Monday, November 10, 2008

In Praise of the Perfect Lipstick!

by Anna Campbell

I'm not much of a girl for wearing a lot of makeup although for glad rags events like the RWA awards night, I will slap on a bit of grease and paint.

But there's one item of makeup I'm absolutely addicted to...

Yeah, given the title of this blog, you don't exactly have to be Einstein to guess!


I've always loved lipsticks ever since I was a little girl dressing up in my mother's old clothes. I love the names the cosmetic companies give lipsticks - they're worthy of the greatest of romantic novelists. Pink from Paris, one of my mum's from those early days. Doesn't that just whisper of French sophistication? Well, it did when I was eight! Sahara Rose - a favorite Revlon shade they don't make any more. Fire and Ice - a startling dark Hollywood starlet red that was my favorite color back when I worked in fashion in the mid-80s. Another Revlon shade now I think of it!

Other favorites include a wonderful REALLY vibrant red from Christian Dior that I inherited from a friend of mine. She'd never worn lipstick and decided to break the ice with something that would stop traffic. Needless to say, she NEVER got the guts to wear it. So her loss was my (very expensive lipstick) gain. It was called Geranium so you have some idea of the intensity of that color!

And of course, I am eternally devoted to my lucky lipstick. It's a very intense shade of maroon red, like a ripe cherry, and it was another expensive lipstick - after the Christian Dior, I really set my sights higher! It's from Lancome and it's called Ah, Les Femmes and the color is JUST right. If there are any other lipstick afficionados out there, you'll know how precious that JUST right color is.

No less an authority than the immaculately presented Lisa Kleypas commented on it, saying that although it was out of fashion, it was a great color for someone of my complexion. Yes, I know I'm name dropping! We lipstick tarts have no shame!

My great fondness for lipsticks was cemented about 20 years ago when I was in a bit of a slump (the way Everest is a bit of a hill!). I was working part-time in a really demanding but unfulfilling job which I'd taken so I had time to write. And my writing wasn't getting anywhere. I had no money and was definitely digging myself into a hole.

Then one day, I bought myself a new lipstick - the aforementioned Sahara Rose. I do so wish Revlon still made that shade, it was a really pretty subtle brownish pink that you could wear almost anywhere.

And it gave me such a boost. It was an inexpensive way to pick up my mood immediately and I got a blast of cheeriness every time I wore my new lipstick. The effects of my purchase of course eventually wore off so I had to buy another new lipstick. So easy for addictions to come into being! At least this particular addiction isn't fattening, though! Or bad for my liver. Although I suspect I've eaten an elephant's weight of lipstick in my life, so perhaps I shouldn't speak too fast about that conclusion!

The boost I get from a new lipstick has never faded.

Currently my favorite is an Estee Lauder called Black Cherry. It may even end up replacing Ah, Les Femmes in my affections, I'm so crazy about it. I love its elegant shiny gold container. I love the immediate intense color. It's a GREAT lipstick!

So are you a fellow lipstick tart? Do you have something else that you know will immediately pick up your mood and give you a smile? Chocolate definitely comes to mind or a really good book or reading something I love that I've read before. A swim also works for me. Or a really great piece of music.

Come on! Share your little pick-me-ups!


Jane said...

Is it mine?

Janga said...

I like NARS's Catfight, a nude mauve that's just right for me. There are some other great names in the line, Manhunt, Kiss, Roman Holiday.

Speaking of Lisa Kleypas, in an old Squawk Radio blog, she identified the blush she considers perfect for every woman. also by NARS, it's called Orgasm; they have a new one now called Super Orgasm. :)

Jane said...

I'm not a big lipstick person. I like lip gloss better and I'm addicted to lip balm. I really hate it when they discontinue a shade. I love shopping for make-up. Make-up brushes are my weakness. I have more than I need, but I can't seem to stop myself from buying them. I'm also a big fan of eye shadow. Listening to music and watching my favorite movies and tv shows usually make me feel better right away.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Jane, congratulations on the chook! You only JUST beat Janga by the look of things.

It's interesting about lip gloss. I've decided it's not me at all - after I bought a stack a couple of years ago when it really came back in in a big way (or at least in Oz). I like that burst of intense colour you get with a lipstick. Perhaps because I'm a rather pallid, beige blonde and the colour really lifts how I look. Hey, interesting you're a makeup brush person. You would perfectly understand my lipstick fetish, then!

Contributors said...

Fun post, Anna, even though I'm not a huge lipstick fan. The only time I wear it is when I'm going to conferences or book signings.

But I get the immediate boost thing when I buy a new pair of shoes. :)

Anna Campbell said...

Janga, I'm not sure we get NARS out here. Sounds like a brand I should seek out next time I'm in the States. As you say, great names! I dug out some more from the collection. Breathless. Fiesta. Beauty. Romantique. All Elizabeth Arden. Sexy Plum. Grape Juice. Rose Crystal. All L'Oreal (I'm worth it!).

Actually Lisa Kleypas is my makeup goddess. I was heading in for an interview with Romance Novel TV and ran into her and the other Squawkers coming out. She told me I had a shiny nose and whipped out her powder compact and a makeup brush and fixed me up there and then. And we'd only met once casually. I thought that was such a kind thing to do. And I haven't washed my face since ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Trish, I hear you on shoes. But these days, because I can't walk in anything that's not sensible, it's taken all the fun out of shoe shopping. And lipsticks are generally cheaper than shoes! Well, sometimes...

It's interesting what we pick as our little treat to ourselves, isn't it?

flchen1 said...

Very fun post, Anna! Like Trish, I'm not much of a makeup person--I have a couple colors that I use over and over again. I used to be fascinated by makeup and hair and all the gadgets and colors and brushes and everything, but now I realize that none of them are particularly transforming for me, so I've turned my attention to other pick-me-ups :)

I can just about always be cheered by a book ;) And good chocolate!

Congrats on the GR, Jane!

Annie West said...

Hey, Anna, I've seen that fabbo lipstick of yours and it's really outstanding. Actually I think it would suit my colouring wonderfully but I suspect you'd go into Pit Bull Terrier mode if I did anything about that.

I've never owned a really pricey lipstick. I go for cheaper and cheerful and over the years have found some gems. One was chosen by my son (then around 7) and was just perfect. Very hard to get now but an enormous hit (I was always getting nice comments about how I looked when I wore it) - even though it cost me $2! Have gone a bit up market since then, but there's something about just that perfect shade that makes you good because you know you look good.

Thanks for the fun post!


Christine Wells said...

Hi Anna! What a fun post. I'm definitely a lipstick tart, too. With my colouring, I find strong blue-based colours suit me best and it gets tough to find a neutral-ish shade for every day wear. Glosses and neutrals just disappear on me or make me look jaundiced:)

I'm pretty keen on YSL lipsticks but they change the colours every season and I mourn the ones I lose! Plumalicious from Revlon is a good one and I also have Toffee Twist, Wine with Everything, Mulled Wine (are we sensing a theme here?) to name a few. Lipstick can really brighten a day for me and as for colours being in and out of fashion, I always say what is classic and looks good on you is never out of fashion. And you look great all gussied up in your fave lippies, so I agree with the fabu Lisa K!

Jane, congrats on the golden rooster!! Woohoo!

Keira Soleore said...

Fo, what a lovely blog. I can attest to the fabulosity of that "lucky" red shade that you wear to conference. It makes your face pop. And hey, how dare you say that your coloring is "pallid"? That's a mealy-mouthed word totally unsuitable for you.

Yes, I like lipsticks and glosses. Red-browns and browns are my favorites, so some bronzes or a brown layered with a gold also work for me. My favorite trick is to wear lipstick on the bottom and layer on the gloss, so I get the color and moisturizing effects plus the gloss makes it stay on longer. And I like non-matte look.

Jane, atta girl, for being so quick. Janga was right there on your heels.

I'm also here to squee over how marvelous DUKE by Christine Wells is. I addddddddddorrrrrrrrrredddddddd it. Christine is a magnificient writer. I cannot wait for Vane's story to be released. When would that happy event be?

Keira Soleore said...

As far as my absence here, I've waxed ad nauseum on my blog. Yes, Fo, I was in the crook.

Christine Wells said...

Oh, Keira, you're a honey. Thanks so much for adddoorrrring the Duke.LOL Vane's story has been retitled WICKED LITTLE GAME and it will be out in August '09. Hoping to get the cover art soon. Can't wait!!

Helen said...

Well done Jane have fun with him

Great post Anna I love lipstick as well although I don't ever remember the names I just buy a new one when I need to. I am using an Avon one at the moment which is a browny mauve colour called True Rose. Actually my grandson was in my room yesterday and grabbed my lipstick of the dressing table and put some on then proceeded to tell everyone how pretty he looked LOL.

I am very much into chocolate and a good book to perk me up works wonders everytime and also a visit from the grandchildren can boost the spirits as well.

Have Fun

Helen said...


I am looking forward to that one as well YAY

Have Fun

BTW Did you have a good holiday

Tawny said...

Oooooh, I love lipstick. I love eyeshadow. I love love love mascara!! Its a fun game to me, playing dress up with my face *g* All I wear is MAC, except my mascara, which is Clinique. I'm super picky about my mascara and am honestly baffled that as awesome as MAC's makeup is, their mascara bites.

I can go for days without a speck of color touching my face, and am definitely not the kind of gal who can't leave the house without makeup, but when the mood takes me or its a social or writing occassion, the first thing I grab is my makeup brush.

Jane-congrats on the rooster :-) Treat him kindly.

Anna Campbell said...

Fedora, I think one of the things I love about lipstick is that I actually think it DOES make me look better. I had my suspicions that you'd be a book and a chocolate girl. I also suspect after the rooster's visit, you might appreciate both right now!

Hmm, Annie, perhaps a tube of that lovely lipstick would make a nice present one day for you. You know how I like to dig up nice presents for you ;-) Actually I'm seriously thinking of buying another tube of it - I've been caught so often when my favorite shades go off the market. Sahara Rose, where are you? And I know the lipstick you're talking about - it really suits you! That $2 was well spent!

Anna Campbell said...

Christine, you're right - strong colors do look great on you. It's that dramatic coloring of yours! Actually it's funny - we have quite different coloring but I like the wine colors too (hic!). Hey, thanks for the compliment on the lucky lipstick. You and LK can't be wrong!

Keira, thanks for saying I'm not pallid. But I am really! You should see me wearing brown anything (including lipstick). It's like I'm beige from head to toe! I think that's why I love a strong lipstick color - it really adds some definition! Hey, so glad you loved the Dangerous Duke! He's gorrrrrrrrrrgeous, isn't he? Oh, and sorry to hear you've been crook. Thought you might have been when you went quiet, you poor little munchkin! Nice to see you back here again! We pine without you!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Keira, hate to sound like I'm gloating (gloat, gloat, gloat), but you'll LOVE Wicked Little Game. Take my word for it. Vane is absolutely scrumalicious!

Helen, a good Tim Tam does wonders when one's in the dumps, doesn't it? Although it's never just one Tim Tam! The Avon lipstick sounds really pretty! Laughed at your grandson getting all gussied up!

Anna Campbell said...

Tawny, we get MAC cosmetics here. I'll have to check them out. I must say I had huge fun before I went to San Francisco. Because of the RITA thing, I thought I could justify getting a makeup done and spending a motzah on girly things. SO I DID! The fabulous lipstick was only one element of a new look. They package all that stuff so beautifully, don't they? Must say got a really little girly thrill every time I pulled out my classy little dark blue containers with Estee Lauder in gold all over them. Prior to that, all I had was bits and pieces I'd collected through the years and they were definitely due for replacement.

Tiffany Kenzie said...

I love red lipsticks--the really nice blue reds. But only wear them when I'm out. I drink tea all day long. And when I'm not drinking tea I'm sucking back coffee (someone needs to put me on an iv for my caffeine consumption). I have yet to find a lipstick that can withstand my lips to a cup all day. Though MAC does make a long lasting one, but it starts to look like chipped paint after a while. Not at all what I want!

No lip gloss for me. But lots of lip moisturizers, usually vitamin e from Jo Malone.

Fun blog!

And I can't think of a single awesome name on my makeup colours right now. Orgasm sounds 'fun' though.

Marisa O'Neill said...

Lipstick? Never leave home with out it. Unfortunately I put it on once and after it wears off I'm feeling naked. I'm in search for the perfect ALL DAY, LONG WEARING lipstick. Always have been.

Other pick me ups? An ice cold can of coke. When I'm feeling blue, all I need to hear is the pop of that can and the fizz and immediately I have an instant 'pick me up'.

So what's in my bag? 3 tubes of lipstick and a can of coke. I kid you not.

Maureen said...

I am not picky since any time I buy something new or get a present it is exciting. The thing I find about lipstick is that it's hard to find a shade that I love and then when the lipstick is all gone they don't make the shade anymore.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hi Anna!

Ah, that's a lovely pick me up! My favorite is to hide in the corner on my chaise for a moment and just do something for me. Read a bit of a book or a fashion magazine, or stare out the window at my garden. It seems like there are so many things to do in a day, a quiet moment to yourself is like gold!

PJ said...

Morning Anna! What a fun blog! I grew up in a small town with an Avon lady who came to your house...and carried lots of samples. Everytime she visited I ended up with 3 or 4 new lipstick samples to play with. What fun! A new lipstick (of the "right" color) always picks me up. Nowadays I wear Rose Spectrum by Clinique during the day.

I visited Sephora for the first time when I was in Atlanta for the M&M conference. Chuck (my Sephora consultant) talked me into a beautiful lipstick by Calvin Klein called Sinful that I would never have picked out on my own. I wore it to the Maggie ceremony and when I saw the photos from that night I thought, "Wow! Chuck really knows his stuff!". Now, whenever I need a "feeling sexy" pick me up I turn to my tube of Sinful and it never lets me down.

Christie Kelley said...

I have to admit, I'm really not much of a lipstick person. My mother to this day won't leave the house without lipstick on. Me? It's a rare day for me to put it on. Although, I have to admit I might be turning the corner on this one.

Recently I bought a Loreal lipgloss that said it stays on for hours. I thought, yeah right but bought anyway. I actually like this stuff. The gloss fades but leaves a nice color that doesn't make me feel like I have lipstick on.

But my personal pick me up is definitely chocolate. Totally addicted to it.

Louisa Cornell said...

Congrats on the chook, Jane! Wonder what color lipstick would be perfect for him?

Great blog, La Campbell! Autumn Rose by Revlon is my current favorite. I hate it when I find just the right shade and then they stop making it! GRRR! I can't wear makeup in my day job, but it doesn't stop me from shopping for great lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish! My new favorite place and forbidden pleasure is a place called Ulta. Ever been there? It is an amazing world of makeup, makeup accessories, hair care products. SQUEEEE!! They have makeup brushes there to DIE FOR!!

My love affair with makeup is probably due to all of the paint I wore when I was singing. I was fortunate enough to be in the hands of some great makeup artists and not only did they do my stage makeup they gave me tips for everyday looks as well.

Another guilty pleasure is SHOES!!!! Trish and I chatted about shoes at the Readers Luncheon in Birmingham. I have a closet full and dragged at least a dozen pairs to San Francisco.

Susan Seyfarth said...

Hey, Anna! I have some sort of weird allergy to lipstick. I think it's the dye. It chaps my lips to the point that I look like I just dog sledded solo across Antarctica the minute I slap it on.

I do, however, enjoy painting my toe nails. My favorite color is OPI's "Not Really A Waitress Red." I think I like the name as much as the color (a fancy, straight-up, candy-apple red that just screams "summer has begun!")

terrio said...

I use make up as a security blanket. Never leave home without it. But, I've never worn lipstick. I have full lips and I think I've always tried not to bring attention to them. That and I've never been able to find the right shade. I need to find a lipstick tart to take shopping with me. LOL! I did wear lipstick to the RITA ceremony in SF and liked the way it looked. Now I wonder what I did with it?

The right song can perk me up anytime. Or a little message from the right person. That's my favorite pick me up.

terrio said...

BTW - I'm now taking notes for the next time I hit Sephora. Isn't that the name of that make up place? I might find the right shade yet!

jo robertson said...

Great topic, Fo! Yes, lipstick is the absolutely single most important part of a gal's grooming repertoire, I think. And finding the perfect color is so important. It has to be loverly, of course, but it also has to "go with" your complexion.

If I'm on the go and have no time to properly "do my face," I'll dash on lipstick, a little brow color (that's another story) and maybe blush.

My daughter's MIL wears the most gosh-awful shade of pink that looks horrible on her, but no one has the courage to tell her. She's been wearing it since 1960, just to give you an idea.

jo robertson said...

Forgot to congratulate Jane on capturing the chook! Have a great day with him.

And yes, Jane, it does seem that right when I fall in love with the perfect shade of lipstick, they discontinue it! Is that a rule of the universe or something?

jo robertson said...

I have to say, though Anna, what really gives me a boost is the perfect pair of jeans. They have to be snug enough to cup and lift the butt, but have that tiny fullness right at the back of the thighs.

Sigh! Nothing is more perfect than perfectly fitting jeans.

Annie Solomon said...

Anna! Baby! You tart, you! I am, sad to say, a total makeup whore. I'd spend zillions on the stuff if I had zillions to spend. Last week I purchased 2 --count 'em--2 new lipsticks. Spiced Apple from Clinique--a brickish red--and Damage from Nars--a muted plummy mauvey thing that I've already worn every day since I bought it. I am, btw, a proud owner of the highly recommended blush, Orgasm, also by Nars, and I do like it. But I get bored with one flavor so am always buying new stuff. My top fave now is Bare Minerals makeup--amazing stuff, very natural. Their foundation and concealer are great, their lipsticks, so-so, though, of course, I do own one--a browny red. I wear sheer shades and glosses more in the summer, fuller color in winter. As for the MAC wearers, here, I'm in awe. I get so overwhelmed by the choices in the MAC store that I never actually buy anything. But Sephora rocks. Sometimes I go in there and just play. Sheesh...I've gone on and on, haven't I? Sigh. Such a girl...

Christie Kelley said...

Susan, I love OPI's nail polish names. Smokin in Havana and Holy Pink Pogoda are two of my favorites.

Buffie said...

Great post there Anna! I have to say that I am not a lipstick gal. I always feel like a clown wearing it. It just doesn't look right on me. The only thing I use is Blistex Deep Renewel. It's pretty bad when you have to be age defying chap stick!! LOL!

One thing that picks me up is peanut butter. LOVE IT! Warm peanut butter cookies always make me smile. Or the peanut butter cake my MIL makes -- to die for!

Kati said...

*waving* Hi Anna! I'll have you know that there is much gnashing of teeth and whining amongst the RNTV reviewers over your new book. I'm desperate to read it, especially after Michelle B. raved and raved about it! Congrats! It's gonna be huge, I can tell!

Personally, I also am a lipstick tart. I used to really love a shade called Tenderheart by Clinique. Now I wear a shade called Rose Quartz from Prescriptives, who also make my foundation. I love, love, love the new mineral foundations. Sweatproof and you can sleep in them, which is good for me, since I honestly never remember to wash my face at night before I go to sleep.

The thing that picks my mood up more than anything else is my dog. She cracks me up, and loves me endlessly. I can walk out to get the mail, and when I come home, she throws a fit like I've been on safari. What's not to great about that?!

jo robertson said...

Yummy, Buffie, peanut butter cake sounds delish! Hound your MIL, get the recipe, and share it with us.

I love all things peanut buttery -- can you tell?

Nancy said...

Jane, congrats on the GR! I envy your success with lip gloss. It always seems to run a bit when I wear it.

Anna, I'm not really a lipstick person. I like to have a basic pinkish/mauve-y shade and a red to coordinate with work clothes and a frosted from evening, and then I'm done. Every time I love a color, it gets discontinued. In fact, the ones in my bag now (Lancome) are discontinued, and I"m using them down to nubs. I hate finding a new shade, and the currently popular brown tones make me look just this side of dead.

I don't wear a lot of makeup in general, but I always wear at least blush and lipstick to any business event, including RWA, where it serves as protective camouflage, blending me in with the more immaculately turned out (as compared to my usual attire) crowd.

I enjoy buying a new purse. Not that I need a new purse regularly, but that's my personal splurge item. Well, that and a caramel frappucino at Starbucks, but I tend to think the purse is healthier, over all. *g*

PJ said...

Kati said I'll have you know that there is much gnashing of teeth and whining amongst the RNTV reviewers over your new book.

What we're really whining about is the fact that Maria and Marisa snatched it right away from us before we ever had a chance to fight over it. Is that fair, I ask you? Just because they own the website and all you'd think they had special privileges or something. (grin)

PJ said...

I have to say, though Anna, what really gives me a boost is the perfect pair of jeans. They have to be snug enough to cup and lift the butt, but have that tiny fullness right at the back of the thighs.

Oh Jo, you are so right! I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me well and when I do I'm in heaven! Last fall I discovered Chico's Platinum jeans and I adore them. I keep asking every few months if they have plans to discontinue them. I'll be doing some major stockpiling if the answer is ever "yes".

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Tiff, I hear you on getting a long-lasting lipstick. In the 90s, there was those ones that dried like concrete but somehow they just ended up all over my face. Not a good look! I've become used to copious reapplying! I love the blue reds - they're the ones that look better on me too. Geranium was definitely a blue red.

Actually I use lip balms all the time - my favorite is the Blistex one in the tube which is horrendously expensive over here but which I discovered is pretty cheap in America (especially at the exchange rate when I was in San Francisco). My luggage when I came home was hilarious - a suitcase full of books and chocolate. The books for me (well, the ones that aren't going as prizes), the chocolate as presents. Then there were the 20 tubes of Blistex. I could have been put in jail as an international lip balm smuggler!

Elyssa Papa said...

I'm more of a lipgloss type of gal and here are two of my faves:

Stila's Lip Glaze in Grapefruit, a shiny light pink that makes your lips look super, super glossy and tastes a bit like sweetened grapefruit. (All of their lip glazes are named after fruit or some type of spice, and taste like it). You can find this in Sephora.

Chanel's lip gloss in Bon Bon. It's a shimmery pink, and I confess I bought it because of the name alone. *g*

Some good and relatively priced lipsticks that you can find in your local drugstore:

Maybelline's Red Red Wine---a merlot red that looks good on pale skin.

Neutrogena's Sangria---a deep red but not overwhelming.

I, too, love Not Really a Waitress by Opi for nails and they also make another great one called Double Decker Red. Their names are so creative for their nail polishes.

limecello said...

lol - I'm not big on lipstick, but then I'm not big on makeup in general. Not even lipgloss - but I'll use it if I have it and don't have chapstick.
I so, however, have PS Kiss by Phillip Lim, I think? (My sister got it for me - and she's much more into all the makeup fashion etc.) It's an intense red, and I love it. I think it sold out very quickly.
:) Now that I've read this post, however, I think I'm going to have to dig it out - I could definitely use a pick me up.

Anna Campbell said...

Marisa, I can see you and I must have a lipstick discussion. I agree with you about the long-lasting one but I've just never found one that lasts the distance. I must say that's something the more expensive ones often have to their advantage - because there's more pigment, they (or at least their ghost) do last better than the cheap ones. Laughed my head off at what's in your high-powered media executive bag!

Maureen, isn't it tragic when you find just the right shade of lipstick and then they discontinue it? I'm definitely going to start buying two tubes of the ones I like. Which I guess means I'm getting another bite at (the) Black Cherry! Groan!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Deb, sometimes it's lovely just to do nothing, isn't it? I find I get those quiet moments when I'm swimming. Somehow the water puts me in a different environment, away from all my daily cares.

PJ, I remember the Avon samples very fondly. I used to use them for my dressing up. I had an absolutely wonderful Clinique lipstick when I lived in London. I can't remember what it was called but it was a perfect cerise. You remember the mid-80s, do you? Cerise was one of the in colors! Actually it's really tragic that the 80s are over - those strong blues and pinks really suited me. I remember having an awful time a few years ago where all I could buy was brown and muddy green. I couldn't get ANYTHING that suited me! Sinful sounds great! There was a Sephora near the hotel in SF but I didn't dare going in, having just spent the GDP of Mexico on Estee Lauder! Next time!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Christie, I've been really surprised with this post that chocolate hasn't been the dominant theme. So far I seem to be talking to a lot of women who take lipstick as seriously as I do! The L'Oreal lip gloss sounds great!

Actually something else I really like in the world of lip coverings is Elizabeth Arden's eight hour cream in lipsticks. You can get it just as a balm or with tints and the tints are subtle and just right for those times when you don't want your lipstick to scream at people. Plus the lip balm element is really effective!

Anna Campbell said...

Louisa, what a silly question. Rhode Island Red, obviously!

Ulta sounds like fun. I really must check out more makeup when I'm next in the States. You're definitely with friends here when it comes to shoes. Did you see the darling pair Christine Wells wore to the RITA awards? They were absolute romance novelist shoes. And of course, Queen Tawny and Queen VA wear the most fabulous coverings on their tootsies!

Anna Campbell said...

Susan, what a fantastic name for that nail polish! And sorry about the lipstick not working. I have really ugly feet so I don't bother painting my toenails - they're always hidden from the world!

Terrio, how funny that you don't wear lipstick because you've got full lips. Um, don't people pay a fortune so they GET full lips? I say if you've got it, flaunt it, my friend! Actually I must say someone saying something nice about my books is a fail-safe perk up for me! That's one of life's great pleasures!

Pat Cochran said...

Hello, Ms. Anna,

My all-time favorite lipstick was
made by Coty and was named Burnt
Sienna. Needless to say, it was
discontinued many years ago. (sob!)
Another favorite (recommended by
several cosmetics specialists a few
years back) is Clinique's Black

Pat Cochran

Anna Campbell said...

Terrio, we should book a makeup shopping expedition when I'm in Washington. The other thing is that I noticed makeup was much cheaper in the US than in Australia.

Jo, lipstick is my constant if I'm going out. Everything else depends on how much trouble I want to take. I hate to mention the 'pallid' word again, but seriously, the color does make a difference! I actually don't wear blush as I tend to be red-faced anyway, especially when I drink. Not that I EVER drink (cough, cough).

I tried to wean my mum off a really harsh shade of red that she always wore. It was the color she wore when she was young - she had the most beautiful skin and it looked wonderful. But I really think a softer pink would have been nicer as she got older. But I think people stubbornly stick to what they're used to often.

Anna Campbell said...

Jo, I love the idea of perfectly fitting jeans. Wish I'd ever found some! Actually I have a red and white and black top I bought in America that always lifts my spirits. Somehow the cut's just right - it's weird how that sometimes happens, isn't it? And I love the colors. Not only that, the red goes with my lipstick ;-)

Ooh, Annie, want to come shopping with Terrio and me in Washington? Sounds like we'd have a ball! Those new lipsticks sound lovely! It's wonderful when you get just the right one, isn't it? Black Cherry was like that for me. Actually I love the slightly gadgety things you get in makeup now - you know, the eyebrow pencils that turn and retract, for example. I also bought some powder since the Lisa Kleypas incident and I must say, it really does make the complexion look better. Catches the light somehow.

Anna Campbell said...

Christie, what cool names! Can you think of any more? They're putting Pink from Paris in the shade!

Buffie, I love peanut butter (or peanut paste as we call it in Queensland!). Tried a Ghirardelli chocolate in San Francisco that was PB flavor - to die for, my friend! Sadly, the real thing is so oily it makes me break out into adolescent-strength acne. Which is probably a good thing - I don't need yet another thing to eat!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kati, wasn't Michelle's wrap for Tempt the Devil just the best? I especially liked the bit about spoiling her for other romances for a while. I know exactly that feeling but to have that applied to one of my stories? Priceless! So far, TTD seems to be getting some good reports back which makes me happy. I wonder what you'll make of it, my friend! It's out next month which is kind of exciting and kind of scary at the same time!

Hey, those lipsticks sound great. I must go back and check out the Clinique shades. I haven't since they got rid of my lovely cerise!

There's something absolutely true and heart-lifting about a dog's unconditional love, isn't there? I know what you mean about animals lifting the spirits. I went down to visit an old friend who has just got a Burmese kitten this week. Well, that cat is a whole cinema full of entertainment. He leaps, he runs, he hides, he plays, he teases, and then he curls up on your lap and goes to sleep like a little bit of purring velvet. Seriously, my friend nearly LOST her cat to a gang of catnappers (well, ONE catnapper who might just write romance!).

Elyssa Papa said...

I just remembered this...I think Prescriptives (make-up that's usually sold in department stores and I think online) has this thing where you can make your own colors for lipstick. I think a great lipstick would be a name called Tempt the Devil, maybe in a delicious red. *g*

Anna Campbell said...

Nancy, are the browns back in - you guys are always a season ahead of us. One of the things I liked about going into our winter was that REAL colors were back. I'd better rush for my Black Cherry, by the sound of it! I hear you on RWA - I always feel like someone's poor cousin dragged in to make up numbers!

I've never been a purse girl. In fact, never owned a sensible handbag. But when I went to the Dallas conference, I took a horrible cheap vinyl handbag that belonged to my mother and the poor cousin feeling became overwhelming. So when I got my second contract from Avon, I celeberated by buying myself a really spectacular handbag. It's REALLY girly and I love it to death! Did you see Christine's gorgeous handbags at the conference this year? Oh, dear, Christine will think I'm a stalker. All I do is talk about her lovely accessories!

terrio said...

Anna - I'm all for a shopping spree! I did hit a clinique counter before RWA and got a good blush and lip liner I should use. It just sits with the other make up stuff feeling neglected. LOL!

My company holiday party is in less than a month. I'm the planner and I'm taking a date for the first time. I believe I'll be on a mission to Sephora before then. Thanks for all these tips, everyone.

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, PJ, tell me more! Was blood spilt? Were rude words used? Did the book get ripped to shreds and then fixed with sticky tape? Even better - is there a VIDEO???!!!!

And it takes so long to find the perfect garment/lipstick/etc., I can understand your paranoia if you've discovered the perfect pair of jeans. Actually I wear pants a lot and when I find a pair that fits and they're the right length, I tend to buy multiple pairs. To the extent that the lady in Macy's in SF said to me (on about my third visit!) that everybody was complaining that no pants were left in my particular size on her floor any more! Seriously, if Macy's make a profit this financial year, you know who you can thank!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Ely, thanks for the tips. That wine red color sounds like it might be worth me checking out. Hey, I'm in love with OPI already! Those names are just fabulous! I find I'm a terror with lip glosses that taste like something - I just eat them off! Someone gave me a cranberry one at conference and it was like eating cranberry jelly. Yum!

Limecello, I don't know Philip Lim cosmetics! I'm learning so much on this blog! PS Kiss sounds lovely. Actually I firmly believe color can influence our mood.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Pat, Black Honey sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. I'm also going to check out the Revlon Autumn Rose - perhaps it's a cousin to my late lamented Sahara Rose. My grandmother LOVED Coty cosmetics. Are they still available? I spent a lot of my dress up times using Coty leftovers of hers. They used to do really intensely colored lipsticks I remember - very Hollywood reds.

Ooh, Elyssa, what a great idea for a website contest! Giving away a tube of Tempt the Devil. I agree, what a fantastic name for a lipstick. Untouched doesn't work quite as well, does it? Tempt the Devil should be a really luscious red like the Title on the cover under the gorgeous Nathan's face. I'll have to check it out! Perhaps I could do a signature color for all my books. I thought it was really clever how Christine had journals as part of her promotion for The Dangerous Duke - as you know, the plot hinges on the heroine's erotic diary. Love the tie-in idea!

Anna Campbell said...

Terrio, hasn't this been fun? I've really enjoyed this girly day! I DEFINITELY have to check out Sephora. Good luck for the work party! Actually that's one of the things I miss at this time of year, being self-employed and all. I used to really enjoy the work Christmas bash. Even with the headache the next day!

Keira Soleore said...

Fo, I definitely admired Christine's handbags, her shoes, and her outfits and how she managed to not only tie them all together like a collection (RWA '08 Collection), but it worked well for international travel from the everyday to the dressy-dressy.

Ah, so in addition, to Tim Tams, Koalas, and Caramellos, you're going to add tiny tubes of gloss/lipstick to your book giveaways. :)

Elyssa Papa said...

I think Untouched would be a great title color --- you could do a blush pink or a nude lip gloss.

But what color would be best for Claiming the Courtesan? Maybe a plum???

I think a lipstick tie-in would be awesome.

Elyssa Papa said...

Untouched would be a great title for a lipstick color. I left that part of the sentence out. Sigh.

Elyssa Papa said...

Oh, I found the link on how to make custom templates from Prescriptives in case anyone's interested:

PJ said...

Oh, PJ, tell me more! Was blood spilt? Were rude words used? Did the book get ripped to shreds and then fixed with sticky tape? Even better - is there a VIDEO???!!!!

LMAO! If any blood was spilled it was between Maria and Marisa and they're not talking. For the rest of us, there were definitely rude words, whining, mumbling and grumbling but all done in good humor...sort of. (wink)

PJ said...

Anna - I'm all for a shopping spree!

Terri and Anna, you definitely need to visit Sephora and if I make it to DC I'll happily volunteer to be your guide! My first trip was so much fun that I can hardly wait for the next one. I'm thinking it's a very good thing that the closest store is a 90 minute drive from where I live.

PJ said...

Anna, Hugh Jackman is on Oprah today and he's brought boxes of Tim Tams for the entire audience. Hugh and Tim Tams - that would definitely pick me up! :)

Anna Campbell said...

Well, Keira, it's a thought! I'd definitely enter a contest to win a lipstick called Tempt the Devil! I'll let Christine know we've been singing her praises. Suspect she'll get a kick out of us calling her a style maven!

Hmm, Ely, definitely not a cherry for CTC. Snort! A really rich wine color might work! I like the Untouched idea with the really subtle shade. Hey, thanks for the link! I'll check it out. Prescriptives is a fairly exclusive brand here but I know David Jones, one of our big department stores, carries the brand.

Anna Campbell said...

I'm sorry, PJ, if nobody died, you just didn't want to read that book enough ;-) Hey, I'm giving away three copies (although after I get it which is probably after it hits the stores in the US) on my website contest for November and December. Might be a nice chance to get a freebie of this book that has caused major upset over at RNTV. Hmm, now that's a selling line if I've ever heard one!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, PJ, yes, come, come to our girly day out! And it sounds like you're an expert and can guide the newbies amongst us, among whom I count myself!

Oh, man, I'd rather have Hugh and a Tim Tam than a new car! Wouldn't you die to be in that studio audience? Helen, I can already hear you booking a flight!

PJ said...

He is the sexiest man! AUSTRALIA opens in theaters here Nov. 26th and I can. not. wait!

Christine Wells said...

Style maven? Moi? Can't help giggling when I think that most days I don't even iron my clothes. Ahem! However, I must admit, handbags are definitely a weakness. Keira, I'm especially chuffed to get complimented by a style guru such as yourself!

Elyssa, Tempt the Devil is a fantastic name for a lipstick! You're a marketing genius. Actually, I've read TEMPT THE DEVIL--have I mentioned that before?*g* And I agree wholeheartedly with Michelle Buonofiglio that it is a masterpiece! Just loved the sexy sophistication of that book. It's going to be another huge hit, with or without the lipstick!

Christine Wells said...

Helen, I had a great holiday, thanks so much for asking! I almost...ALMOST contemplated bungy jumping but I thought that was probably an irresponsible thing for a mother of two to do. Those Kiwis are mad, aren't they? Everywhere you go there's some extreme thrill-seeking dangerous type activity they do just for fun.

Beth said...

I adore make-up but as I usually play up my eyes, I tend to choose neutral shades of lipsticks. But of course I still love buying lipstick *g*

Right now my obsession is nail polish. I'm loving all the dark metallics out now :-)

Anna Campbell said...

PJ, it's funny, much as I love Hugh, I'm not sure about Australia. Although I have to say I wasn't sure about ballroom dancing until I saw Strictly Ballroom. I think the Baz is a genius! One of the things I like about Hugh is that he doesn't come across as up himself - there seems to be a nice dose of self-awareness there. And honestly, if I was that good-looking, I'd be HUGELY up myself! So points to him for keeping his feet on the ground.

Anna Campbell said...

Christine, so pleased you've caught up with our little fan fest about you!

And thanks for being so nice about Tempt. It's such a different book to the other two - it will be interesting to see how it goes. Although so far, touch wood, everything has been good.

Anna Campbell said...

Christine, we missed you while you were gone! What do all those sheep in NZ have that we don't?

Beth, interesting about what we choose to play up, isn't it? When the girl did my makeup, originally she went all out on everything. About ten different shades on the eyes and then this VERY dramatic dark red lipstick. It just didn't work - I looked like a clown. She ended up rethinking the approach and just going for a very subtle shining gold for the eyeshadow while keeping the lipstick. Works quite well and I'm comfortable with it - I'm not really a heavy makeup sort of girl.

Marisa O'Neill said...

Ok, I'm not going to say publicly if Maria and I came to blows - I'll just say that as she read the last chapter I sat 3 inches from her tapping my toes madly waiting for her to hand over Tempt the Devil. I grabbed it out of her hand before she could close the last page. I told her not to say a word that I wanted to experience it for myself. I got in my car and broke the speed limit to get to my chair, my coke and MY BOOK!

Now all I can say is ANNA YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I'm half way through the book and it's already one of my top 5 picks of the year.

All I'm saying is - put your orders in NOW!! Seriously. The prose, the characters, the dialogue, the ambiance - its magic woven together in a seamless and masterful way. Anna is a virtuoso with words - and the words come together bringing incandescent and vivid images that create a sumptuous world that keeps you feasting for hours. I’m just saying.

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Marisa. I read that and had to go and have a cup of tea. Which is very hard to make when you've got mist in front of your eyes. That boiling water is major hurty! Ouch! Seriously you're enjoying it that much? Fantastic!!!! Thank you so much for saying that. Those characters were really close to my heart and I tried so hard to do justice to them. Mwah to you, my friend!

Virginia said...

I am not a big lipstick or makeup person. But you give me a good book and some chocolate and I am one happy camper.

PJ said...

All I'm saying is - put your orders in NOW!! Seriously. The prose, the characters, the dialogue, the ambiance - its magic woven together in a seamless and masterful way. Anna is a virtuoso with words - and the words come together bringing incandescent and vivid images that create a sumptuous world that keeps you feasting for hours. I’m just saying.

The whining volume just went through the roof.

Anna Campbell said...

Virginia, I hear you on the chocolate and the book. As I said earlier, I'm surprised more people didn't mention those two unfailing sources of pleasure! Mmm, feel like some chocolate right now...

PJ, you crack me up! Do you think somebody might get killed now???!!! ;-)

Christie Kelley said...

Ok Anna, here's a few more OPI colors:

Aphrodite's Pink Nightie
No So Bora-Boring Pink
Dress to Empress
You're a Pisa Work

Yeah, I love nailpolish.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

OMGosh, Anna, what a fun post! Congrats, Jane on the GR.

I'm a total lipstick tart too. I adore lipstick and nail polish. People have been mentioning the OPI colors and they are fab.

I've not tried NARS makeup, but I'm going to look it up. Like Tawny, I use MAC and Clinique with a bit of Body Shop and Bobby Brown thrown in for good measure.

Marisa, I have a similar pocket book, except I'd have to add 25 pens/pencils, note pad and probably a pull-up and wipes to the mix of 5 lipsticks and a (Diet) Coke. (We're in the midst of potty training...)

Louisa, I love ULTA too - great place. Great big toy store for makeup mavins. Wonderful!

I adore leather goods of any kind for a pick me up. *That sounds vaguely naughty!* But a good leather bag, Coach or Dooney or the like...YUM! However, it's a very dearly expensive pick me up. I usually have to stick to nail polish or coffee! :> Chocolate too, but too much of it and I don't feel well, so choco in moderation but oh...coffeeeeeee...really GOOD coffeee... :>

Drat, PJ you reminded me that I wanted to tune in today and see Hugh. Have to agree that the combo of Hugh and TimTams would be divine!

Fav lipsticks for everyday: Clinique's Plum Brandy (Brownish pink, very "goes with everything"), and Pink Chocolate which I've worn down to the nubbins but can't get anymore *sob*
Fav lipstick for evening: can't find it but it's a fab Bobby Brown lipcolor in those blue reds you like Anna!

Fav fall nail polish: Three by OPI:
Midnight in Moscow - a burgundy so dark it almost looks black; Bogota Blackberry a medium cherry-ish color and I've "Red" the Script.

Oh, and I'm currently wearing "Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ" SNORK!


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Drat, Marisa! We have to wait until Dec. 30 to get it. Grrrr. I can't WAIT to read this book! :>

*going to amazon to preorder* grrr.

Anna Campbell said...

Christie, I NEVER paint my nails but those titles make me want to. Aphrodite's Nightie! Pisa Work? Absolutely brilliant! I don't care what the colors are like!

Jeanne, what color is Mrs O'Leary's barbecue? Black or red? Wondered whether she likes her steaks rare or well done! More great names - I think I need to buy OPI polishes are presents for friends when I'm over, just to get the names over here!

Isn't it funny how we ALL have a favorite lipstick? I'm clearly not as odd in that regard as I thought I was! It really is a national tragedy when I try to buy my favorite and it's been discontinued! By the way, the Bobby Brown sounds fab. Next conference, I'll wear the CD Geranium at least once. Seriously, it's so bright, it stops traffic. It still makes me laugh that my very retiring friend who NEVER wears makeup decided that was to be her first foray into lipstick!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, wasn't that lovely, what Marisa was saying? I almost went to Amazon to preorder and then I remember, um, I wrote it!

Nancy said...

PJ, I saw the Tim Tams on Oprah. With Hugh Jackman, of course. I envy you and everyone else who has luck with jeans. I find shopping for them difficult.

Anna, I love cute shoes, but my feet don't, alas, so I go for the purse thing as a substitute. You'll have to bring your celebratory one to DC so we can all ooh and aah over it!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna, Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ is a warm, lush red. Yummy.

Jo and Anna, I SO wish I could get a good fit in jeans. Maybe I should take Caren and Jo with me. They both seem to know how to buy 'em to fit RIGHT. Sigh. I love jeans and I'd like to actually look good when I wear them since I wear them so darn much. :>

Nancy, I love cute shoes too and drool over Vrai Anna and Tawny's shoes. As I recall Susan and Beth had some fab shoes at National too, didn't they? However, as someone else said, I have a difficult time with shoes anymore. I had foot surgery a couple of years ago and since then, no cute shoes. I can try them and buy them, and some days I can actually wear them, but not with any reliability, like say when I actually am dressed up and WANT to...sigh.

Gillian Layne said...

Anna, what a great topic! And everything here now is officially gray and dreary, so bright lipstick is a plus!

I love Revlon, and I love Bare Minerals lip gloss because it makes my lips tingle--supposed to plump them up or something. Wine with Everything is a great color, and since so many have mentioned it I assume they won't cancel it anytime soon. Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is an "everyone" color.

Don't you ladies love the cosmetic collections that come out at the holidays? I always tuck back money to buy one from Estee Lauder or Lancome.

Anna Campbell said...

Nancy, I'll definitely bring the purse. It's the same brand (although much larger!) than the lovely ones Christine sported at the last conference. I hear you on shoes - I soooooo wish I could still wear the cute ones but it's not to be.

Jeanne, you're a shoe sufferer as well! I used to love to wear stilettos which is probably why I have trouble now. Sigh.

Hey, Gillian, nice to see you here! Another taker for Black Honey? I'll definitely have to check it out. I LOVE those makeup collections. I also love the freebies that aren't really free at all because obviously they're included in the price of the horrifically expensive makeup. But it's such fun to play with those cute little bottles.

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, thanks, everybody for a really fun day in the lair! Wish I had a tube of Prescriptives new lipstick TEMPT THE DEVIL to give away to everyone! Oh, well, one day!

Anonymous said...

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