Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Lineup

by Christie Kelley

Fall is here, which means World Series, cool temperatures and spooky things. But in the Lair, we have launch parties, guests galore and of course, hot cabana boys!

Since we all love a party, let's start with our launch parties for the month! Mark your calendar for October 8th when Beth Andrews will be bringing out the drinks and the boys for her release, His Secret Agenda. You know wild things will happen that day.

Not to be outdone, on October 27th, Anna Campbell will be celebrating her release, Captive of Sin. Who knows what wild things Anna will have for us that day.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than two launch parties in a month...I bring you our guests for the month.

On Friday, 2nd October, Harlequin Historicals author Michelle Willingham will be Anna Campbell's guest in the Lair. Michelle writes passionate, action-packed romance set in medieval Ireland and is about to launch her first Victorian trilogy. She's giving away her two latest two books so make sure you swing by!

October 5th, Ellen Dugan joins us in the Lair. She'll be talking about writing paranormal and how to get things right!

On October 6, Claudia Dain will be guesting with Nancy Northcott and discussing what inspires writers, among other things. She will also be celebrating the mass market reissue of The Courtesan's Secret, the second amazing installment her scintillating Courtesan Chronicles. No chance to chat with The Incomparable Claudia Dain is to be missed!

On October 9, the vivacious Deb Marlowe will be visiting the Lair with Caren Crane. We will be among the first to hear about the American release of her Harlequin Historical, Her Cinderella Season. Make sure you stop by to hear how Miss Lily Beecham gets herself invited to a Society ball and what sort of naughtiness ensues!

On October 11th, Lair favorite Denise Rossetti returns to chat about her upcoming release, Thief Of Light, the second in her hot fantasy series, The Four-Sided Pentacle.

Join us on October 12 when Sarah arrives to chat about her debut, Renegade. Sarah will be along to entertain us with tales of her Renegades.

October 16, Laura Anne Gilman makes her first appearance in the Lair to celebrate the release of Flesh and Fire, the first volume in the Vineart Wars fantasy series.

October 19, Patricia Rice returns to chat about Mystic Warrior, the concluding volume in her Mystic Isle paranormal series.

On October 20th, author Samantha Hunter will be here to talk about getting Caught In The Act, her latest release for Harlequin Blaze and part of the Dressed To Thrill miniseries!

October 21, Jacquie D'Alessandro makes her Lair debut with her Blaze Historical, Touch Me.

Join us on October 22nd when Kate Walker will be in the Lair. Kate Walker has been writing for Harlequin Presents since 1984. In that time she has over 54 novels published in over thirty-five countries and total sales amount to over twelve million copies of her books. Kate Walker is also the author of the award-winning 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance. Kate will be here to celebrate the launch of her latest book from Harlequin Presents, Kept For Her Baby.

October 26, Berta Platas, better known in the Lair as half of Gillian Summers, will make her first solo appearance. She'll discuss how life, love and winning the lottery mesh for the heroine of Lucky Chica.

Last but certainly not least, on October 28th, we welcome back NY Times bestselling author Lorraine Heath to the Lair.

Finally, our Bandita Contests for the month:

Anna Campbell is offering readers a chance to win Captive of Sin! By the time this contest comes to a close, Captive of Sin will be available from a bookseller near you. To celebrate this portentous moment in the history of the world (or at least in the history of Anna Campbell), she’s giving away not one, not two, not three, but FOUR signed copies of the book to people who enter this contest.This question is really easy. All you have to do is tell her the name of Gideon’s house and where in England it is situated. Just a hint – you might find the answer in the excerpt from Captive of Sin on her Books page:

Just email Anna on and she’ll draw at random from the correct responses. The contest closes 31st October, 2009.

For more information, please check out Anna’s contest page:

So what do you think? Sounds like a great month, doesn't it? What guest can't you wait for? Or maybe you're waiting for the launch parties, like me!


Linda Henderson said...

First ?

Linda Henderson said...
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Linda Henderson said...

All of these look great. Can't wait for the launch parties.

limecello said...

yay october! only... not really :X time is going by much much too quickly!

However, I am totally excited for all those books :D

Congrats on getting the GR Linda!

Virginia said...

Congrats Linda on nabbing the rooster! Have fun with him today!

Looks like a great line up for October! I am looking forward to all of the post. Its going to be a great month!

flchen1 said...

Boy oh boy! This is going to be another amazing month in the Lair! Lots to look forward to :)

And congrats on the GR, Linda!

Emmanuelle said...

What a great month !! I'll be there ;-)

Lynz Pickles said...

Congrats, Linda.

October makes me happy. No, not the weather. Not at all. I swear it's already winter-like up here. I went out for dim sum yesterday (the lunch of gods!) and had a wear a jacket, scarf, and gloves over my blouse. It was the last day of September. Crazy, right? So I'm afraid of October weather.

Also, my friend is getting married on the 30th and moving away. While I'm happy for her and adore her fiancé, I'm still sulking over the whole "moving" bit.

The reason I am happy is that this October is full of awesome books. I went to Chapters on Tuesday and picked up a big pile of lovely new releases, and there's still more awesomeness to come. Plus the Harlequin 1950's-style books are finally out, and they're SO PRETTY. Seriously, I bought all six just so I could look at them. I'll read them at some point, but mainly, they're gorgeous. And the sides of the pages are red, just like in the good old days! Yay! Plus now you've got awesome guest authors and two release parties and life is good, isn't it? Well, apart from the weather and friend moving away, it is.

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Linda.

So many great releases to look forward to. Anna always has the most beautiful covers.

Anna Sugden said...

Another fab line-up in the Lair. So excited about our two bandita launches, Beth and Anna, two of my fave authors (and no, I'm not biased!)

And so many fab fave returning guests as well as some awesome new ones. Guess the Amazon pigeon will be struggling under the weight of new books again.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I am excited about all the guests coming to the lair and I am always excited about launch parties for the Banditas.

I now have Amazon on speed connect.

Helen said...

Congrats Linda have fun with him

Christie I am looking forward to everything this month you guys have the best guests and the greatest launch parties.

I have Beth's book on order I will be ordering Anna's book very soon.

Bring on October I say the weather is warming up her in Oz.I can happilysit with the air con on and read my books.

Have Fun

Michelle said...

great GREAT lineup!! i can't wait for october :)

Nancy said...

Linda, congrats on snagging the rooster!

Nancy said...

Lynz, I think you've made someone at Harlequin very happy! *g*

Too bad about your friend moving away. That's always tough, even when it's in circumstances that're happy. I hope the weather's nice for the wedding.

Nancy said...

Christie, great job putting the post together! You made everything fit so nicely. :-)

Nancy said...

Trish, Caren, and I are heading down to Atlanta for M&M today and are looking forward to seeing our buddies there. Anybody who's going, please look us up.

We'll also be putting our heads together for our presentation in the new Lunchtime Learning bloc tomorrow, "Building A Name Before and After the Sale." It'd be nice to discuss it in person before we get up to do it.

We're hoping Joan will roll in before we have to actually deliver. :-)

Christie Kelley said...

Congrats on the GR, Linda! Take good care of him today.

Christie Kelley said...

limecello, even as I was writing up this blog, I could not believe it was already October. I swear it seems like it was January just a few weeks ago.

Christie Kelley said...

Virginia, it promises to be a great month!

Christie Kelley said...

Lynz, it sounds like your October will be busy but great fun.

Christie Kelley said...

Jane, you're right. Anna does always get beautiful covers. How does she do that?

Christie Kelley said...


I'm happy spring is arriving in OZ. But I love fall in Maryland :)

It was quite cool this morning but the leaves haven't started to change yet. Another 2-3 weeks and the leaves will be turning and the fireplace on!

PJ said...

Looks like another great month in the lair! I'm looking forward to all the wonderful books and authors.

Nancy, what time is your presentation? Gannon and I won't be there until mid-afternoon tomorrow. (we both have to work today) Will we miss it?

Christie Kelley said...

Hey PJ! Glad you stopped by. So are you going to M&M? If so, have a great time. I've heard that is a wonderful conference and one of these days, I'll come down for it.

Joan said...

Lynz, I kind of agree. SOMEBODY turned down the thermostat in KY this morning! Brrrrr.....

What a great place we have here in the Lair. I mean, 25 comments on a Coming Attractions post? Ya'll rock.

Nancy, we're gonna do our best to get there in time. I may be huffing and puffing when I roll into the room but promise not to make too much noise until I clap wildly for my girls...

Nancy said...

PJ, if I read the schedule right, we're at 1 p.m., the second hour of the lunchtime learning bloc. You may well miss it, but we'll have other chances to visit.

See you there!

Nancy said...

JT, don't huff and puff too much. It's not worth getting in a wreck to see.

Christie Kelley said...

Nancy and Joanie, have a great time at the conference.

Anna Sugden said...

I'm very envious of those of you heading out to Moonlight & Magnolias. Hugs to all our Banditas and BBs. And good luck to our Maggie Finalist, Joan!

Louisa Cornell said...

Way to go Linda! Keep him busy or he will make your life CHAOS !!!

What a great lineup!! Can't wait, especially for the launch parties as they are banned in several countries for the sheer audacity of their rowdiness!

I am so jealous of those of you who are going to Moonlight and Magnolias!! Enjoy! Take photos !! And GOOD LUCK JOANIE !!!!

jo robertson said...

Whoooopt! What a great line up! I can't wait to read the latest Bandita releases. And looks like my TBR pile is going to take over my entire house.

Christie Kelley said...

Jo, my TBR pile is getting far too large too. We need a plan!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Linda! Congrats on nabbing the rooster for the day! :>

WOWOWOW!! This looks like a fabulous month! Wheeeee! Can't wait for the launch parties. I may have a virtual hangover afterwards, but the party's always worth it. Grins.

Very excited too, that my guests will be joining us. What it doesn't say on the listing is that my guest on 10/5 Ellen Dugan is a Garden Witch. Not only does she know ALLLLLL the best plants, she's a practicing witch and will be here to answer witchy questions on your works in progress. (Provided you're writing about witches. Grins.)

And trust me, Sarah Parr's Renegades are wonderful! :>

Pat Cochran said...

I'm looking forward to all the
guests and their books! What a
great month this is going to be!

Congratulations, Linda!

Pat Cochran

Pissenlit said...

Congrats on catching the GR today, Linda!

Woo-hoo! Sounds like an exciting month! With pretty covers! :)

I love Autumn but couldn't the weather have stayed warm for one more week?? I've a friend's wedding to attend on Saturday and I am going to absolutely freeze in my outfit. Hmmm...I wonder if I could smuggle in some hot cabana boys to keep me warm... ;)

Patricia Rice said...

Wow, awesome october party! I'm looking forward to it.

I'm currently at the Novelists Inc conference and seeing authors I haven't seen in ages. It's like a high school reunion when your classmates were people like Catherine Coulter and Kay Hooper! I'm having fun.