Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quick Five

by Anna Sugden
Apologies for the brief post today.
I'm actually up in London, running a 5k race for charity - in my case, Guide Dogs for the Blind. But I couldn't let the day pass without a new post.

I know those of you in the US will be celebrating a last summer blast with the long Labor Day weekend. We in the UK had our last Bank Holiday for the year this past week. How about the rest of you in other countries?

Anyway, I thought we'd have a bit of fun this Sunday with another Quick Five.

It's very simple ... all you have to do is answer the following five questions ...

1. Sweet or Savoury?

2. Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

3. Favourite snack?

4. Must-watch TV show?

5. Next two books on your TBR pile?

To get you all started ... here are my five:

1. Savoury

2. Breakfast

3. Hmm a tie between hot, buttered popcorn and cheese and onion crisps with sour cream dip.

4. Thanks to Beth, I've become a Leverage addict!

5. The latest in the Mr and Mrs Darcy Mysteries - The Intrigue at Highbury by Carrie Bebris, and Maggie Shayne's Killing Me Softly.


barb said...

woo hoo welcome GR

barb said...

Hi Anna

Well done in doing the run for the Guide Dogs.... hope you do well.

We have one public holiday left here in New South Wales for Labour day...first weekend in October.... I think the State Anna is in had theirs in May

1 Sweet

2 Breakfast

3 mangoes

4 Time team (UK version) sorry US

5 Just started reading Sara Bennett and have Rules of passion and Mistress of scandal

Pissenlit said...

Yup, it's the Labour Day long weekend here in Canada too.

1. Savoury
2. Lunch
3. Dill Pickle, Ketchup or All-Dressed potato chips
4. Sherlock
5. Linda Lael Miller's Garrett and Maureen Jennings' Poor Tom Is Cold

Jane said...

Good luck, Sara. I love the four day weekend.

1. Sweet
2. Breakfast
3. Cheetos and Doritos
4. "Inspector Lewis"
5. Meredith Duran's "Wicked Becomes You" and Brenda Novak's "White Heat"

Daz said...

Hey barb, have fun with the GR.

Over in Aussieland, it's Father's Day today (Sunday Sept 5th).

As to you questions:
1. Sweet or Savoury? > Savory

2. Breakfast, lunch or dinner? > Dinner

3. Favourite snack? > Beef jerky (I kid you not!)

4. Must-watch TV show? > NCIS

5. Next two books on your TBR pile? > Bound By Your Touch by Meredith Duran, My Reckless Surrender by Anna Campbell

Have a great weekend everyone.

barb said...

Hi Daz

Forgot it was Fathers Day here as my husband is away. Our son rang to wish him Happy Fathers day but forgot about that when I answered the blog LOL

Helen said...

Well done have fun with him I will try and get down for a cuppa with you both


Have fun in the race what a great cause. I do hope you all enjoy your long weekend it is Fathers Day here today (and I had to work) but our Labour Day is the first weekend in October as Barbara has already mentioned and I do look forward to it.



3.Chips or chocolate

4.I don't watch TV I read

5.Wicked Rake, Defiant Mistress Ann Lethbridge
High Society Secret Baby Maxine Sullivan

Have Fun

Helen said...

I have changed my photo everyone I know have all of my 5 grandchildren in it better late than never LOL

Have Fun

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Congrats on the GR, Barb!

Good luck on the race, Anna!

1. Sweet and savory

2. Breakfast if someone else is cooking!

3. Wheat thins with my homemade spinach artichoke dip...especially with football season!

4. I'm a Leverage addict too! Since the very first episode!! Luckily it's on in the summer, so for the fall and winter...NCIS!

5. Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle. The Chief by Monica McCarthy

Daz said...

Oooh Suzanne, I also have Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle but it's in my wish list. Not my TBR pile.

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

1. Sweet or Savoury?

2. Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

3. Favourite snack?
Potato chips plain

4. Must-watch TV show?
Iron Chef America

5. Next two books on your TBR pile?
Karen Hawkins' Much Ado About Marriage and Kathryn Caskie's The Most Wicked of Sins

Gillian Layne said...

Good luck on your race! :)

3.Rotel cheese dip and crackers
4.Big Bang Theory
5.Texas Princess by Jodi Thomas and The Perfect Poison by Amanda Quick

Anna Sugden said...

Hi all

Back from the run and showered *g*. It was great to see so many women doing the run. Apparently, it's shown on TV later tonight too (well, the elite runners will be LOL)

Barb congrats on the rooster.

Happy Father's Day to all the Aussie dads.

Will have to check out Sara Bennett.

Anna Sugden said...

Happy Labour Day to all the Canadians!

Is that the new Sherlock Pissenlit, that everyone has been raving about? I hear the BBC is making some more episodes of that one.

Anna Sugden said...

I've never seen Inspector Lewis, Jane - I hear it's very good and a great sequel to Inspector Morse.

Funnily enough those two books are in my TBR pile too!

Anna Sugden said...

I'm sure there are lots of people who love beef jerky, Daz - it wouldn't be such a big seller otherwise!

Who can resist NCIS? Yum.

Great books coming up for you!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Barb - I'm terrible because I don't have kids, so I never remember these things. Add to the confusion of different dates for Mother's Day in the US and UK, and I think, Father's Day - and I'm all over the place!

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks! It is a great cause, Helen. I always think it must be awful to be blind and how wonderful to have someone who can guide you through everyday life, so you aren't stranded at home. The way they train these dogs is amazing too.

There were lots of charities represented and it was great to see.

What diverse choices you have coming up in your reads!

Anna Sugden said...

Awww - what a gorgeous pic. Must take after their grandma, Helen!

Anna Sugden said...

Ooh your dip sounds yummy, Suz - I'm sure it would work well for hockey season as well *g*.

I blame Beth for my addiction because she mentioned Leverage here on the blog - so I downloaded one episode from iTunes to see what it was like. Bought the whole 1st series straight away! Just downloaded series 2!

Anna Sugden said...

I LOVE Iron Chef America, Dianna!! I was so thrilled when they brought Food Network over here to the UK and I could feed my addiction. They've also got Ace of Cakes and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - two of my other faves.

Looks like Breakfast is in the lead!

Anna Sugden said...

Thanks, Gillian! 5K is my limit, though lovely hubby's daughters also do a 10k and are training for a half-marathon.

I've heard a lot of people rave about Big Bang Theory - it was just launching as we left the US. Will have to check it out.

Anna Sugden said...

The scores on the doors so far are:

Sweet - 4, Savoury - 6

Breakfast - 5, Lunch - 1, Dinner - 3

jo robertson said...

Great idea, Anna! Good luck on the run today.

Congratulations, Barb.

Hmmm, I love lists, but it's hard to winnow mine down to only one choice LOL.

1. Sweet -- I'm the queen of sweet tooth

2. Brunch, probably, because I love breakfast foods, but want them a wee bit later in the morning

3. Popcorn and cheese or popcorn and sugar babies

4. Oh, way too many to count, but one of my faves this summer is Rizzoli and Isles

5. I just discovered the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt and Elizabeth Hoyt's latest is in my pile

Louisa Cornell said...

Yay Barb!! He just LOVES your quilted rooster!

Kudos Anna for running for Guide Dogs for the Blind. They are the most amazing creatures!

1. Sweet all the way. What else do you expect from a certified Cadbury's addict?

2. Supper, definitely!

3. Cadbury's chocolate and / or barbecue potato chips.

4. I am SO old school - Keeping Up Appearances, Are You Being Served? Rumpole of the Bailey, Midsomer Murders. I don't get television where I live now. The change to digital knocked me out as I don't have satellite or a powerful enough antenna. BUT, I do have all of these series on DVD and I LOVE them. Oh and CSI (the original in Vegas.)

5. On the TBR stack closest to me at this point (I have them all over the house.) The Devil Wears Plaid by Teresa Medeiros and Libertine's Kiss by Judith James

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

YAY VA! WTG on the 5K run! I'd be lucky to WALK for 5k. :-P And what a great charity, too. Service dogs of all kinds are such a wonderful way for people to be more independent.

As for the Quick Five, hmmmm. Nothing is ever quick or easy for moi!

1. Sweet! I have a HUGE sweet tooth.
2. ANY meal depending on who is cooking. And obviously, I don't miss too many. LOL!
3. Popcorn or ice cream
4. Don't really watch TV, I usually watch Netflix, but I did see a couple of fascinating episodes of History Detectives recently on PBS
5. Near the top of the heap are Fo's My Reckless Surrender and Kate's If Books Could Kill and Jeanne's Deadly Little Secrets is on the top of my BUY list. LURVE me some Bandita books!


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Guard the Tim Tams! You know those are the GR's fave snack!

And Helen, I LOVE that piccie of your Grand Kidlets. They are sooo adorable! It is really unfair of you to have so many. My brother also has TEN adorable Grands and I have NONE! I think it only fair that I "borrow" of few of yours and his. ;-)


Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

I'm with you... HATE that stupid digital TV!!! Depending on the weather, I can get 10+ channels of NONE at all. GRRR!

And cable is totally lost on me. Anytime we are staying in a motel/hotel we can't find ANYTHING on cable worth watching and we've always SEEN the HBO movies. SHEESH!


hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Anna Sugden said...
I LOVE Iron Chef America, Dianna!! I was so thrilled when they brought Food Network over here to the UK and I could feed my addiction. They've also got Ace of Cakes and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives - two of my other faves.

I didn't watch tv at all until I discovered the food network, that is the only thing I watch on tv for the most part. Gotta love Duff and Guy, not to mention an occasional glimpse of Bobby Flay, I am not sure but I think I have a crush on Bobby

Minna said...

1. Sweet
2. lunch
3. Chocolate
4. Bones, New Tricks, The Omid Djalili Show and my new favorite, Bondi Vet. Here you can see why it's my new favorite:
Isn't he cute?:
5. Next two books on your TBR pile?
Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts and Der Gl├╝cks Unfall (One Night Stand) by Julie Cohen

Minna said...

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Jo:Oh, way too many to count, but one of my faves this summer is Rizzoli and Isles

OMG, Jo, me too! I've always loved both actresses, (Angie Harmon has the sexiest raspy voice), and they do have a great chemistry!

Christie Kelley said...

Good luck with the run, Anna!

1. Sweet
2. Breakfast
3. Home made popcorn (not microwave) with real butter and salt
4. Supernatural
5. Deadly Little Secrets by Jeanne and then Chains of Ice by Christina Dodd

jo robertson said...

Suz said, "OMG, Jo, me too! I've always loved both actresses, (Angie Harmon has the sexiest raspy voice), and they do have a great chemistry!"

Yeah, it's a fauxmance. Oh, wait that's what the YA romances isn't it? How about a femmance? Dr. Big informed me they're best friends in real life. I guess he's following them too!

Laurie said...

Great cause, Anna! Hope you had a wonderful time.

1. Sweet
2. lunch
3. spinach artichoke hummus and veggies
4. Project Runway or House Hunters International (I like to dream:)
5. Just finished The Search by Nora Roberts and Lover Mine by J.R. Ward (both were wonderful!) Next on the pile is Christine Feehan's Water Bound and Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian.

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the race! Such a good charity.

1. Savory - I got into sauerkraut recently. Since it's kept in the fridge, it's a great cold snack.

2. Lunch - Sometimes I forget to eat breakfast and dinner may be late so I really rely on lunch.

3. cold sauerkraut from the fridge.

4. I can't wait for Dancing With the Stars to start!

5. "Revolution" by Jennifer Donnelly (YA) and "Deadly Fear" by Cynthia Eden. I just finished "Tempt the Devil" by Anna Campbell.


Joan said...

Run Forrest run!!!!

Er, Anna....

Jumping in late but:

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers OR movie popcorn
Food Network Challenge
Kristin Higgins new wonderful novel and Susan Grant's Sureblood

Joan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pissenlit said...

Yep, that's the new Sherlock show that's set in present day London and it's absolutely brilliant! I was initially leery about watching it as I'm quite fond of the series and I was not a fan of the 2009 film starring Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes but the show is really very clever!

Donna MacMeans said...

Anna -

Good on you for the run for such a worthy cause. Sorry I'm so late, we've had company all day.

Shoot not sure I remember the questions. Can I choose both for savory and sweet? There are times when each or more appreciated...or was that question about me specifically? Am I savory or sweet? Savory I expect - or at least I hope. I abandoned sweet some time ago (grin).

Let's see - choose a favorite meal? How about the one I don't have to make. Breakfast can quickly become my favorite if we eat out - otherwise I'm sleeping in (grin).

Was a snack question next? Look at me - do you honestly think I can narrow the answer down to one snack? Seriously.

TV show? I like the Big Bang Theory but to be honest I can miss them all very easily.

TBR pile - Right now nonfiction books top my pile as I'm researching for my WIP. Below those are RITA finalists (I'm in analysist mode). Below those are some historical romances but I'm not sure which ones. So many books, so little time.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Anna,

My answers: 1. Savoury 2. Dinner
3. Popcorn or Frozen grapes
4. NCIS or White Collar 5. Billion
Dollar Baby Bargain/Tessa Radley &
Sharon Sala Duo with Rider on Fire
and When You Call My Name.

Congratulations, Barb! Good Luck,

Pat Cochran

Pissenlit said...

Okay, 'cause of all the love for Leverage, I just went and watched the first episode. I wish I had some warning. I think I now have Coke in my lungs. *coughgurgle*

Anna Sugden said...

I'm with you on brunch, Jo - what a wonderful invention that is!

OOh I'm envious that you can watch Rizzoli and Isles! I'm a huge Tess Gerritsen fan (from her Intrigue days!) and am waiting eagerly for them to bring that one over here.

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Louisa - so true about your Cadbury's addicition.

I love all those older series - so much fun. I have a thing for Dinner Ladies - the Victoria Wood sitcom. Brilliant!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Auntie - a lot of women were walking, which was great too. It was lovely to go through Hyde Park in the centre of London with bands playing and people cheering you on.

You've got some great reads ahead of you. I'm so thrilled that all Bandita books are so awesome (and that is totally unbiased!)

Anna Sugden said...

Dianna - there is nothing wrong with a crush on Bobby Flay. He has that look in his eye that tells you he is as determined to make everything perfect for you!

Michael Symon has one heck of a twinkle in his eye! And Morimoto is a doll. I was so thrilled to meet him a few years back at his restaurant in NY. Best restaurant ever!

Anna Sugden said...

Yay Minna on choosing New Tricks - that is such an awesome series. The stories and writing never get old. Can't wait for the new series!

And, you'll love Julie's book too - One Night Stand is so much fun.

Anna Sugden said...

Ah Christie - you've just hit my yummy spot with homemade popcorn and real butter *happy sigh*

Love Christina Dodd's new website - went there to check out Chains of Ice. I'd hoped it would be part of her romantic suspense series, but sadly not!

Anna Sugden said...

I think fauxmance goes across all the genres, Jo. It's thrillers with a hint of romance and horror with romance sneaked in etc etc.

Anna Sugden said...

Ooh yummy - spinach artichoke hummus sounds delish, Laurie. Do you have a recipe?

I used to love Project Runway when we lived in the US. That and Top Chef, and Step it up and Dance.

Anna Sugden said...

I'm terrible about eating breakfast too, Cories. I think it's because it makes me hungry for the rest of the day, so I figure if I start at lunchtime, I won't eat as much *g*.

Sauerkraut?! What an interesting snack - how did you get into that?

Hope you loved Tempt the Devil - that's one of my favourites of our Anna's books! (I know, we're not supposed to have favourites *g*)

Anna Sugden said...

I've never seen Dancing with the Stars - either over there or here.

I LOVE Goldfish crackers. One of my cats used to love them too (he liked tomato soup as well - funny boy!)

I have Kristan Higgins latest in my pile too. I'm having a hard time getting hold of the one before that though - apparently publishers are putting embargoes on some book for sale over here!

Anna Sugden said...

LOL Donna - I know, it's so hard to just pick one. I'm terrible at that!

As it's you, I'll bend the rules *g*.

I know what you mean about research books. I happened to look up on I need for my latest wip on Amazon and saw that were at least ten that looked worthwhile! May have to check out the library!

Anna Sugden said...

Hi Pat! Frozen grapes sounds great - do you just pop them in the freezer?

White Collar is on my list of TV series to look at next. I also just tried an episode of Dexter and can't make up my mind about it.

I love Sharon Sala - I gushed over her like a fan-girl when I met her in Florida! Luckily she was very gracious and didn't treat me like I was a nutcase *g*.

Anna Sugden said...

Oh good, Pissenlit - I'll check Sherlock out too then. Everyone's been raving about it, but I tend to have a funny attitude to shows people rave about, you know?!

Anna Sugden said...

I warn you, Pissenlit, you'll have several moments like that in every episode of Leverage! The script-writing is fab!

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Anna,

I just rinse the grapes well, put
them into individual snack- sized ziplock bags, pop them into the freezer & take them out as needed.

Pat Cochran

catslady said...

I hope GR has recovered!!

2.Breakfast for dinner :)
3.Trail Mix
5.The Fire Lord's Lover by Kris Kennedy and The Wild Irish Sea by Aunt Cindy.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anna! I found a company that made naturally fermented sauerkraut (no vinegar or citric acid for the sour) at the local farmer's market this summer. Their kraut is crunchy and not too sour. It has to be kept in the fridge to prevent further fermentation and it's just a good, cold snack.

I quite agree; "Tempt the Devil" was an excellent read.