Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Songs!

by Anna Campbell

This morning, I was wandering around the house trying to get enthused about doing some work. I had the TV on to one of those video channels on cable TV.

I heard this short electronic fanfare and suddenly Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode was playing. My morning suddenly started to sparkle. It's such a happy song and it never fails to make me smile.

So I started to think of other songs that always make me smile. I thought, for the sake of brevity, I'd stick to the 80s. Partly because that's when I was as up with current popular music as I'm ever likely to be. Partly because I was of an age (early 20s) when the music around at the time really sticks with you!

Maybe also because a lot of '80s music is just happy anyway.

One of the songs that always makes me smile from that decade is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. Maybe because I was a girl and I wanted to have fun! I loved Cyndi Lauper - never really took to Madonna who was the other really big female star of the time. That song is such a buzz!

Actually girl singers back then had some great feel-good songs out then. Who can forget Katrina and the Waves' Walking on Sunshine? Or what about the Go-Gos and Our Lips Are Sealed? Walk Like an Egyptian will probably make a lot of lists but I got SOOOO sick of that one so I groan instead of smile these days when I hear it.

Other songs from the '80s that invariably lift my spirits include Ant Music by Adam and the Ants, Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins ("My job is very boring, I'm an office clerk!") and probably my favorite of all, Tainted Love by Soft Cell. I'm not at all surprised that wonderful song was sampled recently for a number one single. But nothing beats this version. Marc Almond's aching falsetto is full of pain and anger but somehow that driving rhythm puts this song into feel-good territory.

And speaking of falsetto so high only dogs can hear it, what about Take on Me by A-Ha? Yet again, you hear that keyboard intro and your life starts playing in a major key! Because I was living in London and didn't have a TV when this was a hit, I didn't see the video until a couple of years ago. I still think it's really clever with the mixture of animation and real action.

Oh, and another song that inevitably makes me smile is Feargal Sharkey's A Good Heart. Not sure why, perhaps because I was traveling at the time and it brings back great memories, but it definitely falls into the making Anna feel good category.

So what are your feel-good songs? They don't have to be from the 80s! Let's dance our way through the day! Oh, and if you click on any of the songs, you get to see the groovy videos!


Lynz Pickles said...


Gillian Layne said...

Remember Steve Winwood's Higher Love? By the time the drums come on, I'm dancing all over the house or bobbing my head in the car like a dash-board puppy. :)

The 80's had great music!

PinkPeony said...

Hola Anna!

Surrender by Cheap Trick

Betcha By Golly Wow by The Stylistics

R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Aretha

Strong Enough by Cher

It's Raining Men (maybe footmen & cabana boys?)

Back In the USSR by the Beatles

September by Earth Wind and Fire

PinkPeony said...

oops! I just read Gillian's post and realized some of my songs are not from the 80's... apologies!

Lynz Pickles said...

What a wonderful topic, Anna! I love feel-good songs. They can make almost any day more fun. I find a lot of my happy songs through TV and movies. Since music is used in them to set the mood, they often features songs which have a strong feel to them - happy, sad, scary... and I go for the happy ones.

One song that never fails to get me humming and clapping along is Could Be Anything by the Eames Era. I think it was on Grey's Anatomy a couple of years back?

I love Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall. It was on a ton of TV shows and in a bunch of movies when it came out, and I searched frantically until I finally found it.

Commercials sometimes have great songs, too... I found one of my all-time favourites, Pogo by Digitalism, thanks to Virgin Mobile.

There are some Canadian bands who never get really successful in the States but are huge up here. I'm always sad that my American relatives don't know about them, but happy that I do. I'm currently addicted to Every Day, a relentlessly cheerful song by Ten Second Epic featuring Lights.

I could do this all day, so I'm cutting myself off now. The GR and I are going to finish off season one of Castle. I love that show!(Okay, one last one: All To Myself by Marianas Trench. The video's so much fun!)

Lynz Pickles said...

PinkPeony: s'okay, Anna said they didn't have to be from the 80's.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Lynz, people are starting to talk about you and the Rooster. I'm beginning to think you might be taking over from Lime as his regular squeeze!

Gillian, I LOVE Higher Love. It was funny - the minute I did this post, I came up with all these other great songs that I should have included.

Anna Campbell said...

Jen, I've got to say It's Raining Men NEARLY squeaked in but the post was already getting so long. It always makes me smile! And those women have fabulous soul voices, don't they? I don't know the Stylistics one. I must check it out. The others are great choices!

Anna Campbell said...

Jen, they don't all have to be from the '80s. I just picked the 80s, partly because that's when I was up with what was on the charts. These days, I definitely count as a square!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Lynz, what fun I had checking out those songs. Actually we have the same situation in Australia - stuff is popular here that never crosses the sea. And I spent my most intense music period in England - I was working in a dress shop for a year and we had BBC1 on all the time. It's about the only time, I really knew what was going on in the music world. And of course, a lot of American stuff isn't a hit in England and vice versa. Personally I love English misery pop like the Smiths but I don't think they really were big in the US. A lot of the US hair bands weren't big in the UK. I know this because there's a show about top hits of the 80s that I occasionally catch on the video channel and half the songs I've never heard of! All hits in the States and not elsewhere.

Love the KT Tunstall. She had a great song about a horse and a cherry tree too. Is that right? I'm sure there was a horse involved! It was kind of fairytale.

Anna Campbell said...

Lynz, checked out the clips. I REALLY like the Pogo song!!! Isn't it cool?

jo robertson said...

Great topic, Anna! As I said on the loop, my daughter is celebrating her birthday this year by having an 80's prom party. That decade really did have a lot of great songs, although I'm no connoisseur of any music past the late 60's, maybe early 70's :-D.

Yeah, "Girls Just Wanna" always makes me feel like dancing!

Helen said...

Lynz again he must love your place have fun with him

What a great blog I love my music I am a big fan of all eras and different types I do love all the songs you have mentioned I was a very young mother in the 80's and I always had music playing.

My favourite is the 70's lots of ballads and rock and roll I am (as everyone knows) a big fan of Rod Stewart and he had some great happy songs out like Twisting The Night Away as well as some beautiful deep meaning songs I really love listening to the words of a song. And of course they bring back so many memories the
70's was a great disco era lots of dancing and Abba songs LOL.

Have Fun

Virginia said...

Congrats Lynz again!

Great post Anna! It was the 70's and 80's for me. Some of my happy songs were/
Your the One That I Want

I'm so Excited

Summer in the City

We Will Rock You

Sweet Home Alabama

Midnight Train to Georgia
I think these were form the seventies, oldies but goodies!

Lynz Pickles said...

Anna: Ugh, I know what you mean about those top hit songs! So many of them are made in the States! When they focus on a specific time period, I'll be following along and suddenly think to myself, wait, they're missing song x! So annoying!

I wish the US hair bands hadn't been so big in Canada - the videos burn my eyes! The hair, the makeup, and it's on men! I'm not the hugest fan of misery pop, but I do like the Smiths. A couple of my friends in high school were big fans, and they got me into them.

Yup, the Tunstall song involved both a black horse and a cherry tree. I like the visuals that pop up with that colour combo. Also, cherries are yummy. It's a great song... and so is Pogo. They're both so addictive.

I thought of another one, a classic this time: Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Is there anyone who doesn't love that song? *sings along*

Anna Campbell said...

Jo, there's just something uplifting about Girls Just Wanna, isn't there? As you say, the feet start moving!

Helen, it's funny - I love a lot of 70s stuff, but it's the 80s stuff that really gets me going. Maybe I like sythesizers!

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, sounds like you and Helen should get together and have a 70s party. I'd definitely come! Great list of happy songs. What struck me about this particular morning with Depeche Mode was how that single song could completely change my mood. Isn't it odd how music can do that?

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Ain't No Mountain High Enough definitely hits the list, Lynz. As does Nutbush City Limits. That got played every single time I went out dancing although it was an old song already when I was a dancing queen! Snort!

Actually I was talking to Kathryn Smith who writes for Avon - she's another Canadian. And Canada got a lot of the Brit music that we did and it never seemed to make it to the States. Guess it's that good old British Commonwealth influence. I'd say in the 80s, we got at least as much English music down here in Oz as we did American. It was interesting - Madness were huge here as they were in the UK. And they featured on a one hit wonders show I saw last week (clearly I spend too much time watching video channels). Their only US hit was Our House whereas they were regulars in the Top 40 over here.

Anna Campbell said...

And actually the Smiths were slightly too miserable even for me! ;-) Which was saying something. I really liked the Cure but I can't say much of their stuff counted as a happy song. Maybe Love Cats which I still think is such a groovy little ditty.

Pissenlit said...

Hee! 80's music was so fun! I've been of the opinion that A-Ha's Take On Me music video is the best music video ever.

Some other songs...
Joel Plaskett Emergency - Nowhere With You
Puts a smile on my face and it's fun to sing along to.

The Killers - Read My Mind
Makes me want to dance.

Spirit of the West - Home For A Rest
Some of us had so much fun dancing to this at a recent wedding. What a hoot!

Hoku - Perfect Day
It just seems sunny, somehow...

And the most awesome one of all...
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - The Log Driver's Waltz. I wish I could find a better quality vid of the animated short. Hee hee, it's just too cute.

Minna said...

Here are some of my favorites:
Doing It All For My Baby - Huey Lewis & The News

Back to the Future Tribute -- Back In Time

Boy George and the Culture Club Karma Chameleon

Chesney Hawkes - One and only

A-Ha - Take On Me

modern talking--you're my heart you're my soul

Alphaville - Big In Japan

Sandra In The Heat of the Night (1985)

Christina Phillips said...

OMG Anna, you listed so many of my fave 80s songs there it's freaky! I have to mention Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell album. I think that's from the 70s but I never really got into it until the early 80s! And am in it still. lol. Got to love those lyrics! (oh just saw the title, were they supposed to be happy songs? LOL!)

Cheryl said...

Oh, now you've got me bopping away and it's nearly bedtime. :)

I love the disco tunes from the 70s best, but the 80s also had fantastic songs.

My favorites are:
Hungry Heart - Bruce Sprinsteen (must be played LOUD ;))
Viva la Vida - Coldplay (00s, not 80s and crank up the volume)
Come on Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners
Kokomo - Beach Boys
Copacobana - Barry Manilow :)

Janga said...

Great topic, Anna. I really do think for many of us music captures our "moments."

Here's My Feelin' Good playlist--eclectic in genre and chronology:

Weave Me the Sunshine Peter Paul and Mary
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
The Lucky One Alison Krauss
House At Pooh Corner Loggins and Messina
Walking on Sunshine Katrina and the Waves
Fun, Fun, Fun Beach Boys
Dancing in the Streets Martha and The Vandellas
Joy to the World Three Dog Night
Lookin’ Out My Back Door Creedence Clearwater Revival
Love Shack The B-52s
Our House Crosby Stills Nash and Young
I Feel Lucky Mary Chapin Capenter
I Feel the Earth Move Carole King
How Sweet it Is James Taylor
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper
She Will Be Loved Maroon 5
It’s My Life Bon Jovi
Beautiful Day U2
Upside Down Jack Johnson
Passionate Kisses Mary Chapin Carpenter
Listen to the Music Doobie Brothers
Celebration Kool & the Gang
Eye of the Tiger Survivor
I’m a Believer Monkees
My Guy Mary Wells
Let’s Groove Earth, Wind, and Fire
Stand R.E.M.
Lynard Skynard: Sweet Home Alabama
Here Comes the Sun Beatles
Downtown Petula Clark

Deb Marlowe said...

Ah, Depeche Mode. I just turned into a teenager. Sigh.

Minna--my dh is a huge Alphaville fan!

I adore songs that make me happy! One of my new faves is 'Bubbly' by Colby Caillet--did I spell her name right?

Suzanne Welsh said...


Going to give my age away here:

BARACUDA with Annie Hart belting out her fabulous voice!



Anything by the Doors and the Stones

And oh yeah....GIVE ME THREE STEPS by Lynard Skynard!

Suzanne Welsh said...

OH and I forgot...SULTANS OF SWING by Dire Straits

Buffie said...

Anna thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face this Saturday morning. See I'm sitting at work, surrounded by billing and files, while my honey and the kids are at the soccer fields. I'm only in the office (well, the cleaning people are here, but they don't really chat). I decided to take a little break from billing and check the Bandit site and was greeted by your blog and memories of my teen years during the 80s.

I have to say that all the songs you mentioned where on my hit list too. I can remember a girlfriend and I going to a local theme park where there was a recording studio and you could pick a song and sing over the recording artist. Our choice was Girls Just Want To Have Fun. We sounded horrible but had such a good time.

You can't mention the 80s without saying something about Duran Duran. I loved their music and I do believe they started me on my road to hotties :-) Simon, Nick, Jon, Andy, and Roger. YUM!

I can remember going to so many concert during the 80s. Madonna, Tina Turner, Kool and the Gang, Survivor, John Waite (remember, Missing You?), Hall & Oates, and Paul Young.

Thanks for making my working Saturday a little bit brighter.

Off to do more billing *sigh*

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Lynz.

Hi Anna,
I love Tainted Love, too. Here's my list.
Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order
Need You Tonight by INXS
I Melt With You by Modern English
Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

Minna said...

Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir - SWEET HOME ALABAMA

Celine Dion - I Drove All Night

MAARIT Tuuli & Taivas (Wind & Sky)

Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much

Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons & Coffeespoons

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

Queen - A Kind Of Magic

Juanes - Me Enamora

Tiktak - Lopeta

Pave Maijanen:Pidä huolta

Mestarit: Pepe Willberg,Kirka,Pave Maijanen,Hector - Rööperiin (live 1998)

Hector: Kaikki tahtoo rakastaa live + Pave Maijasen avauspuhe (Lokakuu 1998)

Nancy said...

Lynz, you're on a rooster roll!

Anna, what a fun blog! I loved Katrina and the Waves' Walking on Sunshine, which was their only hit. I found a Cyndi Lauper hits DVD and bought that, mainly for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

I also like Springsteen's Dancin' in the Dark. And Queen's Princes of the Universe, the main title from Highlander--always sets my imagination going.

Jackson Browne, Running on Empty. Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville. Bonnie Raitt, Thing Called Love. She did a great video, with Dennis Quaid, for that song. Then there was Dust in the Wind (by Kansas?). Eighties fashions flattered no one, but the music had its definite moments.

Kirsten said...

Anna, I LOOOOOOOOVED the Take on Me video. It's a perfect romance novel. Gives me the shivers to think of it!

I like the song "Walking on Sunshine," by KT something or other. Cheesy but happy! :-)

And BTW -- that Cindy Lauper album was one of the first two albums I ever owned! The other was a Billy Joel album, though I can't recall which one.

Buffie said...

Jane, I totally forgot about Def Leopard. Loved that song in high school, though I didn't really know how naughty it was!

Oh and definitely Bon Jovi!

catslady said...

My oldies are mostly 70's and even some late 60's but I had my girls in the 80's so I know a lot of their music too. Simon & Garfunkel are my all time favorites - any of their songs. A lot of the Beatles too.

Pissenlit said...

Oooh, I'm having a fun time going through everyone's songs. After caffeine, a few others come to mind...

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Bryan Adams - Summer of 69

Great Big Sea - Ordinary Day

Weezer - Buddy Holly
Fun music video. I loved Happy Days!

Kenny Loggins - Footloose

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Pissenlit, an A-HA video fan? How cool! I remember the first time I saw it thinking that it was just SOOO clever. And really romantic too. When he's banging on her door at the end, all bruised and ruffled, it's such a great moment. Now I'm just off to check your videos out. I think this blog might give YouTube a lift in figures ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Pissenlit, I think we need to have a record party! I loved all of those and they were all new to me. Loved "I'm so cheap, I might as well be free" from the Going Nowhere song. And that I need a rest song was hilarious - and SOOOO true! Perfect Day was just so happy. But you're right, the best was the Log Waltz.

Seriously, check this out, everyone. It's gorgeous. I sat there smiling the whole time and counting the catchy waltz one, two, three.

Anna Campbell said...

Pissenlit, and meant to say I love the Killers. I love their completely over the top operatic videos they sometimes do too like Mr Brightside. Man, that's like La Traviata on speed!

The Log Drivers link again is:

Seriously, check it out. It will make your day!

Anna Campbell said...

That last video fest made me think of two Aussie songs from the 80s that I love that didn't make it overseas, as far as I know.

The Going Nowhere with You song made me think of Mental as Anything singing If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?

The Mentals were huge in Australia but never really cracked the overseas market although I did go and see them when I lived in London. The audience, of course, was full of homesick Aussies!

Another song I really like, much quieter, was Little Heroes' One Perfect Day:

Perhaps because I had dreams of going to London!

By the way, I've decided Aussie men's hairstyles in the 80s were AWFUL!!!!!! I can't believe these crimes against coiffure I keep looking at!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Minna, you are the QUEEN of You Tube. Thanks for all those links. Sounds like we were listening to the same radio stations growing up. Well, clearly you were listening to the Finnish franchise and I was listening to the Aussie one!

Anna Campbell said...

No, I'm sorry, Christina. I could never come at Meatloaf. And EVERYBODY I knew had that album and used to play it endlessly on long car trips. AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! Yes, I know I'm Robinson Crusoe saying that but he just never worked for me. It's odd, too, as I tend to like that operatic stuff - look at those Killer videos I'm talking about. But hey, we can still be friends and dance to Depeche Mode, can't we? ;-)

You know, and I know this will get me shot down in flames too, I never could come at Abba either. Just didn't ring my bell - so the whole revival thing makes me want to run for the hills and dance with a Log Driver. Actually I think I'd like to dance with a Log Driver anyway!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, everybody, please congratulate the brilliant Christina Phillips! She just sold two hot Ancient Roman historical romances to Berkley!!!! And she's an Aussie. And she's a really cool chick. So I think she deserves a standing ovation!

Joan said...

Man, I am SUCH a dork! I don't recognize HALF the songs/artists mentioned from the 80's.

I've been a country fan for so long, that I missed out on a lot of these though I'd probably recognize them if I heard them. I do like Cyndi Lauper's tune and quite a few of Janga's list.

THose were my "OakRidge Boy Groupie" years...'nuff said.

As to Mustang Sally? This past spring I went to a Beatle Fest on the Riverfront. Every. Group. Sang. Mustang Sally.

By the end of the day, I was ready to run over Sally with my Camry JUST to get her out of my misery!

Now, I actually DO have a couple of non country songs on my iPod Nano....Chris Brown's Forever (from that wedding video) and "Love Song to Japan" by The Bird and The Bee...a funky duo I saw on Ellen.

Anna Campbell said...

Ha ha, Cheryl, a Barry Manilow sighting? I wondered when we'd get one of those! At the Copa, Copacobana, the hottest spot north of Havana! I laughed at you thinking Bruce's Hungry Heart is a happy song. It always makes me want to howl. I find his songs always have an undertone of sadness although I love them to death. Even something like Dancing in the Dark has a kind of shadow side, doesn't it? But I guess all sorts of different things can make us happy!

Joan said...

Yeah Christina!

Jared/Damon/Bran (and Demetrius, Lucien and Marcus) raise their swords in salute to you!!!

Um,,,weapons people!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Janga, that's a list and a half and has some real favorites on it for me. I love Petula Clark - I love Downtown but I think my two favorites of hers are Don't Sleep in the Subway and I Know a Place. Again, they put this big smile on my face. And I'm JUST old enough to remember them being on the radio when I was a little kid. Even then, I thought they were groovy even if I didn't know the words 'groovy'. Do you know that after Madonna, she's the world's best selling female artist - STILL? Isn't that amazing?

Hey, sorry to see the Romance Vagabonds are shutting up shop. I thought you guys were the bees' knees!

Anna Campbell said...

Deb, what a great song. The minute it started, it was familiar. I think it might have been used in an ad or something here. Anyway here's the link if anyone wants to check it out:

By the way, Miss Marlowe, you were a wonderful guest earlier this week!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Suz, you're a bit of a rocker, aren't you? What a great selection! And I think we're ALL showing our age with this post!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

By the way, Suzi Quattro is touring at the moment and my brother got tickets for he and his wife to go to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Honestly, he was as excited as a 15-year-old kid. It was really sweet! Suzi and my brother still obviously keep the faith when it comes to good time rock and roll!

Anna Campbell said...

Suz, I LOVE Sultans of Swing. I remember when that came out how different it was.

Oh, Buffie. I'm so sorry - I thought when you said 'billing' you meant 'billing and cooing' as in you were having a romantic weekend. I sure got that wrong, didn't I? Oh, I loved those New Romantic bands with their make up and puffy shirts! Good luck with the paperwork - play the Log Drivers Waltz, that will help!

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, Tainted Love is just one of those immortal songs, isn't it? A definite floor filler. Oh, I love New Order and that one's quite happy. My favorite of theirs is Blue Monday which definitely falls into the misery pop category but it's such a fab song!

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Minna, more! Lots of great stuff there. I'm really enjoying revisiting some old faves I'd forgotten and finding some new stuff I didn't know about.

Actually, Nancy, it's interesting but I don't know some of those songs. I wonder if it's that American/Aussie/English thing. Bonnie Raitt wasn't nearly as big here as she was over there. Another person who did really well in the States and never really took fire here was Garth Brooks. It's interesting, the difference, isn't it?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Yes, Anna I am. While my co workers are listening to all the new artists and the easy rock, my head is banging away to my ipod music of good rock songs!

I also forgot:

Queen's FAT BOTTOM GIRLS...a personal favorite!


Aerosmith's WALK THIS WAY

BAD COMPANY by Bad Company

JACK AND DIANE by John Mellencamp

Anna Campbell said...

Kirsten, I didn't have a lot of albums either. But I DID have a Billy Joel one, The Stranger, that I remember playing to death. Oh, and Eric Carmen, which lost a lot of its glow once I realised he stole his best tunes from Rachmaninoff!

Actually I was thinking about the Take on Me video in the context of knights in shining armor. I did a blog about them yesterday and Gideon, my new hero, is definitely of that ilk. And the guy in that video is a real KISA, letting the girl escape and staying behind to keep the baddies from getting her. What a man!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually I missed out on Def Leppard! Hmm, maybe I should broaden my education!

Anna Campbell said...

Catslady, I LOVE Simon and Garfunkel. They've just been out on tour too. Some of their stuff made me want to cry like Bridge over Troubled Water. But Feeling Groovy and Cecelia are GREAT happy songs!

Beth said...

I know this really dates me, but I remember watching the very first day MTV hit the airwaves in 1982. I was a Freshman in high school and I watched that channel for hours at a time. All the new wave bands had videos: Duran Duran, B52s, Culture Club, Flock of Seagulls, Human League. The list can go on and on. However, my best 80s music memory was Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA tour. I had front row seats in the Spectrum in Philadelphia. What an experience. Every time I hear Dancing in the Dark or Born in the USA it is 1985 again. Great topic I have to go now and put on an album.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Pissenlit, I'm moving to Canada. They have some great music. Love the Celtic feel of a couple of the things you've mentioned. That Great Big Sea song is GREAT!!!! Nice to see the Rugby boys featuring!

I loved Happy Days too. Had a huge crush on the Fonz. But I can't say it's travelled well - I've watched it a few times on cable and honestly, I wonder what the magic was. Clearly I'm much older and more cynical than the young me!

Anna Campbell said...

Ah, Footloose! The classic happy song and video!

Anna Campbell said...

JT, laughed at you and your country obsession. When I was a kid, I was hugely into classical music and I've come to a lot of the earlier stuff later. Which is fine! Laughed at the sequel to Mustang Sally being "Camry Flat".

Anna Campbell said...

Christina, Joan writes fabulous Romans - one of them finalled in our Golden Heart year which is when we all got together. Everyone in the lair is waiting with bated breath for them to sell. We're hoping your wonderful sale presages a flood of sexy Romans in skirts!

Anna Campbell said...

You know, Suz, I think this is great - I had no idea you were such a metal head!!!! I LOVE it!!! Rock on, sista!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Beth, I'm WAAAAAAY jealous of you and Bruce and the front-row seats. Honestly, if he picked you up to dance like Courtney Cox, we're no longer friends ;-) Actually it's kinda funny, Bruce took a while to break in Australia. He was kinda a little bit alternative up until Born in the USA. But I adored all those early albums and I had this feeling that I knew this cool secret. Then the rest of the world discovered him and I was no longer able to kids myself about my cooldom. Sigh! I'd loved him since Born to Run back in the mid-70s and then he went really quiet because of contractual troubles. I still find that quality of sadness in his voice - it really works for me. Love Devils and Dust. Although no way does it deserve a spot in a happy songs blog ;-)

I had the Human League album. Played it so much, my flatmate moved out to get away from Phil and the fact that his baby didn't want him. Man, talk about crimes against coiffure!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually another band I really liked who were big in England but not so much in Australia or America, although they had a hit with If You Leave, was Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. I have their greatest hits album and it's great. Two faves:

Although it's kinda odd this happy-sounding song is about the bomb on Hiroshima. Well, I assume so as Enola Gay is the plane that dropped the bomb.

Another one of theirs I love although it's not so boppy is Joan of Arc:

Oh, no, I've just realized I'm a complete synthesizer band tragic! Somebody save me!

Minna said...

Eurovision 2007 Semi-Final Latvia

Maarja & Ivo Linna - Kaelakee hääl

Herreys - Diggiloo Diggiley

Tomas Ledin - Du kan lita på mig


Scatman John: Scatman music video

The Dandy Warhols - Shakin` [Buddy Holly style]

Madness - Our House

Due South

Eurythmics - There must be an angel

Wilson Phillips - Hold On

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Nena- 99luft Balons

J Karjalainen - Sekaisin

Enigma - Beyond The Invisible

Adiemus - Adiemus

Young Einstein

I still haven't managed to get my hands on a CD where this song would be.
Great Southern Land


Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil

Men at work: Land down under

Savage Garden - I Want You

Savage garden - The animal song

Midnight Oil - My Country

Joan said...

flood of sexy Romans in skirts!

Loincloths, my wonderful Anna...loincloths....

They come off quicker :-)

Thanks for the shout out! When I sell them, I'll want all my Banditas and BB's to come to the party dancing to the Forever song....

LOL Beth on remembering the first time MTV came on. My first cable show? The movie "Blue Lagoon"..

Buffie said...

Pissenlit - I just LOVED Bryan Adams! Man, that guy could sing. I remember going to his concert and it was one of the best I have ever been too. Plus he looked great in blue jeans ;-)

Michelle Lauren said...

Abba! I didn't listen to them in the 80's, but I love their music now, especially SOS and Supertrouper. Man, the 80's had some fantastic, feel-good music -- the kind we don't see much of now.

She's a Bad Mamma Jamma -- Carl Carlton

Debarge - Rhythm of the Night

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

David Bowie -- the songs he sung in the movie Labyrinth

Paula Abdul - Straight Up

Michelle Lauren

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Minna, great to see all the Aussies get a mention. Clearly they must have sold to Finland which is interesting. I love Great Southern Land - it was a big hit here. And I love Tears for Fears although my favorite of theirs is Mad World which again, is more misery pop than happy song:

I'm not surprised it's been remade a couple of times. Such a great song!

Anna Campbell said...

Joanie, we're all looking forward to that party! Just don't put Nero in charge of the barbecue!

Anna Campbell said...

Ha ha, Buffie! I knew Bryan Adams would get a mention. Sadly, for me, he's in the Abba category. I just don't get it. Yeah, I know, my loss. I'm sure Bryan is crying into his huge bank accounts that I'm not a fan! ;-)

Minna said...

Clearly they must have sold to Finland which is interesting.

Yeah, they definitely have. For instance Savage Garden was very popular. Now if I could find the sound track of Young Einstein or some cd where that Great Southern Land would be. I have managed to find those other songs on cd, after all...
Oh, there's also Finnish version of Land down under, "Welcome to Westt Andrei":

Anna Campbell said...

Michelle, I wondered if it was just me and my ageing bones, but I agree with you about the 80s and the happy music. I mean, look at some of the really joyful stuff that people have mentioned in this blog. I had to laugh at you picking David Bowie because he verges on misery pop for me. Which means I love him to death - really I think he's fantastic. But there's that quality of sadness in his voice again. Actually an early one of his that is really happy is this one:

Which turns out to be by Peter Sarstedt instead of DB! Who knew? I was sure it was DB!

My favorite DB song is Heroes:

Definitely in the misery pop category!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Lynz! You and the chook are getting as cozy and he and Lime were there for a while. Grins. He's such a fickle bird.

Anna, I love this!! Love all those songs. Gillian - love Higher Love. Pink - love those but, esp, Raining Men. Flashdance, anyone? OMG JT, you made me ROFLMAO about flattening Mustang Sally.

Anna, like you, I was never much of a Madonna fan. I love Bonnie Raitt though and anything by James Taylor, Jackson Brown or Dan Fogleburg. Hey, they all sing in my range, what can I say? Hahah!

I went through a light metal period w/ Black Sabbath, Aerosmith etc. I like some country, and I absolutely adore Swing. I should have been born in the 40's I think.

Check this one out, in honor of the GR:

Anna Campbell said...

Ha ha, Minna, laughed at the Land Down Under getting a far northern makeover! Savage Garden were huge worldwide. I really like their stuff which I find falls into the happy song category too. A friend of mine used to work in a cinema with Darren Hayes before he was famous!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Or, if you prefer the Muppet Version:

Minna said...

My cousin's wife would have had a chance to dance with Bryan Adams (he wasn't yet famous world wide, he was only famous in Vancouver) -and she turned him down! Now she regrets it...

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Jeanne, gorgeous! Actually this is currently my fave Muppet video. Definitely counts as a happy song:

Anna Campbell said...

Minna, I bet your cousin's wife has kicked herself ever since!

Minna said...

Neljä Ruusua - Popmuseo

Neljä baritonia-Pop musiikkia

Tik 'N' Tak (Tik tak in English)- Upside Down

Minna said...

Oh, she has.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Zoot Suit Riot...

Jump Jive and Wail - Brian Seltzer

Among my all-time-favs: Put Down the Ducky

Stray Cats - Rock this Town

And for pure giggling fun:

Minna said...

Kristiina Wheeler - Sunny Day

Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind

Laura Branigan - Self Control

Minna said...

Your Horoscope For Today Weird Al Music Video

Minna said...
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Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Miss Jeanne, you hep cat, you! Some big band jive is just the thing for a Sunday morning. Great choice. Oh, and I adored that 12 Days of Christmas. How clever are they?

Um, did you notice the Zoot Suit band was called the Cherry Poppin' Daddies? Hmm...

Actually some of those songs reminded me of another 80s Aussie hit, Bad Habits by Billy Fields. Here's a wonderful version with Fred Astaire clips. Man, that guy could dance!

Anna Campbell said...

Minna, you've gotta love Weird Al, haven't you?

Minna said...


Virginia said...

Just wanted to add Bob Segar's
Old Time Rock and Roll

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Virginia, that scene from Risky Business! And do you remember Niles in the Nanny doing a dance in his underwear when he thought he had the house to himself?

OK, back to You Tube!


Niles (which I love):

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Love the '80s music since I was in high school then. It's funny that you're doing this post now because I just loaded more than 100 songs from the '80s on my iPod for the 20-year high school reunion I'm at this weekend. We were blasting them in the high school's cafeteria last night. Last time I was in that room was for Project Graduation. :)

I love so many of the songs mentioned -- Tainted Love, Higher Love, etc. I loved Michael Jackson's Thriller album, Duran Duran, Bon Jovi and all the other big-hair bands (Def Leppard, Dokken, Poison, Warrant, etc.). When we played "Black Cat" by Janet Jackson last night, it was all I could do not to get up and start dancing. :)

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Another song hubby and I like but can't find the English version to download is Peter Schilling's "Major Tom." All we can find is the German version. Here's a video though:

Vanessa Kelly said...

Oh, wow! I had forgotten all these great songs - a sign of my advancing age, I guess.

I do remember and totally love Steve Winwood's Higher Love. That's a great driving song.

Here are a few more in the mix:

Loggins and Messina - Vahevala
Don Henley - The Boys of Summer
U2 - With or Without You

And just about every song on The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, but especially Sloop John B

Anna Campbell said...

Trish, what is really funny is that I wrote this post about a week ago - I'm getting ready for the blog tour to end all blog tours so I'm trying to get a bit ahead. And then both you and Jo mentioned your 80s parties. Must have been somtehing in the air!

Hey, love the Major Tom song. I hadn't seen it before. What a funky video!

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, actually I find U2 a bit on the misery pop side too. Clearly I want mindless escapism in my happy songs! I love the Boys of Summer but it's a bit sad too.

Actually a song that I love that always makes me smile - for some reason Boys of Summer made me think of it - is Can't Take My Eyes off of You. It's so lusciously romantic, isn't it?

MsHellion said...

You touched on several of mine, though I was a Madonna fan. (I love "True Blue" and "Like a Prayer".)

Upbeat songs:

Break My Stride

Queen of Hearts (Juice Newton)

One Week (Bare Naked Ladies)

Every Morning (Sugar Ray)


Shiver (Maroon 5)

Wake Up Call (Maroon 5--it's a UPBEAT song, but the lyrics are unhappy... *LOL*)

I love music. Like you say, the right song can set the tone for the you hope the first song you hear is a good one.

Oh, oh, one of my FAAAVORRITE country song is by Mel Daniels called Louisiana Saturday Night. It's so...provencial, but it's such a happy, happy song you can't help but smile.

"Well you get down the fiddle and you get down the bow, kick off your shoes and throw them on the floor, dance in the kitchen til the morning light, Louisiana Saturday night..."

Seriously provencial, but so damned happy. *LOL*

MsHellion said...

How did I forget Def Leppard? Pour Some Sugar On Me ALWAYS puts me in the mood! *LOL*

And strangely I love: One Night in Bangkok. *LOL* Odd song, but the beat is cool.

Anna Campbell said...

Hellion, I had to laugh at you saying the Maroon 5 song was upbeat but had unhappy lyrics. Isn't that ALL M5 songs? I think they're great! They do slightly operatic videos too like the Killers. The Juice Newton one is really upbeat too, isn't it? Checked out the Louisiana song. Reminds me of the Big Easy soundtrack which I think is great and is a sure-fire winner when I have people over.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, Anna, I love the Big Easy Sountrack! My love affair with Dennis Quiad began w/ The Big Easy.

"Oh, now, Chere...."


Here's a "new" one that I really like for getting me going - great backbeat and good words. The vid looks like COlumbine at first, but don't worry...

Pissenlit said...

Anna, glad you enjoyed the songs! And I've never thought about it but ya, the Mr. Brightside really IS like La Traviata on speed! Ha!

Well, at least their hairstyles aren't as bad as Mike Score's from A Flock of Seagulls. :D

The Log Driver's Waltz is a huge favourite of mine. CBC used to use it and a few other animated shorts set to songs as fillers back in the 80's, if I remember correctly.

Pissenlit said...

Oooh, hot Ancient Roman historical romances? Congrats Christina!

Joan said...


I thought that Louisiana song was by CHARLIE Daniels? No?

Pissenlit said...

Anna - And I think we're ALL showing our age with this post!!!!

*snicker* Funny thing is, I grew up on music from the previous generation...and earlier...because I was never allowed control of the tape deck or record player and the musical dictators weren't fans of the radio. I had to catch up on "my" music after the fact. :)

Vanessa Kelly said...

You know, Anna, when I started to think about songs that made me happy, I realized that many of them were misery rock songs. Don't know what that says about me!

So on a lighter note:

Matraca Berg - Back In The Saddle
Mark Knopfler - Speedway To Nazareth

I'm locking up the Alanis Morrisette and Jann Arden!

Andrea said...

Love Cyndi Lauper!

Also loved "Walking on Sunshine" by KC and the Sunshine Band!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Knopfler - Sultans of Swing...Yep. Fun.

JAD said...

0s songs that make me smile

If You Want My Love by Cheap Trick
Bebe Le Strange by Heart
Rockin' Heaven Down by Heart
Golden Braid by Stevie Nicks
Nightbird by Stevie Nicks
Screamin' Blue Murder by Girlschool
Several Judas Priest songs

I'd add some Frank Zappa songs (Punky's Whips, for instance); though I didn't discover him until the late 8os, the particular songs I love most are all 70s and 90s. Pooh.

Joan said...

Give me some skin, Jeanne-O!

I LOVE zoot suit/swing/big band!

Try out a taste of one of my favs, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Pissenlit said...

Anna - Hey, Pissenlit, I'm moving to Canada. They have some great music.

Dooooooo it! You know you want to!! :D And yes, yes we do. I like an awful lot of it, at least. Heh heh!

Really, who DIDN'T have a crush on The Fonz? *thumbs up* Ehhhhhh!!! :D

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Nickelback do operatic videos too, don't they, Jeanne? Aren't they Canadian too? Or have I just got Canadians on the brain? LOL.

Anna Campbell said...

Seriously, Pissenlit, some of these hairstyles are SCARY!!!! The Flock of Seagulls video always makes me crack up laughing. All that alfoil!

Anna Campbell said...

And isn't it cool about Christina's news. She blogs about it here:

I met Christina at the English romance writers conference - and we giggle about the fact that we're yet to get together at one of the local ones. She often goes to the NZ conference and I always go to the Aussie conference. But she promsises me she's going to come over to the Aussie conference this year. She lives in Western Australia so it's a bit of a hike!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, JT! Don't you mean JACK Daniels?

Pissenlit, that's exactly how I grew up - although the classical obsession came via my ballet ambitions (yes, I know, but I was young and stupid!) and playing the piano. Dad was a huge fan of swing and the great American song book and he kinda controlled the music in the house. Oh, and musicals. We listened to lots of musicals. I'm not really that sorry about it now as I heard some amazing music that a lot of my contemporaries never did.

Pissenlit said...

Jeanne - Or, if you prefer the Muppet Version:

Hee hee! The Muppets are great. My fave Muppetfied(yes, it's a word) song is The Edsels - Rama Lama Ding Dong. The sheep just crack me up!

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, actually as I think you'll have gathered, I LOVE misery pop. And I think the Brits do it so well. I suppose you could say if I like a song, therefore it makes me happy?

Beth said...

The Boss as "alternative", that is a first for me. I'm from Jersey and being the home town boy Springsteen is a standard as they come. I did not have a Courtney Cox moment so you don't have to hate me forever but he was close enough to see how good he looked in his jeans.

Anna Campbell said...

Vanessa, loved Back in the Saddle. What a cool song! For some reason it made me think of this Nancy Sinatra classic:

Check out the moves!

Pissenlit said...

Yep, though not everyone wants to lay claim to them, Nickelback is ours too. :)

Ya, really, who thought those hairdos were good ideas?? Hahaha!

Anna Campbell said...

Andrea, Cyndi had some really pretty songs too like Time after Time. Lovely.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, JAD, I'll have to check out Frank Zappa. The stuff I've heard of his is way, way out, man! ;-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Yo', JT!! Talk to me about some Jumpin Jack! Love me some Big Bad Voodoo Daddies. :>

(You should see 'em rock w/ Elmo too!)

Anna, Nickelback is Canadian. I think they're from Alberta or something.

As a nod to my fair Irish Lass, Joanie T, I've also fallen in love with Celtic Thunder (slurpy!) and Celtic Voices (angelic!)


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, JT, that's way cool too! Love this big band retro stuff.

Actually, it's not big band or retro but this is another song I like. I'm never sure why - it's weird as!

What happened to Men Without Hats? Did they just put their hats on?

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Pissenlit, the music station I listen to is mainly classical - I can't listen to words when I write and anyway I like it. But they also play some world music and there's a Canadian fiddle player called Chris Norman who has really pretty stuff.

Buffie said...

Jeanne, you consider Black Sabboth light metal??!!! LOL! You and my dh would have a lot in common. He is forever watching those Metal Mania shows on VH1 or MTV.

What about Journey? Man can that Steve Perry belt out a song!!

The Police.

Huey Lewis and The News.

Rick Springfield. Gotta love "Jesse's Girl" and "Hard to Hold"

Whitesnake "Here I Go Again". That songs always makes me want to flip my hair all around. LOL!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Pissenlit, the Rama Lama song was fab!

Anna Campbell said...

Beth, old Brucey could sure pour himself into a tight pair of blue jeans, couldn't he? I don't think he was REALLY alternative, like say, Frank Zappa. But he certainly wasn't really top 40 down here until Born in the USA. Mind you, that album is packed to the gills with fabulous singles!

Anna Campbell said...

Honestly, Pissenlit, some of the hairstyles I've looked at today make mullets look elegant!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, if you're on a Celtic kick, check out the Argyle Gargoyle from Pissenlit's Muppets clip! Right up your alley, snicker.

Anna Campbell said...

Buffie, the Rickster is an Aussie, did you know? And I saw him on one of those one hit shows and he's not looking too bad for an old dude, I have to say. I wish I had Jessie's girl!!!!!!

Pissenlit said...

LMAO, I never thought I'd hear mullets being described as elegant. :D

If you enjoyed that clip, here's Angus McGonagle, the Argyle Gargoyle, gargling Gershwin gorgeously...with Mark Hamill.(both clips were from the Star Wars episode of The Muppet Show) :D

Anna Campbell said...

Snort! I must let Jeanne know. She might have a new favorite song! ;-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Argyle Gargoyle! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

I adore him. Totally. VBG


Hey Buffie...I guess Sabbath seem tame now, as opposed to Marilyn Manson, you know? Grins.

Cheryl said...

You're right, Anna. Springsteen's songs do have that sad undertone, but it's the music not the words to that song that makes me want to bop around the room. :)

You're a fan of Mental as Anything? LOL, my son has a huge poster signed by them.

Thanks for a great trip down memory lane!

Anna Campbell said...

Cheryl, I love their humor. It was just so off the wall. So glad you enjoyed today's blog. I think it's clear I've had a blast. I mean, how can you not with the Muppets and mad Canadian fiddlers and synthesizer bands and horrific hair? ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, guys, thanks for the fabulous trip down memory lane today. I've had a ball and I hope you've all had one too. My head is buzzing with all those great songs! I think I need to lie down!

Rock on!!!!

Julia Smith said...

Take on Me was a big favorite of mine - especially the video. I loved it when he busted out of the animation at the end.

Feel good music? I'm fairly certain this won't be on anyone's list, but Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello is a big fave of mine.

I also love an Elvis gospel song - Run On
Gwen Stefani - Don't Get it Twisted
U2 - Beautiful Day
Muse - Starlight
The Proclaimers - 500 Miles

Erin Grace said...

Hi Anna,

I was going to school in Singapore in the mid 80's and used to sneak into clubs with my friends. I remember strange songs, like Tarzan Boy, Everybody wants to Rule the World and lots by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
Funnily enough though, every summer when i smell the first onions hitting the bbq on a warm evening a recall earlier stuff my dad used to play. Summer Breeze, by Seals and Croft, Skyhooks, Sherbert and lots of other 70's stuff. Talk about bring back memories... Thanks for such a fun blog. Cheers, Erin Grace

PJ said...

Anna, I fell in love for the first time the summer Can't Take My Eyes Off You hit the airwaves and it was our song. I played that song so many times I wore out two 45's and about drove both my parents over the edge. ;-)

PJ said...

Jeanne and JT, I'm with you on Brian Setzer Orchestra and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Love their stuff!

Authorness said...

Ah, what a great post, Anna! Brought back so many memories of my '80s clothes and hairstyles. So weird seeing the kids of today wearing the same get-ups now. I have Blondie's 'Call Me' on high rotation at the moment.

Anna Campbell said...

Julia, it always amazes me when this happens, but do you know you're the third person in the space of 24 hours to mention Gogol Bordello to me - and I'd never heard of them before that. I checked out the song - wow, how cool is that? Brilliant. Here's the link for anyone who doesn't know it. It's kind of like Klezmer on speed. And klezmer sounds like it's on speed anyway!

I checked out the Muse song - isn't it great? Hadn't heard it before. Love the Proclaimers!

Anna Campbell said...

Erin, it's funny how music can cut right to the bone, isn't it? I love Summer Breeze - such an evocative song!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, PJ, what a great choice for an Our Song. That song always makes me sigh - honestly, I think it's one of the most romantic ever written. Love it to death. You have good taste, my friend!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, V, call me, on the line, honey, call me, call me any time! Actually I think the Blondie stuff stands the test of time pretty well. Although i remember my first year of uni Heart of Glass was a hit and I got so sick of it, I felt like spitting every time I heard it. Wasn't Deborah Harry gorgeous? 80s music rocks!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Anna I loved Wham.
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go was a great song to dance to in nightclubs in Australia, England and Europe. Everyone loved it...
Oh, that seems like a lifetime ago!

MsHellion said...

Joan, I don't know if Charlie Daniels covered Louisiana Saturday Night, but Mel McDaniels was the band I know who sang it.

MsHellion said...

Anna, I don't know if all Maroon 5 songs are sad. Okay, they are on the current album, but on the Songs About Jane, I'm pretty sure Shiver isn't a sad-lyriced song. *LOL*

Anna Campbell said...

OK, one more classic someone sent me privately. It's The Ghost of Stephen Foster by Squirrel Nut Zipper. Wow, just up all your girls' alley, I would have thought;

Anna Campbell said...

Kandy, you know how I drove a flatmate crazy with Human League? Well, I had a flatmate who drove me crazy with Wham! Haven't been able to listen to the stuff since ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Helly, I have to say he still doesn't sound very happy! He always sounds like he's suffering to me! ;-)