Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Cutest Guys of the New TV Season

By Kate

Here in southern California, the average high temperature in August is 85 degrees. In September, it’s 83, and at night it gets down into the mid-sixties. We can’t exactly say “Fall is in the air.” No, here in the motion picture capital of the world, we say “Fall is on the air.” The change of seasons in sunny southern California happens on TV.

It takes a lot to tempt me away from my books. And by “a lot,” I mean “cute guys.” And if there are a lot of cute guys on the show, I’m even more tempted! Here is my take on the Top 10 TV Shows of Fall 2011, based entirely on the cute factor of the male actors on the show:

Hawaii Five-0

Alex O’Loughlin in swim trunks. ‘Nuff said.

While “researching” this article (sighhhhhhhh……), I discovered that there’s a Castle Convention in Los Angeles on November 12. They have a website and everything: Castle Convention. Alas, Nathan Fillion won’t be there!

Blue Bloods
Tom Selleck still curls my toes! This is a man who has aged very well.

Mark Harmon, another example of a man who got better with age.

Covert Affairs
A non-traditional hottie, Christopher Gorham.

White Collar
Matt Bomer. Ohhhhhh, Bomer!
I love you so much,
I want to write a poemer.

Dancing with the Stars
Who cares about the celebrities when we can watch Maksim dance? The man can moooove!

The next three shows are brand new. I haven’t seen them, but I’m tempted to watch because the cute guy factor is off the charts!

A Gifted Man
Doesn’t Patrick Wilson look a *lot* like Paul Newman? I’m a sucker for blue eyes!

David Guintoli looks man enough for the job of capturing or slaying storybook creatures.

Person of Interest
Jim Caviezel in a slick weekly thriller, produced by J.J. Abrams? I’m there!

Best show of the summer: Suits
Gabriel Macht is an honorable lawyer with a slickster veneer. Love him!

Who do you think are the hottest guys on TV today? Let’s play a game. Tell us what book you're reading right now, and what actor you picture in the role of hero. I’m reading Maya Banks’ THE DARKEST HOUR and I picture … mmm … decisions, decisions ... I picture Alex O’Loughlin in the role of the hero, Ethan. (Oh heck, I picture Alex O’Loughlin in almost everything!) Okay, your turn!


Jane said...

I'm rereading Joyce Lamb's "True Vision" and the hero is blond, so I picture Justin Hartley from "Smallville" as him.

Helen said...

Well done Jane have fun with him


Love those pictures very nice I don't watch much TV because I read LOL and it is spring here in Oz and the temps have been warming up although today it is really cold and raining LOL.

I am reading Anne Lethbridge's The Gamekeeper's Lady and I can see Tom Selleck in this role tall dark and handsome still. I have to agree Mark Harmon and Tom have aged really well.

Have Fun

Virginia said...

Love all of them. Castle, Mark Harmon, White collar are the hottest. Love White Collar.

Sheree said...

I'm still mesmerized by Ian Somerhalder's eyes even though I've never seen a single episode of "The Vampire Diaries".

marybelle said...

I'm reading A STUDY IN SCARLET by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - so of course Sherlock Holmes HAS to be Robert Downey Jr.

Keziah Hill said...

Where's Jon Hamm? Can't go past Mad Men.

Cath said...

OMG...without a doubt its those smoldering eyes and wicked smiles from 'The Vampire Diaries' hottie Ian Somerhalder ♥♥♥
He gets me hot every time lol!!!

KJ Howe said...

What a great line-up of men, Kate. Yowza. I have to say that Mark Harmon is my fav. Great combination of masculinity and intelligence (and those eyes!). I'm reading Girl with a Dragon Tatoo, and I see Gerald Butler as Blomkvist.

KJ Howe said...

Petite, you won the contest yesterday for your fab name Sunshine, so please drop me a line at so I can send out your prize. Thanks!

Anna Sugden said...

You're so kind to us, Kate - a Sunday full of hunks!

I'm still catching up on the old series - one of the problems with living over here is that we're always behind. I've been watching Rizzoli & Isles (no hunks), Castle (sorry, Nathan Fillion doesn't really do it for me), Leverage (the only hunk, Christian Kane, needs a haircut!) and Downton Abbey (okay, so there are a few nice looking men - Matthew/Dan Carlisle).

Oh wait - watching that fab Danish thriller series - The Killing (the original, not the US version) and there's the yummy Lars Mikkelson who plays the politician. He's just what I imagined the hero of my current wip to be like!

Funnily enough, I've just finished Beth's Feels Like Home and have picked up your Desire trilogy to read. I'm starting with the first one - Adam and Trish.

Mozette said...

Ummm. You left a few out there... like the guys who play the Winchester brothers... Yummo! I can't decide who I like out of them; so I'll take 'em both! :P

And Alex? Yep, he's an Aussie... how about that coming from the land of Down Under. :D Yeah, he made a very hot vampire detective; and a hotter human one too. :D

Any guy who plays a vampire in 'The Vampire Diaries' is okay in my books. :D

And my jaw dropped the first time I saw the dude from White Collar... couldn't sleep that night either... :)

Oh, and we're leaving out Johnny Galeki! I love him in 'The Big Bang Theory'... he's my kinda guy; a little bit of a square, but daring enough to be social too. :D

And another guy I love - and he's not in the television show arena - is Hugh Jackman; but I guess that's for another post, eh?

Kate Carlisle said...

Jane, this is going to be a FUN day! I didn't know who Justin Hartley was, so I looked up pictures of him. Yum! Look at this one:

Helen, I live in California, where it's illegal to avoid TV. :) And yes, Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon make me feel proud of my younger self... clearly, I knew quality when I saw it. They are both as handsome now as they ever were.

Kate Carlisle said...

Virginia, I'm not sure which one is my favorite. If I were forced to choose one, I guess I'd say Castle. I love the romantic tension along with the mystery, with healthy dashes of humor thrown in. The trifecta!

LOL, Sheree!!! That's how I felt about Patrick Wilson in A Gifted Man. Haven't seen the show yet, but I do love looking at him.

Marybelle, interesting. Do you think you would have pictured Downey in the role before he was cast in it in the movie version? I never saw Sherlock Holmes as a sexy character until the movie came out.

Kate Carlisle said...

Keziah, Jon Hamm is soooo interesting to me! In Mad Men, he's serious and slick, almost dour. But then you see him as a casual, goofy modern man on 30 Rock (guest starring roles), and he looks like a completely different person.

Cath, that's two votes for Ian Somerhalder. His eyes are incredible.

KJ, Ohhhhhh.... Gerard Butler is so, so, SO handsome and rugged! Love him!

Kate Carlisle said...

Anna, I had to look up pictures of Lars Mikkelson... the man has got some SERIOUS cheekbones! Nice.

Enjoy the Duke Brothers! How fun!!! Thank you so much for picking up my books. :)

Mozette, Hugh Jackman is appropriate material for EVERY post every day! Looooove him! He could give a girl some sleepless nights... and she'd thank him for it!

Kathy said...

I agree with all your picks! This past week I did watch the new shows Person of Interest and The Gifted Man, both very different from the usual network fare and I'll be tuning in to both shows again :) .

Kate Carlisle said...

Kathy, I DVR'd them, but I haven't watched them yet. I've been working like a madwoman to finish the edits on the Brooklyn Wainwright novella that will be released as an ebook in January. Talk about a time crunch!

Linda said...

David Boreanaz is definitely my favorite--he's Sealy Booth on Bones. Of course I wouldn't turn down Tom Selleck either! And I love Christopher Gorham too but Sealy Booth seems to have it all--good looks, great build, incredibly expressive eyes and a sarcastic wit--I like the way he's sort of a "redneck" and Emily Deschannel is so intelligent and sophisticated while also being vulnerable. Their chemistry is fun to watch.

Kate Carlisle said...

Linda, I am so with you on David Boreanaz! He's got a very special sparkle in his eyes. I've loved him ever since early Buffy days.

Joan said...

Matt Bomer, Matt Bomer, Matt Bomer.....and if you didn't hear it....

Matt. Bomer.

catslady said...

Lately I've been putting Nathan Fillion into a lot of my books lol. Second choice would be Mark Harmon. I love their type of humor (among other things lol).

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jane! You got da chook! Does he count as a hot guy for the new season?

Kate, I had to giggle. Clearly we cover the BIG stories here in the lair. And I must say A plus for the visuals.

I just read Soulless (reviewed here if anyone's looking for the lowdown on a great read - - and the hero is a very sexy werewolf with a Scottish brogue. HAD to think of a youngish Sean Connery with a bad haircut! He's got the right edge of danger too.

Anna Campbell said...

VA, I know you and I have talked about this before - no, Nathan F doesn't do it for me either! Maybe it's one of those cross-cultural things?

Minna said...

It's nice to know what new series I can expect to see here sometime later! Grimm certainly sounds interesting! And I look forward to seeing more of Hawaii Five-0
and Castle. Someone mentioned Sherlock Holmes and I've heard there will be more parts in the series where Shelock has been moved to the 21st century (not a time travel kind of thing thing, though).

I'm reading Christmas Male by Cara Summers and yeah, Alex O’Loughlin would be my choise in the role of the hero.

Anna Campbell said...

Minna, I LOVED that new take on Sherlock Holmes. My crit partner Annie West put me onto them. Such clever writing and I loved the dynamic between Holmes and Watson. Nice to see Watson not a bumbling fool too. And I thought the lead guy was really compelling. Certainly not conventionally handsome but mighty interesting.

Kate Carlisle said...

Joan, you said it all. Sighhhhhhhhh....

catslady, I love Mark Harmon's humor! It comes through even when he's being all serious as Gibbs.

Yes, Anna, Jane got the Golden Rooster! I can't believe I haven't congratulated you yet, Jane!!! Blame the early morning, when I first checked in. Hadn't had my coffee yet.

Anna, Sean Connery at any age works for me!

Kate Carlisle said...

Minna, I caught two episodes of Sherlock (were there more?) LOOOOOVED it!!!! I hope there will be more. Fabulous, witty, intelligent show. The BBC rocks!

Margay said...

Oh, my, gosh, Alex really does it for me, too! As a matter of fact, I'm working on a romantic suspense (might be a series?) right now with him as my lead. For some reason, I'm taking my time on this one! I also really like Jim Caviezel - wow!

Anonymous said...

Nathan Fillion has tripped my trigger since his days as Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live, so I have to agree with you on that one.

I totally agree with Keziah, too... Jon Hamm is so fun to look at. I could watch him reading the phone book. Seriously.

Right now, I'm reading THE WHAT IF GUY by Brooke Moss, and I'm picturing Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the role. I just got done (re)reading Pride and Prejudice, and no one does Mr. Darcy like Colin Firth. *SIGH*

Minna said...

Kate, there's one more episode of Sherlock and there will be more next year! According to Wikipedia the episodes will be
A Scandal in Belgravia"[51]
The Hounds of Baskerville"[51]
The Reichenbach Fall"[51]

Nancy said...

Jane, congrats on the bird!

Kate, I have no quibble with any of your choices. I loved Alex O'Loughlin on Moonlight, and Matt Bomer is possibly _the_ best-looking man on TV.

I would add Lucas Bryant of Haven (on SyFy) to the list, along with Timothy Olyphant of Justified (on FX).

AS for the game, it's a toughie for me. I don't usually actors as the characters. I just finished Meljean Brook's The Iron Duke (blogging about it tomorrow), and I think that Lair favorite Richard Armitage would be an excellent choice.

Nancy said...

Virginia, we love White Collar, too. The dh isn't as big on crime shows as I am, but he likes that one. He likes the range in the characters and the clever writing.

Nancy said...

Jane, a Smallville fan? I thought Justin Hartley was great (also cute) and was very disappointed he had to cancel his Dragon*Con appearance.

Nancy said...

Helen, did you happen to catch Tom Selleck's guest run on Boston Legal? He was great as Candice Bergen's former husband.

Nancy said...

Marybelle, we thought Downey as great as Holmes. We're looking forward to the next film.

Nancy said...

Anna, your mention of Leverage reminded me of Dylan McDermott of Dar Blue.

Also happened to think of Alexander Skarsgaard on HBO's True Blood.

And Matt Passmore of The Glades.

Mozette said...

Actually, girls, I have that very cool, vampire show 'Moonlight' which Alex played Mick the vampire detective in. Very cool, very seductive; and he was one of the best-looking vampires around :[

Such a pity there was only season of that show! :(

Kate Carlisle said...

Margay, yes, Jim Caviezel is really something, isn't he? Those eyes! Unfortunately, I missed Person of Interest, but I have it on my DVR.

Meggan, Looooove Colin Firth! I'll watch any movie he's in, no matter what. He is eminently watchable.

Thanks, Minna! I'll have to check... maybe I saw three episodes. I'm so excited to know there are going to be more!

Kate Carlisle said...

Nancy, there is something so intriguing about Timothy Olyphant! He speaks volumes with his eyes, doesn't even have to say a word. Great choice!

Margay said...

Not just the eyes, Kate, what about that voice? I like a husky voice in a man!