Thursday, May 31, 2007

Unusual or Favorite Reading Spots

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We Romance Bandits are readers first. It’s impossible to be a writer without being a pretty intense reader, and I suspect many of our guests are avid readers too. I refuse to go anywhere without a book in my hand or my purse. Never. Doctor’s office? A book. Fast-food drive through? A book. To the market or the library? Yes, a book.

Whenever I’m driving and get stuck at a red light, I can get about five or six lines read, depending on how long the light is. I’ve been honked at by frustrated and harried drivers behind me if my book was overly engrossing.I’m sure that if California ever passes a ban on drivers using cell phones, the legislature will decide it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump until they ban my book reading.I’ve read on a bed, a hammock, and a park bench. During dinner, at a movie, and in church (uh oh, lightning bolt coming).

The most interesting place I’ve read a book was at St. Catherine’s Monastery which sits at the base of Mount Sinai. Our group had bedded down for the night ready to make the early morning climb of the mountain the next morning. Suddenly I had to make a midnight bathroom run.

There was no electricity at the monastery, so I took my flashlight, and, yes, you guessed it -- my book -- and groped my way outside, down the corridor, and into the restroom. I made myself comfortable and opened my book.

After a few moments, I had the creepy feeling someone else was there. I flashed my light around. No one. A noise sounded from above me. I glanced up, throwing the beam at the ceiling. There, straddling the stall partition, was a Bedouin. Yep, a genuine Bedouin with head gear and flowing robe. Yikes! I screamed. He fell, definitely more frightened than I was.

What's your favorite spot to read? Where’s the most interesting, colorful, or relaxing place you’ve enjoyed reading a book? Why?


Anna Campbell said...

Jo, kacked myself at the perving Bedouin! You must have had conniptions! I sure would have. I'm shy, shall we say, about some things. I remember having kittens when I stayed in a youth hostel in Finland and not only were the bathrooms unisex, but THERE WERE NO DOORS ON ANYTHING! Ewwww! Needless to say I've never been so quick in and out of a stall and reading a book there was NOT an option.

I used to be like you and read books in snatches whenever I could. These days, however, because indulging in a good book is such a rare pleasure, not to mention getting clear thinking time, I tend to listen to music when I sit on public transport or wait for anyone. I save my reading binges for times when I know I can lose myself in the story and stay there.

Aunty Cindy said...

ROFLOL over you and the "pervy" Bedouin!

This will come as no suprise to any of my Bandita pals, but my favorite place to read is ON A CRUISE SHIP.

Unfortunately, I can't read in the car. Anything more than a road map and I get a raging headache every time. I do NOT have this problem on other forms of transportation (said cruise ship, train, plane or bus). However, I do crochet in the car, though not while I am driving. So on long road trips, I'll be crocheting away in the passenger seat, but once we get to the hotel/motel out comes the book!

BeelyBopper said...

We used to own a sailboat, and my favorite place to read was tucked into one of the berths at night, with my little clip-on booklight. There was something about the gentle rocking of the waves that felt so cozy... Maybe it reminded me of being rocked as a child while my mother told me a story?

And whoa, I'd have had a cow if I'd looked up to see someone looking over the stall!! They'd have heard my scream for miles! :)

Caren Crane said...

Oh, my, Jo. Toilet stall, monastery, flashlight, Bedouin. I got the most interesting montage of mental images!

My favorite place to read is a huge, purple chair that I found on Craig's list. The man selling it listed it as his favorite reading place. He didn't want to part with it, but his wife was redecorating. So now I have the awesome reading chair. Though it was a squeeze getting the enormous thing in the corner of my library.*g*

Most interesting place? Probably the cruise ship. I loved reading at sea, like Cindy, but felt I might be missing something! But it was sheer bliss getting lost in a great story at sea. Aunty Cindy, when are we going on a Banditas cruise?

Aunty Cindy said...

Niece Caren,
We're sailing out of Miami Oct. 13 on Carnival for a 7 day in the Caribbean. You and hubby or BFF or anyone else wanna tag along?

Banditas on the high seas...WHAT FUN!


Joan said...

Ok, I got this weird image of a paranormal time travel gone wrong from Jo's Beoudoin LOL

Here in the ho hum day to day in Kentucky, my favorite place is my recliner with a Diet Coke at hand.

The most exotic place I've read has been on the steps of a B&B in Castlegregory, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland. And I was reading...for the umpteenth time Nora's Tears of the Moon etc. trilogy.

Didn't read long as the gale force winds were turning my pages too fast!

Stacy S said...

We moved into a new house last year & my husband made me a little office in the basement. I have a big comfy chair & footstool. Will read at the doctor or someplace like that, but can't read in a moving car.

jo lewis-robertson said...

The beach, the beach, the beach. Is there anything better than lying in the sun with a fully loaded Pepsi and a good book?

Helen said...

That story sounded very interesting.
I read a lot in bed at night for anything from 1/2 hour till sometimes the book is finished or I have a great chair in my lounge room and another one in the family room depends on the weather and who is home I like to listen to music when I read as well, but I can't read in a car but I can in a train. I will take my book with me if I know I may have to wait but not shopping. My Mother never went anywhere without a book in her pocket and she too would read every chance she got even if it was a few lines.
Have Fun

KimW said...

I read in the car, too, at red lights and when I have to wait for a train. My most favorite place is on the beach. There's a nice shady spot under the trees for me to sit where I can hang out all day and not burn. My second favorite place is at home on the couch tucked under the afghan.

Deb Marlowe said...

Bedouins in the bathroom! Too funny! That sounds like a scene that needs to be in a book!

Fave reading spot: on my chaise. I love my chaise. I feel very heroine-ish when I recline there and read--which is not too often these days.

And the beach! Ah, nothing like a good book on the beach. Sigh.

Dianna said...

I have never read anywhere exotic, but I always have a book. My favorite place to read is in bed, but I have had to quit that because I am bad about wanting to finish just one more line, or chapter, then the next thing I know the book is done and it is 3 in the morning! At work I have two 10-minute breaks and a half hour lunch, I read. I get to work 5 minutes early, I read, stop lights or a train, I read. The only good thing about doing laundry is I read, got a nice chair in the basement and I just stay there an read while doing the laundry.

Suzanne Welsh said...

When I was a kid I loved to sit on the porch swing on my grandparent's porch and read. Now I love to sit out on my porch, feet up on a second chair and while away the hours.

Unfortunately I can't read in anything that moves faster than the porch swing. I have motion sickness to the nth degree! Sigh. My oldest child however has no problem reading in the car. Darn her!!

CrystalG said...

My favorite places to read are in bed or sitting on the couch. I take books with me every where. Sometimes, I will sit on the dock and read while my husband fishes. The sound of the running water and the tranquil setting makes it a great place to read.

FilmPhan said...

My favorite place to read is on a swing outside. We have these 2 poles that are about 15 feet high and they hold up a porch swing in the side yard. It's wonderful because it is in the shade and I take out pillows and lay on it. I use one foot to push it and I can stay out there for hours.

Ashley Danielle said...

My favorite reading spot is in a big comfortable bed at night with some snack food or on the back porch during the day.

I love reading at night when nobody else is awake because it's easier to pretend you're transported someplace else like a beautiful ball or being chased by a handsome, tortured vampire you want to catch you! ;)

Cherie J said...

My favorite place to read is my comfy recliner but I will read just about anywhere. I will read in the car, on the beach, in a bed and breakfast, by the pool, on the toilet, on a cruise ship, on a bus, on a subway, etc. I love to read that much!

Suzanne Welsh said...

I am a reader, a reader I am.

I'll read on the bed or in the shed,
by a brook or in a nook.
I'll read at the beach or eating a peach,
in the rain or the drive thru lane,
I'll read in the bath or doing math,
in the car or at a bar.

I am a reader, a reader I am
*all apologies to Dr. Seuss*

aiken4norton said...

The best place I have ever read anything was on the beach on North Carolina. We went there for vacation and it was amazing. But around my home area, I prefer reading on my bed, because it's really comfortable.

danetteb said...

My favorite place to read is on the beach. I love to relax listening to the waves and read a good book.*g*

Anna Campbell said...

Suz, your poem was better than green eggs and ham!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Thank you, Anna. I just couldn't resist. Hehe.

tetewa said...

My favorite place to read is in bed. I always read some before I go to sleep. I have a book with me every day at work so I can read on my break. The only place I don't like reading is in the car. Can't concentrate I'm thinking about the person driving.

kim h said...

love to read in my bedroom

shannon said...

Hands-down, my favorite spot to read a good book (or a bad book actually... just read period) is in a hot bath! The trick however is getting the bath water just right so that it isnt so hot that I must get out for fear of roasting (I have been known to come out of a bath with a bright red line around my body separating the scortched skin from the skin kept out of the water - like my hands holding my book). If I am engrossed in a good book I could stay in the tub for hours... well not hours. If I dont lock my door like my mother did for hours when we were young (ooopps... you all know my mother, dontcha?) then after 15 minutes my toddler is inevitably trying to climb in with me and thus ending my quiet reading time. Bummer. So back to my reading place (as if you were so engrossed to begin with)... if the water is really hot but I just cant put the book down, I will get out and sit on the edge of the tub with my feet up until I no longer feel my pulse pounding through every inch of my skin. Then I will get back IN the tub and start the process over again until the water cools on its own. Not so sure how healthy this habit it, but considering the way I eat, I figure it is the least of my health worries, right?

shannon said...

Hey Mom! I can top your "reading in the car at stoplights" one. Not that we are trying to "top" each other, but anyway... I once read a novel on while driving through Nevada. Not as a passenger... I was actually doing the driving! :) I just held the book up at the top of the steering wheel and just sort of used my periphreal vision to see the road. I was following Mark in my car so I was all alone for the entire drive from Utah to California. You know how I-80 is through Nevada... straight and long and just never ever ever ends! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?

kennan said...

not so unusual reading places for me include lines and waiting rooms, parks while swinging the kids, bathrooms (never understood this one until i had three kids and got old) and walking to classes every day during college.

has anybody read during SEX? i won't admit it if i have (hee hee)...

Buffie said...

My favorite place is in my bed, with the ceiling fan running and me tucked comfortably under the covers.

The most exotic place would have to be in Tiberias Israel on the balcony of our hotel which overlooked the Sea of Galilee. Just a beautiful area!

Cindy -- I can't read in a car or a plane. It makes me very nauseous. UGH! It sure makes for a long ride when you can't do anything but look out the window. I once tried to paint my fingernails on a flight out west --bad idea!!!

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