Monday, February 18, 2008

The Waiting Game

posted by Aunty Cindy

I am not a patient person. (Waits for roars of laughter all over the Lair to die down.) However, two things in my life have forced me to develop and cultivate my patience: motherhood and publishing.

Since the former subject would fill volumes, suffice it to say that my son did not arrive until eleven days after his due date. Apparently he did not receive the memo about vacating in a timely manner, and I suffered through the longest eleven days of my life. I should have realized this was the start of an ugly trend.

As for publishing, every author who has ever submitted so much as a query letter knows that glaciers move faster. And with far more reliability. For example, I once sent a query letter (only a brief, to-the-point letter) via email to an agent who was reportedly looking for new clients. FOUR MONTHS later I received this reply (also via email): Sorry, not for me.


Still, not as bad as one of my Bandita sisters who had an editor request her manuscript and not respond for TWO YEARS! And worse, for the last five months of that time, she assured said Bandita that the manuscript was "...on top of my desk and I'll read it in the next week or two." Clearly the weeks on her calendar were MUCH DIFFERENT from any I or my Bandita sister had ever seen. Worst of all, when the editor FINALLY got around to giving an answer, it was the tired old "just didn't love it enough" rejection.


What's a writer to do?

Nothing, except keep waiting, keep submitting, then wait some more!

I am currently living this hurry-up-and-wait scenario all too painfully. It was one year ago last week that I sent my initial query letter to the editor that ultimately resulted in a sale seven months later. It has now been five months since that magical phone call and at this point I still have no specific publication date, no cover (Though I have a serious case of cover envy! Look at our sidebar and you'll see why.)... Heck, right now I don't even have a title since the editor told me a month ago that the marketing department wanted to change the one I originally had.

However, all whining aside, I'm sure that just like when my son finally decided to make his appearance, once I hold my book in my hot little hands, all the waiting will be WORTH IT!

How bout giving Aunty a wee bit of sympathy? Or better yet, tell us about something you had to wait 4 EVAH to finally get. And please tell me it was worth the wait.


Jennifer Y. said...

OOOOH....I've been waiting for GR!!

Tawny said...

LOL GO Jennifer - way to nab that baby again!!

Aunty Cindy said...

WOW! You must have been, Jennifer Y. You were so quick on the draw I don't think I even got one of my emoticons moved!

Well, I hope the GR's manners have improved since his day with Jo-mama. And now he can get caught up on his reading with you and your other critters.


Aunty Cindy said...

And why am I NOT surprised that YOU are still up partying, Ms Tawny-Depp? LOL! Is it a "school holiday" tomorrow?

Now come on girls, tell me what was worth a looong wait for you.


Jennifer Y. said...

Sending you big hugs and lots of patience.

Actually to answer your question...I am not the most patient person I guess.

As a reader, I have done my fair share of waiting for books. I learn about upcoming books and then have to wait months to finally read them. Or read a book and then have to wait for the sequels to be written and published...and yes, it is usually worth the wait....usually.

Sometimes though getting something can seem a little, "now what?" That's when I find something else to wait on and the cycle starts all over...LOL...very easy to do with books when you find a secondary character that catches your eye. Then you get to write an author and ask if they will be writing more stories...LOL...and the waiting game begins again (or you do like I have done since childhood and write the stories in your head...LOL...cuts down on the wait time)!

Did I make any sense? LOL

Jennifer Y. said...

GR seems very well-behaved so far...he is looking for some books to read...

Helen said...

Congrats Jennifer looks like I will have to wait a bit longer for a visit to Australia from the GR I am starting to miss him.

Totally agree about the waiting for babies to deciede it is time for them to arrive I was induced for all four of mine.

I too am eagerly awaiting for your book AC so you must really be getting impatient by now I am dying to see the cover and find out the name of the book and you have my sympathy.

When we bought our house it wasn't built they told us it would be ready in 6 months but the builders had finacial problems and in the end it took about 8 months before we were able to move in and then we had to move in in the middle of winter with no elecricity for 4 days because the builders hadn't organized with the elecricity company to do the work in the power box but it was worth it in the end and we have some wonderful stories to tell about cooking toast and boiling water over an old kerosene heater that my grandmother gave me.
Keep a stiff upper lip AC it will happen and it will be worth it.
Have Fun

Helen said...

Jennifer I am with you totally agree waiting for books so as I can read them is very hard sometimes even harder when you live in Australia and have to wait for them to be delivered to the bookstore then get posted to me to read.
Have Fun

Aunty Cindy said...

Yes, Jennifer, you made perfect sense! That's what started me down that primrose path of writing. When I was a child, if I didn't like the way a story ended, I made up my own ending! Then, when I ran out of books to read (this started happening along about junior high), I started writing my own stories. I lived in an area that had broiling hot summers and staying indoors where it was cool and reading or writing were much more fun than going outside in the heat!

the temperature challenged

Christine Wells said...

Ohh, still wiping my eyes from laughing about your not being patient, Aunty C. Maybe you should remind yourself how many people would kill to be in your position right now and you might not feel quite so bad:)

I think seeing my book on the shelves was definitely worth the wait and seeing my cover for the first time was a wonderful buzz. I don't think much compares with it besides childbirth and that's a totally different kind of wonder. Getting my uni degree didn't even come close. Best of luck with that waiting and fingers crossed the cover fairy touches you with her wand!

Jennifer Y, congrats on snaffling that sought-after bird once more!

Aunty Cindy said...

You were induced ALL 4 TIMES, Helen? You poor thing! I was scheduled to be induced on Monday and my son was born on Sunday afternoon. Yes, I really SHOULD have gotten a clue... :-P

You and the other Bandita buddies are so sweet to be looking forward to my book! Do not worry, you will have PLENTY of advance warning. I'll be shouting from the roof tops with every bit of news I get! Honestly, everybody that hangs out here in the Lair is THE BEST!

You all make this writing gig worthwhile, even with the horrible #%&)# waiting! Oh dear, I hope Jennifer covered the GR's ears. Wouldn't want him picking up MORE FOWL LANGUAGE! (Sorry, couldn't resist, and with Foanna MIA somebody had to slip in a pun!)


Aunty Cindy said...

Maybe you should remind yourself how many people would kill to be in your position right now and you might not feel quite so bad:)

All right, Madame, did Jo-Mama put you up to that? Everytime I whine about how much longer I have to wait, she slaps me back to reality. In fact, I'm expecting her to show up any minute now... (Aunty looks over her shoulder)

However, I'm sure you're RIGHT! Nothing will compare to finally holding that book. And as for covers, YOU must have the cover fairy on your payroll since BOTH of yours are soooo beautiful! Would you please put in a word for me? PRETTY PLEASE?


Tawny said...

LOL AC - tomorrow is TOTALLY a school holiday... I'm just settling in for writing, as a matter of fact.

Lessee... worth waiting for. My husband, selling a book and seeing it on the shelf, and a gorgeous strand of black pearls (get the reference? heheheehee) in that order. I'd wanted all of them for SOOOO long, and when I finally got them, it was AMAZING and wonderful!

My kids, I never had to wait for. Darned girls were both REALLY early *g*

p226 said...

I know none of you will relate to this. But, I had to wait 14 months for a rifle I bought. The thing was backordered 'till the epoch and made completely of unobtainium.

I know none of you are going to relate to that. 'Cept maybe Cassondra.

Ohhhh, I thought of something else. I had this certification. CISSP. It's a very prestigious systems security cert. The test for it is probably the most difficult test I've ever taken in my life. It required more study than any college course I've ever taken. You didn't get the results of the test for six weeks. That was pretty murderous. Especially since I walked out of the test going "man, I think I bombed that hard." Turns out, everyone walks out of the test feeling like that.

But I remember literally dancing a jig when I got the email from ISC2 saying I'd passed the test, and all I needed were endorsements for certification. It *almost* made the wait worth it. Almost.

Aunty Cindy said...


Yes, my DH was worth the very long wait too. Not to mention all those toads I had to kiss until then. HA!

And lucky you on your girls... WAAAY lucky since they both look absolutely adorable! Enjoy the holiday and hope you get lots of writing done!

Nighty night and see you all in the morning,


Christine Wells said...

Tough love, that's me, AC! JoMama had nothing to do with it but I'm sure she'll be along in a minute:) Oh, and touching wood in a BIG way, I shall have a word with said cover fairy on your behalf. No Bandita shall suffer bad cover art! Another slogan to put on a bandit t-shirt.

Trish Milburn said...

Tawny, I'm totally cracking up at the black pearls. I just finished writing an article for the RWR that just might have had some Pirates references. :)

Well, I had to wait about a dozen years to sell my first book, but it was SO worth it.

Eva S said...

I'm sending all my sympathy to Aunty Cindy, and I hope you don't have to wait much longer.

I don't want to bore you all with my story about waiting for my surgery (it will finally take place now on Wednesday, I have been waiting for over a year now, it have been postponed several times and I hope they don't find someone again who needs it before me!)and I hope it will be worth waiting for.

I want to thank you all Banditas for your wonderful posts and fun stories.This is the first place I go every day and this will be the first place I'll come to when I'll be back after some weeks. Thanks to you all!!

And congrats to Jennifer, take good care of GR. I hope he will visit me someday again in the future...

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

AC sending along lots of tea and sympathy just for you. It seemed like I waited forever for both of my children, my daughter was just 6 days late but my son had to be induced, he just didn't want to come out of there at all. Once everything got moving he tried to turn around in the birth canal and was coming shoulder first. THAT was exciting for a while.
I hold no sway with the Book Cover Fairies but if I happen to see one I will give them my opinion that AC should have the most gorgeous of all book covers ever.

Deb Marlowe said...

I hope you're working on the next fabulous book while you're waiting, AC! Then we won't have so long to wait in between!

I feel you, my oldest was induced 2 weeks after his due date and took 2 days to arrive!

And on a funny publishing note: last week I got a request for a full two years after I sent the partial--and in the same month that that book hit the shelves. Ahh, ya gotta love this business.

flchen1 said...

Oooh, congrats, JenniferY!

AC, hang in there! It'll definitely be worth the wait! Hmm... trying to think of some things worth the wait--all of my kids for sleeping through the night (although they'd all do it occasionally just for yuks, none of them slept through consistently until they were well over a year old--argh!) Potty-trained kids--definitely a bit of a wait, and definitely great on the other side. We waited seven years before vacationing without kids--a VERY lovely time ;) (Although that might be more a case of "shoulda done it sooner"!)

Christie Kelley said...

AC, thankfully I had just swallowed my coffee before I read your post. You not patient? Oh, please. LOL

Yes, holding your book in your hand is worth the wait. Not that we don't all wish the time would go faster--kind of like being pregnant.

So, here's my waiting story. I submitted my first ms to an editor seven years ago. Guess what? Never heard a word back or received my ms back. Nothing (not even when I sent a letter to them). I guess they use it as a training manual for new editors. You know..."this is what we don't want to see--ever"

doglady said...

Congrats on the GR, Jennifer! He must really love it at your place!

Patience is overrated, AC!! My brother has a terrific framed poster in his office of a vulture. Beneath the vulture is the caption "Patience, hell. I'm going to kill something!"

Can't wait until you have that book in your hand and then on the shelves for us to buy!

I have been waiting for Wal-Mart to hire another cake decorator for my bakery for ten weeks! As long as I pinch-hit I have a feeling they won't.

My DH and I dated for four years before he proposed. I don't know that I was impatient about it, but his family and mine almost lost their minds waiting.

Right now I am waiting to hear the results of the Golden Heart and I have to admit it is nerve-wracking!

Claudia Dain said...

Aunty Cindy, are you in for a 'fun'ride. Hahahaha. If you think this part is slow, wait until you're standing by the mailbox waiting for the check!

jo robertson said...

Congrats on getting the little fellow back, Jennifer, and do you SEE how nice his manners have become?

Great post, Cindy! Waiting is absolutely the HARDEST thing for a writer to do. I love the analogy of waiting to have a baby. Longest nine months of our lives!

One of my hardest waits was for the closing of a new house we'd bought. The interest rates were rising almost daily, it seemed, and if our old house didn't close pretty quick, we couldn't afford to buy the new one.

Then one day I opened Time magazine and read an article about children starving in Bosnia. Sort of put everything in perspective.

Kate Carlisle said...

Jennifer, Congrats on luring the GR to your place!

LOL Aunty! I think I can relate to your situation. I know it'll all be worth it once you've got your wonderful book in your hot little hands. And if I might extend the metaphor further, you'll forget all about the pain and jump right in to do it all over again!

And since your publisher has some of the most gorgeous covers in the business, I refuse to worry about your cover. It will be fabulous! Believe it! (And okay, yes, I'm knocking on wood!)

And Eva, thinking good thoughts for your surgery this week. :-)

Esri Rose said...

Longest time between submitting something to a publisher and receiving an answer: two years.

I'm really not patient. The seven years or so that I'll have waited to see my first book out is not overly long by publishing-world standards, but the only way I got through it was to adopt an attitude of "I'll show you @*!$!&**s!"

P226 said, "Made completely of unobtainium"... ROTFL! I'm sure you love it extra much because of the wait.

Esri Rose said...

Oh, and P226, I'm thinking you'd really enjoy the gizmo I feature on my blog today. The Flaming Wallet Supreme.

Aunty Cindy said...

P226, I may not relate to waiting for the firearm made of unobtainium LOL, but I totally relate to waiting on those certification test results!

In California State Service, virtually every promotion you receive you must first "test" for and be "reachable" (within the first 3 ranks) on a promotional list. Sometimes those promotional exams were only given every two years! Sometimes they were written, sometimes they were oral, and sometimes they were BOTH! I took the manager exam three times before I was finally "reachable" and actually hired off the list and like you, I didn't think there was any way I'd passed that third time. Mainly because the two people giving me my oral exam were both people I'd clashed with in the past! (Hard to believe, I know, Aunty having a personality clash.) But I DID IT! Scored in the second rank and got hired. Of course, the job was H*LL, but I needed that salary bump for my retirement! :-P

Thank goodness I don't have to worry about THAT any more!

Aunty Cindy said...

Eva, I and the rest of the Banditas and our buddies are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers!

I know what kind of RELIEF it is to finally get a surgery over and done. In 2004 I fought with my HMO and waited 2 1/2 months to have a tumor removed on my salivary gland (the same tumor movie critic Roger Ebert had, though luckily mine was benign)! I can't even imagine how torturous this wait has been for you!

Get better soon! We can't wait to have you back in the Lair afterward.


Donna MacMeans said...

LOL AC - it's only just begun!

Deb Marlowe took the words out of my mouth. You'd best be working on that sequel because once the book hits the stands you'll have to carve out time to promote and write. That's more difficult then it sounds.

LOL Claudia - I'm still playing that waiting game.

As for slow responses - a publishing house lost my Mrs. Brimley manuscript. A year later I did get to have a pitch appointment with an editor from that house. I must admit it was kind of fun to lean back when she asked for the partial to say - the thing is -- you already have it.

Longest waits - 1) To get married. I met my husband when I was 18 but I insisted I be 21 before we married. We lived about 250 miles apart. That was a LONG engagement but totally worth it. 2) to get my college degree. Due to financial difficulties, I took the seven year plan. I always knew I'd graduate, but often wondered when (and in what major). That degree allowed me to support my "writing vice" so it was worth it as well.

Good Luck, AC. I know your book will have an amazing cover and fabulous debut.

Aunty Cindy said...

No Bandita shall suffer bad cover art! Another slogan to put on a bandit t-shirt.

LOVE this one, Christine! Appreciate ANY word you or Dianna or anyone else can give me with those cover fairies. However, Kate is correct, and thanx for that reminder. My publisher does indeed have some LUSCIOUS COVERS on their books.

Deb, I think you take THE PRIZE for response to a submission! A request for the manuscript the SAME MONTH the book hit the shelves?!?! Here's hoping that editor is appropriately EMBARRASSED (though I doubt it)!

And yes, I AM working on a sequel even as we blog. ;-) Maybe I should have included that in my line about what's a writer to do, but continue writing is such a no-brainer.... Then again, this is me... Um, never mind!


Aunty Cindy said...

Flchen, you're so RIGHT about the potty training. It did seem to take 4 EVAH, and with frequent "regressions." :-(

And ANY vacation is worth the wait! Just like Oz is sooo worth the 14 hour plane flight! But now that you've discovered the "no kids" option, I know you won't wanna go back.

Christie, I'm SURE they don't use your manuscript for any such purpose. If they did, wouldn't they owe you royalties??? Seriously, you and Trish are true inspirations on the Never-Give-Up adage.

Only about a month more to wait for that GH phone call, Doglady! We're all looking forward to cheering for you on awards night in SF! And we SHOULD have some Banditas to cheer for in BOTH the GH and the Rita! YAY!

Aunty Cindy said...

Beneath the vulture is the caption "Patience, hell. I'm going to kill something!"

ROFLOL! Your brother and I must be kindred spirits, Doglady!

And 2 YEARS for you too, Esri? SHEESH! This must be some kind of hidden industry standard we writers are not privy to. UGH!

And wipe off those smug grins, TICD and Donna. Where else do you get paid TWICE A YEAR? Honestly, I thought it was bad working for the State and only getting paid once a month!

Speaking of waiting, DHL already delivered my contract to THE WRONG PLACE even though MY NAME and CORRECT ADDRESS were plainly on the envelope. Thank GOODNESS there was no check included. As it was, I um...(there is no polite way to put this) tore DHL a new one.

Good thing Jo-Mama held me back! But if it EVER happens again, I'll have Cassondra, p226, and the fully combat ready GR to sic on them! THAT outta scare 'em!


Trish Milburn said...

Christie, I have one of those stories too. I submitted a requested full following the 2000 RWA conference. I have yet to receive any word back on it. I'm sure it's holding up someone's desk. :)

doglady (and anyone else awaiting Golden Heart and RITA results), good luck! Since I'm on the board, I get to call some of the finalists which is always HUGE fun.

p226 said...

Oh, and P226, I'm thinking you'd really enjoy the gizmo I feature on my blog today. The Flaming Wallet Supreme.


Oh man, could I have some fun with that. I can also see myself getting arrested repeatedly, hahahah. Oh man... I wonder if the time would be worth it...

Cassondra said...


Well, I've waited a long time for my house to get's not yet, so can't say it that'll be worth the wait. ;0)

I did wait about five years for something I've wanted--and I FINALLY got it on Valentine's day.

You can read the story and see the pics here:

My hubby did good. And it was worth the wait. I love it.

Susan Seyfarth said...

Hi, AC! Gotta say, the wait to see something I wrote hit the shelves is one wait I can't, uh, wait for. (That was a lot of waits in one sentence.) So as soon as some fabulous editor recognizes my blinding talent, I'll gladly be in your shoes. :-)

As for long, rewarding waits I've already experienced, all that comes to mind right now is my kids sleeping through the night. They both waited until they were fourteen months old to sleep through the night even once. Four. Teen. Months. Did you know that they use sleep deprivation as a method of torture? Yeah, now I know why. But my youngest turned fifteen months today & that light at the end of the tunnel is looking nice & bright...

Can't wait to see your book hit the shelves, AC!

Aunty Cindy said...

Oh NO, Esri!
If we have to go bail p226 outta the pokey (Of course we will! Or at the very least bake him a cake with a file in it) it will be ON YOUR HEAD! Or wallet, as the case may be. LOL!

Cassondra, I couldn't get your link to work right... probably just me. (sigh)

Susan, Four. Teen. Months. to sleep through the night?!?! ACK! Aunty is keeping very mum about how her son started sleeping from 11 pm to 6 am at nine weeks of age. BUT he NEVER TOOK NAPS! NEVER! My mom said this was pay-back because I never took them either!

Thanx for hanging out and commenting on my whine... er um POST today everyone! I have to run out and do some errands but I'll check back in later. I PROMISE you won't wait more than a few hours! ;-)


Esri Rose said...

Cassondra: Still chortling over your ValDay's story. The romantic intentions, the minor flub, the "ah, all is well"... I love that it's such a classic couple's story, only it features a pistol. Somehow that makes it even more fabulous. Good for UXB. When you say it looked like a chicken, I assume you mean that all wrapped up, it was that shape.

Susan: Fourteen months?! That is too d**n long. Your children totally owe you.

Esri Rose said...

P226: It's good isn't it? I love that it's called the Fire Wallet Supreme. This suggests that there is a whole host of lesser fire wallets out there. Accept no substitutes.

Donna MacMeans said...

Cassondra -

So the real women want to know - what happened to the bourbon balls??

Donna, who was panting at the box

Suzanne Welsh said...

Congrats on the GR nab, Jennifer! Treat the boy to some good home cooking.

AC you and I have one thing in common. Late sons! Mine was 42 weeks, instead of 39 or 40 like his sisters. We ultimately had to evict the boy!!! Needless to say, he's still the last one to leave home permanently. :) Was he worth it? Most of the time, yep

terrio said...

AC - you have all my sympathies. I've been fortunate in that the only thing I've submitted was to an open call for an epubbing anthology and I received my rejection FOUR DAYS later. At least I didn't have to wait.

Now, in the last few days I've made it one step closer to something I've waited a lifetime for. My own home. I am now pre-approved and have my little letter to carry around with me. However, there are stipulations and limitations and lots of cooperation needed from whatever seller I find.

In other words, the stars have to align perfectly for me to actually get a house. LOL! But, as my writer friend told me, publishing is the same way and I'm still optimistic about that. So here's to the stars aligning for me on several fronts.

Congrats on the GR, Jennifer. I'm thinking he must have fallen in love or something. You don't have a hen theme in your kitchen, do you? LOL!

Donna MacMeans said...

Terrio -

Congratulations on both fronts. For putting your work out there and for anticipating becoming a home owner. It's a great market right now to buy a house. You can probably get "a lot for a little."

terrio said...

Thanks, Donna. I'm so excited I've calmed down enough to only hyperventilate a couple of times a day.

And now that I've read all the posts, I probably shouldn't mention that my daughter arrived two days early and slept through the night from seven weeks on. And took naps like clockwork.

*ducking the flaming wallets*

Aunty Cindy said...

See, that wasn't such a long wait!

Terrio, CONGRATS on taking a major step toward owning your first home! Never fear, the stars will align for you, esp. if you have a super-agent (like our Christie) working with you. ;-) Now, about continuing your submissions for your writing... Don't make Aunty bring out her crop.

Suz, I DO think it's a "boy thing". Was he more difficult to potty train too? We females are just waaay more "together" even in utero! HAHAHAHAHA! (Waiting for p226 to make a snarky comeback to that one.)

Hmmm, looks like I'll have to try Cassondra's link again...

And LOL on the "accept no substitutes," Esri! It's SUPREME ALL THE WAY here in the Lair!


terrio said...

Thanks, AC. And I promise, I'm still working on getting other stuff out there. Though I have one to submit to Ellora's Cave so that crop might come in handy. *g*

Caren Crane said...

AC, you and all other moms here will hate me. All three of kids were induced--at 39 weeks! No waiting, no water breaking, no rushing to the hospital. I would go in for a regular appointment and be told when to report to the hospital. First child - 12 hours; second - 7-1/2 hours; third - 1-1/2 hours. Yes friends, an hour and a half. I'm very impatient, so that was enough for me!

Susan, I completely identify with the sleep deprivation. My son never slept - he still doesn't! But, you know, he's 21 now so it's not my problem. *g* The good news is, they grow up and leave home, taking their bad (and annoying) habits with them. It's only a little sad and they can be bribed with food, money and access to appliances. *g*

I am having to wait a really, really long time for an editor to appreciate my writing. I'm about done with that now, so I hope someone recognizes it soon!

p226 said...

Was he more difficult to potty train too? We females are just waaay more "together" even in utero! HAHAHAHAHA! (Waiting for p226 to make a snarky comeback to that one.)

Nope nope nope, not touchin' that one! Uh uh.

Keira Soleore said...

Did Keira DIE? Nope. Still here. Still breathing. Still eating Nutella. But now, Keira's waking up at 5am to WRITE then EXCERCISE. Then comes the family and lots of other stuff and then comes 8pm and I'm ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz. That's life.

AC: Only you could talk about a birth as "vacating" the premises "in a timely manner."

Way to go, Christine and Donna, on the beaooootiful covers. AC, cover envy is justified.

As the great FoAnna would tell you, AC, The Book is going to be so worth the wait.


Keira Soleore said...

And Caren? Don't you DARE give up. That is NOT an option.

Pam: All the best. I'm waiting for Trish's phone call to you!!

Terri: Congratulations on the pre-ap. Woo Hoo! Home-ownership (and the headaches therein) to Terri.

Cassondra: Loved your Hello Kitty icon. And your husband sure knows you. A definite keeper.

Aunty Cindy said...

Keira! HUGS!!!! So good to "see" you! I was worried... In fact I still am. 5 AM?!?! To EXERCISE?!?! Punishment too cruel to contemplate!

And don't worry, the Banditas would never ALLOW our Posh to give up! It just ain't happenin'. I hope you're listening Posh!

And WOW! P226, I kept hearing these rumors that your learning curve was flat. WRONG! :-)

Thanx again for all who visited and commented on my post.