Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Paranormal Author, Catherine Spangler is in the Lair!

Interview with Suzanne Welsh

Catherine Spangler grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, home of The Marshall Space Flight center. Her father worked for NASA, on the space program, and she credits that exposure with giving her a fascination for space travel and other worlds. She began writing as a teenager, but then "real life" intervened, and she devoted her time to starting a family and business career. After her children got older, the desire to write returned and new stories took flight.

Now, former Golden Heart finalist, national bestselling and RITA nominated author, Catherine Spangler alters your reality with TOUCHED BY FIRE, the second book in her edgy, sexy Sentinel series. These romantic fantasy thrillers center on the ancient superhuman race of Sentinels, and the human conductors who are psychically linked with them.

Legends of Atlantis . . . sexy alpha heroes . . . strong, resilient heroines . . . combustible sexual attraction . . . magic . . . fantasy . . . myth. What could be better than these elements, all woven into a contemporary paranormal thriller!

Step into the hidden world of the Sentinels, and surround yourself with the ancient magic of Atlantis, and the suspense of hunting ultimate evil—and of course, the empowerment of love.

Catherine, welcome to the Bandit Lair. Pull up a hammock and make yourself comfortable!

Suz (pouring them both a glass of wine): Both my daughters, who adore fantasy romances, and I have loved your stories for years. Where did you get the idea for this new series involving Atlantis?

Catherine (snuggling down into this lovely, swaying hammock): I think it started when I became interested in the psychic Edgar Cayce at the tender age of eleven, and discovered MANY MANSIONS by Gina Cerminara. After that, I devoured books on metaphysical subjects. I was especially fascinated with Cayce’s 700+ readings on Atlantis. I studied those readings, and other books on Atlantis, feeling as if I might have once lived on that mystical continent.

At the same time, I was also a budding author, writing off and on into adulthood. I wasn’t content to write ‘normal’ stories. I was drawn to paranormal romance like a spaceship to a black hole. My first books, the Shielder series, were science fiction romance. Then I switched to romantic urban fantasy and found the perfect match for my fascination with Atlantis and my desire to write paranormal stories.

Suz : So, what exactly is a Sentinel?

Catherine: Sentinels are reincarnated Atlantians returning to Earth after thousands of years. Their sole purpose is to track down Belians—evil Atlantian entities who were responsible for the destruction of Atlantis. Reincarnating into the Earth in large numbers, Belians thrive on blood, death, terror and chaos. They have found violent venues as serial killers, drug lords, gang leaders, brutal dictators, any form of incarnate evil. The Sentinels are sworn to stop them.

Suz: Sounds like the Sentinels have their work cut out for them. Do they get any kind of help?

Catherine: Since both Sentinels and Belians have supernatural powers, and both occupy mortal human bodies, they are evenly matched, which makes it pretty difficult for the Sentinels to defeat the Belians. However, the Sentinels have one edge—a small group of psychic humans known as conductors. These humans can link psychically with Sentinels and enhance the tracking of Belians. The linking process is called a conduction, and involves the rise of energy through the body’s spiritual chakras, creating a powerful sexual surge. Most conductions involve sex.

Suz: I’m liking this connection. Is the heroine in TOUCHED BY FIRE a conductor?

Catherine: (Snickering. Bad, bad Suz!) Yes, Marla Reynolds is a conductor, but she doesn’t know it. When she meets ultra-sexy Luke Paxton at a Houston bar, she’s upended by the powerful sexual attraction between them, not realizing it’s the pull of a matched Sentinel and conductor. Luke knows what it is, though, and realizes Marla might be the only person who can help him track a Belian serial bomber.

Suz: How does Marla feel about this?

Catherine: Marla is not a happy camper. She is resistant to Luke’s charms. She’s been emotionally frozen since a brutal attack on her sister eleven years ago, and knows Luke is way out of her league. She avoids him—actually she stands him up—which drives him to a desperate act to get her cooperation—kidnapping. Even then, Marla proves to be one of his biggest challenges and more than a match for him.

Suz: Can you tell our readers more about Luke?

Catherine (fanning herself): Luke is ultra hot. He wears a lot of leather and rides a Harley. He’s the cool element in the relationship—incredibly sexy, yet deadly serious about his mission to track Belians.

Suz: This is the second in the Sentinel series, can you tell us a little more about the first book, TOUCHED BY DARKNESS?

Catherine: TBD is about dark and dangerous Sentinel Damien Morgan who accidentally discovers a young male Sentinel in the small Texas town of Zorro. The boy is unprotected and has received no training. His mother, Dr. Kara Cantrell, is a conductor who has been on the run from the supernatural battles between Sentinels and Belians ever since her Sentinel lover was murdered. She wants nothing to do with Damien, doesn’t want him near her son, or to help him track the Belian stalking Zorro. Damien has to convince her to let him protect the boy, as well as getting her to conduct for him so he can catch the Belian—without losing his heart in the process.

Suz: Sounds like a great series. What else would you like to share with us?

Catherine: I have a lot of fun stuff going on in conjunction with the release of TOUCHED BY FIRE. I’m giving away a Sentinel pendant (beautiful pink quartz crystal cabochon, hand wire-wrapped in sterling silver) in my contest at Fresh Fiction. I also have a great book video playing on my MySpace page, or you can view different versions of the video on my website and vote for your favorite, which puts you in a special drawing for a Barnes & Noble gift card. While you’re at the website, check out the excerpts and reviews.

Thank you so much for having me on the Romance Bandits. This is an amazing, creative, and fun group. I’d like to leave you with a question, and I’ll be giving a set of the two Sentinel books TOUCHED BY DARKNESS and TOUCHED BY FIRE to one of the responders. The question:

Which authors are your “comfort reads”, those authors whose books you read more than once, even with a towering TBR stack? Some of mine are Linda Howard, J.D. Robb, Charlaine Harris, and JR Ward. Who are yours?

Suz, didn’t you say something about chocolate . . . ? Oh, and do I get to keep the hammock?


Gillian Layne said...

I've read my Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Peters, and Laurie K. King books so often the covers are falling off.

Your books sound wonderful! My first love was science fiction and paranormal, I didn't come to historical until pretty late in the game :)

Stacy S said...

Your books sound great. Some of my comfort reads are: Julie Garwood, Christina Dodd, Julia Quinn, SEP and more I'm sure.

Buffie said...

Hey Catherine -- from one Southern gal to another. I'm in Atlanta. What a great interview! First I have to say that I am just lovin' your book covers -- they are definitely hot!!! And Luke sounds just as hot as the cover -- leather and motorcycles, what's not to love? This sounds like a book I need to go find.

As far as comfort reads -- I have to say from those would be Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood, Lisa Kleypas, Karen Marie Moning, and some others.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Catherine! Welcome to the the lair. Great interview, Suz. Wow, aren't we getting fab guests here? This is so much fun.

Comfort reads--oh yes, Gillian, I love those authors you mentioned! A Summer to Remember, Crocodile on the Sand Bank et al. JQ, SEP, too. But my ultimate comfort read is Georgette Heyer. Ahh, just thinking about her books soothes the savage beast, er breast. Buffie, interesting you like Julie Garwood. A reviewer said my style was similar to hers, so I thought I should read some. Then I thought I probably shouldn't because it might be weird... Which of hers would you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Some of my comfort reads are Lisa Kleypas, Karen Marie Moning, and Julia Quinn :)

Andrea said...

Hi Catherine! Great interview!

Some of my comfort reads....Kathryn Smith, Julia Quinn, Victoria Alexander, Jacquie D'Alessandro to name a few.

Billie Jo said...

Hi Catherine!

Great to see ya and great interview with Suz.

I just read my first Catherine Spangler book and it was so great.

My comfort authors are Sandy Blair, Sherrilyn Kenyon and a few more.

Can't wait to see you in Texas.

Billie Jo

Anonymous said...

Catherine, your books sound fabulous! I tell you, everyday I add two books to the TBR pile--how in the world am I ever going to get back to my old favorites? :-)

I don't set aside enough time to read, but when I do find it, it's usually consumed by something new. But I have gone back to Johanna Lindsey a number of if only we could get HER to be a guest blogger!!

Catherine Spangler said...

Good morning, ladies! Thanks for your warm welcome. Interviewing with Suz was fun. Now, this might come as a--gasp!--surprise, but she's a little . . . nutty. LOL. Actually, she's warm and witty and a lot of fun.

Great comfort reads y'all are coming up with. Isn't it interesting that almost everyone has comfort reads and re-reads old favorites?

Billiejo, glad you enjoyed my book. When will I see you in Texas?

Later ~ Catherine

Trish Milburn said...

Catherine, these books sound wonderful. I'm definitely putting them on my list to pick up. Thanks for hanging out with the Banditas today.

Comfort reads -- Pamela Morsi's historical romances, the Harry Potter series, J.R. Ward books. I'm not a big read books over kind of person because I have so many yet to read.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Welcome Catherine! I love your book concepts, and have now added them to the "must purchase" part of my Barnes and Noble Shopping list. (This is an ever revolving, never ending list. I should buy stock.)

Like you, my first love is sci-fi, fantasy, so I'm excited about such a great premise. And yummy looking heros, by your book covers. (Hey Suz, I want some wine too!)

As Trish and Mme DW said, I have so many TBRs that I don't get to go back to the favs as much as I'd like, but when I do, it's Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, Rocki St. Claire and JD Robb. I'm thinking some of my Bandita pals may soon get added to this list, however...Grins.

Again, great to have you with us Cathrine! Great job, Suz!

jo robertson said...

Catherine, welcome to the Bandit Lair! Your series sounds intriguing and fresh.

I have to say that J.R. Ward is my comfort read and books that I read again (which I rarely do). I think it's because her world-building is so complicated that I've forgotten so much by the time I get to the end of, say Book 4, where I am now, that I have to go back to Book I to reacquaint myself with the characters again.

Sandy Blair said...

Great interview and I adore you stories!!!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Morning ladies...just crawling out of the bed. From one "nut" to another, welcome to the Lair, Cathy! I'm hoping my girls will pop on to say "hey" later today!

As for my comfort reads: When I was younger it was Catherine Woodiwiss, Patricia Mathews and LaVyrle Spencer. Now it's Julie Garwood of course, (no comments from the Bandits!). Her books, make me laugh and cry! I have to confess I have lots on my keeper shelves, but her's are the ones I want to revist the most!

Tracy Garrett said...

Hi Cathy! I loved Touched by Darkness, and Touched by Fire in on my list to buy this weekend at our Fab Four Booksigning.

My comfort reads are J.R. Ward, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Christine Feehan and Elizabeth Lowell. Some I've read so many times they are falling apart.

CrystalGB said...

Your books sound great. Some of my comfort reads are: Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Eloisa James, and Julia London.

Billie Jo said...

Hi Catherine,

Sandy Blair and Suzy twisted my arm to come to Texas and attend the Buns and Roses.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Billie Jo

Catherine Spangler said...

Hi Suz, Sandy and Tracy! Maybe I should mention that Sandy Blair and Tracy Garretson, along with Shayla Black, will all be signing our new releases this Saturday (Oct. 6) at the Barnes & Noble in North Richland Hills (that's Texas, y'all), from 2:00-4:00. If any of you live in the area come on by.

I'm seeing a lot of the same autors in the comfort reads. Sometimes, if I'm tired or only have a few minutes to read, I don't want to start a new book. IMO, it takes emotional energy to begin devling into a new scenario with new characters, and there are times I just want to sink into characters and words that I know and love. Kind of like the ratty old sweats I'd rather wear any day than having to actually put on a bra (not because I need the support--sigh), and having to put on "real" clothes. I'm really a casual person at heart :-)

doglady said...

Hi Catherine! Lets hear it for Alabama girls! I was born in Montgomery and after traveling all over the world I have settled down in Wetumpka. The books sound great and the covers? Oh my goodness! More for the TBR stack! My comfort reads are Lisa Kleypas, Mary Balogh, Julia Quinn, Judith Lansdowne and for a really rough day there is nothing like Georgette Heyer, is there Christine?

Cheryl Leo said...

Okay, honestly not sucking up, but I return to YOUR Shielder series as well as books by Lorraine Heath, Anne McCaffrey, Judith McNaught, Lisa Kleypas, Suzanne Brockmann, Madeline Hunter, Patricia Veryan . . . heck, there are just so many!

Best of luck to you on this new series!

Cheryl Leo said...

Okay, honestly not sucking up, but I return to YOUR Shielder series as well as books by Lorraine Heath, Anne McCaffrey, Judith McNaught, Lisa Kleypas, Suzanne Brockmann, Madeline Hunter, Patricia Veryan . . . heck, there are just so many!

Best of luck to you on this new series!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Cheryl! Glad to see another familiar face popping up in the Lair! Welcome.

Billie Jo: Looking forward to seeing you at the tea. Another Buckeye in the Lone Star State is always a plus!

Buffie, Gillian, Stacy, doglady...always a pleasure to see you ladies here.

Jeanne: Merlot or White Ziff?

Catherine Spangler said...

Let's hear it for the southern girls! Buffie and Doglady, how about some sweetened iced tea (okay, you can spike it if you insist). That's something interesting about iced tea in non-southern restaurants--they don't offer it sweetened.

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for sucking up-lol. Billiejo, looking forward to meeting you at the Buns & Roses Romance Tea.

And hello to all of you. Thanks for your kind comments. Suz, I think we should have wine all around :-)

Beth Andrews said...

Thanks so much for joining us, Catherine! Great interview *g* Your books sound awesome!

With all the books piling up in my tbr pile, I don't get to dive into my favorites as often as I use to *g* But some of my comfort reads are Nora Roberts, Suzanne Brockmann, Virginia Kantra, Julie Garwood and Johanna Lindsey :-)

Helen said...

Great interview very interesting one hot Guy in leather on a bike sounds good.
My comfort reads I have so many books in my TBR pile that I don't often re read I am planning to re read them all when I retire and cannot afford to but the amount of books that I do now but they are
Kathleen Woodiwiss, Shirley Busbee, Johanna Linsey, Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens and the list goes on and on.
Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Catherine and Suz, great interview! I loved the story about your journey as a writer that led to you doing the Atlantians. It's interesting how our books often come out of seeds planted so long ago, and then disregarded in many ways! The books sound fantastic. Oh, dear, more for the TBR pile! And already it's taking over the world!

Oh, comfort reads! A subject close to my heart. I've got a couple. CHECKMATE, the last of the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett. A COUNTESS BELOW STAIRS by Eva Ibbotson (I strongly recommend this book to absolutely anyone!). LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase, an all-time classic that never fails to show me something new. AS YOU DESIRE by Connie Brockway - one of the best heroes ever written, IMHO! None of these books has ever failed me!

Nancy said...


What a terrific interview! My comfort reads are probably Charlaine Harris, Cathy Pickens (mysteries), and Sabrina Jeffires. Really, anything with a good, engrossing story will do. In a pinch, I fall back on Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Caren Crane said...

Catherine, a big Bandita welcome to you! Man, the cover gods have been good to you. Have you been sacrificing leather wallets again? *g*

Suz, I'm totally with you on Lavyrle Spencer as a comfort read. My other comfort read, like a blanky really, is Rosamunde Pilcher. I feel I can completely lose myself in either of those authors' books and stay gone. Sometimes, that is just what I need!

tetewa said...

Hello Catherine, glad to see you here today. I received the first book in the series from you that I won off of one of the blogs that you were on. I'm so looking forward to continuation of the series. Love the cover for the book good luck on the release!

Cherie J said...

Some of my comfort read authors are: Julie Garwood, Robin Owens, Catherine Asaro, and Nalini Singh

pearl said...

I enjoy reading Monica Wood, Deborah Crombie and Taylor Holden. Your books are unique and I will be reading them this winter.

doglady said...

Catherine, I am sitting here drinking Milo's iced tea as we speak. No spiking as I am supposed to be writing and finishing my WIP. Hence my visits here! I never order iced tea north of Nashville. It just isn't the same. CHECKMATE, Anna C., what a blast from the past. Now I have to go on a treasure hunt and find my much dog-eared copy. And I love Charlaine Harris too. Anyone reading the Grave Sight series? Good stuff!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Suz, I'm a chardonnay girl, but if there's none 'o that, I'll go Merlot! Or sweet tea...ahhhhh. For those of us GRITS (Girls raised in the South) living up N'oth, we miss getting real sweet tea. :>

Oh, Anna, I forgot Eva Ibbotson! How on earth could I have done that? LOVE Countess Below Stairs. So well done! My copy of it is totally tattered. Total comfort read.

Buffie said...

Catherine -- how can anyone drink tea if it is not sweetened??? That's just not right! I even sweeten my hot tea! And don't forget the peach cobbler with that sweet tea!

Christine -- Julie Garwood is the author who got me started on historical romances. I have loved her all of her historicals. My absolute favorite is The Wedding. The hero is Connor -- and that's the name of my oldest son :)

Amy Andrews said...

Hi Catherine,
Good luck with your Sentinel series. They sound fascinating.

My comfort reads - Jenny Crusie
(yes, Foanna, I can hear the faux gasp from here). Great characters, great laughs, great sex.
I also adore Fiona Brand and the great one herself - Nora.
And not forgetting - L M Montgommery. Still in love with the Anne books after all these years.
I read my daughter Charlotte's Web recently which I've read about 10 times but not for a while and had forgotten how wonderful it is - cried at the end much to her consternation. Her "its just a spider mummy" did not help the flow of tears :-(

Amy Andrews

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Hi Catherine! My comfort reads vary with my mood at the time. Mary Balogh, Candice Hern, Nora Roberts, Stephanie Lauren, and Karen Moning just to name a few. Your books sound very exciting and I loved all three of the videos, it was hard to choose just one.

Sue A. said...

Some of my comfort reads are early books by Linda Howard, Elizabeth Lowell and Diana Palmer.

ChristyJan said...

Some of my comfort reads are Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey and Jude Deveraux.

Your books sound great!

Catherine Spangler said...

Okay, I had a very loooong committee meeting for the Buns & Roses tea, and just got back. I see y'all have made a lot of comments while I was gone :-)

Anna, you are so right about seeds being planted and years later, "sprouting" fruits. We are all the product of the many things that happen all our lives.

Jeanne--you're right about the grits. I used to eat them a lot and now I rarely have them. If you're traveling across the country, you'll get grits with breakfast until you get west of the Mississippi River, and then it's hash browns.

Downundergirl--I love Jenny Crusie! Also loved Charlotte's Web, and I still cry every time I read it.

Thank you all for the kind comments about my covers. I have been very lucky with the covers for the Sentinel Series. Hope that trend continues with Touched by Light, which will be out early 2009.

I have so enjoyed hanging with y'all today. What a great group!

~ Catherine

Kammie said...

Hi Catherine! Coming in a wee bit late. Just got home after a grueling day at work. lol True!

I think your series sounds really good! My comfort read authors are Judith McNaught, Janelle Denison and Sandra Steffen. I know there are more, but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi Cathy,
I'm very sorry but blogger hated me yesterday and ate my post. :-(

Anyway, THANX A BUNCH for joining us in the lair and giving us a peek into your writing processes. And thanx to all who shared their "comfort reads."

with fingers xxed that this goes through

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