Friday, November 21, 2008

How do you eat your Oreo?

by Anna Sugden

Picture the scene ... a lovely sunny day in the centre of Cambridge ... a quaint tea shop set on a cobbled street, in the shadow of the majestic architecture of King's College. A traditional English tea is served - fruit scones, jam and clotted cream. [clotted cream, by the way, isn't something you put in your tea - it's a spread, made from cream, for your scone].

Then, the debate starts: which comes first? Cream before jam or jam before cream? [The correct answer is cream first *g*].

In true English style, there then has to be a debate about how you pour tea - milk first or tea first? [I don't mind which, as long as there is milk - none of this lemon or honey business!].

All of which got me thinking.

There are debates about several foods and how you eat them.

Boiled eggs, for example. Do you smash or slice?
Spaghetti/pasta - do you twirl or chop?
Bars of chocolate - one segment at a time, bite away or all at once?
Apples - do you peel and section or bite?
Pringles - one at a time or by the stack?
Ice lollies - do you lick or bite?
Boiled sweets/mints - do you suck or bite?

And, of course, the ever-popular ... how do you eat your Oreo? (or for those of us who live in countries without Oreos, Bourbons, Custard Creams or other 'cream sandwich' type cookies).

Do you split the cookie in half and lick out the cream? Do you eat one cookie bit first, then the cream, then the rest? Do you dunk and bite or shove it all in?

Come on, you can tell us. And to tempt you into sharing your habits, I'll even sweeten the pot with a prize of some Cadbury's chocolate ... the real stuff ... from England ... to eat any way you please [I haven't forgotten last month's prize winner for the best collective nouns - I'll announce the prizes together!]


Helen said...

Is he coming to my place

Have Fun

Helen said...

The GR will enjoy the whole family around for dinner tonight a roast leg of lamb and vegies with lots of gravy and mint sauce yum.

Great post Anna
I put the jam on first then the cream

Milk first if it from a teapot with tea leaves if made from a teabag milk last

Eggs either way
Spaghetti twirl
A couple of segmants at a time for chocolate
Bite into apples
Stack of chips (pringles)
Lick ice blocks
Suck boiled lollies.

We get oreos here in Australia and I love to dunk them in coffee or tea and pop them in my mouth yum.

I love Tim Tams (as you all know) but I love to bite a small amount off on diagonal corners and put one bitten corner in my coffee then the other bitten corner I suck the coffee thru the Tim Tam and quickly eat the whole biscuit it melts in your mouth I think they call them a Tim Tam slam love them.

Have Fun

Joan said...

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

Fun post, Anna!

Ok, I'm a boring person...when it comes to eating some foods that is. The scones I've eaten (made by me and in Ireland) I've eaten straight up. Not one bit of jam or clotted cream within miles. (But yeah, clotted cream on my new Irish dessert favorite...Sticky Toffee Pudding..yummo)

Don't drink tea, hot, cold or milky.


Boiled eggs...sliced with my nifty egg slicer.

Spaghetti...both. Chop and then twirl in smaller bunches

Straight Hershey type bar, in segments. (For Milky Ways I nibble off the chocolate around the bar then bite into the nugget and the caramel)

Apples...peel and slice.

Pringles....ugh, WHY when there are Lays around?

Ice Lollies (would that be popsicles?)If yes, lick until soft enough to bite

And mints...chew

And truly, just like Easter Peeps there is only one way to eat Oreos...twist them apart, eat the half cookie plain first then the part with the cream clinging to it. And really? I don't get the dunking treats into milk or coffee...I don't like soggy food!

Helen, ask the GR how he does it!

jo robertson said...

Anna, you come up with the most interesting topics!

Cookies are one of my favorite treats, so I love talking about how to eat them -- the Oreo, of course, must be split, the creme licked off, and the cookie halves dipped in milk!

I can't imagine putting milk in tea, but it's something I'm going to try.

Helen, sounds like you're going to plump the bird up -- yummy, roast lamb!

I still haven't had any of these Tim Tams our Down-Under friends talk about. I'm beginning to doubt that they exist.

And I've never heard of smashing a boiled egg unless you're making egg salad. I'm afraid I'm as boring with my food as Joanie!

My mom always told me all the vitamins are in the apple peel so I dutifully eat the whole thing.

Clever topic, Anna.

Donna MacMeans said...

Roast lamb, Helen? I'm coming to your place for dinner!

I think the real question is the name one uses to call these treats. Boiled lollies? Ice blocks?

Eggs - depends on the recipe, but if we're talking the whole hard boiled egg - just bite into the darn thing.

Spaghetti - depends on what I'm wearing. If it's white than it's cut and eaten with a fork in a minimum of sauce splashing.

Apples - the skin is very nutritional, so just bite into it.

Pringles - is it possible to actually eat a stack of those things? My mouth dries to ash at the thought.

Tea? Over ice with lemon and sugar, please.

My dilemma - Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper - straight from the can or in a glass.

Fun post, Anna

flchen1 said...

Hi, Anna!

Your posts are making me hungry!

Let's see...
- Cream first, I think, then jam
- Ditto what Helen said for milk--milk first if pouring the tea into the cup; if steeping with a teabag, then milk last
- eggs--biting in, as we don't have one of those cute egg slicers
- spaghetti--twirl, as much as one can, with the occasional slurp ;)
- chocolate bars--a segment at a time
- apples--if whole, then bite; if segmented, I still don't peel--I was told that's where all the vitamins are!
- Pringles--one at a time
- Ice lollies--both. Sometimes they're too cold to bite, so licking works better; other times, a good chomp is a good thing.
- sweets--suck until they're bitable...
- Oreos--I used to take them apart as a kid, but now I just bite into them. Ditto with the Tim Tams, although at some point I need to try the "slam" method...

Congrats on the GR, Helen! Hide the Tim Tams!

*must go find a snack...*

PJ said...

Congrats Helen!

Great post Anna but it's 2am here so the big question is...should I open that bag of Oreos in the pantry or go back to bed? :)

Scones - I've never had clotted cream.

Tea - Straight up. No milk for me.

Boiled eggs - Slice if making salad, mash if making deviled eggs. Otherwise, sprinkle with salt and bite.

Spaghetti - twirl

Hershey Bars - by segment

Apples - sliced (but not peeled)

Pringles - one at a time

Ice lollies or Ice blocks - Would these be what we call popsicles? If so, suck until soft then bite.

Boiled candies - Are these hard suckers? Like Tootsie Pops? If so, I lick and suck until I get to the center. I like to make them last.

Oreos - Fav. #1: split, lick off cream, dip cookie in cold milk and eat. Fav #1: Break into pieces, stir into melted white chocolate, spread on waxed paper and freeze.

Okay, that settles it. 2am snack here I come!

Pat Cochran said...


I can attest to the reality of the
Tim Tam! They do exist and I have the remainder of a package in my
freezer. It was part of a prize package from Ms. Anna C. In
placing the package in the
freezer, I have now devised a new
confection. The frozen Tim Tams
are as good as or may even be a
bit better than the non-frozen!
Yum! I'm heading for the freezer
as soon as I finish this note!!

Pat Cochran

PJ said...

Pat, do you ever buy Girl Scouts Thin Mints? I always freeze mine and they are sooooo good!

ArkieRN said...

Allergic to eggs
Twirl spaghetti
Chocolate one segment at a time
Peel and section apples
Pringles one at a time
Suck ice pops
Suck on sweets
Open oreos and lick the cream then dunk the cookie.

Welcome back Anna. Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, PJ,

Thin Mints are a great favorite in
our family, but we've never frozen them. We will definitely do that
with the next batch arriving here!!
Thanks for the suggestion!

Pat Cochran

limecello said...

I like splitting my oreos in half. But thing I'm finicky about eating. I like trying to eat the cookie part off a twix bar first... eat my chex mix separately... (which yes I realize completely defeats the purpose of it being a mix) - so on and so forth :P
But at least now I allow my food to touch and will eat it :D [well and have a number of years]

Anna Sugden said...

Well done, Helen. Yummy on that lunch - can I come round too?!

The Tim Tam slam sounds worth a go too.

I see you're one of those who follow the Cornish method of eating cream teas, instead of the Devonshire method.

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Helen.

I scrape off the cream from the Oreos and then I dunk the two halves in milk. With tea, I add milk and sugar after pouring the tea.

Boiled eggs- Smash
Spaghetti/pasta- Twirl
Bars of chocolate- One segment at a time
Apples- Peel and slice
Pringles- One at a time
Ice lollies- Lick
Boiled sweets/mints- Bite

Anna Sugden said...

Have you done a scientific study, Joanie? LOL.

I must admit, I'm not fond of soggy biscuits either.

Trust me, clotted cream, then jam on a scone - perfect!

Anna Sugden said...

Thank you, Jo! It's what happens when you realise you have 24 hours to come up with a post LOL.

By smashing boiled eggs, I mean smashing the top and peeling it off. Some people slice the top off, shell and all. But, I always get bits of shell in my egg when I try that *shudder*. Safer to smash and peel!

I'll send you some Penguin biscuits, which are the same as Tim Tams.

Anna Sugden said...

YOu're very good, Donna. I wouldn't think of eating spaghetti based on what I wore. Then again, that's probably why I've had to throw away certain stained blouses - that sauce can be a real pain to get rid of!

We call them ice lollies, here in England. My favourite type is a Lolly Gobble Choc Bomb!

Glass or straight from the can? Depends on whether I need to drink a little or a lot.

Anna Sugden said...

Sorry Fedora! What does it say about me that my posts all seem to involve food?! Passing you some chocolate digestives.

I think the best bit of an apple is the peel - crunchy and tart - perfect!

Glad to see you eat your cream tea properly *g*.

Never heard of these egg slicers - my hubby just uses his knife.

Do you dunk bread and butter soldiers into your boiled eggs in the US?

Anna Sugden said...

I was going to advise going for the Oreos, PJ. But, I see my post did it for me LOL. When in doubt - eat cookies!

Hmm I'm getting the idea that you don't eat soft-boiled eggs in the US.

Anna Sugden said...

Wow, you're restrained, Pat. Storing Tim Tams in the freezer. They'd never last long enough in our house to do that.

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks, Arkie - actually it was a permanent move rather than a trip! We're getting more settled every day - down to the last dozen or so boxes to sort.

I've never tried the dunk the biscuit bit at the end of eating an Oreo/Bourbon/Custard Cream. It's obviously a necessary part of the ritual.

Anna Sugden said...

You sound perfectly sane to me, Limecello!

I have to laugh about food touching (or not touching). When I was a teacher, we had so many children who didn't like their food to touch.

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Jane - I can't do the Pringles stack either - makes too much of a mess! Besides, the sour cream dip goes everywhere!

Minna said...

Dominos are better than Oreos! I eat one cookie bit first, then the cream, then the rest.

Miljoonasade: Marraskuu (November):

PJ said...

Hmm I'm getting the idea that you don't eat soft-boiled eggs in the US.

You're right, Anna. I think it's more typical in the US to eat hard boiled eggs. I do dip toasted bread into the runny yolks of fried or poached eggs though.

Anna Sugden said...

What are Dominoes, Minna?

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks, PJ, for clearing that up for me.

Now you see, in England, it's a childhood favourite to have your toast cut up into soldiers and then you dip each one into the runny egg yolk of a soft-boiled egg. My lovely hubby does it for me when he makes me eggs for breakfast.

Gillian Layne said...

I love food conversations (and I have the elastic waist pants to prove it...;)

Boiled eggs--eat them whole, sprinkled with salt and pepper.
Chocolate--I've learned to slow down a bit over the years, to try and savor each bite.
Apples-bite! The peel is good for you.
Pringles-ummm, until the can is empty....
Popsicles, you mean? :) Bite.
Boiled sweets? I'm lost here.

Oreos? I am PASSIONATE about them; choose the double-stuff ones if I get a choice, and eat them without taking them apart.

I'm having Malt-O-Meal right now, with hot tea. I eat mine with butter and sugar. I find the ways people eat porridge or oatmeal pretty varied, too.

Have a great Saturday, ladies. :)

PJ said...

I find the ways people eat porridge or oatmeal pretty varied, too.

You're absolutely right, Gillian! How I eat mine changes regularly and usually depends on my tummy-mood. Right now, I'm enjoying oatmeal with dried cranberries and walnuts...and no milk. Other days, I might sprinkle the oatmeal with brown sugar and add milk...or mix in blueberries...or almonds...the choices are limitless.

Joan said...

The only time I enjoyed porridge and/or oatmeal was in Ireland.

Something about the Irish cut type of oats that made it tasty not mushy like the packets.

I'd doctor it up with all of the above though just to get it down :0

Maureen said...

These are some universal questions and I have to say when I was young I took my Oreo apart and ate the cream first but now, when I eat an Oreo it is all together, maybe dunked in some milk.

Dina said...

I love to dunk it and then take a bite, try to eat it in 2 bites. :)

Lois said...

Well... hmm...

hard boiled eggs, tend to eat them as is. . .

spaghetti, I cut first then do twirl a bit

chocolate - depends on the type of bar. If it's something like Hershey's that comes in sections, I take them all apart and eat separately. If not, then bite away.

apples - bite

Oreos (and any similar types -- well, I actually prefer cookies without creamy centers, so what I do is take them apart, eat the insides and then have the cookies left to eat slower and all nice and separate. :) Only if I'm truly lazy do I leave them together and eat as such. :)

Boy I'm hungry. :)


jo robertson said...

I bow to your evidence, Pat! Frozen Tim Tams, now I'm doubly curious.

jo robertson said...

LOL, Anna, was I hinting loudly enough?

And yuck on the egg shell. Nothing worse than chomping down on one of those!

Keira Soleore said...

The naughty rooster is hoping to snag Tim Tams and English Cadbury. Did he fly over to you, Helen, or did you have snag him.

Boiled eggs : sliced
Pasta : bites
Chocolate : segment-by-segment till its all gone
Apples : sliced
Pringles : stack (not can)
Popsicles : one lick at a time
Boiled sweets : crunch
Oreos : one bite at a time
Sugar cookies : dunk in tea

Nancy said...

Helen, congrats!

Anna, you know we love pondering food in the lair! I eat Oreos in one piece, two or three bites (and by the handful), chocolate bars in sections if they come that way, and looove afternoon tea in the formal style.

When RWA was in NY, I went with some friends to the Plaza Hotel, and we had tea. It was such a luxurious, decadent experience that we called it Princess Day since no princess could've gotten more royal treatment.

I like tea with lemon when I have a cold or sore throat but with milk the rest of the time.

On spaghetti, I'm with Donna--twirl some of the time, chop at other times.

Is Oprah on the air in other countries? Did anyone else see Hugh Jackman talking about Tim Tams? He brought some for the audience. Everyone got a pack!

Nancy said...

PJ, I love clotted cream on scones, though it's a splurge both monetarily and calorie-wise. More stores in the US stock it now than they once did. I also love thin mints.

For a light summer treat, take raspberry or strawberry yogurt and crumble up one or two thin mints on top.

Boiled eggs, Anna? I pass. Unless they're in potato salad or something. The first time I ever had clotted cream was in Cornwall, at a table outside a tea shop in Tintagel. Between the taste and the Arthurian connection, I felt as though I'd landed in paradise.

Soft-boiled isn't as common here as hard-boiled, as you've gathered. :-)

Helen, that sounds like a yummy meal!

catslady said...

Oh I grew up on soft boiled eggs!! The hard part is cooking them just right - no uncooked white and don't over cook the yolks. Either put them in small cups and dip or break up the buttered bread in little pieces and scoop the egg on top.

I am the only one I know that hates the cream in the oreo cookie. I ate it but didn't like it. Once I had kids I would scrape it off and add it to theirs and they loved it lol. I think the company should just make the cookie and leave out the cream lol.

Christie Kelley said...

Boiled eggs - usually for cooking so I chop them

Pasta - twirl (I do live with an Italian)

Chocolate - in bites

Apples - Depends on the mood. I either bite into them or slice them but only peel them for pie

Pringles - Honestly, I don't buy them.

Ice pops - My teeth won't let me bite them.

Oreos - You must split them apart, eat the cream and dunk the chocolate cookie into milk or tea.

Minna said...

What are Dominoes, Minna?

They are very much like Oreos, but I suppose the recipe they use for them is a bit different. They certainly don't taste the same and they have many different kinds of fillings for Dominos, not just vanilla.

Minna said...

Boiled eggs : I only eat them in egg butter.
Pasta : bites
Chocolate : segment or two at a time
Apples : sliced
Pringles : I never buy them
Popsicles : I lick and bite them
Boiled sweets : what are they?

MsHellion said...

Twist, scraped out the icing with my teeth (I have this perfected), let the icing melt, then follow the sweetness by eating the chocolate wafers one at a time, letting them almost dissolve on my tongue.

Sometimes I dunk, let them get soft, then eat them. But usually the first way.

I think if you take the Oreo Quiz, *my* way means I'm a deviant criminal.

I also twirl my spaghetti; the cream goes before the jam; and as for apples, I go both ways about equally.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anna, so many wonderful foods to eat and so little time! :-) I will just say that I like to pull apart whatever food I'm eating. So I definitely pull apart the oreo and eat the cream. If I get a bagel sandwich with eggs for breakfast, I take it apart and eat the eggs separate from the bagel. If I'm eating an apple I definitely cut it up first. If I'm eating a muffin, I MUST eat the muffin top first, then the bottom separate.

I even eat my sauce off of my spaghetti sometimes, and then eat the plain spaghetti afterwards.

Weird, huh?

Oh, and Jo, you've got to put milk in your tea! Yum!

danie88 said...

scones- never had clotted cream...

tea- eww... don't like tea

Boiled eggs- im not a fan of... i only like the outside of it

Spaghetti/pasta - twirling is so much more fun

Bars of chocolate - i just bite away

Apples - i core it then eat it whole... sometimes i slice it in half... or into slices...

Pringles - one at a time

Ice lollies - does sucking count? lol

Boiled sweets/mints - suck

oreos- my favorite cookie... i split the 2 sides in half then lick out the cream filling and dunk the 2 sides in milk... that's the best way to eat them...

great post by the way... so much fun!

Helen said...

I have asked the GR how he eats his treats
He pecks at his food although with spaghetti he likes to suck it up and rather likes the idea of sharing a plate with a lady chook (we had Lady and The Tramp on yesterday) he liked that LOL. Boiled lollies are a bit hard but he says he will give anything a go.

Pat one of my daughters loves frozen Tim Tams actually she likes all of her chocolate frozen.

Anna I love soft boiled eggs with soldiers might have them for breakfast this morning

Have Fun

Anna Sugden said...

So true about porridge, Gillian. My Mum used to mix a raw egg yolk into our porridge when we'd been poorly to help give us extra goodness. I still like it like that.

Boiled sweets are hard sweets. I guess fruity Life Savers could be classed as boiled sweets. Usually, they're wrapped in cellphane and are fruit flavours.

Anna Sugden said...

Joanie - nothing to do with the whiskey they mixed in?

Anna Sugden said...

PJ - what yummy variations!

Anna Sugden said...

Ah - interesting, Maureen. So, habits can change with age.

Two bites exactly, Dina? Any reason why?

Anna Sugden said...

How funny, Lois that you don't like cream filled biscuits, but have a process anyway! My kind of gal!

Anna Sugden said...

Keira! Great to see you, love!

That pesky rooster tile in my kitchen makes me wonder - it's very close to the cupboard with the Cadbury's!

We have Cadbury's Buttons in the house at the moment - I eat those one at a time too.

Anna Sugden said...

Nancy - we should get Hugh to visit us here in the Lair if he's a big Tim Tams man! As if that is the only reason to have him here ;)

Cornwall *sigh* - of course you haven't really had a proper cream tea unless you've had one in Devon (Yes, I'm a Devonshire lass).

Minna said...

Tea: I drink my tea with milk and sugar or honey. And it's tea with milk, honey and eucalyptus sweets when I've got a cold.

Kristiina Wheeler - Sunny Day

Anna Sugden said...

You're so right, Catslady - a perfectly boiled soft-boiled egg is a real talent. And it's one of those things that you have to find your own method.

LOL on the cream in the Oreos.

Anna Sugden said...

Christie - have I told you how much I like your new cover?

Interesting that you're another one who doesn't like Pringles. I never knew so many people didn't like them.

Okay - so how do you eat your potato chips?

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks for the explanation, Minna.

There's an Oreo quiz, MsHellion? Cool. Hmm sounds like we have a few deviants in this Lair!

Anna Sugden said...

Of course you're not weird, Kirsten! Just look at all the other answers here LOL.

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks so much, Danie88! I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I'm enjoying reading all the comments.

Funny how similar we all are!

Anna Sugden said...

Oh Helen - I love Lady and the Tramp! There's something about Tramp that is so appealing.

Love The Aristocats too.

Dina said...

Hope, just so I can eat more. :)

CrystalGB said...

I usually dip my Oreo in milk and bite it. :)

Joan said...

Joanie - nothing to do with the whiskey they mixed in?

Ah now, Anna me love, there wouldn't be a wee bit of misperceptions there now would it?

Everyone knows you don't put whiskey in the coffee on occassion....the sticky toffee pudding now and again....

the french toast
the fish and chips
the blood pudding..

but ne'r in the porridge!

Joan said...

Okay - so how do you eat your potato chips?

Two different ways.

With scoops of potato salad on them or with cold milk.

and on a mornin' with the bite of the Irish Sea wind a wee dram of Jameson's....


Virginia said...

Eggs either way sometimes just bite them and eat them that is after they are peeled.
Spaghetti twirl
chocolate one segmant at a time.
Apples peel and slice
Pringles one or two at a time
Oreos I just eat them a bite at a time.
Ice lollies lick
mints I suck

Frank said...

Hmm... I've never made soft-boiled eggs, but my kids like sunny-side up eggs (with the yolks still runny) and their dippers of choice are strips of bacon. Not terribly good-for-you, but oh-so-yummy...

--Fedora (posting from her DH's account...)

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Helen, cool snatch on the GR!!!

Miss Anna, what a cute post. I'm a jam first and then cream on top gal. And milk in the tea after it's poured - otherwise the milk scalds and it tastes slightly different. And definitely a bite of a biscuit so I get the full banana!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Anna, the nicest afternoon tea I've ever had was at Polperro in Cornwall. It was just a little up the valley and it was a perfect English summer day - you know how perfect that can be, don't you? The sea in the distance. The roses blowing. Everything so green, it hurt the eye. Sigh. I think I'm due for another trip to the UK! Oh, yes, and there WAS clotted cream!

Anna Campbell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Wow, what a fun post, Anna! :> I've had so much fun reading the answers and now, I want to go make hard boiled eggs and eat them, cook spaghetti tomorrow for lunch, make grits and put eggs over easy in them. Slurp.

Okay, I'll quit that and say that the first time I ever heard the term clotted cream I thought it was cottage cheese. The thought of putting that on ANYTHING? URG!!! I finally was enlightened, but the name puts me off, have to confess. :>

That said, I love scones plain or with jam. YUM.

Tea? You mean there's something other than sweet Sourthern iced tea? Ha!

If hot, why on earth would you ruin a good cup of tea with milk or cream. Bleeeeeh! Grins. Seriously, I take it black and sweet.

Eggs - hard boiled, peeled and eaten with salt. Slurp.
Spaghetti - twirl with a spoon for "helpers"
Choco - however it comes. :>
Apples - same as choco, anyway I can! LOVE apples, but I prefer to wash 'em and bite 'em.
Pringles - stack o chips.
Popsicles - lick
"boiled sweets" - suck
Oreos - despise them :> *ducking* Give me a ginger snap any day, sugar cookie, chocolate chip (SLURP!) but no oreos. Bleeeh.

Joan said...

If hot, why on earth would you ruin a good cup of tea with milk or cream. Bleeeeeh! Grins. Seriously, I take it black and sweet.

When I went on my first tour (bus) of Ireland, my Irish hostess pushed me to try hot tea. By the time I had added milk and brown sugar you could hardly stir the stuff!

Oreos - despise them :> *ducking* Give me a ginger snap any day, sugar cookie, chocolate chip (SLURP!) but no oreos. Bleeeh.

Ok, Duchesse...this is just not NATURAL!!!!

Eat. The. Oreo. You LIKE it!!!!

Gannon Carr said...

Fun post, Anna! But it's making me want to run into the kitchen and eat. ;)

Cream first and then the jam--I loooove clotted cream.

Milk first and then the tea, but only if it's from the teapot.

Eggs, usually whole with salt and pepper.

Spaghetti--definitely twirl

Chocolate bar--one segment at a time

Apples--whole or segmented, but never peeled

Pringles--one chip at a time

Iced lollies--suck then bite

Boiled lollies--suck then bite at the very end

Oreos--usually just bite them, but occasionally take them apart and lick the cream, just like did when I was little.

Gannon Carr said...

Congrats on the GR, Helen. I hope he enjoys that dinner of leg of lamb. At least you're not serving chicken. ;)

Gannon Carr said...

Congrats on the GR, Helen. I hope he enjoys that dinner of leg of lamb. At least you're not serving chicken. ;)

Gannon Carr said...

Oops! Sorry for the double post.

Caren Crane said...

Oh, Helen, you sneaky tart! Don't let the GR near the leg of lamb, because he will gorge himself!

As you know, Anna, I LOVE to talk about food. *g* So here are my preferences:

cream then jam (of course!)

milk first (I also take cream first in my coffee)

boiled eggs must be smashed or they taste odd

spaghetti is definitely twirled

chocolate is bitten so as to break cleanly at the segments when the dividing lines are reached

bite into apples (the peel is the best part)

Pringles are singles

Popsicles are licked

Boiled sweets are sucked

Oreos: unscrew top, scrape goo off with teeth, then eat bare cookies

No foods are dunked. None. Dunking is disgusting. I don't like soggy food of any sort. In this, my dearest, darling Deb Marlowe and I vehemently disagree. She is a dunker all the way. *shudder*

michellewillingham said...

Okay, anyone willing to give out Cadbury's chocolate will drag me out of lurkdom. YUM.

Boiled eggs--I peel off the shell and bite them.
Bars of chocolate--depends on the kind. If it's one large bar, I bite it. If it's in squares, I do two segments at a time.
Pringles--one at a time
What's an ice lollie? A popsicle?? I lick them, if that's what they are.
Mints--suck them.
Oreos--I take them apart and eat the cream, then both sides. Yum. :)

Now, I would sell my soul for a Cadbury's Picnic Bar.

Pick me, pick me!!!! :D

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Sorry, Joanie. Ix-nay on the cream filled cookies - oreos, vanilla creams...urg.

Caren, I agree with you. NO DUNKING. :> The lone, rare exception is if the cookies are really, really hard and I'm desperate. Snork. Oh and shortbreads. I can manage to abide shortbreads dunked ever-so-briefly in tea.


Shari C said...

Of course, you have to split the Oreo before you eat it.

Keira Soleore said...

Vrai, love, 'tis always a pleasure to read your blogs, because it's always something different and cool and fun. That games was such a hoot!! My husband and I played it at home and got a few chuckles out of each other.

Anna Sugden said...

I'm sorry I didn't get back earlier to reply to the rest of the comments. Time difference and family issues meant I couldn't get back online. Thank you all for playing. Off to get one of my cats to randomly pick a winner.

Anna Sugden said...

Michelle W! My Struggling Writer pal! Email me and I'll send you some Picnics.