Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bandita Booty Galore!

by Anna Sugden

Just been to the supermarket and picked up my Cadbury's prizes - the lady on the till probably thought I had a serious chocolate problem!

I have two lots of prizes to give out.

First, for outstanding creativity in Collective Nouns. It was a very tough decision! So many great ideas. Thank you all for playing. But, I had to pick some prize winners so, *drum roll* the Cadbury's goes to:

Pat Cochran

Cas 2 AJS

Ms Hellion

And a special bonus to Keira's daughter, if she emails me her Barbie and bunny collective nouns.

Second, a winner from my Oreo blog. My tuxedo cat, Jersey Girl, put her paw into the pot and pulled out ...


Congratulations to all the winners!! Please email your snail mail addys to me at Anna at Annasugden dot com, and I'll get the chocolate treats in the post to you.


Helen said...

Congrats to all of the winners I love cadbury chocolate I am sure you are going to as well
Special congrats to Keira's Daughter well done.

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, congratulations, girls. That's some serious bounty!

flchen1 said...

Mmm.... chocolate!

Congrats, Pat Cochran, Cas 2 AJS, Ms Hellion, Keira's daughter, and Danie88!

Thanks again for such fun posts, Anna!

Keira Soleore said...

Vrai, you're too kind. Ms. Wee is fast asleep right now, but tomorrow, I'll ask her and see if she remembers them.

Thanks, Helen & Fedora.

Anna Sugden said...

Even if she doesn't remember, Keira - she can have a prize for trying!

Jane said...

Congrats to the winners.

MsHellion said...

I won chocolate? YES!!!! *happy, happy dance*

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Anna,

I'm so doing my version of the happy dance! You all have heard me as I mention that I enjoy a bit of any and all chocolate that comes
in my direction. It just happens that the Cadbury brand is one of my special favorites! Thanks so very much!

Congratulations to all the winners:
Cas 2 AJS, MsHellion, Danie88, and
Keira's sweet daughter!

Pat Cochran

Anna Sugden said...

Don't forget to send me your details, Pat!

cas2ajs said...

Oh, yeah! Thanks so much! Just sent you my details.
Congrats to the other winners too.

Cheryl S.