Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Trip To Station Five: Too Hot To Handle!

by Suzanne

Welcome Banditas and readers, please move to the back of the van and buckle up, because we're going on a field trip today. Actually, Jo Davis and I are going to take you with us on a trip out to Station Five to see how her team of sexy firefighters spend their day. Jo needed to do some on sight research, so as her trusty sidekick and handy photographer, I of course got an invite, too!

It's a long drive out there, but we have plenty to talk about, like how happy Howard and Kat are since their wedding. We also talk about the serial killer who nearly took the delicious "Six-pack" from his woman. Now that would've been a shame.

We pull up outside the firehouse, a modest brick building with two large bay style garage doors, both open for our arrival. As we all pile out of the van, who comes out to greet us, but the sexy, but surly Captain Sean Tanner, himself.

As the captain walks over, we notice two other hunks straighten from their task of waxing the engine to smile at us. Oh, my...it's Julian Salvatore and Zack Knight! Is it getting warmer out here?

Sean stops in front of us, over six feet of lean, rough-hewn male. He's in his early forties, dark brown hair just beginning to go silver at the temples. Though his smile is welcoming and transforms his face from hard to handsome, it doesn't quite reach cool green eyes that hint of terrible loss. But we don't have time to dwell on that as he puts us as ease.

Sean: Ladies, welcome. It's good to see you.
Jo: Great to see you guys again! How have you been?
Sean: All right, I suppose. Work has been busy, which is either good or bad depending on where you're sitting.
Suz: I know exactly what you mean. I'm a labor and delivery nurse, so I understand what it's like some to hang around some nights for hours with nothing to do. The second you wish there was something going on...
Sean (nodding): All hell breaks loose. Believe me, we know. (He turns to call to Julian and Zack) Are you two going to stand back there and gawk, or come and meet two pretty women?
Julian: Coming, Cap! Who am I to refuse such an invitation?
Zack (rolling his eyes): He's such a walking gland.
Julian (shooting him a grin): At least I can get a date-
Zack: Who probably needs a round of antibiotics afterward.
Sean: Boys! Good God, those two are hopeless.

Jo and I exchange a Look. Julian and Zack might be hopeless, but they make for darned fine eye candy. Both have black hair, but Julian's is cut a little longer, falling attractively over dark eyes. Zack's is shorter, and his eyes are laser blue behind his wire-rimmed glasses. Both are about the same height and build, though Zack is a little more lean. Julian's grin is completely unrepentant, while Zack's smile is shy.

Zack: Sorry about that, but Jules knows exactly what buttons to push.
Julian: Hey, it's not my fault you're as sensitive as a little girl.
Zack: I've got your girl right here-
Sean: Um, Zack? Why don't you give Jo and Suz a quick tour of the station. I think Jo needs a refresher on some of the procedures and such.
Zack: Great idea. This way, ladies!

Zack leads us into the bay where the big engine, called a quint because it has the big ladder on top, is sitting next to an ambulance. In one corner there's a boat used for water rescues, and there are other mysterious pieces of equipment lying around. Everything is neat and orderly. For a building full of men-plus one woman-that's saying something!

Zack: This is the quint-our single most important piece of equipment besides the ambulance. Not to mention a main attraction with the kids. The aerial ladder reaches 105 feet. The quint weighs 65,000 lbs, or 32.5 tons, and carries a price tag of nearly $200,000.
Suz (running my hands over the smooth, shining chrome): Cool!
Jo: Wow, that's expensive! How long does a quint stay in service?
Zack: It depends, but somewhere in the area of 12-14 years. Retired trucks are auctioned off by the city to volunteer departments. The last one auctioned fetched around $35,000. Ready to go inside and we'll see what Tommy is making for lunch?
Jo (dubious): Uh...Tommy's cooking?
Zack (smiling): Not to worry, Eve is helping him. I promise we won't poison you before we send you home.
Jo: Thank heavens!

Jo and I follow him inside, both of us noting how well his cute rear fills out his regulation navy pants. In the kitchen, an attractive, dark-haired woman who must be Eve is standing beside Tommy Skyler, instructing the blond Brad Pitt look-alike in making something tasty. Glancing up, both give us a smile and exchange hellos.

Zack: Come on, let's leave them to it while I show you the living quarters. Down this hallway are the bunks-two beds in each room with a stand of lockers between the beds for semi-privacy.
Suz: Eve doesn't share a room with a male firefighter, does she?
Zack: No, but that's a good question. Our station is updated and set up so a woman doesn't have to share either bedroom or restroom/shower facilities. Many stations aren't so fortunate, and the women must bunk with the men, use the same showers, etc. Which can really cause unhappiness with some of the wives and significant others.
Jo: I can imagine! How do male firefighters really feel about having a female on the team? Be honest.
Zack: At our station, we're more than cool with having a woman. Some aren't, which is a shame. The physical agility test to become a firefighter is strenuous, so if she can pass, be a team player, she's earned her spot same as anyone else. Eve, in particular, is awesome. You couldn't ask for a better person to have at your back.

Zack gives us a peek into the rooms, which are amazingly small, especially given the size of some of these guys! And those beds don't look like they'd comfortably accommodate a growing teen much less a man!

Suz: I've seen college dorm rooms bigger than this.
Zack: Tiny, huh? You should see Six-Pack trying to move around in here. He's got it worse than any of us. Speaking of the devil...

Lieutenant Howard "Six-Pack" Paxton emerges from one of the rooms and strides toward us. Oh. My. Gawd. The man is six feet, six inches of pure, muscled testosterone. A woman could drown in those big brown peepers and his spiky brown hair bleached blond on the ends is just too fetching.

Six-Pack: Girls, enjoying your visit?
Jo: We are, thanks! Zack is treating us like royalty, and Tommy is making lunch.
Six-Pack (grimacing): Well, two out of three isn't bad. (He throws Zack a pitiful look) Isn't the bottle of Tums empty?
Zack: Eve bought a new one and brought it this morning. Extra-strength.
Six-Pack: Bless her.

A peek into the pantry and we see the LARGEST box of TUMS every! Which makes you wonder just how bad Tommy's cooking really is?

Zack: Say, I was just about to show the girls the locker room, maybe bunk them out in our gear. Want to help?
Six-Pack: Sure, that'll be fun. Ladies?

Our two hot guides lead us to the end of the hallway and through another door. In this long, skinny room are a row of open lockers with hooks in each. Zack explains that each man on each shift is assigned a locker where they store their equipment when off-duty. Sure enough, coats, pants, and hats, and boots are crowded into two thirds of them. The A-shift lockers are empty.

Suz: Where do you keep your gear when you're on-shift?
Six-Pack: Out in the bay, next to the quint. Saves time to have all the stuff out there, ready to go.
Suz: Ah! So that's why there were boots, coats, and things lying out there.
Zack: Exactly. Why don't we get you guys dressed so you can get a taste of how it really feels to be weighed down by all our gear?
Jo: Sounds like fun!

Zack and the lieutenant borrow two sets of gear from another shift in case they need theirs in a hurry. First, Jo and I step into fire pants and then boots several sizes too big. The boys help us pull up the pants and secure them with suspenders. Already, we feel like we're made of lead, but the heavy stuff is yet to come.

Next comes the coat, which is heavier than you could imagine! But the real kicker is the oxygen tank and face mask-a unit we learn is called the SCBA, or Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus. Jo doesn't like having the mask over her face one bit, and we laugh while she gives us a mock glare. Once the microphone is secured to our collars, the thermal imagine camera is last. Since there's only one of those, Zack hooks it to my right front strap. Now that I'm fully equipped, I feel like a slight shove could push me over-and I wouldn't be able to get up!

Jo: Lord, this is like being encased in cement! How much does all this equipment weigh?
Zack: Over 50 lbs. Comfy, huh?
Suz: Right! All the good citizens of Sugarland better be glad Jo and I will never be called out to save them dressed like this, because they'd be in real trouble!

Zack and Six-Pack have a good laugh, then undress us. (Just the uniforms, unfortunately!) After they put their colleagues equipment away, Zack gestures back the way we came.

Zack: So, are you brave souls ready to try Tommy's cuisine?
Jo: You bet!
Suz: Lead the way!

How bad can it be? After all, compared to what these guys have to do every day, the dangers they face, what's a little indigestion?

That's our trip to the firestation, (which Jo and I really did go to a firestation for her research and my personal desire to meet firefighters). And as you can see, Jo's second book about the Firefighters of Station Five, UNDER FIRE, is hitting the shelves May 5th! This is Zack, the sexy shy hero of the group and trust me, it will melt your panties off, again!!

So, do you like heroine driven books or hero driven books? And if you like hero-driven books, what are your favorite group of heros?

Jo is goin to give an autographed copy of UNDER FIRE to one lucky reader today! And if you want to see more of Jo's HOT firefighters, go to http://www.jodavis.net/


limecello said...


limecello said...

lol. Can I trade in the GR for a fireman? ;) (Although, which will help me more on my final tomorrow? :X)

I LOVE hero driven books! I immediately thought of Nalini Singh's shifter books. (Although yes, the heroine has her day too.) But, say - "old school" Lori Foster. She writes very hero-centric books. Shannon McKenna and her McCloud men. And what initially appealed to me about JR Ward's BDB books was the heroes. (I'm not sure how I feel about the move away from romance - and I'm sure a number of people have seen my "my head is going to explode if you say the guys' texting is 'ghetto' conversations." So the next book will tell.)

But - my point is - I love hero-centric books. Bring 'em on. More, please. ;)

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Jennifer.

Hi Jo,
I love Six-Pack and I can't wait to read Zack's story. Maybe the boys at Station Five can cook us dinner tonight. I prefer hero driven books. It's satisfying to see the journey the hero takes and see his reaction when he realizes he has fallen in love. Cindy Gerard's Black Ops series are great books that feature tough heroes and the women who bring them to their knees.

limecello said...

And since third+ time's a charm - thanks for visiting with us today. Jo! Your new book sounds great. Congratulations on the upcoming release!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Limecello! Glad to see you're up studying! LOL

Suzanne Welsh said...

When Jo gets here, I'm hoping she will tell us a little big about Zack's story and heroine in UNDER FIRE. They meet under a very unique circumstance, which quickly snowballs into a life and death scenario. And her boy Zack is a very, very tortured hero...oh yeah, and one other thing...He's a VIRGIN

Suzanne Welsh said...

And if we're very good...she might just let a few of those sexy firefighters pop on board to say hey, too!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Jane! Those firefighters of Jo's sure can cook, and not just in the kitchen...wink, wink!

PinkPeony said...

Congrats Limecello!
Hi Suzanne. I've never read a firefighter romance, but after I closely studied those pics you posted, I think I'm going to have to. I like both hero and heroine driven books..depends on my mood. A few years ago, the fireman at my neighborhood station used to play basketball in the parking lot next to the station. No big deal, except they were all shirtless. Hubba! After a few accidents in front of the station...cars being rear ended by appreciative female drivers, they were asked to don shirts. If only some women could learn to drive AND ogle... :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

OMG Pink Peony! Too funny. Isn't it a shame the rest of us have to suffer due to the poor driving/ogling skills of others? But man, you must've enjoyed that while it lasted!!

If you like HOT, sexy romances, with guys who are doing what real live heroes do....let me tell you you'll love TRIAL BY FIRE and UNDER FIRE!

Suzanne Welsh said...

I forgot to tell y'all...Julian's story comes out in December and both Tommy and Sean's stories come out in 2010!! Whoohoo!!

babygirlG said...

Mmmm ... firefighters ... yum ... um, what was it you were saying again?

I'm not that particular whether it's a hero driven book or a heroine driven book so long as the book is well written. I would follow a good book anywhere.

Llehn said...

I admit that I am shallow. I like hero driven books because I love men in uniform. So anything with fighter pilots or dashing cops pretty much draws me in especially if I picture them all to look like Christian Bale!

Laurie said...

Kathryn Shay has a cop series and a firefighter series with wonderful, strong, male heroes! Catherine Mann has servicemen military heroes.
Diana Palmer also has many
exservicemen/mercenary heroes.

Kay David
Christina Dodd

Helen said...

Congrats Limcello and good luck with the finals

What a fantastic post thank you so much Jo and Suz who doesn't love a fire fighter I have just orderd both of these books and should get them in the next couple of weeks and am really looking forward to reading them I will probably need a fan to cool me down LOL.

I love both hero and heroine driven stories.
I do hope the firefighters drop in to say hello.

Have Fun

Maureen said...

Hi Jo,
Your firefighters look and sound fantastic. I like both hero and heroine driven stories. One of my favorite all time hero driven series is Nora Roberts Chesapeake Bay series.

Caren Crane said...

Lime, you're becoming predictable. *g* Have fun today!

Jo, darling, welcome back!! So nice of you to bring the boys along, as well. *ahem* Hello, boys! ;-)

Personally, I think it all depends on the book whether I like a hero- or heroine-driven tale. For first person narratives, I definitely prefer heroines. For most contemporaries, I prefer heroines. For historicals, it depends. Many are hero-driven and I enjoy them. Less are heroine-driven and I also enjoy them.

Really, as long as the story works, I can go along for the ride. I would never toss a book aside because it was written from one perspective or the other. Only if it were badly written!

PJ said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing your visit with us, Suz!

Welcome, Jo! I cannot wait to get my hands on Zack...um, Zack's book. Sorry, those descriptions got me a little carried away. (grin)

I love hero-centric books. Like lime, I love Lori Foster's books and heroes. Christina Dodd's Wilder brothers are favorites of mine. Also, Rocki St. Claire's Bullet Catchers and Nora Robert's Chesapeake Bay series. There are many more but have to cut this short and get ready for work.

Lime, congrats on the GR returning home. Has he spilled any secrets from RT?

Beth said...

Welcome back to the lair, Jo! I will definitely be on the look out for Under Fire *g*

Some of my favorite hero driven books are Suz Brockmann's Troubleshooter and Tall, Dark and Dangerous series, and Nora Roberts' Chesapeake Bay books :-)

Loved the post today! During your research, did you find out anything about firefighting that really surprised you?

Minna said...

I like both heroine driven books and hero driven books.

Jo Davis said...

OMG, I definitely did NOT get the golden rooster this morning!!

Hello Limecello, Jane, Suz, Pink, Babygirl, Llehn, Laurie, Helen, Maureen, Caren, PJ, Beth, and Mina!! Whew. I have some reading and catching up to do!

But I think it's no surprise that I prefer hero-driven books/series. :) The series that got me starting loving hero-driven connected books was Suzanne Brockmann's Navy SEALS.

Jo Davis said...

Ooh, yes, Limecello and Jane--love your series pics! The BDB, Shannon McKenna's McCloud Bros (I hear we're finally going to get the missing brother's story!), Cindy Gerard's series--love them!

Thank you, Jane. I loved writing Howard's story. He's one of my all-time fave's.

Last week I was interviewed on film by Romantic Times for a November spot on their website, and one of the questions was...if I had to pull only one of my Station Five guys out of a fire knowing only he would survive, which one would I save? Ack!! I couldn't answer that one! No fair.

Barbara Monajem said...

If I say I prefer hero-driven books, the next book I pick up will be heroine-driven and fabulous! And vice versa. As long as the characters are driven by something that grabs me and won't let go, I'm totally happy.

Buffie said...

JO!! Long time no see -- ha ha ha. Thanks for bringing the buys to the lair to hang out.

Hey there fellas!!! Smooches to all you hotties! Jules -- it was great chatting with you yesterday. I'm still waiting on that salsa lesson and today I think I'll take that tequila shot off that chest of yours!! *wink wink*

Jo Davis said...

Thanks, Limecello! I always LOVE visiting the Banditas!

Good Mornin' Suz! Did ya work hard last night? Hope all was quiet.

To Suz's question...Yep, Zack is my sweet virgin hero! He's going to have to dig down and find his inner alpha, and use his genius-level IQ, if he and Cori are going to survive the danger stalking them.

Zack and Cori meet when Zack is driving on a rain-slicked road, exhausted from working double shifts to pay enormous bills, looks up, and realizes traffic in front of him has stopped at a red light. He rear-ends an SUV belonging to Cori, who's not happy and calls him "Forrest Gump". Ouch.

But the next time they meet, later that day, her SUV is hanging off the Sugarland Bridge above the swollen Cumberland River, and you guessed it. Zack to the rescue! Suddenly, he's the best thing since sliced bread to her!

Now, I'll tell you ladies something I don't think I've mentioned to anyone except my CP's--I got the idea of how Zack first met Cori when I was rear-ended at a red light well over a year ago and struggling with how to start the story. I opened the door of my SUV and looked out to speak with the other driver...and he was absolutely the most handsome, adorable man. Stammering apologies to me and my daughter...and you guessed it! There was my story opener for Zack!

To this day, the cutie has no idea how he helped me that day by rear-ending my SUV! :)

Buffie said...

Oops! I got so carried away with the guys that I forgot to answer the question. :)

I prefer hero driven books. Love them!!!! Love Nalini Singh, Karen Marie Moning, and many more!

housemouse88 said...

Hello Jo,

Loved the interview with the firefighters. I'd have to say I enjoy both heroine and hero driven books. I just want the book to be well written. If this happens, I'm not going to complain. Have a great day.

Jo Davis said...

Pink, that's too funny about the female drivers having accidents watching the firemen play B-ball! :) What a shame they had to put their shirts on... sigh.

Jo Davis said...

Thank you Helen, Maureen, and Caren! I enjoy being here and writing for my Station Five boys. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi PJ! (waving madly)

Only one week to go and you get put your hands all over Zack. LoL.

Say, I saw the GR at RT's Saturday Booksigning and he was having a grand time flirting with all the authors... :)

Jo Davis said...

Hello, Beth!
Thanks, I love being here and I hope you enjoy Zack's story. :)

One thing I learned during my research (visiting stations and interviewing firefighters) that really surprised me was how few fires they actually respond to. Only about 3% of all calls are to fires. (due to fire prevention programs and new building codes, according to the firemen) About 97% of all calls are to MVA's (motor vehicle accidents) being #1, then followed by accidents in the home and other medical emergencies(often involving the elderly). Then there's a small percentage of really odd/humorous calls that make good stories to tell. I was surprised by the numbers.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Barbara,
Good to see you here! I agree, the characters have to grab me right away. In fact, my stories all begin with character, not plot. Once I know the characters and what drives them, the plot follows.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Buffie!
Me and the guys always love visiting RB!

Mmm, body shots off hunky fireman chests...girl, don't get me excited so early in the morning!

Jo Davis said...

Hello, Housemouse!

I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for stopping by to play and have a great day. :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Mornin, Jo!

I am assuming it was quiet last night, I finally had a night off!! Whoopppeee! (Which makes it very convenient for running to the bookstore today for you-know-what!)

How did you like the pick of the guy flushing out the fire hydrant I found? Stick some glasses on him, and Poof, my idea of Zack!

Suzanne Welsh said...

I remember the day you had the accident, Jo. You called me later to tell me about it. Was that the time you got the trip in the hospital in the ambulance?

Y'all, she was in an ambulance, and of course the paramedics are checking her out, making sure she's okay. And what is our Jo doing? Lying there cooperatively? In such pain she can't do any more than respond yes or no?

Ohhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooo.

She's busy looking at every nook and cranny, making mental notes to describe the inner workings of the paramedic's ambulance for her story and asking THEM questions. (Is that a writer or what? hehehe)

Treethyme said...

I've read Six-Pack's story and it is definitely hot as blazes!

I kept hoping it would be like one of those biographies, the type where the middle of the book is filled with photographs. Only in this case, photos similar to the ones posted here today!

Treethyme said...

Why doesn't some enterprising romance publisher put together a calendar of hot book covers? Or of cover models? I bet my whole RWA chapter would buy them, for a start!

Buffie said...

Treethyme -- the website Between the Sheets did a cover model calendar back in 2007 and it was a pretty darn good one (I have one). I'm not sure if they did one last year and this year. But it would sure be a great way to market books. An author could even do that for a whole series . . . right Jo!??!!!

Suzanne Welsh said...

oooooooooooo, I love the way you think, Treethyme!! I'd certainly buy one.

We always have a firefighters calendar in our breakroom at work. The proceeds go to chairty, so no one complains at us!! hehehe, yeah that's why we bought it.

Jo Davis said...

Mornin' Suz! Woohoo, a night off!

Yes, I luv the hot fireman pic! WOW! He does look like my Zack...

Kirsten said...

Hi Jo! Welcome back to the Lair! :-) We are thrilled to have you here -- and not just because of the company you keep. *VBG*

I'm a sucker for a great hero, but he's got to have a strong, independent heroine or the book is a no go. Wussy heroines, squealing, tripping, all that sort of things...I'm not interested.

Although on the other hand...if he looked like those guys in the blog...hmmm...

Jo Davis said...


Nope, the guy who rear-ended me (tee hee) is not the one who sent me to the hospital. That was when I totalled my SUV later in the year...

And yes, I did use my ambulance trip as a research opp! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Treethyme!
I'm so glad you enjoyed Howard's story. A calendar of hot covers/models is a great idea!

All Romance E-Books has a super hot male calendar available on their website--check it out. :)

RachieG said...

:) I saw all the hot pictures of firefighters and knew it was gonna be a good interview! wink wink!

Hero driven books are fabulous!He's gotta be a strong character but those are sometimes the best stories. :)

Jo Davis said...

Buffie, you're right. I even had a publicist at RT advise me to do a firefighter calendar for promo. I great idea, but I'm not even sure how I'd get started!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Kristen! Thanks, I love to be here! I'm with you on wussy heroines. Also for me, heroines who act more manly and macho than the hero, or have snarky attitudes are a turn-off for me. I'm very picky about the heroines!

Jo Davis said...

Hi RachieG! Good to see you here.

One hero-driven series I've just discovered is Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series! OMG, Harry Dresden is totally yummy!! Sigh...

Jo Davis said...

Further speaking of hero-driven series...

Suz just reminded me that LOVER AVENGED is out today!!! Squee!!

So if I go silent around lunchtime, I've run out to B&N to spend my gift card... :D

Cassondra said...

Hi Jo, and welcome back!

Firefighters are just sexy--Apparantly they pass out the sexy with the gear when they graduate from firefighting school. Or maybe it's the "will walk into a burning building to save people and property" thing....

Jo, I'm interested in how you decide which firefighter's story gets told when. Did THEY tell you, or did you plan your team and their stories all at one time, then proceed to write? Series are interesting to me in this way--how people plan them and handle the interweaving. Got any tips?

jo robertson said...

What a great blog tour of the fire station, Suzanne and Jo! I recently visited our local fire station and the tour and layout sound similar to yours. One thing particularly interesting was the community room off a large kitchen with several huge refrigerators. In the relaxation room were about eight or nine lazy-boys and a wide-screen TV!

Welcome to the Lair, Jo.

Limecello, you must be going for a record with the GR!

Addison Fox said...

Jo & Suz:

Sounds like you two had a lot of fun at the fire station! Field trips are certainly a lot more interesting as adults!! ;-)

I have to agree with the general concensus so far - I love hero-driven stories. I certainly want a strong heroine going toe-to-toe with him, but there's just something about those strong men that melt me.


Addison Fox said...


I SO have to agree with you about Harry Dresden. I love that series and I think Harry's absolutely yummy. Completely sigh-worthy.


jcp said...

I like character driven plots

Buffie said...

Jo, if you need help with that calendar you know I'm there for you girl!!!!!! LOL!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Cassondra!
Yes, I agree there must be a law that says firemen must be sexy, no matter their age. :)

Actually, on which story I tell when, it's a little of both. I knew I wanted to do Howard's first and Sean's last. The other's I'm doing in the order they "speak" to me. It's what story I'm feeling, plus keeping in mind where I'm going with each hero's arc. It's a combo.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Jo!
I love to visit the stations, too. The ones I've been in also had some sort of TV/rec room as well as a workout area with weights and stuff. I'm always impressed with their setup!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Addison!
Oooh, yes, I have a much broader appreciation for those fire station tours than I did in elementary school! lol.

OMG, Harry Dresden... I can't stop reading! I'm already on Book 2 and I'm thrilled there's a gazillion of them to catch up on! :D

Howz the writing coming? Are U on time with that deadline, girlfriend? :)

Jo Davis said...

Buffie, I may have to take you up on your generous offer! You won't mind helping me find slick, buff volunteer bodies to photograph, will you? he he

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey JoMama, your firestation is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY bigger than the one we toured down here. Recliners? Geesh...we might have to tell our guys about that one!

Jo and I really did get to spend a Sunday with the guys. About 5 minutes after we arrived the fire alarm went off, and they had to take the Quint out to an accident on the highway. Well, that left Jo and I ALONE in the firestation. You know what two writers do when they're left alone in an intriguing place, don't you?

Yep, we looked in every nook and cranny we could!! Details are sooooooo important to stories, don't you think?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Addison!! Girl, you've GOT to go with us the next time we have to do men watching....er research for the books!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Buffie, I'm thinking you'd have the in with great firefighter pics for a calendar. Although the guy repelling down the wall and the one flushing the hydrant were sooooooooo lovely to post today!

Jo, I'd happily hawk these at oh RWA National, the hospital, uh...anywhere!

Keira Soleore said...

Ma-annnnnnn!!*fans self*

Ma-annnnnnn!!*fans self harder*


Suzanne Welsh said...

Quick, call the paramedics, Keira's fainted!!! (And she refuses to wake up until Six-pack and Julian and Zack and Tommy and Sean arrive!)

Christie Kelley said...

Welcome back, Jo!

I love both hero and heroine driven books. It doesn't matter to me as long as the characters pull me into their story.

Buffie said...

Jo, I "volunteered" to take my youngest son who is in Cub Scouts to the local fire station as that was one of his requirements this year. I told the hubby I'd be more than glad to do that for him :)

The little guy and I spent a good amount of time at the station, touring every room and going through every vehicle in the garage. I was quite impressed by the workout room, where there were 100 pound handheld weights. And of course there were a few good looking guys on duty ;)

Jo Davis said...

Uh-oh, somebody revie Keira! She needs mouth to mouth from one of our guys. :)

Hi Christie! I'm all about the characters too. They have to grab me. :)

Minna said...

None of the firefighters I saw in Savonlinna were THAT good looking! And the fire station was almost next door, which was a good thing, since some idiot obviously decided to smoke in bed.


Tracy Garrett said...

Jo, I'm not sure mouth-to-mouth from one of the guys will encourage Keira to get off the floor. ;-)

Tracy G.

Leslie said...

Hello Jo

Congrats on the new release! And that was one of the best field trips I've ever been on. ;)

I like both hero and heroine driven books, it just depends on the genre and author. I do tend to like my UF to be heroine driven but the contemporaries I prefer to be more hero driven. Marliss Melton's SEAL series comes to mind.

Congrats on the GR Limecello but I'm with you and would rather have a firefighter. :)

Cheri2628 said...

I am so glad I stopped by today! Sexy firefighters...Yum!

I do like hero-driven books. Besides firefighters, my favorite "groups" are police officers, bodyguards, the military, cowboys, Medieval lords, Scottish Highlanders, athletes, doctors, and...I guess I had better stop now! Too much visual imagery! ;-)


Pat Cochran said...

Strong heroes AND heroines! Love them both! Just give me a good story
and I'm there!

Hi Jo, thanks for visiting the Lair
today! Can't wait to get my hot
little hands on your hot book about
hot big firemen!

Pat Cochran

Treethyme said...

Thanks for the tip about the calendar -- I ordered one. Now where can I put it where my husband won't notice it??

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, man, I am WAAAAAAY late to the party today. I'm also in the "cave" and working to meet several deadlines, so I'm going to restrict myself to saying HI! *waving at Jo* and oogling the delicious crew from Station Five.

If I didn't have so darn many pages to go, I'd pull a Keira and faint so the guys could "rescue" me. Snork.

Thanks for the slurpy view into the firehouse, Jo! (Gosh, research is so...HARD...isn't it Suz and Jo?)

Susan Sey said...

Hi, Jo & Suz! Thanks for the tour of Fire Station Five.

I'm sure I'm not the first to say this but when it comes to hero driven books? I'm all about Suzanne Brockmann & Navy SEAL Team 16. *big happy sigh* She writes such great guys.

But I'm pretty intrigued with Jo's fire fighters now, too. I'll have to snap up a copy of Under Fire for myself!

Thanks for coming by today!

Jo Davis said...

Ha! Tracy, you do have a point! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Leslie,
Thanks so much! I enjoy Marliss Melton's series, too. :)

Suzanne Welsh said...

LOL Buffy, some of the things we do for our children are so difficult, aren't they? Hehehe. So glad to see you suffer for your son's education!!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Cheri,
Mmm, cowboys... I'm from Texas and it wouldn't be complete without them! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hello Pat,
It's great to be here! Hope you enjoy a big, strapping firefighter... story, of course! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Jeanne!
Glad you enjoyed the "tour". Yep, the research is HARD, but someone has to do it! Stand back, sisters, this is a job for Jo... lol.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Just got back from the bookstore. Got my cover of Rhevenge's story. Talk about your hero driven stories...yummo!!

This one this week, UNDER FIRE next week. Does life get any better?

Sigh, I really need to write today.

Jo Davis said...

Hi Susan,
I agree with you on Suzanne's Navy SEALS. Hubba!

I hope you enjoy Zack's story. Thanks for stopping by!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Tracy G!!

I saw pics of you with GR in Orlando! Is this something we should be worried about?

And I think you're right. Those firefighters of Jo's would probably keep Keira horizontal...er on the floor...er busy...oh well, you get the idea!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Jeanne!

It was a truly great trip. You should've seen the guys. When they got back from their run, they sat and told us all kinds of stories. Since Jo was busy writing things in her notebook, I just asked every question I could think of! Then they had fun showing us their equipment...(get your minds out of the gutter!)

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Susan!

Love Brockmann's SEAL TEAM and Troubleshooters, too! Too bad it's a year between books these days. Will just have to console myself with...uh, Firefighters and Warriors.

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Cheri,

I get the idea you really have strong opinions on those strong heroes!

Gannon Carr said...

Hi, Jo! A big thanks to you and Suz for sharing your visit to Station Five with those hunks of burning love! Whew! :)

I like heroine and hero driven books, but probably have a soft spot for those heroes. Your firefighters make my list, as well as JR Ward's BDB, Christina Dodd's Wilders and Monica McCarty's highlanders. So many men, so little time. ;)

Can't wait to get my hands on Zack! As Suz says, he's hot enough to melt your panties off. LOL

Donna MacMeans said...

Whoa Baby! I live around the corner from a firestation and I've got to say our guys don't look as good as that! Hubba hubba. They're hotter than the flames!

I like both hero and heroine driven books. Makes no nethermind to me *g*. As long as the romance is steamy - I'm there.

Jo - these look like fantastic books. Wishing you lots of success!

catslady said...

For the sake of variety I like both and enjoy both too!

Addison Fox said...

Suz - yes, yes, yes, I'm totally in for the next trip to the fire station!!!

Jo - yep, on track and ready for my deadline!


Billie Jo said...



I soooooo can not wait to read this book.

Glad to see you got home from RT ok darlin.

Talk at ya later
Billie Jo

Louisa Cornell said...

Late to the party. Is there any more inedible food left? I LOVED the trip to the firehouse and I can't wait to read Zach's story.

I love hero driven books, but I have also read many heroine driven books that were fantastic. So long as I LOVE the characters and care what happens to them I am in for the ride.

Hero driven books I love The Bastion Club books by Stephanie Laurens.

Okay, I'm going back to drool over the photos of the firefighters. SIGH! Makes me want to see something on fire if those guys will show up to put it out with their big long hoses! Oh shut up!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Gannon!
It's my pleasure to drop by and share my firfighters! Hope you love Zack as much as I do. :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi Donna!
I saw you at RT with the GR, didn't I? In your black hat? :)

Thanks and I wish you much success as well!

Jo Davis said...

Woohoo on the deadline! We will lift one soon to celebrate, girlfriend!! :D

Jo Davis said...

Hi Catslady,
Thanks for dropping by! :)

Jo Davis said...

Billie Jo!!!
I'm missin' you and your sis already, girlfriend!! RT was a blast. I got home tired, but happy. Glad to see you made it home safe, too! :)

And thanks--I can't wait for Zack's story to be on the shelves!

Jo Davis said...

Hi Louisa!
thanks so much, I hope you enjoy Zack's story. :)

One heroine-driven series that's my big exception (not only is it heroine-driven but it's first person, not my first choice) is the Anita Blake series. Especially the older ones. They rock!

Cecile said...

Hi Ms. Suzanne!! I am new here... and by did I pick the post to become a newbie!!! Can we say OH MY FREAKING GAWD!!!! Okay... I love fire-figther as much as the next girl.. probably a little more... but I am sure an envious of you two!!!!

The story looks amazing...
I have not read many if any at all that were heroine driven books. Mostly mine or heros... Don't know why. I love being an independent womand and all, but I love me some men who just want to sweep me off my feet and recuse me from anything and posses me like no one else! Who wouldn't want that!!

This is definitely going on my TBB wish list!! Thanks for giving me something new to look for!!

flchen1 said...

Ooh, hi, Jo and Suz and you hunky guys from Station Five! I definitely enjoy hero-driven books (although I do enjoy heroine-driven ones, too--I think it depends on what I'm in the mood for!)

It sounds like that was quite a visit to the station! The visit I remember taking a couple years ago with my son's kindergarten class was not much like that at all... ;)

Congrats again on the GR, Limecello, and hope your final's going like a house on fire!

Anna Campbell said...

Jo, just swinging by quickly to say welcome back to the lair. We love it when you visit! Although the cabana boys always want a mental health day afterwards! ;-) Congratulations on the new release. It sounds like another fantastic story! I'm off to get my hair cut. Got to be elegant when one's a bandit. What's that? You don't really? Oh, I wish someone had told me before I booked the appointment! Oh, well, maybe the cabana boys won't run quite so fast when I chase them once I'm all tidy and non-hirsute.

Louisa Cornell said...

I agree with you, Jo! The Anita Blake series is awesome, especially the older ones! She is one kick butt heroine!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Cecile!

We love newbies around the Lair, just ask all our Bandit Buddies! Welcome and yes, this was a lovely day to pop in. Jo always causes our hearts (and other parts) to flutter when she brings her boys by!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Hey Billie Jo!! Did you and your sister behave yourselves at RT? (Wait, what am I asking? Geesh!!)

Glad to see you...and I heard a rumor the next RT convention is going go be in Columbus? Is that right?

Suzanne Welsh said...

Ah, Fedora, you have NOooooooooooo idea how much fun that trip to the firestation is...and let me tell you, UNDER FIRE is as much fun to read as TRIAL BY FIRE was!

Suzanne Welsh said...

Donna, we had smoke fill the hallways one night at our hospital about 4 months ago. The firefighters came to investigate--complete with masks and axes. WE stationed the single girls at the exits just so they might meet one of them. A couple were mmmmmmm, nice, but one girl said, "none of them were Six-pack Howard!" LOL

Jo Davis said...

Hi Cecile and flchn1,

Great to see you here! yeah, there's something about those firemen...

Hope you enjoy Zack's story! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hello Anna!
I love visiting, the Banditas are so much fun! thanks for the congrats on my new release. :)

Jo Davis said...

You guys, I've had a great time today! Thanks for making me feel welcome as always.

Here's to much success for us all!

Virginia said...

Oh what hot hot men you have there. I love hero driven books. I also like all kinds of heros. Just switch them up for me!

Amy S. said...

Great interview! Hero driven books. I love alpha guys!

Tawny said...

Oh Yummmmmmm....

I'm coming in very late to drool and sigh over the delicious man art you've provided us with. Quite nummy!!!

Cecile said...

Thank you for keeping me around! I do love the **clearing throat and wiping drool off of keyboard** pictures to add to the mental thoughts I am thinking... **whew, what some thoughts**


Caffey said...

This was so good to read!! A blast (oh sorry, not good words to use with the fireman!) Hello to all at Station 5!!

I absolutely love hero driven books! The intensity is so powerful with those alpha heroes. They so hard to put down and they stay within me so long!

jo robertson said...
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