Sunday, October 25, 2009

On the Road Again ... and Again ...

By Kate

Whew. After traveling back and forth to Las Vegas for my fabulous plot group, and Buffalo, New York, for my lovely niece’s wedding, and then up to Oregon to visit old friends, last week I went through yet another airport security line, jumped on another plane and headed off to Indianapolis to attend Bouchercon. That's the convention that brings together authors, readers, librarians, booksellers, agents, editors and publishers from all over the world to celebrate the mystery genre. It was five days of fun and I had a blast meeting some of my favorite authors, having afternoon tea with a table full of delightful librarians from Ohio, attending my publisher’s cocktail party, and having a marvelous dinner with five super mystery authors, namely, Avery Aames (Cheese Shop mysteries), Sheila Connolly (Orchard mysteries), Maggie Sefton (Knitting mysteries), Kate Collins (Flower Shop mysteries) and Betty Hechtman (Crochet mysteries). And in between the many panels and the bar scene and the Starbucks scene and the book signings, I got a chance to hang out with the marvelous Becke Martin (our own Treethyme) from Barnes & Noble’s online book club forums. What a treat!

I have to say, I loved the weather in Indianapolis. It was cold and clear and beautiful, every day. I got to wear jackets and scarves and my leather gloves. Gloves! Believe me, we don’t get many opportunities to wear gloves in southern California.

Because of all the crazy traveling, I recently went on a serious book buying binge. I always pack lots of books, hoping they’ll distract me while I’m waiting in cold airport lounges, or sitting in cramped airline seats several miles in the air, or trying to go to sleep in strange hotel rooms. I'm so thankful to Kristan Higgins and Lisa Kleypas for providing absolutely wonderful distractions on my last trip. I’m also very excited about all the books I’ve pre-ordered that will arrive in next week’s shipment: Jennifer Lyon’s SOUL MAGIC, Susan Mallery’s HOT ON HER HEELS, Lorna Barrett’s BOOKPLATE SPECIAL, Susan Donovan’s AIN’T TOO PROUD TO BEG, Nora Roberts’ BED OF ROSES, Diana Killian’s DIAL OM FOR MURDER, and Judi McCoy’s HEIR OF THE DOG. Good grief, I wonder when I’ll find the time to write my own book??

So, Bandita Buddies, time to share! Have you traveled anywhere recently? Where did you go and what did you do? Did you bring lots of books? What books are you looking forward to reading soon? Do you like to read when you're flying--or do you have to drink three Bloody Marys and pop a xanax, just to climb on board the plane? Whoa, hey now, that's not me!

I’m thrilled to be giving away an Advance Reader Copy of my February 2010 book, IF BOOKS COULD KILL to one lucky commenter today! So comment away!


Joan said...

Cockadoodle doo....

Joan said...

OMG, you're giving away a ARC???'

PLEASE let me be eligible!!!

Sigh. No. I know. Lair rules (grumble)

As to where have I been lately? About a month ago, spent a long weekend in Savannah GA. Cool city, wish we'd had more time (and less humidity/mosquitos) to spend there. I was in the midst of reading Jessica Andersen's Dawnkeeper.

Then two weeks ago, it was BACK to GA and Moonlight and Magnolias in Atlanta. Did not fly there and can't read in a moving car. But took Jessica's Skykeepers with me.

I've run out of Keepers.

But am 2/3 way through Aunty's The Treasures of Venice. MAGNIFICENT!!!!

As to Future Attractions....I've got my Amazon order ready to ship a certain Anna C's book as well as CL Wilson's fourth book in her Tarien Soul series.

Now...I have to go to bed and rest my toe...walking in a Breast Cancer walk to support my BFF who will have surgery Wednesday.

limecello said...

Oh. Em. Gee. Want. The. Book.

Puh-leeze? *big puppy eyes*

As for traveling... no, the most exciting place I've been relatively recently was NYC. That was nice. I read a lot - or, tried to between running around trying not to be *too* late to everything.

I like reading on planes, but even more, I like taking pictures out the window :) I go for window seats, and I love clouds and aerial shots... this last time on the way there I had a really nice conversation with a perfect stranger. First time ever. [He was cute, pilot, former air force... sadly married with what sounded like 2 adorable little boys.]

Unfortunately the return trip was @ 2 AM [flight was delayed 8 hrs...] and that was a miserable blur. I wish I had xanax then...

jo robertson said...

Hi, our jet-setting Bandita! Welcome back to the Lair. I love to fly and envy you all the different places you've gone. Bouchercon sounds fabulous and, oh my, you were in some good company.

Can't wait for your second Bibliophile book to release. Wahhhhh, February is so faaaaarrrr away!

jo robertson said...

Uh, Joanie, cockadoodle doo, you say? Hmmmm. I'm just saying.

I'm with you on the ARC. Lucky Bandita Buddies!

Helen said...

Congrats Joanie and I do hope he looks after you and your toe I hope it feels better after some rest and isn't Aunty Cindy's book awesome I loved it.

You have done some trevelling I haven't been anywhere since Feb when I went to Melbourne for the Australian Romance readers convention and we drove so I can't read in a moving car either. As for flying I have only been on a plane for 2 trips one was and hour flight there and another was 3 hours and they were a long time ago and I didn't read either times.

But gee I am looking forward to lots of books one in particular Anna Campbell's Captive Of Sin whoo Hoo can't wait to read that one actually I was looking at the new releases the other day from the bookshop I order them from and there is about 10 that I must have the next Nalini Singh Psy Changeling book will be out Lorraine Heath has another one out I will be poor but very happy LOL after I order them and they arrive.

Good luck to everyone for the ARC this is another book that I am dying to read I loved Homicide in Hardcover and am really looking forward to this one.

Have Fun

Kate Carlisle said...

Joanie!!!! You rock!! Congrats on snagging the GR!

I heard about your fabulous trip to Savannah and I really want to visit that city someday soon.

And I'm so jealous that you're in the midst of Aunty's Venice adventure! That one's up next on my TBR pile! Ooh, and Ms. Campbell's book is also arriving soon. Yum!

And some day I'll get to hang out with the banditas at Moonlight and Magnolias. Y'all make it sound the most fun conference around.

Okay, now off to bed, you! (I'm sounding very motherly, yikes!) And congrats again on snagging the feathered one! You obviously needed a studly walking companion. :-) And I know for a fact that he's a huge supporter of the cause.

Now go. Off to bed. Sweet dreams. And happy walking tomorrow. We're all there with you in spirit!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Lime! Wow, NYC is one of my fave places in the world. Lucky you!

Oh, I never think of taking photos out the window. What a great idea! I'll have to remember that. LOL...sorry your cute pilot was married. He sounded so perfect up til that moment! ;-)

Ugh, that 2am flight you described sounds like some of the ones I've been on lately. Just shoot me, right? Or pass the xanax. It's the worst feeling, isn't it? Ack!!

donnas said...

I always bring books when I travel. Recently I spent a weekend in Chicago but since it was a short trip I only brought a couple. I have huge problems when I am going somewhere for a week. So hard to predict what you will want to read or how fast you will be reading. Plus I always read on the plane and in the airport and travel time reading always seems to finish the book faster.

Virginia said...

Congrat Joan on nabbing that rooster! Have fun with him today and don't work him to hard.

I don't travel any more, but as far as books go I am also looking forward to Jennifer Lyon's Soul Magic. I read the first of the series Blood Magic and really enjoyed it.

PJ said...

Hi Kate! Hey Joanie, what's on the agenda for the GR today? Going to make him into a baker's assistant?

OMG Kate, an ARC of IF BOOKS COULD KILL? I would love that! Seriously! Really, really love it!

The only place I've traveled lately is to Atlanta for the M&M Conference. I drove (it's only 90 minutes after all) and had a fabulous time hanging out with Banditas Joanie, Nancy, Trish and Caren, my good buddies Gannon, Buffie and Andrea, and lots of wonderful authors and readers.

I have a long list of November releases I'm looking forward to reading. Books from Anna Campbell, Elizabeth Hoyt, Lori Brighton, Julia London, Veronica Wolff, LL Miller, Susan Mallery, Janet Chapman and more. I've already read Stephanie Laurens' November release and loved it!

I read everywhere - in the car, in lines, in airplanes, airports. Everywhere.

PJ said...

Kate, check your email when you have a chance. I sent you something yesterday.

Emmanuelle said...

I just love to travel. It usually gives me about 8 hours of nothing else to do but reading and eating ;-)
I've pre-ordered most of the books on your list too. I have to order the bookplate one though ! Thx for the recommendation ;-)

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Joan.

Hi Kate,
I haven't been on a plane since coming back from visiting some family in Michigan. I usually only travel with a book or two. I like to travel light so I don't have to check any bags. I like to read and do crosswords while listening to my iPod. I have a hard time sleeping on a plane.

Michelle said...

hi Miss Carlisle! there's nothing more i'd love to do than travel to exciting places. unfortunately rarely travel outside my home state and i usually go only as far as another island. i always envy mainlanders as they can just jump on their car and drive to another state or even country.

i finally got to visit mainland US for the first time this summer and for three weeks visited DC, PA, NYC, NJ, and even DE (but only because we got lost). it was the most fun 3 weeks ever! i picked up a bunch of books but i get really antsy on long flights or bus rides and can't keep still enough to read. my most recent plane trip was when i went to oahu last month but the ride took 20 min. so i just stared out my window.

Barbara Monajem said...

Oh! Oh! I know Sheila Connolly! She and I were roomies at RWA National several years ago. Her Orchard mysteries are great (as is the glassblowing series she writes under the name Sarah Atwell).

On a plane is about the only time I get to read for more than a 2-minute stretch. I have a huge heap of TBRs all clamoring to be my next travel read. So far Wendy Roberts' Devil May Ride (a ghost duster mystery) is in the lead, unless I can't wait and devour it before the trip.

Anna Sugden said...

Oooh - Boucheron sounds fun, Kate - I'm v envious you got to see Becke! Hope you gave her Bandita hugs.

Hmm - can I be a BB for the day if I get a chance to win a copy of your ARC? Huh? Can I? There's a ceratin delish man I need to catch up with!

No? Okay, I'll only pout for a little bit.

Books and travelling go together for me. Have several with me, just in case of delays and so on. I learned this after my worst nightmare - a delay so long I ran out of books! That's how I read my first Sandra Brown as she was the only book in the tiny bookshop that was even close to what I read!

Always pack far too many, but then I do get through a lot when we travel. Luckily hubby is as book-mad as me, so we're really boring as we sit and read!

The best is a long-haul flight where you can read from cover to cover. On the way out to Nationals I read my first Karen Rose (Die For Me - AWESOME) and was hooked ... and bought all her others. I read Suz Brockmann on the way home!

We're off to Amsterdam in December and I have a little pile of books ready for that trip. Susan Mallery's book is on that pile (or will be when the @#%&* Amazon pigeon finally delivers the darn thing!) Plus Anna's Captive of Sin (see comment about Amazon pigeon). And Terri Garey's Silent Night, Haunted Night (for my dose of delicious Satan Sammy!) and Mariah Stewart's Mercy series.

Minna said...

Sadly, there hasn't been any travelling for me lately. Books... I'm looking forward to reading soon Alpha Wolf by Linda O. Johnston, considering it hasn't disappeard in the mail (=wasn't stolen), Dark Seduction by Brenda Joyce, After Midnight by Cynthia Eden and Dark Deceiver by Pamela Palmer. This reminded me I haven't asked from the library about J.D. Robb's latest book.

Gillian Layne said...

We haven't flown in ages, but I'm a nervous traveler when driving, too, so I always bring books (and always listen to audio books when I'm the one driving).

The last book I read was Seduce Me by Robyn DeHart. It was a fun, sexy read! And I also just finished Larceny and Lace by Annette Blair. I'll definitely be reading more of her work.

I would LOVE that ARC, Kate. I'm glad you had fun at the conference.

Becke Davis said...

It was so much fun to see Kate -- it was my first visit to Bouchercon, and I was a little intimidated. Mystery writers apparently aren't the party animals romance writers are (although I noticed the bar was always packed), and I only knew a few people there. I was SO excited to see Kate -- a friendly face among the crowds!

BTW, due to the last name confusion, I had my name tag at Bouchercon say "Becke Martin Davis." There's so much confusion between my pen name and my real name, due to Facebook, etc., that even I forget who I am sometimes!

Joan said...

You obviously needed a studly walking companion. :-)

Oh...the visual. Strutting along side me....

Joan said...


I've not listened to audio books before BUT....Karen Marie Moning sent out a snippet of her newest Dreamfever book in audio format.

I listened hoping to hear Barron's celtic accent. The passage they selected was more in Mac's POV during an...ahem enounter with the mysterious Barrons...but..the selection was a very um, erotic one..and

(fans self)

Kirsten said...

Kate -- the universe was CLEARLY intending for you to visit ME while you were jetsetting around -- Buffalo, place of my birth, Oregon, place where I currently live...and yet you escaped the tractor beam and did NOT come see me. What's up with that, girlfriend? Huh?!

Okay, I'm accepting it...

I have not actually done much traveling since summer, for which I am profoundly grateful. My kids always get sick when I leave, and considering that they have not YET had the swine, I know exactly what would happen if I got on a plane. So I am staying with my feet firmly on the ground.

I also have not done a lot of reading lately -- deadlines and deadlines...but check back with me in a month. I'm off for a little while and I have a whole huge TBR stack waiting for me...

Gillian Layne said...

Joan, audio books ROCK, unless the narrator's voice just doesn't fit. But most of the time, I love them. I borrow them from the library or buy them on sale, though, because they are usually very expensive. Except the Harry Potter series. We've bought every one of those on CD because my girls can listen to them as well.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi, Jo! I think you would enjoy Bouchercon. It covers everything from true crime to thrillers to romantic suspense to cozies with cats! Paranormal, historical, literary, classics and category, it's got something for everyone in the mystery world.

I've always loved traveling but it's sooooo good to be home for a while now. And, ya know, uhh, I've gotta write another book. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Helen! Glad to see you've got your list ready for those new releases! Isn't the anticipation fun?

I can't read in the car, either. I start getting very woozy. It's too bad, because a long road trip seems like an ideal time to read! But then, I suppose I should talk to my driver (my DH) occasionally, hmm? LOL

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi, Donnas. I've never been to Chicago and would love to go there. I hear there are some fabulous restaurants and great museums to check out.

I hate when I finish all the books I've brought on a trip! I get so frustrated with nothing to read. But I just never know how fast I'm going to go through them. Sometimes I bring four books and barely get through one of them because I'm having so much fun. It's a constant puzzle.

On this last trip, I'd packed my unread books in my suitcase--which I checked, of course. So now I'm sitting in the waiting area, getting close to finishing my one book--and they announce that the plane is going to be late. Ack! I had to race to the airport bookstore to buy something else. It was frustrating, especially since the airport bookstores don't usually sell a lot of romance. Grumble grumble!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi, Virginia! Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed Jennifer's BLOOD MAGIC. I thought it was great, too. I love those Wing Slayer Hunters, don't you? They're so exciting and dark and sexy. I can't wait for the sequel!

Jennifer said...

Kate, the only place I've traveled this year is in cyberspace. I'm jealous, my jet setting friend!

I can get on a plane stone cold sober. I do occasionally end up with some migraine like headache a few hours later though. Very odd. Taking Dramamine seems to prevent that so far.

I can't wait for IF LOOKS COULD KILL!

Hope you like SOUL MAGIC! (Written under my other name, Lyon :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi, PJ! Oh, I'm so jealous of all y'all meeting up at the M&M conference! I really have to get there next year. Ooh, I'll have my first romance out by then, too, so I'll be an official romance writer. ;-)

Okay, confession time. I read in my car, too. But only at stoplights. I had to stop reading while driving. That was a little too dangerous, even for me! Snork!

November really has a great bunch of books coming out. I can't wait! And PJ, I also can't wait for Romance Dish!! I saw your email and I'll be writing you back today. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Emmanuelle! You know, I've tried to work on planes but it just doesn't happen for me. So I've learned to give in, relax, sit back and read (and eat!) for those long hours in the air.

BOOKPLATE SPECIAL is the third book in Lorna Barrett's Booktown mystery series. It's a really fun series and she's been contracted to write three more. Yay!

Louisa Cornell said...

ooh! The GR is in for an adventurous day with our dear Gladiator Mistress! Make him toe the line, Joan!

An ARC of a KATE C book????? That blows my obedience of the Thou Shalt Not Covet commandment all to heck and back. And on a Sunday too!

I haven't traveled anywhere lately. In fact I had to sneak out of the writing cave to sneak a peek at the blog today. Hope my CP is asleep. If she catches me .....

I love to read on an airplane! Many years ago, I made my first trip back to England since I left at age 12. My DH and I were dating then and he gave me a great case history of the Jack the Ripper case and a copy of Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury to read on the flight. Since then I have to have books when I travel be it via plane, train or automobile.

I currently have Julia London's A Courtesan's Scandal on the top of my TBR stack if I ever finish revising this _)()(&&%&$ book! Research-wise I have Andrew Motion's Wainewright the Poisoner (a Regency true story of celebrity and murder) and Margaret Pearson's Bright Tapestry (stories of Britain's stately homes - their ghosts, myths, murders and legends.)

I am looking forward to La Campbell's newest! Can't wait to meet Gideon!! And C.S. Harri's latest installment in the Sebastian St. Cyr series is soon to be out as well. And of course Kate's book too!!

Actually I am looking forward to finishing revising The Raven's Heart and typing THE END on The Deceit of Desire so I can MAYBE take a week off to read and catch up on movies before I start the next book!

catslady said...

I haven't traveled in years unfortunately. Not that I think I'd be thrilled with all the new rules and regulations and less amenities but I always loved traveling. Just can't afford it nowadays. I always treated myself to new books when I took a trip (any excuse lol). I did get to take a car trip to Florida (from PA)so that was a great excuse to get new books and lots of reading time. I'm just starting 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult (not a happy go lucky book but every once in a while I read something different). Your ARC sounds wonderful!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Jane,
You're so smart to travel light. I used to do it all the time just so I wouldn't have to check my bags and deal with baggage claim. But lately I'm hopeless. I'm always bringing too many outfits, just in case something unexpected comes up. And I'm packing more books, of course, and, well, lately I always have to squeeze in a few big bags full of Ghirardelli chocolates. Not for me, of course. Nope, I give them all away. ;-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Michelle! You might envy us mainlanders but there are plenty of us over here who envy you your beautiful islands!

I'm envious of the three-week trip you took last summer! It sounds like it was so much fun. Lots of history and beautiful views, and probably some great food! That's always my favorite part. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Barbara, were your ears burning last weekend? Sheila Connolly and I were talking about you! I asked her if she'd been to an RWA conference and of course she had, and she mentioned you, her fabulous roommate! :-)

I love the Wendy Roberts ghost series! That first book blew me away at the end. Wow. And I've got DEVIL MAY RIDE sitting on my desk, ready to read.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Anna! I'm so sorry to make you pout! I'll have to figure out a way to satisfy your Derek fix. Hmm, I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find Becke at Bouchercon. Talk about a friendly face! I love my mystery friends, but there's something about seeing a bandita buddy ... she just brightened my whole day!

Your trip to Amsterdam sounds fabulous! And that little book pile you're compiling is filled with all my faves, too. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Minna,
I'm excited that you mentioned Linda O. Johnston! She lives here in Southern California and I was lucky enough to sit next to her at a Sisters in Crime book signing a few weeks ago. She's a sweetheart, and she brought her two adorable, well-behaved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with her. One of them, Lexie, is featured in her Pet Sitter mystery series. They're so cute!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Gillian! I've never listened to an audio book before, which is weird since I drive so much. I should probably check them out.

I haven't read the Annette Blair books yet but I'll try her on your recommendation. :-)

There's another vintage clothing paranormal mystery series by Juliet Blackwell that's really wonderful. The first one is SECONDHAND SPIRITS and I recommend it wholeheartedly!

Donna MacMeans said...

Kate - You wore gloves? We get Indianapolis weather a day late. It's not been bad. Highs in the low-fifties. Haven't broken into the glove box yet.

I haven't been on a plane since RT in Orlando last April, but we're headed to Jamaica next month, then Las Vegas in December so I'm looking for airplane & beach reads as well. Boucheron sounds like it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Kate Carlisle said...

Becke!!! I was soooo happy to see you at Bouchercon! It was my first one, too, and it was great to see a familiar friendly face. And I didn't even realize you had pen name issues. I feel your pain! My whole family teases me about my multiple personalities.

Kate Carlisle said...

Okay, Joanie, I'm not sure a romance audio book is a good idea. While driving, anyway. I can just see myself driving the Southern California freeways and listening to Karen Marie Moning. I'd probably zip right past my offramp and never make it to work! Hmm, on second thought ... ;-)

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL Kirsten! Honestly, I was thinking of you on all my travels! First Buffalo, then Oregon. Strange, huh? We were in Bend, Oregon, a mere few hours from you, I think, right?

I don't suppose you have family in Indiana, do you? :-)

Ugh, swine flu. You should definitely stay off planes until that blows over. Frankly, lately I've been more nervous about catching the flu from sickly passengers than I am about falling out of the sky! Ack!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Welcome home, Kate!

Wow, I think you're trying to compete with Aunty jetting around all over the place!

My next plane flight will be the big 75 mins. to San Diego. Barely enough time to finish a chapter. :-( But then I'll be cruising off to Acapulco so I'll have plenty of reading time on the ship. ;-)

I can't read in a moving car either, DARN IT! Gives me a killer head ache everytime. I can knit and crochet -- go figure! But if I'm driving, I do listen to audio books, usually MYSTERIES! I have a couple of "The Cat Who..." in the car awaiting my next drive to So Cal.

P.S. WTG, Joanie! Good luck to you and the chook on your walk.

Minna said...

I just hope I'll actually get the book. I've been waiting nearly 2 months now. Books sent from the States seem to vanish a bit too often on the way.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Jen, thanks for coming by today! You know you're my favorite witch, don't you? I love your Wing Slayer Hunters and can't wait to get my hands on SOUL MAGIC!

Ugh, migraines. Does dramamine really help them? I know it calms my stomach when I take it. Not like xanax, of course, heh heh.

Gee, I sound like I'm hooked on the stuff, but I'm not!! :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, JT! It's a while since he visited you, isn't it? Congratulations! I heard a whisper he wants some of your wonderful brownies so I think he arranged this visit!

Please, please, please, Kate, include me in the ARC drawing. Oh, I am your lovely friend and I do nothing but sing your praises. And anyway, I'm willing to stoop to bribery!

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, sounds like you NEEDED lots of books with all that travelling.

By the way, how did Bouchercon get its name? Is there a famous crime writer called Boucher?

I'm usually in such a jumpy mood when I fly, I usually can't settle down to a book. One exception to that was my trip home from San Francisco when I curled up with the second of C.S. Harris's Viscount Devlin stories. Man, was that a great read!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey y'all! Long time no comment...but I finally get to get back on the Bandit blog today! Love the post, Kate and boy you must be exhausted with all that travel!

This year I only traveled twice. The first was to a writer's retreat with my Texas Foxes, (a group of romance writers who became friends here in Texas, although two have moved). We had a blast in a lodge on a mountain high in the Ozarks for 3 days. (Good food and lots of wine and sangria were involved!)

Then to Washington to sightsee with Joanie and then attend the National RWA meeting, where I got to hang with the Bandits. It was great fun!

Unfortunately, my trip to Ohio was canceled due to a case of Bronchitis, (mine) and my elderly parents, (whom I don't want to give it to!)

I always read on the plane and in the airport lounge. It makes the trip go faster. People who read really do learn to be the most patient people.

And reading books helps prevent the spread of diseases. I never go to the doctor's or ER without my own book. You know those magazines they provide? uh...all those sick people look at them, too. Taking my own book helps keep me from picking up germs!

Kate Carlisle said...

Greetings, Louisa! You make me laugh with your coveting on Sunday! I hope you didn't get caught by your CP. Be vewwy quiet......

Hey, thanks for reminding me about C.S. Harris's books. I've been wanting to start the St. Cyr series but keep forgetting. There are just too many books, darn it. I'm off to order them post haste.

Oh, good luck getting to THE END!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Catslady! All the rules and restrictions and the long security lines and weird packing regulations make air travel a lot less fun than it used to be, so I don't think you're missing much. :-)

Hope you're enjoying the Jodi Picoult!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Donna! I guess I was pretty close to your neck of the woods last week. The thing is, I had to get up every morning and walk a short block to the conference hotel, so it was around 34 degrees at that time of day. Rather chilly for this California beach girl, but I admit I'm kind of a weather wimp!

Jamaica?????? Lucky you! I want to hear all about that trip!!

Maureen Child said...

Hi Kate!

Oh, so don't envy you all the traveling, but Bouchercon sounds like a blast!! And so many good mysteries to read!

I've been reading a lot of Lynsay Sands lately and loving them! But can't wait for SOUL MAGIC!

Kate Carlisle said...

Aunty!!! Thanks for the welcome home greetings! It's so nice to be home and settled in for the next few months. But then it starts up again in February.

I don't think I could possibly compete with you on the travel front, Aunty. But let's see, I've been to Buffalo and Indianapolis and you've been on delightful cruises to fabulously exotic locales like Acapulco. Hmm, you're right. It's a close call. LOL

Ooh, mysteries on audio books? I really need to get moving on that front.

Kate Carlisle said...

Wow, Minna, two months for books to arrive from the States? That's too long to wait!

Buffie said...

Hey Kate!! I really don't get the chance to travel too much -- children still in the house. But earlier in the month I was at the M&M Conference in Atlanta. Not much traveling involved since I live in the Atlanta area, but it was a weekend away spend with my gal pals Andrea, Gannon, and PJ. And then of course we played with the Banditas that were there. So much fun!!!!!

Next year I am hoping (and praying lots!) to be traveling to Nashville for Nationals.

Even though I am an avid reader, I rarely travel with books. I'm one of those people who gets sick when doing ANYTHING while riding in a car, on a train, or in a plane. It's sad, but unfortunately true.

Lynz Pickles said...

Go, Joan! You may not be able to get the ARC, but I'm sure you and the rooster can get into all sorts of trouble to make up for it. The possibilities, they're endless...

Travelling? Um... I... er... well, I went to the drugstore recently? Does that count? I hadn't been there for a while, so... yeah. That's about it for me, travel-wise. Pretty boring, eh? The last time I went anywhere exciting was back in February when I spent three weeks in Mexico, and that was fun enough that I'm going back again this year! Guacamole, here I come! Oh, yeah, there's that beach thing, too. But I'm mainly in it for the guac.

I like to read while flying, to watch movies while flying, to chat while flying, to snooze while flying, and, best of all, to stare out that window as everything gets smaller and smaller and smaller and you feel like you could move buildings and cars as if they were toys because they're so teensy!, while flying. Have I ever mentioned that I really like flying?

I'm actually a fan of Kim Van Meter's because of flying. Last year, while coming back from Mexico, I couldn't help noticing that the woman sitting beside me had tucked a Super Romance into the pouch of the chair in front of her. I stared at it.

And stared.

And stared some more. For several hours. See, I'm really shy in real life, especially around strangers. The idea of striking up a conversation with a stranger? ARE YOU CRAZY? No way! So instead I just stared. Until, finally, one of us initiated a conversation about something. We chatted a little, and I asked her if she'd mind if I read the book. She said to help myself, so I dug in and started reading as fast as I could. There was less than an hour left on our flight, but I managed to read about half of the book in that time. (Yup, I have ninja speedreading abilities when pressed for time. I'm just awesome like that.)

All good things must come to an end, however, and she (and her book) were going in a different direction than I was. I didn't get to finish it, but I've enjoyed several of Kim's books since then. One of these days I'm totally going to get my hands on a copy of that first book, though, and find out how it ended. Really! I am!

Kate Carlisle said...

Anna, my dear! Hello! Guess what? I'm easily bribed! Send me Tim Tams and the ARC is yours. Hee hee hee!

Yes, Bouchercon is named for Anthony Boucher, who wrote mysteries and helped found Mystery Writers of America and also reviewed mysteries for various publications, among other things.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Suz!! Welcome back to the blog! I've been gone awhile myself and it's good to be back.

That Ozark retreat you Foxes go on sounds like more fun that anything!

And ewwwwww, thanks for the ICK warning on waiting room magazines!! LOL. I never thought about it before, but now ... ewwwwww!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Maureen!!!! Thanks for coming by the blog today! I know you're not a big travel fan and I don't blame you. I'm so happy to be home and not going anywhere for the next few months!

Ooh, I haven't read Lynsay Sands yet. Thanks for the recommendation!

Joan said...

Must be the luck of the chook as I actually WALKED ACROSS THE OHIO RIVER BRIDGE AND BACK!!!!

Thanks to my goddaughter and friend whose hands I GRIPPED the entire time!! They will be seeing hand surgeons tomorrow.

Can NOT believe I did it.

Here's to my BFF Mary....

Joan said...

And seriously, Kate.....shouldn't I get the ARC for my sheer bravery?

Huh? Shouldn't I???

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Buffie!! I've said it before but it's worth repeating -- I'm so jealous of everyone who got to hang out together at the M&M conference!

And I really hope you can make it to Nashville for the RWA conference. That's just going to be too much fun to pass up. Start hiding away your dimes and quarters now! :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Kate, bundling up the Tim Tams as we speak... Sorry, everyone else, the decision has been made. Move on, move on, nothing to see here!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi, Lynz! Uh, yeah, sure, that trip to the drug store counts. LOL

OMG, I hate starting conversations on planes! I mean, what if you don't like the person and you're stuck sitting next to them for six hours or something? But clearly, you were meant to talk to that woman, if only to discover a wonderful new author.

But I'm so sorry you had to miss out on reading the second half of that book. That would be really frustrating. I hope you find it some day! Did you check eharlequin? Maybe they still have it in stock? Good luck!

Kate Carlisle said...

Yay, Joanie!!! You totally rock!!! Woohoo!! You should be extremely proud of yourself for making it across that bridge!!!

Of course, your friends' mangled and crushed hands are a whole 'nuther subject. Aww, but they'll bounce back. Really, that's a wonderful accomplishment!

So ... hmm ... sheer bravery v. Tim Tams ... hmm ... let me get back to you on that. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL Anna!

Bundle 'em up real tight, now. I don't want any chocolate sniffing dogs getting their greedy paws on those goodies. :-)

Minna said...

IF it ever arrives. It usually doesn't take all that long, although once a book that had been sent to me had been on the way for 3 months. In my experience, if it takes longer than that, the book can be considered lost. And it has happend too many times that I would consider it an accident. I swear, if the book won't arrive, this time I'll give the U.S. Mail a piece of my mind. Not that it will actually help, but it will make feel better.

Rowan Atkinson in Hell

Nancy said...

Hi, Kate--

My last trip was M&M. I always take several books wherever I go because I don't know in advance what I'll be in the mood to read at a given time. Lately it's all I can do to keep up with the books by my guests in the blog, but I'm hoping to get other actual reading done soon.

Nancy said...

Joan, congratulations on taking home the rooster! Your trip to Savannah sounds wonderful. We haven't been there in years, but some of the Christmas ornaments we'll soon haul out (gak, already!?) came from a shop on River Street, purchased the Labor Day weekend before our wedding.

Nancy said...

Kate, M&M is, indeed, a fun conference! You should come. My mystery writer friends say great things about Bouchercon, but I haven't yet found a way to rationalize going. :-)

Nancy said...

PJ, a lot of those same books are on my list. Though when I'll actually read them, I don't know. At the rate I'm going, I'm just falling farther and farther behind.

I noticed Lori Brighton on your list. She'll be here with us on November 27, Black Friday, so I hope everyone who goes out shopping early will stop in here when they get home.

I'm not going shopping that day. I hate crowds, and they're always huge that day, like Fifth Avenue at lunchtime in the Christmas season.

Christine Wells said...

Oh, Kate, you are a busy lady! Boucheron sounds like a lot of fun.

I feel like I've traveled a lot in the last two years, which really gets me out of my homebody comfort zone. Can't wait for the day when we Banditas all meet up for a retreat on some exotic island somewhere. One day, when we're all fabulously wealthy authors, of course!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Kate!

The Foxes retreat is a moving thing every 18 months or so. The first trip was to a lake house on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Then the lodge in Arkansas last spring. Then next fall it's to be at Alice's big house outside of Denver! I'm hoping for a trip to Vegas or Florida sometime with them, too!

Buffie said...

Nancy, I feel your pain on getting further and further behind in reading. There are so many books and just not enough time.

Becke Davis said...

Anna - I see Kate already answered your question, but I just want to add that my friend Jeffrey Marks just won the Anthony Award for his "biobibliography" about Anthony Boucher.

Jeff, who also works for Mystery Scene magazine, lives in Cincinnati -- as I do -- and years ago, when my garden books were new, we did a big "local author" book signing together. He's a nice guy, if any of you run into him at conferences.

Kate Carlisle said...

Minna, after three long months, I would certainly assume something was lost. How annoying! I guess we're fairly spoiled here. If something takes more than three DAYS to arrive, I'm usually wondering what the heck went wrong!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Nancy! I can't believe how great you are at blog hostessing! I don't think I could keep up with all the reading, let alone the blogging itself. But we do have fabulous guests, don't we? I've found so many new books to read thanks to them!

And I so agree with you about shopping the day after Thanksgiving. There's no way!

Ooh, I know someday soon you'll be attending Bouchercon with your own books to hawk!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Christine! You're someone who's gone on fabulous trips over the past few years. I'm always excited to hear where you're heading off to next.

Oh, wouldn't an exotic Bandita retreat be fun? Let's do it!

Kate Carlisle said...

Suz, you're so lucky to have such a great group of friends to travel and write with and generally hang out with together. I think that's pretty rare. Although I feel like we've got that with the Bandits, too. So I guess you're doubly lucky!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Becke, congrats to Jeff! I didn't go to the awards ceremony so I didn't realize he'd won. That's so cool!

PJ said...

I noticed Lori Brighton on your list. She'll be here with us on November 27, Black Friday, so I hope everyone who goes out shopping early will stop in here when they get home.

Nancy, I enjoyed meeting Lori at breakfast that morning at M&M. I'm looking forward to reading her debut. I'll try to stop by on the 27th!

Caren Crane said...

JT, I can't believe you took the GR on the walkathon today! I'm sure he was a bad sport about it. *g*

Kate, except for driving to Atlanta at the beginning of the month, I haven't been anywhere of note. Moonlight & Magnolias was awesome and it will have to sustain my travel-itchy feet until after Christmas. *sigh*

I did get to go to the sandhills of North Carolina last weekend to Girl Scout Teen Camporee. It's always this time of year and always: a) rainy; b) freezing; or, c) rainy and freezing. This year it was c) rainy and freezing. It was a great time and the girls got third place in the banner competition and in the talent competition so they were happy. I know tent camping with 13 teenage girls is probably some people's idea of hell on earth (Kate), but it was a lot of fun.

Many s'mores eaten and lots of laughter. My hips, however, were glad to get back home to a mattress and to bid the lumpy sandhills terrain good-bye. Until next year. *g*

Oh, and when I get on a plane or any mode of transport, I need no drugs or alcohol. I love to travel! (I do, however take non-drowsy Dramamine for sea travels!)

Caren Crane said...

Btw, I just heard the booming of the final fireworks display at the NC State Fair. It is over and all the fried food vendors will be pulling out of town. It's 11 days of food, livestock, sheister games and gut-hurling rides.

The girls and I were there yesterday. We worked a shift at the restaurant our church runs every year. After our shift ended at 2:00, we tried to enjoy the brouhaha. We ate frozen chocolate-covered cheesecake, country ham biscuits and apple dumplings.

Then one was dehydrated and had to be watered up and sent back to the restaurant where she could sit down. The other and I slogged on, peppered by intermittent monsoons. We left after about three hours of fun, soggy and stuffed to the gills. Good times, go-o-od times.

Pissenlit said...

Congrats, Joan!

Kate, yay for book buying binges! I'm tempted to go on one of those soon. Is it February 2010 yet?? :)

Travelling? Yesterday to my friends' housewarming party in a city that's a 45 minute drive away. I brought 5 John le Carré books but they were for a friend. I actually went bookless because I was juggling the 5 books, some appetizers and a bromeliad plant on public transit.

Books I'm looking forward to reading soon? C.C. Humphreys' Jack Absolute, Elizabeth George's Payment in Blood, Rob Thurman's Deathwish, Elizabeth Bear's Blood and Iron and pages 353-465 of Deanna Raybourn's Silent on the Moor. :D

The last time I was on a plane, I was two and a half so I don't know about reading on a flight. I think I might be too distracted by excitement.

mariska said...

Congrats Joan!

and Kate, i wish i will win the ARC coz it'll be my first time ARC ever from an Author !

btw, i always have at least one book inside my purse when i travel somewhere, and i do have some books on my mobile to read.
usually it's mystery genre ;-)

ddurance said...

I've never flown and haven't been much of anywhere recently. That's why I read actually, to escape and visit faraway lands and exotic places as well as the made-up ones.