Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Need a Hero!

By Kate

I’m thinking about heroes today. MY heroes, to be exact. I mean, the ones I write about in my books. Specifically, my three Harlequin Desire heroes, the Duke brothers: Adam, Cameron and Brandon.

I love these men!

All three of them were adopted by Sally Duke when they were eight years old. They had all suffered through rough early childhoods, but in different ways. Once they were together, though, they bonded in a way that might be considered even stronger than true brotherhood. That’s because they each had a powerful need for an unbreakable connection. And while they're considered brothers in the eyes of the law, naturally, their strong need for family is what makes them true brothers by choice.

It was so much fun to write their stories and explore what was inside each man’s heart. And I loved finding the perfect heroine for each of them. But it was just as exciting to describe them physically, because each of them are simply gorgeous, of course!

Here’s a short excerpt from SWEET SURRENDER, BABY SURPRISE, where Cameron’s heroine, Julia, first meets and describes the three Duke men.

Brandon thrust his hand toward Julia. “Hi, I’m Brandon, Cam’s much smarter and more handsome brother.”

Julia shook Brandon’s large hand. He was as big as a bear and, like his brothers, one of the most handsome men she’d ever seen. He had shoulders as wide as the refrigerator and wavy, light brown hair an inch too long. He pushed his hair back, but several thick strands flopped onto his forehead, giving him an irresistible, bad boy look. Brandon looked powerful enough to snap a man in two with his bare hands, but he couldn’t have been more gentle with baby Jake.

Adam stepped forward. “Hello, Julia. I’m Adam Duke.”

She shook hands with the tallest and most serious of the three brothers. Adam was dark-haired and sophisticated, with a strong jaw and piercing blue eyes that focused completely on her. Julia’s first thought as she shook his hand was that Trish was a very lucky woman indeed.

“Adam’s frightening the womenfolk again,” Brandon said, and picked up his beer. “Listen, Julia, if you get scared and need a hug, I’m your man.”

Julia laughed and Trish rolled her eyes in amusement.

“Nobody’s hugging her but me,” Cameron muttered as he handed Julia a glass of crisp white wine. She smiled her thanks as his two brothers ribbed him.

The doorbell rang and his mother Sally ran out to see who it was.

“That’ll be room service,” Cameron said in a low voice behind her. “I hope you don’t mind, but I invited everyone to stay for dinner.”

“I don’t mind a bit,” she said, turning to smile at him. “Your family is wonderful. You’re so lucky.”

“I like to think so,” he said, staring at her intently.

“I should help get things together,” she said, feeling her cheeks burning. Cameron was the only man who could make her blush simply by looking at her.

As she gathered utensils, plates and napkins, she sized up the three Duke men. Cameron’s brothers were both gorgeous, but Cameron eclipsed them both with his tall, leanly muscular body, clear green eyes and beautiful smile. And that adorable dimple in his cheek was like the cherry on top. No wonder she was always blushing when he was around.

So … there's a brief sketch of my three Duke brothers! Now I’m wondering what actors I should cast to play them in the TV Miniseries. Hey, a girl can dream!

What do you think? Ryan Reynolds, anyone? Brad Pitt? Ooh, how about a young Robert Redford? Pierce? The Rock? Or maybe the fabulous Hugh Jackman?

I’m giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to one random commenter today! So let the casting couch sessions begin!


donnas said...

Totally Ryan Reynolds.

Danielle Gorman said...

I agree. I love Ryan Reynolds. So fine!!!

Hannah Dennison said...

Here are my three. Steve McQueen (were he still alive), Pierce Brosnan and the gorgeous Jason Lewis. I am very happy to be on the casting couch with all of them--were that possible and if there was room.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes, no, no, and yes! ;) Heh, or at least I think so. Also on the hero list should be Andy Whitfield, and Michael Fassbender.

[Oh, and hi everyone :D]

Anna Campbell said...

Donnas, congrats on the chook!

Oh, Kate, the (virtual) casting couch is a lot of fun, isn't it? I can tell you REALLY suffered looking for those photos!

flchen1 said...

Ooh, Kate--your heroes do sound truly yummy! I am truly terrible when it comes to casting though, so I'm just going to sit back and enjoy all the hunks everyone brings to the party/couch ;)

Congrats on the GR, donnas!

mariska said...

Ryan Reynolds has my vote !!

Daz said...

I didn't do any casting, but I sure did enjoy the photos. :-)

Minna said...

Hugh Jackman, of course.

Jane said...

I agree with Ryan Reynolds, but I would also nominate Henry Cavill and John Barrowman.

Laurie Faelan said...

Kate, oooh, these guys sound delightfully delicious - all three of them!

Here's my suggestions for casting. :)

Brandon - Hugh Jackman

Adam - Alex O'Loughlin with blue contact lenses.

And for Cameron - Jason Lewis! He would need green contacts but he's got that great smile and a dimple.

It was hard work looking at these fabulous looking guys but I was happy to make the sacrifice. ;)

Sheree said...

Ryan, Hugh, Pierce, Brad... hard to go wrong with any of these hotties!

barb said...

congrats Donna on getting Gr

You can always dream of a mini series Kate.....Being an Aussie I would have to say Hugh first then the best of the overseas ones are Pierce and young Robert

Helen said...

Well done donnas have fun with him


I soo loved Adam's story I have Cameron's here to read it was sold here in Australia in a big Summer Blockbuster book with 3 other stories and I am soo looking forward to reading it but at the moment I am trying to read at least one book from all the authors that will be at ARRC2011 and there are a lot so when I get to it I will savour it.

As for casting you all know my favourite is Hugh Jackman and I really like Harrison Ford and Robert Redfors whoo hoo.

Have Fun

Cath's Chatter said...

Hey Hannah if you like Steve McQueen have you checked out his young grandson Steven R McQueen from the hit show The Vampire Diaries???. He plays the young brother Jeremy.

My hotties are: Ryan Reynolds, Ian Somerhalder and Alex O'Loughlin♥♥♥

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I am so not good at this, I don't watch enough tv or movies to be a decent judge. All I have to say at the moment is can I have one?

Oh yes Helen, surely Harrison Ford would fit in there somewhere. Gotta love that man, he is even aging fairly well. As is Jackman, and Brosnan. There that's three. I don't know what color their eyes are but we can use contacts right?

Anna Sugden said...

Am I allowed to choose hockey hunks to cast? LOL

Your heroes sound delish! I'm saving your books to read all three in one go - triple scoop of delight!

I'd go for Hugh Jackman, Jeff Bridges (in The Fabulous Baker Boys), Aidan Quinn (in Practical Magic). Timothy Hutton (in Leverage) would work, as would Brad Pitt. I also think Jason Isaacs (aka Luscious Lucius in Harry Potter) or Mark Harmon could fit them nicely.

I'll test them all out for you, for hero potential. See what a good friend I am! LOL

Suzanne Ferrell said...

oh Kate! Casting heroes, huh?

Alex O'Laughlin gets my vote for Adam. Too Yummy by far!

Josh Lucas for Brandon...He was in Sweet Home Alabama!

And how about Michael Weatherly from NCIS for Cameron?

Linda Henderson said...

These are all great choices. I would say Colin Farrell, Ryan Reynolds and Josh Dumall.

gamistress66 said...

they all look sexily good :) I'd take any of them (well Robert Redford's a little mature but if we're dreaming we can turn back time too right ;)?)

Kirsten said...

How about:

Brandon - Matthew McConaughey
Adam - Patrick Dempsey
Cameron - Josh Duhamel

Eyecolor can be adapted I'm sure. And these are pretty goodlooking guys, or so I think.

Hannah Dennison said...

I didn't know Steve McQueen had a grandson! Good grief! Thanks for that tip Cath!

Scorpio M. said...

Oh wow, these guys sound so sexy!

I would cast...

Adam - Hugh Jackson (love him!)
Brandon - Ben Affleck
Cameron - Gabriel Aubrey (Halle's ex)

Lois said...

Well, I'm so not good at this sort of thing, but what I can add is that we need Pierce to inspire a character, haven't really seen anyone mention him in a while. So definitely him for someone, any of them, all of them, I don't care! LOL :)


Janga said...

I'm no good at casting books because when I create the hero's image in my mind, I play Dr. Frankenstein, as I said elsewhere this week. I add Alan Rickman's voice to Paul Newman's eyes to George Clooney's smile to . . . Well, you get the idea. :-)

CrystalGB said...

How about Ian Somerhalder for Adam, Ryan Reynolds for Cameron and Alex O'Laughlin for Brandon.

Kate Carlisle said...

Good morning, everyone! Just getting to work here on the west coast ...

Donnas, have fun with the Golden Rooster today!! And isn't Ryan Reynolds a good choice? Yum! :-)

Good morning, Danielle! Another vote for Ryan R, yay! Okay, confession time. I actually sent RR's photo to my editors when I was writing Brandon's story. But I was wavering on at least four other photos. That why I need all y'all's input. Hehehe!

Hello, Hannah, my friend! Why didn't I remember Steve McQueen? He's such a fabulous bad boy hero and I know I can fit him on my casting couch. I'll just ... scooch over a few inches ...

Nancy said...

Donnas, congrats on the bird!

Kate, I rarely vote against Hugh Jackman or Pierce Brosnan for anything, so let's consider that one vote for each of them. Technically, one of them wouldn't fit since neither has light brown hair, but Hollywood is good with dye.

For the third, hmm. I guess we need a blond. It's hard to find a better looking guy than Redford in his prime. Chris Hemsworth, who's about to hit the big screen as Thor, would be a good choice. But I think I'd go with Daniel Craig. He has a bit more seasoning in his face.

What a great bunch of heroes!

Jennifer said...

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and...I have to read that book!!! Such yummy heroes!

Joan said...

Ok, I'm in love.

Kate, I like Ryan Reynolds. And while the others your mention are always good, I'd like to look for "new blood".

Colin Firth is not exactly new blood but BOY...am I even more in love with him (and his dimples). I want to be his Queen

The third???? Matt Bomer comes to mind (a LOT) Nathan Fillion...sigh...

Lord, now you've distracted me and just actually got one page written on my new series....

petite said...

Nathan Filion, Dylan McDermott. Pierce Brosnan. Great post.

traveler said...

Your choices are appealing. Pierce Brosnan is fine with me.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey, Lime, helloooo! {{waving}} Mmm, Andy Whitfield...beautiful!! And Michael Fassbender...amazing!! Good choices, you! Come on guys, I ... think ... you ... both ... can ... fit ... on ... the ... couch ... :-)

Hi Anna!! Yes, I do suffer for my art, don't I? Snork!

Fedora! Yes, just relax and watch the show! I think you'll have the best view from where you're sitting. This couch here is getting crowded! ;-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Mariska, Ryan appreciates your vote of confidence! ;-)

Daz, it's a pretty good show, isn't it? LOL

Minna, hello! I just couldn't leave Hugh out. He's so hunky and so nice! I always enjoy it when TMZ catches him doing lovely things with his family. :-)

Jane, glad you stopped by today! And you've brought "new blood" with you. Thanks! I love those guys!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Laurie -- Thank you so much for your sacrifices! It's not easy picking out all these cute guys, is it? I confess ... I'm hanging my head in shame for forgetting to post a pic of Alex O'Loughlin, my TV Boyfriend! I love him on Hawaii Five-O!

Sheree, hello! Can't go wrong with any of those guys, can you? :-)

Hi Barb! Aussies are justifiably proud of Hugh. We love him in the US, too. Umm, guess that's obvious! LOL

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Helen! I just got my copies of the big Summer Blockbuster and I'm so excited and honored to be included in there with Helen Bianchin and the other ladies! I really hope you love Cameron's story, once you're able to read it. :-) I know you'll get to it eventually, but meanwhile, good luck with that reading list of yours. All the Banditas wish we were coming to ARRC2011. Sounds like soooo much fun!

Hey, Cath, thanks for that list of hotties! I had no idea Steve McQueen's grandson was on that show. I just went and looked. Cute!

Kate Carlisle said...

LOL Dianna! I watch plenty of television but I still don't know a lot of the new names. But I do recognize their pretty faces. ;-)

Hi Anna!! Of course you can name your hockey hunks! :-) I loved Aiden Quinn's character in Practical Magic. Such a fun movie, wasn't it?

Hi Suz! Yeah, it was time to hit the casting couch. Tough job, but somebody has to do it. ;-) So you're an Alex O' fan, too? I didn't get to see him too often in Moonlight (boo hoo) but I'm so loving him in Hawaii Five-O!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I agree, Ryan Reynolds. Loved Cameron's story, Kate. I have book one on order and will definitely get book 3 when it's released.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Linda! Ooh, Josh Duhamel. He is so cute, isn't he? Wonder if he could just squeeze ... in ... right ... over ... here ... with ... me ... yeah!

Gamistress, hi! Yes, we're just dreaming here, LOL. I saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid again a few months ago and was in total awe of both Paul Newman and Robert Redford. They were both incredibly beautiful men in their youth!

Oh Kirsten, what a lovely line-up there! I forgot about Matthew M! And Patrick Dempsey is a cutie pie, isn't he? Thanks!

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Scorpio, they really are a sexy bunch of men, aren't they? I love your choice of Gabriel Aubrey. He is gorgeous, I agree!

Lois, thanks for your input! Pierce is always good for inspiration, especially in his role of Bond ... James Bond. :-)

Ooh Janga, I'm excited by your Dr. Frankenstein idea! In fact, I see a new blog post based on picking and choosing facial features and body parts ... hmmm ... Clooney's smile ... Jason Lewis's eyes ... the Rock's shoulders ... yes, I'm liking this game very much!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

OMGosh, Kate!
I think Dwayne Johnson is SOOO CUTE!!! Just look at that pic you put up of him and see why! That SMILE!!! And too bad the sun glasses are hiding the twinkle in his eyes because it is adorable (not to mention sexy)! Why yes, as a matter of fact, I am formulating a story with him as the model for my hero. How did you know?!?!

Ryan Reynolds would definitely get a vote from me in ANY competition as would Hugh. And GREAT CHOICE in Jason Issacs, VA! And gotta LURVE Joanie's selection of Colin Firth.

WHEW! Is it warm in here or what?!?!


runner10 said...

I like who you've picked. I think George Clooney would be great!

cheryl c said...

I would love to employ the "casting couch" with Ryan Reynolds, Colin Firth (minus the Brit accent for this role), Hugh Jackman, Nathan Fillion, Patrick Dempsey, Richard Armitage(accent-less), and Ben Afleck. After the EXTENSIVE auditioning, I am sure that I could find the 3 that would be perfect for your story! :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Crystal, I love your lineup of gorgeous men! Can you imagine a family of brothers who look like those three? Yeah! :-)

Hello, Nancy!! Well, you know I'm Daniel Craig's girlfriend, so of course I love him for one of the brothers! But now I'm also looking at Chris Hemsworth. Hmmm ... this casting couch decision just keeps getting more and more difficult. And yet, I persevere. ;-)

LOL Jennifer! If you get a chance to read the books, I really hope you enjoy my heroes!

Kate Carlisle said...

Joanie!! LOL...I so need some new blood, thank you! Mmm, Nathan Fillion and Colin Firth must be included in any casting session of mine! And Matt Bomer, YES!!! Hey, I like Tim DeKay, the guy who plays Peter on that show, too. They make a great duo. :-)

Hi Petite! Thanks so much for reminding me about Dylan McDermott. Haven't seen him on TV much but I do love him!

Hey Traveler, thanks for coming by today!

Hi Marilyn!! I'm SO glad you enjoyed Cameron's book! That story is near and dear to my heart. And thanks for posting on the Desire FB page, too. I ran over there for a minute and I'll be heading back to comment in just a little while. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi Runner, so glad you're liking my choices. I love yours, too. George Clooney belongs on everyone's list. Such a cute smile. :-)

Cheryl, LOL! Thank you for recognizing all the work that goes into these auditioning sesssions! It's an exhausting process, but it must be done. Snork!

Gannon Carr said...

Oh, what delectable choices, Kate! I think Ryan Reynolds, Pierce Brosnan, and Hugh Jackman would fit the bill nicely. Mmmmmm. Of course, Clive Owen might, as well. Decisions, decisions. LOL

Janga said...

Kate, the difference in us and Mary Shelley's Dr. Frankenstein is that his creation was monstous. Ours, of course, would be the ultimate in masculine pulchritude.

Gannon Carr said...

Oh, well said, Janga! :-)

catslady said...

I really have to like the actor as a person too (at least from what I can hear). Mel use to be my all time favorite and I just can't watch him in anything new anymore. So I vote for Hugh Jackman and Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Douglas (all fantastic actors too).

chey said...

Pierce Brosnan has my vote!

PinkPeony said...

Hola Kate!

Hmm...I loved Adam's story. :)

I love dark-haired heroes...Matt Bomer from White Collar or the actor, Matthew Settle. Yum.

Congrats on the GR, Donnas!

BJ said...

OMG..if I would have know it was a HOTTIE feast today I would have made it here much earlier!!! What on earth was I thinking????

I have to say you ccan never go wrong with Hugh Jackman...I mean he's all around AWESOME!!!
And of course Ryan Reynolds....did anyone even bring up Colin Firth??? (god don't shot me down if I mis-spelled his name.)

I know you mention some really old dudes....but does that mean we're dreaming of a time machine too????
I really don't want to invision canes with these hotties....LOL

I know I'm bad...I'm having a little "Devil" streak today...Please forgive me.... :0)
Love you all...HUGS!!!!

Kuzlin said...

Adrian Paul as Adam, Nathan Fillon as Brandon and Brad Pitt as Cam.

Leni said...

I'd pick Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Rupert Penry-Jones.

Louisa Cornell said...

donnas got the GR !!! Congrats!

Kate, I LOVE Adam, so I would have to cast Richard Armitage as Adam!

Gerard Butler would make a great Brandon.

And as Cameron? With that description it would have to be Hugh Jackman.

Now, if you need ANY help auditioning these gentlemen please let me know. I will be more than happy to sacrifice some of my writing time to do you the favor!

Maureen said...

I have to admit that I don't know who the latest gorgeous guys are. I have been watching a lot of Castle lately so I pick Nathan Fillion to add to the list.

LilMissMolly said...

How about Alex O'Laughlin, Cute Jackman - I mean Hugh Jackman, and James McAvoy?

Amber said...

Hi Kate! I love the Duke brother's series. My three choices would have to be Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp, and Hugh Jackman.

Kate Carlisle said...

Hey Gannon! Okay, I love your lineup. And mmm, Clive Owen! I might have to introduce some Duke cousins to my series so I can hire all these fabulous men. :-)

Janga, I really prefer your version of the Frankenstein story. Pulchritude. Yum! :-)

Catslady, I so agree with you! It's too bad when our heroes are revealed to be less than heroic, isn't it? Oh, but thanks for mentioning Leo! I do like him a lot. :-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Hi chey, thanks for your vote! (He's got mine, too. :-))

Hola, Pink! I'm sooo glad you enjoyed Adam's story! That's always nice to hear. :-) And I do love Matt Bomer! Such a cute bad boy, isn't he?

Hi BJ, glad you could make it to the Hottie Fest, LOL! Yes, we've got the time machine revved up and ready to go. Errol Flynn, anyone? Talk about your bad boys! Hehehe!

Kuzlin, hi! I think you're the first to mention Adrian Paul. Thanks! He's definitely on the list!

Oh Leni, I haven't seen Johnny Depp mentioned, either! He's a must-have for the casting session!! ;-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Louisa darling! You're so generous to offer help with these casting sessions! They really are grueling! I could use some assistance. Oh look, there's Gerard, looking so ... needy. And I'm so busy over here with Daniel. Would you mind stepping in and giving Gerard a hand? That's lovely of you. ;-)

Hi Maureen! I love Nathan Fillion because of that twinkle in his eye ... among other reasons. ;-) He would make a perfect Duke brother.

LilMissMolly, I'm giggling at "Cute" Jackman. That name really fits him. :-)

Hi Amber! I'm so happy to know you're enjoying the Duke brothers' stories. Thanks so much for coming by to say hi!