Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lucky Seven.... by Jeanne Adams

It's one of those Urban Legends kind of things. Seven's a lucky number. Or is it three? Three times is a charm, right? Or is it twenty-one? I guess if you're in Vegas or Atlantic City, it's threes, sevens and twenty ones. In some Eastern traditions, its four that's lucky. Then there's four-leafed clovers for luck if you're Irish (or even if you're not!) Rabbit's feet - not so lucky for the rabbit - but lucky. Horseshoes, but only if they're turned upright, so the luck doesn't run out.

In writing, we talk a lot about luck. We write about it. Lucky meetings, lucky guesses, Luck is a Lady; you name it, we use it no matter how cliched. Sometimes we use it as we write because it IS a cliche. Everyone recognizes the symbolism, you don't have to spell it out. If I write that my villain's vanity license plate is 007, every reader everywhere pretty much has an idea of who my suspect at least WANTS to be. And in that scenario, its often fun to have that same potential villain be a completely atypical, so-not-Bond type. (Mmmmmm, Brosnan as Bond...) The point being, using that simple device, I don't really have to explain anything. Most people get the joke on the first shot. Same thing if I have my character carry the lucite-encased four leaf clover, or a St. Jude medal. Icons reveal entire concepts and character issues or flaws in one fell swoop.

But back to luck...I don't think there is one writer out there who's ever won a contest, been asked for a full, or gotten the Call who doesn't attribute something to luck. Is writing hard work? You bet. Do you have to hone your craft, learn the trade, walk the walk? Without a doubt. But then there's that extra little thing... "Yeah, I got lucky!" we all say. (And no, we're not talking about our significant others. Snicker!) Or its, "how lucky is it that the other Editor went on maternity leave and my wonderful Editor read my manuscript trying to clear her desk!" Or one I heard not too long ago...."I just happened to walk up as this agent was talking about how her fav editor wanted a really great pirate book...and I have one!" (That's now a pending sale!)

It frequently feels like this road sign picture. All the way over and back again, sometimes doing 90 miles per hour to get a manuscript done, only to have it go nowhere. But we all know, one day, we'll get lucky. Of course, we Banditas already did - we found each other, and YOU too!

Its not just writing, of course. Lucky in love is the best thing there is, which is one of the reasons we Bandits are so fond of writing about it! Luck of the draw sometimes gets you the worst judge on the worst day of his or her life when she picks up YOUR entry. Lucky break gets you the Editor who just came back from maternity leave, rarin' to go, happy to be back with your manuscript at the top of the pile. Right time, right day, right phase of the moon, right editor. Click. You can almost hear Lady Luck lining up the events for your success.

So, what about you? Do you believe in luck? What's the luckiest thing that every happened to you? (In love, in writing, in life...take your pick!) I'll tell you mine.... AND...who's the best Bond? Craig? Brosnan? Connery?


Aunty Cindy said...

Is this lucky? The GR two days in a row?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Woo-hoo! AC! You must have picked up some lucky dust on that last trip out...better buy a lottery ticket... Grins.

And man, you're quick on the draw. I just posted it! But, since it's about 2:20 Eastern Time, I'm off to bed. Chat in the a.m.! (Well, LATER in the a.m.!)

Aunty Cindy said...

It WAS luck, Duchesse! I'm just heading off to bed myself and decided to check in one more time.

Guess the Rooster enjoyed the bday cake, plus I took him with me to the hairdresser today. He got a trim and "touch up" on the gold highlights. :-)

Nighty night All!


Anna Campbell said...

AC, the GR must be in lurve! I think you've got a date for Valentine's with the chook! Hey, that's lucky!

Jeanne, definitely Connery. Always and forever. He had that right mixture of elegance and thuggery that Bond should have.

So much stuff is lucky. I was lucky that my stuff landed with an agent who got what I was doing and was able to make suggestions to improve it to the point where publishers wanted it. I was definitely lucky to meet the Banditas. That's something I'm eternally thankful for. I'm lucky as a woman to live in a Western democracy in the early 21st century with legal rights, adequate medical care, comfortable housing, financial independence and overall pretty good health. I'm lucky to have lovely friends and family and the opportunity to pursue my dream. Goodness, I could go on all night! Great post, Duchesse!

Helen said...

Very lucky Aunty Cindy

Not sure whether I think myself lucky or not but I have a wonderful husband beautiful children and grandchildren and family so yes I am lucky. As for good luck charms I collect elephants and always make sure the trunks are facing the door I don't put shoes on a table because it is bad luck I don't walk under ladders but black cats don't worry me. I buy lottery tickets and enter lotto hoping to get lucky.Totally agree about being in the right place at the right time which is probably luck So yes I am very lucky with the friends and family I have and lucky to have meet the wonderful people I have on the net.
Favourite Bond for me is Connery.
Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Hi Jeanne, love that idea of characterization using a simple symbol. That really is showing, not telling, isn't it? And I think everyone in this game acknowledges there's a lot of luck involved in getting that book published.

I used to have a silly lucky ritual I followed since I was a child--if I said white rabbit on the first day of the month, the rest of the month would be lucky. The catch--it had to be the first thing I said that day. Now, the first thing I say in a day is usually 'hello baby' or 'hush, don't cry' or something equally banal and it's 3am and I wouldn't know what day it was. So, the ritual has gone by the wayside. But 3 is still my lucky number:)

Not that I'm superstitious or anything.

Congrats, AC! Make it a hat-trick and you will have good luck, I'm sure.

Christine Wells said...

Oops! I vote for Connery too.

Jane said...

It's hard not to believe in luck, either good or bad. There are times when you just wonder how or why something happened to you. Maybe we use luck as an excuse for these happenings, like not taking responsibility for a bad decision and blaming it on luck instead. I remember winning some raffles when I was a kid. Maybe we'll be lucky and win the lottery someday. I agree that Sean is the best Bond, but I think Pierce is a close second. I was also pleasantly surprised by Craig's performance in "Casino Royale." I didn't think he could pull it off but he did.

Gillian Layne said...

Great topic, Jeanne! Who said "luck favors the prepared?" Or how about "the harder I worked, the luckier I became" (something to that effect popped up over at the Wet Noodle Posse site, and I thought it was brilliant.)

People need to be observant and ready in order to take advantage of all the luck flying their way.

(yawn). Crazy animals (mine, not you all! :) ), up playing at 4am. I'm back to bed...with sweet dream of Connery.

Amy Andrews said...

Luck? Or fate or destiny or karma? I think things happen for a reason. If it's meant to be etc....then its up to us to figure out the why and wherefores.

Sean Connery. No contest.
And I think if I cast my mind back, James was born in Scotland wasn't he? Makes sense to have a Scot play him.

Christie Kelley said...

I'm Irish. Is there any doubt that I believe in luck?

How lucky was it that an agent starting to build her client base read my epub novella and contacted me? How lucky was it that same year I finaled in the GH? Or I meet the banditas? Great luck in my mind.

Yep, I believe in luck.

And for me it has to be Brosnan.

Eva S said...

You have a lucky day, Aunty Cindy!I agree about the lottery ticket..

I do believe in luck! Not bad luck, I'm not afraid of ladders or black cats or mirrors...
I'm very lucky with a loving family and many friends, here around me and on the net. It's good to be reminded once a while...No big things, but all together make me happy...

And definitely Connery! But I did like Craig..

Beth said...

Jeanne, I do believe in luck although I agree with Amy that most things happen for a reason.

I like the saying "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" *g*

As far as favorite Bonds, I've only seen the one movie with Brosnan so I guess I'll have to vote for him ;-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna said: I'm lucky as a woman to live in a Western democracy in the early 21st century with legal rights, adequate medical care, comfortable housing, financial independence and overall pretty good health.

Oh, Amen, Anna! SO true.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

So far, Connery is leading. I think he's Welsh, actually, but does it matter? OHGosh, I could listen to him read the phone book. He's got such a yummy voice!

It is lucky how the Banditas came together. And Beth, luck and prep DEFINATELY go together, hand in hand.

Deb Marlowe said...

Oh, Beth, I love your quote about preparation and opportunity. That's what luck is all about really? When everything comes together in that magical moment.

I've been lucky in so many areas and I'm extremely grateful.

Sean Connery rules!

terrio said...

Congrats, AC. Hope you picked up a couple days worth of feed.

Luck is a major issue in my family. They blame everything on bad luck. Makes me nuts. I used to subscribe to this line of thinking as well until I met someone who taught me that what you put out is what you get back. Don't like something about your life? Change it. It's that simple.

But I do believe in Karma. I think we sort of get what we deserve. But as others have mentioned, I have always thanked my lucky stars I was born where I was. There are millions out there who are not so well off.

And I can't look at my daughter and not wonder what I did to deserve her. She's a gift and I'm darn lucky to have her. *g*

On a lighter note, I'm glad I wondered in here one day too. This is fast becoming my favorite stop of the day.

Now for the dissenting voice: Moore! LOL!

rebekah said...

Connery is the bond for me. But the luckiest thing that happened to me would hve to be my daughter. She is the first girl born in four or five generations on my husband side. Since he decides what the baby is going to be I never thought it would be a girl. When he went to tell his family they had him repeat it and then thought he was joking. My husbands face was so funny when he saw it was a girl and I was in complete shock. Needless to say the other to kids are boys, but I amazingly got my girl. To me that makes me pretty darn lucky.

Trish Milburn said...

Anna, I totally agree about feeling lucky to live in a country where women have rights and are treated well. I just want to cry and scream every time I hear about how women are treated in some countries.

Beth, you already posted the quote this post made me remember. :)

I feel very lucky to have the Banditas as friends as well as so many other wonderful writers.

Kim Howe said...

Excellent post! And I totally believe in luck. During my recent trip to Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, I saw so much poverty and pain, especially in Zimbabwe as things are very challenging there right now. In the main square of Victoria Falls, I had a young boy approach me and ask if he could buy my Nike shoes. My heart broke that I couldn't just give them to him (I was traveling light and didn't have anything else to wear). At that moment, I realized how lucky I was to be born in North America. Flip a switch, and I could have easily have been born in Zimbabwe, without any of the adventages I've had. I try to be appreciative of that luck every day.

Joan said...

AC, how nice of you to treat the GR to day at the salon! He's only had bits and piece here and there....a pedicure by Cassondra, a massage by Demetrius, a facial (does cammo paint count as a facial) from p226.

Do I believe in luck? I'm Irish too Christie so we of Eirenn's soil do believe in luck! I'm so lucky to be going back in April :-)
(And Christine I think that white rabbit thing is an Irish superstition)

I'm sitting here at my desk looking at my lucky rock from the shores of Doolin, Co. Clare, the lucky piece of quartz. My collection of lucky penguins...the list goes on.

My mom's lucky number was 3. I kind of adopted it after her passing and racked in some wins at the track betting on number 3. I've always considered 13 to be my lucky's my birthday and I always tell people when they look horrified that the 13th was "the luckiest day of my parent's life" :-)

But I also like the whole philosophy of the more you work, the luckier you get. In that vein I'm off to work...out and write.

Oh, and Jeanne.....Craig. I LOVED him as Bond.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Wow, Rebekah! That's great. My dh's family doesn't produce girls either. None in his fam since 1867. Needless to say, we have two boys. Ha!

Well, we've got mostly Bond votes for Connery and Brosnan, but now Moore and Craig interesting to see by the end of day who "wins."

Kim and all, you're right, we are lucky to live where we live and have the "rights and privledges" we do. :>

Joan, I love the 13th as well. It's the 14th I don't do so well with - nearly got hit by a police car on the 14th, got a ticket, that sort of thing. But, my lucky day and number is the 8th. :>

Donna MacMeans said...

I think Connery will always be James Bond for me, but Brosnan was good, no doubt about it. Like Jane, I didn't have high expectations for Craig - but then he came out of the water in that bathing suit and I understood the casting. Doesn't he remind you of Steve McQueen? Yummy.

Good Luck, blessings, karma - you name it and I'm thankful to admit I'm a recipient. My agent found my manuscript in the slush pile of another. My partial was lost at one publishing house for over a year. When one of the editors heard that, she invited me to email my partial which began the bidding auction. That fabulous cover on my debut - how lucky was that!

I remember I heard the adage "the harder I work, the luckier I get" from the senior partner and my employer a long, long time ago. He mentioned it when it was announced that I had passed the CPA exam the first time I sat for it (a rare occurence). There's a lot of truth in that statement, but I'm still grateful for the karmic forces at work. In many areas, I've been lucky - and I thank God for it.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

You bet, Donna! And wow on passing the dread CPA exam on the first go.

Kim said...

Other Bonds?!?!? Are you nuts? There can be only one! Mr. Connery. And I don't want him to read the phone book. What I want to hear starts with "Kim, my lovely lass..." *swoon*

Definitely I believe in luck! Even my husband says I have the best luck of anyone he knows *g*

Joan said...

Craig was an awesome Bond. He brought a restrained vulnerability to 007 that combines all the aspects of the wounded hero.

Remember the shower scene? The one where he comforts the woman?

And really, ya gotta give kudos to a man who can defiberllate himself after being poisoned. LOL "CLEAR!"

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

OMGosh, the shower scene...Daniel Craig does do that justice! :>

Kim, I second that thought. Skip the phone book, let's go straight for the *swoon* parts. Snork.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Mornin' Jeane! Congrats AC on the GR! I've given up on trying to get him.

My mom has some woo-woo psych moments in her life. (That's a whole other blog idea), but she used to play the lottery and win small bits every week or so. Just enough to feed her habit.

Then one day she starts scraping off a scrath-off ticket. One of those where you get three of the same # or picture and you win the prize at the bottom. So she gets the three matching what-evers...and then scratchs the amount. She can't believe her eyes. She calls my dad to come up and read it. He says, "yep, that's what it says....$50,000." Whooppee!!

And she was very generous with her winnings. She shared 15% with Uncle Sam. Then gave my brother, my sister and me some. Sent some to her two sisters in Tenn. Bought my dad a Rolex. I said, what are you getting yourself?

She smiled and said, "My own TV with my own clicker!" (That's important to a woman married 58 years to the same dude!)


Oh and I love Connery as Bond and Daniel Craig gives him a new twist, but I'm thinking Brosnan sort of makes my heart race a little faster on that big screen.

Anonymous said...

Great topic Jeanne! I'm always a bit torn about what is "luck." On the one hand, I'm a big believer in hard work. You can't sell a book if you don't finish one. You can't finish one if you don't dedicate the time and make it a priority. You can't lose weight unless you put down the donut (ouch!).

On the other hand, working hard has never been a struggle for me (if that makes sense). It's just part of my genetic code or something. I can't sit still. It's just not an option for me. I can no more sit still and watch TV than I can live without donuts. It just feels like I'm programmed this way.

Some people seem to have a slower internal clock. Hurrying isn't in their make-up anymore than chilling out is in mine.

It also seems like some people are programmed to be happy, and others, to be always looking for the next better thing. KWIM? I feel so blessed to be one of those people who is generally happy, while I worry about my son, who seems to be always wondering what comes next.

I'm staying home with sick kids so I'm probably not making any sense...but it's a great topic!!


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kirsten, I know what you mean about both the donuts and sitting still...both are a challenge! :>

But what about your fav Bond?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Suz, I love that about your Mom. How funny that she bought her own TV w/ her own remote. Go Mom! :>

Tempest Knight said...

I've never believed in luck. Just the universe conspiring either in your favor or against you. *wg*

Nancy said...

Hi, Jeanne--what a fun post! Connery was the best Bond, imho, far and away, with Brosnan next in line. I liked Timothy Dalton, too.

Sure, I believe in luck. "Right project + right editor + right time = sale, right?" I do think there's such a thing as being prepared for luck, though. I was walking with a friend at RWA in Atlanta one afternoon, and she said she'd been "very lucky," and while I had to allow that was true, I also told her she'd made her own luck. Her book sold out of the Golden Heart, which it won. However, it had finaled the previous year, not won, and not sold, but she kept going. She also had lots of submissions out, which explained her nearly simultaneous first two sales.

As Beth points out, "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Though Tempest Knight had a good one, too: "I've never believed in luck. Just the universe conspiring either in your favor or against you. *wg*"

AC, congrats on the rooster! Speaking of yesterday, are we going to Finland?

Nancy said...

Joan, I like Daniel Craig anyway. I liked him in Lara Croft, Tomb Raider when he played a weasel. :-) I think I have a bias in favor of dark Bonds, which probably originated with Connery.

jo robertson said...

Great, great post, Jeanne. I love the whole concept of LUCK!

AC, two days in a row? Are you cheating girl?

You know in biblical scripture, seven is supposed to be the perfect number -- God created the world in seven days, seven days of the week. My husband always said we had seven kids because it's the perfect number. Ha!

I believe luck is so much a part of our lives, but I also believe we often make our own luck. Writers have a feeling for that, pushing at the right time, holding back when it's appropriate. It's a delicate balance.

Are you kidding? Daniel Craig, all the way!

Keira Soleore said...

Favorite Bond? Jeanne, that would be Connery always.

AC, w00t! on the GR.

I'm a believer; I'm not superstitious. Luck has found me the absolutely best friends via online author blogs and boards in the Romance blog world. I'm grateful each and every day for them.

Nancy and AC, yes, let's go to Finland. As it is you Banditas were talking about doing a Bandita and Bandita-hangers-on writing retreat. We can retreat superbly in Finland.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Tempest! I like that...conspiring FOR me...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

And Tempest, what's the way in which the Universe has best conspired for YOU? And who's your Bond favorite?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

JoMama, Seven is that Biblical thing isn't it? Then again, my fav number, 8, is the Hannukah number (eight days of Light...) Tell Boyd I think he just liked getting lucky...enough to have you for a wife and have those beautiful gorgeous 7 children.

Cassondra said...


I dunno. I think I believe in the universe doing what we ask of it and expect of it...if that's luck, then yeah I guess I believe in it, but I think we create it.

I don't necessarily think I have a lot of skill at creating it. ;0)

Bond...well, I've always liked Connery and still do. I have not seen Craig yet, but I think he will become my favorite, because he plays Bond as Bond was written--dark and dangerous rather than a gadget-addicted playboy. So though I haven't seen it, I think he'll become my new fav.

As to the old Bonds, Connery will always be James Bond, with Brosnan a close second. Connery and Bond both have that "polish" that none of the other guys have been able to muster. Brosnan just has the suave "look" ya know? But Connery...well...he's just James Bond.

catslady said...

Connery first and Brosnan second :)

You can't be lucky if you don't play. So I think the more times you put yourself out there and do things, the more chances you have to be "lucky." And I also think it's how you look at things. What one person thinks is lucky, another may not, so the attitude has a lot to do with it.

Kim said...

Oh man, I want a clicker and TV all my own. And I want it now! *just like Veruca Salt*

Eva S said...

You're all so welcome to Finland, we have wonderful places here!! Don't forget to bring GR...

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I have a bit of Irish in me so yeah, I believe in luck but I don't think it hurts to work your behind off to help things along a little. I do know there are days that are just plain bad and as maw-maw used to say "You just should have stayed in bed!" There are also days where everything you touch works, (I so love days like that)your programs all work, no one asks for an extra project, you find every one of the books you were looking for, etc. As for me, well another dissenter here, I liked Moore as Bond and as The Saint. Though Connery was a close second ::Evil Grin::

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

oooh, loved Moore as the Saint, but still prefer Connery as Bond. :> LOVED the Saint! What a great show. The movie they did of it with Val Kilmer just didn't do it justice. Sigh.

Eva, are you in FInland? Wow.

Kim, had to LOL about Veruca Salt. Still have this image of her from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the old one as I've not seen the Johnny Depp version. I did, however, see Sweeney Todd. Wonderful! Bwah-ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

jeanne, I've never really been a huge Bond fan (I don't trust a guy who is so into fast cars and fancy clothes) but I did think Daniel Craig was hot hot hot. And that shower scene, Joanie T you are so right. So hot.

Keira, I don't think I like "Bandita-hangers-on" as a nickname for our friends in the Lair. We love you far too much for that. How about Bandita Buddies? Or perhaps you could think of something less infantile and suitably adoring? :-)

Kim, my son is a devoted Roald Dahl fan! Veruca Salt forever!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Jeanne, this must be my lucky day. I actually had a minute to stop by and comment on your fabulous post!

The day I finalled in the 2006 GH started a lucky streak that hasn't ended yet. So many good things have happened, not the least of which is meeting up with all these rowdy Banditas! :-)

I love Sean Connery, I'm mad about Pierce Brosnan, but my favorite is Daniel Craig. Let me explain why. The man is HOT!!!!!!

And Woohoo, Aunty! That's a lucky bird!

Kim said...

Jeanne--don't watch the new one. Seriously! Johnny Depp reminded me of Michael Jackson-post weirdness WAY too much. It was really creepy. ick.

ohh, could we be Lair Lovelies? Bandita Perditas. Bandita chicks (get it? The GR!)

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Kirsten, we could be Banditaettes. We can go in the lair but we can't go back where you guys hide the Tim Tams

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

There are Tim Tams in the Lair? *Looking behind the treasure chests and saber racks* WHERE? Posh, did you give them to Deb's admirers or FoAnna, I'll bet you ran out when Annie stopped by. Save me some, next time, darnit!

Being a Dalmatian aficionado, I love the Perditas. Grins.

Kim, I will indeed skip the new Charlie if it's that odd. Bleeech, anything like MJ weirds me out.

doglady said...

Good evening, ladies! Sorry to be so late, but I got called in to work at the butt crack of dawn and I just got home!

Great topic, Jeanne! Connery is THE Bond. The others are okay, but he is THE ONE!!

Sounds like the GR is the lucky one! TWO visits to Aunty Cindy and a day of beauty to boot!!

Hmmm. I was so lucky the owner of our local bookstore saw the e-mail about the Avon Event and forwarded it to me saying "You should do this." I was extremely lucky enough people liked what I wrote enough to put one chapter in the Avon novella. A real stroke of luck was meeting Anna C through that event which also lead me to the Banditas! Every time I do well in a contest I consider it luck. One day I will believe it is talent too. One day. The Avon event was really my luckiest watershed event. I met my great CPs - Passion's Slaves through it. Hi, Gillian!

I have won so many fabulous books and other gifts on the blogs. I have to give my lucky Welsh dragon some credit!

I consider myself very lucky to be a member of this wonderful sisterhood of romance writers!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Doglady, what a great way to put it, "the sisterhood of Romance Writers." :> I love it.

Amy Andrews said...

NO. Sorry, Connery is definitely a Scot. Looks bloody good in a kilt too!

Pretty sure Bond was born a Scot too.

Pat L. said...

Connery, hands down.

The luckiest thing that happened to me was winning the superbowl pool a few years back.

Caren Crane said...

Jeanne, I love this post! I am, all around, a very lucky person. My bff loves to ride with me, because I have exceptional luck with green lights. *g*

I also tend to win lots of door prizes, call-in prizes, book baskets, etc. However, I'm in a lottery pool at work and we only win very small prizes. I might do better on my own!

Joan, my lucky number is 9, but I am a 13 baby, too! Thirteens rule!!

Oh, and PIERCE BROSNAN was the best Bond!

Anna Campbell said...

Love it! The butt crack of dawn! Here in Oz, we tend to say sparrow fart but I think TBCOD wins!

Actually, Pam, you bring up an interesting point. You had the talent to take advantage of the luck that came your way. Someone earlier said how lucky you are depends on how hard you work, and I think that's true. I think luck is something that just happens but if your ducks aren't in a row, everyting quacks up!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Speaking of quacking up, I'm snorking at your usual pun-ery, Anna! :> And Connery in a kilt...oh, fan me. Did anyone see him at the Kennedy Center awards a few years ago? Oh. My. Gosh. And that movie he did w/ Catherine Zeta Jones? Whooo! Now, to be honest, wouldn't kick Brosnan out'a bed for eating crackers, Craig either, but I'd get up at the BCOD for Connery and that's sayin' something. (I'm a TOTAL night owl!)

doglady said...

Of course you do realize that for me, who when I was singing began my day at @ noon, the butt crack of dawn is any time before 7 AM!!

Thank you, La Campbell for the fine words. I am trying hard to make myself luckier by working harder!

Cassondra said...

Hey I'm a 13 baby too! Born on October 13th. I didn't know there were so many others!

p226 said...

Man, I can't count the number of lucky things that've happened to me. And, I mean this in the "p226 is lucky to be alive" sense. And 99.9% of them are not combat/military related. Most of them are related to the stupidity/wildness of my youth.

Seriously. You have no idea.

I was probably safer in combat than I was in my teens and early 20s on the streets. Actually, there's no "probably" to it. It weirds me out a little to think about it.

Anonymous said...

Kim, what great ideas! I want to be one of the Lair Lovelies myself! :-)

Dianna, Banditaettes would look perfect on a t-shirt. I could make believe I was a cheerleader. ;-)

I see a contest in our future. Name the Bandita Buddies!

Cassondra said...


Do ya think P226 will wanna be one of the Lair lovelies?

I'm just sayin. (evil grin)

p226 said...

A.. bandita lovely huh....

o/~ I feel pretty....
o/~ oh so pretty....