Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!!

by Tawny Weber

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day. The one day of the year that epitomizes (or commercializes, depending on POV) romance. Red roses, lacey cards , vast quantities of chocolate (oooooh, the chocolate!!). Yesterday’s post by our awesome Joanie T talked about the wonders of unrequited love, and , well, let’s face it, most of our Romance Bandits post deal with that wonder that is love. After all, we’re romance writers –it’s one of our favorite subjects (next to chocolate, of course.)

But... as any good romance writer knows, what moves that story from lala to deeply emotional is the internal conflict... that ‘learning to overcome your own issues” angle that adds the depth and growth to our stories. So today, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I bring you... I love ME day!

What? You laugh? C’mon, play along. It could be fun. And given our myriad of hang-ups and issues (especially if we’re gals) it could be the hardest game ever to play. But humor me. I mentioned this to one or two gals, and their immediate reaction was to giggle, to blush and to change the subject. What’s so hard about loving ourselves, I ask you?? Ooooh, yeah, that society thing. The whole “vanity” issue and the “be modest” mandate. Yup, I know those. They are the same lessons I heard as a kid, along with “don’t brag” and “no talking about yourself, that’s rude” mandates. (Seriously...I think I’ve hit on something here - these do make promotion difficult.)

Despite all the calls for modesty, I’m one of those people who believe that to love someone else, you have to love yourself first. Oh, not the ego-centered love, but the “sure, I’ve got a few issues. But I’m a great person who deserves to be appreciated” love. I think this is why so many of my heroines are in the midst of that discovery- the really trusting themselves and the world enough to grow and allow themselves to REALLY be who they are meant to be. To appreciate that they might be different, that they might not fit the mold, but who believe who they are still rocks and is worth embracing. And, since I get to be Empress of my written world (my editor is Queen, btw) I reward these heroines brave stands by giving them hot, hunky heroes who appreciate them just as they are, foibles and all.

So, let’s play I Love Me Day. Here are the game rules. You have to name three things about yourself that you LOVE. Positive things that you’d say about a friend, no hidden barbs allowed. Three... and one thing that makes you unique. And the random winner (it’s a game, of course there is a winner) will receive a valentines goody basket from me. The basket will include all the required prerequisites—chocolates, a romance novel (or two) and an adorable stuffed animal that makes you go awwwww.

So.. c’mon, play the Valentines Game with me. After all, to be our own heroines and heroes, we do have to be loveable, right?


Aunty Cindy said...

I love how SNEAKY I can be!

Tawny said...

heeheehee - GO AC LOL. I accidentally uploaded while I was adding images. and you snuck right in and snagged the Valentines GR... nice job ;-)

Aunty Cindy said...

After all, I sneaked in and nabbed the GR right out of Jennifer Y's sick bed! HAHAHAHAHA! And I suspected you weren't finished with the post yet, Tawny.

But you are sooo right! We are taught that we are supposed to be modest and demure about all our good qualities. :-( Nice girls don't brag about themselves!

However, I was never one to hide my intelligence, no matter how much it sometimes intimidated people (boys). Now let me think about the third thing (taps lips with fingertip)... Well, it took me YEARS, but I really do have nice hair, FINALLY! Gray and all! Actually, I like the silver, makes it really stand out and why bother pretending about the age?

HAPPY VD, everyone! I'm off to watch Leno.


Tawny said...

ROFL on snagging that poor sick GR (bird flu, I heard rumor?) from Jennifer as she recovers. Such a wily woman you are, AC.

I love your list.

and you do have gorgeous hair!

Amy Andrews said...

Great post Tawny.
Yes, why is it that I struggle to find 3 things to love but could give you a list of 10 things I hate about me in ten seconds flat?

Okay, here goes.
I love my sense of humour. That I laugh loud and big and often and can most definitely laugh at myself.
I love that I'm a good friend.
And stealing Aunty Cindy's third one, I too love my hair. It's thick and in good condition and people always remark on it.

Now I need to go blow in a bag. That was soooooo hard!!

Helen said...

Congrats on the GR Aunty Cindy

What a fun post Tawny let me think
Three things about me that I love

1. I really listen to what people have to say (they call me Aunty or Mum at work)
2. I love to laugh and I usually laugh till I cry
3. I have great love handles to hang onto ( I can laugh at myself) I really care about peoples feelings.

That was hard
Happy Valentines Day everyone
Have Fun

Ann M. said...

OH.. how difficult..
three things about me.
1. I am a good sounding board. (I seem to have lots of people talk to me about things that are bothering them.)
2. I am a fantastic baker. My desserts are to die for.
3. I am very creative.

Minna said...

1. I speak all together 5 languages.
2. I bake well.
3. I can still knit, even though I hadn't done it for years.

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, isn't this terrible? I feel so uncomfortable and you only asked for three things! I mean, I'm sure Jack the Ripper had three good things to say about himself! And I'm not quite on his level of wickedness...

OK, I make a really great chocolate slice. I have the sort of sense of humour that can help you through the hard times. I've got good general knowledge.

Amy, can I have that bag you were blowing into? Hyperventilating here! Actually, maybe that's a bit of an icky request. I think I'll find my own bag, thanks. And yes, you do have gorgeous hair!

Happy Valentine's, everyone!

danetteb said...

Three things about me are 1)I love to sing. 2)I love to dance around the house in my underthings.3)I love making little trinkets
what makes me unique is, I'll sometimes figure out another person's problem and not realize it. lol

Happy Valentine's Day Banditas!


Amy Andrews said...

I'm passing you a clean bag Anna - all nurses own a few.
You forgot about those roast potatoes.

Caren Crane said...

Oh, I like this game!

1. I have GREAT hair. Please understand, I have horrible hair, but I create hair ART every day!

2. I am unfailingly loyal to my friends and family.

3. I pick out FABULOUS presents. I have an innate sense for these things. If it doesn't feel right, I don't buy it!

Unique thing: I have an uncanny ability to hit green lights and show up on time FAR more often than I should!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Congrats Aunty Cindy, keep that bird happy!
3 things, well, hmmmmm:
I am a helpful person, I will do anything necessary to ease the way for another.
I have a good sense of humor and I love to laugh, and I do, loudly and without restraint.
I am understanding of my own faults and others.

Unique trait? I can see the other side of the coin even while arguing my point? I think that makes me unique.

Wendy said...

3 things I love about myself..

1. How I can laugh at the most opportune moments.
2. I'm very honest, sometimes to the point of being blunt but I'd rather be that then a liar.
3. Even though I'm mad busy with school and Clinicals, I still find time to read! :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

terrio said...

Man, wake up to snow and a 2 hour delay then have to take a test. Sheesh.

Three things...hmmmm...lessee.
1) I'm a great listener (when I remember to shut up).
2) I serve as great comic relief (when I don't offend anyone with my sick humor).
3) I'm honest to a fault (which often gets me into trouble).

Unique thing: I've gotten old enough to be wiser than my younger friends but also to know there's a ton of crap I don't know. *g*

Pass the oxygen...and congrats AC. I was up when Leno was on. Dang it.

flchen1 said...

Awesome post, Tawny, even though my brain's still whirling as to how to respond! I do love reading every one else's things though--woohoo, everyone!! Lots to love!

Hmm... I'm a very loyal friend--if you're my friend, I've got your back. I can follow directions like nobody's business (I make an excellent employee ;)) I can be crafty with the best of them--I can crochet and scrapbook and all that good stuff (if I could only find the time...)

That's three, right? (No one said anything about counting!) Now one unique thing? That's hard!! I'm the last of our friends to join the minivan crowd? We've had three moppets for several years now and only acquired our van in the past month... ;) What can I say, I'm a terrible driver, and the thought of parking such a mammoth vehicle stopped me cold! Eeeeee....

flchen1 said...

BTW, congrats, AC! I'm sure the GR's enjoying a change of scene :)

And Caren, could you please come gift shopping with me? I could really use help in that department!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tawny! this is a terrible thing to make us to, especially at 6AM when I swear there is NOTHING good about me right now!


All right, I'll do this fast (wince).

I'm smart, I'm hardworking, and I can type on my blackberry almost as fast as I can on a computer (which is fast, let me tell you!) even while working out on the elliptical machine. ;-)

Unique thing about me? Hmm. That's much less traumatizing to think about. Usually I answer this question by talking about writing romance, but that isn't unique here, is it? VBG.

How about I I did my first triathlon a couple of years ago?

doglady said...

Oooh, Aunty C! Don't you feel the least little bit bad about stealing the GR from a sick lady? I wouldn't. I'm just asking if you would!

Couldn't I just list all the things I love about the Banditas and Friends?? That would be easier although it would take all day!

Three things I like about myself :

1. The thing my Dad always admired about me - my intelligence. He always made me feel good about being smart. (8 languages here, minna. We could have some great conversations!)

2. I am a fiercely loyal friend and will always go that extra mile to cheer my friends up and onward.

3. I defend and protect those who cannot protect themselves - animals.

Unique? Uhm. I like reptiles (not the two legged kind that want to date me)and spiders and I can see the value in them.

CrystalGB said...

1. I am a good cook/baker.
2. I am good at saving money and budgeting.
3. I am loyal and dependable.

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed by the multi-lingual among us. Pam and Minna, how do you keep all those languages alive in your brain? Do you watch sessions of the UN without translators?

Crystal, I need your help. Budgeting is NOT my strong suit. Any chance you can come by and take a look at our finances? Make a few gentle suggestions? Like, enough with the lattes already?

p226 said...

Hah. I've seen at least one hidden barb so far.

But I can play this game, I think.

1. I have a deep, dark, dry, and intellectual sense of humor that often leaves people scratching their heads. I've been told more than once that my "joke grenade" went off on them when they FINALLY figured out what I meant, nearly causing them to crash their car in traffic, hours after the joke.

2. I'm a good communicator. I'm effective at getting my point across whether it's the written or spoken word.

3. I'm ice-cold and calculated in times of crisis. I have an unusual (and sometimes disturbing) ability to defer fear, anxiety, and other emotional hindrances until [i]after the fact.[/i] I may freak out. But I won't freak out until the time is right to freak out. Meaning, what needs done has been done.

What's unique about me? I think what's unique about me is that I'll entertain this question from a statistical point of view. There are six billion people on the planet. Take any feature, trait, or virtue that I think I have, and divide one by six billion. That will leave the percentage chance (which is so small that it should be expressed in scientific notation) that it is unique. So, what I'm left with that is truly unique: my DNA and my fingerprints.

Kate Carlisle said...

Tawny, what a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day! Well done!

Congrats on the GR, Aunty!

Three things? I love? About me? OMG. Standing by with the paper bag.....

- I love my twisted sense of humor,
- I love my ability to bounce back from adversity,
- I love that I can see different sides of a problem or issue...

I used to have good hair. Now, whatever I do, it just wants to be a bouffant. Is that unique? :-)

Maureen said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Great idea but not so easy.
I'd say:
I'm a good listener.
I'm the caretaker, which I guess is true of most moms but if my family need me I am there.
I'm optimistic.

rebekah said...

This is great. I love reading what everyone has to say about themselves. Here is mine:
1. I smart with just the right amount of dumb blonde thrown in.
2.I love my hair. I have the best of both worlds, it is naturally curly but easy to straighten.
3.I'm crafty. There is nothing better than to hang your own painting up, cuddle up in a blanket you made, or wear clothes that are designed by you.

What is unique about me: That is hard because I tend to think of myself as quite plain. I would have to say it is my photograghic memory. My friends can not believe that I can remember every book I have ever read and come up with lines from movies. Unfortunately no one will play scene it with because of that. And one more thing I love about myself it my off key singing. It is so much fun to see peoples looks when I decide to belt out some song.
But hey If you can't be yourself than who else can you be.

Eva S said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you all and congrats Aunty Cindy! Hope he didn't get the flu...

Funny post,I agree with Amy, it would have been much easier with 10 things that I don't like...

1. I'm a good friend and really listen to people (and try to not give them too many advices...)
2. I'm rather creative, I do make great birthday cards!
3. I'm happy with my life! (Not my hair...)

What make me unique, I have to think about that a little longer (except for the DNA that p226 mentioned..)

Joan said...

Tawny, LOVE this post.

Only 3? LOL.

1. Sense of humor. I can make people laugh and I love TO laugh. That's why the Banditas crack me up!

2. I am assertive/passionate about what I think should be done, must be done, will be done. I will always stand up for the underdog and nothing raises my hackle more than injustice.

3. Good shoulders. I'm not a tall lady but in a strapless top/dress I think I have good lines.

And unique? Being extremely intuitive. I've never been "tested" for this but I seem to have the ability to get to the heart of the matter.

AC....are those red construction paper hearts I see pasted on the GR's tail feathers????

Claudia Dain said...

Love this game! And I so agree with the premise: we must love ourselves and appreciate our good points before anyone else can be expected to.

What I like about myself:

1. I am very self-disciplined
2. I am passionate, but reasonable
3. I am cheerful and generally optimistic

Unique? I'm like p226; in a crisis, the kids are bleeding from multiple stab wounds kind of crisis, I'm the calmly controlled one, the one who does not panic. Until later, when I start to shake all over and have to go to bed and sleep it off!

And finally, Caren C really does do great hair art. Every single day.

p226 said...

Hey Christine?

Did you time it like that on purpose? The signed copy of Scandal's Daughter arrived on Valentine's day.

Woohoo! I get more brownie points with my wife!

Thank you!

MsHellion said...

What a great (but hard) game!

1.) I'm very loyal to my family and friends (almost yellow-dog loyal)
2.) I'm passionate (I hear this one a lot--this is not something I would normally *say* about myself, but enough people and outsiders have said it that it must be true)
3.) I write hysterical parodies (and poems)--and it doesn't take me that long to do it.

Donna MacMeans said...

LOL - I love reading everyone's responses. I can easily find three things I like about me, but I can find twenty things I'd like to change! (Nope - won't happen - old dogs and all that) -

1) I'm smart. Passed the CPA exam first time I took it. Did the scholarship thing, etc. Of course, that doesn't always translate into actually doing the smart thing - but there's always hope.

2) I have (had) great natural cleveage. Of course these days I either have to train the buggers how to type or wear an underwire bra while at the keyboard. (Now you know the reason for all those typos).

3) I can find the funny in the most dire of circumstances. Not the girl to take to a funeral, but in most cases I'm fun to be around.

Most unique thing - the way I dance - which I love to do. Can't help it, my body just starts moving when I find the beat. I have this secret fear that I probably was the inspiration for Elaine's dancing on Seinfeld, but can't help it. A girl's gotta do what she's gotta do. Fortunately, my husband loves to dance with me so who cares if complete strangers approach me in the bathroom to say they enjoy watching us.

Oops- too much information - gotta go - the doorbell is ringing - could be flowers *g*

Gillian Layne said...

Ok, I'm going to embrace this challenge, because so far this has not been a great Valentines...yes, dh did send gorgeous flowers and candy (bless him) but the very first caramel I bit into brought out a filling and part of a tooth, so I've spent the morning in the dentist's office, and will be getting a crown next week. (sigh)

Ok, now I've whined (sorry, won't do it again for at least a month or two.) Now for the good stuff:
1- I do a brilliant job working with the disabled kiddos in our school system.
2- I am a terrific mom, because I tell my girl constantly that their brains and hard work will take them anywhere they want to go.
3- I write humorous, emotionally uplifting romance that people enjoy reading (and why on earth isn't this listed on all of yours????)

I am unique because....sheesh, I have no earthly idea. Maybe because I'm able to make friends with such a wide variety of people?

Happy Valentines, everyone!

jo robertson said...

Tawny, what a delightful game! Okay, I want to play.

Congrats, AC, is sneaky one of the things you love about yourself, tee hee?

What I love about myself? One, I'm intensely loyal to my friends. Honestly, you'd have to betray me in the most dastardly fashion for me NOT to stick up for you.

Two, I'm a little bit smart, but not too smart, you know? Nobody likes a know-it-all, but I like being an authority on a few things.

Three, I'm not in the least materialistic. Truly. There's nothing physical that I could lose and be devastated about.

What's unique? Hmmm, that's harder. I once memorized Patrick Henry's complete speech to the Virginia Convention -- you know, the Liberty or Death one, about 1200 words long! Cool, huh, considering I can hardly remember my phone number now.

Anna Sugden said...

Wonderful post, Tawny. As always, you manage to make your friends think about the best in themselves. And in doing so, make us feel better about ourselves ... and in general! Mwah!

Congrats AC!

Hmmm ... gotta think (brings to mind that scene in Pretty Woman where Laura San Giacomo has to think of a happy ending. I loved her reply!)

1. I'm a very loyal friend (and a b*tch to anyone who picks on my friends).
2. I have nice eyes (it's the whole Persian thing)
3. I'm a font of useful and useless information - if someting grabs my interest, I like to learn what I can about it.

What makes me unique? Apart from being a hockey-loving, shoe-loving, penguin-collecting, autograph hound? I box to keep fit. *g*

jo robertson said...

Minna, FIVE LANGUAGES!! You have to tell us which ones and how you came to learn them.

jo robertson said...

And Doglady, eight???!!! I'm amazed at you women. Tell us more.

Nathalie said...

1. I love what I have accomplished until now!
2. I love the way I listen to people in general... I am a good ear as my friends say.
3. I love my nose (lebanese do not have nice noses usually, but I escaped the curse!)

jo robertson said...

Ah ha, p226, you clever fellow! So true about the DNA/fingerprints. Interesting that you're cool in crisis. I am too, but I always thought it was a mother thing until my grandson fell off the bed and cut his head open. My daughter freaked. I was like, nah, no stitches needed.

It's that moving out of yourself and assessing the sitch immediately and then taking action before the emotion sets it. It is cold and calculated, but damned effective.

Somebody's got to be calm; my husband falls apart!

p226 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tawny said...

LOL - I guess its not a good thing that I'm giggling and wondering if I should have offered paper bags with the test.

I love that you all jumped in to play :-)

Beth said...

Tawny, this is a great game! But I feel like I've missed something - where's your list of things you love about yourself?

Congrats on the GR, sneaky AC! And while it is Valentine's day, that little white sweater with red hearts isn't the best look for him *g*

Let's see...three things I love about myself would be:

1. I love how easy going I am. It takes a lot to bother me or make me angry (luckily for my two teenagers)

2. I love my snarky, sarcastic, dry sense of humor. Even though most people don't get my humor, I truly amuse myself :-)

3. I love my eyes.

What makes me unique? I guess my memory. I memorize song lyrics, and I remember a freakish amount from the books I've read and the movies/TV shows I've seen.

Rebekah, you and I would kick butt at Scene It (my daughter's still trying to beat me at it *g*)

Lily said...

1. I have to say I am proud of being 21 and being in my 4th year of med school.
2. I love my relationship with my mom - she is my best-friend :)
3. I love to be able to say that I read proudly romance novels and that they bring a little sparkle in my life!

Kate Carlisle said...

Thank you for bringing that up, Beth! I was just wondering when Tawny would show up with her own list. :-)

Jennifer Y. said...

*sniff sniff* GR was taken from me while I was conked out on NyQuil...oh well...

I Love this!!! But it is hard...

-I am intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, and dependable (LOL...I sound like a golden retriever...LOL)

-I have a great sense of humor (I love making people laugh and smile...but I do wonder if I am as funny as I think...are they laughing with me or at me?)

-I have pretty eyes (one thing I wouldn't change about myself really...they are a lovely green color)

Something that makes me unique, huh...not so sure about that one...I am very organized when it comes to my books and have literally named the stacks based on genre. Hey, I like that part of organizational side...takes a lot of patience to sort through books to divide them up.

Anna Campbell said...

Pam, I LOVE reptiles. I have some great lizards that live around my house - you'll have to come for a visit. I don't LOVE spiders but they don't freak me out. Big tropical flying cockroaches do that! Yuck!

Tawny said...

LOL Beth and Kate, I made up the game, I have to play too??

hmm... Okay.

1. I'm blessedly organized (waving to Jennifer). I thought I found heaven when I got the Outlook program and it has all those nifty color-coding and organizing features.

2. I'm a great mom. Hey, even my kids will tell you that LOL. I'm the strictest mom they know, but they wouldn't trade me in for anyone because I really "get" them and make them feel like they can do anyting in the world, and do it well.

3. I think I'll jump on the "love my hair" bandwagon. Its thick, its fun, its very forgiving of whatever bizarre fashion experiement I want to try *g*.

And unique... I really 'get' things on an intuitive level. (Handy, since before writing I worked as an intuitive consultant *g*) but it helps since I'm always the family mediator, the one who brings all sides to the table and achieves temporary peace. It works great with characters, too, because I can click into a characters internal conflict and really see how to intensify it, heal it, etc... I just wish it worked so well with external LOL.

Okay, thats mine!

Tawny said...

oh NO, Gillian! Hugs on the dentist trip :-( I hope the day improves from here!

Donna, I want to see you dance LOL. I really really really want to. I'll bet you're amazing.

YAY P226 on scoring great Valentines points thanks to Christines awesome book ;-)

Um, Kirsten, why on earth do people get up at 6am? I just don't get that...

I love how many languages you all speak! I'm lucky to not mangle english (valley girl upbringing, ya know) and how many dancers we have here. I'm dance challenged, so I'm totally jealous :-)

Anna - what is chocolate slice? Is that cake? It sounds yummy!

Trish Milburn said...

Wow, we have some smart people here who know lots of languages and are in their fourth year of med school at age 21! Holy smokes.


1. I'm open-minded.
2. I am a good wife. I don't mind if my hubby watches football on Sundays. Heck, I watch with him sometimes.
3. I like that it doesn't bother me to take big solo road trips cross country.

Unique thing -- I was the first person in my family, either side, to go to college.

Jane said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.
1. I'm witty and have a great sense of humor.
2. I'm loyal and trustworthy.
3. I'm full of useful and useless information.

catslady said...

This is hard lol.

I'm open-minded - no one is better than any one else and everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I'm caring - I take care of cats, including ferals/strays.
I'm fun loving - enjoy playing all kinds of games.

ruth said...

I am a creative and artistic type
I am a fussy homemaker
I am loyal

Uniqueness is being extremely small and tiny.

pearl said...

My cooking skills are diverse and special.
I can read extremely quickly and have read quickly since I was young.
I listen well and only answer when asked.
My unique ability to be interested in everyone since everyone has a story to tell.

Keira Soleore said...

Thank you, Tawny, for this message. I needed this reminder very much.

Three things that I love about me...
1. I make a steady, loyal friend
2. I'm always willing to listen and help someone work a solution to their problem
3. When I put my mind and heart behind it, I can accomplish what I set out to do

One thing that's unique about me...
I have the entire Mozart's Requiem mass memorized: four-part voices and instruments.

diane said...

My dramatic looks which do bother me at times.
My devotion to my parents and grandmother.
A creativity which I enjoy.
A special talent for humorous stories.

Kimberly L said...

I love how sweet I am.
How I love to love on my kids all the time even though they hate it.
I love the ideas that run through my head and the things that I can come up with. But those ideas also keep my marriage happy and solid.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

petite said...

What a unique post.

I love travel. anytime and most places
I am extremely responsible and serious
People can cry on my shoulder and I never reciprocate.

jenna said...

I am skinny with chicken legs or most say that so I never wear shorts.
I think that I have met a special someone finally and who knows.
I am a good and devoted daughter.

Tawny said...


I'm so loving everyone's wonderful lists. I'm so impressed with how gifted you all are - Mozart,really? WOW!!

ellie said...

Ny height is bothersome but I accept it anyway since I have a positive outlook.
I love sitting in the sun and soaking up the rays.
I love gourmet meals which I cannot cook.

Jennifer Y. said...

1. I'm blessedly organized (waving to Jennifer). I thought I found heaven when I got the Outlook program and it has all those nifty color-coding and organizing features.

Outlook has color-coding?!!?!?!?!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hmmm, three things, huh?

1.At the risk of sounding like a pet beagle, I'm loyal. I love my friends and would go to the mat for them. I love my family and would kill to protect them. I love my husband and would die for him.

2. I'm very calm in an emergency. I see the issue, my role and what everyone else is doing. (good trait when you're a nurse)

3. I write very sensual books even if there's a suspense element, or we're in a small Ohio town, or back 150 years in history. Been told by at least a few people my sexual tension rocks!!

4. Something unique, huh? Well I have those eyes we all write about for our heroines. Those hazel/green/brown eyes. Depending on the weather, my mood and what I'm wearing....they do change colors!

Caren Crane said...

Fedora, I will gladly come gift shopping with you! There is nothing I love more than buying presents. Nothing! I truly love to give more than receive. *g*

Tawny said...

Outlook has color-coding?!!?!?!?!


yes. Outlook 2007 does (not sure if Outlook Express is the same). It color codes my appts, my calendar, my tasks. *sigh* its even better than a full wall of shoe racks, filled with gorgeous shoes.

Suz- I'm so grateful to people like you and the others who've mentioned that you rock in a crisis! We're all blessed to have such good care.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Valentines Day!!

We just finished dinner - my family has a VD rut LOL. Every year, its the same request. Lasagna on the nice china, handmade cards and Sees chocolates. Its wonderful, but now I'm very full - and feel very loved.

doglady said...

This is such a great blog! I am thrilled to read all of the things we like about ourselves. What a great group of gals and of course our pet guy p226.

And I happen to think you are ALL great loyal friends because you listen to me natter on and on about stuff and you are all so sweet!

Kudos to all of you with great hair! Mine is long, halfway down my back and I have to wear it braided most of the time because of work. It is SO hard to work with when I don't braid it!

My languages include - German, Russian, French, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Spanish, Latin and I am learning Cherokee. I was lucky enough to find some really fabulous teachers in undergrad and grad school.

Australia has the prettiest reptiles, Anna C. Some of the deadliest too. I never kept poisonous reptiles (called "hots" in the trade) but I did have to house sit for some of my reptile loving friends who did keep "hots." Not my cup of tea. When I kept reptiles I told people I was crazy, not stupid!

I have to agree with Gillian that you all need to mention your FANTABULOUS writing skills. Gillian is definitely in that group. Her book is stellar - funny, warm, witty, sensuous. Definitely on her way to the big leagues!

limecello said...

I love my crazy sense of humor, I love how quickly I can read, and I love ... how understanding I can be. Wow - doing this was incredibly difficult (and unfortunately, left me feeling rather unsatisfied.) Ah well. Happy Valentine's Day! =)

Joan said...

doglady and our other multilingual friends.

Several years ago I tried desperately to teach myself Gaelic through a computer program. It had a component where you could pronounce the words and have them rated as to accuracy.

I love listening to it. When I'm in Ireland I could listen to the Gaelic TV/Radio stations for hours

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Yeah on the GR, Aunty!
P226, you totally crack me up. BTW, that snowflake on your shoulder's unique too, just like the DNA, Fingerprints and the combo of those particular skills at this place and time. Grins.
Ms Hellion, I was LOL about the yellow-dog loyal. (My sis calls me The Golden Retriever) Which, BTW, only applies to friends and family, as I'm more Kill Bill when it comes to those who've hurt the above mentioned frieds and family. Ha!

Keira, I bow in your general direction in great reverence for your knowing Requiem that way. Wow. Oh, I'm bowing to Mina and Lily and Doglady for knowing languages. Wow on the Russian! And Cherokee! Like Tawny, I manage English. I've been snarkily informed that any foreign language, spoken with my Southern accent and inflection, is pretty much unintelligible.

BTW, Great Post Tawny! I think I've taken too many success guru classes because I can actually answer this without hyperventilating. Snork.

I'm intelligent, and intuitively mechanically inclined. I can take apart and put together most anything w/o the instructions. BTW, I love power tools too. Grins.

I'm adaptable and flexible in both my thought and in in situations - I can usually work or talk my way out of or around anything.

I love deeply, care for my friends deeply and am fiercly protective of same, even though I look like and come across as the abovementioned Golden Retriever. Snork.

Wow, we're all up for Westminster with this loyalty thing. Ha! Did anyone see the Beagle win, BTW? Stayed up past my bedtime both nights since several friends were showing. Sigh, none of them made it to Group though.

What's unique? Hmmmm, lots of skill sets, just don't know how unique they are. I know how to get rid of a dead body, does that count? Snicker. We used to play this ice-breaker game at meetings for my company. You were supposed to tell three things about yourself. Two of them were to be true, one false and the other people were supposed to guess which one was the fake. I'd always say, "I'm a gourmet cook, I show dogs, and I'm a (whatever I was at the time) belt in Tae Kwon Do and Ninjitsu." Invariably they'd pick the dog showing and the gourmet cook. Ha!!!

Jennifer Y. said...

Wow, we're all up for Westminster with this loyalty thing. Ha! Did anyone see the Beagle win, BTW?

I thought that Beagle was adorable!!! I have always wanted a Beagle...not sure why. I love watching dog shows on tv...even though I don't have a dog of my own and haven't owned a dog since I was 2.

Suzanne Welsh said...

oh, I do have one more unique quality.

I can't get lost.

Tried it in New York City, Tampa, Dallas, Chicago...even in the Appalachia mountains. If I'm outdoors, I always find my way back to my starting place.

Tawny said...

lol Jeanne -- disposing of dead bodies is definitely unique! So is Suz's gift for not getting lost, and the wonderful dog affiliations we've got going on here :-)

I LOVE how everyone jumped in and played! Thanks for a great Valentines Day.

Anna Sugden said...

Tawny said: its even better than a full wall of shoe racks, filled with gorgeous shoes.

Um ... no way. *grin*

Minna said...

Well, Jo, Finnish is my mother tongue, English is the first foreign language I learnt at school (third grade), Swedish was the second (seventh grade), third one was German (also seventh grade, but that was one those subjects you could choose) and Japanese in the University. One of these days I'd like to learn Estoniana and Italian, too.

Minna said...

And how do I keep them alive, well.. I write letters and comment on blogs, I read books (and thanks to my Swedish studies I can also understand written Norweigian and Danish) and watch tv. Around here most foreign programs have subtitles, they are not dubbed.

catslady said...

I'm thrilled about UNO. Our first dog, Lucy, was a beagle! She was before we had kids so she was our baby!