Friday, September 10, 2010

Tim Tam Time!

by Anna Campbell

As most of you know, I've been away from home a lot lately. One of the pleasures of staying in nice hotels is that you get a daily newspaper in most of them (something I've stopped getting at home). I love to lie in a bed that someone else will end up making, starting the day with a nice leisurely read.

While I was away in Brisbane this week for the Brisbane Writers Festival, I was reading the local newspaper, the Courier-Mail. And guess what I found?

Yes, something dear to the heart of every true Bandita and Buddy! An article on that classic of Aussie cuisine, the Tim Tam!

Before I give you a rundown on what the article said, for those NOT in the know (poor, poor things!), the Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit/cookie. It's coated in really yummy chocolate and then there's a layer of malty biscuit, then another layer of chocolate, then another layer of biscuit. It sounds quite simple - yet it somehow is a miracle of nature!

For more information on the Tim Tam and its history (it was actually named after a winner of the Kentucky Derby. Ross Arnott who owned the biscuit factory had a flutter on this particular pony and when it came in, he decided to immortalize the geegee in chocolate), check out this link:

For a recipe for a Tim Tam thick shake, check out this link:

The TT thick shake actually sounds pretty good. I've never come at a popular way to eat TTs - the Tim Tam slam. This involves biting off diagonally opposite corners and then dipping the biscuit in a hot drink or some milk and sucking the liquid up through the biscuit. Seems like the ruination of a good Tim Tam to me!
For most of my life, Tim Tams have only been available in their wonderful classic milk chocolate incarnation. And I have to admit, even though I now have a choice, I've never been coaxed to explore beyond that - how can you mess with perfection?

But Rodney Chester, the journalist who wrote the article the inspired the blog, did a survey to see what varieties floated people's boats.

Just for your info, the varieties now available are:

Original (born 1964)

Classic Dark (1996 - the first of the variations)

Double Coat (milk chocolate - need I say more? 1997)

White (sorry, white chocolate is an abomination to me, will never come at this one. 2000)

Chewy Caramel (hmm, this sounds interesting! 2000)

Crush Mint Crisp (interesting too! 2008)

Crush Honeycomb (now, this one I will try on my next trip to the supermarket! 2008)

Here's the result of the survey - most popular was Crush Honeycomb. Then the order went Classic Dark, Original, Double Coat, Crush Mint Crisp , White and Chewy Caramel. I really MUST try the honeycomb one! Purely for scientific research, you understand.

And to finish on some interesting facts about Tim Tams:

The Times newspaper in the U.K. ran a poll for the best inventions since sliced bread and the Tim Tam rolled in at number four, behind the web, penicillin and the TV remote.

Australians eat over 400 million Tim Tams a year, making it the world's most popular chocolate biscuit per head of population.

One Australian household in two has a packet of Tim Tams in the cupboard.

And now for the MOST interesting fact of all! Just give me a rhyme (two lines are OK although like the Tim Tam itself, you can never have too much!) about Tim Tams. I'll pick my favorite and I'll send you a packet of Tim Tams, your choice of flavor! This is the best offer you'll see all day, believe me!!!! Good luck! And may the best Tim Tam poem take the biscuit!


Helen said...

Is he coming to my place

Have Fun

Annie West said...

Helen, congrats on the GR!

Anna, I'm sorry to say that ours is one of the Aussie households which doesn't currently have TTs in the larder. Sigh. And they're so lovely. Have to say I still like the original flavour best. They're just so moreish.

Trust you to post a blog that has me salivating! Rotten woman - I'm trying not to snack before dinner...

Helen said...

Whoo Hoo this is going to be a great day Tim Tams the way to my heart LOL

Coffee Tim Tams and a great book my favourite saying you do know how much I love TT's and yes I have tried all the flavours and have loved them all and there are often special ones for special events they bring out pink ones sometimes and I have tried black forest ones as well yummy.

I gotta say I love a Tim Tam slam with a nice cup of coffee or a hot chocolate (because you can never have too much chocolate LOL).

I will have to think on a rhyme but the GR and I will be having a few later on tonight

Have Fun

Helen said...

Oh Annie I went shopping today and yes there are a couple of packets in there LOL but I am going to be strong and at least wait till after dinner before I open them up although I can see the GR pouting because he can see the pictures on the blog LOL

Have Fun

Kim in Hawaii said...

Helen, you may have the Golden Rooster today.

For I desire something more scrumptious I say.

Any flavor of Tim Tams would be a welcome sight.

Plus a Cabana Boy to serve the chocolate delight.

Please send, dear Anna, without delay!

Anna Campbell said...

Helen, looks like Tim Tam day gives you a Tim Tam rooster!!! Congrats!

Anna Campbell said...

Actually, Annie, I HAVE Tim Tams in the pantry because I give them away so often as prizes. I need to explore some of the other flavors - even if just so I can say the original is the best!

Anna Campbell said...

Ha ha, Helen, this post could have had your name on it, couldn't it? I know how much you love your Tim Tams! Actually it's pretty clear a few flavors didn't cut the mustard - there was a mention of hazelnut ones and I don't think they're available anymore.

Anna Campbell said...

Kim, you are our FIRST POET!!!! Big cheers for you! And such a subtle, complex set of rhymes too! LOL! Thanks for playing, kiddo!

Minna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Minna said...

I'm addicted to Peanut Butter Sweets
And now a new addiction in the horizon I see:
Romance Bandits are so cruel,
now they want to make me a
Tim Tam addict, too!

Daz said...

Helen, have fun with the GR today.

Oh Anna ... Tim Tams ... *sigh* I remember the time we spent in Qatar and being deliriously happy to discover a store that carried Tim Tams for all of 2 months (until stocks ran out). They sold for a shocking $16 per packet, but you know what? Desperate as we were, I bought 2 packets. Most expensive Tim Tams I've ever had. Should have asked you to include them in that packet of books you sent me, eh?

barb said...

I will be up soon Helen to visit GR and have a cuppa and tim tams .... I don't mind which sort

Hi Anna ... I am like Annie and don't have any in the pantry at the moment.... when we went back to the UK a couple of years ago we were in Sainsbury's supermarket in Southport with our UK friends, we were after biscuits and there they were ... tim tams ... so of course we had to buy some LOL

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Minna, we do our best to spread the word about the good stuff! Love your poem!

Anna Campbell said...

Daz, $16 a packet???!!! I'm not sure even I am keen enough to pay that. Actually, that's not true - when I was living in England, I would have paid that, just for the homesick value of it all.

Anna Campbell said...

Barb, you know, I've never seen them on sale in the UK. Pepperidge Farms sell them on a seasonal basis in the US through Target, I believe. Hmm, you'll have to be VERRRRRY nice to Helen if you want her to share the Tim Tams! LOL!

Maureen said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
What's better than one Tim Tam
That would have to be two

Susan Sey said...

A limerick for you:
The lovely Miss Anna did offer
Free Tim Tams so a rhyme I will proffer.
Word play's not a talent
though my effort is valiant
I doubt I'll get those cookies off her.


I will spend the rest of my early morning writing time dreaming of caramel Tim Tams. How distracting! But lovely.

Kandy Shepherd said...

Anna, have you tried Tim Tams frozen? Works with any flavour. Just pop the packet in the freezer. My niece introduced me to that particular trick!

Laurie said...

I would love to try a Tim Tam treat,
To win some would be a delicious feat!

Chocolate covered biscuits you say,
Sounds like a yummy way to make my day!

Anna Sugden said...

There is a secret store of Tim Tams in the Lair, guarded by a super hunk who look something like Richard Armitage, but we can't divulge where ;)

The equivalent to Tim Tams over here is the Penguin - don't know if it's a copy or under licence - but it's nice nonetheless! (and they give away penguin goodies - always good for a penguin collector!)

As Susan has started off the limericks, I'll join in:

There was a young gal called FoAnna
Who tempted us in a terrible manner
With Tim Tams she'd say
I'll give them away
Just gimme a rhyme first, can ya?

I know - not my strong point. LOL

Tiffany Clare said...

OMG! How funny is it that we do a Friday feast at work, and I brought in dark choco tim tams today!!!!

Yummmm.... I love them so much. And It's your fault, Anna! :)

God, might open my pack now (after reading this) and a have a few before going down to the kitchen! LOL

Kirsten said...

Those pictures sure look delicious.

I’m not a great poet, but here it goes for my goodness.

Never in my life did I have a Tim Tam.

Almost better then sliced bread? Surely this is a scam.

I hear from Anna that these are Aussies best.

So let’s quit writing and voice an URGENT request:


I’m desperate for this chocolate-chocolaty!

MsHellion said...

What is better than tea and jam?
A healthy helping of coffee Tim Tam!
Pour me a cup and hand me a pack!
These chocolatey delights are quite like crack.
Dark or original, honeycomb or white--
Tim Tams are yummy, day or night.
They're a writer's friend, it helps with block,
so be sure to keep Tim Tams in stock.

flchen1 said...


Anna!!! You cruel, cruel woman ;) What a way to start the day--dreaming of treats I can only salivate over at the moment!

Sung by cabana boys (in the Lair and everywhere):

Anna! Anna!
Sweeter than a banana!
Like the cookies she's offering for our pleasure
Her stories create awe without measure
Three cheers for La Campbell!
Three more for Tim Tams, no gamble!
None for this "poem"--what a ramble!

Have fun with the GR, Helen!!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Helen! You snagged the chookie! Watch out for his new pirate costume. After spending time with the gals from Writers Revenge on their pirate ship, he's being even more saucy than usual!


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Kim, trust you to jump out ahead with the poem. LOVE it! Grins. Too funny.

And Anna, I am not Aus, nor do I have TT's in the cupboard, having eaten them.


This, I think is why only one in two surveyed HAD them in the pantry - the other household had eaten theirs when the survey was done! Snork.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooh, good one, Minna!

Daz, $16 a packet?? Yikes. But, away from home, they are a good homesick cure I'll bet. Grins.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Maureen, that was excellent. Why TWO, of course! Should have thought of that. Grins.

Susan, for a professed non-poet, you did a mighty fine job!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna S said: There was a young gal called FoAnna
Who tempted us in a terrible manner

SNORK! Love it!

And the Penguins...ooh, those are good too! You brought some over two years ago, I think. They didn't last long in my house as I recall...a day maybe? Grins.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hellion said: These chocolatey delights are quite like crack.
Dark or original, honeycomb or white--
Tim Tams are yummy, day or night.
They're a writer's friend, it helps with block,
so be sure to keep Tim Tams in stock.

OMGosh, Hellie, this is great! And they are SO like crack! Snork. Helping with the block....hmmmm....

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Okay, let's see what I can come up with...

*sung to the tune of O Tannenbaum*

Oh, Timmy Tams, Oh Timmy Tams
How luscious are thy biscuits

O Timmy Tams, Oh, Timmy Tams
As for gaining weight, I'll risk it!

Thy lovely choc-o-late and crispy cookie, thy slurpy goodness makes me drool like a wookie...

Oh Timmy Tams, Oh, Timmy Tams
No one should ever miss it!

(Snorking over both the bad lyrics and wonky singing. Need more coffee...and a Tim Tam to go with it!)

MsHellion said...

After spending time with the gals from Writers Revenge on their pirate ship, he's being even more saucy than usual!

I guess teaching him to cuss like a sailor was a bad idea, eh?

catslady said...

I am so horrible at this but here goes.

I've savored hams, and
the sweetest jams,
even baby lambs, but
never the elusive Tim Tams!

Minna said...

Sigh. I thought it was bad enough when they were talking about Tim Tams on Sandy Blair's group. But now... I just had to put some items on my TitleTrader inventory (and maybe I'll add a few more) and hope that I can get some Tim Tams for the points I'll get when I hopefully get rid of some of my stuff (despite the name, they don't swap just books on TitleTrader).

jo robertson said...

Great post, Anna! I'm salivating for some Tim Tams. Do you remember back a little ways when Target was promo-ing them here in the U.S.? I got my first taste then and OMG, they are delish! But they've stopped carrying them here! I'm so bummed.

I'd like to try all the varieties, but it looks like I'll have to visit Australia to do it!

Yay, Helen, go, Helen!

Virginia C said...

Just for you, Anna C : )

Call it a cookie, call it a biscuit. Either way, just don't miss it!

Better than shortbread, better than cake, better than scones with blackberry jam. Better than Gerard Butler served up like a ham.

No, scratch that last one : )
Just pass the Tim-Tam!

jo robertson said...

Ugh, I'm so bad at these rhymes! But here goes.

Give us a one-two-three
Tim Tams are better than GLEE.

Give us a four-five-six
Tim Tams are greater than flix.

Give us a seven-eight-nine
I'm gonna stop tryin'

Nancy said...

Oh, like the world needed another reason to eat Tim Tams--we have a milkshake recipe? Geez, talk about ramping up the temptation!

For a Tim Tam
I'd sound like a ham.
And now, I am.


Fun post, Anna!

Janga said...

The meter is a bit off in spots, but at least I got the fourteen lines and the correct rhyme scheme. LOL!

A Love Poem for the Tim Tam

I sing your praises, O luscious Tim Tam.
Your sweet, chocolately goodness lingers
In mem’ry, tastier than strawberry jam
Or DQ Blizzards with Butterfingers.

Oh, Aussie cookie, you’ve conquered the world.
Original or new crush honeycomb,
Desired on every shore, Bandita girls
Woo you and win you and carry you home.

In your honor, dear Anna proposes
A contest to laud you in verse and rhyme.
These words I give you in lieu of roses,
Unfading tribute unaltered by time.

Come now, fly across vastness of land and sea
To melt in the warmth of the mouth of me.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

OMGosh, Janga, that was awesome!!!

You wrote: These words I give you in lieu of roses,
Unfading tribute unaltered by time.

I LOVE it! Especially the bit about melting in "the mouth of ME!"


Anna, you are going to have SUCH a hard time choosing a winner. Better you than me!

(And you even got NANCY to rhyme stuff! And JO!)

Joan said...

Tim Tam, Tim Tam what you do to me
Tim Tam, Tim Tam your lucious goodness is the least for me!

Ok, I'm totally craving these now, and I'm pretty sure Target isn't seasonally selling them yet.

I'd pick Dark Chocolate first, original, caramel, honeycomb (just like Crunchie bars Anna S sends to me, then...hold on Fo...white chocolate. I HATE mint and chocolate together

Laney4 said...

Here's my tribute to James Darren's Splish Splash:

Tim Tam, I wanna take a bite
Long about a Saturday night.
Or maybe Friday, what a day,
Thinking that it’d make things alright!

Well, it DID improve things, I’ve gotta say –
I popped that sucker in
And tried to suck it all day, and then,
Tim Tam, it was all gone.
Well, how was I to know that it was not a bon bon!

My apologies to the late James Darren, LOL!

Laney4 said...

Okay. Here's another:

I don’t know what
A Tim Tam is.
If you asked me about it,
I’d fail your quiz.

If “someone” could send me
One of these bars,
Then I could “rank” it,
Perhaps with five stars!

Please do a good deed
And send one to me.
I’d love to try one –
Especially if free!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

Oh, I love me some Tim Tams. I almost did a little dance when I found them in my local Target.

Anna Campbell said...

Maureen, that's gorgeous! Nothing like the tried and true - and believe me what you said was TRUE! Thanks for playing!

Anna Campbell said...

Susan, proffer and off her? Worthy of Cole Porter, m'dear! Thanks for playing! I love your entry!

Anna Campbell said...

Kandy, ooh, like Tim Tam ice cream? That sounds fabulous! I'm seriously thinking of trying the thick shake recipe. That looked delicious!

Anna Campbell said...

Laurie, points to you! A very nice little quatrain! Definitely in the running! Thanks for playing.

Anna Campbell said...

Anna, in my copious research about TTs, I discovered it was INDEED based on the Penguin. You've been right all these years. When I come to visit, I'll have to try Penguins and see what I think.

Anna and Canya? Excellent word play!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Tiff, I took you to the dark side? Yay, me! They really are too good, aren't they? Enjoy! Thanks for swinging by! And please leave your colleagues at least one to split between them!

Christine Wells said...

Ahhhh, Tim Tams! I must admit I've tried the Tim Tam slam but nothing really compares to eating the biscuit as is. I'm so surprised the Honeycomb flavour won. I haven't tried it but I think I'd always go for the classic. I've tried the white ones and they're good for something different but they're still not the same as the milk chocolate ones.

I try not to have them in the house because I can never stop at one!

Yay, Helen got the bird! Quite fitting that an Aussie should win him today:)

Anna Campbell said...

Kirsten, that was almost an epic! How fabulous! You definitely get points for hard work and creativity! Oh, man, picking a winner is going to be hard. Looks like I'll need to open a packet of Tim Tams to help me decide! Any excuse will do!

Anna Campbell said...

Hellion, that's brilliant! Love it!!!! I might even stick it up on my noticeboard. No, maybe I wouldn't - I have enough trouble keeping away from the pantry as it is.

Anna Campbell said...

Fedora, I WILL give you three cheers for that poem! How clever is that? Wow, you girls are so creative. I'm not sure you need Tim Tams - only joking! Thanks for playing! I'm having fun reading all the entries!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, did I miss our chookie playing hookie? How can this be? I'm never going away again! Helen, I hope he's behaving!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, the already eaten excuse did cross my mind! Honestly, they're half the biscuit aisle in my local supermarket. That means a HUGE market share!

Anna Campbell said...

The wonky wookie? I LOVE it!!!! Jeanne, that was fabuloso. And now of course, I've got Tannenbaum stuck in my brain. Just nobody sing the Girl from Ipanema! Or Spider Pig...

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Christine said: I try not to have them in the house because I can never stop at one!

Ah, THIS could be the other reason for that "one out of two households" thing. If you can't NOT eat them, better to not have them? Yep, I get that. I can't have malted milk balls in the house. No way. Now how.

Can't resist them or Butterfinger candy bars. They make me drool.

Anna Campbell said...

Helly, I don't think you had to do too much teaching! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Catslady, that's gorgeous!!!! Love it. Love all the 'am' rhymes!

Anna Campbell said...

Good luck, Minna. Tim Tams are worth putting aside points for!

Anna Campbell said...

Jo, aren't Target carrying them any more? I wonder why!!! We'll have to bring you extra next time Christine and I are over there! You know, special delivery from the Tim Tam stork! Or perhaps the Tim Tam stalk?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Anna said: Just nobody sing the Girl from Ipanema! Or Spider Pig...

Oh, now you've thrown down the proverbial gauntlet! (Careful! Don't crush the Tim Tams!)


TimTam pig, TimTam pig,
you can have all your Newton figs
TimTam pig, TimTam pig
I've got a rhyme you're sure to dig

On the roof, in the house,
Eat those TimTams with a mouse

TimTam pig, TimTam pig
There's no other, it's just a guy in a wig....

Sorry, short notice and on a dare. Not very melodic...

Anna Campbell said...

OMG, I've kinda got this awful/lovely picture in my head of GB covered in string and stuck with cloves. They had to use extra string on some parts of his anatomy... Snort! Virginia, I love it. Actually I just realized - that makes GB a VIRGINIA HAM!!!!! Oh, man, that was terrible. Shoot me now. No, don't shoot me, I haven't given away the Tim Tams yet!

Anna Campbell said...

Jo, your poem cracked me up!!!! I'm having such fun reading all the entries! Keep 'em comin'!

Anna Campbell said...

Nancy, ham seems to be the rhyme du jour! Perhaps I should add about a Tim Tam, I'd even read Spam! ;-)

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Janga, you're far too classy to hang around in this riotous joint - although we're very glad you do! A whole sonnet about the Tim Tam???!!! You leave me breathless with awe. And that bar is now set very high when it comes to a winner, I have to say! 14 lines high! Brilliant!!!!!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, isn't Janga so clever? I'm in awe!!! I feel like curtseying in her general direction!

Anna Campbell said...

Joan, it was interesting in that article I read - the mint ones really divided people. A lot of people had them on top and a lot of people had them on the bottom. Actually another interesting point - nobody chose the caramels as their favorite. Interesting, huh? They sound like they'd be luscious but perhaps they're not so luscious in real life. By the way, love the poem, Bandita!

Anna Campbell said...

Laney, is James Darren no longer with us? I had a bit of a crush on him. He was a very handsome fellow! Although nowhere near as handsome as a fresh Tim Tam! Love, love, love your poem. And now I've got Splish, Splash stuck in my brain. Oh, well, guess it makes a change from O Tannenbaum! ;-)

Hey, keep the entries coming, girls. I'm having a ball!

Anna Campbell said...

Laney, your conspicuous pleading might soften my hard heart to the consistency of melted chocolate. Let's see, shall we? Bwahahahahahaha!!! Love effort number two too!

Anna Campbell said...

Trish, must be only some Targets that are stocking them. You're a lucky duck. And by the way, did you know your supermarket dance is on You Tube? Snort!

Anna Campbell said...

An Aussie and a Tim Tam fiend, Christine! I think the bird was waiting for Helen today! Just hope he's not running her ragged and eating her out of house and Tim Tams!

Yeah, Tim Tams are hard to stop at one, aren't they? And I agree with you about the perfection of the biscuit. I really must try some of the flavours, though. I suspect I might like the mint one - I love choc mint ice cream!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, do you know Malteasers? I suspect they're a bit like malted milk balls. Milk chocolate over a crunchy malt middle? YUM!!!!! If they're not available in the States, I'll have to do a contest for them at some stage too. They're absolutely luscious! Actually I have to say the locals do us proud on the chocolate snack front - perhaps that's why I'm not the svelte creature I'm sure I was designed to be, snork!

Anna Campbell said...

Jeanne, your poem gave me a giggle. Especially the fig rhyme!!! Seriously, I'm amazed at how creative you all are! And I don't have to make up rhymes at all. I just have to point at someone and hand out largesse. Clearly I was born to be the emperess of a medium size domain!!!!! ;-) Off with her head!!!!

Pat Cochran said...

G'day, Ms. Anna,

Here in the Lair, not a nest,

Tim Tams I won in a contest,

In the freezer they now rest,

For frozen they are the best,

With a nibble each day, YES,

Still have 2 left for me, not
a guest!!

Pat Cochran

Suzanne Ferrell said...

OH Anna, you do have an addiction to those things, don't you? I managed to hold off scarfing up any of Christine's at the National booksigning this year. Barely!

To win those cookies,
Alas, a rhyme I will need.
But should I prevail
a new addiction will I feed!

Anna Campbell said...

Ha ha, Pat, I love your cautionary tale. I've told people be careful not to share because you won't get any for you and the people who haven't heeded me have regretted it BIG TIME!!!! I mean, I know everybody loves their family but these are TIM TAMS!!!!! Thanks for playing - love the poem!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Suzanne, I think Tim Tams could play a prominent role in one of your future steamy reads. Let me know if you want any for research purposes ;-) I think it's my nationalistic duty to spruik the glories of Tim Tams. I'd hate people to think Hugh Jackman is the only gorgeous thing from Oz!

Janga said...

Off topic, but I just read AAR's review of Money, Honey and wanted to shout another yay for Susan for a DIK on her debut novel. And the longing for Mara's story just keeps growing. :)

Anna Campbell said...

Janga, I just checked it out. Wow, what a fabulous review! Money, Honey is a great book so I'm not at all surprised!

Laney4 said...

OMG, I goofed!
It wasn't James Darren (and yes he's still alive).
It was Bobby Darin's Splish Splash.
My humble apologies.
BTW, I really have never heard of Tim Tams before. Perhaps we don't get them in Canada?

Johanna R Jochum said...

I can't get no timtams
for I live in the States
so its too bad for me
cuz they really sound great

Double chocolate! My sweet tooth
and I'll always wonder
how your books read with TimTams
could be better "down under"

I'll be very so sad
if that is my fate
Oh Anna, please save me
it's never too late

Romance and chocolate
said to go "hand in hand"
if they're good as you say
I'll spread word cross our land

Tis not the "queen's english"
but I doubt you will mind
your patience to read this
has been ever so kind

Kim in Hawaii said...

I would have to vote for Laney's Splish Splash tribute to Tim Tams. In fact, her song is inspiring me to run to the Hickam Commissary to purchase Pepperidge Farm's Tim Tams (poor US substitute).

Ironically, I found Tim Tam tins in the Hickam Thrift Shop today - perhaps a family just moved here from Australia. Some senior officers attend a leadership school in Cambrais.

Anna Campbell said...

Laney, they're an Aussie treat. Seriously worth seeking out - I know Target in the US occasionally gets them. Ooh, I remember Bobby Darin - he actually had some lovely songs. Do you remember The Sea? And Mack the Knife!

Anna Campbell said...

Johanna, you crack me up - especially the oh, so subtle hint involved in your poem. And you nearly wrote an epic too! Bravo, you!!!! Seriously, Tim Tams and a good book go together fabulously well. Just ask our rooster-wrangling Helen!

Anna Campbell said...

Kim, Cambrais or Canberra, our capital? I've never heard of Cambrais although that doesn't mean there's no such place! Interesting about the tins! The local editions of TTs are MUCH more impressive!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, and I agree - Laney's Splish Splash is definitely in contention for the BIG prize!

Deb said...

Treasures from Down Under
are chocolate dreams come true.
The creamy and delicious Tim Tams
are heavenly, through and through.

The Golden Rooster crows for Tim Tams;
Oreos nor Chips Ahoy can never compare.
The Aussies have the right of it
in making such divine, chocolate fare.

I'm craving Tim Tam yummies
and wishing Sven was here.
I'd nibble on such goodness,
including the Swede hunk's ear.

Chocolate, Sven, and Tim Tams.
What more for could I ask?
I'll sit here, dreaming and eating Oz treats,
a divine and yummy task.

Anna Campbell said...

Wow, Deb, that was seriously impressive! I'm always so awestruck by how you guys respond to a challenge like write a verse about Tim Tams. It's such fun for all the Banditas to read - even the cabana boys jostle at the screen to see the latest flurries of creativity!

Anna Campbell said...

Deb, just saw it's your birthday! Hope you're having a fantastic day and all your wishes come true this year! Happy birthday!

Deb said...

Thanks and Thanks, Anna.

I remember telling you and Helen that I tried the Pepperidge Farm Tim Tams and loved them, but really bet PF can't compete with Original Ozland Treasures. :)

Pissenlit said...

A Tim Tam post! *drool* Okay, here's my poem.

When I'm looking for a snack,
I reach for the chocolate-y biscuit.
You'll not find in my lunch sack
a single healthy baked whole wheat Triscuit.

The cookies are so tantalising.
I'm sure many will agree
that it isn't very surprising
there are so many a devotee.

That there aren't enough in a packet
is the only downside, I'm sure.
It's enough to for me to cause a racket
when I'm done and there aren't any more.

Pissenlit said...

I just realised I didn't even mention "Tim Tams" in my poem...HAHAHA!

Anna Campbell said...

Snort, Pissenlit! I think we all know what you're talking about!!! Is there such a thing as a Triscuit? Never heard of it! Thanks for playing - love the poem!

Pissenlit said...

Oh ya, Triscuits are a sort of shredded baked wheat cracker thing. Much less fun than Tim Tams. :D

Laney4 said...

Anna, Anna, Anna,
These poems are so great!
Tim Tams sound so yummy,
Yet what about my weight?

If I eat them all at once,
Will I add a pound or two?
Or should I eat them slowly?
Oh, what’s a girl to do?

Methinks they should be savoured
And perhaps dipped in a drink.
The choices seem so endless,
I think, I think, I think!

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Pissenlit, I'm feeling no urge to write a poem to the Triscuit!

Anna Campbell said...

Man, Laney, I'm picking up a definite urge to win the Tim Tams! That's three poems you've put together and all brilliant! Well done, you!

Kim in Hawaii said...

Anna, its Canberra ... I'm a bit embarrased. I knew it was a city that started with C and I confused it with someplace else altogether.

That's what happens when one is deprived of Tim Tams.

Laney4 said...

"I'm picking up a definite urge to win the Tim Tams!"

You can TELL that? LOL. You must be psychic!

All kidding aside, brownies are my vice in life. Well ... that and Pepsi ... and chips.... Well, you get the idea.

Back to the Tim Tams. I found the poll results quite interesting - 4th behind those others? Incredible result -- so it goes to say that Tim Tams must be incredible too? I'm guessing!

I don't usually keep coming back to a blog, but this one definitely "takes the cake" (so to speak). I feel I MUST read every entry! So way to go on choosing such a great topic (and giveaway???, LOL!!!).

Have a nice night/day/whatever!

Caren Crane said...

Tim Tams have more calories than Wall Street's largest salaries.

Though we know healthful food they ain't, our butts show we have no restraint!

That's all the rhyming I got in me tonight, Fo!

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Kim, really subtle too! Honestly, it's a good thing I'm clued in or I'd miss all these hints! ;-) I think Cambrai is in France or Belgium!

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Laney, cool that you've enjoyed the blog (and been such a huge part of making it a success!). I thought the rhyme might be fun but you're never sure if people will play the game and you all have in spades! Yay, you! Thanks for letting me know you've had fun.

Anna Campbell said...

Caren, love the rhyme. Actually something I didn't include in the blog from the article is how many calories are in each variety's biscuit. EEEEEEK! Scary stuff! As you say, higher than Wall Street salaries! Thanks for swinging by, Bandita.

Caren Crane said...

So you know, Fo, I'm still trying to work off last year's packet. Those tasty little buggers stick around (on my thighs) like duct tape!

Anna Campbell said...

Yeah, Caren, there's some truth to "A second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!" Darn it!

Anna Campbell said...

Thanks, guys, for a really fun day in the lair! Don't forget to check back to see who won the Tim Tams!

Kim Colby said...
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Kim Colby said...

Am I too late??

I'm a Kiwi now living in the USA and was absolutely gutted to find they have no choccie biccies here where I live :(

One day I went to the store and nearly fell over!! There on the shelf were some Tim Tams!!! I was in heaven......I later found out that they were only being made here for a limited time, so once again I am Tim Tam-less....sob sob!!

I live in the States
A Tim Tam free zone!
Not one to be had
So far from home....

So here I sit
Alone and bereft
With nothing to dunk
Not one Tim Tam left

The delicious rich chocolate
That melts in your mouth
Is my only hope
To head back down South????