Friday, February 1, 2008

Amy Andrews Gives the Banditas a Checkup!

by Anna Campbell

Amy, welcome to the Banditas, although you’re hardly a stranger to the lair. We came to romances through a similar path – a relative that absolutely devoured Mills & Boons. What do you think appealed to your teenage self about those books? Has that changed over the years?

Thanks, Anna, for the welcome and having me along. I love the Bandita blog – such a great group of writers. What do they call a gathering of writers BTW? A gaggle? A clutch? A throng? Anyway...I digress. I guess I’m a bit nervous being on the other side of the blog *g*

So where was I? Right, yes, my mother. I started reading my mum’s romance novels at about the age of 11 or 12. She loved Charlotte Lamb and Penny Jordan. She thought I was a little too young to be reading them and thinking back now, I don’t blame her - man, those ladies wrote hawt! But I guess I was just preparing her for when I picked up PUBERTY BLUES at 13 *g* Of course my mother instilled in me the joy of reading full stop. Like many romance readers she was/is a voracious reader and reads across genres.

I think what appealed to me then was the whole teenage romantic notion of falling in love, of finding that one special person and all is right with the world. And, if I’m to be perfectly honest, reading the sex was quite titillating….er, educational. I think now I’m older and have lived a bit, the HEA isn’t the be all and end all for me and because it’s a romance novel I know the H and H are going to get that. Now what appeals to me is reading about the beginning. The rush of attraction, of two people having that insane can’t-get-enough-of-you chemistry that we all have at the start of a relationship before life and kids and work and leaving the toilet seat up drives us all mad. The zing. The sizzle. The dance. It’s not the sex – it’s the anticipation, the I-must-be-with-this-person imperative. I love it when an author nails this.

Can you tell us about your journey to publication?

AKA the long and winding road? *g* Three things inspired me to first put pen to paper. Temporary unemployment, minus zero temperatures, needing to keep occupied without getting off my electric blanket. My first ms was written in 10 days – a chapter a day. Yes, yes, I know - talk about ignorance being bliss! Naturally, it was rejected. But it’s amazing what rejection does for the soul. From that point on I became a writer. My goal – publication. To be perfectly honest I never thought I’d make it but I became determined to find out everything I could about the craft. I joined RWA. I joined a crit group. I attended workshops and conferences. I read How To books and even entered a comp. And gradually I honed my craft. I really do think that the majority of writers serve an apprenticeship. Yes, you hear about the lucky ones who get an acceptance on their first ever ms but, by and large, most serve time in the unpubbed wilderness. It took me 12 years. Of course, I wasn’t very prolific in that time – kids, work (that actually paid me) and life got in the way and I mainly just dabbled. When I think back on it, I get really cranky with myself. I think if I’d shown a little more dedication I could have been published earlier. But then, I’m a huge believer that things in life happen for a reason. So, 12 years it was.

You write wonderful Medical Romances published through London by Mills & Boon. I noticed their first romances were hospital stories so it’s a perennial genre and doctor and nurse stories are still terrifically popular. What is the appeal of this genre?

Maybe back when they were first published it was every girl’s dream (and her mother’s) to marry a doctor. At the very core of the doctor hero is a strongly Alpha personality - successful, single-minded and a little arrogant - and all the appeal that has for generations of romance readers. But in their hearts they are also deeply compassionate men. As for nurses, we have been romanticized since Flo Nightingale was coined the Lady of the Lamp, despite the very unromantic nature of our work. A series of wars has helped to nurture this image of us as ministering angels. Of course today the hero is just as likely to be a nurse and the heroine the doctor. Medical romance covers a broad range of health professionals from surgeons to social workers, physios to physicians, paramedics to police medical officers, vets to zoologists.

Television had helped to keep this sub-genre alive particularly well. Who can resist House’s blue, blue eyes or McDreamy’s unshaven sexiness or, my all time favourite, intense, brooding Dr. Doug? And then there’s the sassy smart-mouthed nurses who are more than their equals and aren’t afraid to put the patient first above all else. When you have two such compassionate, committed professionals and have the emotional roller coaster of their work as a backdrop, the relationship is going to be intense and very, very emotional.

You work as a nurse. Does that help or hinder when you write your books?*g*
Well, if I’ve just come off three nights, it definitely hinders *g* No, seriously, as far as research goes, it’s fabulous. I’m a bit of a lazy researcher (yes, Anna, just like punctuation) so I try to stick with situations, illnesses, emergency scenarios I know really well or can at least access a person at work who’ll know. I’ve just written a conjoined twins separation story as part one of a trilogy about 3 sisters and there was a lot of research involved in that trying to portray the separation correctly (thank God for the www). It was even more of a challenge to do it without bogging the chapter down with too much medical detail which can be a tricky balance confronting all the medical authors. I also think, hope, being a nurse lends a certain authenticity to my writing. I have this dream, this goal I’ve been working towards, where I get to give up nursing and write full time but really, deep down, I know I would miss nursing terribly. I think I got really lucky in life. I found not one, but two jobs that I absolutely love.

I’ve just been lucky enough to read your wonderful February release FOUND: A FATHER FOR HER CHILD. And by the way, if visitors click on the cover, they can order it from Amazon. What a wonderful emotional read. I loved that it’s so firmly grounded in reality but still manages to be so passionate and romantic. Could you tell the Banditas about your new story?

I actually got the idea for Carrie and Charlie’s story from the relationship between Cuddy and House on HOUSE. The fiery female administrator there as the brake on the arrogant doctor. Keeping him in line. Ruling the roost. Not that Charlie’s arrogant, in fact Charlie is yummy! A good guy who just wants to be left alone to keep doing the good work he’s doing. Carrie is more like the Cuddy character - uptight and very fond of pin-stripes. I just love that dynamic – where the heroine is calling the shots.

Carrie has a daughter, a black mark against her name and an ex who deserted her at the worst possible moment in her life. Charlie has an ex, a med royalty bloodline his father won’t let him forget and a terminal disease hanging over his head. They’re so not what either of them need. Which made it half the fun! One of the things I love most about the book is the setting. I tend to write about issues, (which makes my ed a bit nuts from time to time) and this one’s no different. It’s set in a neighbourhood drop-in clinic and tackles a lot of issues around community medicine in inner city areas. I like the grittiness of the setting. In fact, gritty settings is one of the best parts about writing for the line.

What are you working on now?

I’m about to start my 16th medical. It involves a heroine who used to be a model but was stung by a box jelly fish while on location leaving her torso terribly disfigured. So she retrains as a lab assistant working in marine stinger research and hides behind her white coat and her microscope. Her boss, who she’s only ever talked to by phone, and who has this amazingly, incredibly sexy voice insists she join him at a symposium on a tropical island to present a paper she’d been working on. She discovers he’s been the victim of an accident too, damaging his larynx, but instead of hiding his scars, he flaunts them.

He’s going to teach her that beauty is more than skin deep and she’s going to teach him that being a one-woman man is infinitely more rewarding than a jack-the-lad with a chip on his shoulder. At least I think that’s what’s gonna happen…. Its still stewing.
Amy, do you have any plans to write outside the Medical line?

I have a project in the wind that's out at a few places at the moment. It's a romantic comedy and in a lot of ways, the book of my heart. It's certainly the one closest to my real "voice" and I've had some very good feedback. I'm forever being asked to tone down the humour in my medicals - I guess a nurse's sense of humour can be a little off :-) - and I find this a little frustrating. So hopefully I can expand into this genre and have the best of both worlds.

Amy has just the medicine for visitors to the lair! One lucky commenter will win a signed copy of her new release FOUND: A FATHER FOR HER CHILD which believe me is a wonderful read. She has two questions for us to ponder today - what's your favorite medical TV show and why and/or what term WOULD you use for a group of romance writers? You can find out more about Amy and read excerpts of her books at her website and she's a regular blogger on Harlequin Medical Romance Authors.


Christine Wells said...


Joan said...

CHRISTINE!!! Darn you!

Christine Wells said...

Squee! That's the GR for me:)

Hi Amy and welcome! I know you won't think me rude for commenting first, then reading your wonderful interview. I still haven't lost that competitive streak:)

Great interview, girls! Thanks for asking Amy along, Anna. Amy, I so admire your dedication, with the family, the nursing and the writing. And now a wonderful career in romcom ahead of you, I'm sure. I LOVE your sense of humour (yes, mine might be a little off, too, as long as it doesn't involve snot) so I'm sure your romcom would be a riot. And I love those sexy doctors. Mmm.

Anna Campbell said...

Christine, you hot little Aussie, you! JT, you need to go back to gladiator school! Tim Tams for the GR today!

Amy, aside from all this silliness, I'd love to know more about the single title book you're writing. What it's about. Inspirations. Anything, really!

Christine Wells said...

Ah, Joanie T. The GR loved those mango daiquiris so much, he's back for more.

Joan said...

Amy, welcome to the lair!

I try REALLY hard to imagine romance associated with my chosen profession. But in the reality of staffing grids and productivity core's hard.

As to favorite medical show? St. Elsewhere was always cool but I think EARLY ER was the best. Back when Carter was a resident. (ohhhh, I love to torture me some residents...and certain MDs too! And I can do it :-)

And a group of writers? How bought a tempest? The energy alone when 2 or more gather with a pen would sweep us all together.

flchen1 said...

Congrats, Christine!

Amy, what an amazing life you juggle! As a reader, I'm so glad you're writing though!

Favorite medical show would be House, and I did watch ER for a long time, but abandoned it a couple seasons ago (after the season with the Romano-helicopter madness).

Helen said...

Congrats on the GR Christine more drinks for him I guess tonight have fun together.

Loved the interview Amy and Anna when I was at school I always wanted to be a nurse and had all the forms as well but then I met my Hubby to be and didn't want to live away from home which was what they did back in the 70's while training so changed my mind and went to work in a bank.
I have read a lot of mills and boons by Penny Jordon and Charlotte Lamb as well and enjoyed them very much and you mention Puberty Blues I actually went to the High School mentioned in that book I was there between 1970 and 1972.
My favourite medical TV show at the moment is House I agree Amy those eyes are to die for but I also love the early ER's Doug Mark and then Carter.
And what would I call a bunch of romance writers My Heroines for all the hardwork they put into writing wonderful stories that take me to places all over the world.
Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen, I rather like being YOUR HEROINE! Fab! I bet nobody else is as polite as you are about a group of romance writers ;-)

Hey, was the Puberty Blues high school like PB? Spill!

Yeah, Hugh Laurie does it for me - it's the eyes. But don't you think I found a lovely picture of George for my friend Amy?

Amy Andrews said...

Ahoy there fellow baditas!!! I'm so excited to be ON. You know, on the other side. And Anna gives good interview. And very good George pictures - hot, damn that man is gorgeous!

Congrats Christine on the GR. You have the poor bird addicted to those daiquiris. Snot jokes? You want snot jokes? Hey, dont forget, in my other life, I am a nurse.

Oooh I'm with you Joan about early ER. When Antony whatshisname still sparred verbally with Doug and yes, Carter was a resident. I love a lot of the newer characters too - hello, Luca!!! - but alas it now clashes with other shows and I think maybe they should have stopped a few seasons back. I saw a little St Elsewhere too and quite liked it. Wasn't Mark Harmon on that - now there's a sexy man! I love, love, love tempest. It sounds perfect.

Hi flchen. I'm a big fan of House but as a nurse I have to suspend belief a bit. Not about the character - believe me there are some incredibly arrogant doctors out there - but hello??? Where are the nurses? A lot of it just falls down. But I do love the interaction with Cuddy and his best friend whose name escapes me at the moment but he was in Dead Poet's Society which is one of my favourite movies ever.

Trish Milburn said...

Dang, I stay up until midnight and I still can't nab that rooster.

Amy, congrats on all your success with Medicals. I really like the sound of the one with the heroine stung by the jellyfish.

I don't watch any medical dramas now, but I watched several years of ER before all the original cast members disappeared. Oh, and does Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman count? :)

Kim said...

*sniff, sniff* rub it in, Amy. I'm still desperately awaiting my copy of ER season 8. NOone has it. *sobs* I adore ER.

Definitely the early years were the best.

I loves me some Dr. Ross. Have I ever told the Banditas about my George Clooney dream??? *swoon* It sets my heart aflutter just thinking about it.

Kim said...

And a term for a group of romance writers? What about Love Creators? Fictional Fantasizers? HEA Facilitators?

Those are cheesy, huh?

flchen1 said...

So true, Amy--can you watch any medical shows without eyerolling? Eeek... But yes, I do enjoy the interaction between House, Cuddy, and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard, I think)--entertaining indeed!

And thanks for the reminder--mmm.... Mark Harmon :)

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, if I ever get sick, I want to go to House's hospital. Four top doctors devoted solely to one patient? Not in any hospital I've ever been near! And as you say, AA, where are the nurses?

I had to laugh about Dr. Quinn, Trish. I never watched it but didn't that guy look like the cover model from an Avon book? By the way, you need to be pretty fly to get the chicken guy!

Kim, tell us about the dream. Nobody is listening. It's just us Banditas here. And we wouldn't breathe a word of anything embarrassing about you. No, never...

Amy Andrews said...

Ahhh, Anna, you've hit on one of my favourite subjects. My romantic comedy! And thanks to Christine for her vote of confidence.

I first wrote Eggs Over Easy for the temptation line which we all know folded - such a shame on so many levels. Then I rewrote it several times trying to fit other category lines. It took a couple of years and a lot of heartache to realise IT JUST WASN'T A CATEGORY NOVEL!!! Sounds simple? Right? Wrong. But terribly freeing when the lightbulb moment occurred.

My hero, Nick, is an injured extreme sports star who's looking after his dead grandmothers second hand romance bookshop and my heroine, Samantha, a post-it note career girl who loses her job about the same time her eggs start talking to her.
She decides she needs a baby and Nick not only gives her a job but helps her find Mr Dempgraphically Suitable. A lot of very funny blind dates ensue.
I was asked to cut/tone down these scenes again and again - I couldn't they make the book.
Risky? Maybe. I prefer to call it gut instinct. For example it was suggested a long time ago that Nick's job wasn't very aspirational. I decided that those people just didn't GET Nick. He's a man whose very comfortable in his skin. His masculinity isn't threatened by a romance bookshop and this, IMHO, is his appeal. He adored his g'ma and he's recovering from injury so, why not? Why not spend it in this shop with Samantha messing up her very neat, very organised post-it note world?
I guess time will tell.

Eva S said...

Hi Amy,great interview!I can't imagine how you manage to work and write so great books! I'm working in a home for elderly people and when I come home it's wonderful to relax with a good book. If somebody would tell me to sit down and start writing, oh no! I admire you!

If I should choose a medical show it will absolutely be House, perhaps for his eyes, I've always first looked at peoples' eyes.
But in real life, no doctor for me!

And for the other question, you Banditas already have a so awesome name, it's hard to think of something else.Perhaps later, it's an early morning here and my brain hasn't yet began to work properly..

Amy Andrews said...

Wow - you guys are adding comments faster than I can type :-)

Helen, thanks for the lovely title! You know, you'd be amazed how many bank johnnies went on to become nurses. We had 2 in my intake - in fact every intake had a few. You went to the PB high school? OMG! Did you spend your entire time in the back of panel vans trying to work out how to lie correctly so your boobs looked bigger??? I can't believe Kathy Lette went on to marry a QC!! Mind you she is utterly gorgeous and witty and laugh-out-loud funny just what Geoffrey Robertson needed ;-).

LOL Trish - I can admit to watching Dr Quinn. And yes, Anna, very Avon cover hero for sure! I hope my ed is as excited about the disfigured heroine as I am ;-) They can be a pretty hard sell. But the hero is going to absolutely adore her - warts and all! The H and H have been floating around in my grey matter for a while so I'm desperate to write them now. The hero is modeled after a brother of a friend of mine who has a really husky voice from granulomas on his vocal cords - man, his voice is TO DIE FOR. The heroine is going to fall for that even before she knows him!

Come on Kim - cough up on the dream. You know you want to! I'm sure we all have a George dream somewhere!

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Amy - Welcome to the other side!
I love the sound of your jelly-fish story. A sexy male voice does it to me every time.

Joanie - I love a tempest of writers. Brilliant!

Helen - Thank you for calling us heroines. So we're a tempest of heroines? Sounds a little like a Disney movie *g*.

Donna MacMeans said...

Oops - forgot to say that I love HOUSE. His eyes are wonderful but it's his wicked wit that makes the show for me.

Not sure if this counts, but my other favorite medical show was M*A*S*H. I was so disappointed when that went off the air without even a spin-off.

Anne Gracie said...

Hiya Amy

You know for ages I never thought picking up a medical romance -- thought I didn't like them. Hadn't read any, but thought, Doctor/Nurse -- Cherry Ames. LOL. Then I was embarrasssed into reading some -- I was going to meet a couple of medical authors and thought I'd better be able to say, "Hi read your book" kind of thing. ;)
Wow! Turns out some of my favorite series authors write medicals. Love yours, Marion Lennox, Lilian Darcy, Meredith Webber, Fiona McArthur, Alison Roberts, Fiona Lowe... the list goes on. One of the things I like about them is they often don't read like category reads -- there is a lot of variety in the line, which makes for a great range of stories. In fact, come to think of it, I haven't read many doctor nurse hospital stories -- but I've read about sea rescues, outback flying doctors, island doctors, a Vietnam story, a country vet... all kinds. Love 'em.

I know medicals are hard to find in the US -- Amy, where can people get them? Amazon? eHarlequin?

And hey people, this wonderful woman is also the hard working Secretary of RWA Australia, so she really puts in!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, AG, this is becoming your home away from home! Always lovely to see you. You have a glint in your eye that would make you a wonderful Bandita!

If people want to read Alison's wonderful book, don't forget you can click on the cover in the interview and it will take you right to Amazon. Easy Peasy. They had a couple of her books in stock. Honestly, I don't know why it's so hard to get Medicals retail in the US. They're terrifically popular everywhere else in the world! The Aussies love 'em!

Amy Andrews said...

Actually Anna our biggest market is France!!! Sell many, many more in France than anywhere else apparently. Not sure why. Apparently they take out all the sex and anything a little bit tragic like a death of a child etc. But, there you go - the French love us!

Hey Madam Prez! Anne Gracie forgot to say that she's the prez of RWAust so she works a lot harder than me :-)
Glad we converted you to meds although I have to admit I do write a lot of doctro nurse stories mainly because that's a dynamic I know really well and feel comfortable writing about. But yes, the variety is one of the best parts of the line too. Variety in the level of sensuality is amazing too. You have the authors that tend to write hot - ahem, that would be me - and others who close the bedroom door and the entire spectrum in between so everyone can find a level their happy with.

Oh Donna, I'm so with you on the voice. I ring this guy I know quite a bit just so I can hear him talk. Luckily he has a sense of humour! And yes, MASH counts, most definitely.

Authorness said...

Terrific interview, Amy and Anna!

Amy, your latest book sounds wonderful. I can't wait to read it.

I've always been a sucker for medical shows. I loved the earlier MASH episodes. I love heroes with a funny bone. As for the more modern stuff, I can't resist ER. Okay, it's Dr. Kovac who I can't resist, even though he's not terribly amusing.

Collective noun for writers? I think I once heard someone say a quill of writers.


Trish Morey said...

The French take out the sex? Sacrebleu!

Amy, you're a total power house. I don't know how you hold down a job and a family and spend time volunteering and yet still manage to write terrific books. But I"m glad you do:-)

I saw some Medicals listed on Does that mean they're now going retail? That would be fabulous. The US is currently missing out on some terrific reads. I have to admit I'm a bit like Anne G - came to Medical romance to check out what my friends were up to. Got blown away by the amazing stories and the talent in the line.

And as for my favourite medical programme - has to be Scrubs - just love a good laugh, which means I'm really looking forward to your romcom, Amy!

As for a group of romance writers, that's easy. We're all so close, I'd have to call us a Clinch. LOL.idy535fig285

Helen said...

Amy there were a few panel vans that I travelled in back then, not sure I was trying to make the boobs look bigger though but we did spend a lot of time at Cronulla beach.
Have Fun

Rachel said...

Hi Amy!

I love the sound of Found: A Father for her Child. I'm a huge fan of House and can see that your hero and heroine would have a heap of fun in that relationship. It's going on my To Buy list.

Denise Rossetti said...

Ah Amy, I love your sense of humour! You've even laughed at my jokes - well, after a couple of glasses of bubbly!

You already know I LOVE the idea of your romcom. The thought of a big tough dude totally comfortable among all the clinch covers makes me wriggle with anticipation. Seriously, you've already proved you've got the work ethic (in spades!) and the perseverance. Stick to it, mate. I'm in no doubt I'll be buying it one day.

Don't watch much TV, but I have to confess to being a tad partial to House. I love Hugh Laurie and part of it is listening with absolute attention to see if he lapses with the accent. (He's English, if you didn't know.) And he never does. Impeccable. Also awesome. The other part is the blue eyes and the wonderful degree of snark.

As for a collective noun - what about a Happy Ending of Romance Writers? Or a Squeal? Oh, hang on, that's reserved for you, me, anna and Christine. *giggle*

Tina C said...

Hi ya Amy (And Anna doing the interview)

Big wave to everyone else chatting...

Nice photo of you Amy!

My fav TV medical would have to be ER, but I never want to go to their hospital if I'm sick, too much other stuff going on, and not enough 'nursing their patient'.

Good luck with no 16. Can't wait to read that, and your eggs over easy soon!

Fiona Lowe said...

Hi, AMy,

I have just got off the couch from watching Scrubs on DVD (season four) and I have everything crossed for your romcom!

Amy Andrews said...

Okay - back from good mummy duties. Now I get to be bad mummy and let their father do the night stuff.

evas - yes, those eyes of Hugh's asre amazing!

quill of writers - very good authorness

Hey Trish - a clinch! Go to the top of the class, that's a good one! Oh, I love Scrubs. They have it on so late at night though and are always chopping and changing the timeslot!
Alas we're still plugging a way at the retail side of things. The ones on eharl are the direct ones only and only 4 of the 6 are released there each month. Although there are 4 meds retail in the US at the moment - mine included. They've been spotted in B&N and Wallmart all around the country.

Hi Rachel - it's on shelf here in Oz this month.

Hi Denise. Aw shucks, you made me blush :-)
I simply adore Hugh Laurie too. I've loved him in Blackadder and particularly in Jeeves and Wooster. Now talking about sexy voices - his english accent is very, very sexy. Apparently when he went for the role of House no-one knew he was english, so yes, he's good at holding the american accent.

carol marinelli said...

Hi Amy -
Fab blog.
How sexy can a phone voice be?
Answers please!!!
I have a friend who is painfully shy, yet she drops an octave and goes all husky even for a telemarketer. I love a deep mans voice - and flirting on the phone - yum!!!!!
Write it quickly please

Amy Andrews said...

Oh Carol - how sexy??? You know when you scratch behind a dog's ear in that sweet spot and they do that funny leg twitch thing where you know they're in complete and total ecstacy?
That. That's what I want to do when I hear this guys voice. That's what my heroine's gonna want to do too.
Hmmm, may just have lost half the Banditas with a big fat ewwww moment.

Amy Andrews said...

Hi Fiona - another fab, fab medical writer.

Hi Tina - big wave.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I am not a television watcher anymore but once upon a time I loved St. Elsewhere. As far as a name for a group of writers, how about a pod?

carol marinelli said...

absolutely Amy!
Sometimes when I am writing and it's not working I type in what my hero/heroine are going to say then for (my) fun I put in the complete opposite and knock myself and hero/heroine for six and then I go for it.
THAT'S flirting

Anonymous said...

Amy I love the photo. Your blog is as interesting as your novels, and now I’ve written that I have no idea why I thought I might have expected anything different. ---- Thank you for persisting with the writing you offer packaged pleasure in a very refreshing format.

Amy Andrews said...

Good tip Carol, you obviously have fun "flirting" on the page. Pleased you liked the dog analogy :-)

Hey hrdwrkdmom - a pod. That sounds really nice, like a big happy family. Does this mean if I beach myself from too much chocolate that you'll all follow ;-)

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Amy!

Your romcom sounds fabulous--maybe you should market it as a script. Sounds like a hysterically funny movie! I can see Matthew McConaughey as your hero!

You know, I'm always being asked to tone down my bawdy humor too!

brownone said...

"McSteamy" anyone? Eric Dane it HOT!! :-)
Although...I do love House. I think it's the attitude I love more than anything! Although, if he was UGLY, I don't think he could get away with it.

Beth said...

Wonderful interview, Amy and Anna!

Amy, thanks so much for being on the "other" side today *g* Your medicals sound wonderful and your romcom premise has me hooked!

I tend to watch more law enforcement shows (NYPD Blue, Law and Order, Crossing Jordan) but I adore MASH and I did watch Dr Quinn ;-)

I never watched ER. Too much blood for my weak stomach *g*

Amy Andrews said...

Oh Beth I adored NYPD Blue - followed it around faithfully from channel to channel and increasingly later timeslots!! Why, why, why do they do that to all my fav shows :-( Another one I loved which had a bit of everything, cops, fire and ambos was Third Watch. I thought that was just brilliant and was so sad when it ended.

Ooh yes brownone, McSteamy is McDishy. Does anyone know if he's related to Edward Mullhare? He looks so much like a younger version of the guy who played the ghost in the TV version of The Ghost and Mrs Muir.

Thank you Eric - bless you.

Ah Deb, I'd love to write a screenplay. Not a clue how to do it but often I "see" my books just like movies with real actors playing the part. Its Hugh Jackman for the romcom - well in my head anyway ;-)

Gillian Layne said...

Anna, great interview!

Amy, I love your "nurse's sense of humor can be a little off" line :) Hubby works as radiation therapist, and I remember it took me a while to get used to hospital folk humor. It's just the way it has to be--how else could you all do your jobs?

Congrats on the success of your books!

Robyn Grady said...

Hey Amy!(And Anna and Christine and Denise, and, and, everyone!)

I'm loving the premise for your new Med. Must say, I'm dying to see your more humorous side published, Lord help us all! lol.
Did anyone say a hive of writers...buzzing around, spreading the honey. No stings allowed.

See you in a little over a week!


Amy Andrews said...

Hey Robbie - what are you doing up this late. Let me guess? Could it possibly be the D word, like me? I'll have you all know that I've written about 2000 words in between blogging today/night so you've all been very inspirational!!
Now a hive or writers is a very apt description!! Especially spreading the honey :-)

Hi Gillian. LOL, you have no idea how often that humour has gotten me in trouble :-O

Robyn Grady said...

Hmmmm...something starting with D...what could that be? =) Anyway I'm allowed coz I sent off a ms today and I really like it. :relieved sigh: Think I've had, seriously, 9 hours sleep in 3 days and now I'm not tired!!


doglady said...

And it's back to Oz for the GR!!! Not too many tim tams, Christine. If he gets too fat p226 may barbecue him!

Hello, Amy! You have my utmost respect! My BFF is a retired RN and I KNOW how tough that job is. And I think it must be a nurse thing because she too has a wicked sense of humor. I am sure it helps you to cope with everything you see.

Now the conjoined twins story sounds fascinating. Those procedures just blow my mind.

And from the sound of the two characters in your latest you and Anna C need to join Character Torturers Anonymous! LOL Wow, great stuff.

My favorite medical show, the only one I watch really is House. I just love Hugh Laurie.

What to call a group of writers?

How about - A Ream of Writers

or A Wit of Writers

Twelve years, huh? Oh well, back to the keyboard!

Susan Seyfarth said...

Hi, Amy! Thanks for sitting in on the other end of the blog for today!

I, too, love the sound of your romcom. I'm a sucker for offbeat humor, heroes who don't conform & heroines who need their worlds shaken up by just such a hero. Here's hoping somebody picks it up ASAP so I can add it to my astonishing TBR pile.

And can I just say, I LOVED Penny Jordan & Charlotte Lambe!! I think they were published as Harlequin Presents over here -- white covers with an oval for the cover art? What I remember more clearly is the fact that the heroes were often twenty years older than the heroines, wore yellow sweaters & had aggressive mustaches. 70s art was so very amusing to my mid-eighties sensibility. Keep in mind that I was at the time wearing enormous plastic glasses, an assymetrical hair cut & neon, batwing shirts. Not a lot of room for laughing, but there you have it.

Great interview! I'll look for your medical romances on the shelves. I do love me some dr drama. And I'm with...was it flchen1? Helen?...ER jumped the shark when it dropped a helicopter on Dr. Romano. I had to stop watching. Plus I started having babies & TV watching went by the wayside. But I do miss my medical drama, & maybe I've just found the way to fill up the void!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Helen, what a fascinating insight into your mysterious past!

Amy, I love the sound of your egg book. Let's hope you crack the market soon - groan!

Anna Campbell said...

Goodness, we've been invaded by a galaxy of Harlequin stars! Banditas, are you as dazzled by the glitter of the glamour as I am? Hey, girls, thanks for coming by! You're basically the top shelf of my bookcase come to life!

Anna Campbell said...

And Amy, many of us have a sting in the TALE!!! Oh, dear, my Jaunty Quills blog is starting to affect everything else. I can't seem to stop making silly jokes. I'll just sit here and talk to myself...

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Robbie, huge congrats on getting the manuscript off!

And Amy, wanted to say I love offbeat heroes too. Why does the man of our dreams have to aspirational? I rather like the idea of a guy who knows who he is and is happy to be that way. It's a bit like the cowboy heroes, isn't it? I used to love Anne McAllister's take on that archetype. There's something so sexy about a man who knows he can cope with anything thrown his way, and barely break a sweat while he deals with life's problems.

terrio said...

I am loving this interview and I love the premise of the Romantic Comedy. I would totally read that. And I'm with you on the hero's occupation. My characters are simple, regular people with regular jobs and I keep hearing they have to be more powerful. Grrr...

I'd have to say my favorite medical show was M*A*S*H. You just don't get better than that. Though I did catch a bit of China Beach and that one was pretty good too. Hmmm...I must have a thing for war-time dramas.

But I loved the early years of ER as well and have been lusting for George ever since. Who hasn't?!

A group of writers. That's a tough one. A collusion? A caboodle? A cluster? uh..probably shouldn't go there. LOL!

Lynne Marshall said...

Wow, lots of activity going on here. Wonderful to get to know you more, Amy. And I can see where you and romantic comedy would be a great fit. I already have your book, so no need to put me into the drawing box! Got it OFF THE SHELF in North America! Woo hoo!

Looking forward to reading your book, but first I've got a bundle of RITA contestants to read!

Anna Campbell said...

Lynne, this is my first year of RITA judging and I had some great books by authors I didn't know about. Goodness, some of these categories are going to be really tight, if the quality of what I read, is any indication.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, and don't forget Christie and Nancy are hosting a launch party for Christie's EVERY NIGHT I'M YOURS over on Romance Novel TV. There are prizes! It's the last day of our invasion - what fun we've had over there!

Kim said...

I can't go into details because well, I'd hate to send the Lair up in flames *g* Lets just say it was moi, George (looking lush in Armani) in a gorgeous state-of-the-art kitchen up against a refrigerator. *swoon* Seriously, the man can dream kiss like no other. That's all you're getting! I may kiss and tell but I don't "other" and tell. LOL

p226 said...

Medical TV? Other than Scrubs, it really doesn't interest me. I've worked in hospitals, and, well... TV doesn't seem to look much like reality there. And god forbid a show actually show the realities of certain social work, like Child Protective Services here. I don't know how those people maintain their sanity in seeing the way some kids are treated. And often being hamstrung by the law doesn't help either. That'd make for one hell of a book subject, come to think of it. Dealing with the maddening line between protecting children and preserving parental rights. I've never seen a show about that. I've never read a book about it. Probably because anyone who does it for a living doesn't want to, or can't talk about it.

Now, what to call a bunch of romance writers. Gaggle? Naw, you guys aren't geese. Clutch? Throng? Still not right. I thought about "shelf." Or maybe "bookshelf." You're all walking, talking, breathing, writing, blogging volumes just waiting to be read. I get a page a day from one volume or other. Bookshelf..... yeah.

p226 said...

Nobody is listening. It's just us Banditas here.

*cough* Ahem.

jo robertson said...

Welcome to the Lair, Amy! Your medical romances sound delicious. I love addressing issues too. Good job, Anna. Congrats, Christine on the GR.

I was one of those who followed Chicago Hope instead of ER, back in the day. I love Mandy Patinkin and his role on that show was superb.

tetewa said...

My favorite medical show to watch is ER! I love the character of Luka (HOT) Glad to have you here today!

Nancy said...

Yay, Christine! The GR goes back Down Under!

Welcome, Amy! That was a fun interview.

Amy, like you and Trish and Terrio, I used to watch ER until the original cast faded away. I share Joan's and hrdwrkdmom's fondness for St. Elsewhere, and Terrio's, and Donna's affection for MASH. Jo, I also liked Chicago Hope. I thought Christine Lahti was great in that.

I've never gotten into House, but I did love Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster. The dh and I both did!

Aunty Cindy said...

Okay p226, we aren't forgetting you... just us Banditas and ONE Bandito. Better now?

Welcome to the other side of the blog, Amy! I swear Foanna has the COOLEST friends (of course that includes all the Banditas--LOL)! And my hat is off to you on working, taking care of family, AND writing 16 books. WOW! You're an amazing woman.

I used to watch Scrubs, but then it got to be the same old schticks over and over. I LOVED the first season of Grey's Anatomy, but again wishy-washy Meredith and her non-stop whining got on my last nerve. Sorry, just not a fan of TV, like you couldn't guess. :-P


terrio said...

AC - I'm with you on Grey's Anatomy. I LOVED that show when it started, faithful fan who never missed it. But as soon as they put Izzy and George together, I quit watching. How could such great writers get it so wrong?! Gah!

Forgot about St. Elsewhere. Loved that show. Never watched House but mostly just because if I didn't stop getting involved in so many dramas, I was going to spend my life watching TV and never get any writing (or homework) done.

CrystalGB said...

Hi Amy. Great blog. House,MD is my favorite medical tv show.

Jennifer Y. said...

Welcome! I love the Medical Romances and yours were among the first I read! I have missed the last few though...haven't been doing as many online orders and the Medical Romances are hard to find here in the States (except for online).

So on to the questions:
What's your favorite medical TV show and why?

HOUSE...I love this show! I have not missed an episode and even watch it in reruns on the USA network. Love his wit and sarcasm.

What term WOULD you use for a group of romance writers?

Hmmm...that is hard...Rock Stars? I have often said that authors are my rock stars...just don't expect me to throw my undies at you...LOL.

Um, a herd? A Flock?

Annie West said...


Great post - thank you! Love the sound of your current release. Oh, the idea of her having the power and the pinstripes - so many juicy possibilities there... And your next one sounds terrific too. It's fascinating how varied the settings and scenarios can be in medical stories these days.

Fave medical show? House. I love Hugh Laurie even when he's a grump. Have to say though that his best so far was as Bertie in Jeeves and Wooster.

Collective noun for a bunch of romance writers? A hug? A swoon? Personally I like a hug as it's about the warmth and support we get from each other as well as the romances we write.

Looking forward to reading your next book, Amy. Best of luck with the other project.


Nancy said...

Amy, I also wanted to congratulate you on hanging in during those 12 years of trying!

The effort has paid off for bandita Christie Kelley, whose first book, Every Night I'm Yours is officially out today. Congratulations, Christie!

LOL on the "rock stars," Jennifer Y! If only! Our visitors have come up with some great suggestions. I sort of like doglady's "a wit of writers."

Jennifer Y. said...

Yes, congrats Christie on the release! It is a great book!

Anna Campbell said...

Oooh, Kim! Yum! No wonder you needed the fridge. Otherwise you would have melted into a puddle there and then!

P226, I don't mind being part of a bookshelf. My bookshelves are among my favorite things! And honestly, call yourself an undercover expert and you blow my brainwashing techniques on Kim like that? Sheesh! The funny thing is she still fell for it - bwahahahahaha!

Jo, I liked Chicago Hope too - especially Mandy Patinkin. He's got an amazing energy, hasn't he? I'd love to see him on Broadway one day. And wasn't the gorgeous Mark Harmon in that too?

Amy Andrews said...

Okay, okay, struggled out of bed at half past awful hour to read what y'all been saying about me while I dozed :-)

Hey doglady - a wit, a ream. That's good keep 'em coming. My conjoined twins story - Top-Notch Surgeon, Pregnant Nurse - is out in August and I loved writing it. It was very fascinating stuff to study. I've looked after 2 sets myself so my interest has always been piqued.

Hey Susan - I can picture you in enormous glasses.

I'm with you Anna, I love heroes who are working class but have an aamazing sense of self. Cowboys? Yeeehaaaaa! I love a good cowboy.

LOL terrio - a caboodle. I like it!

Hi Lynne another fellow medrom author! Great to see you here. I too have RITA books to read now I've finished the book.

Hey kim - thanks for the sneak peak. George and a fridge. Hmmmm, dont mind if I steal that one, do you?

P226 a clutch? I like it. I've worked in hospitals all my life and am addicted to medical shows, well actually, I'm addicted to tv. I just love it! I remember being blown away by accuracy of the first ever ER episode. It had a mottled baby (think it was choking) and boy, did they do a great job. Mottled babies are my speciality so, trust me on this, they'd really done their resarch. It wasn't always accurate but they did a good job most of the time.
YOu want gritty and real with accurate portrayals and not fluff? Watch "Bodies". It's a UK show set in an obs and gynae ward which is totally warts and all full of pompous arrogant doctors who act like little boys and talk terribly abut their patients behind closed doors and full of horrendous mistakes that happen in hospitals a lot because dr's and nurses are only human and the way they're covered up. It is totally mind blowingly brilliant! If they didn't have a nurse consult with them on that I'd be amazed. Doctors do not come out look pretty at all.

Hi Jo - loved Chicago Hope but didn't watch it from the beginning. I think Mark Harmon was in it too.

tetewa - your preaching to the choir about Luca:-)

nancy - a fellow Bertie fan!

Yeah Aunty Cindy, that Anna's pretty amazing to have as a friend. LOL on the TV - looks like you and me are gonna have to agree to disagree. This week coming in Oz is the big premiere week when all the new season shows start. Thank goodness I've finished the book!

hi crystalgb - looks like House is getting a lot of votes. I'm a fan too but you know what? I'd like to see him start to arc a bit, just a bit. Or jeez, just do it with Cuddy already!

Thanks jennifery, pleased you like my books. LOL, I thought you said a nerd of writers until I reread properly although a nerd is kind of apt too. Rock on girlfriend :-)

Hi Annie West - great to see you here. Another Bertie fan too. You have such good taste. A hug, I like. A swoon, I love!!

You guys are so good with words Ever thought of writing a book???

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Luka is seriously hot, isn't he, Tetewa? Another tortured hero!

Cindy, I do have some interesting friends, don't I? I'm looking forward to introducing them to the Banditas gradually. What I love about having my friends here is that all the Banditas come and play and talk to them and make them feel welcome.

Anna Campbell said...

Jennifer, if you're throwing any undies, I want them still in their original wrapper, thanks, and I'll give you my size!

Amy, sorry to disturb your sleep. Didn't you have night duty last night? Seriously, this is a woman who suffers for her art - or at least her artistic friends!

Emma said...

Hi Amy Great interview. Amy, your latest book sounds wonderful.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I thought a pod sounded family orientated to Amy. It would be toss up on who beached themselves first. Right now I think I might beat everyone to the beach.....LOL

Jennifer Y. said...

Jennifer, if you're throwing any undies, I want them still in their original wrapper, thanks, and I'll give you my size!


Anne Gracie said...

AA saidGlad we converted you to meds although I have to admit I do write a lot of doctro nurse stories mainly because that's a dynamic I know really well and feel comfortable writing about.

Yes, but I love yours. They're not like the old doctor/nurse romances where the nurse was a bit of a doormat, scrubbing and looking pretty and waiting for the nice doctor to notice her -- that's what I some how expected medicals to be like.
Yours are nurse/doctor, but your heroines have personality and guts and you do great sparky dialogue and there's sizzzle, not scrubbing! LOL

Anne Gracie said...

Oh Carol - how sexy??? You know when you scratch behind a dog's ear in that sweet spot and they do that funny leg twitch thing where you know they're in complete and total ecstacy?
That. That's what I want to do when I hear this guys voice. That's what my heroine's gonna want to do too.

Well, you gave me a good laugh, and my guess is you'll have everyone signing up for your romacom before it's even written.

Amy Andrews said...

Hey Nancy and thanks. Congrats to Christie on your book being out today. It feels so damn good to see it on a shelf, doesn't it?

Anna I jigged things around a bit and managed to snag the night off -I owe my boss big time now but it was worth it. I've had such a blast here.

Hi Emma, thanks.

Welcome back Ms Gracie. Yes, you are right, my heroines aren't "handmaidens" in any way shape or form. They're the dont-mess-with-me type nurses and especially the dont-mess-with-my-patients type.
I'm sure Flo would be rolling in her grave. Mind you I'm willing to bet she took on quite a few docs in her life too. Can you imagine a "girl" coming in to a military hospital and telling those drop-and-give-me-forty men it was filthy and disgusting and they were doing it WRONG???

Anna Campbell said...

Amy, sorry, laughing here. The idea of a general saying to someone "Drop, and give me 40 men," (it's all a matter of punctuation, snork!)gives a whole new meaning to military 'service'.

Anna Campbell said...

Amy, so glad you escaped night duty. Yay to your boss! Hasn't it been fun? I knew you would be. I mean, come on, guys. Look at the woman in that photo? She looks like she means mischief to me!

Amy Andrews said...

Yep, Anna, me and punctuation, punctuation and I. We have a love/ hate relationship.

Ann M. said...

what's your favorite medical TV show and why and/or what term WOULD you use for a group of romance writers?

I would have to say.. favorite now is House when I was in my soap watching days I'd say GH (General Hospital).

A group of romance writers? Dreamers :)

Amy, I hope you get to write that story with more humor some day soon. I love books laced with good humor.

~ Paula Roe ~ said...

Hey everyone!

Amy - I am just *dying* to read your romcom! You've got such a talent for it :D

Fave medical drama is far and away, House. Love, love, love Hugh Laurie (actually watching reruns of Friends right now and didn't realise he's in the England episode! You know, the one where Ross marries Emily but says "rachel"?) But my all-time series of his is Blackadder... I simply can't think of Prinny and NOT laugh to myself.

Paula x

Anna Campbell said...

Amy and I can scrap endlessly about punctuation - any stray commas are hiding behind the furniture before we've finished ;-) Don't you wish you lived round the corner and come and join in the fun? ;-)

Janice Lynn said...

Great post, Amy. As a nurse and a writer, I very much enjoyed the parallels to our lives. :) ((Only I had to sneak my Mum's Harlequins, Silhouettes, & Second Chance at Loves back in my pre-teen days ;))

I'd call a group of romance writers DETERMINED DREAMERS. :)

As far as the television show...I don't watch any. Not medical or any other kind. Yes, I know. I'm strange. My kids tell me quite frequently how deprived they are that they don't have cable/television. ((We do have an actual television for movie watching))

Amy Andrews said...

Hi annm - I never got in to GH but was terribly addicted to DOOL for a lot of those years when my kids were babies. Had to stop watching it when my 4 year old son asked why they'd put John in prison and he was horrified because he knew John hadn't shot Tony. Tony had shot himself! LOL time to turn the TV off!!

Hey Ms Roe!! Hugh was in that episode of Friends?? OMG, I hope they show it in the reruns that are currenlty happening on CH 10! It's fun watching old episodes of shows and seeing current stars playing bit roles. I just rewatched the first season of West Wing and the actress who now plays Cuddy on House had quite a big role as the hooker that Sam accidentally slept with.

Hey Janice - couldn't survive without the TV so my hats off to you. No, that's not true, I could. I just wouldn't want to :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Amy, thanks for being our guest today. We've had a fantastic time - in fact, I think you've given us a new lease of life ;-) We look forward to seeing you 'on the other side' again soon!

Hey, everyone, don't forget to check back in a day or so and see who won the prize!

~ Paula Roe ~ said...

Amy - yep, House in Friends! HEAPS of actors got bit parts in that series... Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Detective Flack from CSI: NY (he played Rachel's secretary/boyfriend), Sean Penn, David Arquette, Tom Selleck (can a man BE more sexy in his 60s?) :::sigh::: I miss Friends...