Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bandita Booty!!

by Anna Sugden
We have a winner!!

One lucky commenter has won her choice of either "Nutcase" or "What Looks Like Crazy" by Charlotte Hughes!

So, without further ado ... Congratulations to ...


If you email me at anna@annasugden.com with you snail mail addy, I'll pass your info on to Charlotte.


flchen1 said...

Woohoo! Happy reading, M! Thanks again, Charlotte!

Helen said...

Congrats M

Have Fun

Louisa Cornell said...

Congrats M!! Go Nuts!

M. said...

Wow! How cool! Considering how large and farflung the rooster crowd is, I never thought I'd actually win any booty. Yay.

Thanks fichen, Helen, and Louisa - you are kind.

Pissenlit said...

Congrats, M.! :)