Monday, April 13, 2009

Kristan Higgins-Too Good to Be True

The Banditas are thrilled to welcome Kristan Higgins back to the Lair!

How are you doing Kristan?

Oh, I'm fine, Joan! Very happy to be back with the Banditas!

I am such a fan of your books. Tell us, what spurred you to write such wonderful, witty stories?

I take it we're saving the hardball questions for later...Glad you like them...and thanks for calling them wonderful and witty. I think the reason I chose to write my particular style of rom-com was, in a nutshell, that's what I liked to read. There's something really wonderful about reading a book with a big, memorable love story and thinking that's the kind of thing that could happen to you. Sure, it's fun to picture us being a billionaire or an Oscar winner or, dating an NFL superstar...I like to read that type too, for a nice bit of escapism. But I felt that us normal gals deserved a big love story, too.

Many of us do write what we love which is sometimes the harder road to take. What are your thoughts on writing to the market?

Welp, let's see...I don't know. Just after I sold my first book, a first-person romantic comedy, I learned that first person was a cardinal sin and romantic comedy was dead. My beloved publisher has offered me contracts for a total of six ro-cos (all in first person, mind you), so I don't really know what to say about the market. We writer folk have to keep in mind that what's in the bookstores now was bought two or more years ago. I think writers have to write what they're good at, what speaks to them, what they can best convey. And what they love, because if you don't love your story, it's gonna show.

Ok, I’m going to step off the beaten writer’s path for your next question. Some of the Banditas {looks quizzically around the Lair} are crazy for “Dancing with the Stars”. Which dance are you most like?

Passe doble, baby! Remember that movie, Strictly Ballroom? Gawd, I loved that flick! Also, the one with Antonio Banderas...well, anything with Antonio Banderas. The truth is, I don't watch Dancin' with the Stars regularly, but Joan emailed me the other night, saying she was rooting for Gilles, and I clicked on it. Gilles just happened to be dancing, and I froze, quivering with lust. Am now considering having his name tattooed somewhere on my person.

LOL. I liked Antonio Banderas as “Puss…in boots” 

So aside from “I Heart Gilles”, what type of tattoo would you get, if….yanno….you wanted one. Would you get one of Buttercup? 

I've thought about getting an NY tattoo in honor of my beloved Yankees...or maybe just "2" for dear Derek Jeter, bless his brawny heart. But the truth is, having something permanently stained into my skin...I don't think I can do it. Say I got a butterfly...what would that poor bug look like in 40 years, all wrinkly and stretched out? So I'll have to pass. Sorry, Derek.

My favorite Shrek moment...some gorgeous creature says to Puss, "Are you Shrek?" and he looks up from licking himself and says, "I could be." I just about fell out of my chair on that one.

Hmmmm….Derek Jeter. Not to shabby on the hero image side.

To steer this back to the writing life, what things besides cheering on the Yankees and watching animated movies helps to stir the creative juices?

I like to visit the settings of my books. Taking walks helps me a lot, as does driving in the car. But the truth is that writing books is hard! Most of my work is churned out in front of the computer. There's no muse floating down with a cappuccino and whispering advice. Unfortunately. This is the toughest job I've ever had. And the best!

Our guests get many questions so how about we turn the tables. What would you, Kristan Higgins like to ask the Banditas and BB’s?

My question for you lovely Banditas is...What makes a great story for you? Do you like the unexpected or boundary-pushing books, or are you more satisfied with the perfect delivery of a "classic" type of story? Is is the characters or the set-up? What are some books that just struck you as damn near perfect?

Kristan will be selecting one lucky commenter to win an autographed copy of her latest HQN title "Too Good to be True"


Helen said...

Is he coming to visit me
Have Fun

Donna MacMeans said...

Boy, did I time this right or what?

Congratulations on the rooster nabbing, Helen. He may be a bit lethargic after the sugar high yesterday.

Welcome Back, Kristan! Love your books - hard to put them down.

My favorite kind of book is the one I've just finished. As you mentioned writing is hard, hard, hard - but I do love the thrill of finally finishing *G*.

Helen said...

The GR is going to have some fun this evening Jayden and Hayley are coming for dinner so he will kept busy.

Great interview Ladies Kristan as of yet I haven't read any of your books but a book that is witty and fun I know I will love.

Kristan I am not into tattoos either so I don't think I would ever get one although I have a sister and nieces who have them they are not my thing. I haven't seen any of the Dancing With The Stars shows although they are very popular here in Oz as well must watch one of the series although I read a lot more than I watch TV.

What makes a great story for you?

A book that can make me laugh or cry or gets me in so much that I can't hear anything going on around me a book that I don't want to put down and that I want to get to the HEA but don't want it to finish as well if that makes sense. I really like all types of books the classical and the ones that push boundarys.I have read some awesome books over the years that I thought were perfect but naming them is hard I don't want to leave any out but some are To Tempt The Devil Anna Campbell for me this book was so emotional and awesome I want to get to the end but didn't want it to finish, Caressed By Ice Nalini Singh The hero was in this one was so cold hard but there was something that got to me loved it and The Wild Sight Loucinda McGary this books was amazing from start to finish Donovan and Riley were fantastic from start to finish. I could keep on naming books for ever but really need to stop LOL

Have Fun

Anna Campbell said...

Kristan, Strictly Ballroom! I just watched it on Saturday. I'm going to do a My Favorite Things column about it for June. Still loved it! Especially the paso doble!

JT and Kristan, lovely interview. Kristan, welcome back! Sorry, my SB enthuasiasm got the better of me before I welcomed you properly.

I think what makes a book really sing for me is the characters. If they're so real, it's like they're in the same room with me, I know I'm in the hands of a master writer.

Helen, it's a while since the GR has been to visit. Get out the Tim Tams!

Helen, just read your post. Mwah to you for spruiking Tempt the Devil! Wow, how cool is that? Thank you!

Helen said...

Anna there are lots of Tim Tams and easter Eggs and showbags as well we went to the Easter Show yesterday there will be lots to eat.

To Tempt The Devil deserves all the accolades it truly is an awesome book

Have Fun

Gillian Layne said...

Helen, congrats on that GR! :)

Kristan, I love your books, and I think you've been blessed with great covers! A bit of sunshine to carry around.

I am just fine with a classic story line. I want to laugh, at least a bit, I want to melt over the hero, and I want to be able to picture the settings. I just finished "Blue Smoke and Murder" by Elizabeth Lowell, bit of a different pace for me, and I thought it was amazing! The characters mean everything to me.

Anonymous said...

Am on a sugar high myself from stealing my children's Easter candy...breakfast of champions, you know?

Characters are definitely key to a great story, ladies. You are absolutely correct. No matter how entertaining a plot might be, if you don't fall for the characters, there's no point. I know that since becoming a writer, I've also become a fussier reader. Must LOVE a book in order to spend my free time reading it. Is that true for you, too? Just finished one of the Lake Chronicles by Susan Wiggs. Sigh! Gorgeous story.

sherrinda said...

A great read for me is one that makes me laugh out loud and causes my heart to thump in my chest with some sizzling romantic tension. I LOVE witty dailogue between the H/H, especially when they are fussing at each other. (can you tell I like the tension?)

And oh....I absolutely love the dog on your cover! What kind is that by the way? I need one of those!

Your book sounds like a fun read. Count me in.

PJ said...

Morning All!

It's great to have you here, Kristan. I first discovered your books when I saw Fools Rush In on the "New Releases" shelf at the store. A puppy or dog on a book cover will always get my attention. :) That book was all it took to hook me and I've been eagerly anticipating each new book from you since then.

I thought Too Good to be True was darn near perfect. It's my favorite of all your books. The minute I finished reading it I emailed all my friends telling them it was a "must buy" book. It had everything I love in a book - characters I could root for, scenes that had me rolling with laughter and others that had tears rolling down my cheeks, terrific dialogue, a storyline that kept me glued to the pages, interesting secondary characters who contributed to the story, a "villain" who got what he richly deserved (fabulous scene!) and a happy ending. What's not to love?

What are you working on now? Anything you can share with us?

Anonymous said...

Let's see...first, thank you for the love fest! Whoo-hoo!

The marketing department at Harlequin definitely knows what they're doing with my book covers! I loved the last one most of all...that dog is a West Highland terrier...have you ever seen anything cuter?

Thanks for the love, PJ! So glad you liked TOO GOOD! I have a new book coming out in the winter called THE NEXT BEST THING, a book very dear to my heart, as it is about a young widow. and my mom was widowed young. I finished that one in January and am now at work on #6, which is set in the beautiful state of Vermont. I've been writing back-to-back since I started this wacky ride. I think of the authors who write three books a year, and it just dazzles the mind.

Joan said...

Good morning Kristan, Banditas and BB's!

I couldn't think of a better birthday present than to host one of my favorite authors.

I first read Fools Rush In after accosting, meeting the lunch in SF. I loved the RITA video clip I'd seen and thought..."Hm, she's funny. She'd make a good blog guest."

Well, snarfed that first title down like a glass of sangria, bought your other book and now wait like a vulture at Borders on the day your new titles come out.

You make me laugh, you make me remember there is someone out there for everyone and heck...on a few occasions, you've even made me think about getting a dog :-)

I'll be checking in and out during the day. Off to get my birthday tattoo.....a shield... :-0

terrio said...

I have to start with a big AMEN then hang my head in shame that I haven't gotten to these books yet. Not because I don't own them. Just haven't fit them into the chaos yet.

I write contemps with regular people and get so tired of being told they aren't rich enough or powerful enough. So to hear you talk about writing normal people and being so successful at it cheers me to no end. I've heard both Cathy Maxwell and Eloisa James (plus many others) rave about your work. Must. Read. Soon!

Oh, for me it's the characters. :) I *heart* angst.

Kirsten said...

Kristan, I am taking a break from reading some incredibly dense energy financing legislation (UG!) to say that I heart rom-com!! I haven't (shamefully) gotten to read Too Good, but I will definitely do so -- it sounds great and I love the cover! You've got a lot of new fans here in the Lair! :-)

I absolutely share your concern about the tattoo. Stretch marks + tattoo = gross. I would love to have a belly button ring but I suppose then you'd have to have a flat stomach, and since I dont' have that...hmm...I'll just have to find some other way to proclaim my mid-life, wanna-be MILF status. ;-)

I love a book driven by a great heroine who is smart and independent. Nothing pisses me off more than a heroine who spends her time waiting around for a man, or who puts up with a mean alpha male just because he's hot and scary. And then falls in love with him. Nuh-uh. Not for me. I like me a battle of the wits (which is why I am such a fan of Banditas MacMeans and Weber!) with two smart leading characters.

Thanks for visiting the Lair, and thanks for keeping rom-com going!

Kirsten (not to be confused with Kristan!) :-)

Joan said...

I love the cover!

Me too! I was just looking at it again and though the puppy is cute...LOVE me a barefoot fella in jeans.

Hey! Demetrius! Come over here....I have something I want you to try on.

Joan said...

Stretch marks + tattoo = gross.

LOL, several years ago we had this sweet, svelte 20 yo working as our secretary. She was DETERMINED to get one of those spotted geiko whatever lizards tattoed on the small of her back.

I took her aside and said "Sweetie, give it another 40 years plus gravity and all you'll end up with is a Komodo Dragon!"

Now, off to try to get some seats for a Keith Urban concert. MAYBE he'll perform barefoot in jeans!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Keith Urban. Happy birthday indeed, Joan!

I love a strong heroine too...never was a big fan of those gals who sat around waiting for love to happen. Writing Chastity O'Neill in JUST ONE OF THE GUYS was one of those great moments in my writing life...this big strong outspoken woman with a ton of confidence who just happened to be unlucky in love. Sigh. Didn't sit around at all. I think of all my heroines, she's the one I'd most like to be. One of my own pet peeves is the heroine who only learns to value herself because of the Love of the Hero. Blark! Happily, most of those romances seem to be in the past.

Nancy said...

Helen, congrats on nabbing the rooster. Donna, maybe next time.

Kristen, welcome back. Your books sound like a lot of fun. I also found your story encouraging since I'm currently revising a book written in 1st person snarky, which people either love or seriously loathe and despise. There's no halfway.

We frequently discuss the market and our personal story goals in the lair. It's great that the two meshed for you.

My favorite Antonio Banderas movie is The 13th Warrior, which hardly qualifies as romantic, alas. I try to compensate by enjoying his Zorro, which did have its rom-com moments.

Nancy said...

Joan wrote: I took her aside and said "Sweetie, give it another 40 years plus gravity and all you'll end up with is a Komodo Dragon!"

LOL! JT, this is just too good. Thanks for having Kristen back, and I hope you scored great seats for Keith Urban.

In other southern hemisphere hottie news, Karl Urban (no relation, I guess) is in the new Star Trek movie as McCoy.

Y'know, southern versus northern hemisphere is all arbitrary, just as eastern/western is, up or down being arbitrary in space. :-)

Nancy said...

In a rambling frame of mind today, I forgot the question. What makes a story great for me? Struggle. The bigger the mountain the characters have to climb, the harder it is, and the more it costs them, the more I dig in and root for them and the more elated I feel when they make it to the top.

I guess that's actually conflict.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Kristan, a big, hearty welcome back to the Lair. BTW, love the cover on TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

Also, I like dark, tormented heroes who simply need the love of a good woman to make their lives brighter. Think JR Ward's Brotherhood fellows. But I also like heroines who are rather sassy and have a snap-out-of-it attitude.

MsHellion said...

I don't mind boundary pushing, so long as there is a HEA--that's the comfort I need.

Sugar Daddy & Blue-Eyed Devil were "perfect" books to me--and I think they were very envelop pushing.

I'm reading "Something Borrowed" by Emily Griffon, and I find the premise very very interesting. The heroine slept with her best friend's fiancee. WOW. And yet you empathize with her right away. *LOL* She's not a bad person...and she certainly did a very real, very stupid thing. I'm wondering how it plays out.

I *loved* Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella. *LOL* Romantic Comedy at its best. Great stuff.

I'm so excited to see another romantic-comedy author. I feel like it's a "dying" breed and I like to get my hands on as many as possible. I will be hunting out your book! Too Good to be True looks great!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hello Krestan, welcome back to the Lair!

Happy Birthday, Joanie!!!

Okay, ballroom dancing movie with Antonio....can't tell you the movie name, but LOVED it! And did you not want to be the one dancing with the man? Sigh...

Okay, books. For me, it doesn't matter if it's a big event book, push the limits book, or an everyday kind of love story, give me characters who make me care for them and I'm so yours!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Joanie said: Now, off to try to get some seats for a Keith Urban concert. MAYBE he'll perform barefoot in jeans!

Oh yummo!!!

Anonymous said...

Dark and long as they have good reason to be tormented, right? Otherwise, they're just mentally unstable.

I read Something Borrowed, too! Loved that book. Very dark. And, er, tormented. She has another book in a similar vein. Very believable characters and conundrums.

The Antonio dancing movie was Shall We Dance. And oh, was good.

terrio said...

Actually, the Antonio one was called Take The Lead. LOVE that movie. But Shall We Dance had Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez and that one was pretty good too.

Also loved that Puss-n-Boots scene where he says "I can be." Those movies had so many off color jokes for us adults.

Joanie - The first time I saw Kenny Chesney in concert, he did the whole thing in jeans and bare feet. I had never considered that sexy until that night.

Keith isn't scheduled for here yet, but I did get my George Strait tickets last weekend. Sixteen rows back center stage. Whoot!

Happy Birthday, Joanie!

M. said...

I love the underpinning of 'regular girls deserve a big love story too'. I totally agree! Which was why I enjoyed 'Just one of the Guys'so much, and will certainly be checking out the rest of the backlist.

The legs-and-dogs covers have become such a trademark that I look forward to the next installment. I'm rooting for a dachshund.

donnas said...

Great interview and I love that cover.

It really depends on what I am in the mood for. Sometimes I like a classic story and sometimes I just want something unexpected. I just never know until I finish the current book and go to pick up another one to read.

Joan said...

Ok, back from an Italian pasta lunch with chocolate cake! (groan)
Lucien enjoyed it but Demetrius was holding out for baklava.

What I like about your heroine's Kristan is that they are so down to earth. They have personality. Now, that's not to say that other stories heroines DON'T but...the inner conflict, the resignment to the way things turned out in a particular effort to connect with the hero and then the "Wow, it did turn out and man, I've got the fella of my dreams" wonder.

It's like your in my head.

Thanks for the bday wishes everyone. Kristan, what kind of birthday present would you get each of your heroines?

Treethyme said...

Happy Birthday, Joan, and welcome, Kristan! Although I love to read romance, and average a book a day, there are only a handful of authors that are absolute, no question must-buys for me. Kristan is one of them, and has been ever since I bought her first book.

Sam, from Fools Rush In, won me over so deeply that I -- the queen of senior moments -- can even remember his name! (I can barely remember the title of the book I finished this morning, and it was a good one.)

I've read all of Kristan's books, and loved them all. My personal favorite is probably Just One of the Guys, but it's close. And, for the record, I've always loved books written in first person. I know some people hate it, but I've never understood the problem.

I love Kristan's website, too. When Liz Bemis asked me to look through 100 websites before decided what I wanted for mine, Kristan's, with her hot pink daisy, was one of my top three. I owe the daisy on my website to her:

I've held off the tattoo thing so far, but then, I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 54. Who knows what the future will bring?

Thanks for reminding me of the "I could be" quote -- love it!

I love books that reach me on an emotional level, especially those with tortured heroes and heroines. Anna C.'s books, Anne Stuart, Suzanne Brockmann, etc. are brilliant at that. I also enjoy snarky, humorous books, like Jennifer Crusie's, and Kristan's books have a little of both.

I like the way Kristan's couples tend to be unexpected in unusual ways. I've seen books where the heroine fell in love with a sister's ex, but never in such a wrenching way as in Fools Rush In, just as an example.

Anyway, I hope Kristan will ignore the trends and stick to writing more books like these -- I'll be the first in line to buy her next release!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so dang nice! Joan, you were completely off base when you warned me! ;-)

I stand corrected on the movie titles...but you know, it seems like if there's ballroom dancing in the movie, the flick is a winner.

Let's see, Joan. Love the birthday question...

Millie from Fools Rush In would probably get something cool for her house...

Maggie from Catch of the Day would love some really gorgeous pajamas...

Chastity would probably love a new basketball or set of oars...

And Grace would probably want a Southern belle dinner cooked up for her, fried chicken and mint juleps and the woiks!

Occasionally, I've mentioned some gifts that a heroine has received...Joe, the false guy in Fools, gives her that hideous lamp. I actually blogged about bad gifts not too long ago. My poor sainted father gave my mom a camp toilet for her birthday one year. The horror, the horror.

Anyone ever get a particularly "wrong" gift for a special occasion? My own DH gave me a toolbox for Christmas. Let's just say he never made that mistake again...

Joan said...

Joan, you were completely off base when you warned me! ;-)

I didn't say they weren't NICE just that they COULD be naughty.

The BB's must be worn out from the Easter Egg hunt yesterday!

Treethyme you hit it on the head. Two people who don't "seem" like they'll be together get to be! (and their little dogs too!)

I've been reading and enjoying more first person books. Not everyone can do it...but Kristan makes it look effortless.

And OMG on the toolbox! But I can say my "Do It Herself" toolbox that my Daddy gave me when I moved into my own place has come in handy.

But really...I mean isn't that what McIrish is for?

Treethyme said...

My husband once gave me a mini-dryer for our apartment, when we were first married. It sounds awful, but was actually kind of romantic. The laundry room in our building was in a secluded, scary basement area and a couple of women were raped there. He wanted me to be safe, hence the dryer.

Of course, he could have offered to do the laundry himself, but that's a whole 'nother story!

Anonymous said...
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Pissenlit said...

Great interview!

I think I like a good mix of both unexpected boundary-pushing books and classic story type books. However, for me, a book needs to have good characters otherwise I have trouble reading it. If the book is flawed in a handful of ways but has characters I really like, I'll still want to know what happens next to them.

Happy Birthday Joan! Gecko+40 yrs of gravity = komodo dragon! Hilarious!

Yargh, all that talk of Tim Tams! I keep hearing that some people have found them in a few stores in my city but I still haven't come across any. I want to try them! They sound sooooo good!

Christine Wells said...

Welcome, Kristan! Lovely to have you back in the lair. Great interview, Joanie.

I like all kinds of romances but I always appreciate when a writer can give a tried and true premise a unique, clever twist. Like Judith Ivory's The Proposition, where she switches the gender roles for the My Fair Lady-style story (which Anna Campbell lent me and I LOVED!)

And yes, totally agree with you that a could-happen-to-you BIG romance is fun. It just depends what mood I'm in, really.

Congrats on getting the rooster, Helen!

Helen said...


Lunch sounded wonderful. Hope you have a great day.

Kristan I gotta say your books are sounding better and better I need to go and find me some in the shops next time I am there, I do hope I can get them here in Australia.

You gotta try and find some Tim Tams they are to die for LOL

Have Fun

Beth said...

Welcome back to the lair, Kristan!

It's all about the characters for me whether I'm reading or writing a book *g*

I can't wait to read Too Good To Be True it sounds...well...too good to be true ;-) (sorry, I couldn't resist)

btw, in case anyone was wondering, the new Reese's mini peanut butter eggs (well, I'm not sure if they're new but we've never had them before) are addicting. BEWARE!!

Pat Cochran said...

Welcome, Kristan!

The best story for me has characters which so totally draw me into the book that I find myself expecting to see my name on the pages!

My extra-special favorite writers
with near-perfect books: Miss Anna
Campbell, Stephanie Laurens, Susan
Elizabeth Phillips. I could go on
but I'd best stop for now!

Happy Birthday, Miss Joan! Congrats
to Helen!

Pat Cochran

Nancy said...

Kristan, sorry I misspelled your name earlier! As for weird gifts, my sister's first boyfriend gave her, for Christmas, a selection of cheeses. Really. Oh his mother's recommendation.

(cue Empire theme from Star Wars)

Anonymous said...

Cheese, huh? I think that gets a special award. No worries on misspelling my name. Happens all the time.

I just ordered a Miss Anna Campbell book today, ironically enough! Can't wait to read it. Also got a Loretta Chase novel...she's awfully good with twists on a plot and characters you can, er, sink your teeth into. If that doesn't sound too dirty...

Joan, lunch sounded fabulous! Have you been having a nice day? Any good gifties other than Keith Urban barefoot and singing just to you?

Joan said...

Any good gifties other than Keith Urban barefoot and singing just to you? Is he coming? Really?!!!! What a nice present Kristan! Thanks!

Oh...I have to use my imagination? Bummer.

I wasn't able to wrangle better seats than what I'd gotten during the pre-sale. But that's ok.

My brother got me a knockout rose bush...which I had to plant. My friend who took me to lunch got me a specialty nap pillow/blanket combo from Brookstone....couldn't use it this afternoon though because we were under tornado warnings.

So many birthday wishes from SO many friends and a visit from you...those are pretty spectacular.

Now...if you COULD get Keith to swing by...I'd give his little bare toesies a good massage... :-)

p226 said...

Hey, I just wanted to pop in and say I dig the cover. I do enjoy a nice set of legs. (Definition, but not bulk.) Yummy.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog comments. :)

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Late as usual, but wanted to say HAPPY B.DAY Joanie!

Great to have you back in the Lair, Kristan! "Too Good to Be True" sounds like a fantastic read, and that doggie on the cover is too darn cute. :-)

WTG on getting the GR, Helen! I'm sure he'll devour every Tim Tam in your place. Also HUGE THANX for your kind words about The Wild Sight! WOW! I feel so honored by your selection. Hope you (and everyone) enjoy the next one just as much.


Joan said...


Thanks for stopping by the Lair today!

Now...get back to work. We need more books!

Virginia said...

Congrats Helen for nabbing that rooster! Have fun with him!

Great interview Kristan! The Classic storys works fine for me and I love a good book that makes me laugh out loud. To me the best books are the ones that keep you up until three am because you just can't stand to put it down. I would call this the almost perfect book. I am not a big believer in a perfect anything, because nothing in life is perfect, everything has its flaws and yes I want my heros and heroiens to have flaws, because it makes everything more real. We don't live in a perfect world.

Caffey said...

Hi Kristin!! I so loved your book ONCE IN EVERY LIFE. As I'm deaf too that book really did touch me deeply. I haven't read your contemps but heard others say great things about them! With ONCE IN EVERY LIFE, I loved how you touched on the deafness, and I think you bringing out these different themes within your books bring a beautiful variety!

Treethyme said...

I'm not sure, but I think Once in Every Life was Kristin Hannah.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Kristan! Great interview! As for kind of story, I prefer the more true-to-life settings and characters, although I agree that some dancing-with-Gilles stories are pretty fun, too. I guess I prefer ones where the author helps me relate to the characters, whether they're common folk or royalty or space aliens--that somehow I can click and "get" them and enjoy the story of their relationship.

Congrats on the GR, Helen!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Kristan, cool on the Anna Campbell leaping into the shopping basket! And Loretta Chase is great! Can't go wrong with her!

Anonymous said...

It's been so nice to be back in the Lair, gang! Thanks to Joan the Birthday Princess for inviting me!

Sherrinda, congratulations! I'll drop you an email to get your address and will send you a book this week!

Adios, Banditas! Thanks again.


sherrinda said...

Woohoo! I can hardly wait! Thank you so much! I know I will love it and have to read up on your backlist!

And to everyone at the Lair, I just love all the delightful banter between you gals!