Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nothing Can Touch This Party!

Welcome to my launch party! Whoo-hoo! I'm sure anyone who regularly visits the Banditas knows my second book UNTOUCHED comes out today! Yes, the Green Monster is poised like Godzilla to eat up shelf space in a bookshop near you. RRRRRAAAARRRRHHH! And maybe munch that pesky Golden Rooster that has abandoned me for colder climes in recent weeks. I'll show that mangy cockerel what it's like as a frozen chicken! Ha!

Anyway, back to the important stuff. As your hostess, I welcome you into the lair which is decorated with green streamers and beautiful pink roses (significant in the story - and yes, Christine, I know you recognize the reference. By the way, I love how you gloat, girlfriend! Makes me feel like teacher's pet!).

The menu is Boeuf en croute and roast chicken, both of which make an appearance in the story. Hmm, maybe the rooster did come to grief after all. And I've done my famous baked potatoes (Downundergirl will back me up here) in virgin olive oil. Yum! And lashings of champagne!

In the shadows, mysterious masked figures move around and dance to the pounding music. Of course, the song of the evening is You Can't Touch This!

Who could those masked figures be? Of course it's the Banditas!

This is Bandita party central! And weaving amongst the dancers are the real versions of Buffie's avatars! Oh, here comes the magnificent AC with her coterie of cabana boys! This party will make the New York Times social pages! I can see it now!

Cassondra, get me a shot of all this. NO, CASSONDRA, NOT THAT SORT OF SHOT! Ouch! There goes the chandelier! And what a pity Richard Armitage was hanging from it at the time. Excuse me while I take him outside for some first aid... No, no, I'm fine on my own, thank you. THANK YOU, I'M FINE ON MY OWN! Sheesh! That Vrai Anna, just because she's got the best shoes, she thinks she's got the right to steal my victim...uh, patient!

Tawny, all right, you have great shoes too! You should feel blaze-ay about that! Helen interrupts the argument about shoes to offer everyone a Tim Tam! Yum! They DON'T feature in the book, needless to say.

Goodness, is that Demetrius running through chased by Joanie? No, it's Joanie running through chased by Demetrius! Ah, thank goodness, we have our Regency specialists Keira and Madam CDW to add a note of Beau Monde decorum. Donna was meant to add the Victorian morals but she's in the corner painting something. Well, at least sable brushes are involved...

Who's that huddled in the corner? Could it be Kirsten and JoMama and Susan and Christie? Oh, no, now I know what happened to the other gladiators! Some things you just don't want in your subconscious! Nancy, help me! You're always a woman of sense. Oh, right. You're busy with the sable brushes and one of the cabana boys.

I tell you, where is the modern world going??!!

No point asking Jeanne and Kate and Beth. They're tying the avatar boys up and torturing them with feathers! I know this book starts with the heroine tied to a table, but really, girls, there's no need to enact the entire first chapter! And there's only one heroine and how many avatar boys have you got there???!!!

I look around for my last hope! KJ and Trish and Suz are dragging Pam forward to sing for us! At last some high culture! Oh, no, Doglady bursts into How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?

Caren, queen of the malapropism, has the last word - she calls the evening a in-your-farce sextragavanza!

Richard, take me away from all this!

Richard, where are you?

Sigh. I tell you, it doesn't take much to frighten the British male these days!

OK, enough of the silliness! There are prizes on the go! And I think anyone who has read to the end of this blog deserves a prize although sadly, my postage budget probably won't extend that far. There's a copy of UNTOUCHED on offer and consolation prizes of a couple of Anna Campbell desk calendars and signed coverflats. Just tell me about your fantasy party! Anything you like. Where? Who? How? Menu? Music? Ambience? My favorite answers win! Hurrah!

Hic! I'm off for some champagne before these wild bandits drink it all!!!

Happy release day, Grace and Matthew! May green be the color of the coming season!

Anna x


Donna MacMeans said...

The rooster is mine. All Mine! Hehehehe...

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, man! I hadn't even got the post up yet! What's the world coming to!!!????

Congratulations, D!!!

Donna MacMeans said...

Sorry Anna - Thought I'd check the blog before heading off to bed and noticed the 0 comments. It went straight to my head.

Okay, a fantasy party - it would be someplace warm because those cabana boys will be topless, and well the rest of their attire may prove optional. I'm thinking a deserted island with the blue sea nearby. ALcohol in the form of fruity drinks and champagne will be rampant. Music - Rock & Roll - loud - and this island better have a dance floor *g*. (Sorry Doglady, Opera has its place - but not in my fantasy). Food will be finger food, probably tenderLOIN and chicken BREASTS, and Chocolate - lots and lots of chocolate.

Helen said...

First of all Happy Release Day Anna I am so looking forward to reading Untouched and I love your party.
My fantasy party would be on a criuse ship sailing around the pacific lots of cocktails Hugh Jackman Errol Flynn I would like AC's Cabana Boys and Jo's gladiators.
Dinner lots of italian food heaps of wine and champagne lots of dancing and heaps of fun.
Anna hugs to you, enjoy the party everyone.
Have Fun

DownUnderGirl said...

Oh Anna - happy, happy day.
My TBR pile is in mourning however. It just got one book higher and is threatening to topple!!
Can't wait to read the green book. May all your days be green.

Fantasy party. Hmm, now lets see. Can I be thin in this fantasy party? Becaiuse if so I'm gonna eat all of your potatoes Anna. Every single one, even if I die from carb toxicity. So everyone else can BACK OFF!!!!

But there'll be lots of gorgeous men straight from a Denise Rosetti book to compensate. They can feed us all grapes and fan us. Or whatever. They'll be very compliant and open to suggestion so ya'all can fill in the blanks.

A tropical island sounds ideal. Always wanted to re-enact that scene from From Here to Eternity.


Ann M. said...

Hmm.. fantasy party.

It would have to be a cabana party on the beach with of course scantily clad cabana boys.

They would bring us lovely frozen drinks as we sit on the lovely beach watching the sunset.

Music would be lovely guitars and some drums.

Finger food would be on the menu so one wouldn't have to get up from the lounge chairs.

Happy Release Day.

Keziah Hill said...

Happy release day Anna! Green rooles! To be totally boring, I'm going to a party on the weekend which, while not a fantasy, I'm so looking forward to. There's nothing like getting together for a friend's milestone birthday and know I'm going to see a whole lot of people I haven't seen in a long time, eat lots of fabulous food and drink lots of wine! And not have to clean up or do anything the next day! Bliss! Can't wait to read Untouched!

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, can I come to your party? Sounds like fun!

Mind you, now I've read about Helen's and it sounds like even more fun... Oh, dear! Perhaps I can pop into both if I've got a helicopter! Or perhaps Errol will lend me his yacht!

Amy, not sure I want to do the Here to Eternity thing at a party! Looks like a purely private event to me... I'd like to have a party like the one at Breakfast at Tiffany's. Do you remember it? Audrey with a cigarette holder, so cool. Actually in my fantasy, I LOOK like Audrey. This is getting better by the minute! Thanks for the congrats! Pretty exciting, huh?

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Ann, sounds like you and Donna could throw a joint shindig! I'll bring some wine! Thanks for popping in!

Keziah, thanks for popping in! Always a pleasure to see you. I hope the party is fun - it sounds like it's going to be. Perhaps you can read Untouched when you're recovering ;-)

Robyn E said...

Happy Happy Release Day!
Chocolate and champagne for you.
My fantasy party would have ALL my favourite heros from Marquis of Vidal in Devil's Cub to the Marquess of Dain in Lord of Scoundrels and none of those pesky heroines!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Robyn, I LIKE your thinking. If I promise I won't act like a pesky heroine, can I have the leftovers? Oh, man, think about it. Dain and Rupert from Mr. Impossible and Nicholas from Mrs. Brimley and Sebastian from Scandal's Daughter and Esmonde from Captives of the Night and some of Linda Howard's macho types to add a bit of variety. Oh, and Phin from Welcome to Temptation and... Hmm, I'd better stop. The windows are starting to steam up!

Helen said...

I want to go to everyones parties they all are so much fun all the different food and drinks and the men they are just yummy.
I will defiantly need a couple of days rest afterwards reading a good book Untouched. The parties will have to go on for a few days so as I have my copy to read I should have it in about 10 days can't wait.
BTW congrats Donna on the golden rooster.
Have Fun

Christie Kelley said...

Woohoo party time! Congrats on the release, Anna!!! And btw, if I'm huddled in a corner it's only because I'm sitting on a gladiator's lap drinking champagne (and giggling). Enjoy your party and bask in the green glow.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hooray! Today's the day! I can't wait to read Untouched! Many congrats, Anna!

First I want to come to your party--any party with Richard hanging from the chandalier, Pam providing the entertainment and Roman gladiators running amuck sounds too good to be missed.

Then I saw Robyn's idea of a hero party and I had a sudden vision of a Curves set up--Do you have Curves downunder? Here it is a circle of excercise machines and mats that you circumnavigate in a 30 minute stretch.

But, for our party, it would be a circle of studly heroes! And I think we should 30 minutes with each one! I could do alot of Dain damage in 30 minutes! Hee hee.

That might even get us on Page 6!

brownone said...

Congrats Anna!!
The perfect party for me...
Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Rodrigo Santoro, and me at a nice suite at the Bellagio! Room service all around and partying like rock stars!!

DownUnderGirl said...

Yes Deb, we have Curves downunder. But I like your version better. Where can I sign on for membership?


Deb Marlowe said...

Hee hee. A new franchise is born! But we'd have to call it Sculpted or Ripped or something in honor of our buff heroes.

Lord Sheene can act as host/monitor at the party, since it is in his honor.


Kirsten said...

WEEEEEE!!! (that's my ride on the chandelier!)

Congratulations Anna and to all us who aren't the teacher's pet (cough*Christine*cough) and haven't gotten to read it yet--HOORAY! Can't wait to slip that green monster into my pocket and see if anyone from work notices the green glow from my office. They may be able to monitor my computer, but by golly, they have NO IDEA what happens when I close my door!!! :-)

My party would definitely be on a beach. A deserted beach. Sunset. No loud music or cabana boys. They're off babysitting the kids. *g* Just me and my hubby, a big soft beach towel, perhaps some lotion, and maybe Donna will lend me one of those paint brushes...

Anna Sugden said...

WOOOOHOOOOOOO It's a special shoe day! Got the green shoes out in celebration, Foanna! Can't wait to get hold of Untouched ... sadly I have to wait until the weekend :(

I'm just going to daydream about my fave party with several of my hockey hunks ... back in a bit ;) In the meantime - as you were!

Denise Rossetti said...

Hey there, Anna. Your green party is so cool. Or even kewl. Though I'm a tad concerned about the beach - all that sand. Ahem!

But Vidal and Dain, oh and Wolverine thrown in as well!!!! Hyper-ventilation happening here. And just for Amy, I'll bring along my guys - all of them - seeing I can't bear to choose between them.

I love the idea of the circuit at Ripped or Hunky or whatever. I'd probably need Intensive Care afterwards, but oh my goodness, it would be worth it. Actually, Intensive Care during sounds pretty darned good. Hmmm...

Now, where are my red stiletto heels? Can't party without 'em! Whoooeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Deb, I LIKE the way you think. A Ripped party, nice quiet curtained "stations" around the room...hmmmm. Velly nice.


HAPPY DAY, Anna! SO excited to get my beautiful green book. Its supposed to be on hold at my local B&N. I'll pop up there later and see, then give you a report.

Donna, you got the Rooster! Woohoo! I started to use the four-letter version of a rooster's name and decided that sounded waaaaaaay too...scandalous. Snork. Enjoy those sable brushes over there in the corner, BTW. Give us a full report later, in the bar. Heehee.

Party on, Banditas! You've heard one of my versions of a great party in the bar, but another would be this Curves/Ripped idea of Deb's. Yeah, I'm likin' that. Oh, but the chandeliers have to be there, for sure. Kirsten't ride sounded fun, so I'm off to try it.


Yep. It's fun. Oh, and KJ, Cassondra and I are moving our little tickle-feather-fest to the gazebo in the garden. More..heh-heh, scope for imagination under the stars. Are you with me, ladies?

p226 said...

Describe a fantasy party? Oh man... Where could a guy go with this? Bunny ears everywhere....

But no... honestly, that's not me. Nor are high-society A-List shindigs with valets parking guest Benz and Ferraris.

Parties for me were always small events. Celebrations among tight circles of people. No champagne. No caviar. Give me a fire pit and a keg of beer on the peak of a mountain with a commanding view. Surround me with people I trust. (That's a pretty short guest-list, BTW) Get hammered. Tell tales of days gone. Celebrate recent triumphs. Drink 'till dawn and watch the sun rise over the dying embers.

Yeah... that's my kind of party.

p226 said...

Oh, and how rude of me!


Caren Crane said...

Happy release day, Anna! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the Green Monster. *g* Of course, I can't begin to read it until my (insert curse word here) book is finished later this week. Speaking of which, I must grab a glass of the bubbly to go and get back to pounding the keys.

Auf wiedersehen, Banditas!

Caren Crane said...

P226, I was *at* that party. In my family, we call it Thanksgiving. It's particularly interesting when there is a fire ban and the fire chief lives down the street. My male relations have no sense a'tall...but they're fun!

MsHellion said...

Congratulations! *makes note to hound booksellers until they notify her the book is on the shelves* I swear, it takes forever for these books to get to my shelves these days!!! But I will prevail and get my greedy hands on my own copy!

Fantasy party.

Well, it'd take place on a pirate ship, obviously...being the pirate girl I am. Jack has graciously loaned me space on The Black Pearl (we worked out a little deal later. *winks*) Will is dropping by later, and he promises to wear the scarf and keep his shirt unlaced.

Bob Marley and Caribbean music--some "Banana Boat Song" plays in the background. As well as the soundtrack from POTC3 (what a great soundtrack!)

Rum all around!

Other visitors include (but are not limited to): Mr. Thornton (I love Richard in a cravat), Will Ferrell (because he's too darned funny), Gary Oldman (but only if he promises to dress at the guy from The Scarlet Letter), Mr. Last of the Mohicans, Colonel Branden (or Snape)--I'll take Alan Rickman any way he'll have me, and Colin Firth. Hugh Grant must stop by, and George Clooney stops by long enough to flip off all the paparazzi.

All my Romance Vagabonds and Pirate Crew from Romance Writer's Revenge would have to be there...as would the Banditas (because I'm sure most would visit to abscond with either Richard or Orlie.) And because they're such great party-ers, they'd know to bring more rum.

And they'd spend the entire night congratulating me for being a NYT's bestseller (hey, it's my fantasy party) and just a brilliant writer period.

Then they'd all do the dishes before they left so I wouldn't have to clean up.

Susan Seyfarth said...

Congratulations, Anna!! I loved this fantasy party post. Though I definitely enjoyed my time in the corner with a gladiator (mmmmm....) I think my favorite part of the post had to be the RAAAAHHHHHR! of your green monster eating up shelf space. Raaaaahr! I just like that noise, I think. :-)

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the Great Green One myself! If I can find one, that is, because I'm sure they'll be flying off the shelves!


p.s. By the way, my favorite parties are the ones that spontaneously erupt into unintentional dance. It's rare, but it happens. A normal, conventional, grown-up party spontaneously morphs into a dance party. Usually in the kitchen, usually fueled by a little James Brown & some alcohol. Can't explain it, but there it is. Love those.

Tawny said...

Since someone already ate all the potatoes, I'll stick with the bubbly ;-)

Whoohooooooooo ::lifting my glass of champagne to Anna:: Congratulations!!!

Let's party :-)

(btw, this is my fave kind of party, the kind where you celebrate awesome happenings with friends... in sexy shoes, of course)

anne said...

A party that I would love to experience would be in a Venetian Palazzo with intriguing guests, delectable Italian delights, and music that would be from Phantom of the Opera. A one night fantasy that would be memorable.

ruth said...

Congratulations Anna! Wonderful day.
My fantasy party is located in a beach house with all the people who have been there for me. It consists of yummy treats and goodies which I would never allow but permit for this occasion.

Linda said...

Anna! Congrats - can't wait to read your new one and see you in SF.----Linda in California

Kate Carlisle said...

Hello?? OMG, it's a PARTY!!!!!! Woohoooo, Anna!! Congratulations!! You go enjoy yourself, I'll just let myself in....

Good grief, it's wall-to-wall, half-clad men!!! Pass me some of that Boeuf, would ya? Yeah, baby!!

And that lovely green glow....what is that?? Ah, the Great Green Anna Machine!! Can't wait to get my very own copy of Untouched! I'm heading out to Borders today and promise to report back. Well, at some point.....

My goodness, there are rooster feathers everywhere...where'd that tub of hot fudge disappear to? Oh, thanks, Johnnie. Mmmmmm.....nice toga.....

Good thing I brought a case of really fine champagne because I'd hate to celebrate such a fabulous occasion with the cheap stuff. Okay, watch out for flying, um, corks! Yeah!

Thanks for the great party, Anna!! And congratulations again! You're on fire!!! Uh, put down the hoses, boys. I meant that in a good way! ;-)

Keira Soleore said...

My dear Foanna, many cyber hugs and the warmest of congratulations to you on the successful launch of your second blockbuster book. There's definitely going to be a little golden statuette waiting for you in July.

I have to run now, but I'll be back later in the evening to catch up with all the comments. Leave a bottle of the sparkling wine for me, please. :)

flchen1 said...

Happy, happy release day, Anna! My fantasy party's with Kirsten's--all the kids are being well taken care of by fun, trained professionals (and if they happen to be hunky cabana boys in their spare time, so be it!), and a lovely warm sunset to enjoy in my perfect silky, swirly, floaty tropical attire. Tall, cold fruity drink in hand, music and a vast array of yummy foods at the ready... let the party begin! ;)

Beth said...

Happy Release Day, Anna! What a wonderful celebration *g* I can't wait to get my very own, very green copy of Untouched ;-)

As for fantasy party, I prefer a party where I'm surrounded by dear friends like the Banditas :-) Throw in music I can dance to, good food and strawberry margaritas and I'm a happy girl!

Nancy said...

Happy release day, Anna! What a fun party! Congratulations on your new book.

Congrats to Donna for the roster. Bwaahaha!

Caren Crane said...

*shhhh* I sneaked out of the GH deadline cave to whisper (very softly) about my fantasy party.

It's quite similar to Susan's and erupts in spontaneous dance. Often spontaneous singing, as well. It's a well-known fact that a fifth of anything (vodka being my favorite) lubricates both the hips and the vocal cords. Ah, well. Enjoy the thumping dance music...

slinks back off to GH deadline cave...only 20 pages to go...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Susan, I'm coming to your house later for the dancin' in the kitchen to James Brown (with alcohol) because I love those parties too.

And P226, not sure if I'm trustworthy enough to hang on the mountaintop w/ your crew...bru-ha-ha!...but that fire about a mile away, that's a nice counterpoint to yours? That would be the one we're lighting after this big shindig of Anna's so we can wind down in just the way you described. I'll skip the beer - not my thing - but the chardonnay's cold, the hefty sandwiches are warm, and the S'mores are tasty. Looking forward to great stories and sunrise. :>

FilmPhan said...

My fantasy party would include chocolate, wine, and Gerard Butler. I guess if I had to invite other guests and have an actual party I would want my friends and family there with celebrities scattered throughout. We would be eating seafood.

Aunty Cindy said...

Everyone's parties sound FABULOUS! Yes, even the quietly getting hammered on the mountain-top, P226. Aunty's would include many of the same ingredients...wine, fruity drinks, chocolate, Johnny, Orly, Hugh J., Hugh G., Gerry, Colin, Alan R., Richard, and of course, my ever-lovin Eric. Since Foanna is disguised as Audrey Hepburn, Aunty will have to settle for looking like Vivian Leigh.

An Italian villa sounds like a nice locale and Pam could sing for us if she choses. However, the main background music would be Celtic though perhaps we need to station those pipers in the back yard... waaay in the back yard! :-) And can't forget the avocado dip in honor of our Foanna's childhood.

SUPER SUPER CONGRATS Darling Foanna on the launch of your Green Monster. My local Borders BETTER have it in stock later today or that explosion you hear will not be volcanic.

Oh, and since my own book is set in Ireland, I too hope GREEN is the most popular color next year.

scurrying back to the revisions cave with cabana boys in tow

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen, you can do the party trawl with me! We'll go in when the joint is jumpin' every time!

Christie, thanks so much for the congrats. And thanks to the Bandits for letting me have my shindig here! Actually, I think I pictured you being MUCH naughtier than just sitting on his lap! ;-) But that's our secret, OK? Bwahahahahaha!

Deb, these party ideas get better and better. Yes, we do have Curves down here but your idea sounds much, much more fun! And keep your mitts off Richard, girlie! I saw you hiding that lasso behind your back! He's mine! You can have Hugh. Oh, wait, he's Helen's... I'm sure there's a spare gladiator going begging!

Dain damage, huh? I'm rather looking forward to the cool down afterwards with the gorgeous Rupert!

Thanks for the congrats!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, brownone, what a great idea. Although I've got a feeling you haven't got room for me in this party either. Sigh. You girls are all so greedy! ;-) Thanks for the congrats! Whoo-hoooo!

Like the idea of Sheene setting up as a gym owner now he's a free man! Seriously, where do I sign up??!!!

Kirsten, I got quite hot under the collar reading about your party. I'll have to snaffle you and interview you afterwards, all in the name of (cough, cough) research! Mind you, if you then decide you want some company, you can always come to the gym... Hope you really enjoy Untouched - I really loved both these characters so I hope they find a place in other hearts as well.

Jennifer Y. said...

WOOHOO!!!! Congrats on the release and this party rocks!

As for my fantasy party...this is hard to describe...I would invite authors...y'all are my rock stars!!! And I guess other readers would be invited too...can't be an author hog even though I'd love to be the only "non-writer/reader" there. Each person could bring a guest or two as well...their choice...the hotter the better...LOL

Music would be a mix of country, 80s rock, oldies (60s and 70s) and pop...maybe a live band or two.

Menu would be whatever the guest wants...if they order it, the cooks will provide it no matter what it is...got to keep the authors happy so they will keep writing. :o) After all the enjoyment authors have given me, I want them to enjoy themselves and be able to get whatever they want...guilt free, of course, because the food at my fantasy party is calorie-free. And the waiters will be dressed like (or even be, since this is a fantasy) heroes from various books...from all genres.

The location would be a huge library (like the one in Disney's Beauty and the Beast) so that guests who are wallflowers (like myself) could sit in a corner and read while the hero of their choice serves them or reads aloud to them...LOL. Heck, that is my idea of fun...LOL...curling up with a good book (can you tell I like to read? LOL).

Oh, and I have had dreams of a booksigning where readers sit at tables and authors come by to give us their books instead of the way signings usually happens...LOL...in my dream two authors got into a shoving match trying to be the first to give me their books and security came as I yelled, "Make sure they leave the book!" LOL I have odd dreams...now, I'll be dreaming about my fantasy author party tonight...LOL

Hmm...maybe I can incoporate the reverse booksigning into my party...authors sharing their books with me and other guests....or just me...LOL.

Yeah, you can tell I don't party much, but prefer to read...LOL.

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Anna, should have remembered the hockey hunks when I wrote my silly post! I certainly remember the shoes - used to drool whenever I saw you in Dallas. Hope you love Untouched!

Denise, thank you for popping over! Your red shoes would seriously impress Anna. Denise, is the photo still up on the website? All I found was your gorgeous current cover (Denise has a novella out with Avon this month so we're finally going to be sharing a shelf!).

Um, Jeanne, which stars are you thinking of being underneath? Ahem! And don't forget to come back in for the cake cutting at midnight! Hey, cool you've got Untouched reserved! That's smart thinking, Bandita!

Maureen said...

Happy Release Day!

I think my fantasy party has champagne and chocolate.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, P226, your post took me back to the best New Year's Eve party I've ever been to at Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia. I used to go there with some uni friends (it's now on the backpacker trail but back then, it was fairly sleepy and hardly anybody knew about it). We set up a fire on the beach and just sat around. Met a whole stack of interesting people and it was one of those perfect nights.

And thank you for the congratulations! ;-)

Oh, Caren, we'll keep the party going until you can join in! No show without Punch! Thanks for the congrats and good luck with finishing that baby!!!

Christine Wells said...

My goodness, so sorry I'm late to the party! Waah, I want to be the one in the corner with Buffie's avatar. Why am I always cast as the good girl? Could this be why all my books are about good girls unleashing their inner vixens???

Hilarious post, Anna. Huge sloppy kisses on the release of a brilliant, brilliant book. And yes, I gloat. I feel very privileged to have read this wonderful dark fairytale. Anna, you're a shining star in the historical firmament and you just keep rising higher.

Best of luck to the green monster! And I hope you manage to catch up with RA...

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Ms Hellion! I WANNA COME TO YOUR PARTY!!! Ask me, ask me! I promise you can have Johnny. I'll be busy with the others. What a great selection. Clearly you're a woman of taste and discrimination. Well, perhaps with that many fantasy guests, not TOO much discrimination ;-) Love the NYT fantasy. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for playing!!! By the way, do I still have to clean up if I give you a prize? Graft and corruption going on here, folks!

Susan, that's what makes a good party, those unexpected moments! I totally get what you're saying. Hey, I love RRRRRAAAARRRRRH! too. I think you say it just like I do. I could tell that, even in print! ;-) Thanks for the congratulations. I'm glad I gave you a fun role in the party now - you'll notice poor Madam CDW just goes around sniffing at the lack of decorum. No gladiator for her, she said in the voice of the Soup Nazi!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Tawny, you're such fun at shindigs! Can't wait to hang out again in San Fran! Think I'm going to having such a great time with my Bandita buddies, I won't do anything sensible at all. Oh, and by the way, I just took another sizzling dish of roast potatoes out of the oven. Get in quick, girls! This is why I wear flats to parties, shoe girls! So I get first dibs at the food. You move faster on flats. Whoops, no, that's not true. Tawny just streaked past me on those tottery suckers! Shows you what a good roast potato can achieve!

Ooh, Anne, I LOVE your fantasy! Venice is one of those places that just conjures magic with its mere name, isn't it? Can I come to that one too? I've always imagined myself in a scarlet velvet renaissance dress - they really did wear groovy clothes back then! And the mask thing? How hot is that?

Helen said...

Anna I will be there not a problem and of course Hugh Jackman is mine this party is getting better and better we are all having so much fun I won't want to go to work today
Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Ruth, love beach parties! There's something about being at the seaside, isn't there? Thanks for the congratulations! And definitely this party deserves all those sinful treats you usually don't eat (or I WISH I didn't usually eat!).

Hey, Linda, fantastic to see you here! California here I come! Thanks for popping by! Hey, my favorite people are coming to this party. How cool is that?

Ooh, Kate, you're my kinda party gal! Fine French champagne. Let's go into the cellar, my friend, where we can drink this privately. Oh, no, the cellar is full of cabana boys! WHAT ARE YOU DOING, AC??!! That crop was for Banditas only! Oh, I can hardly bear to look. Oh, OK, all right. Now I'm taking notes... Oh, no, and here come the gladiators with the hoses! This is getting totally out of hand!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, thank goodness. The voice of sense (even if she is a Nutella nut!) has arrived. Keira, where you been, girlfriend? We miss you when you're not here! And absolutely I'm stealing, uh, saving one of Kate's bottles of champagne for us to talk about wonderful Regency heroes over. Sigh. I can actually see you at Deb's hero party! You'd fit right in. Did you notice they were all historical types? Hurry back!

Flchen, hey, your party even sounds moderately realistic (sadly, mine isn't!). Hope you make it one day. Thanks for playing with us! And for the good wishes! Whoo-hoo!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Happy release day, Anna! :)

As for a fantasy party:

Family and friends arrive at a Scottish Castle. Holding the talisman that came with the invitation will magically transport them there. The food, while decadent and delicious, is also magically good for you. The more decadent, the healthier it is }:) Zero guilt.

Then there are rooms labeled Almack's, or the name of a specific castle, Netherfield Hall etc., basically the locations where favorite party scenes in novels have taken place.

Once they step into any room they choose, a guest is transported into the novel a la Harry Potter with the pensieve or Voldemort's diary. There they can watch these scenes unfold. Then they can go into any of the other rooms and do the same.

Meanwhile the guests can go back to the main ballroom at any time to eat and talk about their adventures :)

Stacy S said...

Congrats on the release!! It's a great cover.

For my party I would like it to be me, Gerard Bulter and Lenny Kravitz singing to us. It can be anywhere!

Jane said...

Congrats on your release. I think my fantasy party would be held in a grand hall. My date could be either Christian Bale or Daniel Craig(as 007). There shouldn't definitely be expensive champagne. Not sure about the food, but there will be dessert.

MsHellion said...

Of course, you wouldn't have to, Anna--besides you'd be much too busy entertaining my guests as I was entertaining....Johnny. :)

Please come! I know you'd be a riot at any party!

Kim said...

Happy release day, Anna!!! Here's a champagne toast to Untouched flying off the shelves into greedy reader hands! *cheers*

You Banditas sure do know how to throw a party. WOW! The men, the bubbly, the men, the food, the men ;)

jo robertson said...

Oh, wow, Anna, it's only one in the afternoon here in California and your launch party is well under way.

Super, super congrats! I sneaked out to Borders around nine last night and they told me their shipment was delayed several weeks. I was soooooo disappointed.

But when I called my local B&N, a very nice lady named Amy searched through her back room and put your books out on the shelf, saving one for moi, of course.

I told her you were my friend -- hey, I have no shame. She wanted to know if you were a local author, and I told her about the Bandits.

It's so much fun bragging about my writer friends :-D.

Yahoo! Break open the bubbly, bring out the cabana boys, and let's celebrate Anna's launch!

Denise Rossetti said...

Hey Anna, You have STAMINA, party girl! Yeeehahhhhh! And yes, the red slut shoes are still on my website. Click on the link to the Bio page and scroll down a tad.

Buffie said...

Sorry I am so late to the party, but it is a long way from Atlanta!! I had to make sure that all my yummy manatars arrived at the party on time and barely dressed :) I think you have described the perfect party -- great friends and hunky guys!!!

Anna, dear, all I can say is bask in the glow of your success. Bask in it!!! I can't wait to read it!

Anna Campbell said...

OK, I'm back in the lair! Got distracted! Richard, stop that! I've got work to do... Yes, I went out with a butterfly net and nabbed the rare RA back again! ;-)

Oh, Beth, you're such a darlin'. Isn't it fun to party with the Banditas? Even if we have to do it over cyberspace. Did I tell you I tried my first margarita when I was in Texas. Yum! But those things pack a kick like a mule! I felt no pain getting on the plane in Dallas! Although a headache made itself felt later!

Hey, Nancy! Thanks for coming over! And thanks for the congrats. It's such fun sharing it with my wonderful friends.

Actually, Caren, you throw the BEST parties! Seriously. I had you on the organizing committee for this shindig! Thanks for leaving your GH hard work to pop back in. I love a spontaneous singalong and the daggier the songs, the better. Rodgers and Hammerstein feature strongly!

Jennifer Y. said...

Oooh...all these guys sound so yummy.

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, what's a S'more? A sycamore? You can't possibly eat sycamores, can you? I love the idea of a wind down party with P226! I'm with you on the beer - not my thing. But hey, there should be some leftover champagne from Kate's supplies that we can take! Singing is de rigeur. I'm already practicing nobody loves me, everybody hates me, think I'll go eat worms. Do you all know that immortal symphonic work?

Filmphan, your party sounds like fun. Although Gerard might fade under all the attention. I think we should get Cindy and her cabana boys in as backup! And definitely seafood! Hmm, I think this party is going to go on till Christmas!

diane said...

Congratulations Anna! Enjoy this wonderful celebration.

When I visualize the party of my dreams it takes place in Lake Como, specifically The Bellagio. I think that would epitomize a dream of a lifetime. Incomparable food, and one of a kind men.

Anna Campbell said...

Cindy, I think the Green thing is taking over the world ;-) Thanks so much for those wonderful congrats. I got quite weepy over my margarita when I read them. Well, actually it's still too early to break out the hard stuff but I'm certainly planning to later!

I hope you do explode in your Borders! Can you get a cabana boy to do a video? Mind you, even better would be a prominent display of the green monster ready to rrrrrraaaaarrrrr his way into lots of Californian homes!

Hey, and avocadoes are green. That fits the scene VERY nicely indeed!

Hey, Jen, your party sounds fantabulous! I'm SOOOOO there! And I'd fight to give you a book! Actually, even if we don't have the party, can I move in? I love the sound of the library and the chefs and the books. Even the music suits what I want to listen to!

Jennifer Y. said...

Sure Anna!!! Everyone is welcome!

You caught me...I actually described my dream house with the library...wouldn't it be cool to live like that year-round? Huge library, chefs, no calories, heroes at your beck and call.

Hmmm...I kind of like the sound of everyone's parties...maybe we should spend a weekend at each party...LOL.

Anna Campbell said...

Maureen, thanks for popping by! Hmm, you can never go wrong with champagne and chocolate, can you?

Thank you, Christine. It only struck me after I'd posted that I'd definitely given you one of the less fun roles in the party! Mind you, I love stories about 'nice' girls releasing their inner vixens! They're always such fun! So glad you love Untouched. You're one of my tuning forks, you know! If you say the note is in tune, I know I'm OK! ;-) A GOLD TUNING FORK! Is that better than being the Regency watchdog on this wild riot?

MsHellion said...

*eyes wide* You don't know what a S'more is? It's chocolate (half a Hershey's bar), graham crackers, and a toasted marshmallow smooshed together....

Anna Campbell said...

Bonnie! Wow! I can see you're a great writer! You've really got to put this party in a book. I could picture it so clearly, aside from the joke stuff. I want to come to your party now. You had me at hello. Well, maybe at the Scottish castle. You know I'm a sucker for a Scottish castle! Sigh! And I want Kylemore and Verity to be there because I'd love to see them in the flesh! Oh, and Matthew and Grace can come too - if he can get away (snort! He probably can't, being locked away and all!). Thanks for the best wishes!

Stacy, thanks for popping in! Thanks for the best wishes. Sounds like your party might be a private affair. When you want some company, you know where to find us. Mind you, you probably won't be in a hurry to leave what you've got going on!

doglady said...

How about a stirring rendition of
Who let the Banditas out?" WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! I am arriving fashionably late to the Anna C soiree! Sorry, I am late. My mother came to visit for the day so I had "Driving Miss Daisy" duty, as my brothers and I affectionately call it! Just returned home to two messages on my answering machine "Wal-Mart does not have UNTOUCHED! Where can I get it?" Of course I returned the calls and sent them straight to Tammy's Book Basket downtown!! My perfect party would have to be a replica of the Faschings Balls I attended in Austria. Start at one 15th century castle. Ball gowns, ornate masks. full orchestras, ballrooms decorated to the hilt. Buffets of succulent roasts, souffles, heavenly Austrian desserts on tables that you can hear groaning under the weight. Fountains of champagne - gorgeous waiters. Lets use all of the Mr. Romance contestants and cover models from all our favorite covers - not as waiters, girls! As escorts!! Dance until dawn, ride in open carriages to the next castle/estate, have breakfast, spend the day sleeping in beautiful period decorated rooms and then start all over again. Do this for about a week and end with a grand ball in Vienna. Any questions!! Congrats my dear friend on your release day - the second of many, many, many to come!

Anna Campbell said...

Jane, love the sound of your party. Sounds really classy! Um, if you take Daniel, can I have Christian? Seems a bit greedy you having both of them ;-) Actually I remember as a pre-teen reading about the Regency parties in the Georgette Heyer books and thinking they sounded just the last word in glamorous. Still think that, actually! Let's have a Regency crush! Or a Venetian breakfast! Or a ridotto! Yay! Thanks for joining us!

Ms Hellion, sadly, I don't hold my grog too well. I get extremely giggly and then I go to sleep. The nice thing about this fantasy party is that I can pretend that I'd be there kicking up my heels past my bedtime! ;-) And no hangover the next day either. That's gotta count for something!

Hey, Kim, welcome to my party! I've been crashing the Romance Novel TV one all week and I've had a blast! And everyone says what a great site you've got over there too, by the way. Yes, the eye candy is pretty spectacular at this gig, isn't it? Ooh, there's a spare cabana boy! Run, catch him! That's a girl!

Lily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jo, I hope you'll give Amy a big sloppy smooch when you see her and tell her she's always welcome in Oz any time she comes out! Thank you for going to all this trouble. Hope you enjoy meeting Matthew and Grace! So glad to hear it's actually in a store in the US - everybody else is telling me there's been delays which is so disappointing. Thanks so much for your congratulations! You've been enormously supportive of me, my lovely Bandita!

Hey, kick back, grab a virgin mai tai and enjoy the party!!!

Lily said...

My fantasy party would be reminiscent of the salons where intellectuals used to gather to discuss philosophy or poetry... but we would be talking more about medicine... I am after all a med. student! and I would be of course the hostess of this extravaganza :)

I would invite two of my idols... to chat around petit fours and hot chocolate.

Elizabeth Blackwell would have deserted her women's hospital - for a day or two of course, we would not want the patients to suffer from her absence - just to attend! She was the first american woman who was able to attend medical school and she opened the first women's hospital in New York. So it would be a true priviledge to be able to hear her stories while eating delicious chocolate delicatesses... I am sure she would be able to give me a ton of advice! It is my party, after all!

The second would have taken a longer trip - I live in Canada. Florence Nightingale would do a nice lecture on patient care that is based on empathy - something so important in medical practice today... and we would be all be eating up her words.

PS: Some very handsome doctors would also have to be in attendance - like in the hospital parties Betty Neels portrayed so well ;) We can't be that serious!!

Anna... congrats on Untouched!! I loved your first book :) But I think you already know that!!

Anna Campbell said...

"Hey Anna, You have STAMINA, party girl! Yeeehahhhhh! And yes, the red slut shoes are still on my website. Click on the link to the Bio page and scroll down a tad.

Hey, shoe girls! Check these out!

Hey, Buffie! At last our avatar wrangler is here! Can you tear a few away from Christine for the rest of us? She's really trying to explode that good girl image into smithereens! That inner vixen is a SHE-WOLF!!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Diane! You are one classy chick! Much too classy to hang out in this brouhaha! Thank you for lowering your standards and joining us. Hey, can I come to the Italian lakes with you? That sounds fantastic! And we can have champagne boat cruises when we get sick of dry land... Have you actually been to the Bellagio or is it a long-held fantasy? I have a fantasy that one day I'll stay in the Danieli in Venice. I'll swan in off the Orient Express with my leather luggage and my entourage and wearing my Balenciaga travelling gown.

Jennifer, aren't we having fun? Wish it was all REAL! ;-)

Jennifer, I think you and I have just decided on our future career. Party guests! One of the things I love about the stately homes in Britain is that they nearly always have a fantastic library! Hmm, now I think of it, I nearly always have nooky scenes in the library. Well, in CTC and TTD, I do. Clearly I find books sexy. And it's not just the leather bindings! ;-)

Jennifer Y. said...

LOL Anna...and books can be and are very sexy ;)

Anna Campbell said...

Ms Hellion, that sounds wonderful! Why didn't anyone tell me this when I was in the States and could actually try one? Banditas, you're letting the side down. I promise you fried wombat when you come down here!

Pam, are you saying you really did this? That it's not a fantasy??!!! OMG, I'm so going to corner you and talk about your life when we finally get to meet. And don't think you're getting out of there inside a week, girlfriend! Oh, dear, that's what I said to Richard and shortly afterwards, that's when he disappeared! Wow, that sounds absolutely wonderful. Like something out of a fairytale!

Good for you, sending readers to Tammy! And thanks for the congrats! Honestly, I get nervous to think about you reading Untouched. Hey, get me another champagne!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Lily, great to see you here! You're necessary to our 'operations' - snork! Sorry, couldn't resist the small medical joke. Goodness, your party sounds civilized! I'm coming right over there as soon as I've wrangled these cabana boys and pulled Christine down from doing the cancan on the bar. Actually for a woman who's a Regency specialist, she sure does a mean performance in late 19th century naughty French dances! Thanks for the congrats! Really looking forward to hearing what you think of Matthew and Grace!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Happy Release Day, ANNA!!!!

I was out Christmas shopping, (which is why I'm late chiming in here) and guess what I saw at the book store? UNTOUCHED! ANDDDDDDDDD I just happen to have the digital camera with me. ANDDDDDDDD the book seller is a friend, so as soon as I figure out how to get pictures out of my camera...I'll be sending you one of me holding my copy of UNTOUCHED!!!

Just a little excited here!

Lily said...

Operations... very funny as I am in the beginning of my surgical clerkship!!

I am sure I will like your new book!!

I know my party is civilized... fresh cancan, as one of my fav. regency heroines would say: Oh, my!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Suz, you're absolutely fantastic! I thought after last time with CTC, I couldn't really annoy my Bandita friends about chasing all over the US in search of the green monster. I'd ADORE to see a picture of my book! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Squeal!!! One good thing this time around is that the Oz edition is only a month behind so I'll see the trade paperback by the end of December. With CTC, it was nearly six months before the local edition came out. Suz, seriously, you're wonderful. I really, really appreciate this!

Anna Campbell said...

Hmm, is there any other sort of cancan apart from the fresh variety? Ooh la la! Good luck for your surgery training, Lily! You know we'll be chasing you for grisly medical details before we're finished, don't you? ;-)

MsHellion said...

*googling all sorts of info Untouched* How do we say "Sheene" anyway? I want to say "Sheen" like Charlie Sheen, but I got to realizing it might be "Shee-NAY" or something. Before I go butchering his name as I pour through the book, can you clarify it from the get-go?

Lily said...

Grisly details... good additive to any party ;)

I need to go to Paris to learn more about that dance!!

PS: I have already seen your book at Chapters :) Love the cover... the green is stunning!

Anna Campbell said...

Ms Hellion, you make me laugh. Does it matter if you say Sheenay? No, it's like Charlie! Actually, we're going to use Mr Sheen when we clean up after the party, aren't we, Banditas?

Lily, great that it's out there. I heard from so many people who haven't been able to get it! Wow! It's real!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Okay...my party. NO DIET FOOD ANYWHERE!!!

I'd serve y'all broiled bacon wrapped shrimp and scallops, mini quiche lorraines, lovely Chinese slaw, creamed chicken stuffed pastries, small crackers pipped with cheeses and stopped with lovely bits of caviar. Lots of chips and dips, and lots and lots of holiday chocolate deserts!

Champagne, wine and Buttery Nipples.

We'd dance to Aretha Franklin, Creedance Clearwater and any good music with a beat!

And of course Sean Bean and Clive Owen would be in attendance. Hey it's my fantasy party!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Suz, your fantasy is working a treat for me. Good food, good men, good liquor and good music? What's not to like? Well, maybe the subtle sound of the elastic on my trackpants splitting the next day, but who cares about that? That's why God invented safety pins, isn't it?

Buffie said...

Anna, there can never EVER be enough manatars!!!! But I believe there are enough to go around (a few times!!).

And I can't believe you have never had a s'mores!!! Those things are just too darn delicious. Now, I'm not too sure about fried wombat!! But I would be willing to down a few of those potatoes of yours. They sounds wonderful!

Anna Campbell said...

Buffie, didn't your Momma serve your roast wombat and chittlings at Sunday dinner? Mine sure did (snork!). Hmm, must hunt out a S'mores on my next visit...

Buffie said...

Anna, when you are back stateside you must have one of us make you some. You can't go to the store and buy them already made -- and they are so good when they are warm from the fire.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna, I'm so glad someone let you in on the S'mores secret. They are to die for. You usually roast the marshmellow on a skewer over a fire - hence the reference for the outdoor wind-down - then smoosh it and the chocolate between the graham crackers. Melts the chocolate a treat and is, in all, a gooey, delicious crush. Sort of like the mini-party in the gazebo...oh, did I give something away KJ and Cassondra? Sorry. :> Snork.

Fried Wombat?? Hmmmm. I've been reading a story to my son about a Wombat Up To Bat. The Wombat knows nothing about baseball, but sure can dig holes. Snicker.

Libraries are sexy in grand houses, in public buildings and in modest homes as well. They just are. I'm just sayin... snork.

Anna Sugden said...

Popping back in ... now that the hockey hunks have gone to refresh my drinks and food ;)

Denise - hot, hot, hot shoes!!!!

I love the sound of everyone's parties. We'll have to have one of those round robin thingies where we got from party to party!

Foanna - will be getting pics of Untouched this weekend. Unless it's sold out ...

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Buffie, I'll bring you Tim Tams if you make me a Smore! Are they a Southern thing? But hold on, how can we toast marshmallows in San Fran? I want the complete Smore experience!

There's a local joke about wombats - it's actually quite clever as it's really a punctuation joke. The male eats shoots, roots and leaves. If you add a comma after 'eats' and remember that 'roots' is an Aussie colloquialism for ahem!, you'll get it. Snork! Hmm, this party is deterioriating! Get me more nuts!

Oh, Duchesse, you're so right about libraries!

VA, knew you'd adore Denise's shoes. I'll have to introduce you two in SF! Ooh, photos! I love my Bandita friends. I hope the angels heard you about sold out ;-)

Jennifer Y. said...

See, Anna Campbell, we could combine Suz's food from her party with my fantasy of nothing having any calories and you wouldn't have to worry about your trackpants splitting.

I, too, am in awe that you have never heard of S'mores. But then again I am sure you have foods over there that I have never heard of.

Anna Campbell said...

Jennifer, we get a lot of US television, etc., so I assumed before I visited America that I knew all about it. And of course I didn't! Love discovering new food wherever I go and I must say Smores sound right up my alley. Or actually after a few of them, perhaps I'll need a motorway rather than an alley if I'm going to fit down it. Like the idea of your no calories fantasy!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Yoooo-hoooo! Anna! You party girl you. :> Was SO snorking over the shoots and roots. Heehee. VAnna's right about those sexy shoes too...

Just popped out to the bookstore and oh, look what I found. VBG. I not only bought one, I sold the other two that were on the shelf...drum roll please...the big green monster! I also sold a copy of Mrs. Brimley to one of the same women who bought Untouched.

Sent you a piccie Anna. :>

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, that really made my day. Thank you! I'm going to put it up on my website in the next lot of updates which should be up start of December. Whoo-hoo! I think the model is the best thing in the photo, though! Yeah, the one in the anorak. ;-)

Kim Howe said...


That was one of the funniest posts I've read! Perhaps comedy should be your next genre??? Congratulations on all your success. I can't wait to dive into UNTOUCHED!

Your proud Bandita,


Cassondra said...


But gosh, it looks like y'all started partying without me.

Anna, so sorry about the chandelier. When you ask for a shot, ya know...????

Got my copy of Untouched about a half hour ago. They got eight copies in the store. I'll be back tomorrow to turn them face out. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

My kind of party? Well......okay, I know you will all smack me, but....no celebrities. Those guys are so bloody childish and arrogant. Now, some REAL guys--Special Forces, SEALs, Force Recon, ParaRescue jumpers (PJs)....some beer for them...some big fruity California Cabernet for me...a fire and a warm night--oh, yeah.

I've always wanted to have a party on a beach and I never have gotten to do that. A clambake. Have no idea how to bake clams, but it sounds like a ball of fun.

Anna, Congrats on your second release--I have it here by my keyboard, and it'll be my reward for actually SHIPPING my bloody GH entry.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Yeah Cassondra! I've KJ and I have been waiting for you out in the gazebo - away from the celebs. I'm betting one of the manatars will know how to bake clams. There's a beach not far away...hmmmm.

Congrats on getting the Bloody GH Entry one it's way out the door. COngrats too, to our other Bandita pals who are entering (and any of our fellow bloggers as well.) May you all be ineligible next year. Heehee! (hic!) I'll raise my glass to you, if I can find it amongst the feathers.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Drat it! That should have been ON its way out the door and the I've up top doesn't belong either. Sigh. I so don't do well w/ editing when there's alcohol around.

Oh, and Cassondra? You'll like the wind down bonfire I've planned. We'll be able to see P226's party from the other side of the ridge. (I've got Chardonnay for me and a nice red for you too. Oh, and pumpkin pie. Ha! But there's beer and Gun-guys over at their party. Wanna stage a raid with me? Bwahaaahaa! Bet we CAN'T sneak up on them, but it might be fun to try... Wait. On second thought, we might spill our wine. We'll just wave. They'll see it with the night scopes. Snork!)

Cassondra said...

La Duchesse said:

Bet we CAN'T sneak up on them, but it might be fun to try... Wait. On second thought, we might spill our wine. We'll just wave. They'll see it with the night scopes. Snork!)

Nah, let's just pack up the wine and tromp over there. They'll have to give up and make this one co-ed. Besides, they've probably got some cool guns we could ogle.

Jennifer Y. said...

We still partying? This has been a great party so far...definitely took my mind of the strep throat I have...don't worry, I won't breathe on anyone...LOL

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Hey gang, I had to work over, (I sooooo hate end of month) and most likely will be doing this all week. Just wanted to wish Anna a Happy Release Day. Congrats!!!!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

P226 I like the sound of your party too, think you could throw a pig or at the very least ribs on that fire pit?

Christine Wells said...

OK, I go from prim Regency watchdog to gold tuning fork, to playing with Buffy's avatars, to doing the can-can on the bar (not totally authentically, I hope--don't want to scare the natives!)

Cool, I've had my own release the inner temptress story, right here on the blog! Wait till my husband finds out *VBG*

Christine Wells said...

Kim said:
That was one of the funniest posts I've read! Perhaps comedy should be your next genre???

Since Foanna is a self-confessed genre tart (ref. RNTV forum 11/28) I've no doubt she will publish her hilarious historical romcom one of these days. And that's *genre* tart, which is not to be confused with a *stationary* tart--right Foanna??

doglady said...

Yes, Anna, I really did that. One of the young baritones in the company was the son of an Austrian baron. He invited us to Faschings and we had a blast!! The 15th century castle is his family's home!! Like Cassondra UNTOUCHED is my reward for getting my GH entry in the mail, which I have not done yet!!! GRRRR!! I'll tell you my life story if you tell me yours!!

jo robertson said...

Wow, this party is smoking hot! Glad someone told you about the S'mores, Anna. New rule -- no Bandita shall be S'mores-ignorant! Even is she is an Aussie.

Such a funny post, Anna! I'll be expecting a contemporary romantic comedy from you next.

I forgot to add my fantasy party. Well, it's me on the beach in a bikini. I weigh 100 pounds (my marriage weight) and have no stretch marks. Heck, don't care what Boyd looks like. I love his little pot belly.

Kirsten said...

First, I have to admit to Buffie that it took me several post to get what MANATAR meant. Thought it was an unusual typo!! Yeesh, I do need that party!

Second, I would like to say that Borders sucks, because I nearly WET MYSELF trying to get Untouched and they didn't have it. I was on my way back to the office after a long meeting involving a lot of coffee. Didn't have time to stop in the restroom because I HAD to run through Borders on my way back to try to grab a copy. Looked ALL OVER, and NADA! NOTHING! WAH!! Nearly peed myself on the way back crying. Must be delayed shipment like the other Borders. Double WAH! Will stalk Untouched at the B&N this weekend...

Trish Milburn said...

LOL! I'm headed to the bookstore later this week as soon I as I finish the rough draft of my own book. Ack! Your book and another friend's out this month are going to be my reward for slogging through.

Joan said...

Patient? Anna, you have a patient? Really dear, you should leave the patients to us professionals...come on Suz, grab an arm :-)

Seriously, happy, happy launch day. As you already know I came home disappointed to find my copy of Untouched was NOT on my front porch. There I was wandering around in my jammies with the porch light on checking to see if the delivery man ACCIDENTLY left it in my bushes. (sigh)

I KNOW it's gonna be great!

And wow....112 comments!! Woohoo!!

p226 said...

P226 I like the sound of your party too, think you could throw a pig or at the very least ribs on that fire pit?

No wild pigs around here to toss on the coals. Plenty of deer and rabbit though. They're easier to prep, too. And it's hard to be too far from a river with bass and catfish here. Oh yeah... largemouth bass, straight out of the water and into the skillet. With beer.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, yeah, Cassondra, we are definately crashing P226's party if he's got bass and catfish. I too wouldn't mind some pig or ribs, but hey, fish is good. So's venison. :> The guns to oogle makes it pretty much a good-to-go bet for a party as well. ha!

Anna Campbell said...

Hiya KJ! Nice of you to take time off tickling gladiators to talk to me ;-) Believe me, I appreciate the sacrifice! Do you know something odd? I really think in many ways I'm writing against type with these books coming out at the moment. I really do think my natural voice is a comic one. I'd love to get back to writing comedy one day!

By the way, sorry I've been away. Computer has been acting up. Obviously giving it the margaritas I haven't been able to drink wasn't a good idea!

Anna Campbell said...

Cassondra, sounds like you might have plenty of company for your clambake! Going back to Rodgers and Hammerstein, We've had a real nice clambake... As long as I don't get stuck with my boy Bill afterwards! No Harlequin Presents accidental pregnancies to the sheikh for me, thank you very much! Thanks for playing. And congratulations for getting another GH entry in! Whoo-hoo! And good luck!

Eight copies, huh? Be great if there were NONE tomorrow! We have a Green party here and just had a national election on Saturday, so every time I saw a sign saying, "vote green" I'm going, Yeah, sistah! ;-)

Ah-choo! Sorry, Duchesse, it's all the feathers around the place! Yes, you get those boys out of their shells and tell them to bake clams! What? You have other things for them to do? Sheesh! It's hard to find good help these days! And ditto on the good luck to anyone entering the RITA or the GH!

Cassondra said...

p226 said:

Oh yeah... largemouth bass, straight out of the water and into the skillet. With beer.


BUT only if you cut the head off of it. I cannot eat something that's staring at me. I know. I'm a girl. This is why you camped on the other side of the ridge. Heavy sigh....

I can, however, bait my own hook. Unless it's with grubs. If it's grubs, no way.

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, be vewy vewy caweful, in the words of Elmer Fudd, when you thneak up on P226 and Cathondwa! The chandelier tells the story! Ogling their guns, hey, C? First time I've heard it called that!

Actually, Jennifer, if you've got a strep throat (poor thing!), this is probably the only sort of party you'd cope with. Seriously I hate having to yell over the music to make conversation! Drives me bananas! The Audrey Hepburn party of my fantasy was much more civilized!

Hey, Dianna, thanks for coming over. Latecomers are welcome! And the cabana boys are getting slow by this stage of the night! Thanks for the congrats. Got to say, it's very exciting!

Christine, you know how my fiction works! I see a character arc and I follow it. Clearly you had the seeds of a can-can dancer inside you all the time! Sadly the only splits I do are banana ones! And I'm still waiting for the genre tart joke! Just because you can fling your legs around, dearie, doesn't let you off your other obligations!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Pam, I've led such a dull life. I think that's why my fantasy life is so active! I love the sound of your castle! You'll be asleep half an hour into my life story. Whereas I'm going to take notes when I hear yours! Good luck with the GH!

I bet Boyd loves your stretch marks, JM! Does this mean you're going to feed me Smores if Buffie stumbles at the gate? Or runs off in pursuit of that one last manatar she just has to have for the collection?

Oh, Kirsten! That's tough when disappointment goes to the kidneys! Fingers crossed they'll have it tomorrow! CTC went out in dribs and drabs too, sadly.

Hey, Trish, I like this idea of the green monster being everyone's reward. That's how I treat Lindt chocolate and that's not bad company to be in at all! And Untouched is considerably less fattening!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Joanie, all this free booze has brought a crowd, hasn't it? Or perhaps it's the big husky Romans in leather skirts ;-) Thanks for the congrats! Snork to the patient! They wouldn't be sick long if I had them in care - well, perhaps I shouldn't call it CARE precisely! ;-)

Hey, P226, I'll happily eat venison!

Jeanne and C, you girls and your guns! When I want a shot, I reach for the scotch ;-) And C, you're so not a girly girl, I think you're allowed to be forgiven for not wanting to eyeball something you're about to digest!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Thaths Giwls wif gunths to you, Mith Anna. If you're going w/ Elmer, GO with it. Snork. I'm w/ Cassondra on the grubs. (Another Evil Twin thing) Oh, and the fish-with-heads, although I can cut that off myself and throw it to the 'coons down the holler. They'll like me for that. :> Always wise to be on the good side of the wildlife who have opposing thumbs. Grins.

Great party, Anna.

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Jeanne, I'm reconsidering your invite to the Bellagio ;-)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

No, say it ith-int so! Snork. I would be on my best behavior...I promise! I might even make it through the metal detectors without setting them off... Heehee. Oh, and I'll bring S'mores...please?

Anna Campbell said...

OK, the Smores swing it for me! ;-) Oh, and maybe the fact that you're a basketful of fun, Duchesse! The Bellagio will probably pay you to come back!

Cassondra said...

Anna wrote:

Ogling their guns, hey, C? First time I've heard it called that!

Well, first I typed "guns we could fondle" but then I thought "dear GOD! that could be considered crude" and edited it to make it ....well, I thought it was less....uh....suggestive. I've had nearly half a bottle of red wine, and of course I underestimated Anna's ability to come up with...well... metaphors....and there are Buffie's Manatars to consider..... Anna, helluva party you throw, girlie.

Cassondra said...

Jeanne, aka the Duchesse wrote:

I might even make it through the metal detectors without setting them off...

Snork! Puhleease! Like there's any WAY either of us will make it through a bloody metal detector....

Anna Campbell said...

Awww, C, that's only the cabernet talking! But I must say it's been a great gig! Who's next on the launch pad? I can't wait. Is it Christie? Her book looks fantastic! It's the time of the night when we're playing cool jazz and getting mellow. Always like this bit of a party - if I'm awake for it!

And if that metal detector isn't bloody before you go through it, J&C, it will be bloody after!

Jennifer Y. said...

Y'all are so much fun! This party is great! Congrats again Anna Campbell on your release! Can't wait until the next launch party!

Anna Campbell said...

Jennifer, thanks for playing with the banditas for the day! Hope we haven't let you too far astray! With a strep throat, nobody would hear you calling for rescue from a gladiator. What's that? You wouldn't call? You saucy wench!

Just checked - Tawny's got a release in January which should be a blast and then Christie's debut hits the stands in February. Whoo-hoo, Banditas on a roll (with some of that roast pig from P226's party!).

Anna Campbell said...

Thank you to everyone who dropped by today to share my big day with me! What a party we've had. What hangovers we've have tomorrow! And we'll be doing a bag search on the way out to make sure none of the cabana boys have gone missing ;-) Whoo-hooooo!

And don't forget to check back to see who won the prizes. I'm off to find some alka-seltzer!

danetteb said...

Hi Anna,
Sorry to be late but I hope you had a wonderful release day.
Hugs, Danette

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, Danette! I sure did, as you can probably tell from the mess this place is in. Hey, you're just in time to help with the washing up! ;-)

Stacey Kayne said...

CHEERS to you, Anna!!! Green is always my color of the month ;-)

I just love this new cover -- sending wishes for continued success!!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Stacey! Fantastic to see you here! I LOVE your books ;-) Hmm, those long lean men of the west, can't beat 'em! Thanks for coming over and for the congrats! Hey, isn't the cover SPESH??!!!

Annie West said...

I can't believe this - I'm late for Anna's launch party - wah!!!!!

And this book is so special. I just love Mathew, not to mention Wolfram! (G). Congratulations, Anna, on a fine book with a brilliant hero and a great story.


Anna Campbell said...

Annie, you're most welcome. Thank you. It's only the diehards left - oh, and Richard tied up in the cupboard. Shhh, Richard, no use crying. I WON'T let you out! Bwahahahahaha! So glad you enjoyed Untouched - I believe you've asked for Matthew's hand in marriage. Or you would if you weren't already hitched yourself! No bigamy in my books. No way!

danetteb said...

Lol :D