Friday, April 10, 2009

Scent of a Woman--Win an ARC of WICKED LITTLE GAME!

by Christine Wells

As you'll know if you've read the teaser in the back of THE DANGEROUS DUKE, Lady Sarah Cole, the heroine in my July release, WICKED LITTLE GAME, makes and sells perfume to try to supplement her scoundrel husband's erratic income. Scent plays a large role in the story.

Our sense of smell can be the most evocative of the senses, reminding us viscerally of certain experiences. Who can forget the whiff of stale sweaty socks and chalk dust of school days or the powdery softness of a newborn baby? The salty tang of the ocean, the fresh, green whiff of crushed pine needles, the pungent bush scent of eucalypt?

How did you choose the perfume you use? Was it given to you, or did you go out and test hundreds before deciding on a signature fragrance? Do you use a particular scent all the time, or different ones for different occasions? Do you use scent because you feel a certain way, or because you want to feel a certain way? When I worked as a solicitor, I had a small bottle of Clinique's Happy in my purse. Guess why? *VBG*

My favourite perfume of the moment is Chanel's Mademoiselle. I don't know whether it's the name, the branding, or just the way the sophisticated yet youthful scent makes me feel when I put it on. My parents gave it to me and they got it exactly right--I love it.

Does perfume or some other scent evoke memories for you? I can't ever smell Georgio's Red without thinking of the ratfink boyfriend who gave it to me. It was a huge bottle and it was still half-full when we parted ways. I coined my own little advertising slogan for that perfume:

Red. The fragrance that lingers longer than he does.


So as our little Saturday game, I'd like you to come up with a fun advertising slogan for your favourite (or your most hated) smell. It can be perfume, it can be your son's sweaty socks, it can be mouldy cheese, whatever takes your fancy.

My favourite answer will win an ARC of WICKED LITTLE GAME!!

I forgot to announce a winner for last month's chocolate--the appeasement of Sven! DEB MARLOWE who suggested that Sven be the prize for the last person to comment on a particular day. Woohoo!

Oh, and here's a sneak peek of the trailer I made for WICKED LITTLE GAME. Enjoy!


Joan said...

What? Where is everyone? I get up at 6 am to get a drink of water and I get the GR instead?

I'm going back to finish snoozing but will return with my slogan.

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Joanie! Woohoo, you won the bird!

I'm late, because I had a lot of trouble uploading ye olde book trailer. Finally, it worked!

Sweet dreams, JT!

Anna Sugden said...

Congrats Joanie!

Wow - great trailer, Christine! Love it and can't wait to get your latest.

I'm hopeless at slogans - that's what I used to pay my advertising agncey for *g*. But, for you, I'll play - and encourage everyone that they cn do far better LOL.

So, to paraphrase Meatloaf ...

Good Girls go to Heaven, Bad Girls wear Chanel #19

Can't think of one for the smell of institutional food like hospital food or school dinners ... may be back later with one.

Oh, and yes, scents and fragrances are so evocative. Bonfires make me think of damp, November evenings around Guy Fawkes Night. Cut grass reminds me of an English summer day. Popcorn makes me think of hockey games *g*. Frying onions make me think of football (soccer) games. Elnet hairspray makes me think of my mum - she always used to wear it.

Helen said...

Congrats Joanie what are your plans for the day when you wake and have a great slogan.

I loved the trailer and I can't wait to read this book I am really going to think hard on this question.

Totally agree with you about smells they do bring back memories and remind me of times gone by, as for perfumes I really like Beautiful Champagne and Angel they are my favourites and I usually have at least one of them.

I am going to have to think on this one overnight I think, there are so many smells that you have made me think of but coming up with a slogan I need time, but I am sure I am going to love the ones that the clever Bandits and Banditos are going to come up with.

Have Fun

Maureen said...

I am allergic to perfume so my favorite smells are from food or outside. I'm not very good at making slogans but here's my try:
Chocolate, you've always been there when I needed you.

Helen said...

My Slogan
Coffee Tim Tams and a good book

I love the smell of coffee and chocolate and books three of my favourite things.

Have Fun

PJ said...

Morning Banditas and BBs!

Love the trailer, Christine. You already know how much I'm anticipating this book! (grin)

I'm extremely sensitive to certain perfumes so people who know me well never give me scents as a gift unless they know it's one my allergies can tolerate. My current favorite to wear is Sensual Amber from Bath & Body Works. Back when I was in the corporate world I always wore Obsession from Calvin Klein. It was my late dh's favorite and always brings him to mind when I smell it. My favorite summer fragrance is Cool Citrus Basil from Bath & Body Works. It's light and crisp.

Smelling freshly cut grass takes me back to childhood summers on the lake. Burning leaves remind me of the crisp autumn days of my youth with football games, hayrides and Halloween fun.

I'll have to think about a slogan. The kids will be up soon and hungry. Time to make Saturday morning pancakes. :)

Joan said...

Hey PJ! I'm coming to your house for pancakes!

Well, I'm up and at ' to speak. I don't as a rule wear perfumes. I prefer scented lotions, my favorite being ones from Victoria's Secret (any of the Angel scents) and Aveda.

One time I bought some of that perfume that was suppose to be full of phernomes? Guarenteed to attract males? The only male who commented was the sweet little old orderly who worked on my floor.


Thing was, I could barely stand to smell it on myself.

There are SO many scents that evoke memories. Chocolate cake (for my birthday), the scent of fresh earth after a spring rain. Lavender bushes blooming, Ireland...don't scoff. Ireland DOES have it's own wonderful scent...and NO it does not involve sheep!

So my slogan for Ireland would be:

Come Back To Me.

Louisa Cornell said...

Way to go Joanie! I hope the GR let you get that snooze! Be careful or your whole house will smell like Eau de Rooster!

Great post, Christine and I LOVE the trailer. You are a woman of many talents, but then we knew that!

Scents are definitely the best way to evoke memories. So much so that I no longer wear Halston or White Shoulders as they were two perfumes my husband bought me and loved for me to wear. I was many years after he died that my brother bought me a gift set of Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. That is now my favorite scent for every day. For special occasions I wear L'air du temps as it smells a bit more elegant and decadent.

My maternal grandmother wore Sand and Sable and I cannot go by that scent in the store without pausing to sniff.

One of my favorite natural scents is hyacinth and my hyacinths are in full bloom right now. Love it.

Growing up we used to love to pull honeysuckle blossoms and rob them of the sweet honey at the core. I have honeysuckle on my property and they remind me of my childhood.

One of my favorite smells of all time is the smell of a library and all those books. Whether my own library, a library in a stately home or a public library the scent is so distinct and so comforting.

A slogan might be :

Experience the alluring rapture of D'elixir de Livres

Open the pages, take a deep breath and let the adventure begin.

Joan said...

Be careful or your whole house will smell like Eau de Rooster!

Ohhhhh, so THAT'S what I woke up to!!!'s not as barnyard as you might think.

Exotic, evocative, alluring, mesmorizing....

And it gets stronger when he preens his feathers!

Donna MacMeans said...

Christine - Heck with slogans - I loved your trailer!! I thought the cover was intriguing before, now after seeing the trailer it shouts "BUY ME!" Love it!

I loved your slogan. So clever - no wonder you're a writer *g*

I heard an interesting show on TV last week that said the best scent on a woman is no scent at all as it masks her natural unique pheromones. The pheromones signal her fertility which attracts testosterone-driven men in droves.

So my slogan is -- Sweat. Come get me, boys!

Deb Marlowe said...

Congrats Joanie! Have lots of Easter fun with the bird!

Oh, I won! Love that Sven! But Christine--please don't send me chocolate! Right now my scent is

Eau de getting my butt kicked at the gym

because I'm just back and I stink to high heaven! But it's a good scent to me because I feel better--and I'm trying to be good!

I know--if you must send chocolate--send it to PJ! I owe her because I couldn't find her any Tim Tams at Target!

Love the trailer! Did you do it yourself? And you know I CAN'T WAIT for the book!

Kirsten said...

Christine, I love the trailer! I hadn't seen it before -- can't wait for this book!!

I don't have to say about perfume because scents like that give me headaches, so I steer clear. If I could wear something, it would be very light and almost unnoticeable -- something you'd walk away from and think, what was that? strawberries? roses? spring air?

something like that...

catslady said...

I too am allegic to most perfumes and strong smells. As a child though my favorite smell was what I called "new babydoll smell." It also use to be in new cars. Apparently it was something in the plastic which I've read was NOT a good thing. I think I only had one doll when I was young so I remember distinctly how she smelled and will forever attach it to that doll and something good. Wish I still had her but my mom is one of those neat freaks (and thus I'm a pack rat) lol.

Nancy said...

Joan, you got the GR! How does he do with peeps? *g*

Christine, I LOVE, love, love your trailer! Tremendously cool and very engaging. I am so jealous that you know how to do these things.

I actually don't wear perfume. The dh doesn't like it, and I was never crazy about it. I do use scented soaps, usually light floral and purchased at Crabtree & Evelyn, in honor of my Angophile tendencies. Scented lotions, though, irritate my nose as the day goes on.

Nancy said...

Anna, I'm also hopeless at slogans (hence, my difficulty with blurbs). I love that one for the Chanel, though.

Nancy said...

I also have strong adverse reactions to strong scents on other people. I once sat by a woman at a performance who must've drenched herself in perfume. My nose started to run and pretty much continued through the show.

I do sort of feel that if the scent is detectable three feet away, it's going to be overwhelming close up.

Nancy said...

Louisa, I also love the smell of hyacinths. We planted the ones in our yard long ago, and they're starting to die out. We need to replace them.

Nancy said...

Catslady, I also am a packrat. I wish I could claim it's because my mom threw out comic books I wanted to keep, but in my case, I'm afraid it's just ingrained. I'm sure that throwing something away will soon result in an urgent need for it, a fear that has occasionally been borne out.

The dh loves to throw things away. When we clean for company, that's his job because it makes him so happy. :-)

Nancy said...

PJ, pancakes make me think of my dad, who loved to make them on weekend mornings. As he grew older, he switched to cinnamon rolls, which did seem a bit more decadent.

Nancy said...

Deb Marlowe, congrats on winning Sven. He makes killer drinks. Also congrats on going to the gym. I really need to.

Elyssa Papa said...

Well, I think WICKED LITTLE GAME should be its own perfume.

Be a little wild and dare to play a . . . Wicked Little Game.

And great video!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

GREAT post, Mme!

You are so right about scent being so evocative, and it is one of those things that is difficult to effectively convey in writing.

Congrats on getting the GR, Joanie T! Eau de Rooster and Peeps, now there's a combo for you. :-P I know what you mean about the smell of Ireland. I think it has to do with the rain and the peat fires and all that green green vegetation.

My mom was an Avon lady for 25 years, so I always had enough colognes, lotions, and make up to stock my own warehouse. Since she passed away, I seldom wear any scents. The DH is allergic anyway.

I think my favorite scent is the ocean. That tinge of salt in the air always stirs my blood. But Catslady, I can so totally idendity with the new car (babydoll) smell! There's nothing quite like it.

Hmmm, so I think my slogan will be: New car smell, the scent that means empty wallet for months to come.


Kim said...

Oh, I just can't resist this one! Great game, Christine :D

Axe-when your teen-ager wants to smell like a$$.

Seriously, I hate the smell of that stuff.

My favorite perfume is Lovely by SJP. yummy!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Lovely post, Christine, especially the trailer. It has me intrigued.

I'm very, very careful of perfumes because of my work. Never know what will set off a pregnant woman's puke meter. Also, almost each shift I help put in an epidural, which means the pt. has her face literally pressed inches from my chest. I figure a light non-body-odor would be prefered. So I found this magnolia body spray by Bath & Body Works that I like and most of the patients like. That's my favorite.

Magnolia body spray, guaranteed not to make 90% of the patients puke.


Joan said...

Joan, you got the GR! How does he do with peeps

LOL, we'll never know as there isn't a PEEP left in the house!

Note to self; Go to Walgreens.

The GR's scent isn't quite as alluring as it was...not after doing the treadmill with me. He tried to convince me to let him ride on my shoulders but I wasn't having any of it.

Ever seen a rooster try to run at 4.0?

Virginia said...

Congrat Joan on grabbing that rooster today!

If I wear perfume it would have to be Chloe because it is a light scent. It alway reminds me of my sister because she is the one who always gets it for me. Real strong scents mess with my nose.

Now my husband always says if I cook cabbage or fresh greens that the kitchen smells like something has crawl in there and died. He hates it so I don't cook cabbage or greens very often.

To me the best scent is the small of a new baby. I think its where they are rubbed down with Baby Magic lotion. I could smell that smell all day long, its wonderful.

You just can't beat that sweet baby smell!

Christine Wells said...

VA, great slogan! So...does that mean you's a bad girl?*g*

Oh, I love the scents you mentioned, especially freshly mown grass. That and the smell of barbecue in the air is what summer means to me. Thanks for playing!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Helen! Angel is quite a passionfruity scent, I've always thought. Love the little star-shaped bottle. So pretty and impractical!

Thanks for saying you like my trailer. It took a lot of fiddling but I'm pleased with it!

PJ said...

NO! Don't send PJ chocolate! Deb sent me the most delish peanut butter chocolates and I only shared FOUR out of the whole box. She's not the only one getting her butt kicked at the gym!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, Maureen! I'm so sorry to hear you and fragrance aren't the best of friends.

Good old chocolate--cute slogan. I like it!

Christine Wells said...

Helen, your slogan should be printed on a billboard somewhere. Thanks!

Christine Wells said...

Hi PJ, another who is sensitive to perfume. Those ones you wear sound delicious. I used to wear Obsession, too. In fact, that would probably be the signature fragrance for Wicked Little Game. Vane is obsessed with Sarah from the start, but the obsession grows into something more temperate, yet deeper.

Looks like I'm going to have to re-think my plan of giving away perfume with this book. So many people are allergic!

Wonderful scents you mentioned there. You're always so clever. I'm looking forward to hearing your slogan!

Christine Wells said...

Ohh, Joanie, I love that slogan. So simple, yet full of emotion!

Yes, Ireland does have its own smell--fresh and damp and earthy, I'd call it, but then I've only been there once on a very memorable road trip with my BFF and her hubby.

So the supposed pheremones didn't work? I think I'm actually heartened by that.

Christine Wells said...

Louisa, thanks so much for the comment on my trailer.

You really are a writer, aren't you? I was there with all those wonderful scents. I had hyacinth in my wedding bouquet and I always remember that day when I smell them.

Great slogan, too! Love the smell of libraries, especially the way they used to be. They've become a lot more clinical where I live, recently. Thanks for playing!

Christine Wells said...

Ooh, Joanie, watch out! I think that Rooster is doing a number on you. He's a charming devil when he wants to be.

Christine Wells said...

Snork! Donna I LOVE that slogan!

Yes, I don't know if we really wear perfume for me, do we? I wear it mostly for myself.

Thanks for the compliment on the trailer. It was easy to do, even if it does require quite a lot of fiddling to get the timing right. I don't think it needs to be too fancy. It's really just giving a flavour of the book in a more interesting medium than print. Wish I could afford to hire actors, though! I would have had fun in the casting stage...*g*

Christine Wells said...

Hi Deb, great going on the gym work! I should have realized you wouldn't want chocolate. Silly me. I'll send you something else, don't worry.

According to Donna, you've probably got the most effective perfume on you right now!

Thanks for saying you can't wait for WLG! Yes, I did make the trailer myself. Glad you liked it!

Christine Wells said...

Thanks, Kirsten! Glad you liked the trailer!

Sorry to hear about your aversion to perfume. I think something like spring air would totally suit your personality. Fresh and light and fun. Very nice.

Christine Wells said...

Catslady, now that's a smell that would really bring back memories. I know what you mean about the new baby doll smell. I think as children we attach to smells very securely--which is why some infants attach to a particular blankie and won't have any other one. My 2yo still carries his around. It's a lifesaver when it's bedtime, but woe betide us if we ever lose it or leave it behind!

Christine Wells said...

Nancy, I could have picked you as a C&E kind of girl. Love their body wash--I remember being in hospital scared out of my wits with this new baby and the one luxury I had was a shower on my own with C&E body wash. It still helps me relax even now.

So glad you liked the trailer!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, I'm with you on the packrat mentality, Nancy and Catslady. I'd keep everything. My husband likes throwing things out (although I notice he still has his Rugby League cards from the 1970s) I think it's only my stuff he wants to throw out!

Christine Wells said...

Hi Elyssa, love the slogan! Maybe I should adopt that for my book:)

Christine Wells said...

Too funny, AC! Love that new car smell slogan!

Wow, we have about evens on who wears scent and who doesn't. That's so interesting.

Christine Wells said...

Snork! Kim, that's a great one. I've never smelled Axe but with a name like that, I can imagine.

Haven't tried SJP's Lovely. I'll look for it next time I'm in the store.

Christine Wells said...

Hahaha! You had me ROTFL, Suz! I well remember my sense of smell was in overdrive when I was pregnant so I'm sure your patients are immensely grateful at your thoughtfulness!

Christine Wells said...

So, are we talking eau de sweaty barnyard fowl now, Joanie? Maybe the GR is counting on his pheremones to attract the chicks!

Christine Wells said...

Virginia, yes babies smell wonderful, don't they? I must try Chloe. I like light scents.

My dh is exactly the same when I cook broccoli. I wonder what it is about them and the green veg smell? But I don't pay any attention. I just open the french doors and let the smells out. We need our greens, after all!

Christine Wells said...

Wow, PJ, great to hear everyone's getting fit and healthy. Sounds like those chocolates were divine!

Well, it's Easter already here in Oz and I'm getting ready to resist the temptation that will be all around me!

Joan said...

Maybe the GR is counting on his pheremones to attract the chicks!

He attracted them all right. Every female trainer in the place..flocked..around him.

But of them gave him an energy drink....


Christine Wells said...

OMG, you're killing me, Joanie. I hope you gave the GR a nice rub-down and massage after that:)

Helen said...


Yes the Easter Bunny has been here in Oz and I have lots of chocolate to eat YAY.

Joanie it is good to see that you are keeping the GR fit after all the chocolate we all probably will be eating I am sure we will all need to do "some" sort of exercise and I am sure it will cause a scent

Have Fun

Christine Wells said...

Happy Easter, Helen! Hope the bunny brought you lots of goodies!

Annie West said...

Christine, I LOVE your trailer and can't wait to read the book! It sounds so delicious...

As for scente - spot on - they are so evocative, aren't they? I recently spent a weekend in a place where I used to live, a very long way from here. It has a different climate and even the air smelled different. The evening we arrived my son and I just stood outside feeling the difference in the air and breathing deep and the memories came flooding back.

Want to play your slogan game but just woke after an interrupted sleep and the brain isn't quick this morning. My fave is Paloma Picasso. It just works on my skin and every time I wear it (every time!) sometime during the day my husband embraces me and tells me how good I smell! He doesn't even realise it's the same perfume. So perhaps the slogan would be: "Paloma Picasso. Works for me!"

Treethyme said...

My husband and I both like good-smelling perfumes/colognes, and we often give them to each other as gifts.

He seems to like the stronger scents (Shalimar, Opium and Chanel's Chance are two of his favorites for women). He also brought me back a really nice light floral perfume from Penhaligon the last time he went to England.

My all-time favorite is (classic) Zen by Shiseido. They have three colognes called Zen now, but my favorite is the original black bottle with gold flowers.

I also like White Tea by Bulgari, Princess by Vera Wang and Daisy by Marc Jacobs. And I love Bath and Body Works' Moonlight Path.

Interesting post, Christine! I'm looking forward to reading this book.

(By the way, I was very excited to meet Trish today when she spoke to my local RWA chapter. She did a great talk on perseverance!)

Treethyme said...

I can count, although you wouldn't know it by the previous post. I should have said "three" favorites of my husband's. I need to proofread before posting!

Christine Wells said...

Thanks, Annie. Glad you liked the trailer!

Snork! What a great slogan. Annie, isn't that the reaction we all want our husbands to have to perfume. Lovely!

Yes, scent is evocative and one of the greatest challenges for writers to describe, I think. Wonderful how different places have their own signature smells, isn't it?

Christine Wells said...

Hi Becke! How wonderful that your husband is into perfume. Mine doesn't care too much, although he's given me Thierry Mugler's Angel before.

Another really strong scent I've always liked is Dior's Poison. I also love the idea of a Zen fragrance, very simple and pure--probably the other end of the scale from Poison!

Glad you got to hear Trish speak. Isn't she great?

Christine Wells said...

No worries, Becke! We're not copy editing anyone's posts! I'm sure I have dozens of typos:)

RachieG said...

A few of my slogans... :)

Bad smell -"Wet Dog...just to make ya go eww"

Good smell for hot donuts - "A donut and a mountain dew can make all of your troubles disappear"

Christine Wells said...

Ha, thanks Rachie, they're great!

PinkPeony said...

Hi Christine!

I'm trying to remember the last time I dabbed on some perfume. These days, I smell like Clorox Cleanup or Formula 409. When I was in high school, my friends wore Heaven's Scent...just awful! I wore Love's Lemon. Still like citrusy scents and my favorite scent is a citrus blend made by Annick Goutal.

Busy day here and my brain, though properly caffeinated is running amok. Too many choc Easter eggs. Okay, my attempt at slogans...for three stages of a relationship.

The signature post-dumped fragrance- :)

"Good Riddance: One Less Bell to Answer, One Less Egg to Fry"
(Yes, I know, hardly original but when I read your post, that song was going through my head for some inane reason!)

The scent you'd wear when you want to catch more than just flies-

"Beguile: A first smile, a second unforgettable."

And when you've got yer man and you want to keep him-

"Bliss: NASCAR weekends, love in the double-wide, spicier than Skoal, smoother than Naugahyde."

I concur...Wicked Little Game is a great name for a fragrance. Can't wait to to read it when it comes out.

Cheers! Jen

flchen1 said...

Hi, Christine! Woohoo on Wicked Little Game! I'm not much for fragrance either--I do remember Heaven Scent and Love's Baby Soft from those eons ago teenage years, but these days I'm enticed by either food (of course) or clean laundry ;)


Fresh bread and chili--it's what's for dinner!


Nothing says "I love you" better than clean sheets :D

Congrats on the GR, Joan! All that AND a drink of water! ;)

Christine Wells said...

Jen, great slogans! Especially like Bliss!

I went through a period where I eau de baby spew was probably my signature scent but now I'm back in the land of the almost-sane, I've returned to more appealing fragrances!

Christine Wells said...

Ooh, Fedora, I love the smell of clean sheets! Nice one:)

Treethyme said...

Christine -- I love Poison, too. It's not at the other end of the spectrum from Zen, which is kind of spicy, but I think Poison is more romantic. I like Zen because it's pretty, but has a little attitude.

As bad as I am about fragrance (won't leave home without it; ditto makeup), my daughter is worse. Everything in her bathroom is a new and different fragrance, whether it's hand lotion, shampoo, candles, lip gloss or actual cologne/perfume!

Anna Campbell said...

Joan, you got the GR???!!! That doesn't happen very often.

Christine, just buzzing by to say what a great blog. I'm off for the day for Easter Sunday and I hoped I'd have time to play but I don't, sadly.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Christine, I've said it to you privately and now I'll say it publicly, I love WICKED LITTLE GAME. It's a brilliant book and I think it's going to collect you a whole swath of new and enthusiastic readers who will now discover the brilliant earlier books. Love the trailer. How clever!

Whoever wins the ARC is a lucky, lucky person!

Christine Wells said...

Becke, I must try Zen. I like a perfume with attitude!

LOL about your daughter. I like layering scent, maybe using soap, body lotion and a dash of perfume, but all in the same fragrance, of course. Otherwise you end up smelling like a fruit salad:)

Treethyme said...

Zen, by Shiseido:

This is how their website describes it:

This is a warm, lingering fragrance that conveys the mysterious, unique quality that is not unlike the Oriental philosophy that inspired it.

It is quiet, yet senual, exotic and modern, tempting and sexy yet innocent.

It is a blend of jasmine, rose, burnished woods, and soft mosses.

Christine Wells said...

Thanks, Anna! You're a sweetheart to say such lovely things about WLG.

Have a happy Easter!

Christine Wells said...

quiet, yet senual, exotic and modern, tempting and sexy yet innocent.

Ooh, sounds fab, Becke! Thanks for the link!

Nancy said...

Joan, run that rooster! I hope the peeps supply has been replenished. Chocolate bunnies made an appearance here a little while ago, and the dh found real baby bunnies in the shed. We've seen the mama around for a while--she and the dog play a sort of mutually insulting chase game from time to time.

Christine, I found some Scottish rose soap, imported from Scotland, at our local C&E, but then they stopped carrying it shortly after the dollar tanked--said they had to price it too high, and it didn't move. Which is a shame, because it was a great gift for a friend who writes Scottish historicals.

Yeah, that new baby thing can be pretty freaky--but all of you seem to have gotten over that now. :-)

Christine Wells said...

Oh, Scottish rose sounds lovely and old-fashioned, Nancy. I wonder if they have that here. I don't remember seeing it. I tend to like the Aloe Vera or La Source Relaxing Body Wash. It really does relax me.

I love babies...if only they'd sleep at night! I really can't do very well without sleep, so I was a zombie for about 5 years. Couldn't go back to that again!

Christine Wells said...

Meant to say, gorgeous about the baby bunnies!

Authorness said...

Christine, what a brilliant trailer! I'm so looking forward to WLG, as is my friend Brinsley, who's thrilled your villain is also called Brinsley.

I am absolutely pathetic when it comes to catchy slogans, but I'll give it a go: Chocolate - just eat it. See? I told you. It's a good thing chocolate sells itself anyway.

x Vanessa

limecello said...

lol - does this mean I get Sven today? :X I won't even say how late I stayed up waiting for a new post... This random schedule is killing me.
That or being feverish etc. :P

Haha, slogan? "Wear this, and he'll NEVER come back!"
(I guess it'd be a repellent, not a perfume.)
I don't really wear perfume regularly. But I have a number of ones I like - I'm more for the fruity scents - less so floral and definitely not musk. (It makes me sneeze!) I love Chocolate Mat by Masaki Matsushima - and most of his (her?) other stuff. For the longest time I adored DK Be Delicious - um... I have the grapefruit vanilla by Lavnilla... :) Love scents. One of my best friends was so patient, and would let me smell *every* perfume at sephora, and just wait. Then she'd laugh at me when I got lightheaded.

Perrin said...

Hey Christine!

I can't wait to read WLG and the trailer just makes me want to read it even more.

If I had to chose a favorite scent it would be cake. I'm not too particular on the flavor just that it smells fresh. I can see the slogan for Cake Perfume:

Smell delicious. Be delicious. Wear Cake.

jo robertson said...

Christine, so sorry I'm late today. What a super topic! And I loved your trailer for Wicked Little Game. I'm so eager for this book to come out!

I read once that women are more aroused by olfactory stimuli and men by visual stimuli. And I believe it!

Christine Wells said...

Hey, Vanessa, what a cute photo of you on your avatar! Haven't seen that before. How did I know you'd pick something to do with chocolate.LOL

I think it's great Brinsley is looking forward to being the bad guy in my book. LOL I thought I'd made that name up! Glad you liked the trailer.

Christine Wells said...

Too funny about getting lightheaded smelling all the perfumes, Limecello! I wonder how women who work there can stand it.

Snork! I like that slogan. And so sorry to keep you waiting for the GR. It was my fault--I spent hours fiddling with the book trailer, trying to get it to load.

Christine Wells said...

Ooh, Perrin, I love the smell of cake, too! Gorgeous rich chocolate...mmmm.

Actually, that would make me hungry all the time, but I love your slogan! Thanks for playing:)

Christine Wells said...

Jo, that's fascinating about women being aroused by olfactory stimuli. I didn't know that, although the man thing was pretty self-evident:)

Thanks, so glad you liked the trailer!

Julia Smith said...

Hi Christine - I'm extremely late, but I have to say I'm definitely anxious to read WLG.

I'm not a good one for today's fragrance topic, as I'm painfully allergic to any and all fragrance. Even the fragrance that no one notices, like the stuff in detergent, deoderant, hand cream, hairspray, you name it. Actual perfume is so repellent to me. If you're wearing Chanel and sit down at a movie and the person who was sitting next to you immediately gets up and finds a seat far, far away - that's probably me.

Caffey said...

Hi Christine!! Don't know if this is still open but would love to play! I wished it was July NOW! I love the scent of vanilla! I use a body splash from Bath & Body Works and love that one! I used to love the cologne called 'Baby Love Soft' it was in a pink bottle. I so loved those 'clean' scents. I haven't seen it in a while and I know some say its teen cologne but I love it since I was a teen! And makes me remember those times when I would use that and even though I was very quiet person in a mainstream school, people would come up and say I like that scent and it would be one thing that would bring conversation to me!