Wednesday, November 28, 2007


by Suzanne Welsh

This has been a productive week at my house. Yesterday I had three workmen stripping 1970’s era wallpaper and old chair rails from the dining room walls. They patched the plaster and filled holes from picture nails. Then they painted the eggshell white walls a lovely pale yellow green. They also painted the foyer a lovely shade of pale yellow gold.

Now you may be wondering what in the world this little bit of remodeling has to do with writing. Well, when we bought this house, we had a bedroom for each of the kids and one for us. As my children have moved in and out we managed to carve one room into an office for my husband. One where the door can clearly be closed while he works and when company comes.

But there never seemed to be a space for me to write. So I carved out ¼ of the front room which should be a dining room for my office. I have a large computer desk complete with hutch that faces away from the wall. I get plenty of sunlight, I have a filing corner, and a huge book case. There’s room for my chair, the trashcan, the shredder and of course space for Rocky the wonder dog, (aka my writing partner), to sleep in the sunshine or moonlight while I write.

We’ve finally been financially secure enough to buy nice dining room furniture, (which arrives tomorrow), have professional painting done and new floors put in, (those are coming in two weeks). All this is in preparation of having a space large enough and nice enough for the family to spend holidays and family meal nights together.

It is also time for me to consider moving my cave, (what we writers call our offices), to a small bedroom that will be an actual office. But for now I’m enjoying the fresh clean walls and the lovely color in my office/dining room. Oh yeah and it was great fun watching men work so efficiently yesterday!

So, writers, do you have anything special about your cave you’d like to share with us? And readers, do you have a room you’d love to do some freshening up to for the holidays?


Tawny said...

Me me me me... did I get it? Huh huh? Did I?

Tawny said...

Woot!! I did it! I snagged the GR. Heeheeeheeee.

Okay, then I had to go back and read Suz' post LOL. Oh man, what a gorgeous dog!

I'm so jealous that you're getting an office LOL. I work in a corner of the family room -we have a ten-foot long desk that spans one end of the room with my computer in the right corner and the family computer in the left corner (I don't share well, although I do play well with others). On one hand, its hard to find the quiet and focus to write until everyone goes to bed. But on the other, if I had an office, my kids would probably never seem me. This way, we sort of all pile together like puppies :-)

Congratulations Suz on the awesome new dining room and on your office!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Tawny! I thought you'd be too tired after all that flirting to get the GR! Guess I underestimated the allure of a good old bird!

Tawny said...

I'm never tired after flirting ;-)

Especially not when the prize is so fun!

Anna Campbell said...

I adore my office. I moved into this house on a permanent basis in August (I'd been between houses before that - long story). And the office was one of the deciders for me. In my flat, I worked in the corner of a bedroom and looked into the neighbours' bathrooms (frosted windows - couldn't even use it as research!). No space. No storage. Just hopeless when you're dealing with a full-time job. Here I've got lovely garden views and wonderful wildlife that keeps me amused when my writing doesn't - which is sadly quite a bit of the time. Cupboards galore. Bookshelves. And a lucky bamboo plant my friend Amy who visits as Downundergirl gave me a couple of weeks ago. Amy, miracle of miracles, it's still alive!

flchen1 said...

Congrats on your new rooms! That's exciting!

All our rooms need some work before the holidays! My packrat-tendencies have overflowed to "public" areas of the house and I need to seriously weed so that we can fit into the space we have and be able to entertain company without embarrassment. Oh, we may be embarrassed anyway, but at least then it won't be because of the obvious piles of junk lying around ;)

Amy Andrews said...

Oh well done Suzanne on carving out your own space.

I'm gradually claiming my space as my own. When we built the house five years ago we had an office attached to the bedroom so I could write. I wasn't contracted then so that was very forward thinking of me(and obviously showed my stubborn streak). But I claimed it as mine immediately. And since being contracted in 2004 I've been in it at the keyboard practically every day.
But its only been this last few months that I decided I needed to MAKE it MY space.
There was an old print of a desert dune at midnight on the wall which belonged to my husband in his bachelor days. It's always hung there. Why? Just a space to hang it. A convenient wall. A few months ago I turned and looked at it and said to my dh - I hate that thing.
And that was the start.

I found some beautiful glass wind chimes in Sydney and have hung them in my doorway. It never gets a breeze but I love them and they reflect me - so they're staying.
I bought a fairy on a stick at the local show this year. I always loved them as a little girl and I couldn't get my daughter interested and I thought - bugger it. Who says your ever too old for a fairy on a stick? So she's in my office too.
And the biggest news is I bought art. Yes, actual art from a real local painter. It's a huge oil and is called Midnight Muse and it expresses the two sides of me so well and I can turn and look at it and feel inspired. And even if in my least inspired moments, it doesn't inspire me, it makes me happy. It feels "right".
Two wedding portraits used to hang in its space. I turned to my dh and said - I hate those things.
Luckily he knew me well enough to know it wasn't about the ceremony or the last 17 years of our life. It was about claiming my writing space. It was about me giving myself permission to have MY space.

Oh dear - I sound like I've been on Oprah now.

Bookshelves are next. Bookshelves that take up an entire wall!!! And filmy curtains that allow me to see my mountain view but still filter the killer morning sun.
I also need to put my laminated poster of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It's around here somewhere in a post pak. Another ME thing.

And Anna - I have two lucky bamboos in my office that my kids gave to me for mother's day last year. (Actually I think that may have been the start of claiming my space.) If I can keep them alive with forgetting to water them all the time, then anyone can. May it bring your career much luck. xxx


Amy Andrews said...

Woohoo - I finally figured out how to make blogger recognise me as Amy instead of DUG!!!!

Thats lucky bamboo for you.

Helen said...

It is so nice to have your own space good on you Suzanne every writer deserves it for all the hard work they put into writing.
I really need to have a big clean up before Crissy I really keep too much junk little things that have memories attached to them, the family room needs painting before the tree goes up but I think I will only have time to give them a good clean.
When the tree and decorations go up it will look great.
Congrats on the golden rooster Tawny.
Thanks Anna for the great party.
Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Suz, great post! Congrats on getting your own space. And a woot-to-you-too on snaffling the GR, Tawny!

Amy, I loved your story and do you know who you sounded like? Jenny Crusie. I bet JC would admire your fairy on the stick. I LOVED them when I was little and I kept mine until the glitter fell off her cheeks and her tutu wilted. But the Ekka was such a novelty then, as were fairies on sticks. Sort of like permanent, calorie-free fairy floss, aren't they? Oh, for the Americans, that's cotton candy:)

I'm a bit torn. I want my own space but I would rarely use it because, like Tawny, I try to keep up at least the illusion of spending time with my family:)

Once I get that antique desk it might be a different story...

Amy Andrews said...

Ahh Christine another closet fairy-on-a-stick girl. I knew I liked you for a reason.
I know they're largely regarded as tacky but I dont care. Hey, I write romance and that's considered by many to be tacky so I've developed a thick skin. And you know what? Every show I go to from now I'm gonna buy one and stick it in my office.

Thanks so much for saying I was channeling my fav author JC. You know what a compliment that is for me. I think you may be right. Looks like going to the Sydney conference sunk into my consciousness more than I realised.

And dont worry about the space at the moment. Your kids are little and they need you a lot. Been there. Trust me once they know how to get their breakfast, dial 000 and not to stick a knife in a toaster, that antique desk will be irresitble.

Christie Kelley said...

Someday soon I'll really have an office--with a door! But right now I'd settle for heat in my house. I did see the heating guys at my house yesterday but I have no idea what they were doing. It appeared they were just walking around.

The windows all went in yesterday, except in my future office (my husband's current office). My husband will be out of town next week so the workers will be in there removing plaster and part of a wall and putting in the new windows. So the office will be all mine in another month or so. Then I get the fun of decorating it!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Congrats on the GR grab, Tawny!

Wow, I thought having the spot off the kitchen with no door was distracting--people coming in, talking while I'm in create mode...seeing the refirgerator on a minute-by-minute basis! But you trying to write in the family room with all the family present tops that!

Kirsten said...

Suz, thanks for letting us in to your pad for a little tour! It was fun to see where the magic happens!

With a laptop, I don't really have much use for an office anymore. We have a guest room with a desk and a filing cabinet, and I had thought maybe if I fixed up the space I'd use it, but no...I write in the living room in the comfy chair, or down in the bedroom while I'm waiting for the kids to fall asleep, or at the coffee shop, or at the kitchen table while I'm having get the idea.

Amy, what exactly is a fairy on a stick? Is it just like it sounds? I think I want one!

Tawny, I love the bit about being like puppies! We've got a smallish house (less than 1500sf) with no real dining room, just a space off the kitchen with a table, and we tend to follow each other around so we can always be part of the action. I've got to pry the kids off my legs to get them to play downstairs (where the bedrooms are) when dh and I are upstairs. :-)

But I don't write when the kids are awake and around. They're just too young to leave me alone and because I work full time, I don't see them as much as I want. So I save my writing for when they're asleep. Or at least when they're in bed...*g*

Suzanne Welsh said...

Given the last book's working title, Anna, you really needed those neighbor's windows to not be frosted. But then again, it could've been a scrawny old man in there!

Glad you have the garden to distract you. We all need something to let our creative brain rest, and our subconscious to take over the process for a while, don't we? Of course I'd like my subconscious to work on Clive Owen or Sean Bean in any movie I can find!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Flchen1- I'm only focusing on one room at a time around here. The packrat of the family is trying to remove some of HIS stuff from the room I want to make my office. Alas, I'm afraid it will take me and some trash bags to actually bring that portion of the plan to furition!

Good luck with the purging. That is a very difficult thing for packrats to do.

Joan said...

Suz, I am SO jealous that you get to get new floors. The miserable condition of mine became immediately apparent when I had all the rooms of my house painted in the spring.

But new paint was so awesome. Most of the rooms I chose lighter colors...pinkish lavender for one bedroom, med. lavender for the main bathroom, a honeydew melon color for my bedroom. (And a cool cream color for my hallway titled "Innocence". Yes, there have been LOTS of jokes about going down (deep voice) "The hallway of Innocence" LOL)

But for my office I chose a wonderful pale gold. Maybe a subconcious salute to "going for the gold"? I have a small computer desk (which I put together myself, thank you very much)and 2 sets of bookshelves.

But my "special stuff" is on the shelf right above my head. Amy, I don't have a fairy on a stick but I have my lucky Beanie Baby, hedgehog, goat, polar bear, penguin and dragon. My lucky rock from the shores of Doolin, Co. Clare, my Irish flag and a small framed poster from my goddaughter that says "Take time to dream."

Oh, and on the wall a lovely stained glass celtic knot. Yea, loses its effect not being in front of a window but I don't have the nature or panoramic views ya'll window looks out on a suburban street. The only wild life I see are the teenagers from down the street :-)

And beware...I'm off the next two days. I MAY stay up till midnight and snatch that GR......

Suzanne Welsh said...

Amy, you space sounds divine!

At this point, I wouldn't have to buy art. I have two daughters who are artists. I've either purchased or been given some wonderful pieces.

For the dining room I have a series of three oil and print paintings my daughter Lyndsey made me. In the center one is a three whie tulips, on the left one is one white rose and on the right one is two white daises. (There's a collage of gold, brown, green and yellow behind each flower). The white rose represents my oldes daughter's favorite flower. The daisies are my younger daughter's fav flower and the tulips are mine. Needless to say I cried when she gave it to me.

Suzanne Welsh said...'re right, A Christmas tree and decorations make any room look great, don't they?

Christine...since you and Tawny still have yound children in your houses, you need to have that "spending time" with the family illusion. Mine are grown and need to realize I'm working...oh wait the kids do, it's the hubby that has the problem! LOL

Suzanne Welsh said...

Yeah Christie!!! I'm very glad I didn't get major make-over work done. Paint, plastering and new floors is all we could afford, (and new furniture), and the dining room really only needed. My CP is going to make my new curtains!! whoohoo!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Kirsten, I have to confess I'm jealous of those of you with laptops or at least I was until someone introduced me to a portable zip drive! Whoohoo! At least if I have no patients on the unit I can pop that baby in and do some editing in the wee hours of the morning. OR when I visit family I can conviscate and hour each day to create a page or two on a WIP! Which is why I wanted a laptop soooooooooo badly!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Joan...amazing what we get envious over. My friend, Jo Davis, is pea-green with envy over me getting two rooms painted. I'm jealous over the lovely landscaping I see in my neighbor's yard across the street.

AS for the hallway of innocence...LOL!

Your office does sound great. Once this dining room is finished, my office is next. I wonder if I can find a paint titled, Lair of the sexy goddess?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Tawny, you left-coast rascal! Cassondra and I were both up, quipping with our dear Ms. Campbell of the great party and, I think, hoping to snag the bird. I gave up at 1:30 am Eastern time. One of these days, ladies, one of these days....

Great topic Suz. Love your writing pal. As Tawny so aptly put it, Gorgeous Dog. Mine's sprawled out in the sunshine too, black and white and goofy all over. (He can't help it, he's a Dalmatian.) Congrats on the new paint and most importantly, the new space.

Amy I was SO LOL about the turning to the DH and saying, "I hate that." Snork. Oooh, and to have a room of your own...and fairies on a stick...(no idea what those are other than the obvious, but they sound Coooool!) And Art. Art that you Like. Sweeeeeeeet. :>

Although I teach a class on claiming your space and making it work FOR you, I too have small children and must make my space somewhat communal. I work it as much as I can, then, like Kirsten and Tawny, do much more productive writing when the house is quiet and all are asleep.

At least, like Anna, I have a great view - and occasionally teenage wildlife, like Joan. But more often I have birds at my fountain and feeder. Not enough to distract, just enough for a smile.

Yeah Christie on the house progress! Yeah too on the Men Working. Always nice to see. (evil grin.) Start planning the decor, my dear, completion day will be here soon! (picture me optimistic!)

As to the rooster...I WILL get him. One day. (Grumble grumble, left coasters, grumble grumble, down under Oz bloggers, grumble grumble) Snork.

Joan said...


Your artwork of the flowers sounds SO beautiful! Tulips are my favorite also. My checks have tulips on them.

Your daughters are so talented. One of Suz's daughters did the artwork for our Romance Bandits logo.

I'm with you Kirsten. I think I want a fairy on a stick too! Or some lucky bamboo :-)

Suzanne Welsh said...

LOL on the staying up until 1:30 EST Jeanne! I wrote the post and put the pictures in about 11:00 CST...went to bed. Got up at 1:30 CST and posted it. So you only missed by ONE hour!

I occasionally have the wild life of squirrels or rabbits (we have a warren somewhere near our house) out the front window. I ALWAYS know when they're out there, as my writing partner barks and growls like there's an intruder trying to come in the door! LOL.

I'm safe from all small furry creatures, elderly people with canes or walkers, women with strollers and kids/teens with backpacks!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Thanks, Joan. I marvel daily at their talent!

Currently I have one piece from my oldest, Alison. She's been showing in lots of Dallas art galleries and recently sent two pieces to a show in Miami. I'm hoping to get a few more in the near future!

Lyndsey is doing contract art work on a series of Christmas cards for professions...The owner of the company may have them available next year. I'll keep y'all posted!

Diana Cosby said...

Congratulations on the creation of an official office. :) I know you'll enjoy the dedicated, professional space.
My current office is a spare living room. No door, but I have quite a bit of privacy. It's decorated with a ton of medieval items, including a museum replica of a Scottish Claymore that William Wallace used. Appropriate as I write Scottish medieval romantic suspense. My office also holds my extensive research library. And last, but not least, a ton of inspiring pictures, memorabilia and items of encouragement given to me by my kids. Happy Holidays and an excellent blog!

Diana Cosby

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Diana! Good to see another DARA member find their way to the Lair. Pull up a bench, and make yourself comfortable. Just watch out for Banditas swinging from the rafters!

Love you having a Claymore in your office.

Once I get my "new office" space cleared of hubby's stuff, I've got one set of book shelves to move in, followed by more...since I have four containers of books I NEED to put up. I've always wanted my own library and by golly my office will be the perfect place for it!

And I can finally display my entire complete collection of Julie Garwood books!

Donna MacMeans said...

Let's office currently has a dragon kite hovering from the ceiling, peacock feathers in a flower vase sharing space with a pirate flag, a prince charming hand puppet propped up on a shelf with a Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara christmas ornament. I don't have a fairy on a stick, but I do have a tinkerbelle keychain hovering over my moniter - Oh and a artsy star that says "Make a wish..make it happen." And that's my accounting office *g*.

Like Kirsten, I do most of my writing on my laptop which moves from room to room. My preferred writing space is my back porch, but it's darn cold right now (sympathies to Christie).

My goal is to eventually turn this accounting office into a clean, clutter-free (coughing fit here) writing environment. My clients seem to have other idea.

Congrats Tawny on the rooster. I gave the office a glance at 2:30 AM last night, but decided the GR preferred a warmer environment.

Suz - Congrats on the new office.

Amy - Proud of you for claiming your space. Like the others I'd love to see a fairy on a stick. Shame we can't upload photos into these comments.

MsHellion said...

My cave is pretty portable. No living room space or anything...or even a room. I write in bed. Or at work (after work, of course). Or at the library...or Starbucks...anywhere my laptop will go. At home, when I write in bed, I have a hot pink girl pirate (skull & crossbones) lapdesk that I put my laptop on...and I peck away.

I would love to have an office area and a set up...that'd be so cool. So professional. So writerly.

TracyG said...

Hi Suz! My favorite thing about my new office? My floor to ceiling bookshelves. They cover one entire wall and hold all my keepers with room to spare. Yeah! More books!

Congrats on your new space. I'll bet Lindsay's art looks fabulous against the new wall color. She's so talented - like her mother!

Tracy Garrett

Suzanne Welsh said...

Morning, Donna! I love the kite over the desk. It makes me think of bing outside on a windy midwest day, letting my fancy fly!

We're hoping Mrs. B and Moonlight will allow you to retire those clients and write more wonderful stories!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Good morning to you, Ms. Hellion! I have a friend who uses Starbucks as her second office. It forces her to concentrate on her writing and not the housework/kids/e-mails!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Ms. Tracy! Hope it's not too cold up there in Missouri.

I adore YOUR office and the bookshelves. Y'all should see her cave. It's like the super-duper version of caves.

Beth said...

Your dining room sounds so lovely, Suz! And congrats on getting your own office *g*

We converted our dining room to my office a few years back and I love it. I have my desk in a corner where the two windows are (yes, my back is to the door - no, it doesn't bother me at all *g*) and the kids' computer is in the other corner. I have my reading chair and one of the first pieces of furnitured my talented husband made - a narrow side table built out of wormy chestnut. I also have three bookcases (two for function, one an antique barrister case that holds old books and pretties).

But my favorite part of my office is my ceiling - it's my favorite color, a deep, gorgeous burgundy

I don't have a door which is only a problem during the summer or long breaks when the kids are home. They like to wander in, sit in the arm chair and stare at me, or stare and sigh at me about how BORED they are - until I give them a list of chores they can do, then they skedaddle ;-)

jo robertson said...

Wahhhoooooo, Tawny! Good topic, Suz.

I have an office, one of the used-to-be kids' bedrooms. But it's filled with books, books, and more books.

I have my printer set up in the family room, tacky, I know but it faces a wide-screen HD television (not MY idea) and I find I like the white noise of the TV background when I write. It's nearly always on a sports event, and I find the grunts strangely soothing. Plus, my husband actually thinks I'm watching football and golf. Tee hee.

But my FAVORITE place to write is actually my living room. That's where the stereo is -- love to write to music. The chair I use faces the front windows that look out over the lawn. I LOVE to gaze out and watch the changing seasons -- yes, we do have nuances of seasons here in Northern Cal.

But mainly, mainly I love the colors in my living room -- they're wild and hot -- brick red walls and gold-patterned contrasting wallpaper. Accent colors and trim are in white and sandstone. And I adore the pictures I've hung which pull out the brick-red and gold colors.

Love, love, love that room!

Nancy said...

Hey, Suz, oh what fun it is to have a holiday home makeover! Congrats on all your improvements, and have even more fun creating your cave!

Fav thing about my office? I have one, and it's feng shuied to perfection! Okay, except for the filing that occasionally piles up. (grins)

Have a holly jolly redo, and may all your holidays be brighter!


Stacey Kayne said...

Way to go on the new office, Suzanne! Having a new space is always fun!

I used to have an office *lol* These days it's more of a landfill :) We call it the 'pit' these days. Me and my laptop stear clear of that cluttered mess *g* We're having an adition put onto our house, which will include my new office--hubby probably figured that was the only way I'd get my office cleaned *ggg* -- new office is going to overlook our new coy pond and will have a pantry-style closet for all the papers and boxes and bookmarks and stuff to be stuffed into ;-) Can't wait!

Ejoy your new digs!!

Cassondra said...

Oh, Suz.

Congrats on the office space--even the possibility of it.

I just want to see my floors. They're in bad shape, but still, I'd love to just SEE them--hardly a spot is not covered in papers or magazines or parts of AR15s (that's a kind of rifle for those who don't know) that my husband is building.

Our house is 158 years old, no closets, and about midway through the renovation, we sort of lost our momentum and stopped.

I'm a person who really needs a zen, uncluttered environment, and right now, I live in a pile. I'm ignoring it because of deadlines that loom at the moment, but after the deadlines are met, I'm going to tear through here if I can get the energy--and at least widen the path....

Kudos to all who have claimed your spaces. It's empowering.

Claudia Dain said...

I love to redecorate! It's so invigorating and inspiring, expensive. *G* Oh, well, always a downside, can't let that stop us!

I am lucky enough to have an actual office that I don't have to share, that has a soundproofed door, and has lovely views to the woods behind my house. It's perfect. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be a little mini-fridge to stash liquid caffeine.

Anna Campbell said...

Amy, you've inspired me. I can't wait to see the paintings. They sound amazing. I'm going to buy a painting by a local artist who does seascapes. I'm sure I've mentioned before that I get my best idea either in the water or looking at water so I figure a really gorgeous seascape in my office and hers are - often seascapes are cheesy, but with hers you can smell the salt in the air and hear the waves, so evocative!)won't hurt at all!

Suz, laughed at your steaming the windows comment!

Hi Diana! Lovely to see you again. Come back and see us again!

Suz, enjoy the new digs! They sound wonderful!

p226 said...

Most of the rooms I chose lighter colors...pinkish lavender for one bedroom, med. lavender for the main bathroom, a honeydew melon color for my bedroom.


At home, when I write in bed, I have a hot pink girl pirate (skull & crossbones)

Getting better.

hardly a spot is not covered in papers or magazines or parts of AR15s (that's a kind of rifle for those who don't know) that my husband is building.

Ahhhhhhh.... there we go.

Donna MacMeans said...

Stacy - LOL, our husbands are two of a kind. He says he has nightmares about a fire in my office due to the stacks and stacks of paper everywhere. I try to clean it every now and then, but as soon as I clean one spot, it gets loaded down again. I'd love a new office, but that's unlikely.

Caren Crane said...

Oh, Suz, congrats on the updates. It's so uplifting! Two years ago, I gave my den a fresh coat of paint and it made all the difference in the world.

Today, supposedly, a plumber came and installed a new toilet in our half bath downstairs. We've been without for 6 weeks downstairs. Believe me, it will make all the difference in the world! *g* Plus, it's a really nice, water-efficient Toto. I can hardly wait to try it! Er...well, you know what I mean.

My "office" is a corner of our library that I stuck a tiny student desk in. It sits about 4 feet from the piano (on the opposite side of a window. My older daughter loves to practice piano--when I'm working. Otherwise, no so much. *g* I have to sit with my back to the door, which I don't enjoy.

I plan, when older daughter goes to college, to claim either her room or the younger daughter's room as an actual office. With a treadmill. And a door. I may even stick a mini fridge in there for the Coke Zero! Ah, someday...

Amy Andrews said...

Hey Caren, good luck with the treadmill. I have one in my bedroom, about 4 meters from my office and well, lets just say, that as a treadmill it makes a great clothes horse.

Fairy-on-a-stick. Okay - not sure if thats it's proper name but I'm sure there isn't a show (can't think of what you you guys would call them in the US - carnival, fair? - travels around, lots of rides, show bags, fairy floss and dagwood dogs) anywhere in the world that doesn't sell them. I guess they're like small plastic kewpie dolls with glitter on their heads and bodice and they're dressed in wings and a tutu and stuck onto a long piece of bamboo.

I adored them as a little girl and looks like I'm about to become a collector :-)

Anna Sugden said...

Yay Tawny!

Yay Suz on the cave decorating ... and the potential office.

I love hearing about everyone's spaces ... the decorating, the knick knacks etc.

I'm another one who has purloined a corner of the living room. One of the things I look forward to when we go home, is my own office. And being able to decorate it how I like because we own the place ... not just renting!

I suspect the kitty cats will still find a way to walk over everything and sleep on that important piece of paper ... but that's what makes life fun.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Wow, Beth, burgundy ceiling? I've never painted a ceiling aything but cream or egg-shell white. Of course we have a ranch and I'm afraid a dark ceiling would make the room feel even more like a cave. Kudos to you for having the courage to do that!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Jo...Cool move on the writing while watching TV sports. I tend to crochet or read during the games, unless of course it's the Indians playing baseball, or the Browns or Buckeyes playing football. Uh...I get lots done during the Caveliers basketball games, hehehe

I love the color of your living room. When Lynds lived at home we painted her room a southwestern brick red. I may just leave it that color and accent with gold and turquoise for guests to sleep in.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey there, Nancy! Glad to see you made it in from the beach down there in Florida! Why does a fen sui office from you not surprise me? Merry Christmas to you, too!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Wow, Stacy...a whole new addition just so you can have a new *clean* office. I should suggest that to my hubby for his office! LOL

I love the idea of a koi pond. It might be warm enough here 10 months of the year, but unfortunately, Rocky the wonder dog/writing partner likes to eat fish. They wouldn't last a week!

I know he has such a sweet face, doesn't he?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Cassondra...I understand your pain. I prefer a clean uncluttered environment, too. But in the dark a lot of that goes away.

Having to clear the dining room for the painters this week and the floor guys in two weeks forced me to purge and file and organize. I pitched all my contest entries that didn't have comments, (mostly kept the good ones). Kept the score pages and comment pages in a binder. All rejections, good, bad or indifferent are filed in a red binder. (For when I sell and can do the speech about rejections at Nationals). Took another bag of books that won't go on the keep shelves to the book store. Shredded enough stuff to start my own land-fill.

It took me nearly three weeks after finishing my GH entry to get that accomplished. But it looks much better now. And the wonder dog's bark echoes loudly as I'm trying to write late in the day! Startles the bejeezes out of me!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ooooooo Claudia, a mini fridge! Wait, moving my office out of the dining room will get me away from the regular sized one, which is a plus, right?

I'd love to have some woods to stare at. Don't think there are many in Dallas.

Suzanne Welsh said...

p226...want me to get you some steroidal creme for those hives our talk of decorating has caused you? I LOL at your reaction to Cassondra's decorating style...or her husband's!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Caren, kids would pick the time after dinner and they had homework to do, for school or college to come sit in the floor by my desk to work, while I worked. Okay, they talked, I tried to listen which resulted in little writing being done before they went to bed. Of course for me, that's a plus as staying up all night is what I do best!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Anna, we know how much you're looking forward to returning to England, and hopefully the cats will claim their space without too much trouble. Send us pics when you get the new office up and running!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Thanks everyone for hanging out in my cave today! I'm off to work for the night, but please come visit us as much as possible over the holiday season. We've got lots of guest authors coming, some holiday cheer and tomorrow we're starting a holiday recipe exchange. Come see what we have in store for y'all!

Christine Wells said...

Amy, I didn't really mean your voice was chanelling Crusie--you have your own style. Just that mad, eclectic collection of funky stuff reminded me of her.

I'm still scratching my head a bit at exactly *why* those fairies were on sticks, and why that made them more special than just any old toy. But fairy stick fans of the world unite, I say!

Aunty Cindy said...

AWWW! Rocky the Wonder Dog is ADORABLE, Suz! Reminds me of my Pug-wa-wa but on a MUCH LARGER SCALE! She strikes that same pose, chin between paws and gets that same "yes, I know I'm the cutest thing on 4 paws" expression on her face.

Don't worry P226, not ALL of us Banditas have the decorating gene. It definitely didn't stick to ME when I took that dip in the gene pool. :-P My office is a disaster area. One of these days FEMA will undoubtedly show up. Cr*p piled everywhere, but no guns or gun parts that I know of...


Kate Carlisle said...

Suz, what a cute writing partner you have!!!

Congratulations on your lovely new space! Isn't it the best feeling to move into a clean and beautiful new place? Yeah! We recently redecorated, too, so I know how it feels. My office has deep blue walls and white shutters and pale wood bookshelves and cabinets. I love it! Especially now that it's finally done. ;-)

Caren Crane said...

Kate, I'm a bit jealous of your freshly decorated, totally private and piano-less office. I'll try hard not to spit in your direction when I see you next. Really! *g*

P.S. I don't have any gun parts on my cluttered desk, but I do have batteries, a stapler and a pencil with a fuzzy feather poof on the end. Oh, and a paper weight from Los Angeles. And a vaguely heart-shaped massager...

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Suzanne, congrats on your new space, we will be expecting great things from you.
I want a fairy on a stick! I kind of have it pictured and I am sure it would make me feel better while I read.
I don't have anything resembling an office (of course I am not a writer either) but I would dearly love to have my very own private reading space, a library of sorts. Right now I have three bookshelves in the living room and two in the dining room. This of course explains why I don't bother to decorate. I have a very, very tiny house, two bedrooms and the only workable space I have is in the basement, and there is no way my precious books are going down there.
P226, you would love my work area at home. Paper everywhere (I am the only one that can figure out the "system"), a couple of my son's computer games Medal of Honor and Dungeon Keeper, bunches of books and even some music CD's..LOL I think the decorating is beautiful but it isn't a talent I possess.

Trish Milburn said...

When we bought our house, I finally got my own office. It had always been a corner of either our bedroom or a guest bedroom before. Now I truly do have a writing cave, a space that is all mine. It has my desk with my desktop computer, my zillions of books, posters on the wall of favorite shows and movies (Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural, Smallville, Lord of the Rings), a big recliner for reading and when I want to write on my laptop, a space heater and fleece blanket because I get cold all the time, my own small TV with the TiVo and DVD player hooked up to it, my DVD collection, stereo, the closet of office supplies, filing cabinets. And it faces the afternoon sun, so in the winter when I tend to get the blahs, I get all that wonderful bright sunshine (and the consequent warmth). :) I love my space.

Caren Crane said...

Trish, and you ever come out why? Oh, that's right--no mini frdige and no potty. *g*