Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Another Launch Party in the Lair

by Beth

His Secret Agenda, my third book for Harlequin Superromance hits shelves this month! Break out the bubbly, unwrap the Cabana boys and settle in for some serious revelry, chandelier swinging and rowdiness :-)

His Secret Agenda is the third book in my Serenity Springs series. Here's the back cover blurb:

Sometimes you have to break the rules. Even your own.

Stay focused and never get involved.

Dean Garret is about to break the number one rule of undercover work. And it’s all because his new “boss” is as pretty as a professional cheerleader and has a do-gooder’s heart. Who can resist that combination? Still, Dean suspects Allison Martin is hiding something behind her dazzling smile. That something being the runaway mother and son he’s been hired to find.

To get the job done, he needs to gain Allie’strust. Only, the lawyer-turned-bar-owner isn’tcooperating. But she can’t remain immune to his good ol’ boy charm and sexy drawl forever. Because Dean never fails. And he’ll do anythingto solve a case. Even if it means he has to break all the rules.

I had so much fun writing this book! When I get an idea for a new story, there are a few things that I know right away: my characters names, the internal conflict keeping them apart, the black moment and my very favorite part of all romances, THE FIRST KISS!

Here's a quick peek at Dean and Allie's first kiss:

Finally, his mouth brushed against hers, a feather light kiss that drove a tingle of awareness and sharp, aching need through her body.

He pulled back and stared down at her. Okay, so curiosity had got the better of them.

No harm done.

She smiled up at him as she stroked the back of his neck, the silky ends of his just-this-side-of-too-long hair. “We still have at least four minutes left. I think you can do much better than that.”
Humor lit his eyed even as they darkened with desire.

And she knew that desire was real—even while she suspected it was as unwanted for him as it was for her.

Then he kissed her again. He kissed like he’d done everything else so far this evening. Slow. Easy. And with great skill. As if he had all the time in the world to learn the texture of her lips, the taste of her, the way she fit against his body. His tongue swept across the seam of her lips. But not even the rasp of his tongue against hers could break the spell he’d put her under.
She groaned and pressed her breasts against the solid planes of his chest.

He wrapped one arm around her waist and lifted her so that her high heels came off the floor. He slid his other hand into the hair at the nape of her neck, his fingers loosening her knot of hair as he massaged her scalp, tilted her head and deepened the kiss.

Dear Lord she hadn’t realized one simple kiss could be so…dangerous. To her peace of mind. Her sense of what she could and could not control.

And most importantly, to her willpower.

Then, as if a switch had been flipped, the danger passed. Though he still held her flush against him, she had the sensation of him pulling away. While she would’ve sworn his earlier kisses had been driven by passion, the touch of his lips on hers now felt…deliberate. Practiced.


And things only get more complicated...and interesting...for them both from there ;-)

My favorite First Kisses in books are ones that take either the hero, the heroine or better yet, both by surprise. Such as in Nora Roberts' The Heart of Devin MacKade when Cassie gives Devin a friendly peck and he (having loved her for years) practically devours her. Same thing with Ethan and Grace in Rising Tides.

In TV and movies though, my favorite First Kisses are ones that have been a long time coming. Where the sexual tension has been building and building until BAM! The hero and heroine can't keep their hands (or mouths *g*) off of each other. Some of my faves are Gerard Butler and Emily Mortimer in Dear Frankie, Sandra Bullock and Aidan Quinn in Practical Magic and Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis in The Witness :-)

What is your favorite part of a romance? The build-up and sexual tension to that first kiss or love scene? The first declaration of love? Or maybe the resolution? Do you have any favorite First Kisses from books, TV or movies? Two commenters will each win a copy of His Secret Agenda!


Tawny said...

WOOOOT!!! It's Party Time!!!!

:::: Tossing confetti and whistling for the cabana boys ::::

"Setup the chocolate fountain over there, and the margarita machine over there. Then someone needs to plug in the jukebox."

YAY, Beth!!! I'm so excited about your release and ready to celebrate. I totally love this story and man, baby, that is one hot kiss!! Actually, quite a bit of this story is hot, if I recall :-)

Jane said...

Hi Beth,
Congrats on the new release. I love the buildup and sexual tension. The first kiss between Ross and Rachel in Friends was pretty memorable. I think Loretta Chase has written some great first kiss scenes because of bantering between the hero and heroine, like the one between Dain and Jessica.

Helen said...

Congrats Tawny way to go

Beth huge congrats on the release I am soo looking forward to Allie and Dean's story I have ordered the book and I am told I should have it soon YAY.

I too love the build up to the first kiss and the sexual tension along the way. I have read so many that I can't recall them at the moment. They really are just so yummy.

I think a drink is in order what will I have ? I think I will leave it up to the Cabana Boys to choose one for me I could really use one after the day at work I have had.

Have Fun

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh wow, can't wait for this one, I only get to stop in before work so I will have to have a virgin. Do the cabana boys know how to make a virgin drink?
I personally favor the build up to the first kiss, the first uhh completion, the first I love you. Of course the resolution is wonderful too.
I agree with Jane, that first between Dain and Jessica was awesome. I love banter between the stars and then wham, something else is added to the equation.

Lynz Pickles said...

Party - good. I really need to be cheered up today. Want to know why? It's because of the very book we're celebrating!

Happy Lynz went to Chapters today, intending to buy two new releases: Ice by Sarah Beth Durst (I'm seriously addicted to East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and any retelling of it is an autobuy for me) and His Secret Agenda. She got there and Ice was in stock (and expensive! $21 Canadian - I love hardcovers but hate exchange rates!) but His Secret Agenda wasn't. Half-elated, half-grumpy Lynz went home with her new purchases. (Because, you know, once you get into the bookstore you can't leave with just one thing. The sale section beckons, and that copy of The Second Sex you put down last time refuses to be silenced...)

Several hours later, temporarily sidetracked Lynz was out and about and thought to herself, Hey! Walmart! Walmart stocks Harlequins and there's one near my house! Plus they have chocolate! Back on track, she headed into the massive store and went straight to the books... only to find every October Superromance EXCEPT the one she wanted. Racks stuffed with a variety of new releases taunted her, laughing at her inability to get the book so wanted so badly. Lynz left with the chocolate, but without the book, hoping the former would help her deal with her sadness about the lack of the latter.

(The moral of the story, in case you were wondering, is that the universe is totally anti-Lynz today. I offer my tale of woe as proof.)

See why I need cheering up? And for once awesome excerpts of delicious kisses don't help, because all I can think is, I should be reading that right now! I think I shall turn to stuffing my face at the chocolate fountain and drinking. Those two always seem to help my mind, if not my ability to fit into my pants.

Anyway, enough whining from me. My favourite part of a romance is when everything's going wrong. I love the buildup of emotional tension, and I can't wait for the big fight and subsequent grovelling! Mmmm, grovelling males. They're so very, very delicious when they're totally in the wrong and must resort to drastic measures to fix things. I am a bad, bad person sometimes, and you wouldn't want to be in any of my favourite books because of this. I love characters, especially heroines, who are as tortured as possible, (without, y'know, going mad or anything... or at least, more than a little mad. I think a little mad could be okay) and my favourite part of that kind of story is when the hero realizes something he did really hurt the already-battered heroine. Oh, the delicious guilt! And then the grovelling.

As for first kisses, I love the one in Enchanted. It's magic - literally.

Emmanuelle said...

Congrats on your new release !! (I just looooove this book cover ;-).

What I prefer in romance is the build-up and sexual tension.
One of my favorite first kiss is from Jennifer Crusie Bet me.
H and H are on a pic-nic in NYC and Cal is feeding Minerva Krispy Kreme doughnuts... and kisses ! Mmmm Yummy, one of the most sensual first kiss scene I've ever read *sigh*

Janga said...

Congratulations on the new release, Beth! I enjoyed both Not Without Her Family and A Not-So-Perfect Past. His Secret Agenda sounds as if it will be a terrific conclusion to a great series.

Your first kiss would hook me if HSA were not already on my TBB list. I love it when an author pays proper attention to a first kiss. I just finished a second reading of Tessa Dare's A Lady of Persuasion, and Toby and Bel's first kiss is magic.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hooray, Beth! HSA sounds great! I've already got it on my Target list!

I love sexual tension, love the anticipation. Dirty Dancing has been running on TV and seeing it mentioned reminded me that that movie has great sexual build up!

I agree with Emmanuel too--Bet Me has a great first kiss!

Back to the cave..

Cassondra said...

WooooHOOOOOO Beth!

Congrats on this new release!

I love the buildup to the first kiss for certain. The tension leading up to that, and to the first love scene, are addictive. But my favorite part of most books is the OH SH*T moment when one character or another recognizes that they're goners for the other person.

I can't wait to read this!

Tawny, hey, you go the rooster! Whatcha gonna make him do today?

Beth said...

Good morning! Tawny!! Congrats on nabbing the Golden One *g* What are your plans with our fine feathered fellow today?

Thank you so much (yes, I'd love a margarita - is 7:55 am too early for one?) for loving this story! I have a soft spot for it as well ;-)

Speaking of hot, the first kiss in your Feels Like the First Time was quite steamy as well *g*

Linda Henderson said...

In a book I think the first time the H/H express their love for each other is very romantic. And I think the best on screen kiss is between Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan in Never Been Kissed.

Beth said...

Hey, Jane! I loved the first kiss between Ross and Rachel. You're right, it's definitely memorable! And I loved the build up to that kiss (and the start of their relationship) how Ross was so infatuated and Rachel so clueless then things got switched around until FINALLY they got together *ggg*

And I hate to admit it but I haven't read Loretta Chase yet. But, as I love good banter, I will remedy that by purchasing her latest the next time I go to the store.

Thanks for the congrats!

PJ said...

Congrats, Beth! I love this series and can't wait to get my hands on His Secret Agenda! I've been looking forward to Allie's HEA since the first book.

I love the build-up to the first kiss and have to agree with Janga on her assessment of Toby and Bel's first kiss in A Lady of Persuasion. Sweet, sweet magic.

Beth said...

Hello, Helen! Thank you so much for ordering HSA. I hope you enjoy it.

And the Cabana Boys have the cure for whatever ails you. They'll fix you up right ;-)

Beth said...

Do the cabana boys know how to make a virgin drink?

LOL, Dianna! I'm not sure if virgin drinks are among their specialties but I'm sure they'll give it a try ;-)

I love the build-up, too. There are times, though, when a TV show can drive me crazy by building and building the tension until I want to scream at them to kiss or fall into bed or DO SOMETHING ALREADY *g*

Then again, some shows lose the zing when the tension falls by the wayside. Moonlighting comes to mind :-)

Beth said...

Lynz! I'm so very sorry my little book has caused you so much strife! Please, come over here and allow Sven to rub your feet while a cabana boy brings you the chocolate fountain and your drink.

I'm afraid I had a similiar experience yesterday when I went searching for my book at Wal-Mart and our local Hallmark/bookstore to sign copies - only to discover they weren't out yet *pout*

I didn't even get chocolate. Just some mulling spices for hot apple cider and believe me, while it's tasty, it's no chocolate.

Thank you for trying to find HSA!!

I love a great black moment and resolution, too! That feeling of "how are these two people EVER going to get/stay together" then one (or both) of them wises up and they get their happily-ever-after. Yay!

Enchanted has a great first kiss. I do love that movie!!

PJ said...

Beth, I totally agree about Moonlighting.

Two TV shows that I think did a great job of building (and maintaining) the sexual tension between the main characters were Remington Steele and JAG. I spent years rearranging my schedule so I wouldn't miss an episode! :)

Emmanuelle said...

PJ - Jag had great UST, maybe too much... come on 10 years !! That an awfully long wait !!!
But it did make this show addictive... I still have most of the episodes on CDs

Another great first kiss was Sydney and Vaughn in ALIAS... that scene of them kissing among the ruins of the MI6 headquarters... PERFECT !!

Anna Sugden said...

Wooohoo!! Another Beth book to read!! I so love this series and can't wait to read about the man who win's Allie's heart.

I love the build-up to the first kiss too and the sexual tension. I must admit, I'm not fussed about actual sex scenes - but I love sexual tension. Our own Tawny is fab at all that sexual tension.

Fave first kiss in a movie is from an old teen flick - it's one that has stuck in my mind over the years. John Hughes does an awesome job of building to the kiss and then showing how they go from trying it out to the flare-up of heat. The movie is some kind of Wonderful - Check out the kiss scene. Happy sigh.

Emmanuelle said...

Great idea Anna !!
Here is the link to Syd and Vaughn first kiss :

CrystalGB said...

Hi Beth.Congratulations on your new release. My favorite part of the book is the build up and the sexual tension.

flchen1 said...

Wooohoooo!! Happy release, Beth! Can't wait to read your newest :) (And hey, if it's got the Tawny stamp of approval, there's nothing not to like! :D)

I think like many others, the build-up and the back-and-forth dialogue that ramps up the tension is my favorite part--not that the first kiss or declaration aren't wonderful, but it's all the anticipation! Rachel and Ross were a classic! And yes, Moonlighting was fabulous for a long time :)

Are there drinks? I think I'll be coming back for one of those later--off for another day of child-herding :D

Morning Glow said...

I think my favorite part is the tension before the first kiss... or maybe right after it. When they know they're attracted to one another, but they don't want to admit it. When they're still totally fine, or mostly fine, with making snarky comments to one another. But there's a fine line there.. too much tension, drawing it out too much can drive me nuts!

I know, I know, I'm picky. That say, I have some change for the jukebox! And I'll never get all this confetti out of my hair...

Congrats on the release!
Morning Glow

jo robertson said...

Wahooooo, Beth. Congrats on the release of HIS SECRET AGENDA. We've been waiting for Allie's story.

Nancy said...

Hi, Beth--I'm about the payoff. It's the resolution, the HEA, I like the most. Though I find that more absorbing if the conflict leading up to it was intense.

TD, congrats on taking home the rooster!

Nancy said...

Helen, sorry you had a rough day.

Sven! Hey! Why aren't you guys all over Helen's drink? This is a party, y'know.

Nancy said...

Dianna, they know how to do virgin, and they need to get moving. Don't know what's up with them today. I hope your work day goes better than Helen's.

Nancy said...

Lynz, what a saga! Enchanted was a great movie. We bought a copy.

Anna Sugden said...

Great link, Emmanuelle.

You know, I have to say that there was more ST in the first series of JAG than there was in the latter series. Catherine Bach didn't have the same chemistry with Harm that Tracy Needham did IMHO

Other great first kiss scenes on TV are Jimmy Smits and Susan Dey in LA Law. And then, Jimmy Smits and Kim Delaney in NYPD Blue (though I have to say the kiss between Kim Delaney and Rick Schroeder was pretty hot too!)

Hmm wonder if Jimmy Smits is just a good actor or he's that hot in real life?!

Beth said...

One of my favorite first kiss is from Jennifer Crusie Bet me.

Oh, Emmanuelle, that is a great book and a fantastic first kiss! Makes me want to read the book all over again *g*

Thanks for the congrats! And I love my cover, too *g* It's perfect for the story :-)

Beth said...

Thanks for the congrats and for letting me know you enjoyed both NWHF and ANSPP, Janga!

I agree that authors should spend plenty of time and attention on the first kiss. I think it's a huge turning point in any story and it loses something without the proper build-up and conclusion *g*

Tessa Dare is another author on my TBR List! Sounds as if I'm in for a treat :-)

Beth said...

Thanks, Deb! That's so funny you mentioned Dirty Dancing because I was just thinking about it *g* You're so right - it has great sexual tension between Baby and Johnnie *g*

Now, get back to the cave! We want more fabulous Deb Marlowe books!! (Don't make me crack the whip *g*)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

WHOOOHOOOOOO!!! Launch Party!!!

Tawny, you make the GR work, if not behave, okay? Grins. He can mind the ice machine or the milkshake machine or something. Lord knows he's good at throwing confetti. Grins.

Beth, I'm dying to read this. I'm going to have to hie me to the bookstore and get it ASAP.

Now, I've got to wend my way back to the cave, but I'm taking a drink and a caban...ummm...heating pad for my back, yeah, that's it, I'm taking that with me. Snork.

Oh, movie kisses - the first time Joe Black kisses Susan Parrish in Meet Joe Black. Both the innocence on his part and the heat on both their parts...whew!!

Top Gun. The backlit scene w/ Charlie and Mav. Holy Cow!

TV - Bones and Booth, hands down.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, yeah, Deb - Baby and Johnny! Yesyesyes. :>

Beth said...

Thanks, Cassondra!

But my favorite part of most books is the OH SH*T moment when one character or another recognizes that they're goners for the other person.

You know, this is a great point and a great part of the story to love because that realization usually pushes the character into making a decision (not always for the best) and flips the story on its head :-)

I do love those turning points!

Beth said...

Hi, Linda! What's your favorite declaration of love? The ones that are sweet? Or the ones where they blurt it out in an emotion-fueled scene?

And I think the best on screen kiss is between Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan in Never Been Kissed.

LOL! I have this movie downstairs waiting for me to get on the treadmill so I can watch it. Now I'm extra excited :-)

Beth said...

Thanks, PJ! I hope you enjoy HSA. I have to admit, I really enjoyed writing Allie's story. Maybe because I knew her so well from her being in the first two books *g*

Christie Kelley said...

Woohoo!! Congrats, Beth! I can't wait to read this book. Unfortunately, it wasn't out at Borders when I was there over the weekend. :(

I love the buildup to the first kiss. And your peek of a first kiss was great.

Okay, tell the cabana boys to drop off a margarita and send Sven over when you have the chance. I slept on my neck wrong last night and a good massage would do me wonders. Just tell both of them to tie themselves down so they don't blow away. The wind is wicked here today.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...


Aunty crawls out of the cave long enough to grab a drinkie and a cabana boy, not necessarily in that order. ;-)

GREAT excerpt, Beth! And like everyone else, I've been eagerly awaiting HSA. I was sold on the YUMMY cover alone!

I'm with Cassondra. LOVE that Oh Sh*te (my characters are often Irish) moment! Usually the hero is suddenly gobsmacked with the knowledge that SHE is the one. MUAHAHAHA! I love it when characters are being tortured because that makes the HEA that much sweeter.

And speaking of sweet, howza bout a round of mango margaritas? Oh Cabana boys!!! It's 5 o'clock somewhere.


PJ said...

And I think the best on screen kiss is between Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan in Never Been Kissed.

OMG! Yes! I love this movie! I've lost count of the number of times I've watched it but no matter how many times it's been that kiss never loses its punch. Never.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

*Raises hand, down the hall and in the cave*

I'll take a mango margarhita! Love me some mango...

Never Been Kissed. GOOD movie! :>

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minna said...

Congrats on the new release!
Hmm. I definitely love the build up to the first kiss and the sexual tension.

Doing It All For My Baby - Huey Lewis & The News

Tawny said...

Ahhhh, sweet bliss. The rooster and I started the morning with a long, meditative massage. He's arranging a mani-pedi now so I can finish reading HIS SECRET AGENDA :-)

I totally love this book. Beth, Dean is so sexy and Allie so strong - did they ever try and take the story somewhere you hadn't planned?

Minna said...

Dirty Dancing - Time of my Life

Hey, in case you don't know, Mills & Boon is offering some free ebooks:

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, I'm so late to the party and everybody but me is tiddly and ready to dance on tables!

BETH!!!!! Huge congratulations on your latest release. I've got it on order from the Book Depository so it should be here any day now. Yay!

This book sounds absolutely luscious.

Actually I love the first kiss too - it's when everything changes, isn't it? By the time the love scene happens, they're usually on some sort of a path that will lead to them establishing a life together. But that first kiss, it can come from nowhere and really discombobulate the best-laid plans. I love writing first kisses too - as I'm sure you'd know from the books. They tend to get lots of attention!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Tawny, a chook for you? You usually don't get him. Good on you, Bandita! Now if we could just stop him doing the bus stop...

Oh, Jane, that first kiss in the rain between Dain and Jessica. Sigh, sigh, sigh. An all-time classic. There's a wonderful first kiss in Flower from the Storm by Laura Kinsale too. The heroine is a prim Quaker and the hero is a rakish duke who's really just playing with her, but it's a moment that changes her life. Sigh again.

Anna Campbell said...

The first kiss in North and South is breathtaking - even if it's the last scene! Oh, dear, now I'm sighing again. Somebody slap me and take me onto the floor for a tango!

Donna MacMeans said...

WooHoo Beth! And thanks in advance for another great read.

All these first kiss scenarios are fantastic. Anna - Some Kind of WOnderful is one of my all time fav films. Moonlighting - loved that series. You'd think surely somewhere on these 400+ TV channels, someone should be re-running that series.

Choosing a favorite part of a romance is hard. I get sucked in from the first chapter falling in love with the characters, rooting them on as they fall in love with each other and then BAM! Something happens that tears them apart and I can't put the book down because they have to get back together again and whew! resolution. I love it all - first glance, sexy banter, first kiss, first intimacy (and second and third...),
the HEA... You know - something as good as a good romance should be illegal. Let's face it - it certainly is addictive.

Gannon Carr said...

Party time in the Lair! Woohoo!

Beth, what a great scene! I will most definitely be picking up a copy His Secret Agenda.

First kisses....I love 'em. What about Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour in Somewhere In Time? *Big Sigh* Love that movie--cry my eyes out every single time.

And Bridget Jones and Mark the middle of the street with snow swirling all around, and she's in her knickers. LOL

Buffie said...

Congrats on the your new release Beth! I must say it sounds very, VERY good to me!! I'll have to be on the look out for it.

I love the building of the sexual tension that leads to the first kiss and the first sensual touch. OMG, most times it's better than the actual sex scenes.

I so agree with everyone on the kiss scene in Never Been Kissed! I just watched that movie again about 2 weeks ago. I have it on DVD :-)

** off to do some dancing with the cabana boys **

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Woohoo, another Bandita launch party! These are always such fun. Beth, I'll have to watch for this book. I haven't seen it yet.

I love the tension that leads up to a first kiss. Right now, I'm awaiting the first "real" kiss between Booth and Bones on Bones. And it's way too early for it, but I bet I'll be anticipating a kiss down the road for Castle and Beckett on Castle.

Linda, I love that kiss in Never Been Kissed too, especially when your heart is breaking thinking he won't show up at the end.

Becke Davis said...

Oooh, I love the excerpt you posted! Boy, I don't know if I have a favorite type of scene -- I love them all. I've read Beth's other books, and I know I'll be reading this one, too. If someone asked if I like cowboy romances, my first inclination would be to say, "Not so much." But when I start thinking about it, a lot of my favorite romances featured cowboys! I guess I must like them, after all.

Beth said...

Two TV shows that I think did a great job of building (and maintaining) the sexual tension between the main characters were Remington Steele and JAG.

I only caught JAG a few times but when I did watch it, I loved it. I read in a magazine that the producer would love to do a reunion show but isn't sure how it would come about.

Honestly, the reason I used to watch soap operas is because they do an excellent job of building and maintaining that sexual tension between characters. If it wanes, they bring in someone new or take the story in a new direction so you're gnashing your teeth wanting your favorite couple back together again :-)

Beth said...

Another great first kiss was Sydney and Vaughn in ALIAS

Oohh...another great example! Thanks, Emmanuelle *g*

Beth said...

The movie is some kind of Wonderful

Love it, Anna! Thanks for posting the link. I actually have this movie in my Netflix queue since I haven't watched it in so long. It's funny to me that you can find so many 80s teen movies on TV such as Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles but not Some Kind of Wonderful *pout*

And you're right - Tawny rocks the sexual tension!!

Beth said...

Yay, another first kiss clip! Thanks, Emmanuelle *g*

Oh, and I just remembered another favorite first kiss - Jim and Pam on The Office! Their wedding episode is on tomorrow and I can't wait to see it :-)

Beth said...

Hey, Crystal! Thanks for stopping by *g* Don't forget to help yourself to some chocolate, a drink and a cabana boy or two ;-)

Beth said...

Fedora! Of course there are drinks. I'd offer up child care services so you can join the party now but I'm not sure you'd want the cabana boys around your kids

And I do work hard for the Tawny stamp of approval and trust me, it's tough to get *ggg* Okay, not really but she always helps me bring out the best in my stories, that's for sure!

Gannon Carr said...

Yes, Trish. I will be right there with you anticipating that first kiss between Beckett and Castle somewhere down the road. Love that show!

Becke Davis said...

Gannon - I just picked up "Richard Castle's" new book, HEAT WAVE. Haven't started it yet. I'd LOVE to know who really wrote it.

catslady said...

First Knight by far has the best kiss in a movie - Richard Gere and Julia Ormond as Sir Lancelot and Guinevere - makes my toes curl every time :)

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Gannon, I love Somewhere in Time too. Always howl my eyes out. And I'm not even a Jane Seymour fan although I think he was absolutely lovely in it. Do you remember that funny little smile on his face when he gets done out like a 1910 dude? Just gorgeous! Sigh! Oh, dear, there's another sigh. And I've been off tangoing to get rid of the sighs. The problem is great first kisses always make me weak at the knees. Hmm, in real life too ;-)

Susan Sey said...

Beth! Congrats on the launch & wow, what a first kiss! I love love LOVE that it got complicated there at the end. The only thing better than a great kiss is a kiss with great potential that gets complicated. :-)

Now, in terms of what I like out of a first kiss scene? I love them all, of course, but like you, I like the ones that uncork a whole lot of repressed passion. Like years' worth of one-sided love. Those are my favorites. In fact, I've been chewing over an idea for a book based completely on this one kiss I've imagined. A kiss that changes everything. I love those...

Helen said...

The party is really going off great now I will need another drink I think before I head back to work for another day then I have 2 days off YAY better not make it too strong though but something that will help me get through the day.

These first kisses everyone has mentioned are great I do love them

Have Fun

Beth said...

Thanks, Morning Glow! I love how the first kiss amps up the conflict and tension between the h/h *g*

If you need help with confetti removal, just grab a cabana boy

Beth said...

Thanks, Jo! I'm excited Allie's story is out. She was a lot of fun to write :-)

Beth said...

Though I find that more absorbing if the conflict leading up to it was intense.

I so agree with you, Nancy! It's so much better when you've been rooting for them to find a way to get together all the while afraid it could never happen only to have it happen! *g*

Beth said...

Hmm wonder if Jimmy Smits is just a good actor or he's that hot in real life?!

LOL! I'd say a bit of both :-)

Loved him on NYPD Blue!

Buffie said...

Trish -- you are so right about Castle and Beckett. That is going to be one fabulous episode!!! I hope it is not too soon though. I'm loving the tension that is already there. Beckett is definitely a Librarian archetype, don't you think?

Beth said...

Jeanne, I've never seen Meet Joe Black. Must put it in my Netflix queue *g*

Yes! Top Gun! *sigh* I thought that movie was so sexy - and not just because of the volleyball scene ;-)

Now let go of the Cabana boy and get back to the cave!

Beth said...

Sven will be right over, Christie! He has quite a few women who need today *g*

We've had the wind here, too. It's blowing the leaves off the trees before they all had a chance to change color.

Thanks for looking for HSA!

Beth said...

I love it when characters are being tortured because that makes the HEA that much sweeter.

LOL! So true, Auntie!! I feel we should make our characters for the HEA :-)

And it's never too early for margaritas! At least, I hope not *g*

Thanks for popping out of the cave!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, wow, what a fantastic first kiss, Beth! And I'm so intrigued to know why the kiss ended up feeling contrived. You little tease, you:)

Love first kisses--and all the tension that leads up to them! I think they're even more delicious to old marrieds like me because you never quite recapture the excitement of the first kiss, except in fiction:)

Hey, Beth, don't monopolize all those cabana boys, honey! Have a great release day!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Buffie, I agree. It's the death knell of a show if they resolve the sexual tension too soon. And I hadn't thought about it, but Beckett could be a librarian archetype, though one who can kick some butt. :)

Beth said...

did they ever try and take the story somewhere you hadn't planned?

You know, they didn't try to take the story somewhere I hadn't planned but once I got to know Dean's character better, I realized he had a bigger network of support (friends, family) than I'd first envisioned. That's my favorite part of writing, when the story is clicking and you get to know your characters inside and out :-)

Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by, Minna! That's so cool about Mills and Boon offering free books. eHarlequin is offering free downloads too *g*

Beth said...

Hey, Fo!! Your first kiss scenes Rock!! Love the way you build up the tension :-)

I do love the turning point of that first kiss. Even if one of the characters wasn't totally into the other, the kiss can change that - or at least make them wonder if they're missing something by keeping their distance *g*

Beth said...

The first kiss in North and South is breathtaking - even if it's the last scene!

Yes, but it was totally worth the wait, wasn't it? Loved it!!

Beth said...

You know - something as good as a good romance should be illegal. Let's face it - it certainly is addictive.

Oh, Donna, I love this!

And yes, it is hard to pick a favorite part. When I'm past the first kiss, I can't wait until the first love scene, then to how that love scene flips the story in a new direction, then the dreaded black moment get the point *g*

But then I go to the next book and anticipate the first kiss again :-)

Beth said...

Hey, Gannon!

And Bridget Jones and Mark the middle of the street with snow swirling all around, and she's in her knickers. LOL

Yes! And she says good boys don't kiss like that *g*

Actually, that movie has one of my favorite lines when Mark tells her that he likes her just as she is. Love that moment!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Beth said...

Thank you, Buffie!

Okay, so now I'm really dying to get downstairs and watch Never Been Kissed! Except my 12 yo wants to watch it with me and she's busy with homework tonight. Darn! Maybe I'll watch a preview of it anyway *g*

Keep dancing!!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually what a love about a lot of really good first kisses is it's the moment when you KNOW the attraction is going to outweigh whatever's driving these people apart. The world changes after a really good first kiss. Thanks, Beth, for saying you like mine - as I said, it's part of the book I always love writing!

Beth said...

Hi, Trish! I need to catch up on my Bones watching but I do love Booth and Bones. The chemistry between them is hot *g*

I also need to watch Castle. Once my kids are done with their various sports (next month - yay!) I'll hopefully have more TV/movie viewing time :-)

Beth said...

Thanks, Becke! I'm LOL over your cowboy comment. I never would've dreamed I'd write a cowboy but Dean just sort of popped into my head complete with Stetson and yummy accent *g*

Beth said...

Hi, catslady! Oh, I haven't seen First Knight in a long time! I'll have to rent it *g*

Thanks for stopping by!

Beth said...

A kiss that changes everything. I love those...

Yes, Susan! Those are my favorite *g*

And your idea for a book based on a kiss you've been imagining sounds very intriguing. I bet it kicks butt!!

Thanks for the congrats :-)

Beth said...

Hope you have a great day at work, Helen! Luckily, the weekend will be here before we know it :-)

Beth said...

Hey, Beth, don't monopolize all those cabana boys, honey

What? (Beth looks around and shoos off three or four cabana boys) I don't know what you're talking about Christine (bats eyes innocently)


Thanks for the congrats! And yes, isn't it fun for us to get to relive those first kisses? *sigh*

Uh oh, now I'm sighing along with Fo!

Beth said...

The world changes after a really good first kiss.

LOL! Exactly, Fo. And it usually causes more problems, such as wanting to repeat the kiss (or more) which causes yet even more problems *g*

Joan said...

Are there any margharitas left? Mimosas? Appletini's????

Diet Coke?

Congrats Beth on your latest and greatest!

Kate Carlisle said...

Okay, it's still daylight out here on the west coast so I know the party's not over yet!! First I need a drinkie. Rev up the blender, boys! And did somebody mention a chocolate fountain? Yeah!

Woo hooo, Beth!! Congrats on the new book! I can't wait to get my hands on this one. That scene is sooooo hot!!

My brain is too fried to think of a fave movie kiss but I'm right there with Trish and others on waiting for both Bones and Castle. Although, we could be waiting a long time ... but that's okay. I'll keep watching! :-)

Tawny, way to score on the bird!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Beth, you're so right about the MORE problems afterwards. Love that! I think a good love scene does that too until the blissful ending!

chey said...

I enjoy the build-up and sexual tension.

Pissenlit said...

Happy early book birthday! I really enjoyed A Not-So-Perfect Past!

I love the lead-up to the first kiss. :) Favourite First Kiss? Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe's. *happy sigh*

Louisa Cornell said...

YAY Beth!! Another Beth Andrew's book to love! And this guy is one HOT HOT HOT kisser!!

Speaking of kisses, Tawny give the GR a peck for us.

Sneaking out of the writing cave to grab something from the chocolate fountain and see what or WHO everyone is wearing. Someone needs to pay these cabana boys hazard pay at these launch parties.

I love that first kiss between Jessica and Dain in Lord of Scoundrels. Not many people need a lightning strike to break them apart.

Of course I also love the first kiss in my first book Lost in Love. Addy and Marcus's first kiss ends with them and his curricle falling into an underground cave. (no horses were injured in the making of the kiss.)

I love those kisses where the man is completely confused and stunned by what he feels, when he THINKS he is in control and he really isn't.

LaCampbell does that "knock him on his emotional butt" kiss really well! So does Christine Wells for that matter. I do love it when a practiced rake gets his comeuppance at the hands of a rather innocent woman. :)

One of the most poignant first kisses ever is the first kiss between the Phantom of the Opera and Christine in the film version of the musical. I swear Gerard Butler breaks my heart every time! His first and only kiss and he breaks down and cries and then lets her go. SIGH !

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, thanks, Miss Louisa. I must say "knock him on his emotional butt" expresses it perfectly!

Tawny said...

I also need to watch Castle.

Um, YEAH!!!!!!!

Christine Wells said...

"knock him on his emotional butt"

I like that! Thanks for the compliment, Louisa:)

Oh, and I love the kiss in the rain in Paris in LOS, too! That book was sigh-worthy on so many levels:)

Kirsten said...

Beth!! I know I'm late but congratulations!!! I'm so excited to run out and buy this one. You are so talented -- you and Tawny have gotten me hooked on HQ again! Go you!

Christine Wells said...

Beth, you can knock off the innocent act. I know you too well! Send one of those CBs over here!

Erotic Horizon said...

These definitely sound like fun reads -

Glad you followed your writing muse and wrote them, Please enter me...


Mari said...

Hmmm, my favorite part is the build up to the first kiss. I especially like it if the H/h have been at odds with each other and arguing to disguise their attraction to each other and then finally succumb!

Beth said...

Thank you, Joan! And there are always drinks left *g* Sit back and let a cabana boy wait on you

Beth said...

Thanks, Kate! Lair parties never seem to end, they just sort of...quiet down :-)

Beth said...

Thanks, Chey! And thanks for popping in at my launch party :-)

Beth said...

Pissenlit, thank you so much for saying you enjoyed ANSPP!

Oh, that's a great first kiss, pick! Thanks for sharing *g*

Beth said...

Hi, Louisa! Thanks for the congrats!

I totally agree with you on kisses that confuse the heck out of the hero and take him back a step. Love them! The first kiss in your Lost in Love sounds wonderful :-)

Beth said...

Thank you so much, Kirsten! And thank you for stopping by :-)

Beth said...

Beth, you can knock off the innocent act. I know you too well! Send one of those CBs over here!

*pout* But I'm not done with them yet.

Beth said...

Thanks, Erotic horizon! And thanks for stopping by the launch party *g*

Beth said...

I especially like it if the H/h have been at odds with each other and arguing to disguise their attraction to each other and then finally succumb!

Mari, those usually end up being explosive kisses, don't they? Love it!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

ddurance said...

Definitely the sexual tension when the characters are tiptoeing around each other or fighting and pretending not to like each other at all.