Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have a Laugh with Charlotte Hughes!

by Anna Sugden

How many authors can make you laugh out loud? For me, there are very few. One who manages to do so regularly, is our guest today, Charlotte Hughes.

Award winning author Charlotte Hughes began her writing career publishing newspaper and magazine articles before becoming a New York Times best selling author. Charlotte makes her home in Beaufort, S. C. Best known for her FULL series with Janet Evanovich, she has written over 40 books, ranging for the 3 mysteries she wrote for Avon to Mira’s HOT SHOT. Her newest release, NUTCASE centers on Atlanta psychologist Kate Holly and the humorous antics of her friends, family and patients. In the process she learns that the life of a psychologist is enough to drive anyone nuts. You can visit Charlotte online at http://www.readcharlottehughes.com/, where she also blogs.

I'm delighted to be able to welcome Charlotte, and promise not to be too much of a fan girl about her fabulously zany Kate Holly series (which also includes a sexy fireman!) - if you haven't had a chance to read What Looks Like Crazy or Nutcase yet, you must! You won't be disappointed!

We’re so pleased you could join us, Charlotte. Grab your favourite cabana boy, hockey hunk or gladiator and make yourself comfortable!

Thanks Anna, and Banditas. It's good to be here.

The Amazon pigeon finally brought my copy of the second book in your Crazy series, Nutcase - YAY! For those who haven’t read What Looks Like Crazy (why not?!), can you tell them a bit more about this fabulously funny series?

The series is about a female psychologist, Kate Holly, and her crazy family, friends, and patients. As I state on my website, it’s irreverent and politically incorrect, but it’s done in great fun. When I created Kate, I wanted her to have as many issues as her patients so I’ve had a lot of fun with her. The poor girl would love to have a “normal” life, but that is not likely to happen, what with the kooky cast of characters surrounding her. Each book stands alone but most of the characters are in all of them.

What (or who *g*) inspired you to write about a psychologist?

Not only have I been in therapy, but I married a clinical psychologist. Don’t ever marry a clinical psychologist – you’ll spend the rest of your life in analysis! I wish I’d married a plastic surgeon.

I’m sure many of us have read the awesome FULL series you wrote with Janet Evanovich. How did that come about and what can you tell us about working with Janet?

Janet and I have been friends for too many years to count. We both have the same wacky, over-the-top sense of humour so it was relatively easy to write the FULL series. The only problem we had was that I like men with hairy chests and Janet prefers them buff. She said the hero made her think of a Chia pet. So I had to make him less hairy. :)

I also discovered that you’ve written romantic suspense (adding them to my To Buy list). How different were they to write than your romantic comedies?

I really loved writing the three “dark” mysteries for Avon although I scared myself at times. I had to do a ton of research and learn about forensics and police procedure, etc., back before that was the rage, but it was fun and challenging. I’m very proud of the books; all three won awards. I guess I proved to myself that I am capable of writing different genres.

I’m so envious that you live in Beaufort. I love that whole area. If it wasn’t for the hurricanes, it would be perfect. What do you love about living in the south?

I’ve lived in Beaufort some 16-17 years. I fell in love with the area when my family chose to vacation here many years ago. There are more than 100 antebellum homes and churches that were untouched during the Civil War. The South, as most people think of it, has changed, in that a lot of people from northern locations choose to retire here. Living in Beaufort, the Lowcountry, is pretty laid back. Nobody seems to be in a big hurry. I love being surrounded by marsh and water. To me, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world so it’s no surprise that it is a tourist hotspot as well.

Now for some fun questions:
1. Leather or Lace: I much prefer a guy in leather than lace. As for me, I'm not a real girl-girl so I don't wear lace. I mostly wear unattractive pajamas guaranteed to send ice water through a man's loins.

2. Cowboy, Vampire, or Duke: Plastic surgeon.

3. Favorite food: Anything that I don't have to cook.

4. Favorite hunk: My FedEx guy.

5. Worst thing about being a writer: Having to write.

6. If you couldn't be a writer, what would you be? A princess.

Thanks, Charlotte! I know you're in the midst of revisions for your next book in the series (which I'm eagerly awaiting!), so it's great that you could take time to be with us today.

Now, it's over to our Bandita Buddies. One lucky commenter could win a signed copy of either Nutcase or What Looks Like Crazy. (you'll love either one!).

Do you have any crazy friends, family members, work colleagues, neighbours? Tell us about them - you can change the names to protect the not-so-innocent if you'd like *g*. If not ... do you prefer hairy or buff chests?


flchen1 said...


flchen1 said...

Hi, Charlotte! Your Crazy series sounds like a hoot--I think we all know some people whose grasp of reality seems tenuous or is at least radically different than ours! And I imagine being or being married to someone whose job it is to help such folks makes for some very interesting times!

limecello said...

Congrats, Fedora!

Thanks for visiting with us today, Charlotte! As for crazies... my life is filled with them. I couldn't get to the blog earlier because I was dealing with a number of emails sent by said crazies.
... I'm also not in the mood to discuss it - but suffice it to say, *I'm* about to ask to be sent to the insane asylum just to get some peace and quiet!

Helen said...

Congrats Fedora have fun with him

I gotta say these books sound like lots of fun Charlotte and yes there is always someone around especially where I work too many to name and I often just shake my head and wonder where they really are but most of them really make me laugh and laughing is the best medicine around I say.

Congrats on all the books the Romantic Suspense sound really good as well I do love a romantic suspense.

As for hairy of buff I gotta say hairy but not too much and I guess it depends on whose chest it is LOL

Thanks for inviting Charlotte today Anna

Have Fun

donnas said...

Your new series sounds great and like a lot of fun. I definitely know some people who fit those characteristics. There is no way to even understand what they are thinking sometimes much less trying to make sense of it. There are days I just want to lock myself in a room with a book and pretend I dont know any of them. And buff...

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Fedora! He's returned to his old love, has he? He's a flighty little chook, that's for sure!

Charlotte, welcome to the lair! Great to see you here. And huge congratulations on all your amazing success!

Firstly, what did it feel like to hit the NYT? Did you do anything special to celebrate?

I'd also like to know how you went about writing in collaboration with Janet. I'm such a control freak, I find it hard to imagine collaborating with another writer!

Hmm, buff or hairy? Do I have to choose? ;-)

Mad family, sadly I didn't get the chance to choose. Does ANYONE have a normal family???!!!

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Fedora.

Hi Charlotte,
Thankfully I don't have any crazy relatives. I have worked with some weird people. There are always going to be some coworkers who you just don't get, some who have no people skills at all.

Annie West said...

Hi Anna, hi Charlotte, lovely to see you here. Am laughing about your comment on never marrying a clinical psychologist and preferring the idea of a plastic surgeon. All the married women I know swear to the fact that whatever their husband's area of expertise, that's the stuff that never gets finished at their place - it's left in an awful mess. The builder with the half renovated kitchen, the mechanic whose car always fails etc. Think you're much safer with a psychologist if that's the case. A plastic surgeon who stops half way through a job is way too scary.

Love the sound of your book! Thanks for sharing with us.

As for knowing strange people - oh yes. There have been a few over the years. It makes life interesting.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Charlotte! Welcome to the lair.
Anna thanks so much for hosting Charlotte today.

Charlotte, I've read and laughed through your books and it sounds like Nutcase is going to be just as good.

Hmm, weird people. My dh thinks my entire family is crazy, but I think it's more eccentric than crazy. I'll give one example--my father writes books on Rugby and cricket and when he borrows research books from the library that contain errors, he corrects them. Crosses out and writes in the margins. Argh! I've begged him to leave it alone but he insists people should get it right if they don't want him to deface their books. Sigh.

Yay, Fedora! Hope the rooster has a great time with you:)

Anna Sugden said...

Good morning everyone from a lovely, sunny Cambridge.

Congrats Fedora - what does the golden rooster have in store for him at your place today?

"People whose grasp of reality is tenuous" - that sounds like most of my family! LOL

Anna Sugden said...

Oh dear, Limecello. Bad enough to deal with crazies, to have them hassle you via email - uggh!

Anna Sugden said...

Laughter is definitely the best medicine, Helen. I bet cuddling your grandbabies is pretty good medicine for dealing with the crazies too!

You know, I'm with you on hairy or buff depending on the person. We have a great 'tradition' over here of footie players swapping shirts after big games - you get to see a lot of chests!

Anna Sugden said...

Donnas - I see you know my family too *g*.

I wonder if that's why me and my sis read so much!

Charlotte's books will definitely make those pesky people disappear - and make you laugh out loud too.

Anna Sugden said...

Good question, Anna C - does anyone have a normal family? I suspect that beneath the normal family lurks the craziest of them all!

Anna Sugden said...

No crazies in your family, Jane? You make up for it with one on your hockey team though *g*.

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Annie! ROFL at the plastic surgeon hubby leaving things half done! You're so right about being married to tradesmen - their houses are always the worst. Their wives, the last people to get work done.

Anna Sugden said...

Oh Christine - I love the sound of your dad! Bless him! I must admit to having that urge, at times, with people who write about English people without having researched the subject properly (or having relied on the TV for their research!) - never acted on it, though.

Helen said...


Our rugby league players swap jerseys as well I do love that time at the end of a grand final

Have Fun

Anna Sugden said...

Interesting, Helen - I think out guys do too - though tese days the rugby shirts our guys wear are too tight to come off easily *g*. Of course, it makes for pleasant viewing during the game ;)

PJ said...

Morning Everyone! Fedora, congrats on snatching that GR back from limecello!

Welcome to the lair, Charlotte and thanks to VAnna for hosting! I love your books! They always leave me smiling and laughing. Can you give us any hints about what will be happening in the next story in the series?

Yes, I've known people whose grasp of reality is tenuous at best. Makes life interesting, no?

Definitely give me a little hair on that manly chest! Speaking of chests, I'm currently working for the US Census, canvassing door to door. An amazing number of men answer the door shirtless. Sadly, I've yet to see a manly chest among them but I can say with authority that the men of my county have an overwhelming appreciation for beer.

Please exclude me from the contest. I already have signed copies of both books. Thanks, Charlotte! :)

Anna Sugden said...

OMG PJ - I bet you must see some real sights! LOL at the lack of manly chests. You'd think there would be at least one! Maybe the best is being saved for last?!

Margay said...

My sisters and I are pretty madcap - when we are together, forget it! There are just too many instances that I could quote, but I think the thing that is most funny is the reaction of others to our riffs. As my younger daughter once put it, "Oh, wow."


PJ said...

OMG PJ - I bet you must see some real sights!OMG, Anna! You wouldn't believe half the things I've seen! LOL!

Beth said...

Welcome to the lair, Charlotte! Your books sound fabulous *g* I'm really looking forward to reading them.

I often feel I'm surrounded by crazy but then I wonder if everyone else is sane and I'm the one who's gone around the bend ;-)

Thanks for the great interview, Anna!

Anna Sugden said...

Madcap sisters, the best kind, Margay!

My sister and I are convinced we were dropped on the doorstep by the milkman, alongside the gold top! It keeps us sane-ish *g*.

Anna Sugden said...

Now, now, PJ - you can't just tease us like that and not spill! It's only us ... you can tell.

Anna Sugden said...

I don't think you're the crazy one, Beth - but you know, sometimes it's easier living in your own little world. *g*

Susan Sey said...

Hi, Charlotte! Thanks for being with us today! I haven't had the chance to meet Kate Holly yet, so I'm excited to get started. I love it when I discover a series already in progress. It's so satisfying to sit down with two or more books back to back!

As for interesting characters I've run across in real life, I used to work with a guy back when I did outdoor/environmental education who could half-convince whole packs of skeptical inner-city ten year olds that there was an actual dog in his backpack. He could make an extremely convincing barking sound without moving his lips, such that the kids (already off balance being in the woods with a long-haired hippie) weren't quite able to write him off.

It sounds weird, I know, but it was something to see. We got a new group of kids every week, & he pulled it off more often that you'd think.

Maybe I should stick that in a book.

Do you have a favorite recurring minor character, Charlotte? Somebody who keeps pushing for the spotlight & demanding his/her own book? Or do you like to keep the really kooky ones on the sidelines. I imagine it's easier to stomach a lot of kookiness in small doses. Can you sustain a whole book centered around somebody really out there, or is to too hard to maintain sympathy with a character who's just nutty?

Thanks for swinging by the lair, Charlotte! And thanks, Anna, for bringing her by!

Charlotte said...

Hi, Anna! Thanks for inviting me to blog with Romance Bandits. You asked what it was like writing with Janet. The secret to collaberating successfully with another author is finding someone who thinks and writes like you. Janet and I both write humor, and our books are filled with kooky characters. We want our books to be fun. I would never be able to collaberate with a serious author. I am not a control freak when it comes to writing because I'm not writing for myself, I'm writing for an audience. I am very open to suggestions. A good editor will make your work shine. I was fortunate to work with one of the best editors at St. Martins, Jen Enderlin. She was tough, but she taught me a lot. If it hadn't been for her and Janet I would not have been able to make the move so easily to a series of my own.

Charlotte said...

Hi, Annie West! I know what you mean about husbands who specialize in a certain area and never seem to finish. My brother is a builder. He usually lives in the houses he builds for a couple of years, and there is ALWAYS something left undone. When he finally decides to put the property on the market, there's a mad dash to get everything done. It would indeed be frightening to be married to a plastic surgeon who didn't finish his job, but I still prefer a man who knows how to perform liposuction.

Charlotte said...

Hi, Christine: I have to laugh about your dad correcting library books. He sounds as OCD as I am. It almost takes an act of God for me to release my book to an editor. I'm always certain I can make it better. I know I drive everyone crazy.

Charlotte said...

Hi, PJ! Are you the reader who brought home made candy to my book signing? To answer your question, the third book in my CRAZY series, titled HIGH ANXIETY, pretty much picks up where NUTCASE left off. You'll find the same fun characters, plus a few new ones. As always, I add a little mystery/suspense to make things interesting.

Louisa Cornell said...

You lured him away from Lime, you homewrecker you! Congrats, Fedora!

These books sound like a hoot! My late husband was a psychiatrist and many of our friends are clinical psychologists so I feel your pain, Charlotte. I was and have been surrounded by people trying to figure out what makes me tick (chocolate) and how to fix it (can't be done!) I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it!

And as to insanity in the family ... When you live in the South you don't ask if there is insanity in the family. You just ask which side it's on!!

I mean the head of my household is a 12 pound chihuahua who hates everyone but me and thinks he's a Rottweiler! I have a cat who thinks she's a Great Dane.

And I work at Wal-Mart - Lunatic Central !!! It is just one long day at One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest at Wally World. You do NOT have to be crazy to work there. They'll train you!

For instance, there's the Bread Nazi. She is older than dirt, weighs 75 pounds and comes in three or four times a week. She prowls the bread racks in the Fresh Bakery and fondles EVERY BREAD ITEM WE BAKE. She then gets one of our attentions, calls us over and pronounces that NONE of this bread is fit to eat. She then proceeds to buy at least a dozen items!

I could go on, but I have to go to that terrible place later on today!

Charlotte, I definitely need to read your books! After a day in the loony bin I could use a good laugh!

Charlotte said...

Hi, Susan Sey: Hmm, the backpack guy sounds like someone from one of my books. While I enjoy writing about kooky characters, somebody who isn't being fitted for a straight jacket needs to be in charge. In my series, that would be my main character, psychologist Kate Holly. That doesn't mean she is without issues, she has plenty, and I wanted her to have them. It's more fun reading about a psychologist who is always second guessing her own mental heatlh.

Charlotte said...

Hi, Louisa! I'm not surprised Wally World has its share of kooky customers. I get kooky every time I have to do the self checkout thing!

Charlotte said...

Hi, everybody! I am so happy to hear that most of you have your share of crazies in your lives. If I've learned anything from years of therapy and being married to a clinical psychologist, it's that everyone has one or two so-called issues. We're all a little nuts, it's just a matter of to what extent. And really, it's more fun that way. Who wants to be totally sane? I think it would be boring. I say embrace kookiness in yourselves and others and have fun with it!

PJ said...

Hi, PJ! Are you the reader who brought home made candy to my book signing?That would be me! :)

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Susan! Your backpack guy sounds interesting more than weird *g*. Or is that me?!

Other than Jay, the sexy fireman ex, Charlotte's books have great recurring characters. One of my favourites is Arnie. And I love Kate's run-ins with her neighbour Bitsy ... don't get me started on weird neighbours!

Anna Sugden said...

Hey Charlotte! Good to see you!

I'm really looking forward to High Anxiety and catching up with everyone in Kate Holly's world. The excerpt in the back of Nutcase had me in stitches!

Anna Sugden said...

And as to insanity in the family ... When you live in the South you don't ask if there is insanity in the family. You just ask which side it's on!!ROFL Louisa! I think I must be southern at heart.

I can only imagine the lovely people you have to deal with in Walmart. My own retail experience was filled with them too. Like the lady who insisted on buying clothes that were at least two sizes (and I'm being generous here) too small, then would bring them back saying that they had been incorrectly labelled. She'd insist we get others of the same size out and make us check them. When they were the same, she'd complain about the brand changing their sizes and flounce out. But, she did this at least once a month!

terrio said...

Welcome to the Lair, Charlotte! How have I missed these books? I need to get my head out of the schoolbooks and catch back up with the world. I love romantic comedies and I'm adding you to my TBB list.

I prefer to think of myself as eccentric. It's the people around me that are crazy. Last week, one of my neighbors signed for a large box for me from UPS. Then they left it in front of my door. No knock, no ring of the doorbell. Just left it. I still have no idea who to thank!

There was one interesting character when I worked in radio in Arkansas. He was a big guy who only worked late afternoons and evenings and one night when he was running a ballgame, I had to stop at the station for something.

As I walked passed, I realized he wasn't wearing any pants. I never asked and we both pretended it never happened. But I had a great time teasing another co-worker who had to sit at that board the next morning. I think he went through an entire can of Lysol that day. LOL!

Cassondra said...

Crazy? Me?

Of COURSE I'm crazy.

Charlotte, welcome to the lair! So nice to have you here and to learn about your fabulously funny books. I think we can all relate to being a little nuts (which does make you wonder about "normal" doesn't it?). Anyway I long ago decided there's no such thing as normal. Some of us are just nuts in more interesting ways.

How cool that you've been able to take what you know so well and live with, and turn that into a popular character. Nicely done.

How many books do you envision in this series? And since many of us are romance centered, I must ask, does romance play a role in your novels? Is there a romantic interest in this series?

Anna Sugden said...

Ooh Terrio - I can see the radio man appearing on Kate Holly's couch sometime!

One of our neighbours refused to take a parcel for us. The postman was gobsmacked - as were we! We take parcels in for people all the time, as we're both at home (we won't for them - hah!) and can't imagine why you'd refuse. It's not like we've done anything to upset them - I don't think we have anyway *g*.

Cassondra said...

Charlotte said:

That doesn't mean she is without issues, she has plenty, and I wanted her to have them. It's more fun reading about a psychologist who is always second guessing her own mental heatlh.
Charlotte, this makes me LOL. I read, once, that mental health professionals go into the field to try to fix their own issues. So far, of all I've met, I've found it to be absolutely true! Some of them are more wacko than their clients!

Minna said...

Yes, there are plenty of crazy people around here.

Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics)

Anna Sugden said...

Some of us are just nuts in more interesting ways.Cassondra, I think you're right. What is normal anyway? I can't tell you how many times my hubby and I turn to each other, after someone else has done something stupid, and asked "Is it us?"

Anna Sugden said...

I wonder if it's the midnight sun and all-day nights in Finland, Minna?

Minna said...

Like that weird guy who always insists on talking with me if I happen to be in the library at the same time -or anywhere in the village for that matter. I don't want to be rude, but he just can't seem to take the hint when I bury myself behind a magazine, so I have no choise but to leave.

Minna said...

I wonder if it's the midnight sun and all-day nights in Finland, Minna?

And the midday moon at winter.

Anna Sugden said...

I always get that type of guy whenever I take the bus or train by myself, Minna. What am I - a weirdo magnet?!

Charlotte said...

Hi, PJ! THANK YOU for the candy. I loved it!

I'm thrilled that everyone is having so much fun discussing the crazies in their lives because, guess what? It takes our minds off the not-so-fun news these days. As an avid CNN fan who has a crush on Dr. Sanjay Gupta, I can easily get caught up in how bad the economy is, job losses, you name it, but there are days I have to TURN IT ALL OFF.

For the past couple of weeks I've been watching the Hallmark channel and what a relief! The movies are all feel good.

I've received mail from readers who told me my books helped them laugh through some really dark times in their lives. What a compliment!

I wouldn't be a writer if I didn't feel things deeply. I know that everyone has something going on in his/her life that isn't easy -- that's just the way life is -- even though it stinks. My hope is that we all find a way to back off from the hard stuff if only for a little while. I buy candles and specialty soaps as well as good books. Oh, and let's not forget the chocolate!

So, all kidding aside, I hope all of you will do something nice for yourself. You don't want to end up like the crazy people in my books!

M. said...

I confess I haven't read this series (or even author!) yet and I'm not sure how that happened.

I do have people in my life whose approach to others makes me want to get self-therapeutic by writing them into a MS to work out my frustrations! In a non-recognizable way, of course.

And since my husband is of the hairy chest variety (and very proud of it) I wouldn't dream of preferring anything else. *g*

Treethyme said...

Hi Charlotte! I have several of your books in my TBR pile -- my problem is, no matter how fast I read, I'm constantly replenishing the stack!

Anna Sugden said...

Oh M - it is so therapeutic. The hard part is making it so they don't recognise themselves! Then again, in my case, they'd never see themselves that way so I'm safe. I hope. *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Becke! I know what you mean. Especially hanging out in the Lair - with all these fab recommendations!

The god thing about the Amazon pigeon, is that he's so slow it gives me a chance to at least take one or two books off the pile before the next lot arrives!

Nancy said...

Fedora, congrats on the rooster!

Hi, Charlotte, and welcome to the Lair! You spoke to my RWA chapter some years ago, and you were great. I've never forgotten your presentation on the value of persistence.

Anna, thanks for having Charlotte guest.

On the chest question, not to waffle or anything, but I prefer in between. I'm with Helen: "hairy but not too much," as she said.

I had no crazy coworkers, so far as I remember. I think I may've been the weird one, what with the sff and the comic books and the fandom thing. *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Uh, that was meant to be good thing - not god thing. The Amazon pigeon isn't the GR - he doesn't have a feathered god complex.

Anna Sugden said...

I like your kind of weird, Nancy - I so enjoy going to memorabilia fairs and seeing all the fans. The last one, they had a dozen star troopers ... and they were mobbed. Though, I did find it hard not to titter at the serious discussion between two fans as to how many rivets a real star trooper's helmet should have - 6 or 8.

I love the movie Galaxy Quest for that reason too.

Kimber Chin said...

Dying with laughter!
I'd love to be a princess too!

I don't think there's such a thing as a normal person. Lord knows if someone followed me around all day, they'd have enough proof to lock me up with.

Kimber Chin said...

Oh, forgot to answer the hair or no hair query...

I like hairy chests (yum)
but I'm happily married
to an Asian guy.
He has 3 chest hairs.
He wants to pluck them.
I won't let him.

p226 said...

If not ... do you prefer hairy or buff chests?None of the above?

I mean, if I have to choose..... ..

..... .....

GAH! You're making me think about this! NO.

I'm sticking to my answer. None of the above. So.... uh.... A through C cups. Without hair. Please, god, without hair.

p226 said...

Oh... crazy family members... cow-orkers... yeah. I have those.

Once, I was driving one of them down a country road here, and there were some of the huge round hay bales out in the middle of the field. You know, the big ones. Ten feet tall. Round, rolled up.

She says "How do they get it to grow like that?"

Then my kid... we were driving to the range. "That bird is huge!"

"Son, that's a cow. We're going to the optometrist on Monday."
(the kid has the eyes of an eagle, I have no idea how he confused a cow and a bird)

Then there's the cow-orker (no longer with us) who had a perpetual ... romantic thing for goats. The problem was, I could never really be 100% sure he was kidding.

Oh, and the crazy neighbor that occasionally howls at the moon in her front yard. Naked. Yeah, that's interesting.

Minna said...

I always get that type of guy whenever I take the bus or train by myself, Minna. What am I - a weirdo magnet?!

Don't feel alone...

Minna said...

Of course, someone might think I'm crazy, since I knit clothes for Barbie dolls. But I got tired of making mittens and such all the time -and I need only so many of them. So if there's anyone whose Barbie doll needs clothes...

Anna Sugden said...

You're obviously not English, Kimber or you'd know that being a princess is a real PITA! LOL.

Now see, I've worked out that I tend to prefer buff chests - except for hubby's, which is hairy!

Anna Sugden said...

OMG P226 - you have to give a warning before you do that! (wiping diet ginger ale off the monitor).

You just reminded me of a guy I went to college with - and his tale of his worst date ever (yes, it involved hair!)

Anna Sugden said...

Oh and your co-worked probably had Welsh heritage - I'm just sayin'!

Anna Sugden said...

That's not weird, Minna - that's a hobby. *g*.

Minna said...

Mind you, those judges on Britains Got Talent seemed to think Susan Boyle is nuts -until she started to sing.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Welcome to the Lair, Charlotte! We're glad to have you with us.

I have to confess, I'm probably the only person who hasn't read Janet's Stephanie Plum series, (hey put down the tomatoes, Banditas!!). Only because I'll need to start with book One. I have loved the recent reprints of her early romances. Too funny!

Since you're only on book two of your Crazy series...I see another trip to the book store. Darn! As for hairy or buff. Uhm. Both? Just not too hairy, ala Austin Powers.

Suzanne Welsh said...

p226 said: Oh, and the crazy neighbor that occasionally howls at the moon in her front yard. Naked. Yeah, that's interesting.Would it be okay if she was just naked or just howling?

Minna said...

That's not weird, Minna - that's a hobby. *g*.

As long as I can get rid of them, anyway. That's why I'm offering them to people on various trading sites. Of course I might get rid of them more easily if I had a digital camera so that I could have some pictures of them, too.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Suz - you're certainly missing out. I love Janet's old Loveswepts - I have them all in their original state (and signed). Grande Finale is one of my favourites of all time.

catslady said...

I love humor in my reading - Jill Shalvis comes to mind. LOL at your 6 answers. And I much prefer buff chests. I have an uncle that his back is just as hairy as his chest - yuk!

p226 said...

Would it be okay if she was just naked or just howling?Hey, I made no proclamation of "ok-ness." Nope. I'm just a little too crazy myself to be judging people. I simply stated that it was "interesting."

And it is.

Yeah, first time I saw it we were driving by. "Hey, is uh... is that woman naked?"

"I think so!"

"Should we see if she's ok?"

*roll window down*



"I think we should go."

"Good call."

Anna Sugden said...

Hairy chests are one thing, catslady. Hairy backs *shiver*.

Anna Sugden said...

ROFL P226. Are you sure she was alone? Reminds me of the movie Porkys ;)

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks for that note on collaborating, Charlotte. Actually I think our double Anna act has slightly confused you. We have a false Anna - ME!!! And a real Anna, Anna Sugden who lives in Cambridge England where today it is sunny. VA, ENJOY THE WEATHER!!!!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL we're like twins, aren't we, Anna?!

It's been another glorious day here, FoAnna. I do hope this isn't our summer. Though, to be typically English, my hubby is complaining about the lack of rain for his veggies!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually last few times I've been to England, spring was lovely and summer was a washout. Not putting the kybosh on you, of course!

Charlotte said...

You guys are HILARIOUS. I know there is a place for all of you in my books! Speaking of weird men, when I was dating, I always checked the wanted posters at the post office to make certain I wasn't going out with one of them.

Cassondra, I don't think my CRAZY books can be called a romances, as in the ones I've written in the past, but there is a love interest. I have no idea how many books will be in the series. If I feel like it's beginning to get stale I'll think up a new series.

Nancy, if you don't have a weird person in your life or your office, YOU JUST MIGHT BE THE WEIRD ONE. LOL LOL LOL LOL

Charlotte said...

Hi, Kimber Chin: Your husband has THREE chest hairs! Mark Twain or somebody famous like him, once said if you put all your eggs in one basket, WATCH THAT BASKET. So Kimber, WATCH THOSE THREE CHEST HAIRS!

Charlotte said...

Hi, Catslady: Men with hairy backs? I'm sorry, but I have to draw the line somewhere. If I want that much hair in my house I'll buy a big dog that sheds.

Charlotte said...

Hi, PJ: The next book in the series has all the old characters, but the difference is, this time we'll know who the crazy/dangerous person is. The question is, how far will this person go and what, if anything, can Kate do, to protect herself and those she cares about?

I'd like to invite all of you to check out my website. I have GAMES! I haven't blogged as much because I've been so busy with a deadline so I have to get in the habit again. After reading some of the posts here, I think a couple of you should visit my Group Therapy session. LOL

Anna Sugden said...

Sadly, Fo - I think that's often the pattern for England's weather. Plus it always rains on a Bank Holiday. It ain't a green and pleasant land for nothing!

Pat Cochran said...

Charlotte, how you have changed
since I saw you last month! Just
kidding! The Charlotte Hughes I
know has dark, medium length hair
and is my son's mother-in-law of
nineteen years!

P226, all I can say is "Bless you,
son!" I think those unusual people
in your life....oh, my!

I'd be afraid to label anyone in
my life as crazy or weird. They
might just tell me to look in the
mirror and I just might agree with them! LOL

Pat Cochran

Anna Sugden said...

Well folks, it's getting late over here. I'm heading off to bed, but will check back in the morning for any comments I missed.

Charlotte, it's been great having you here with us in the Lair. Hope the revisions go well as I'm really looking forward to the next Kate Holly book. And I'm sure many of our BB's will be too, now that they know more about the series.

Virginia said...

Congrats Fedora on nabbing that rooster!

Hi Charlotte, nice to see you here. I would love to read your books because they sound like a blast! I love humor in my books.

As far as crazys go I think we are all crazy here. Lately if it could go wrong it will so I am going really crazy right now myself. I go up this morning with the water bed leaking and thats enough to drive anyone crazy but everything has been this way lately.

jo robertson said...

Sorry I'm late to the party, but I wanted to welcome Charlotte to the Lair. Your books sound superlicious!

Charlotte, I'd love to read your dark mysteries. Can you recommend one to start with?

M. said...

*making note to go check games at author's site*

I think the concept of comedic stories, in book or movie form, serving a tremendously valuable service for people dealing with difficulties, is a really profound one. Far from being frivilous and shallow, it can make a real difference in giving someone momentary strength to carry on and not sink under the weight of their burdens.

that's what I say when people ask why i don't write something 'deeper' *g*

Anna Sugden said...

Now, Pat - I'm sure when you look in the mirror you don't see a crazy!

Anna Sugden said...

Poor you, Virginia - life has a way of doing that to us, doesn't it? Hope this spate of maddening things is over soon.

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome back, Jo - good to see you.

Charlotte's three RS novels are:

And After That, The Dark

Valley Of The Shadow

Night Kills.

I haven't had a chance to read them yet, so if you do, let us know!

Anna Sugden said...

M - escapism is why we all read, isn't it? And when things are tough, what better way to lose yourself, than in a book?

I think any book with an optimistic ending can be a salve - though I personally love comedies.

Charlotte said...

I've had a great time reading everybody's posts. Thank you for blogging with me. Don't forget to laugh out loud once in a while -- it really is the best medicine!