Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life's Been Good To Me So Far

by Beth

Anyone else have Joe Walsh's song stuck in their head or is it just me? *g*

Happy Birthday to Me! Yep, today's my 38th birthday and, in case you can't tell, I love my special day *g* I've been so blessed in so many wonderful ways - my family, my terrific friends (the bandits and bandit buddies top that list!) my writing career, good health...what's not to celebrate?

When I was little, my birthday meant having my family around me after dinner for cake and ice cream. My mom would make Butterfudge Mallow Cake - a dense chocolate cake with butterscotch filling and marshmallow frosting - and put those little sugar flowers and decorations all over the cake. I'd open a few gifts and blow out the candles and then dive in (as you can tell by my pictures, I loved cake *g*)

Some of my favorite gifts include the Cookie Monster slippers shown in my sixth birthday picture (except every time I wore them our poodle would go nuts, chase me around the house and attack Cookie's head) a Big Wheel (anyone remember those? so much fun!) and the brown leather jacket I got when I was 16. Of course, that was 1986 so the jacket had HUGE shoulder pads and patches of suede. No fringe though :-)

Nowadays my favorite birthday presents are the handmade cards my husband and kids make - my daughters are great artists and my son makes cards using old pictures that always make me laugh *g* I spend my birthday writing but I refuse to cook so dinner is whatever I'm in the mood for - usually Chinese take-out *g* Today might be pizza though as I'm craving a big slice of cheese and mushroom pizza from the local pizzeria. No cake though unless one of my daughters decide to do some baking (yes, my son can bake but he has basketball tryouts and won't be home *g*)

This Saturday my mom's cooking me dinner (my pick *g*) and will bake my choice of cake. My sister, her kids and husband will be there and my sister will give me the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives cookbook she bought me when we went shopping Saturday :-) I hope she wraps it!

Now all I have to do is decide what I want my mom to make for dinner and what kind of cake I'm craving ;-)

What about you? What are your favorite birthday memories? Favorite gifts? How do you celebrate your special day? And the most important question of all: What's your favorite birthday cake?

And since it's my birthday there should be presents, right? So I'm giving away a copy of Not Without Her Family and a copy of one of Tawny's books (winner's choice of Double Dare, Does She Dare? or Risque Business) to one commenter!


Elyssa Papa said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Hope it's a great day for you!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Drat, Elyssa! You're fast on the GR trigger! Have fun with the feathered rascal today. :>

BETH!!! BANDITA!!! Happy Birthday. You rock.


Donna MacMeans said...

Happy Birthday Beth! (and congrats again Elyssa - that rooster likes you)

My favorite cake is ice cream cake - the kind you get from Dairy Queen with the crunchy chocolate layer inside. Yum!

Favorite husband, before he became my husband, gave me a Nikon camera for my birthday. That's when I thought I'd be a great photographer. Most of my childhood gifts were homemade. Homemade clothes for Barbie, home knitted sweaters, scarves, mittens... I remember once, though, I got a book - Rascal. It was my first hardcover. Never forgot that.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Ely, happy ROOSTER day to you!

Beth, what a gorgeous post and what gorgeous pictures! I LOVE birthdays. Mine, anyone's really! I think it's such a lovely opportunity to celebrate the people we love. Probably my favorite birthday memory is when some girls I flatted with threw me a surprise party for my 20th. It turned into a real bash - you know, sometimes parties take off and you've no idea why. Or perhaps my 23rd when a friend of mine who was terrifically musical sat at my piano and improvised for hours on the American Songbook. Amazing stuff. Or perhaps my 25th when I was in England and I got together all these friends I wouldn't have made in any other circumstances. Or maybe my 41st - my 40th for various reasons didn't happen so my best friend put on a fabulous do with some really close friends for my 41st including my favorite things to eat. Oh, man, too many to think about! Yay, birthdays!

kim h said...

happy birthday
have one coming this month too whoo

this year should be big
might be renting a limo and crusing with firends

love getting flowers from friends

Keira Soleore said...

Beth, wish you a hoppy happy birthday with plenty of squawk bork bok bok in your future.

Ely, too fast, yo! Good catch.

Gifts, I can take 'em or leave 'em. But now...Cake!! Yum!! That I must have. And flowers are good, too.

Hope you have a fabulous day!

Keira Soleore said...

Fo wrote, "...when some girls I flatted with threw me..."

I read that word as flattened and was totally unsurprised as I read on. But then the sentence as a whole didn't make sense. You flattened this friend and she still gave you a great party? Hm. Another instance of Fo-Magic.

Beth said...

Thanks so much, Elyssa! And have a great day with the GR *g*

Beth said...

Thanks, Jeanne! I plan on celebrating by finishing up my synopsis for my next Superromance proposal. Who says I don't know how to party?


Beth said...

Donna, DQ ice cream cake is a big hit with quite a few of my family members too! I prefer homemade cake or white cake with white frosting from my BIL's bakery *g*

Homemade gifts are the best! The ones I get from my kids mean so much and I know the gifts I've made my parents are very special to them as well :-)

Beth said...

Fo, how wonderful you've had such fabulous birthdays! I agree that birthdays are a lovely way to celebrate the people we love. I get very upset when my parents say their birthdays are just another day.

Out of all those lovely birthday memories, which celebration had the yummiest cake? Can you tell I've decided to have cake today too instead of waiting until this weekend?

Beth said...

Thanks, Kim! And happy birthday to you when the day arrives! Cruising with friends sounds like a terrific way to celebrate *g*

Oh, your comment about getting flowers reminded me of the roses my brother and his wife got me on my 16th birthday! They were lovely and very special :-)

flchen1 said...

Woohoo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH!! And cake for everyone! My favorite is probably ice cream cake, but I also love that really moist Tres Leche cake... and the angel food type with whipped cream... and chocolate... and carrot with cream cheese frosting... and Black Forest... and uh... I guess I just really like cake ;)

Congrats on the GR, Elyssa! Does he get cake today?

And don't enter me in your draw--I've read and loved all the books already! Write faster, y'all! ;)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

What fun piccies!

And WTG Elyssa on capturing the GR!

My favorite "cake" is actually "turtle pie" from Baskin Robbins, or dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. YUM!

My most memorable birthday, and not in a good way, was my 30th. One week later I was rushed to the hospital and spent the next week in intensive care. NOT FUN! And they never did discover what was wrong with me, only what wasn't. :-P

My BEST in recent memory was a couple of years ago on a cruise. Never had a BAD day on a cruise!


Elyssa Papa said...

You know, the GR has flown my coop and deserted me for the Birthday Girl Beth.

Not even Lindt chocolate is tempting him back. (Truth be told: I think he wants to spend time with Beth in hopes of getting tipsy).

Helen said...

Congrats Elyssa

I love being with my family and friends when it is my birthday I haven't had many parties but I always have dinner with the family and a cake hubby usually buys one from Michels my favourite is marble mud cake yummy.
I always have the family all together for everyones birthday and they get to choose what they want me to cook and if I have time I make them a cake if not I buy them one.
As for present I always love what they give me I love getting presents.
The best birthday present I ever got was getting married on my 20th birthday.

Hae Fun

jo robertson said...

Happy birthday, Beth. Birthdays are wonderful days to celebrate. Great topic. I hope you have a wonderful day/week.

I once asked my MIL about her birthday and she said that she'd far rather have her family remember Mothers Day than her birthday. What the heck??!! Maybe I'm just selfish, but my birthday is ALL MINE!!!

Plus it's Leap Year, so it's special.

Congrats, Elyssa!

My daughters and I have "Happy, Happy Fun Days (HHFD) on our birthdays during which we go to a movie, lunch, and give the birthday girl gifts. Sometimes we manage to extend the celebration to a Happy Happy Fun WEEK!!

Minna said...

Happy Birthday Beth!

Favorite gift? It has to be that toy tiger I got from my best friend, since I still have it. It has the text "best friend" written on it's shirt.

Tawny said...

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happppy Biiirthdaaaaay Dear Beee-eeeth
Happy Birthday To You!!!

Giant happy hugs and lots of wonderful birthday wishes!!!

So... is it my eyes or do you have TWO cakes in that first picture?

*g* My favorite is my momma's German Chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting. I now pout on my birthday because she moved away and I don't get my special dinner and cake (momma's lasagna).

Lets see, my favorite birthday. I spent my 21st in Las Vegas partying my way through the casinos. That was fun, but not a fave. There was my 25th when my brother got me an ice cream dragon cake - that was yummy! But I think my favorite was a couple years ago (um, nah, not giving a number *g*) when I thought we were running to the store and my husband told me we had to stop by my brother's house. I walked in, balloons everywhere, cake, tootie horns. Surprise!! I loved it.

*sigh* I love birthdays. I love the joy of reflecting on how blessed my life is and how much joy the people in my world bring me :-)

Jane said...

Happy Birthday, Beth. Hope all your wishes come true. I always celebrate my birthday with family and friends so they're all pretty special. My favorite birthday cake is the Carvel ice cream cake with the cookie crunch in the middle. I used to have it every year when I was growing up. These past couple of years I have also tried and enjoyed Cold Stone Creamery's mint chocolate chip cake and their Strawberry Passion cake.

Margay said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! Unfortunately for me, I don't have a lot of good birthday memories for the simple fact that one of our nation's favorite Presidents was assassinated on my birthday. Yup, you guessed it - November 22. So I guess the best birthdays are the ones I can get through without hearing about it again (I feel sorry for all people born on 9/11 - I feel your pain).

And then there is the fact that, every once in awhile, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving - like last year. Now who wants to eat cake after a turkey dinner? Not me. And I said as much to the family, but one of my nieces couldn't stand the fact that we wouldn't be having a cake for my birthday, so she compromised and made me an oversized banana nut muffin in lieu of the cake. I loved it! And then my daughters and I did a fast and furious round of Finding Nemo quotes because my sister hadn't seen the movie, and that was fun. So I guess last year's birthday turned out to be the best so far for me.

Oh, and my favorite kind of cake is chocolate - for a birthday cake. Other than that, it's cheesecake.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Happy birthday Beth, and many, many more.
My favorite cake was chocolate chip bundt cake with the drizzle icing. My mom used to make that every year for me. My Aunt would make my dinner for my birthday, that could have been anything from rib eye to pinto beans depending on my mood at the time...LOL She was a great cook as was my mother. Me, yeah, I can but it never seems to be as good as their's was. My favorite gifts was anything I could keep forever. I am so thankful that I have those mementos now that they are both gone from me. Usually some type of jewelry. Anytime I wear it I remember who gave it to me. My favorite was a pin that Mother and Aunt went together and got for me. It is a crown because I was "princess" for the day. Little tiny seed pearls and gems.

Caren Crane said...

Elyssa, congrats on the rooster nab and way to snatch him from Jeanne!

Beth, Happy Birthday!! The only thing better than hanging with Banditas is hanging with Banditas with cake thrown in. Ask anybody!

Growing up, my family birthdays were exactly like yours. My mother always let us pick what we wanted for dinner (baked rigatoni) and the cake we wanted (apple spice cake with caramel icing). Heaven! For whatever reason (probably because everyone was poor), presents weren't such a big deal then. I mean, we each got a gift, but it wasn't the be-all and end-all.

I recall when my son (now 22) started going to birthday parties. It was circa 1991 and the advent of the "goody bag" phenom all of us have since experienced. Suddenly, you had to have an extra $100 to buy stuff to cram in bags to give away while you child and his friends screamed around Chuck E. Cheese's. Horrible years. I was so glad when my kids got old enough just to want a party at the house!

My fave cake is STILL my mother's apple spice cake with homemade caramel icing. It's making my mouth water thinking about it. Thanks for the memories, Beth, and have a happy day!

Caren Crane said...

Margay, Happy Birthday in two days!!

PJ said...

Happy Birthday, Beth! Wishing you a beautiful day filled with much love and joy.

Congrats on the GR, Ely!

I adore birthdays, especially mine! (grin) I think it was my 9th birthday that I got the fake mink stole, tiara and bee-u-ti-ful princess shoes. I was definitely feelin' the love that year. My 16th was great because I shared the party with three of my best girlfriends. My 40th was fun and pain-free when my late dh threw me a surprise party that began with my favorite restaurant catering appetizers at our home. The party then moved to the restaurant for dinner then back to our house for dessert (lopsided but much loved cake that the dh had made himself) and presents where the prevailing theme seemed to be silky, sexy lingerie. Hmmmm...wonder if the hubby had anything to do with that too? lol

My fav birthday cake is German Chocolate ~ always has been, probably always will be.

Margay said...

Thank you, Caren!

Gillian Layne said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Susan Seyfarth said...

Happy birthday, Beth!!

Yesterday was my baby's birthday. It had been exactly two years since I took the lord's name in serious vain & squeezed out my precious girl. We had ice cream cones with candles (we're waiting for grandma & grandpa's arrival this weekend for actual cake) & let the kids jump on the couch all they wanted before bed.

As for bithday traditions, though, here's mine--on my kids' birthdays (after they're in bed of course so I can enjoy it) my husband & I always treat ourselves to a nice glass of wine to congratulate ourselves on producing such fine, fine children. But not so much wine that we accidentally invite another one into the house. :-)

CrystalGB said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. I love birthdays. I like to celebrate them by going out to dinner and having birthday cake.

Buffie said...

Happy Birthday darling Beth!!! I sure hope you have a day full of fabulousity!!!!!

Just like everyone else, I love birthdays! My MIL always makes her peanut butter cake with peanut butter iciing for me. (In fact, she is going to make it for Thanksgiving too!). I think I have had some great birthdays. On my 8th birthday, I had 10 friends over to the house for a sleep over. It was so much fun staying up late and then eating Dad's pancakes the next morning. Next was my 17th birthday. It was the first birthday that the dh and I were together. He took me to a great Italian restaurant and then gave me my gift -- which was a beautiful birthstone ring that wrapped in a box wrapped in a box wrapped in a box, etc. By the time I got to the ring, I was crying because I was laughing so hard. But I have to say that so far my 30th birthday has been the best. The dh and I took our oldest (1 1/2 years old at the time) to Disney World. And I was able to ride the Dumbo ride (which holds wonderful childhood memories of me & my mom) with my son. It was quite a moving experience for me.

Margay -- My hubby's birthday is 11/22 also. Hope you have a great day Saturday!

Kate Carlisle said...

Happy birthday, Bandita Beth!!!! I love all your photos of you surrounded by birthday cakes!

Favorite cake? Must I choose? I love them all! My current fave is one my work friend made me for my birthday a few months ago. Carrot cake so rich, so big and fluffy, I've never tasted anything so good. No nuts or raisins, although I like them both. And the frosting was cream cheese based but it was light and fluffy, too. It melted in my mouth. I'm craving it as I describe it! Wonder if I can talk her into making it again?

Chocolate is always perfect, too. :-)

Congrats Elyssa! I'm sure he'll stumble back your way once he's had his fill to drink...if that's possible...LOL

Margay said...

Thank you, Buffie! And wish your hubby a happy day from one November 22 baby to another.

terrio said...


I don't have too many good birthday stories. You see, my B-day is New Year's Eve and though there's always a party, it's never for me. :)

BUT, I do remember when I turned 17 and my sister gave me tix to Les Mis. That was awesome. And in '03, my friend took me to Memphis and we had the best time on Bealle St. Gosh was I sick the next day. LOL!

The last few years have been pretty dull. I can't even remember the last time I had a cake on my birthday. LOL! This year my daughter is having her tonsils out on 12/29 so my guess is it'll be another quiet one this year too. *sigh*

Beth said...

LOL! Thanks, Keira! I do hope I get the Golden Rooster at least once before my next birthday - I don't think he's ever come home with me.

Although I'm sure he'd much rather wait until spring. We already have 6 inches of snow!

Beth said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Fedora! I too love cake! Actually, I'm having a hard time trying to decide what kind of cake I want my mom to make for me this weekend :-)

Oh, and I woke up to find a present on my desk - a framed pictured of Sam and Dean from Supernatural! I'm guessing it's from my youngest.

Hmmm...perhaps my obsession with the Winchester brothers is getting out of hand?

Nah ;-)

Beth said...

AC, how scary! I'm so glad you recovered but to never know what caused it? Frightening!

My youngest and I prefer cake but my husband and older daughter always want cheesecake for their birthdays. And my son adores pumpkin crunch and pumpkin pie *g* Although I'm thinking turtle pie sounds yummy!

Beth said...

Not even Lindt chocolate is tempting him back. (Truth be told: I think he wants to spend time with Beth in hopes of getting tipsy).

LOL! Aww...he wanted to visit me on my birthday! That's so sweet. I haven't seen him yet...oh...I hope he's not stuck out in the snow *g*

Actually, he's probably at the neighbor's house. They have a rooster (not a golden one) and a hen. He must be partying up there :-)

Beth said...

Helen, that is so cool you got married on your 20th birthday! How wonderful - and how nice of you to make it easy for your husband to remember two very important occasions by having them on the same date :-)

I too make my husband and kids their favorite meal on their birthday! As for bought cakes, I remember the first time I had a bought cake for my birthday, I was 8 or 9 and the cake was Strawberry Shortcake. Not the flavor, the design *g* I was so excited to have such a pretty cake :-)

Beth said...

Maybe I'm just selfish, but my birthday is ALL MINE!!!

LOL - I don't think that's selfish at all, Jo! That's how I feel about it too *g*

Your HHFD sounds wonderful! I can't imagine a nicer way to spend a birthday than with my family. And the gifts don't hurt either - nor does a tub of theater popcorn ;-)

Beth said...

Thank you, Minna! Your tiger sounds adorable! My best friend in high school got me a stuffed Garfield one year (I was a Garfield fan back in the day *g*) and a little stuffed Odie that I loved :-)

Beth said...

So... is it my eyes or do you have TWO cakes in that first picture?

I was a big eater ;-)

Actually, I haven't figured that out yet or why I have 3 candles on both cakes. This was my 3rd birthday (not my 6th) so I have no idea what my mother was doing with the cakes or candles *g*

But I think my favorite was a couple years ago (um, nah, not giving a number *g*) when I thought we were running to the store and my husband told me we had to stop by my brother's house. I walked in, balloons everywhere, cake, tootie horns. Surprise!! I loved it.

How fun!! I bet you had a great time and didn't you feel so loved knowing your family and friends went to so much trouble to celebrate you?

My SIL had a surprise birthday for my brother this past summer that was a huge success.

*sigh* I do love a good birthday party!

Beth said...

Hi, Jane! Thanks for the birthday wishes! The closest Cold Stone Creamery is 90 miles away but I might just have to make the trip for that mint chocolate chip cake! I love mint chocolate chip ice cream :-)

btw, all this talk about cake is making me hungry *ggg*

Beth said...

Margay, I always feel for people who have birthdays on holidays. Seems they sometimes get the short shift but it sounds like you had a special day last year!

And I love Finding Nemo! I might have to talk my daughters into watching it with me over Thanksgiving break *g*

Beth said...

Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Birthday in two days, Margay!!


Beth said...

My favorite was a pin that Mother and Aunt went together and got for me. It is a crown because I was "princess" for the day.

Oh, Dianna, I love this! How special and you're right, the gifts we can keep that remind us of our loved ones are best gifts *g*

Chocolate chip bundt cake sounds yummy! I've had a few bundt cakes for my birthday as well. I love cinnamon swirl bundt cake! Hmm...that may be this year's choice for me :-)

Beth said...

Caren, apple spice cake with caramel frosting sounds fabulous! I might have to celebrate my birthday all month just so I can try all of these delicious cakes. Of course, I won't be able to fit into my clothes by the end of the month but that's just a sacrifice I'm willing to make ;-)

Horrible years. I was so glad when my kids got old enough just to want a party at the house!

LOL! I felt the same way about goody bags and outside parties. Since we only had one income, my kids all had parties at home and believe me, I'm not much of a party planner. I stocked up on their favorite snacks, bought them pizza and basically let them run wild. They loved it! And it was much easier on me *g*

But yes, I caved into pressure and provided goody bags - blech!

Virginia said...


We go out to eat on my birthday. My favorite cake is from a local bakery in a town near here. They have great cakes.

Beth said...

PJ, you are a woman after my own heart :-) How sweet of your husband to throw you such a wonderful party for your 40th!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Right now I just wish it would quit snowing *vbg*

Beth said...

Thank you, Gillian! My husband made me a delicious mushroom and cheese omelet for breakfast and now I'm seriously reconsidering my dinner choice. I might have to get Chinese take-out after all ;-)

MsHellion said...

There was the birthday where my sister made me a cake with a chocolate horse on it. And we rollerskated. 2nd grade.

There was the year I was depressed about turning 26 (so OLD) and my friends cheered me up by sending me presents everyday for a week, secretly...and funny stuff with POEMS. (These people are NOT poets, so this is impressive.) The night of my birthday, my night hit its zenith when they brought in a guy dressed as a Scotsman. He had the long hair and the build I like and everything...he was perfect. I was a little...inebriated, so I think I attacked him. It was a great party.

MsHellion said...

And yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH!! I hope it's AWESOME! And you eat lots of cake. (And my favorite cake is white cake with white icing--bridal cake. It's demon crack.)

Minna said...

My favorite birthday cake is chocolate cake.

Philippe Candeloro- George of the Jungle:

Queen - 'A Kind of Magic':

Miljoonasade: Marraskuu (November):

Beth said...

Susan, belated happy birthday wishes to your baby! Two is such a great age - heck, they're all great ages in their own way *g*

Love your birthday tradition! You and your husband deserve a pat on your backs :-)

I'm off to jump on the couch just because it's my birthday and I can *g*

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Obviously I was too tired to think well at 12:10 last night since I didn't answer the birthday and cake questions. That up-late-writing thing sure will kill the brain cells!

Ms. Hellion, I was ROFLMAO about that cake being demon crack. Snork!

All the lovely memories! They're so wonderful to read. Some of my favorites are the first time I actually had my name on a cake - well after I was grown. (4th child, busy life, no name) Or the time my December birthday actually got celebrated in a style that DIDN'T combine it with Christmas...sooooo nice!

I'm pretty much in love with cake, but German Chocolate's my fav. Otherwise I'm all for pie. Pumpkin, lemon meringue, cheesecake (is that pie, or cake?)

Slurp. No matter. I'm good with either...cookies and brownies too...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Susan, you crack me up. I think Mom's should get cake on kid's birthdays.

Oh, and we should collectively work to outlaw goodie bags. Such junk! (And a huge expense that the kids generally trash...urg.)

Beth said...

Hi, Crystal! Thank you so much *g* So far my day has been wonderful. I agree about going out to eat but since my husband will be working and my son will be at basketball, I'm going to compromise by bringing dinner home :-)

Beth said...

Thank you, Buffie!

And thank you for sharing some special birthday memories with us! Your first birthday with your dh sounds wonderful as does your 30th! Making memories and sharing the day with your loved ones is what birthdays are all about *g*

My mother also makes a fabulous peanut butter frosting! Oh, I just love it! She sometimes puts it on spice cake - sounds weird but tastes really good :-)

Hope your husband has a terrific day Saturday!

Beth said...

Kate, perhaps you should convince your coworker to celebrate your 1/4 birthday? Or even just celebrate the fact that tomorrow is Friday? *g*

The carrot cake sounds delicious! I'm not a big fan of carrot cake but I am a fan of cream cheese frosting ;-)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Beth said...

terrio, maybe you need to 'officially' change your birthday to a different date *g* I had a good friend who was born on Christmas eve but celebrated in November so he could have his own day.

Best of luck to your daughter on having her tonsils removed. Hope everything goes well and remember, you can always pick up a cake for yourself (or have someone pick it up for you *g*) That's what I'm doing today :-)

Beth said...

Hi, Virginia! Thank you so much!

I love bakery cake too - as I mentioned, my brother-in-law owns the local bakery and I love his white cake. He also makes a white cake with raspberry filling that is really good *g*

Beth said...

mshellion, LOL on you attacking that guy!

What wonderful friends you have to send you gifts and poems and to bring you your very own Scotsman! Isn't it great to have people in your life who know to get you the perfect gift? *vbg*

And believe me, I'm with you on the white cake/frosting! Especially when the cake is moist and the frosting isn't too sweet - pure delight!

Beth said...

Minna, I'm weird in that I love chocolate cake throughout the year but I usually don't pick it for my birthday *g*

As a matter of fact, when given the choice between chocolate and white cake, my son's the only one in my family who picks chocolate!

Beth said...

Jeanne, having recently delurked from the writing cave, I totally understand the no-brain-cells-left thing ;-)

My son prefers pie as well! For his birthday last month he had pumpkin crunch and apple pie. One year I had Chocolate Toffee Caramel bars instead of cake and they were soooo good!

Nancy said...

Hi, Beth--

Happy Birthday! Your chocolate mallow cake sounds great. I used to have cakes with Barbie-like dolls stuck in them. They wore icing bodices with the cakes serving as skirts. How girly can you get? :-)

Favorite presents, eh? That's a hard one. My parents gave me a 35-mm. camera for a birthday many years ago (hi, Donna), and I lugged it everywhere until a couple of years ago. I still say it has a better zoom than this digital one I use now. I tend to get books for my birthdays, so few of them really stand out.

The dh has gotten in the habit of sending flowers, and I always like that.

Elyssa, congratulations on snagging the bird!

Christie Kelley said...


I hope you have a great one! In honor of your birthday, I had a piece of carrot cake at work. Once a month we celebrate all the current month's birthdays. And I have to tell you it was the best carrot cake I've ever had.

Go forth and enjoy your day.

PJ said...

Nancy, I had those Barbie cakes too! My aunt made them and they were gorgeous. Almost made me not want to eat them.

Deb Marlowe said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!

I hope you have a fabulous day!

I love me a good old fashioned chocolate cake with chocolate icing. My mom always made one for me, growing up. And I always requested lasagna for my special dinner.

I had the Barbie cake too, Nancy!

robynl said...

Happy Birthday, Beth and many more. How nice to give presents on your birthday.

I had gotten a long stemmed red rose for my 16th birthday from the family and that is my favorite.

My fav cake is a Carrot cake with cream cheese icing or an Angel Food cake with Cream Cheese Icing mixed with regular icing. Mom and Dad used to order a beautiful bakery cake for many years and it was delicious. The icing wasn't too sweet and it was great.

Margay said...

Thank you, Beth! Funny thing is, one of my daughters was saying just the other day that we should watch Nemo again. Maybe we should bring it to my sister's to watch on Thanksgiving.

Beth said...

Nancy, I never had a doll cake like that but I've seen them. I had a few character cakes like the Strawberry Shortcake I mentioned. I think I may also have had a Winnie The Pooh cake :-)

Beth said...

LOL, Christie, I appreciate you having cake in honor of my birthday *g* I haven't had any yet but only because I'm too full from dinner (pizza *g*) My daughters and I will dive into that cake in a little bit though ;-)

Beth said...

Thanks, Deb! I made a chocolate cake last week and it was very good *g* And I love lasagna! Hmm...that could be my birthday dinner from my mom :-)

Beth said...

robyn, thanks for the birthday wishes! I agree about the bakery cakes - if the icing is too sweet it just ruins it for me. Probably because I love icing *g* I always get a corner piece but if it's too sweet to finish, I'm always disappointed ;-)

Beth said...

Funny thing is, one of my daughters was saying just the other day that we should watch Nemo again. Maybe we should bring it to my sister's to watch on Thanksgiving.

Great idea! My older daughter and I also love The Incredibles so maybe we'll watch both *g* We could have a Disney Thanksgiving!

Pat Cochran said...

My favorite birthdays were my 60th
and 70th when my family surprised
me with parties. Especially the
70th when some 75 friends and family gathered together. I've made them promise not to surprise on my 80th, I don't know that my heart could take it!

Best Wishes on your 38th, Beth,
and many happy returns of the day!!!

Pat Cochran

Gannon Carr said...

Happy Birthday, Beth!

One of my favorite gifts was my bike that I got when I turned 7. It was great!

WTG, Ely on the GR!

Beth said...

Thanks, Pat! Your birthday parties sound wonderful, especially your 70th! Still, they could have a party for your 80th and just not have it be a surprise, right?

Beth said...

Thanks, Gannon! It was a fun day and I'm now full of pizza and chocolate cake with white frosting (the bakery was closed by the time I ran my errands so I had to make due with chocolate cake *g*)

A bike is a great present! My kids all got bikes for Christmas at one time or another. They never even minded that there was so much snow, they couldn't ride them :-)

Joan said...

Happy Birthday Bandita!! were such a cutie patootie...

My birthday, being in April, will occasionally fall around Easter. One year when it did my Mom carved out a cake in the shape of the Easter Bunny! It was so cute with jelly bean eyes.

When my Mom was with me she'd always make me chicken and BREAD stuffing and gravy...LOTS of gravy.

Don't get that any more :-(

Several years ago I spent my birthday in Disneyworld and of course for a "significant" one last year. Where? Where? Come on guess?

Ireland :-)

And it has to be chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Hope you had a good one WB

catslady said...

Happy 38th!! I'm going to be celebrating my 58th this month. (I like your number better lol).

I probably like all cakes - anything except coconut frosting.

And Happy BD to all the others having soon-to-be birthdays.

Beth said...

Thanks, Joan! I'm envious of your birthday trips! How fun to go somewhere exciting to celebrate *g*

And your birthday dinner sounds delicious! I love bread stuffing! I could make a meal of it all by itself :-)

Beth said...

Hi, catslady! Hope you have a happy birthday later this month!

I'm not crazy about coconut either and I don't like nuts so no German Chocolate cake with pecan/coconut frosting for me :-)

Thanks so much to everyone for all the birthday wishes and for sharing your favorite birthday presents and cakes! You all made my day very special and so much fun *g*

Caffey said...

Happy Birthday Beth!!! Usually my birthdays go by quietly but now I might have to celebrate, its looks like alot of fun to celebrate it!

Growing up, my birthdays too were not celebrated much. Usually it was just cake with my sisters and brothers. We had difficulty financially so there were no gifts, but I loved always having the cake and trying so hard not to tell them what I wished for no matter how many times they asked! Yep I loved the chocolate frosting, thick, and a vanilla cake! Not yellow! I did celebrate my children's birthdays and too on their special ones, had them pick what they wanted to do and who to invite, like sleep overs or going to a restaurant/play place and always got a gift that was something they could use that day. I told them I would never embarrass them with underwear as gifts, LOL. They knew I didn't celebrate my birthday much but my last one when I was ill, my daughter made a cake and we were all celebrating on my bed! And yep it was thick chocolate frosting, even sugar free!

Wilma said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful cay.