Monday, June 13, 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Ok, right up front I'm here to tell you I HATE the Flying Monkeys!!!! Thus, the Wizard of Oz is not my favorite movie but the analogy of following a magical road to a magical place kind of fit with my topic.

While I don't care much for Dorothy and her crew, I do love magic. That is to say, I love magical romances and romances filled with more than the magic the hero and heroine have together. Although a rabbit out of the hat, so to speak can be pretty hawt!

I love the added spice of magical abilities. I want either the H/H to have the ability to turn the other into a goat J

Well, only if he deserves it.

You might be wondering why I am rambling on about magic and romances and goats. It's because I'm traveling a different writing road…a yellow brick road…to a new subgenre.

Don't be alarmed. My Roman boys are right there with me…I mean somebody has to protect me against those blasted monkeys (Psstt…Demetrius. Just to be on the safe side, take down anything wearing a bellhop outfit) but I'm exploring a whole different realm. A realm that I'm making up. A magical world that I'm building.

My new series is based in Irish mythology. I hope to bring a whole new spin to the folklore of old and cause some trial , tribulation and hot, steamy sex for my heroes and heroines. The first installment is a little over half-finished and was inspired on my third trip to Ireland. With one quick glance of a hunky, black haired, blue eyed Irish stone mason, my saga was born.

But to do this I have to build a world. I stand in awe of my favorite paranormal authors who have woven such wonderful, fascinating fantasy worlds: Sherri Kenyon, Lori Handiland, Jessica Andersen, JR Ward (I used to hate the addition of the "h" in all her names…but I'm so taken with her Black Daggerhood series I'm considering Johanie as my new moniker). They do a masterful job of blending myth with story and creating a back drop of magic for their H/H. I'm TRYING to be a good girl and make out a story "bible" but…I don't do structure well. I'm just letting my characters lead me along and when you're dealing with mischievous beings that can be challenge. Who knew that gnomes were poisonous? That the Lucky Charms guy is a mere caricature of the REAL warrior?

One aspect I'm concentrating on is their magical abilities. Oh, sure everybody can pull an "I Dream of Jeannie" and pop in and out, but I'd like to give them new twists. I also have to guard against making them able to do too much and they have to have their weaknesses. Easy, right?

Not so much.

Add to that the new challenge of writing within the contempary world, using dialect and I've got my work cut out for me and for my hero Ruarc, the High King Patric and assorted other hot blooded magical folk.

So I've been wondering, what magical power would you like to have? Any favorite magical beings i.e. vampires, werewolves, (shudder) gnomes?


Donna MacMeans said...

Woohoo - little rooster, come to Donna!

Hi Joanie - Right now I'd like the magical ability to go to Ireland three times! How I envy you. One of these days I'll get to make that trip.

You know I love the power of invisibility, and I wouldn't mind being able to fly. Sounds like a fun series, Joanie. Good Luck with it.

Helen said...

Well done Donna I am sure he well over being so cold here in Oz have fun with him


Whoo Hoo on the new writing I am sure it will be fantastic I am reading Nalini Singh's newest at the moment Kiss of Snow and is it good or what.
I like the idea of being able to teleport to where the hero or heroine are needed to help with a battle or whatever as fast as possible along with being able to send messages to each other mind to mind.
Good luck Joanie you can't go wrong with magical stories set in Ireland.

Have Fun

barb said...

well done donna have a good day with him

Hi Joanie, hope you finish your book soon as it sounds like it will be a good one.... I like the idea of teleporting all that time traveling

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Donna.

Hi Joan,
I think gnomes are kind of cute. Telekinesis and mind reading are pretty cool powers.

Anna Campbell said...

Donna, he's off to Ohio, is he? He's been hanging around Oz a bit lately!

Wow, Joanie, I kinda lost the thread of the argument about the stage I looked into that guy's blue eyes. What were you talking about again?

Sometimes it's really refreshing to tread a new road, isn't it? Good luck with the new project. It sounds fabulous!

Superpower? I'd like to be able to fly. Specifically, I'd like to be able to fly to NY and see my Bandita Buddies. WHAAAAAAHHHHH!

marybelle said...

Manipulating time would be very cool or probably just cleaning house with the flick of my wrist.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Morning, Joahnie T! Grins. And Donna! You caught the wily bird! He always ends up at a conference or in scandalous pictures when he's with you.

I just have one thing to say about that....share the picture!


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Donna, I'm with you on the wish to go to Ireland. Sigh. I've wanted to go to the magical Isles - Eire and Caledonia - Ireland and Scotland, since I was a wee lass. Haven't gotten there yet, alas.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, and on magical powers, turning someone into a goat...well that would be fun. However, I'm with Barb. I'd like to teleport.

Oh, the fun I could have...

LilMissMolly said...

I just love Irish mythology. I am so looking forward to reading this new book! I like time travel and talking with our ancestors - you know, ghost stories. :)

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

This sounds exciting, reading minds would be a good power to have I think. I would love to go to Ireland myself. Like Jeanne it has been a dream since childhood.

Joan said...

Top 'o the Morning to ye all! It's O'JoanieT who is "on call" for work. My magic didn't work ALL that well as I wanted to be OFF :D

Ah Donna, the magic of going to Ireland. I've been a total of 5 times but the other two were with tours...not as much fun as running the car into a field of trolls or visiting the haunted manor house...people go into have dinner but they don't come out...only their SHOES are tacked onto the side of the house! Strange, yes? We didn't hang around to find out more OR leave our shoes!

TerriOsburn said...

I watched Gnomeo & Juliet over the weekend so now I'm all about filling my flower bed with gnomes. That movie is hysterical. And it's never a bad thing to listen to James McAvoy for a while. ;)

What a fun little trip you're on Joanie. I don't typically do paranormal, but this is the kind of thing I DO do. Magic, witchcraft, and the like. Loved the touches of Irish magic Nora slipped into some of her Irish set stories.

What power would I want? Hmmm... Maybe an inate ability to understand people upon meeting them. Being able to see or know what happened in their past to make them behave as they do. Though as a natural born fixer, that would probably be more of a problem than a positive power.

Joan said...

Hi Helen!

I'll be calling on you, Anna and Christine at some point as one of my Irish warriors will have been transported to Australia.....he's gonna give the home boys a run for their money

Joan said...

Hi barb,

So the big ability so far is teleporting....beam me up O'Scotty?

I like the idea of materializing items i.e. the winning lottery ticket meself :D And being the healing sort, healing would be up there too

Joan said...


Gnomes cute? Aye, I suppose they are but never, NEVER open mail sent by them....

Just sain'

Joan said...

Tip of the hat to ye Anna me dear....

Flying would be a cool magic to have...would it have peanuts? For the monkey?

New roads are scary ;) but also very exciting. And oh, yeah on the pic of Ian Somerholder from Vampire Diaries. Ye can't tell me despite his Germanic surname that he doesn't possess a fair portion of potent Irish blood!

Joan said...


Hi!!!! Yes, flicking a wrist to clean the house would be a great talent to have. Wonder if it works on laundry?

"Flick, flick"

Sigh, nope. Dirty undies still there... drat!

Joan said...

Jeannie, cailin.....hope into the magical mystery tour...shamrock and I'll take ye over.

I know this great manor house for dinner :D

Joan said...


I love Irish mythology too....thus the vast richness that comes with my new series....that and a pint and away we go!

Joan said...


Bring some snacks and join Jeanne and me as we take off to the Emerald Isle!

No potato chips please...we'll get PLENTY of those over there!

Joan said...

Hey TerriO!!!

I saw that movie too and enjoyed it...of course that was before I found out what the "dark" ones can do!

I would not want to be psychic and certainly know what all has gone on. I have very strong empath abilities and am also a "fixer"....not good in the long reun for the fixer!

But along both those lines, go see Xmen First Class WITH James McAvoy...yummo

TerriOsburn said...

You're right, that is not a power to covet. I'm changing my answer.

I want to be able to eat anything I want and be impervious to calories and fat grams. Now THAT'S a power I could run with.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hey Joanie!


Have I mentioned how much I'm loving this story? (Don't be jealous fellow Banditas and Bandit buddies!)

Hawwwt, sexy, Irishmen with magical abilities...yum! And might I just add that the picture on the blog is exactly how I see Rurac from your description!

oh and can I just much as I love me some JR Ward...there's not a vampire (yet) in sight!

This is such a great area of paranormal that has pretty much been neglected...UNTIL NOW!

Okay...I've read most of this and it's a great read, with dark goings on, sexual tension, sexy flawed heroes, a spunky heroine...and Ireland.


Suzanne Ferrell said...

Oh, magical ability?

Teleporting would be good. I could pop in to your house and crack the whip for you to finish this book. I could pop in to see my parents more often. Save on air fares! But like Bones on Star Trek's not right to mess with molecules in transporting, so maybe not.

I know! The magical ability to eat whatever and remain 130# forever! Sigh!

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Terri O:I want to be able to eat anything I want and be impervious to calories and fat grams. Now THAT'S a power I could run with.

See! Great minds think alike!!

^'s Terri!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Joanie said:
I know this great manor house for dinner :D

Heehee. They'd run in fear from US, m'dear Joanie T, for we have the luck, don't'cha know. And we'd have lots of new shoes to choose from once dinner was over.


TerriOsburn said...

*^5s Suzanne back*

Just thinking about this wonderful new power is making me want a brownie.

Anna Sugden said...

So excited about your leprechaun stories, Joanie and can't wait to read them (I'll put aside my bias about Ireland, as it's you and you have cute cats *g*).

Right now, I'd like the magical ability to sell a book! Though I wouldn't say no to a house elf!

Fairies and angels, witches and wizards all appeal to me - but then I'm all about the light paranormal and fantasy.

Joan said...

Awww make me blush.....

Wait till you read the scene with the ...oh...well...let's say it should make the rabbit look like a hamster VBG

You don't need to teleport as I feel the strength of your ENCOURAGEMENT alllllll the way from TX! I have to get Ruarc done cause Declan, Brady, Michael and 14 yo KEEFE have been NAGGING me with insights to THEIR stories. And tight lipped as he is....he's making noise too.

I'll leave it to yer imagination what TYPE of noise hehehehe

And SO with you you and Terri on the eat whatever you want and stay 130# Makes the chocolate blast Goldfish I just ate free!

Joan said...

Anna S. I DO have cute cats (who will soon be appearing on VIDEOS as I have a new camera!) And they are Irish through and through....

How do I know?? Cause they do a mean step dance!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Ah Jo(h)anie, m'luv!
There can never be too many fantasies with an Irish setting! ;-)

I'm partial to anything from the Celtic Faerie Realm with a special fondness for the sidhe (shee).

Congrats on the GR, Donna! Good thing he can't turn invisible, though he does have the teleporting thing down. Wish *I* did!


catslady said...

I'm just discovering the fantasy genre and found a new author for me - Kathryne Kennedy. I would love to have the power to give everyone their own HEA :)

Beth Andrews said...

Your new series sounds great, Joan! Best of luck with it *g*

I'd love to be able to fly.

And eat as many carbs as I wanted w/o gaining any weight ;-)

p226 said...

Since this is a romance blog and all, and since I commented recently in an earlier one about how I'd like my paranormal power to be the ability to cause spontaneous orgasms in people, I'll stick with the vein.

It'd be fun to have cupid's magic powers. I mean, the ability to make two people just fall madly in love, right on the spot. There would be opportunity for some real fun.

Two sprinters in the 100m hurdles at the olympics. Foink! Foink! Mark! Set! *bang* Two sprinters standing on the line making out. Of the same gender, no less.

The upcoming Presidential debates would be pretty entertaining, too. Foink! Foink! Ron Paul sucking face with Sarah Palin would probably spike Pepto-Bismol sales worldwide. It'd be eargasmic.

Ahmadinejad and Netinyahu. Foink. Foink.

The seven foot tall Yao Ming and Hillary Duff (5' 1").

I mean, with a quiver of arrows and a few months of travel, one could concoct the most hilarious situations, no?

Becke Davis said...

Gnomes, werewolves and flying monkeys - you've been reading my works-in-progress, haven't you???

I'd like the magical ability to get a story right without a gazillion revisions. I think I'd have to fight a lot of people for a magic lantern like that!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

ROFL!!! Leave it to YOU, P226!

The presidential debates have endless and hysterical possibilities. ;-)


Joan said...

Who knew being "on call" meant THEY'D CALL ME IN!!!!


Thanks Beth! I'm very excited about this..VERY. And awwww catslady....that's sweet. Throw a few more kittens in there and it would be perfect!

Thanks're right you can never have too many Irish set stories.

Becke!!! YOu have flying monkeys in your Wip??!!! Yikes! I'll have to read it with my holy water in one hand!

Have I mentioned I HATE flying monkeys????

And that brings us to P226....

You're energetic...I'll give you that :-0