Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Famous Five by Anna Campbell

OK, inspired by the Rudolph question from Cassondra's great blog about childhood movie and music memories, I want to play a game. It's one of those silly five unusual facts things. Hey, shoot me! I love lists! And the less useful, the better! And if you want to tell me why you choose your answers, I'd love to know.

My questions are:

What's your favorite romance novel?

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?

What's your favorite film?

What's the world's most useful invention?

Which five people throughout history (including today) would you ask for dinner?

Here are my answers:

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

Tainted Love by Soft Cell

Lawrence of Arabia

The electric light

Jane Austen, Hugh Lawrie, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Dorothy Dunnett, P.G. Wodehouse

OK, your turn!

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Annie West said...

Hi Anna,

Just popped in to see the latest blog and couldn't resist responding to your post. What fun! What scares me though is the similiarity between your answers and mine.

Fave romance - either 'Lord of Scoundrels' or 'The Moonspinners' by Mary Stewart.

Embarrassing song - honestly I can't think of one I'm embarrassed to love. 'Tainted Love' is one of my all time faves but (I must have missed something) - I didn't know I was supposed to be embarrassed by that! (G)

Fave film - impossible to answer - sorry.

Most useful invention - writing! Imagine a world without books! Does that count as an invention?

5 people to dinner - definitely PG Wodehouse (snap) and Hugh Laurie (double snap). Jane Austen (triple snap - this is too scary!). Ludwig II of Bavaria (the one who build Neuschwanstein) because he was such a fascinating character. I warmed to him when I heard he used to have places set for his female guests including, from memory, Marie Antoinette, even though he was actually dining alone. As for a fifth - hm. Either Agatha Christie - archaeology and mysteries together would be terrific. Or Cleopatra - there are several questions I'd love to ask her and I'm sure the combined charm of the other guests might convince her to talk. And she did know how to party in style. Or possibly George II before he went ga ga. He sounded like such an affable man, energetic and interested in so many things.


Christine Wells said...

OK, I'll play!

What's your favorite romance novel?

Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer, closely followed by LC's Lord of Scoundrels and Kinsale's Flowers from the Storm. I'm a Libran, I can't choose just one!

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?

I LOVE Tainted Love! Is that supposed to be embarrassing??? OK, here's a worse one: Hit Me Baby One More Time or whatever it's called, by BS--hey, it's got good memories.

What's your favorite film?

Gosh, I'm so bad at just picking one. An Affair to Remember, Emma, Breakfast at Tiffany's

What's the world's most useful invention?

Disposable nappies.

Which five people throughout history (including today) would you ask for dinner?

Duke of Wellington, Casanova, Jane Digby, Dorothy Porter and Georgette Heyer

Christine Wells said...

Oh, man! Even when Anna's Blogging I can't get on there first! Hi Ann, I like your choices. Like you, I had no idea Tainted Love was so...well, tainted.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Annie and Christine! What great responses. I'd love to come to your dinner parties. And what great ideas for the inventions. Is Tainted Love not, well, tainted? Perhaps I should have gone for my other embarrassing alternatives - Don't Fence Me In, Turning Japanese and Ant Music. Now there has to be some embarrassment value in there. Oh and what about Ca Plein Pour Moi by Plastique Bertrand. Actually, I seem to be stuck in the '80s! I'm dating myself. Oh, well, better than being without a date, I suppose! ;-)

Helen said...

Favourite romance novel
Ashes In The Wind Kathleen Woodiwiss

What song are you embarrased to admit you love
I don't think there is one that I am embarrased to love but one of my favourite songs is Thats Amore Dean Martin

Whats my favourite movie
Gone With The Wind

Most Useful Invention
I agree with You Anna a light bulb so as I can read late into the night

Five people to invite to dinner

Hugh Jackman, Hugh Lawrie,Cary Grant,Kathleen Woodiwiss and The Queen Mother
That was fun Anna Thanks had me thinking.
Have Fun

Amy Andrews said...

Cool post Anna.

Romance - that changes and is usually the one I've just read which happens to be Kelly Hunters Sleeping Partner and it is really fantastic. But I guess of all time - Wuthering Heights. It was a book I read in high school under duress and absolutely loved from the very first word. I even have a leather bound copy I bought in a little bookshop in Haworth, England.

Song - can absolutely beat Tainted Love hands down. I have always had a thing for Achy Breaky Heart. And proud to admit it.

Fav film - very hard. Love Dead Poets Society and Children of a Lesser God. But adore Love Actually and Notting Hill.

Invention - electricity

5 dinner guests - Sydney Poitier, because he's so dignified and came through an era when being black in Hollywood(or anywhere)was tough. Robbie Williams, because there's something about a bad boy. Emmeline Pankhurst and Florence Nightingale, two strong women who forged a way for other women in times when we were to be seen and not heard. Anita Roddick (Body Shop founder)who started a revolution in ethical business practices.
Not quite sure what Flo and Em would make of Robbie but I'm pretty sure he'd charm their pants off.

Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews said...

Okay totally off track but kind of not because of our friend Enid. I looked after a child the other day at work whose two first names were Amelia Jane. "Oh, as in Your a Naughty Girl Amelia Jane," I say. Not one person at work got what I was on about :-(
Mind you, most of them were born in the late 80's, early 90's. Sigh!


Annie West said...

Anna - Plastique Bertand! Yes - I used to love that song. So much energy!

Helen - just had to add I love Dino's songs too. Great choice.

Oh, I want to go to all these dinner parties too. Fantastic. Amy - yes I wondered about Ms Pankhurst too, and Ms Heyer, but my dining room table was getting so crowded!


Carol Burge said...

What fun questions! Here are my answers:

1. What's your favorite romance novel?

A. Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers

2. What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?

A. Purple Rain by Prince

3. What's your favorite film?

A. Lonesome Dove

4. What's the world's most useful invention?
A. The automobile

5. Which five people throughout history (including today) would you ask for dinner?

a.) Jane Austen, b.) Jim Morrison of the Doors, c.) Billy the Kid d.) Mother Teresa e.) Julius Ceasar

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Helen, no reason to be embarrassed for liking the Dino! He was born cool and stayed that way! That's Amore still puts a smile on my face every time I hear it.

Amy, your dinner party sounds like it would be great fun. If full of rather bolshy women!

Carol, love your answers. Sounds like Jane A is going to have a busy social calendar, doesn't it?

Amy Andrews said...

Would you expect any less of me Anna?


Caren Crane said...

Carol Burge, I was just reading about Jim Morrison yesterday. What a troubled, confused, genius of a guy! And a hottie, too, until he got heavy and grew the wild beard. And to die at 27. *sigh* Poor Jim.

Oh, and I'll post my list later - not time now. I just had to sigh over Jim!

HistoricalGoddess said...

1. My favourite romance novel is A Promise In A Kiss by Stephanie Laurens

2. The song is Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix.

3. My favourite flim is Ever After.

4. The worlds most useful invention is the toilet and toothebrush.

5. Five people are Lord Byron cause I would love to know how naughty he really was, King Henry VIII because I really would love to know what attracted women to him like bees to honey other than being king, Lady Jane cause I feel really bad for circumstances, Rasputin cause I hear he is a relative of some sort and Stewart Townsend cause he is going to be my mister one day. LOL
Michele Gardner

Stacy S said...

What's your favorite romance novel?
The Gift by Julie Garwood.
What song are you embarrassed to admit you love? Superman by Eminem

What's your favorite film? The Wizard of Oz & Pretty Woman

What's the world's most useful invention? Internet & Plumbing

Which five people throughout history (including today) would you ask for dinner? Julie Garwood, Kay Hooper, Lenny Kravitz, Nora Roberts, John Lennon.

Gillian Layne said...

Good morning, Anna :)

The Gallant Waif by Anne Gracie. What a humorous, sensual delight from start to finish.

Africa by Toto. Doesn't embarrass me, but when I sing it certainly embarrasses my girls.

People Will Talk--again, a humorous, sensual delight. And the dialogue is so good it makes me weep.

The microscope.

Yikes! For dinner--Mary Balogh, Laurie R King, Elizabeth Peters, Debbie Macomber, and William Shakespeare. I'd just sip tea and soak up their collective brilliance.

Buffie said...

Great questions Anna!! Let's see

1) The Wedding by Julie Garwood. It's the book that got me started on romance.

2) Okay, this is bad, really bad. When I was growing up I just loved "Puppy Love" by Donny Osmond. OMG, did I really just say that :)

3) Father of the Bride

4) Feminine products (I have to be practical!)

5) This is a tough one. John F. Kennedy, Napoleon, Princess Diana, Benjamin Franklin, and Attila the Hun. What an interesting dinner that would be :)

brownone said...

Favorite Romance: "Devil in Winter" by Lisa Kleypas followed extremely closely by "The Darkest Heart" by Brenda Joyce

Embarassing song: "Don't worry be happy" (I sing it to my kids now and then and they just have a horrified look on thier faces)

Favorite Film: Okay, now this one is unfair! I'm a HUGE Johnny Depp fan so I LOVED the "pirates" movies along with "Finding Neverland", etc... (Oh, and "Love Actually" and "Big Fish")

Most Useful Invention: The ability to harnass the power of electricity!

Five people for dinner: Johnny Depp, Anderson Cooper (he's so hot), Brad Pitt, Rodrigo Santoro (ah...Karl), and Hugh Jackman...

Caren Crane said...

Okay, now I can play. These are tough questions, btw, Anna!

Romance - 'Lord of Scoundrels' by Loretta Chase. Simply perfect!

Embarrassing song - I had to sift through a lot of Gouda to choose. I am torn between Stevie Wonder's 'Overjoyed' and ELO's 'Turn To Stone'. I'll go with Stevie!

Fave film - Hm. 'Moonstruck', of course. *g*

Most useful invention - after every hurricane, we are without power for any number of days. So, I can live without that. What is essential, however, is the flushing toilet!

5 people for dinner - Gandhi. Oscar Wilde. St Augustine (he was a wild one in his youth!). Elizabeth I. Thomas Jefferson (narrowly edging out Benjamin Franklin). What a great dinner party that would be!

Anonymous said...

Anna, you naughty thing--I was supposed to go to work early this morning and NOT sit here musing over my invitations to a dinner party! :-)

Romance: Tears of Gold, Laurie McBain

Song: hmm...Macarena. Are you happy now?!

Film: The Pirate Movie (terrible 80s remake of the Pirates of Penzance that I watched over and over and over in high school and still love).

Useful invention: I'm waiting for a cheap, readily available source of renewable energy. Gad I'm boring this morning!

5 people to dinner: Not meaning to be heavy about it, but Ghandi would be up there, and Jesus. And Kathleen Norris, so she and Jesus could talk and I could listen. And the Dalai Lama, so they could talk out all these supposed differences between the religions. Hmm. And C.S. Lewis. I'd like to get him in the conversation too.

Anonymous said...

Amy A--Good on you for admitting the Achy Breaky Heart thing!! I loved that song too. :-)

Think Carol gets the prize for most diverse list! I wonder how Morrison and Cesar would get along...

Stacy, I can't even admit to myself that I like that song, but I guess maybe it is hard to turn off. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Caren, tell the truth--is the first thing you do when you get to work logging onto the RB site? :-)

Anonymous said...

Gillian, I know what I'll be singing all day now. Thanks!

doglady said...

Man, the Banditas have been busy today! Good on you, Anna C for this topic! Hmm.
Fave Romance : The Quiet Gentleman by Heyer, Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas and Claiming the Courtesan by Anna Campbell!

Embarassing song : Don't Worry, Be Happy and A Country Boy Will Survive by Hank Williams, Jr. Not good picks for a retired opera singer!

Fave Film : To Kill a Mockingbird, Sounder, Last of the Mohicans, Dances with Wolves

Most useful invention : the wheel, but not the car. I hate 'em. I love horses.

Five dinner guests : Byron, Beethoven, Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer and Tecumseh

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Favorite Romance Novel: Saving Grace, by Julie Garwood. (duh, we've had this talk before. And I'm considering today to be reading #28)

Embarassing song: The Battle Hymn of The Republic. Here's why. I'm lousy with lyrics. I actually adore this song, but until I was 16 I didn't know all the words, and I sing rather loudly. So this is what it's supposed to say: "He is trampling out the vintage where his grapes of wrath are stored." MY VERSION? "He is stamping out the village with his great and wrathsome sword." Ah kids laughed too!

Favorite film: French Kiss. Need I say more?

Most Useful Invention: the computer, for writing and e-mailing my Bandit friends

5 people to dinner: Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross; Eleanor Roosevelt; Louis Armstrong; Susan Elizabeth Phillips, because I find her witty and entertaining in person; The 2007 Cleveland Indians, (Okay they aren't one person, but I'd still love to have them for a cookout and celebrate with them!)

Caren Crane said...

Kirsten, I can neither confirm nor deny that the first thing I do is log onto RB each morning. *ahem*

Andrea said...

Tough questions, Anna! But here goes...

What's your favorite romance novel? Hmmmm, right now I would say that my favorite is If His Kiss is Wicked by Jo Goodman....this book is fantastic!

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love? Two Princes by the Spin Doctors....does anyone else remember them? During one of the first dates with my hubby, I jammed out and grooved to this song and he just laughed and laughed at me!

What's your favorite film? I really love the movie 12 Angry Men (black and white version) fact, I could probably quote it word for word.

What's the world's most useful invention? Indoor plumbing....I'd hate to think of a world full of crap. LOL!

Which five people throughout history (including today) would you ask for dinner? Wow, um.... Alfred Hitchcock, Princess Diana, Jane Austen, Jimmy Stewart and Christian Bale.

Whew! That was incredibly difficult. And of course, my tastes may be different tomorrow....well, except for Christian Bale. ;)


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Wow, Anna, great topic! This one is going to be another one of those "check back again and again" days, like yesterday, to see what people say. :> Suz, you SO crack me up. Was LOL about the Battle Hymn lyrics.
Let's see, Fav. Romance: There are so many, but of all time, probably Jane Eyre.

Embarassing song - if its a song, I'll sing it, no matter how embarassing. Like a musical, I'm wont to break into song at odd moments. THAT is what embarasses my family. Snork. Actual embarassing song to admit I like? Probably the Scooby theme. :>

Fave Film - I would have to go top five in just about every genre to answer this question. A couple to list - Die Hard; Moonstruck; Princess Bride; All the LOTR movies, All the POC movies... okay, I'll stop.

Most useful invention - printing press, followed quickly by flush toilets/indoor plumbing. Can't live w/o either.

Five for dinner - this is hard after all the other great answers. (I'd LOVE to sit in on Lenny Kravetz and Nora. Snork!)

Here's my take, for today:
Eleanor Roosevelt, because she was a total make-it-happen woman. Helen Keller (same reason). Homer. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Ben Franklin. Okay, I know that's six, but I can't leave any of them out. I've changed the list 4 times already, so I had to stop and go with this. Grins.

In an hour, I'll have thought of four other people to invite, esp. since the list on-loop is so INTERESTING! Poor Jane Austin will never go hungry again. Ha!

Hellie Sinclair said...

What's your favorite romance novel?

Whisper of Roses (Teresa Medeiros). Sexiest hero ever, and by turns funny and tragic. A DIK for sure. And he’s Scottish—what’s not to love?

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?

YOU CANNOT TELL ANYONE. When a Man Loves a Woman, by Michael Bolton. A.) Nobody is supposed to like Michael Bolton; B.) I’m not even supposed to like Mikes—they’re like Death to me. Steel Bars is a close second.

What's your favorite film?

This is impossible to narrow since movies are like air for me, almost more so than books. (Wow, that’s heretical, isn’t it?) Okay…my house is on fire…I’m running to my DVD collection—but I can only grab one…my fingers touch—oh, of course: Pirates of the Caribbean. What WAS I thinking? Pirates, obviously. Romance, action-adventure, Jack with that debonair swagger and Orlie with those soulful eyes.

What's the world's most useful invention?

The orange peeler. Unless I’m not eating oranges, then I find microwaves dead-useful. Not that I do all my cooking through them, but when I don’t have a microwave, suddenly I realize I can’t hardly do any cooking.

Which five people throughout history (including today) would you ask for dinner?

Casanova, Lord Byron, William Wallace, Thomas Jefferson & Will Shakespeare. All men, of course—it IS my dinner. Hope they all like beef. I was thinking of serving pot roast. (I don’t know if I want anyone who is current in the world at my house for dinner—George Clooney or Orlando Bloom, but not because they were interesting like the others. Only because they’d be pretty—and probably bathe more often than my picks.)

Hellie Sinclair said...

Okay, I have to make a trade. I posted and realized DUH, I would want to have dinner with JK Rowling. So Will Shakespeare for JK Rowling--mainly because he's not as hot as the other guys--and I've read all of JK's books and have mostly only watched Will's stuff as movies.

I'm shallow, yes.

But can you imagine dinner with JK Rowling? I'd almost have to have dinner with her without the other guys because I wouldn't notice they were there anyway! It'd be Harry Potter this and that ALL evening!

FilmPhan said...

My favorite romance - this is really hard, between 2: "Yours Until Morning" by Teresa Medieros and "Devil in Winter" by Lisa Kleypas.

Embarassing song - "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive (I think that's the group)

Favorite film - really hard but I love "Down with Love" and I'll throw "The Wedding Singer" in there because I love it too

Most useful invention - heated running water

5 people to dinner - Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Donn Knotts, Marie Antoinette, and Gerard Butler (just cause he's hot)

Caren Crane said...

Filmphan, you have *no idea* how close 'Right Round' (and you were correct, it's by Dead Or Alive) was to making the list. But really, it was edged out by the fake tweeting birds and running water on 'Overjoyed' and the sheer symphonica electronica of 'Turn To Stone'. But I own the Dead Or Alive CD (as well as the others) and my husband is mortified every time I crank it up on the boom box!

Oh, and for those who were inviting Shakespeare, I'm afraid I would just as soon invite Joseph Fiennes as Shakespeare. Oh, my!

Caren Crane said...

MsHellion, your Michael Bolton admission is so soul-scorchingly mortifying. I was embarrassed for you! You're right: no one is supposed to really like Michael.

I am dead curious about the anathema of the Mikes. Most Mikes I know are stand-up guys. Do spill!

ruth said...

Favorite Novel:Dragonflies and Dinosaurs by Kate Austin
Favorite Song: All by Myself by Celine Dion
Favorite Film: Cinema Paradiso
Invention: Swamp Coolers
5 people: Sir Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Golda Meir, Daphne DuMaurier, Donald Sutherland.

Hellie Sinclair said...

Caren: it's not that profound. You know there is a certain name in your dating past where you just won't date anyone with that name anymore? It's like that. I won't date Mikes.

Hellion's Dating Mikes:

1.) Mike: Possibly would have been fine, except he dumped me to date my best friend. Then he turned out to be gay.
2.) Mike#2: Right after the above Mike, I met another--and I was leery about meeting him. (I mean, if he turned out to be gay, what did that say about me? Was my gaydar broken?) We survived three dates--and at the end of the third, in which he insisted we watch Titanic (which by the way was a Mike#1 favorite)--he turns to me and says, "I'm sorry, but I'm looking for a love like the Titanic, and you're just not it."--yes, that's what he said. (Dead funny, isn't it? Wasn't at the time.) THEN he burst into tears, so I had to comfort him and say it was okay that he wanted to dump me for Kate Winslet.
3.) Mike#3: Not very memorable, but he wasn't a winner either. Just reinforced that Mikes are not who I should be dating.
4.) Mike#4: In the middle of our date, we realize we're 4th cousins. (Say your collective *ewwwws* now.)

After #4, I decided to leave the Mikes alone. Plus my sister has an ex-husband named Mike, and though I've neither dated nor been married to him, he hangs out around the house (despite the divorce)--and he alone would keep me from dating Mikes forever as well.

I *am* fond of men with names that start with "J" and men named Steve. I don't know why...since the one Steve I went on a date with was creepy...and the other one I knew was a felon--but apparently there was a nice guy in college named Steve--and I've thought Steves are nice ever since.

Perception is WEIRD, isn't it?

Trish Milburn said...

Wow, so many great answers. Here's mine:

Favorite romance novel -- I seriously am going to have trouble picking just one of anything. So I'm going to go with Pamela Morsi's historicals and J.R. Ward's paranormals.

Embarrassing song -- I'll second Christine's Britney Spears, though I like "Stronger" and "Gimme More" more. Yes, I own two Britney CDs. :)

Fave film -- again, can't narrow to one. The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, the LOTR trilogy, the two Underworld movies and Last of the Mohicans.

Most useful invention -- I almost agreed with harnessing electricity and the automobile, but then I thought of vaccines. Just think, without them, a lot of us wouldn't have made it past childhood.

5 people invited to dinner -- J.K. Rowling, Joss Whedon, Orlando Bloom, Dana Stabenow, and just for totally fun Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (showing my Supernatural fandom here)

Trish Milburn said...

ACK! I totally have "You Spin Me Round" in my head now. Get it out!! Okay, I really liked it at the time, but man it gets stuck in one's head.

diane said...

My favorite romance has to be Women in Love by D.H.Lawrence.
My favorite song is Il Mondo by Patrizio Buanne.
My favorite film is definitely Il Postino.
Invention is paper
5 people whom I would invite would be Charles Dickens, Jonas Salk, Ray Bradbury, Christopher Plummer, Ron Silver

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, I'm having huge fun with this. It's really early in the morning in Oz and I'm already thinking about all the dinner parties I'd like to crash! And trying to get both You Spin Me Round (what was with that eyepatch, anyway?) and Don't Worry Be Happy out of my brain. The two together is just TOO much!

Amy, I can see you handling those bolshy women with one hand tied behind your back (in which case you'd better have things on the menu that you can eat with a fork!). Still laughing at the idea of Robbie charming the pants off Emmeline. Think that might be the case of the immovable object and the irresistible force! And I'm with you on Wuthering Heights. Actually, it and Jane Eyre nearly made my favorite romance. It's actually quite tough to narrow it down, isn't it?

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Michele, Rasputin is your relative? How cool! I was telling my young friend of the horse video fame about him on the weekend. Funny what crops up, isn't it? Have you seen a photo of him - amazing eyes! You can see why he had such power over people. Love your dinner guests - Byron was just on the outer for my list so if Jane Austen can't make it because she's so freaking popular, I'll have Byron in! I suspect his jokes are better anyway! Oh, and you're right about the toilet. Hmm, perhaps it should replace my electric light option... Thanks for coming by and commenting!

Stacy, great to see you on the Banditas. Your dinner party sounds like a lot of fun! I would have loved to have met John Lennon. Mind you, I would have been so tongue tied, I wouldn't have got a word out!

Susan Sey said...

Hey, Anna--

Oooh, favorite romance novel... Okay, here's the one I read over & over again as a teen: Iris Johanssen's "And the Desert Blooms." Cheesy sheik kidnaps young American plotline & I'd probably hate it now, but back then? To die for. Nowadays, I'd have to go with SEP's "Breathing Room." She broke so many so-called rules, & I hung on every word.

Embarassing song: Can I admit this among friends? I have a thing for Kid Rock. Not the person (ick), the music. ("They say I'm cocky, & I say WHAT? It ain't braggin' motherf*cker if you back it up!" How can you not love that kind of cheek?)

Favorite film: Um, Mary Poppins.

Most useful invention: Baby sling. Hands down.

5 dinner guests: I'd love to be high brow like Kirsten & get me some profound answers about life, but the fact is, I'm shallow. I want Nora Roberts for the cursing, Jenny Crusie for the laughs, Martha Stewart (only if I can get her tipsy--that would be fun), my husband to exchange speaking looks with & Matt Damon, cause he seems both hot & smart, a highly desirable combination.


Anna Campbell said...

Hi Gillian! Great to 'see' you! Great dinner party! Actually all the dinner parties sound great. Elizabeth Peters would be a hoot - I wonder if she's like Amelia Peabody!

Hey, Buffie! I was so hoping someone would come up with Puppy Love! Now, that IS embarrassing ;-) Isn't it interesting how many people have picked a Julie Garwood for their book? And I think she's going to be almost as busy with the dinner invites as Ms Austen! Perhaps we should all just get them to cater and we'll head to their place. Um, keep Attila away from the sharp cutlery!

Anna Campbell said...

Brownone, thanks a million. You know what I'm humming under my breath now as I type this! And it's all your fault! Actually I still really like that song, in spite of fish on the wall that sing it and it being on cell phone rings. Your dinner party sounds like it needs another woman to handle all that male gorgeousness! Pick me, pick me! Thanks for playing! It's been really fun seeing everyone's responses.

Caren, it always surprises me just how much we've got in common. I had Elizabeth I and Thomas Jefferson on my list for dinner first (they were ahead of Wodehouse and Hugh Laurie). But I decided they'd both try and take over the conversation! Interesting people to meet, though. And I'm swinging over to the flushing toilet as the most useful invention. I think I love the electric light because I'm working by it most of the time! Can you imagine going back to a world lit only by candlelight?

Anna Campbell said...

Kirsten, I'm glad you had fun with the questions. I love stuff like this. I often sit and think about my dinner party, choosing and discarding. No, Cleopatra, you are so out this week! Your dinner party sounds amazing! Actually, I really like the Macarena. It's like I'm Too Sexy or The Girl from Ipanema. Hear it once, it's with you all day. Worse than eating garlic. And hey, I loved the Pirate Movie. That's the one with Kevin Kline as the pirate king, yeah? He was pretty hot dashing from mast to mast!

All you Achy Breaky Heart girls make me laugh! Long live the mullet!

Gillian, meant to say I love Gallant Waif. Those early Anne Gracies are like gold. I hope they republish them soon.

And I've got to join the RB tragics. It's the first site I visit too! And then I keep coming back.

Caren, wanted to say I'd love to meet St Augustine too. I think he would have been a lovely mixture of sophistication and wisdom.

Caren Crane said...

Foanna, I dream of a world lit by candlelight. We would all look so wonderful. We would simply glow and men would swoon over our dewy complexions. *sigh* flourescent lighting is the bane of my existence.

Beth Andrews said...

Anna, what a great post! Let's see...

Fave Romance - I can't pick just one so I'll say my newest favorite romance is Natural Born Charmer *g* Definitely SEP at her best!

Embarrassing song - I don't have any songs that I'm embarrassed about liking *g* Oh, although I did attend a Richard Marx concert once. Now THAT'S embarrassing :-)

Favorite film - couldn't possibly chose.

Most useful invention -Electricity. And my MP3 player ;-)

Five people I'd invite to dinner - Like Jeanne, this list would change day to day *g* Today's list is: Richard Winters (real life Major from Band Of Brothers) Damien Lewis (he played Maj Winters in BOB and has a new tv show) Steve Carell, Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Anna Campbell said...

Doglady, another invitation for that Austen chick! When you're hot, you're hot, clearly. And excellent choice of favourite romances ;-) Sadly, I am incorruptible and mentioning my book will get you my eternal gratitude but no certainty of a calendar! Actually there's a Hank Williams song called Hey, Good Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin'? That could have made my list too. And speaking of things that would have made my list, Last of the Mohicans was just edged out by the glories of Peter and Omar in LOA. Sigh. Actually both films have a lot in common although LOTM is much more romantic. Epic and gorgeous music for a start! Thanks for playing! And seriously, all jokes aside, I'm chuffed that CTC made the list! xxx

Suz, I've been snorking down here about your battle hymn lyrics problem. I had something similar with the Lord's Prayer when I was in early primary school. We used to say it as a group at school assembly on the playground and I always thought it started "Alf Arthur, who art in heaven." Always felt sorry for Alf Arthur who had clearly died young! And I love French Kiss - KK is wonderful in that, isn't he? Love the reforming the bad boy story. Always works for me.

Cassondra said...

Wow, Anna!

Tough questions.

My answers are weird.
What's your favorite romance novel?
It changes. I can't name one. My most recent favorite is The Education of Mrs. Brimley. And no, I'm not sucking up...;0/ I tend to fall in love with the latest one I've read. BUT although there are perennial favorites on my keeper shelf, my state of mind/emotion keeps them shifting in rank. I know, not a good answer.

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
She's a Brick House
I'm not one. Not stacked at all. And it's a ridiculous womanizing song. :0/ But I can't help bopping along down the road when it's on the radio.

What's your favorite film?
Practical Magic

What's the world's most useful invention?
Tampons and Toilet Paper are tied.
(I know. Ick. But I can live without electricity much easier than I can live without these.)

Which five people throughout history (including today) would you ask for dinner?

Some on my list nobody will have heard of:
1)Black Agnes Dunbar (A Scottish woman who so successfully defended Dunbar Castle from the enemy (in absence of her husband) that the enemy was stymied. At a loss as to what to do, they captured her husband and threatened to kill him if she didn't surrender. She called their bluff, looked over the castle wall and said, "Go ahead. Then all this will be MINE." Of course, they didn't want to kill him because he was a valuable laird, so they gave up and went home. (grin)

2)Nefret--Egyptian Holy Woman
4)Emily Dickinson
5)Marilyn Monroe

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Andrea, cool dinner party. I would have loved to meet Hitchcock. I think he understood the storytelling process like nobody before or since. My parents were huge fans so I grew up watching those wonderful old films. Which is your favourite? I think mine is probably Notorious. Cary and Ingrid just light up the screen! Or perhaps The 39 Steps which is just SOOO clever. And for visuals, there would always be Christian! I've heard such good buzz about the Jo G book. I'll have to buy it. Thanks for the recommendation.

Jeanne, the dinner party one is fun, isn't it? I change mine every five minutes too. And I've noticed a lot of people who nearly made it to my list on other people's lists which is nice. I hate to think of my heroes going lonely. Homer is a great choice! Although I've heard he's a bit ODD-yssey. Someone had to say it. Seriously, I think the people who said writing and the printing press are onto something profound. Probably more so than toilets and electric lights! Where would we be if there was no writing?

Caren Crane said...

Okay, I'm waffling today. Cassondra, I have a real affinity for funk, so I like 'Brick House' a lot, I'll admit. But my favorite from the funk era? 'September' by Earth, Wind & Fire. But I'm not embarrassed about it, so I'll still let 'Overjoyed' stand. I don't think anything except Buffie's 'Puppy Love' and possibly MsHellion's Michael Bolton rival the sheer cheese of Stevie Wonder's 'Overjoyed'.

ponders last statement

Okay, 'Puppy Love' definitely wins. *g*

Cassondra said...

mshellion wrote:

YOU CANNOT TELL ANYONE. When a Man Loves a Woman, by Michael Bolton. A.) Nobody is supposed to like Michael Bolton; B.) I’m not even supposed to like Mikes—they’re like Death to me. Steel Bars is a close second.

HA! You did NOT own up to this yesterday when I admited I used this very album as my score for scenes in my manuscipt. (huffy sniff, followed by a grin);0)

I almost put this as my embarrassing song too.

Anna Campbell said...

MsHellion, here we ARE not sisters. Could not handle the MB in any format, even when he guested on the Nanny which I just adored (actually that's kinda embarrassing on its own!). I wanna come to your dinner party. I like beef! Casanova and Byron - can't you just imagine the p*ssing contest that would go on there? Snork! Oh, and I'm with you on JK Rowling. Don't you admire someone, particularly when that someone is a woman, who has done so well just out of her talent and hard work and persistence? JKR rocks!!! I thinks he's richer than the Queen now!

Caren Crane said...

Oh, Cassondra, for shame! You think 'Brick House' is more embarrassing than MB's 'When a Man Loves a Woman'? Something is very wrong....

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Filmphan, I want to come to YOUR dinner party too (clearly my social life is about to pick up!). I just adored Audrey. Still do. And she was such a gorgeous person even off the screen. That smile just lights up a room, doesn't it? I'd want Frank to sing - he's still one of my favorite singers. Gives me shivers! Good ones. Actually I really like Round like a Record. I lived in London when it was a hit and so it's got great memories for me. Hmm, thinking of some nightclubs I went to - and perhaps some rather STRANGE memories!

MsHellion! Laughed at your Mike problems. Although as you say, sure they weren't funny at the time. I always had luck with Marks. Perhaps you just need to change the vowel!

Ruth, great dinner party. An invite please? And what's a swamp cooler? Be kind to the poor linguistically challenged Aussie!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Trish, you're right about the vaccines. All this stuff makes you glad you live now and not in ages past, doesn't it? How did I know you'd got for POC? Snork! And thank you for your courage, my friend, in admitting to owning the Britney albums! You get the gold star for bravery ;-)

Diane, love the sound of your dinner party. I've had a crush on Christopher P since I saw the SOM at the age of about four! I'm noticing there's a preponderance of hot guys at these dinner tables. Hmm, a coincidence?

Susan, when you say 'cheesy' sheikh, I'm guessing you don't mean he's got smelly feet? I love sheikh stories. I'm the original sheikh geikh! Don't be ashamed here, my friend! Your dinner party sounds like such fun. We had Jenny Crusie out for the Oz romance writers conference this year and she's an absolute hoot!

Anna Campbell said...

Caren, but if you had a good book, you'd have trouble reading it outside daylight hours. It's amazing how many people went blind back then - Bach, Handel! All that straining to read by candlelight. Sorry, I'll swap reading into the night for people seeing my wrinkles!

Beth, great answers. Thanks for playing. I think SEP might be almost as busy as Miss Austen! I've seen her speak and she's just so warm and witty and wise, isn't she? Good choice!

Cassondra, cool answers! Although I don't know the Brick House song (not sure I want to!). Agnes sounds like such a great woman. More power to her elbow! Michelangelo almost made my list too.

Yeah, I think Puppy Love has won the cheesiest song comp. Even more than the Michael Bolton!

Hey, thanks everyone for playing this silly game. It's been a fun way to start the day down here!

Buffie said...

Beth -- I used to love Richard Marx -- back in the day! I actually think I still have one of his cassette tapes (yep, cassette so you know its old!).

Anna Sugden said...

OMG - great questions and great answers!

Fave romance - so hard to choose, but I'm another one for SEP's Natural Born Charmer. I also love Deirdre Martin's Body Check and Kate Angell's Curve Ball (hmmm - a bit of a theme there *grin*) and Susan Mallery's Falling for Gracie.

Embarrassing song - I'm sure there are loads (I too like everyone else's embrarrassing songs) How about Under the Moon of Love by Showaddywaddy?

Fave Film - The Philadelphia Story or Charade or My Favourite Wife (though I also love Pretty Woman, Top Gun and Practical Magic)

Most useful invention - the printing press.

5 people to dinner:

Cary Grant
Audrey Hepburn
Katherine Hepburn
Errol Flynn
Freddie Mercury

Oh and whoever mentioned Rodrigo Santoro *sigh* Gorgeous. I also like Cristiano Ronaldo who plays footie for Man U.

HistoricalGoddess said...

Hey, they say he is a relative but I dont know if I believe it. Im a skeptic. However I have seen pictures of him and I agree with the eyes. My male relatives look like him, theres a very near likeness that is erie.LOL..

Aww thank you. I love being wild so who better than my guests to join me? Jane is to staid for me but I do love her or my good twin side adores her but my bad twin side is out. Smiling with a twinkle in her eye. Yes the toilet. I dont think I could go with out one of those. Really I dont think Id do good with a chamberpot or an out house or whatever.LOL..Your an invited guest to by the way. So you can listen to Byrons Jokes too and we can what is it called Twitter? at them.LOL..

Hellie Sinclair said...

In my defense about Michael Bolton, it *does* stem from high school and junior dances...and the cute basketball player. I think When a Man Loves a Woman was "the song" one year...or something. Lord, did I have a crush on that jock! (He was not named Mike incidentally.)

A close second in this is Richard Marx--which, whenever I hear the song Hazard, I stop and listen...and sing along.

I will keep my eye out for single guys named Mark. (Or Matthew...I've always liked Matts, too.)

Nancy said...

Anna, what a cool theme! Here are my answers:

Romance: Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer, the first of hers I read.

Embarrassing song: "Da Do Ran Ran" as recorded by Shaun Cassidy.

Film: To Kill a Mockingbird

Invention: The printing press. Or antibiotics. Hmm, hard to choose.

Dinner guests: George Lucas, Richard III and Queen Anne Neville, the Duke of Wellington, and Elizabeth I. Not sure what they'd all have to talk about, but we'd find out!

Anna Campbell said...

Vrai Anna, like sports romances, do we? Snork! Love your dinner party. I'd have to get my most elegant gown out for that one, with perhaps an outrageous pair of earrings in honor of Mr Mercury.

Hey, Michele, thanks for including me in the invite. Perhaps I should have made that a condition! Five people AND Anna Campbell. Actually, I think Rasputin in real life might have been a bit scary!

MsHellion, your school dance comment gave me such a flashback. Here we go - Stayin' Alive by the Bee Gees! It still makes me smile, tight pants and all!

Goodness, Nancy, I'm not sure my blood is blue enough to come to your dinner party. I'd love to meet Richard III just to ask him about the princes. Went through a stage when I thought he'd been hard done by by Tudor propagandists but I've since decided he DID kill the princes. One of those 'who benefits?' questions when looking for the criminal. See? All those hours watching Brit crime shows did not go to waste! And admitting to Shaun is almost up there with Puppy Love and Michael Bolton. Clearly I'll have to get a few bravery awards minted! ;-)

Kate Carlisle said...

Oh, this is too fun! I'll probably have to cheat and name several of everything. Let's see...

Fave romance - Historical is Julie Garwood's 'Lion's Lady' and contemporary is Nora's 'Born In Fire'

Embarrassing song - It's got to be something disco. The whole era was embarrassing! 'I Will Survive' or 'Hot Stuff' by Donna Summer. ;-)

Fave film - Everyone's mentioned so many of my favorites. I'd have to go along 'Moonstruck,' 'Love Actually' (except for the Laura Linney story line - too sad), 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and 'The Philadelphia Story.'

Invention - hmm. Computer? Internet? Flush toilets? Ipods? Somebody else choose!

Five dinner guests - This one's really hard! Just at this moment in my life I'd choose William Shakespeare, Elizabeth I, William Styron, Paco Taibo and John Lennon.


Helen said...

This is such fun I have loved reading everyones answers just as well I am on holidays from work otherwise I would have to ring in sick so as I can keep reading all day.
I would love to go to some of these dinner parties and pehaps we could have kareoke after with some of these wonderful songs LOL. I am sure some of the guests would really enjoy it.
Have Fun

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooh, ooooh! I have to change the seating requests at dinner. Homer has to go. He's probably a mysogenistic prat anyway. I want Kate Hepburn at my party. And if anyone declines, due to previous engagement at another gala - Tom, or Ben, perhaps? - then I want JKR there too. :> Wouldn't it be great to hear a debate between JK and Eleanor Roosevelt? Or Kate Hepburn and Ben Franklin? Ben would be in high cotton, with all those interesting women. Grins.

I agree w/ you, Anna that Rasputin in real life was probable too scary for proximity to sharp implements. Atilla as well. It sure would be fun to put the Queen Mum and Cleopatra together too. That would be a rocking convo - how to rule, how NOT to rule, how to make sure there's actually a sucession plan... Grins.

Then too, if we got Alexander the Great and Cassondra's pal Black Agnes, we could have a great strategy convo. That would be a heck of a fun time too.

Lovely way to get the creative juices going. Thanks, Foanna!

Lily said...

What's your favorite romance novel?
Laurie McBain - Moonstruck Madness

What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
Any Celine Dion song

What's your favorite film?
Breakfast at Tiffany's

What's the world's most useful invention?

Which five people throughout history (including today) would you ask for dinner?
Jane Austen, audrey Heoburn, Elizabth Blackwell, Florence Nightingale and Sir Osler.

Nathalie said...

fav. book: Shanna by K. Woodiwiss

fav song (and I never tell) Hum... don't listen much to the radio... sorry

fav movie: Legally Blonde

best invention: alphabet

5 people to dinner: 5 Phoenicians, whoever they are (to learn more about my roots!)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Confession time, I saw Jim Morrison and the Doors live in concert! I was all of 15 and my mom didn't know about his (ahem) performances or she would have never let me go. Like Rasputin, Morrison was HYPNOTIC! You could NOT stop looking at him!

This is THE ONLY COOL thing I've done in my lifetime according to my son. Although once my book hits the shelves, it MIGHT qualify as the second cool thing. LOL!

And MsHellion, I too have a bias AGAINST Mikes. The ex is named Michael and I was actually dumb enough to date a couple of Mikes after the divorce. Can you say Loser and LOSER?!?! I much prefer Davids... lovely name. :-P


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

As for my answers...

Fave Romance - Pride & Prejudice

Most Embarrassing Song - Considering some of the others recently mentioned, perhaps this isn't so embarrassing after all... I Can't Drive 55 by Sammy Hagar. I blame this one on NASCAR.

Fave film - Can't name just one unless I can count LOTR Trilogy as one. So I'll name 2 others to make it 5: Ladyehawke (sooo romantic, great writing and Rutger Hauer -- YUM!) and the original Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark talk about a film that pulled out ALL THE STOPS!

Most useful invention - Aunty could NOT survive without her flush toilet. However electricity and paper (including TP) are also necessities.

5 people at my dinner party - Like everyone else this is subject to change momentarily: Eric Bana (DUH! like you couldn't guess), Bill Clinton (the man is brilliant and charismatic, what can I say?) J.R.R. Tolkien, Queen Elizabeth I, and my Gramma!

Now THAT would be some dinner!

Amy Andrews said...

Anna I'm pretty sure Robbie Williams could charm the pants off most women :-)


Anna Campbell said...

OK, who's Paco Taibo? Kate, everyone else on your list sounds great! And I'm definitely going for the toilet over the lightbulb by now! You've convinced me!

Helen, you're right this has been fun! The answers have been fascinating. Karaoke to end up with sounds great. Although I'm not sure whether I want to see Atilla and Rasputin fighting over the microphone! Things could get ugly.

Lily, fabulous answers. Breakfast at Tiffany's nearly got my favourite movie. Always cry in the bit in the rain at the end. And I loved Laurie McBain - that took me back to the era when I was dancing to Stayin' Alive! Hey, who's Elizabeth Blackwell? This stuff is great for my general knowledge.

Anna Campbell said...

Nathalie, laughed at your five Phoenicians! Made me think of partridges in pear trees. Don't ask me why! Hey, Shanna can go in with the Stayin' Alive stuff too. I just LOVED that book. Can't tell you how many times I read it!

Jeanne, you're right - isn't it fun to imagine all these people actually meeting? Sometimes there would be fireworks. Sometimes there would be celestial harmony. Sometimes undies would be coming off (snork, AA!).

Aunty Cindy, wow to seeing the Doors and Jim Morrison! That is so seriously cool, it's icy! He really was so beautiful, wasn't he? And then you see the photos of him just before he died and it's like seeing a beautiful building that's been left in ruins. So sad. And I was SOOOOO surprised to see the gorgeous Eric in your list of people at dinner. I think he might BECOME dinner at your place! ;-) Tolkien is a great suggestion. I remember seeing a doco on CS Lewis and hearing that they used to be fast friends - imagine sitting in on some of their conversations! Wow!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Thanx again for a fun and diverting post!

Anyone been to Morrison's grave in Paris? Couldn't bring myself to go there. I've heard that they are going to move it, which is a shame.

Yes, Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were actually CPs along with a couple of other men who taught at Oxford and wrote. I believe they called themselves the Inklings. I went to the pub where they used to hang out. It's called The Eagle and Child, but they called it the Bird and the Baby. Nice cozy place, but the Bandita Lair is much more roomy. ;-)

As for Eric becoming dinner... DESSERT definitely! But not as long as my Gramma was at the table. She would keep Mr. Clinton in line as well.


jo robertson said...

Wow, Anna, great topic! You're so clever.

Romance: Gotta be GWTW.

Song: Willie Nelson's "You Were Always on My Mind," and I don't really like Willie :-).

Film: Oooooh, too many, but on the list is ONE FINE DAY with George Clooney.

Invention: Absolutely velcro.

Five People: Hmmm, that's a toughie. I'm not much for the rich and famous, so I'd probably just want my family.

Anna Campbell said...

I heard they were having a lot of trouble with drug-induced vandalism at JM's grave in Paris, AC. Even sadder, really! Laughed at the idea of you and Eric and a bottle of chocolate sauce as the finale to the evening's celebrations! Goodness, if Robbie's there as well, things are certainly going to get interesting! Jane A won't know where to look!

Hi Jo! Thanks for playing. How nice to think you'd have your family. Must say, fond as I am of certain members of my family, for a once in a lifetime chance to meet people, they wouldn't be my choice! Hey, and you'd need more than five too, wouldn't you? I think we'll just let you tag along to some of the other dinner parties. You're an asset to any occasion!

Joan said...

Late to the party as always...but

Book: Old...Fires in Winter Johanna Lindsey and newer Immortal Highlander Karen Marie Moning.

Song: "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk". It has a good beat and you can dance to it. Ahem, of course I had to ask my brother what badonkadonk meant when he kept sniggering at me.

Film: Steel Magnolias. Love the bond between the women. Good times, bad times they had each other.

Invention: Pedicures

Guests: Ah, the Banditas. Who could rock more then them?

Great post Anna,

Anna Campbell said...

Joan, that was lovely. Although I think you might find that the Banditas fighting tooth and nail for those five spots. I think when it's a Banditas get-together, clearly 20 would be the numbers! I don't know Honky Tonk Badonk! And I still want to know what a swamp cooler is!

doglady said...

Just checking in after a long day at the bakery. Croissant, anyone? I baked about 500 today! Really great choices everyone and all of the dinner parties sound intriguing. I have been to Jim Morrison's grave (didn't go just for him, there are a number of notables in that cemetery)Of course that was in 1989 and I don't think the vandalism was as bad then. Hey Good Lookin' is by Hank Sr. who was a friend of my mother's two older brothers when they were growing up. And no influence intended on my choice of favorite romances. LOL I truly think CTC is one of the most original, poignant and realistic romances I have ever read. It is a truly talented writer who can take two characters you do not want to like and grow them into two people you love and root for! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. (Another good country song!)

Anna Campbell said...

Hasn't it been fun, Pam? I'd seriously LOVE to go to some of these dinner parties, Atilla with the carving knife notwithstanding! Hey, there's TWO Hank Williams? Whoda thunk it? My mum's best friend who passed away from cancer when she was 50 used to love that song about hey, good lookin', so it's always been a favorite for me because of personal associations. She was a wonderful woman. And after that wonderful, wonderful analysis, I must say I'm warming to the idea of giving you the prize ;-) It's the Cadbury Koalas that's the attraction, isn't it? And hey, where's my croissant?

doglady said...

Shhh! Don't out me as the horrible Cadbury addict I am!! Yes, Hank Sr. of Hey Good Lookin fame was the father of Hank Jr. of A Country Boy Can Survive fame. Two of Alabama's favorite sons. I too love songs with personal connections. Hank Jr. sang that song at a memorial service right after 9/11 and it just touched me. Now any time I hear it, I have to sing along. Now my brother loves to sing I love Louisa, Louisa loves me any time he sees me. Wonder why?? Oh and I have a soft spot in my heart for old Atilla, just because it is what my students used to call me. Cyber croissants winging their way to you. I would send the real thing, but they just aren't that good unless they are fresh from the oven. I have all sorts of managers showing up in the bakery when they find out the croissants have come out of the oven!!

Anna Campbell said...

Thank you so much to everyone for playing this game. I've really enjoyed it and picked up some fascinating insights. I'll pick the winner and put them up tomorrow. Good luck!

Yum, Pam, cyber croissants are delish! ;-)

Keira Soleore said...

Oh, I'm so terribly late here, FoAnna, but I had to post. You really didn't think you could put dear dear EB's book covers up there and expect me not to comment, did you?

Favorite Romance = Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas

Embarassing Song = Shake That Body For Me (well, you did say, embarassing...)

Favorite Film = My Fair Lady

Most Useful Invention = Flush Toilets (can't believe no one else wrote that--garderobe, anyone?)

Dinner Guests = Gerard Butler (for the sizzle), Beau Brummell (for the drama), George Bernard Shaw (wit), Audrey Hepburn (grace and beauty), Dalai Lama (everything)

Anna Campbell said...

Keira, what a fantastic dinner party! One of the best! How could I have forgotten BB? And flush toilets featured largely in the responses - but with so many comments, I'm not surprised you missed the views on loos! Glad you made it. I was hoping Enid would coax you out to play!

Caren Crane said...

Amy, I'm afraid Robbie could charm the pants off me. All those lovely tattoos! *g*

Kate Carlisle said...

I just had to sneak back in to see more of everyone's brilliant answers -- and add a few comments!

After watching Boston Legal last night, I'm adding a new favorite invention -- the condom!

Anna, Paco Taibo is a wonderful mystery writer whose books feature a Mexico City detective protagonist. I heard him speak at a conference once. Very inspiring, funny, smart, political.

I agree with Aunty, I'd love to have Bill Clinton at the party. ;-) And I also saw JM and The Doors perform at a high school sock hop! The man oozed sexuality. Oh wait, I was only three years old. Snort!

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk...LOL!

Absolutely fabulous blog, Anna!!

Hellie Sinclair said...

There's actually THREE Hank Williams. *LOL* Hank Sr (the definitive singer--but a tragic drinker/self-destructor); Hank Jr (doesn't fall far from the tree); and Hank III, who sounds spookily like his granddad--as well as spookily looks like him.

And I know all of Sr's songs--and am not embarrassed by them. *LOL* Not like I am about Michael Bolton's!

Anna Campbell said...

I got interested in Hank Williams when I was looking after my mother who wasn't well. She wanted some country music and I bought a cheap CD of HW's songs when I saw Hey, Good-Lookin'! You know, they're damned good songs!! I'll have to check out the other two, MsHellion. And then I saw a doco on HW Sr's life - man, he lived harder than any rock stars I can think of! And of course, paid the price. What a tormented, talented man!

Kate, thanks for telling me about Paco Taibo. Just what I need - another author to buy!! Laughed at you being SOOO affected by JM and the Doors at that early age, you groove cat toddler, you!