Sunday, January 16, 2011


by Jo Robertson

I love stories of high adventure!

When I read Liz Lamphere’s entry in the “Blog Your Way to the North Pole Contest,” I knew I had to invite her to visit the Lair and tell us about her adventures in Nepal, located in the Himalayas, and the "Blog Your Way to the North Pole" Contest.

Fortunately, Liz is a friend of my daughter Kennan, so introductions were made and Liz was persuaded to join us today!

For those who are geographically challenged, Nepal is a landlocked country in southeast East, located between China to the north and to the south, east and west by India.

Please help me welcome LIZ LAMPHERE to the Lair (see Liz above and to the right with the Himalayas in the background).

Jo: Hi, Liz, thanks so much for visiting us today. Can you tell us how you came to be interested in the Blog Your Way to the North Pole Contest?

Liz: I love to travel and write. When I was eighteen, I made a list of things I would like to accomplish before I die. A good portion of the list is places I want to visit. I think because I've made this list, opportunities have a way of finding me. I see this contest as a great opportunity.

Jo: Your blog entry indicates you were traveling through Nepal with students on tour (see Liz below with Nepalese students) and that you speak Nepali. Tell us about that experience.

Liz: I've been involved in humanitarian work in Nepal. When I go, I stay with a Nepalese family in a village outside of Kathmandu. Their English skills are minimal so I have to speak Nepali in order to get by. I had formal instruction in the country, but like any language, it was a lot of trial and error.

I created income generation programs (knitting and tailoring) for women who were in pretty horrific circumstances. I've also taught English to a group of village kids who were "untouchable." We were not allowed inside buildings, so we met outside in the dirt. I also worked in orphanages, where I taugh orphans basic sewing skills, so they could repair their clothes.

In 2008 I took a group of students to work in the orphanages. There was a lot of political instability when we were there. I was admittedly a little nervous to have them in my care. To read more about my work and adventures in Nepal, you can check out

Jo: Can you tell us a bit about your elephant-riding experience in Nepal?

Liz: Sure! Here's a portion of my blog entry.

“What’s your name?” asked the guide, when he found out I spoke Nepali.

“Raskumari,” I quipped. This reply guaranteed a hearty laugh from every local I met. Raskumari is a Nepalese princess, and the thought of a westerner having this title was apparently hilarious!

We were instant friends.

“Wanna trade places?”

“Absolutely,” I replied. I shimmied under the wooden saddle and situated myself on Poonam’s head. Poonam didn’t scare me. I felt connected to her because we were both single, 30-year-olds. She just happened to be an elephant. Certainly she could empathize with my frustration about my thighs.

No, Poonam was not my concern. I was concerned about navigating an elephant through the tiger-filled Chitwan jungle. We already had deadly insects drop from the trees and encountered a Rhinoceros family.

“The rhinoceros is the most dangerous animal in the jungle,” our guide noted anecdotally as we stared at the mom, dad and baby 15 feet away, “especially if there is a calf.”

Jo: Oh, no! And I was scared of the crocodiles!

For the rest of Liz's interesting story entry and to vote for this amazing adventuress, go to

Jo: We're primarily a blog about romance writers, readers, and experiences. Tell us about romance in this country.

Liz: Because I worked primarily with women and girls, I got insight into relationships -- good and bad. Talk about drama! Romance has to be dealth with within the parameters of the caste system, arranged marriages, and other traditions.

My ruggedly handsome camerman (I made a documentary) who took me around the city on the back of his motorcycle informed me that he was getting married in a couple of months.

"To whom?" I inquired.

I don't know. My family will choose someone."

Jo: You’re such a young woman. I’m sure our readers would like to know about your experience with cancer.

Liz: I was nineteen when I got skin cancer, and it has affected my life dramatically. I have lots of visible scars, about which I am self conscious. I have not let myself become a victim of the disease, but I've had to limit or cease the activities that I hoped to spend my life doing.

My dermatologist misdiagnosed a sore on my face as a bacterial infection. A year later I was told I had cancer, which had spread below the skin's surface and become a serious life-threatening condition. This was the beginning of over a decade of battling this disease. I've had multiple treatments, a skin graft, and plastic surgeries. The cancer keeps returning to other places on my face, chest, arms, and legs. If I'm cavalier about protecting my skin from sun exposure, then a tumor inevitably returns.

I'm always happy to share my story and want youth to know that they are not immune to the harmful effects of the sun or tanning salons. The idea that tan skin looks healthier and prettier than pale should be an antiquated idea. So . . .

Pasty white is chic!

Jo: LOL. Any other adventures on your horizon?

Liz: I hope to go to French Polynesia this year to help with a library project on some of the remote islands. I also have some cool raced lined up. I do a race a month to keep in shape and to keep my adventure bug satiated. I'm most looking forward to my half-marathon in March in Moab, Utah.

A now a question for our readers: Any adventures of your own you’d like to share?

What unusual adventure would you like to see in your favorite romance novel?

Stick around. Liz will answer any questions you have about her adventures.

And for one lucky commenter today, I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift certificate, so be sure to leave a comment or question for Liz!


flchen1 said...

Wow, what an amazing adventure! I haven't gone on any travels like that yet--my favorite and probably most adventurous trips have been the ones I've taken with family to China. There are so many gorgeous areas to explore--some very crowded cities, and then some very rural places that are still quite remote.

Liz, do you plan to travel the world? Is there any place you haven't been yet that tops your list?

flchen1 said...

And do you run everywhere you visit? (I know some people who are simply runners--they can't not run :))

Kim in Hawaii said...

Aloha, Liz! Mahalo for sharing your experience in Nepal!

What parts of French Polynesia do you plan to visit?

As for my own adventures, most were conducted (1) before I met hubby, (2) while I was living in Western Germany and visiting Eastern Europe, and (3) alcohol was involved. The files are sealed but may be opened if someone buys me a glass of wine at RT and/or RWA.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Fedora! Isn't Liz amazing! Not only has she traveled, but it's been for such worthy causes. Maybe she'll tell us about backpacking in the Himalayas. Story story involves a cute doctor and no skin on her feet!

I'm so envious of your trips to China. That's one place I'd love to go, such an amazing history.

jo robertson said...

Oh, I forgot to congratulate you on winning the Golden Rooster today.

Liz, we have a "virtual" rooster that's sort of our mascot here in the Lair. Unfortunately, he thinks he's real! The first commenter of the day gets to have the chook for the entire day.

jo robertson said...

Good question about runnning every day. I'd like to know the answer to that, Liz! I walk fast on my treadmill about an hour a day, but no one could accuse it of being actual "running." LOL

jo robertson said...

Ah, ha, Kim! And are you on some government "watch list" too?

I lived in Western Germany too! Many years ago, and also in Berlin. Was this a military assignment for your family?

Liz, Kim is lucky enough to live in Hawaii, which makes her the envy of everyone in the Lair.

Helen said...

Well done Fedora have fun with him

What an amazing adeventure Liz I so love elephants I had a ride on an elephant at Taronga Park Zoo here in Sydney when I was little (they don't do them anymore) and I was followed home from school by one when I was 6 years old so they hold a special place for me. As to whether I would like to go through the jungles I don't think so too hot for me.

Keep up the amazing work you are doing Liz way to go you must be very proud of yourself.

Thanks Jo for inviting Liz along today

Have Fun

Jane said...

I wish I was as adventurous as Liz. My friend's husband is from Nepal, but his immediate family now lives in Australia. I don't have any adventures to share, but hopefully I'll get to see and experience Egypt someday.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Jo,

Just wanted to say that I stand
in awe of Liz and all her adven-
tures! Such good stories about
such good deeds! My adventures
have centered around grandchild-
ren and my volunteer work in our
schools and our church here in
my hometown.

Liz, I wish you the very best of
luck medically, with your Moab
marathon and in all your travels!
God bless you for all that you do.

Pat Cochran

Danielle Gorman said...

Wow, those are some amazing adventures. I'm a little jealous. I actually haven't done anything adventurous. The closest thing I've done is visiting the Chocobean Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya, Mexico. That was way cool.

Laurie Faelan said...

Liz, what amazing adventures you've had! Most of my adventures have been from my favorite reading chair.

I remember one as a kid when we went canoeing on the Potomac river, got stuck on the other side of Great Falls in a flash flood. One of our party got hurt when the flood waters pushed him over a waterfall.

The closest thing to an adventure as an adult was driving around Ireland with my 13 year old daughter for 10 days with no itinerary. :)

Nepal sounds like such a fascinating place, that I'd love to read more stories set there.

Besides French Polynesia, can you tell us what other exotic places are on your list?

Jo, fantastic interview!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Fedora, he's back with his regular squeeze!

Jo, thanks so much for bringing Liz to visit us. Wow, Liz, you're superwoman!!!! What an amazing life you've led and I loved hearing about your experiences. I hope you make it to French Polynesia - I must admit that's on my list too!

Liz Lamphere said...


I would honestly love to travel the world! Greece and Tanzania are at the top of my long list. I don't do races everywhere I visit, but I have used racing as an excuse to visit some cool places in the states.

Liz Lamphere said...

Kim in Hawaii,

Aloha! The organization I'm working with started it's program in Maupiti. That's all I know. Their aim is to get educational materials to the more remote islands, so I'll be traveling via plane and boat, and even wading to some islands!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WELCOME to the Lair, Liz! BIG THANX to Jo-Mama for inviting you to join us.

WOW! I am in awe of your travel adventures, and as folks around here will tell you, it takes quite a bit to impress me. ;-)

I've had a few travel adventures and hope to have even more in the very near future. I was in Moab last May and I gotta tell you, Arches National Park was one of the most FABULOUS places I've ever been!

When you were in Nepal, did you get a lot of stares? I worked with a nurse who traveled a lot and she said Nepal was the place she got the most looks. Of course she was almost 6 feet tall and had bright red hair, so that must have been the reason. :-)

The DH and I garnered quite a few long looks in China. Him because of his height and blond hair, me because I had this bright pink down jacket (we were there in Feb). I'd LOVE to go back to China someday SOON!


Liz Lamphere said...

Helen, You were followed home from school by an elephant?! That's a story I want to hear!

Liz Lamphere said...

Jane- you don't need to leave the country to be adventurous! I love finding cool local adventures.

Liz Lamphere said...

Thank you, Pat! Kudos to you as well for being involved with your family and community.

Liz Lamphere said...

Ireland sounds fab! I haven't made it that far north, but my experience driving the narrow, winding roads in England and Wales was almost as scary as the crocodiles!

You can read about some of my adventures at I'm happy to share anything you want to know.

I'm the kind of person that will go anywhere, but I prefer having something to accomplish. I'd like to summit some more mountains, and I hope to continue with Humanitarian work. Africa tops my wish list at the moment.

Liz Lamphere said...

Aunty Cindy - You're post made me smile because I am a 6ft tall redhead! I definitely got a lot of stares. The women and children would touch my skin and hair a lot. The mother of the family I lived with told me that she loved my skin, but didn't like how I had hair on my arms.

I could never compete with the natural beauty of the Nepalese women. They're gorgeous people!

Oh... I couldn't stand up in the buses. Sometimes I would ride on the top of the bus because it was more comfortable (and dangerous)! ;)

Minna said...

Adventures+ Well, the trip across the border to Russia comes to mind. Let's just say once you cross the border you definitely know you're no longer in Finland.

Leningrad Cowboys and Red Army Choir: Sweet Home Alabama

Sheree said...

Wow! Nepal always seems so remote and exotic to me.

During my senior year in college, I decided to use my frequent flier miles for a 3-week trip to Europe. Aside from the first week during which I was with my sister and her then boyfriend, I spent the rest of my vacation by myself. I also found out that my Spanish was truly atrocious (when people would reply in German).

Liz, do you race in the States or have you raced in other countries? Which race was the best (more fun, more vigorous, etc.) for you?


Sheree said...

I mean, do you only race in the States, Liz, or have you raced in other countries?

barb said...

enjoy GR Fedora
Hi Liz, What amazing travels you have had.... my nephew and his wife have done a trip to Nepal and also spent a month helping out at an orphanage ..... when they got married instead of presents they asked for donations for the orphanage

Linda Henderson said...

What an amazing life you lead, I really enjoyed hearing about your adventures in Nepal. I'm not very adventurous person so I don't have any to report, but there is still time. I don't think I've ever read a romance based in Nepal, that might be very interesting.

petite said...

I enjoyed your post. You are to be admired for your strength and adventuresome spirit. Travel is something I would love to do and look forward to more experiences.

jo robertson said...

OMG, Helen, an elephant followed you home from school when you were only six!!??

Tell us the rest of that story. Please.

Elephants seem such harmless creatures, but I keep thinking about how much they weigh in contrast to me! Scary.

jo robertson said...

Good morning, everyone! It's cold and overcast here in not-so-sunny northern California.

Hi, Jane! I hope you get your wish about Egypt. It's an amazing divergent country -- remnants of antiquity and wealth all around extreme poverty. Riding a camel is fun too. They're very lumbering, but graceful animals.

Liz Lamphere said...

Sheree - I haven't raced in other countries, but you're the second person to suggest that. I am going to add that to my list!

Most fun - The Big Blue Adventure Race in Tahoe City, CA. It is a partner race where you kayak, trail run and mountain bike. You follow a map instead of a marked course.

Most vigorous - I completed my first olympic distance triathlon last year in Burley, ID. Prior to that I had only done sprint distances, so it was a big milestone for me.

Craziest - Valley of Fire Ragnar Relay in Las Vegas, NV. This is a 200 miles race that you do over2 day with a team of 12. It involves crazy costumes and no sleep. This may be a good setting for book. You get to know your teammates really well.

Liz Lamphere said...

Barb - That's an excellent idea. I'll store that away for when I get married someday!

jo robertson said...

Pat said, "Such good stories about
such good deeds!"

Well put, Pat. And in our very hectic society, being a positive influence on children, and especially our grandchildren, is a grand goal in life.

We had a Robertson Family Bowl activity yesterday and even two-year old Emma got to bowl! They put bumpers on the lanes, so every ball will at least take out one pin. Emma got a spare! (With grammy's help). I just got a sore butt.

jo robertson said...

I love looking at ancient ruins, Danielle. They're such a poignant reminder of the past. And, yes, I'm jealous of Liz, too. I'm a bit too old for trucking around places now.

shannon said...

I can't wait to read Liz's blog! And I am even more excited about her documentary! I am in absolute awe when I encounter people like Liz. Her life is so removed from mine and so I find myself envious. I want to be adventurous!! I want to help orphans!! What an amazing life. I can't fathom doing what she has done and is doing. Yet somehow I feel I could relate to her. At least about the thighs :) thanks Jo for interviewing Liz. She has inspired me to seek out more adventure in my life... Even if that just means regrouting my shower. Wish me luck! :)

jo robertson said...

Laurie said, "Most of my adventures have been from my favorite reading chair."

LOL, that's why we all such avid readers! Armchair adventures.

OMG, I hope he wasn't injured seriously.

Now, see, driving around in a foreign country would do me in. I think THAT'S quite adventurous. I can barely negotiate California freeways LOL.

Liz Lamphere said...

Linda - Nepal and India are so full of beauty and intriguing people. I think it would make an excellent setting. I fell for the doctor the first time I was there as I watched him treat the orphans. The second time I went, I fell for a dreamy volunteer from Portugal.

jo robertson said...

I see the lovely Liz has joined us. Liz, I'm so happy my daughter introduced us (virtual introductions are so fun!) and you're here with us today.

Liz Lamphere said...

Jo, Thanks again for having me! I love reading about everyone's adventures. I want to hear about your experience in Guatemala!

traveler said...

What a great and impressive trip. You are brave and exceptional. My travels have been tame compared to yours. I know that this experience is meaningful and unforgettable.

jo robertson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Anna C. I know you're worried about your fellow Aussies and the flooding.

Yes, Liz is a superwoman. Hmmm, wonder if I could hook her up with my single 39 yo son LOL.

He's tall, goodlooking and smart, like Liz!

jo robertson said...

Liz, Greece is absolutely beautiful. I was lucky enough to go there when I was young, in fact, the entire Middle East, which was . . . somewhat dangerous.

I admire anyone who runs. My son Tyler is training for a marathon and I'm amazed at the work and dedication it takes.

jo robertson said...

The goal of many of these organizations is to help indigenous women learn skills that help them be more independent.

Women in western cultures are so fortunate. I think a lot about the simple activities I enjoy that are denied women all over the world.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Cindy!

Liz, Cindy is our go-to traveler. I swear she's been nearly everywhere and I was lucky enough to go with her several times!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Minna, thanks for stopping by. Crossing the border from Finland into Russia must be very interesting. Scary? I know whenever I cross the border into Mexico, I feel a little quiver of anxiety. Will they let me back into the States, I wonder? JK, of course.

Liz Lamphere said...

Jo, Setups are just another kind of adventure, right!? Actually, guys I meet are often concerned about my spirit of adventure. They think I may be capricious. I

jo robertson said...

Sheree said, "I also found out that my Spanish was truly atrocious (when people would reply in German)."

ROTFLOL, Sheree! Thanks for the laugh of the day. That's truly bad since Spanish and German are fundamentally different. That's just the kind of thing I'd do since I learned both languages LOL.

jo robertson said...

Barb said, "when they got married instead of presents they asked for donations for the orphanage"

What a generous gesture! They must be special people.

jo robertson said...

Linda said, "I don't think I've ever read a romance based in Nepal, that might be very interesting."

I think the contrast of cultures would make for a great conflict in a romance novel, wouldn't it?

jo robertson said...

Hi, Petite, thanks for stopping by. When I read Liz's blog, I wished I were twenty years younger and could try such exciting things.

If you haven't read the rest of Liz's story, be sure to follow the link and vote for her. I think she'd make an awesome trekker to the North Pole!

Keira Soleore said...

WOW! Hats off to you, Liz, for having the courage to go live in remote areas, learn the language, and work on helping them to help themselves.

The travel portion of my list has Tibet, Jordan, Galapagos, and Antarctica on it.

My best travel stories to date are from a trip to Estonia and a trip to remote parts of Scotland. Everything boils down to the people. The people make or break the trip and the memories I take away. I may see fabulous sights, but I remember the people.

I only wish all the best for you for your races, future adventures, and health concerns. People like you are rare.

Congrats, Fedora, for the GR.

jo robertson said...

Shannon said, " I can't fathom doing what she has done and is doing. Yet somehow I feel I could relate to her. At least about the thighs :)"

ROTFLOL, Shannon! Thanks for dropping in today.

Liz, this is Kennan's sister (at least I think so, right?).

jo robertson said...

Liz said, "Most vigorous - I completed my first olympic distance triathlon last year in Burley, ID. Prior to that I had only done sprint distances, so it was a big milestone for me."

Wow! So the cancer hasn't slowed you down in the racing department, I assume? Good for you!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Traveler, thanks for stopping by today. My adventures seem tame next to hers (and totally self-gratifying).

Liz, short story on the Guatemala incident. We traveled there to get my son who'd been working there among the Kekchi people for several years. In a rented jeep we made our way up the gorgeous, lush mountain on a Sunday afternoon when suddenly four armed men jumped from the bushes and fired at us! Very scary. We thought it was a political thing, but they were just thieves and ended up robbing and holding hostage (for about 6 hours) everyone who came up or went down the mountain.

In retrospect the story is funny, but at the time, not so much LOL.

jo robertson said...

Liz said, "Actually, guys I meet are often concerned about my spirit of adventure. They think I may be capricious."

Ha, ha! Likely they're thinking, "This amazon of a woman could take me out!"

But you're right. A romantic set-up is another kind of adventure. We romance writers are always trying to put our characters into such situations, torment them a bit, and then give them a happy ever after ending.

jo robertson said...

Kiera said, "The people make or break the trip and the memories I take away. I may see fabulous sights, but I remember the people."

It does boil down to that, doesn't it? I found the Scottish people amazingly helpful, although I've heard it's not always so. I love to listen to their accent!

You've been to some interestingly divergent places.

jo robertson said...

I'm off to exercise on my treadmill now, will return later. My activity is tame next to Liz's, but I'm afraid they'll kick me out of the 5K Club!

Louisa Cornell said...

Fedora caught an adventure of her own today. The GR is like a completely different country, maybe even a different planet !

Wow, Liz ! You are my hero. I envy you taking life by the horns and just running with it! And all of the good you do is a blessing to all of us. Good works bring people together and that is always good for all of us!

I have always been fascinated by Nepal and Tibet. Such a harsh but beautiful part of the world and one of the most gentle and benign belief systems ever holds sway there.

I will confess that my past includes an arrest in Vienna for participating in a Free Tibet rally! Of course once they saw my American passport they wanted me out of their jail pretty quickly!

My travels have been pretty tame next to yours! I lived in England for three years as a child. (Air Force brat) I've returned a couple of times since on singing tours in college.

During one of those tours three of us got to spend a few nights in the Highlands of Scotland in March on a sheep farm! We slept in one of those little campers up in the mountains surrounded by a herd of sheep! It was so cold before the night was over we were trying to coax the sheep inside to keep us warm!

I've also camped out at Loch Ness. Heard lots of odd noises, but mostly tried to keep warm. Again!

A trip into the mountains of Transylvania to a castle supposedly occupied by Vlad the Impaler was another adventure. Up a narrow, barely one lane mountain pass with a sheer drop on one side and a cliff face on the other in an ancient Volkswagon van driven by a lunatic Romanian driver.

Like you said, making a list and being open to opportunities when they arise leads to some real adventures. It has been a long time since I have been able to travel, but I wouldn't trade my memories for anything!

I wish you continued good fortune on your adventures and with your health !!

runner10 said...

Liz, Good luck on your half marathon.
How about an adventure that includes running or a triathalon.

BJ said... freakin cool!!! (ok Freakin is not a curse...haven't broken that
I could only wish I had done as much....I've traveled but nothing as cool!
My latest adventure involve my hubby's 4x4 and off-road trails where you look out you side and it drops off the side of the's been trying!!!
I'm so glad to read that you're not letting your cancer keep you down.It's reall uplifting :0) You go girl!!!!

Helen said...

Liz and Jo

I was walking home from school when one of the elephants at the circus (in the park next to the school) decided it wanted a walk I guess and pounded down the street while I ran then it stepped over our front gate and walked down the side of the house straight through the back fence and stopped in the paddock that was behind our fence. It was really scary at the time I remember that but these days I can laugh about it and most people look at me strangly when I tell them about it LOL. But I do have a soft spot for elephants although i don't think that I would like to run into one in the wild or have one follow me ever again LOL

Have Fun

BJ said...

OMG...I just read my year I think I'll learn how to re-read before posting....LOL
Gosh...Where did I learn English?
Hope everyone is having a great weekend or had a Great weekend!

jo robertson said...

Louisa said, "I will confess that my past includes an arrest in Vienna for participating in a Free Tibet rally!"

Why am I not surprised at that? But scary, anyway, right?

Wow, Louisa! Loch Ness? Transylvania? Sounds pretty adventurous to me!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Runner10, thanks for stopping by.

Hey, BJ, "freakin'" is NOT a curse word -- thank goodness. It's about the only naughty word I can use in my new young adult novel.

Off-road trails and 4x4's sounds pretty freakin' (tee hee) amazing to me. Looking down from those elevated heights is dizzying!

jo robertson said...

What a story, Helen! Who knew you were such an adventuress at such a young age. Was it a mama or a baby elephant?

I think elephants always draw our attention. It's not only their size, but their gestation period! Having 7 children, I'm glad humans only have 9 months!

Margay said...

I think the most adventurous thing I've ever done is drive to Florida and back. I live a very sheltered life!

Nancy said...

Fedora, congrats on the bird!

Liz, welcome! What a fabulous adventure. I love Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson, which is also an adventure story set in an isolated part of the world.

Jo, you know I love action and adventure, though my own life has been pretty tame. I have a weakness for stories with the h/h stranded far from civilization and either on the run or just trying to get back. Man and Woman Against Nature, I guess would be the conflict, though Against Goons is okay, too. :-)

Liz, I hope you get to French Polynesia and have a great time!

Donna MacMeans said...

Wow Liz! You've packed a lot of living into a relatively few years. Congratulations!

I also believe that if you write down your dream accomplishments that somehow the world leads opportunities to participate in same to your door.

I hope you're planning to write a book on your experiences. It would be fascinating.

Christine Wells said...

Wow, I'm totally in awe of your adventures, Liz! Thanks, Jo, for hosting Liz today.

I've had more adventures in my fiction than I've ever had in real life. I feel very poor spirited! The closest I've come is when my father got out of the car in a game park in Africa and started walking toward some rhino. I was terrified!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Liz, your adventures sound fascinating! I have a good friend who writes adventure romance, so I'm going to tell her to come over and check out this post and your blog.

I think the most adventurous thing I've ever done is drive cross-country by myself. Doesn't sound very adventurous to me, but some people think so.

Sheree said...

Great elephant story, Helen! I've never had anything larger than dogs following me home.

Liz, I have a cousin who does triathlons. Your races sound more fun.

Liz Lamphere said...

Your experiences are fascinating! Jail, singing tours, sheep farms... wow! Transylvania is on my list! I lived in Hungary for a while where I learned Hungarian. In 2002 Olympics, I was assistant to the Romanian team because half of the team spoke Hungarian! They were the best people!

Liz Lamphere said...

Helen and Jo, Great stories! I love that you can laugh now!

Liz Lamphere said...

Nancy - Greg Mortenson is a great inspiration to me. I'm currently reading his 2nd book, Stones in Schools. Thanks for the well wishes!

Liz Lamphere said...

Donna - I would love to write a book. It is actually on my list. Please share with me how you find the discipline and time to fit writing in to your busy lives!

Liz Lamphere said...

Trish - A cross-country road trip is definitely adventurous! By yourself... very impressive!

I would be happy to talk to your friend!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

What a GREAT STORY! But I gotta agree with you, I do NOT want an elephant following me anywhere. ;-) I did ride take a short ride on an Asia elephant when I was in Thailand. Boy did the ground look a LOONG WAY DOWN!

Liz, thank you again for joining us today. You are truly an inspiration and proof that one person can accomplish a lot. Keep up your great work!


Monica McCabe said...

I'm so glad Trish mentioned your blog post, Liz! Your adventures sound fascinating and I'm envious of your trips to Nepal. And riding an elephant. I love to travel, to experience new places & things. My grand dream is to take a hot air balloon ride over Ngorongoro Crater in Africa.

Best of luck on all your travels & if you get to French Polynesia have a fruity umbrella drink for me!

jo robertson said...

Hi, Margay. Driving can be very adventurous, maybe even death-defying, depending on where you are!

Nancy, thanks for the Greg Mortenson recommendation. Are his books fiction or non-fiction?

jo robertson said...

Hi, Donna. Liz writes about her Nepal experience on the blog (link in the interview), but I'd too like to know if she's going to write a big book!

jo robertson said...

Christine, what is it they say. Those who do, do; those who can't, teach?

I think writing is one of the ways we who aren't adventurous get our adrenaline highs LOL.

Trish, a 3000-mile trip across the country alone? That's pretty brave. I've made the trip lots of times, but not alone.

jo robertson said...

Monica, be sure to check out Liz's blog on Nepal, some great pictures there!

Margay said...

Jo, now that I think of it, the return trip was more "adventurous" - it was during the time when the Baltimore sniper was killing people all over the city and they hadn't found him yet. Didn't we (I was following a cousin home) need to stop for gas in Baltimore. Everything would've been fine if we hadn't gotten separated from my cousin and it took us 10 minutes just to get out of the gas station (it was just off the highway, so it was a busy street). The whole time I sat there shaking and I prayed and prayed that we'd be safe (I was with my daughters). I was a nervous wreck by the time we finally caught up with my cousins on the highway. I think it was about a week or so later that they finally caught the snipers.

jo robertson said...

Oh, Margay, what a truly frightening experience. That's the kind of adventure you don't want to have.

Thanks again to Liz for visiting us today. If you haven't voted for her in the Blog Your Way to the North Pole, visit

And be sure to check the blog tomorrow night to see who's won the Amazon gift certificate!

Liz Lamphere said...

Monica, Thanks! I hope you make it to Ngorongoro!

Liz Lamphere said...

Jo, Greg Mortenson's books are non-fiction. He makes my adventures seem very mild. He's one of my heroes.

Thank you for the opportunity to visit with y'all! I'm very flattered by all the praise, grateful for all the well wishes and inspired by all you who are writers and fellow adventurers!

I also appreciate all the votes to help me get to the North Pole.

You have a new fan of Romance Bandits! I'll be in touch!

Kennan said...

i feel special being Liz's friend now :) i learned even more about you from your post. one of the best things we can do in life is mix adventure with charity and you have found a way to do that. how many votes have you gotten so far on your blogyourwaytothenorthpole? i hope everyone has taken a minute to vote for Liz!