Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty

by Cricket and Grayson

Cricket: Here kitty, kitty? That's a pretty brave thing to say cause really, in the cat world you never know what kind of response you'll get. Claws out or claws in or a smug dismissal....if the cat in question bothers to come out from their "secret place." Bawahahahaha...meow.

Our Mom Joanie left us alone with the computer and we saw her note about writing a blog. My little brother Grayson and I thought we'd help her out and do it for her, and in the process enlighten the world about what cool friends felines are.

I'm a beautiful gray tabby who loves to groom and talk to my Mom. I do it with chirps and trills and mews, rarely meows cause she understands me so well. We cats have over 100 different vocal sounds as opposed to canines who have 10....and most of them sound like "bark, bark" Grayson, on the other hand, chats a LOT.....and makes weird chuffing noises when he sees birds. The birds aren't impressed and give him snarky smiles on the other side of the window.

Grayson: (grumbles) They'd be impressed if they knew that noise was the same jaw motion I'd use if Mom would let me out.

Cricket: Yeah, yeah. I'm pretty laid back though I enjoy the curved perch best and discovering hiding places. Mom only recently figured out I have found a secret entrance to her box springs, tee hee. And wow, you should have seen her the day she found my under the cabinet lair. Thought her head would explode. She's a pretty good Mom so I came on out not realizing she'd seal off the cat cave entrance

Grayson: I don't know why you like to hide so much, when there is SO much to explore!!! Hi, Grayson here and yes, you got it. I'm PURE gray with bewitching green eyes...any of you lady cats out there interested? It would have to be a...ahem...platonic relationship cause...well...you know. (cringes)

Anyway, I'm the opposite of my sister. I leap and prowl and jump and stalk and spin and give Mom a run for her money. Ya should have seen her face the day she found me on top of the fridge, lol. And Christmas this year? She says she's gonna put ORNAMENTS on the tree this year. Hee hee, make my day Mom. Ya see, I'm pretty proud of all this cause I was the runt of the litter and they said I was slow to learn. Ha!

At night, I love nothing more than to snuggle on Mom especially on her chest. She gives great chin rubs and holds my paws and if she forgets, I reach one paw out to touch her arm. A gentle reminder that she is there for me. Occasionally, she thinks she can eat her snacks in her chair alone. Pfffft....yesterday I thwarted her, climbing up on her left side, wriggling in under her arm and FREEZING. She never knew I was there.

Cricket: (rolls eyes) I get my special time with her at the computer. I cuddle her while she types and yes, will take partial credit for her romance mss. It's no mistake that her newest story has a supernatural cat in it

As fantastic as we are, we also want to educate the general public with some trivia and vital information. Here is some of the info Mom found. And yes, the vital information does include tuna:

Did you know.....

* Cats have better memories than dogs? They remember "things" for up to 16 hours while a dog does for 5 min.

*Cats make over 100 vocal sounds and usually reserve ANY meows for their human subjects. They rarely do more than hiss at each other. Along those same lines, a cat's purr has the same number of revolutions as an idling diesel engine

*95% of cat owners talk to their cats. Well, sure..to say hello, here's some food, ugh is that a hairball? And the occasional "Are you my boy? Yes you are, (croons) there's my little girl, there's my Cricket"


*When cats run or walk they lead with both left legs then both right legs together. The only other animals to do this are the giraffe and the camel. (Grayson snickers)

*Some cats have a sixth and sometimes seventh toe on their paws. Ernest Hemingway had a clowder (a groups of cats) of polydactyl cats at his Key West home. (Cricket checks her paws frantically)

*Oldest cat ever recorded: "Puss" at age 36 in Devon, England. Heaviest cat: "Himmy" in Queensland, Aus at 46 lbs. And Dusty, the queen cat (what a breeding female is called) in Bonham, TX who, over the course of her life, gave birth to 420 kittens! Bet the catnip bill for THAT family reunion was enourmous!

*One serving of cat food, dry or wet, is equal to the protein of 5 mice. Um, Grayson..here...take this mint stick..please!

*While Abe Lincoln adored cats and had many in the White House, famous aelurophobics (fear of cats) included Julius Ceasar, Henry II and Napoleon. Do you think Waterloo could have been avoided if a brigade of cats had just been sent in first?

*Last, but not least owning cats (ok...ok...any pet) makes humans live longer, have less stress and decreased risk for heart attack. All well and good if you don't trip over the kitties standing in the doorway to welcome you home every night, worry they are sick if their whiskers droop and don't clutch your chest when you think they've gotten out and are in mortal danger of grass! Then yeah, I'll buy it.

Grayson: Oops, Mom's back. Guess we'll let her have the last word.

Actually, I wouldn't trade these two for all the scratching posts in the world. Yes, I've turned into one of those ladies who loves her kitties. They are loving, mischievious, they make me laugh, they cuddle with me and they are mine.

Cricket: We wouldn't trade you for all the treats in the world, either Mom!

Grayson: Not even Alaskan Salmon bites?

Cricket: (glares)

Grayson: Sis is right. She's the best Mom we've ever owned.

As the Lair is developing quite a clowder with my two, Anna S. Jersey and CC, Christie's Nicky and Maks and Donna's new little girl Suki, we thought we'd open it up to all strays. Tell me about your cats (pets). What makes them different, special? What type are they? What is the funniest thing your cat has ever done? LATE BREAKING NEWS: As this blog went to press, the prettiest, sweetest, 3 mo. old KITTEN showed up on our back deck. Poll: Will I part with it at the shelter or not?


Jane said...


Jane said...

You've got to keep the new arrival. We didn't have any pets growing. My first experience with a pet was when my cousin got a kitten from boyfriend. It was so adorable, but then a few years later my aunt gave her away. I've only had fish as pets. It's hard to have a cat or dog when you're living in a small apartment.

Tawny said...

Ooooh, Kitties!!!

I love kitties. I love doggies. I'm a big gushy pet loving softie. We had 4 cats and two dogs until the fall, when we lost our 14yo cat, Rhea. We still have Gypsy (15) and Persephone (6), but Spike moved out with my daughter. So its only the two cats and two dogs now. The house feels kinda empty.

The cats are polar opposites, even though they look a lot alike. Both are black long hair, but Gypsy is pure black with the sweetest, needy personality *g* Persephone has white on her chest like a tuxedo and super long whiskers so she looks like a grumpy carp. She's gorgeous and has the personality of a demented demon in disguise. You never know when the demon will emerge, because she can be the sweetest cuddly thing in the world one second, then her ears roll back and she's swiping at you. She was a rescue feral, so that probably accounts for the wild streak.

The dogs are big babies. Tinkerbell is my sweetheart. She's a 5yo (her birthday was friday *g*) Rottweiler and the biggest sweetie pie teddy bear ever. Sierra is 7, a shepherd mix and totally neurotic but so funny.

I do love pets LOL.

And it looks like I might have a feathered guest for the day? hmmmm....

Tawny said...

Nope, Jane got the rooster :-D Congrats, Jane!!!

Joanie, your babies are adorable, btw. I think it'll be interesting to see if they are getting a new sibling today or not *g*

I'll admit, I wouldn't be able to resist.

marybelle said...


hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Your kitties are adorable and 3 is a good number for cats. You really need to keep the newbie.

I lost Shadow in August so I am down to two :-( I have my Angel, who isn't, and Valentino, who is.

Angel is the oldest and is a staid old dame who does not under any circumstances put up with the shenanigans of Valentino.

Valentino is a young male and all you have to do is look at him and he purrs. He will lay in your lap on your shoulder, on his back in your arms (I never saw a cat do that before) he will put his head under your chin and give you a chin rub, a real lover is our Valentino.

Katt said...

Definitely a Cat person - the dog is velcroed to the DH, the cats to me.
Bear perches on the back of the chair and drapes himself over my shoulder while I write. Not sure if he's just watching or putting thoughts in my head.
Just had the other boy diagnosed with diabetes. He's so smart that he comes and lets us know it's time for his insulin shot. Sure is wonderful to have him acting/playing like his old self.
I so miss the barn cats that lived at the ranch. When we moved away, we had to leave them behind as they actually belonged to the owners, not us.

Anonymous said...

Those kittens are adorable!! I'm definitely a cat person. While I don't have the time and space to look after a cat, my grandmother does. Our last cat was called Julian and he was such a Cassanova. Unfortunately he got in trouble with all the other males because of it. lol

cats >>>>>>> dogs

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Jane! Congrats on catching the rooster. Are you sure you want him?

Hahahah! *Ducks flung fruit from the Golden One*

Hey! I'm not the one who brought a gargoyle home yesterday. Throw stuff at Cassondra.

*evil grin*

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Jane! Bummer that your aunt gave the cat away, but some people just aren't "pet people" I guess.

How's things up your way today?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Tawny said:
I love kitties. I love doggies. I'm a big gushy pet loving softie.

I'll second that. Love the four-leggers, feline or canine.

Currently, I'm only hosting the canine variety (two) because of my DH's allergies. I'd love to have cats again someday though. I get to babysit one occsionally, does that count?

That cat, Miss Kitty, drools when you pet her. It cracks me up.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Dianna! You said: he will put his head under your chin and give you a chin rub, a real lover is our Valentino.

Awwww! How fun! I used to have two Siamese cats. One would do this all the time. Her name was Mocha.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Katt! I love that you have a cat named Bear. Heehee.

You said: Bear perches on the back of the chair and drapes himself over my shoulder while I write. Not sure if he's just watching or putting thoughts in my head.

So THAT's where those stories come from.... Grins.

MsHellion said...

KEEP. He found you for a reason. Probably the Alaskan Salmon treats, but a reason nonetheless. :)

I don't have any pets. My dad has a couple of feral cats outside--but you can tell they want to be friendly. I got to pet one the other day.

As for when I was younger, I had a half-lab (goofy, sweet thing) named Braveheart. (I was on a Braveheart kick that year and wanted to name the dog William for William Wallace, but mom wouldn't let me because my brother's real name is William.)

I also had a pony when I was young, named Dance. She a beautiful iron gray pony with huge dark eyes and the longest prettiest white lashes you've ever seen. She had delicate bones; very pretty.

MsHellion said...

Incidentally I think cats rule. My friend Holly has about a bazillion cats--and it's always fun to chill with her cats at her house. Keats is my favorite, but Prince has the neatest meow.

Anna Sugden said...

Hey Grayson and Cricket - meows from across the Pond! Jersey Girl and CC here, checking in while Mum is writing on her white board. She says she's plotting, but we think that's an excuse for using lots of pretty colours to make funny patterns!

Glad to see you're keeping things hopping over there. We do our best over here. Our humans let us out, so we get to prowl in the fields and show those birds and mice and shrews and voles who's boss. Don't forget the occasional frog courtesy of me, Jersey Girl. So much more fun than the dragonflies and butterflies you bring in, CC. Especially when they scare Mum by leaping!

Handing over to Mum ...

CC is the small one, all black with a couple of white splotches, and amber eyes. (Hey, who're you calling small?! I have a BIG personality and I let everyone know it!)

Jersey Girl is a beautiful black tuxedo, with a white bib and belly and white socks and mittens. The sweetest personality too, unless you're invading her territory! (She's talking to you, ginger tom from down the street!)

The Sugden cats vote to keep the kitten.

Donna MacMeans said...

Congrats on the rooster, Jane. He should give you more loving than the fish, LOL. We've had those and found the snail in the bowl more entertaining. (Alas, Killer died last year.)

As Joanie mentioned we have a new kitten. We HAD a new kitten, Shadow, but she slipped out the door in August and we haven't been able to find her. I finally accepted that Shadow was gone, and picked up all the little kitty toys that littered the house - when my husband brought home a new kitten. She was the runt of the litter and has a cough so I'm giving her medicine, but she's so sweet. We've had her less than a week and she's warming up to her new home. She isn't as adventurous as Shadow and stays in spying distance of my at all times. I think she'll be a great addition to the family.

That said, I love dogs as well. I had Oreo, a terrier mix for 16 years before I had to put her down, and Rusty, an Irish Setter, for about the same number of years before Oreo. A pet truly makes a house a home - especially if the kids have grown up and moved away. I'm thinking Joanie is going to keep the new little one, assuming she didn't already belong to a family. They do manage to capture your heart in a blink of an eye.

Joan said...

Good morning all,

So sorry to be late...unfortunately had a funeral to attend :(

Hi Jane,

Man, I hate that your aunt gave her away. My first cat Pebbles ran away...she couldn't take the social pressure of single Motherhood.

I had an aquarium for a number o years. Pretty to watch. I did have a Betta I trained to pop its head out of the water for a food pellet.

Also had ONE baby fish survive...a swordtail named Oops

Joan said...

Sorry you missed out on the GR, Tawny but...look out your window. I'm sure theirs a pigeon that could use some petting

It is funny about the different personality's cats have. That's one thing to consider if another kitty graces the household though by the way Grayson rolled ontohis back exposing his belly...I'm thinking it wouldn't be too bad.

Joan said...

UPDATE: No sign of Binky this AM. JUST in case bought kitten food at grocery...yanno...if..um... she comes back.

She's bound to find the trail I left out there of salmon treats :D

Joan said...


Thanks. The upper ones are off Google Image but those last two? They're my babies....

Wait until I learn to download my new cat videos from my camera....

Joan said...


Grayson is the charmer. When I first got him though at 2 mo. I couldn't get him to sit in my lap for one second.

Now, every evening he jumps up, settles in a favored position (usually thumped across my chest) and allows me to rub under his chin

Joan said...


What an apropo name :D

I know a lot of cats do get diabetes. The first week I got Cricket, I game home from work to find her in a stupor..she hadn't eaten, she didn't respond to me...

She IGNORED her mousie on a stick!!

I was freaked! Called the vet who told me to give her a teaspoon of honey or corn syrup...ends up because she was so tiny, she was hypoglycemic!!! Two doses did it and then I had to switch food...

Yes, I did sleep with her on the couch that night!

Joan said...

Cats do indeed rule Antonia. Your grandmother is lucky to have room!

Joan said...

Hi Jeanne!!!!

I have to say that living the cat/pet experience this past 18 months has "opened" me to the canines as well...not enough to have one (I don't get up for potty breaks unless it's ME) but commune with them at a much deeper level.

In fact, there ia a midsize stray dog I've seen around here off and on for about a month. I WOULD put out food for it...but if he isn't here I'd only attract others things like opposums, raccoons...gerbils

Joan said...


So much would have to do with timing and..finding that spot for a third litter box. REally with today's clumping formulas, covered boxes there is no odor..some litter scatter.

I can't bring it in the house with out a health check...fleas, parasites, FIV etc and expose my baby cats. I only have a garage and I'm afraid she'd climb up into my motor....

If it's meant to be, it will work out. Really I just want to get it scanned and checked and put up for adoption....



Somebody else....


Joan said...

Waving and rowling at Jersey Girl and CC!!!

How are our British cousins?

Mom doesn't let us out to explore but she makes up for it with Salmon Treats...chicken treats, dairy treats, turkey treats...

Well, you get the picture :D

Joan said...


Glad to hear Suki is settling down to her new fur ever home.

Try putting a little bed next to your computer where she can be near you and sleep.

I love her name, btw...

jo robertson said...

Darling post, Joannie. I love your two kitties. And I'll bet dollars to donuts that you won't be able to let Binky go!

I didn't know all those facts about cats, but I knew there was a reason I preferred cats to dogs.

When I was a girl I had a cat named Tammy (yes, the movies with Debbie Reynolds were popular then). When we moved to California we had Shoo-shoo, who actually had nine lives. He was hit by a car once, crawled off before we could get to him, was gone three weeks and came back, miraculously healed.

Another time Shoo-shoo jumped in the back of a truck, was carted over several miles and jumped off. He also made his way home. Amazing cat!

catslady said...

Wonderful blog and I could go on forever when it comes to cats lol. 15 years ago a mama cat and 3 kittens showed up on my porch and were eating food I left for the birds (bread, popcorn etc.). We already had a rescue cat from the pound and our second dog but I brought one of the kittens in (she stayed under a piece of furniture for 3 days). One kitten disappeared and I cared for the others outside. Then another cat showed up and had 2 kittens and mama had another and next thing you know the following year there were 11 kittens Yikes. I fixed some females, found homes for some and kept some. I've had up to 7 at one time. I am now down to 4 inside with one 15 yr. old that is very sick and two outside that I've had for 14 years. I saved one once that had been drenched in motor oil and nursed him with a baby bottle. One I saved from peneumonia but another didn't come to me in time. Males come and go and one was named Grayson :) There can be such heartached but also such joy. I couldn't live without them.

Susan Sey said...

Hey, Joanie! (and Cricket & Grayson)

I'm sad to say I can barely keep up with my children so we have no pets. I've had a few ill-fated run-ins with dogs but nothing that stuck. Maybe there's a kitty in our future...?

For now, we're content with our fish & getting the girls to school on time. But I may drop by for a quick snuggle sometime, if I need a fix. :-)

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, looks like you've got the decidedly un-kittylike chook for the day! Keep him busy. The devil makes work for idle wings.

Awwwww! Lovely, JT! Love the pictures too! And welcome to the lair, Grayson and Cricket. You are so handsome, you could both qualify as cabana boys!

Helen said...

He is all yours today Jane have fun with him


Your two babies did a gret post today loved it, they are really special aren't they.

It is a while since we have had a cat but over the years have had a few and they really became great friends who were always there to listen and make me laugh at their antics. We had a red point siamese once called Tabitha and she was almost human seh would come for drives with us in the car and visit my Mum with us and make herself at home where ever she was.
At the moment we have 1 dog called Brandy who is 13 years old and getting a bit slow and likes to sleep but needs to be as close to me as she can get most of the time.

Life without pets just wouldn't be the same.

Have Fun

Joan said...


This intro? Courtesy of Grayson THE monkey cat who has taken to wallowing over my keyboard under the monitor shelf. He's being...um..spirited. Yeah, that's it spirited this afternoon which is emphasizing adding another would be challenging.

Still no sign of the Binkster today even when I accidently went strolling by the bushes calling "Here kitty, kitty"

Shoo Shoo was a lucky cat. I did read in all the factoids that their ability to hone into home and return is astronomical. Guess your baby proved that

Joan said...


This intro? Courtesy of Grayson THE monkey cat who has taken to wallowing over my keyboard under the monitor shelf. He's being...um..spirited. Yeah, that's it spirited this afternoon which is emphasizing adding another would be challenging.

Still no sign of the Binkster today even when I accidently went strolling by the bushes calling "Here kitty, kitty"

Shoo Shoo was a lucky cat. I did read in all the factoids that their ability to hone into home and return is astronomical. Guess your baby proved that

Joan said...

Awww...little duckling Susan...

Cricket and Grayson would love to snuggle with you....espeically if you have salmon treats in your pocket. :D

And don't worry...I keep lint rollers on hand. Um, don't wear black.

Joan said...

Cricket: Hi Anna Campbell!!!! Do you know HImmy the cat???

Being a girl, I'd make a lousy cabana boy but Grayson? He'd milk it for all it's worth. That look in his picture? He calls it his "smoulder" yanno..like Flynn Ryder in "Tangled"

See? Look real hard over here in KY...he's giving it to you right now....

Joan said...

Helen, Tabitha sounds lovely. I highly suspect Grayson has Siamese in him...his head shape and chattiness.

I also think he has Russian Blue...probably hidden from the Bolsheviks in a litter of "common" kittens to save him.

Well that's the story he told me!

Joan said...


I suspected you might be a fan :D

I could use your rescue acuem for the next two days while I work 12 hours. But then again, she may not come back this way. Heck, "she" might not even BE a she.

I wasn't brave enough to lift up and look....

Kate Carlisle said...

Soooo cute!!! Joanie, your cats are so talented. They can type and spell and everything. No wonder you're so proud!

Well, I don't have any cats -- or dogs or fish, for that matter. But the protagonist in my mystery series, Brooklyn Wainwright. well...hmm, she doesn't have any cats either. But she loves them and once in a while, they love her back. :-)

I do love *writing* about cats, even if I don't presently live with any. How strange is that?

Congrats on snagging the Golden Beast, Jane! Maybe he'll bring a few cats along for entertainment! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, smoulder look working. Knees are officially weak now!

Joan said...


Oh yeah...I know about Brooklyn and her affinity for cat fasting... Poor kitty who MIGHT get fed :0

But..you do have one on every cover so Cricket and Grayson give you two claws up

Nancy said...

Jane, congrats on the bird!

Joanie, what a fun post! It's nice to see your faithful companions.

I think people are wrong about dog memory, though. I've seen dogs check back at the last place they saw something, sometimes days afterward. And they're very good at object permanence when it come to whee the treats are stored.

Louisa Cornell said...

Congrats on getting everyone's favorite temporary pet!

Great post, Joanie! Your furry kids are ADORABLE! And very computer savvy as well! Definitely keep the newcomer. Cats are like potato chips. Can't have just one, or two, or ....

My four feline fur kids are:

Bagheera (24 pounds, ten years old)

Tigger (19 pounds, 8 years old)

Pooh (17 pounds, 8 years old, Tigger's brother and deaf from birth)

Rebecca (7 pounds, 6 years old, the only girl)

The funniest thing they've ever done is the boys came to get Mom because there was a mouse in their automatic feeder dish! They looked at me as if to say "Mom, he's eating our food. DO something!"

Joan said...

I'm not much of a theorist but suffice to say I ALSO remember where the treats are stored...


Joan said...

LOL Louisa,

Your crew would give Puss in Devon England a run for his money...er, pounds.

Too funny about coming to get YOU to get the mouse. Mine do not have REAL mice but Cricket's favorite toy to go cat crazy batting around are these small felt mice with tails. I can't tell you how many she has "drowned" in their water dispenser.

Fortunately, they are drip dry :D

PJ said...

Hi Joanie! Just got home and my two canines are running circles around me. Guess they missed mama today! :)

I love both cats and dogs but am allergic to cats so no furry felines for me. I'll admire yours from afar. ;-)

Kaelee said...

Loved reading about all the cats in the lair. I vote for keep as well.

We currently have two living with us. Lady Saxon is a 15 years old, black and white shorthair. She is currently having trans dermal gel put on her ear flap twice a day as she has an over active thyroid. She weighs in at 6 to 7 pounds depending on how well the medication is working. She is alpha cat
Dash is a 5 year old ginger shorthair male weighing in at 20 pounds. I usually wake up with dead legs about halfway through the night as he's gone to sleep on them.

Our first cat many moons ago was a black short hair named Tiger. Then we got Fluffy, black and white, given to us when his owner went to jail. He got feline leukemea a so we didn't have him long. Tiger went looking for him for days afterwards. So we got Tiger another brother ~ an orange guy called Sesame. Then came Bearcat a stray black kitten who we coaxed into the house a bit at a time with food. He lived in our house for over six months without us ever seeing much of him. Finally one spring day I let him out and he came home a day later and stayed.

When Bearcat passed away we got our girls Saxon and Amber. Amber passed away this spring of kidney failure.

Over the course of years we have had many cats bring home mice and let them loose in the house. It's always interesting to know that the cats can find their own playthings.

I swear our first cat Tiger thought he was a dog as he loved to go for car rides and would walk on a leash. He traveled more than a lot of people get to do as he made it to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with a few great lakes along the way as well.

Lisa Tapp said...

Sorry I'm slow to the conversation. But I just have to say that while cats are well and good (Miss Cricket and I are BFFs) dogs are surprisingly wonderful. Mine doesn't overwhelm me (or visitors) with constant chit chat (he can only say 10 things, remember?) but he understands a lot. And he will sit, he will stay, and he will come -- sometimes without the aid of a snack.

Lisa Tapp said...

Sorry for entering the conversation so late. But I have to say that while cats are well and good (Miss Cricket and I are BFFs), dogs are pretty wonderful, too. Mine doesn't overwhelm me (or visitors) with a lot of chit chat (he can only say 10 things, remember?) but he understands a lot. And he will sit, he will stay, he will come -- sometimes without the incentive of a treat.

Lisa Tapp said...

(And just in case you didn't hear it the first time, I posted twice!)