertently discovered this during a family holiday dinner when she put her feet up on a chair and crossed her ankles. It took them awhile to figure out where the mooing sound came from. :D

LMAO! Nope, not writing a steampunk novel but I do very much like steampunk...and I was just over at and today's steampunk giveaway is a set of 20 monkey steampunk cards! :D

Donna MacMeans said...

Pissenlit - I agree that there's something special knowing that someone is taking the time to wrap a gift. Heck - in this house - just finding the scotch tape and scissors shows commitment. But I admit I'm more likely to toss something in a bag. Plus the bags are more reuseable than used wrapping paper. Yeah- they're environmentally friendly (of course, I can never find a used one that is the right size or designed for the right celebration as the one I need).

Donna MacMeans said...

Pissenlit - Steampunk is coming in big time. Samhain has a call out for steampunk stories for an anthology. Just a couple of years ago I didn't know what steampunk was - now it's everywhere!

I'm going to have to look for those cow socks. What a fun way to discover the sound mechanism. My daughter would love them.

Nancy said...

Donna and Pissenlit, steampunk was huge at DragonCon this year. Some of the most original costumes were steampunk.

And I totally agree on old habits dying hard, Donna.

Mari said...

I totally believe in astrology. I am virgo, and I fit the description to a TEE.
I love to read, I'm reserved,but I can let my hair down too!

Virginia said...

Congrats Lynz on getting the rooster!

I'm running late today, its been a busy one.


I am usualy happy with what ever I get because I am not hard to please. I am a Taurus and yes I am just as bull headed as they say about them and my stone is the Diamond. You know what they say diamond are forever and I am one of those diamonds in the rough! Happy Birthday Donna have a great one and enjoy!!!!

Donna MacMeans said...

Nancy - What were some of the costumes? Just curious. I start that there was a steampunk.con in Seattle earlier in the year. I'd like to go - one of these days...

Donna MacMeans said...

Mari - Happy belated Birthday!

Virginia - my husband is a Taurus as well. He isn't too stubborn most of the time, but the man does dig in on occasion.

You are definitely a diamond in the rough (how cool to have a diamond as a birthstone). Don't ever forget it!

Nancy said...

Donna, the steampunk outfits were very Victorian. Around the turn of the last century, I'd guess. Some bustles, some full skirts, leg o'mutton sleeves or sleeves with the puff at the top, at the shoulder and about halfway to the elbow and then fitted to the wrist. Men had vests more than frock coats, at least that I saw. And lots of gadgetry. There are dealers now selling steampunk gadget props.

Becke Davis said...

Happy almost birthday, Donna! I'm a Taurus, but I don't really believe/follow astrology. It's fun to read the horoscopes sometimes, though.

Donna MacMeans said...

Nancy - very cool.

I'm not sure what I'd enjoy more - dragon.con or steampunk.con. One of these days I'll make it to one of them LOL.

Donna MacMeans said...

Becke - My husband is a Taurus so I'm VERY familiar with the traits - VBG!

Hey - did you see where we had a garden window installed yeasterday. I thought you'd be impressed.

Joan said...

Crawling in late after a DAY at the DDJ.

Happy Birthday Donna!

I'm April 13, an Aires which I think is a fire sign? Passionate, confident, loyal. Funny I don't remember the downside :-)

As to presents, not too fussy...iPod gift card, earrings. My birthstone is a plain old diamond...not pretty like opals, emeralds,garnets...just sparkly.

What I'd really like for my bday? A birthday cake. Not a dessert when friends take me out, but an honest to goodness chocolate cake/chocolate icing birthday cake.

With a candle.

So I can make a wish.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Joannie -

It's surprizing the number of Aries we had drop in today. Maybe they were just all the more noticeable because of the sparkly diamond bling (grin).

I'm wishing you lots of wishes for your birthday...and cake...lots of good gooey cake.

Donna MacMeans said...

Thanks for everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday. You girls know how to party.

I know KJ will be jumping in here soon so I've gone ahead and grabbed some winners off the blog.

Dianna - Thank you for the wonderful birthday webpage. It really was beautiful and I'm touched that you took so much time and care to put it together. I'm sending you one of the DVDs. That way you can enjoy seeing/listening to several authors.

Catslady - Since you asked, I'll send you a copy of TAILS OF LOVE.

Pissenlit - My Metal Monkey friend - I'm sending you the other copy of the DVD. It's an unusal thing - but I think you'll like it.

Michelle & S7anna - You two round out the five winners. Email me at and let me know if you'd prefer a copy of the Aspen Gold winner - THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT, or the more recent THE SEDUCTION OF A DUKE (and your contact information)

Thanks so much all. Hope you all have wonderful birthdays when your time rolls around. Hey call me - I'm always up for a party!

Michelle said...
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