Thursday, June 30, 2011

A (Surprise!) Release Party for Christina Brooke

by Christina Brooke (aka Christine Wells)

Break out the cabana boys and get your dancing shoes on because it's time for a very special SURPRISE Release Party in the lair!

By the time you read this, I will be at RWA in New York, squeeing and hugging the Banditas and Bandita Buddies who are there, and missing the ones who aren't like crazy. Oh, and hopefully signing copies of my new book, HEIRESS IN LOVE!

Yes, it's a long time since I had a new book out and finally I can tell you the reason--I'm so thrilled to be writing a brand new Regency historical series for St. Martin's Press, called the Ministry of Marriage or M.O.M. for short. You can read more here.

The series is about six Westruther cousins, three boys and three girls, who have grown up under the guardianship of the Duke of Montford. In this first trilogy, we begin with the girls, Jane, Lady Roxdale in HEIRESS IN LOVE, Lady Rosamund Westruther (MAD ABOUT THE EARL, January 3, 2012) and Lady Cecily Westruther (A DUCHESS TO REMEMBER, July 2012).

Here is the official trailer, which gives you an idea of what HEIRESS IN LOVE is about. You can read more on my website.

Hope you were wearing flame-resistant glasses for that one! And I'm not talking about the candles:)

When Jane and Constantine first meet, they are immediately at loggerheads. Constantine has inherited the house Jane lives in but she doesn't realize at first who this disturbingly handsome stranger is...

JANE OPENED HER EYES and a large form filled her vision—or at least, he filled the doorway—dark hair tousled beyond any recognizable style, heavy-lidded eyes trained on her, and a cigarillo clamped between very white teeth.

She gasped. The rider she’d seen from the upstairs window.

Now, he was close enough to reach out and touch. He smiled at her around that horrible cigarillo, Jane realized with dismay. Her heart lurched into a frantic dance.

Jane’s mind fixed on the source of that smoke as a drowning woman might clutch at a rope. She shoved Rosamund’s handkerchief into her pocket and scowled up at him. “I hope you aren’t going to puff on that disgusting thing in here.”

The man’s green eyes narrowed, observing her for a moment. Then his lips closed around the repellant object. The hollows in his cheeks deepened; the end of the cigarillo glowed amber. Deliberately, he removed the cigarillo from his mouth, tilted his head and blew smoke upward. The stream of cloudy gray passed between his well-formed lips, lifting, clouding, curling in tendrils to caress the plasterwork.

In that attitude, the slightly stubborn jut of his chin became pronounced. Despite her annoyance at his studied disregard for her wishes, Jane’s fascinated gaze traced the strong lines of his throat as they disappeared into a stark white cravat.

The stranger turned and pitched the butt off the terrace in a sailing arc, into the rain.

As if the heavens resented this wanton act, they opened, hurling water down in sheets. The wind gave a ghostly howl. Blood red curtains billowed around him, and the fanciful image of a devil stepping out of hell popped into her head. The gentleman moved inside and closed the long window behind him, shutting out the storm.

Jane shot from her chair, which brought her within discomfiting distance of the stranger’s tall form. He smelled—not unpleasantly—of horse leathers and rain and the exotic hint of Spanish smoke.

They both moved at once, and she fetched up against him in a heady brush of palm to chest, side to muscular thigh. Two large, strong hands gripped her upper arms to steady her. “Whoa there.”

The heat from his palms and fingers seeped into her chilled skin. He seemed even larger than he’d appeared from beneath her window. She had to crane her neck to look up at him and his decided chin.

A sudden fire glinted beneath those lazy eyelids. She almost expected him to hold her longer, but he unhanded her almost before she’d regained her balance. She retreated a hasty step and the backs of her knees hit her chair.

The stranger smiled, another flash made brighter by the contrasting swarthiness of his face. “No, no! Don’t go on my account.” His voice, a husky tenor, plucked its way down her spine.

Jane frowned. Who did he think he was? A gentleman did not barge into private rooms without an invitation. “Oh, I’m not going anywhere. You’ll find the other mourners in the drawing room, sir.”

“I know. That’s why I’m in the library.” The corners of his eyes crinkled. “You don’t have the faintest idea who I am, do you?”

She was beginning to think she did.

As if a new series and a new name weren't exciting enough, I'm delighted to announce that Penguin Australia is releasing the Ministry of Marriage series in trade paperback at the same time as the mass market comes out in the U.S.

The Australian cover is slightly different from the U.S. one, although the beautiful girl in the pink gown is still there.

So to celebrate in style with my favourite people in Romancelandia, today I'm offering a signed copy of HEIRESS IN LOVE to FIVE readers who answer this question:

What's your favourite first meeting in a romance novel? Any cute true life first meeting stories to tell?

And just for today, in a shameless piece of bribery, I am offering a bonus prize of one HARDBACK edition of HEIRESS IN LOVE! All you have to do to go into the draw is sign up for my newsletter here and tell me in the comments that you've joined my mailing list! Let's party everyone!


Ebony McKenna. said...

How exciting Christine, I can't wait to get my hands on these!

Christina Brooke said...

Yay! Ebony got the golden rooster today! So great to see you here. I hope the rooster doesn't disagree with your ferret:)

Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy the book!

Natalie Hatch said...

Congrats on the new release it sounds wonderful. There are way too many first meeting moments in romance novels to pick out an overall "best". Hubby and I met when I was lost trying to find my way to his families house. He came and found my friend and I and we followed him back. When he stepped out of the car and opened the front door for us sparks flew. Nine weeks later we were married.

elainec said...

Hi. I subscribed to your newsletter. Your book sounds great. I look forward to reading it.

Christina Brooke said...

My goodness, Nat, 9 weeks!!!!??? Sorry, I am just picking my jaw up off the floor. Wow, that was really love at first sight, wasn't it? Thanks for sharing your story.

I on the other hand, had a whirlwind romance of 7 years with my dh before we married!

Thanks so much for the congrats!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Elaine, thanks for subscribing--hope you enjoy the book!

Bronwyn said...

Hi Christina!

Can I second the 9 weeks?? Nat, that's amazing!

My man and I met when I was 16, playing darts at his dad's, and every time he would hand me the darts for my shot, he would brush his fingers over mine. All night he would find some excuse to touch me or get close. I was full of butterflies! 13 years later we are planning a wedding and have two beautiful girls =)

Can't wait to read the new book!


Na said...

Congratulations Christina. Time to party in the lair :)

Such a romantic cover. I want to meet this heiress and of her rake of a lover. I can't wait to meet Jane and Constantine and join them on their love journey.

My favourite first meeting in a romance novel is the moment their eyes meet and a connection is formed. It may be brief and take years to develop, or it may be instantaneous and all-consuming, a must-have instinct. I love them all.

Two examples:
In ASHES IN THE WIND by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss when Alaina meets Cole. Of course she is in disguise and he doesn't know it yet, still the chemistry is there!

In THE BONZE HORSEMAN by Paullina Simons when Tatiana meets Alexander while eating ice cream across the street. Such an ordinary moment but life-changing and the beginning of an epic love story.

I am already a subscriber of your newsletter :) Wishing lots of success on your latest release.

Christina Brooke said...

Bronwyn, what a lovely story! I want to say something cheesey about Cupid's Dart but I'll refrain:)

Did you say you are planning a wedding? Best of luck!

Christina Brooke said...

Na, thanks so much for posting and for your kind words about HEIRESS IN LOVE. I haven't read the Woodiwiss, but I was totally absorbed by THE BRONZE HORSEMAN and I remember the scene you're talking about, too! It was such a cold, cold book with all the snow and they meet when she's eating ice cream. That really stuck in my head.

Sven, get the lady an appletini! Na, you've made me want to go back and re-read all my Paullina Simons books!

Christina Brooke said...

Jess on facebook wrote: "Sure if it'll count <3 My blogger identity is Romanceaholic so if they somehow end up coming through, I guess just toss out all but one lol My favorite first meeting in romance is Cam and Amelia from Lisa Kleypas' Mine Till Midnight -- he's busy breaking up a fistfight between two nobles over a soiled dove, and she's looking for her wastrel brother at Cam's gaming hell. He's both intrigued and annoyed (both feelings of course only get worse as the book progresses) :) My own cute first meeting is I met my husband when I was riding around with my BFF's sister and she stopped by his house for something. That's not all that special until you consider that my parents (who have been married since the early 70's) actually met the same way -- she was riding with her cousin who had to stop by my dad's house to drop something off for my grandfather :) Of course, I also like to say about my meeting my husband that I was tired of waiting for good men to find me so I'd decided to go door-to-door and lo and behold I found the best fella on my first stop <3

Michele L. said...

Well, my hubby advertised in the newspaper and I answered the ad. Actually he advertised for a tutor, when he was in his first year of college. I answered the ad, thinking it was going to be a high school student. His dad answered the phone. I asked him if I could talk to Al about the tutor job he put in the paper. He said he wasn't there right now but at his college class! I was shocked!

Well, Al interviewed me for the job but I didn't get it. He asked me out a few days later if I wanted to go out to a disco dancing with him. This was in the 80's. I said to him, wait a minute, I have to ask my mom first. My mom said, she didn't care and to go ahead! Al later told me, he thought to himself, how old is this girl anyway?

Maybe I didn't get the job but I got the handsome, Italian lover instead!

Also, I subscribed to your newsletter, woohoo!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

WOO HOO!!! Party in the Lair!!!

Cabana boys, haul out those industrial sized blenders! We need margaritas and LOTS of 'em!

So happy we can finally reveal your "new" identity, Christine! Heiress In Love looks GORGEOUS and that trailer... (Aunty fans self vigorously) WHERE is my frozen margarita???

I like to say I picked my DH out of the crowd. We met at a singles party and he was the tallest person in the room. ;-)


June M. said...

Hi Christina! Congrats on the release, I can't wait to read this. I am already on you mailing list, and a member of your Brooke club. My favorite first meetings are those where the people do not immediately fall in love, where they actually take an instant dislike to each other.

Still single so I don't have a real life first meeting story, except for past jerks that I would generally like to forget that I ever knew. I have picked a number of bad choice-men before.

Best of luck with this book and with the rest of the series. Btw, if you pick my name, I would actually prefer paperback. Thanks!

Anna Campbell said...

Christina, I've been dying for this moment. People have such a treat ahead of them with Heiress in Love. Well, with Constantine in particular. Yummy Constantine! Congratulations on your new book and release the cabana boys! I'm really enjoying the first meeting stories. Keep 'em coming, everybody!

Itis said...

Hi Christine, I subscribed to your newsletter. I love your book cover, really sexy. I read the excerpt on your website, and I must say it's really interesting, I can't wait to read the book.

My first meeting with my husband was when I went out with my sister and my BFF. He was looked at my from across the room, but I ignored him, because I wasn't interested to met any guy. I just broke up with my ex- boyfriend and didn't need another heartache. But he was walked toward us, talked directly to me. He said, "hi beautiful lady, can I introduced myself to you?" I said no of course. Than he said, can I get something for you to drink? Again I said, no thank you, I still have my drink. Than he changed tactics. He started talking to my sister and my BFF which is happily responded to him, go figured. Anyway, we were end up sat together, talked all night, but mostly him, my sister and my BFF. Me just sat there and brood and didn't say a word if I don't have too. The next day and the rest of eight months before our wedding, he called me every single day, twice a day. Oh did I mention, we lived in different countries. And every month with tried to meet up in the middle. He live here in US and I lived in Indonesia, very long distance relationship, but it didn't stop us to build our love together. And we've been married almost 14 years and have three wonderful children.

barb said...

well done Ebony.... I think he decided one day of the cold wet weather was enough although he had plenty of tim tams

Woo hoo party...... congrats on your book Christina/Christine sounds great and looking forward to reading it.... have signed up for your newsletter... thanks

Winnie said...

Congrats on the new series! I joined your mailing list. For fun, I enjoy reading about first meetings that would involve conflict of some sort.

Jane said...

Hi Christina,
Congrats on the new release and series. Love the pic of Rufus Sewell. One of my favorite first meetings is from Loretta Chase's "The Last Hellion." The hero and heroine meet amid confusion involving a rescue of a girl and the heroine punches the hero and knocks him down.

Katrina W said...

Funny enough my first encounter with my husband was in chemistry class, he snapped the tap and we where evacuated.. I raised my eyes and though oh my and now we have been together over 17 years lol Not the most romantic encounter but one we shall always remember. :)
I love this cover, so luscious and sensual !! The pink is so alluring I love it and the blurb I can wait for their story.
I already subscribe to your newsletter. and I must say I really like both covers ! Even the aussie one ;)
COngrads on the new release and best of luck !!

I must say I can always remember a romantic encounter with the characters in my the books i read, the ones that make your heart flutter or you want to throw your arms around them to !!! Im a real romantic at heart and love a heart warming love story...

flchen1 said...

Wow, WOW, Christine/a! Congrats on this new release and surprise! I'm blanking on best first meet! But I have to confess that while my husband recalls our very first meeting, I do not. Oops! He was part of a tour I (a worldly sophomore) was helping coordinate for a large group of freshmen... Apparently I had a lot else on my mind ;)

marybelle said...

I always love the initial introduction in Lord So-and-so's drawing room. Sizing each other up.

I signed up for the newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Copying Fedora...Christine/a!

Congrats on your new nom de plume and your releases! Can't wait to read them. And now it makes sense why I kept seeing tweets about Christina Brooke. *<:P

The first time I met my husband was on a cold call at his firm. I was more interested in his ability to pay within 30 days. One night eight years later, he called me at home and we talked until 0300. This went on for a week. We became better friends. It was another three years before we walked the plank.

I hope you're having a wonderful time in NYC!


Minna said...

Hey, that guy in the picture looks a kind of like the new Sherlock Holmes:

Favourite first meeting in a romance novel? Um, the one between Roarke and Eve Dallas (in Death series).

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the new book, I really love the cover it's so pretty :) I have subscribed to your newsletter.

Helen said...

Well done Ebony I think this is the first time you have had the GR watch him LOL

Whoo Hoo I am soo excited about this Christina and soo looking forward to reading the book I will be over at the shops on the weekend and looking for it on the shelves (I will send pictures).

First meetings in books I gotta say that one of your Christine Well's books when Max was holding the Guy over the balcony and Lady Kate walked out was a great one LOL another one was when Gideon met Charis in the barn and saved her.

I met my hubby at ice skating when I was 15 and him 17 and we married 5 years later and have been married for 34 years now. He walked up to me held my hand and neither of us looked backwards LOL.

Christina huge congrats on the release this is going to be an amazing series that I really am looking forward to reading.
I have joined your newsletter group.
Have fun in NY


hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

What's your favourite first meeting in a romance novel?

Hard to pick favorites but I always like it when the first meeting involves the heroine wielding a weapon of some sort in the direction of the hero. He is where he shouldn't be for whatever reason and she is not shy about defending herself.

Any cute true life first meeting stories to tell?
When I met my BF for the first time he was with a woman almost 20 years his junior. Almost a year later I met him again and he was telling me how he would give me a new year's kiss but he wasn't sure I could handle it. I put my cell phone on the table, looked him straight in the eye and said "I have references." What I didn't know at the time was that was his "line".

Maureen said...

Congratulations on the new release! I just signed up for your newsletter.

sheila said...

No true life meeting, but I think one of my favorites is Gwen Cassidy falling thru a hole at Loch Ness and landing on a very naked Drustan MacKeltar in Kiss of the Highlander...nothing liker that ever happens to me.

Deb Marlowe said...

Hooray Christine/Christina--so glad to take part in the big reveal! I'm so excited to start the new series!

Loving all the cute meet stories! The dh and I had a weird meet--because we went to the same high school--he was a year ahead of me--but we never met there. Instead, we both ended up at a Halloween Frat party at University and met there, in a dark, sticky basement. Then we had one of those strange conversations--we were amazed that we lived in the same place and knew so many of the same people, but had never met.

Danielle Ferries said...

Congratulations, Christine. I can't wait to start reading this series, it sounds great.

One scene in a romance novel that I love is between Catherine and Henry in Northanger Abbey. I love his wit and charm and their reintroduction through the proper channels.

Oh, and I've signed up for your newsletter too :)

Laurie G said...

Heiress In Love Jane and Constantine wow great except! I can feel the heat and see the sparks!
I'm definitely going to like your series.

Best wishes Christine.

The first time I met my future husband I was a Junior in college. He knocked on the apartment door to go biking with one of my roommates. I went to the door in a robe as I was changing clothes after attending a class. In his retelling I was in a skimpy number and I asked him to come in. I did say he could wait on the couch but I was covered in a full body robe. We didn't start dating until 6 months later.

I did sign up for your newsletter Christina. Good luck with your writing! Love the cover for Heiress In Love BEAUTIFUL!!

Laurie G said...

I forgot to include a first time meeting in a book:

Tempest In Eden by Sandra Brown when Shay meets her new stepfather's son, the minister when he steps out of the shower naked!

Gannon Carr said...

Yay, Christine! I'm so excited about your new venture. :-) And that cover is gorgeous!

My dh and I met when I was 13 and he was 15---he was the neighbor of my best friend, but I already knew who he was even though we'd never "officially" met. No fireworks then, but fast forward a couple of years to when we were both in high school. I had a mad crush on him, but we never really dated until we were both in college. As my grandmother used to tell him, it took him awhile to finally see the light. LOL We'll be married 23 next month!

Gannon Carr said...

Oops, forgot to say that I joined your mailing list. *g*

gamistress66 said...

Congrats on the new release & upcoming series :) Looks fun & would love to get my hands on one of those copies. (I signed up for the newsletter too.) I'll gladly toast to wish you a successful release & since your off having fun at RWA, I'll go ahead & enjoy your glass as well so it doesn't go to waste ;)

Have fun & best of luck!

TerriOsburn said...

For MONTHS I've been thinking, "This Chrisina Brooke person seems so familiar. She must be someone I already know using a new name."

And I was right! Of course I didn't figure it out until yesterday when PJ put a pic on Twitter of herself and Christina Brooke. LOL!

Congratulations!! That website of yours is amazing. The detail and work that must have gone into this. The snippet just pulls you right in too.

The best real life "meet" I've had was when I finally met a man I'd been emailing with for weeks in person. I was MC'ing a large festival and didn't know he was coming. Let me tell you, if you ever want to really impress a man, walk on a stage in front of a few thousand people and have them applaud when you say your name. LOL!

jo robertson said...

Whooooo hooooo, Christine/Christina!!!!! My copy of Heiress in Love has already been downloaded onto my Kindle and I can't wait to begin it.

Congratulations! I love this first meet! I particularly like first meets when the protagonists don't know each other, or make unfounded assumptions. Lots of room for clever innuendo!

traveler said...

Congratulations and best wishes. My favorite first meeting in a romance novel is when their eyes connect across a room at a party and they experience this sensation. Love it.

traveler said...

I subscribed to your newsletter. forgot to mention that. thanks.

Maria said...

Congratulations on your new release Christina! I don't think I have a prefered first meeting scenario - it really depends on the characters themselves because they are all so unique...some first meetings won't work with others...

Maria said...

I signed up for your newsletter too...forgot to put that in earlier post!

petite said...

How wonderful. I met my true love at a resort many years ago. It was summer, of course, and there were many unattached men and women on their vacation. What a memorable week that was. Ended up forevermore.

Diane D - Florida said...

Hi Christina, Congratualtions on your new release. Like you, one of my favourite first meetings in a romance novel was Cam and Amelia from Mine Till Midnight. This is the book that got me hooked on Lisa Kleypas. I also loved the story of Win and Merripen in Seduce Me At Sunrise.

I'm already signed up for your newsletter.

Please enter me into the contest as, I truly would love to win.

dpd333 (at) aol (dot) com

aka The Marchioness of Buckfastleigh - lol

CrystalGB said...

Congratulations on your new release. Sounds great. I love the cover. My favorite first meet in a novel is when the hero or heroine rescues the other one.

Deb said...

My husband and I first met at a teacher-parent conference (he was a single dad). He had just come from work, so wasn't dressed the best, but I thought he was handsome. But, then, at the Christmas concert, he showed up in Levis, denim shirt, and cowboy boots. Oh, my!!! Sexy and handsome! Our first fun meeting was at the garden shop because I had told him I was going to get a hanging flower basket for my front porch and he met me there. It was romantic, yet I can't describe why. Talking over hanging flower baskets was fun and exciting!

Deb said...

P.S. Congrats on the new book, Christine!

catslady said...

I too subscribed to your newsletter. Your book sounds wonderful and I love the cover. I met my husband in high school lol. He was the new kid and he made up some silly excuse to talk with me. We've been married 42 years!

Virginia said...

Congrats on your release! I signed up for your newsletter. Love the cover of your book and I can't wait to read it, sounds really good.

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hey All,
Sorry to say that Christine/a is having "technical difficulties" today. If you are in the greater NY area, you may have heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth. ;-)

But let's keep the PAR-TAY going! Cabana Boys! MORE margarits and some appletinis for our friends in the Big Apple!

loving all these first meet stories!

chey said...

There are too many great first meetings in books to choose a favourite!
Congrats on the new release! It sounds like a wonderful book.

Di said...

Of course I've joined your mailing list!

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Christina Brooke said...

Oh, hallelujah, I'm in!!

I am so, so sorry I haven't been around today. Blogger has not been kind to me!

I have a signing to go to very soon but I'm determined to catch up as and when I can. Thank you all for commenting! I'm so pleased to share this exciting news with my favourite people in Romancelandia!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Michele! Thanks so much for subscribing to the newsletter. What a sweet story about how you met your gorgeous Italian lover! I think some of these could be the inspiration for a romance novel:)

Christina Brooke said...

AC, thanks so much for the congrats! I love that you saw your dh across a crowded room! Strangers in the night....

Christina Brooke said...

Hey, June! Lovely to see you here and thank you so much for joining my community at Brooke Central. *G*

Yes, I love the instant spark that can be manifested in a violent reaction against each other at the start. Loretta Chase does that so well in Lord of Scoundrels!

Christina Brooke said...

Anna, thank you so much for everything--not least for keeping my alias secret all this time! You are a treasure, m'dear!

One of my favourite first meetings is when Matthew sees your poor Grace tied to a table awaiting his ravishment. Now that is a great first meet!

Christina Brooke said...

I'm going down to the St. Martin's signing now but I'll be back after that. Thanks everyone!!

Rhonda Jones said...

My favorite first meeting is Alex and Emma from Julia Quinn's Splendid. Emma is visiting her aunt and cousins from America. Her Aunt is giving her a ball to introduce her to the ton. Emma and Belle is tired of doing flower arrangements, and dress up like maids to help in the kitchen. Emma goes to the store to get eggs for cakes and saves a little boy from getting hit by a carriage and is knocked out. When she wakes Alex is helping her and tells him her name is Meg. He takes her home and decides to go to the ball to see if Meg the maid is ok. He finds out that Meg the maid is really Emma Duston American Heiress. Then the fun begins. I love this book. I didn't know you were Christine Wells also. I love her books.

Danielle Gorman said...

I can't tell you how excited I am to read this book. I have had it on my wishlist for months now. It looks so good. I had no idea that you were writing under a different name.

I can't really think of any first meeting stories. I will say that the first time I met my boyfriend I just knew that he was someone that he would be a good boyfriend for me. It was the first thought that popped into my head when he started bagging groceries for me. We both met while working at a grocery store. I was a cashier and he was a bagger at the time. Now it's 13 years later and we are still going strong.

I am subscribed to your newsletter.

Annie West said...

Christina, you have HARDBACKS! Ooh, love it. And I have to say I love the look of the Aus cover. Can't wait to see it in stores. Huge congratulations on this release. I've been waiting for it!

A cute meet? I'm secretly sniggering over one of mine that I've just written that was a delight to write but I know I'm biased and that doesn't count. Have to say the scene in Anna Campbell's 'Untouched' where the heroine wakes to find herself strapped down to a table then finds the handsome hero watching her and then stating that he's mad, is one I'm never going to forget.

Hope you're having a wonderful time in New York. I bet the book signing was a special treat!

Kat said...

Congrats, I am all signed up.

Jenn3128 said...

Oh Ladies, I am loving the stories today! Thanks for the almost endless entertainment while I'm "working".

I'm having troulbe with a fictional meeting, the hubs & mine keeps popping into my head. It's not even that exciting, but here goes:

After months of him calling to yell at my boss & me having to play a little interference, he finally asked me out. I get to where we are meeting and we happen to be wearing the exact same colors. Maroon shirts & jeans. We ended up moving in together a month later. Married 10 years 7/22!

Jenn3128 said...

Oh & I forgot to mention (all distracted by the husband) I signed up for your the site, btw its so pretty!

Barbara E. said...

I loved the first meeting of Robin and Petre in Jo Beverley's A Lady's Secret. She's dressed as a nun, but a nun like Robin has never seen and he's intrigued.
The only true life story I have to tell is my son and his ex-wife who met online. He thought she was going to USC (Univ. of So. Calif), but actually, she went to USC (Univ. of South Carolina). By the time he figured it out, he was already intrigued and was able to talk her in to coming to California, which resulted in a 10 year marriage but unfortunately did not result in happily ever after.

Pat Cochran said...

Looking forward to this new series, Christine!

I've told this tale before, but I'll
tell it again because it is so close
to my heart. Honey & I met 52 years
ago at a party. All of us were dancing
& the DJ took a break. We all sat to
rest except for one fellow, who was
left standing. Being a nurturer by
nature I invited him to share my chair,
which he did. We introduced ourselves
and he joined our group. On his way
home that evening he told his friend
that he would be marrying me one day.
Which he did two years later & this
year we celebrated 50 years together!

Pat Cochran said...

Christine, forgot to say that I
signed up for your newsletter!

Pat C.

Deb said...

I joined the mailing list, too! :)

Amber said...

Hi Christina! Congratulations on your new release HEIRESS IN LOVE. It sounds great and I can't wait to read it!

For some reason I'm blank right now and can't think of my favorite romance meeting in a book, but I did sign up for your newsletter.

Christina Brooke said...

Wow, Itis, I love that story! Your husband sounds like a very smart man (with excellent taste, as well!) Clearly it was a marriage meant to be.

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Barb! Thanks for the congrats and for signing up for the newsletter. Lovely to see you!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Winnie! Thank you for joining the mailing list and for your congrats. Interesting--I really like a battle of the sexes type of book so I like those kinds of first meetings, too.

Christina Brooke said...

Jane, thank you! Bravo! I love that scene of Loretta Chase's too. She is amazing at first meetings. I love the one in Lord of Scoundrels and of course, Mr. Impossible where Daphne bargains to get Rupert out of prison, all the while extremely doubtful of whether he's worth it!

Christina Brooke said...

Jane, thank you! Bravo! I love that scene of Loretta Chase's too. She is amazing at first meetings. I love the one in Lord of Scoundrels and of course, Mr. Impossible where Daphne bargains to get Rupert out of prison, all the while extremely doubtful of whether he's worth it!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Kat! Lovely to see you here. Thank you for being a part of my community. Do you have your title yet?

What a cute story about how you and your husband first met! You're in good company here, being a true romantic. Thank you!

Christina Brooke said...

Fedora, thank you! I'm shocked you don't remember your first meeting with your husband!! But if he were only a lowly freshman... Did he worship you from afar for a while? that's so sweet!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Marybelle, so you like the polite kind of meeting with all those emotions simmering underneath? Interesting! thanks for commenting and signing up for the newsletter!

Christina Brooke said...

haha, Jennifer, I was wondering if anyone would spot that. My dearest banditas have been so wonderful, helping to spread the word about this new series. I was waiting to see if any of our buddies would connect the dots:)

Isn't it a promising start to a relationship when you can really talk to a man? I love your story, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing.

I'm having a fabulous time in NYC, thank you! It's been such a treat to see the Bandits and all my RWA friends.

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Minna, the picture is of Rufus Sewell in Middlemarch, in case you were wondering.

Oh, Roark and Eve are a classic couple aren't they? I love that series! Thanks for commenting.

Christina Brooke said...

Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Isn't the cover gorgeous? I never get tired of looking at it.

Christina Brooke said...

Helen, you are a darling!! Big hugs from over in the big apple!

I would love it if you'd send pictures of the book, especially the trade paperback--the book came out the day I left for NYC so I didn't get to see it on the bookstore shelves.

Haha, thank you--I really did have a lot of fun with that beginning to The Dangerous Duke.

And I vividly remember Gideon saving Charis, too. That was a lovely scene.

Wow, Helen, you were so young and yet you really did get your HEA with the boy of your dreams. No wonder you love romances so much. 34 years is amazing. Congratulations!

Thank you for your congrats and for joining the newsletter group. I appreciate your support, as always!

Christina Brooke said...

Dianna, LOL on your penchant for females with violent tendencies. But the flipside is passion, isn't it? I loved it when Mary shot Vidal in Heyer's Devil's Cub.

Oh, I LOVE that you came back with the witty comeback to your BF's line. That showed him, I bet!

We have some feisty women on this blog, don't we?

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Maureen, thank you!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Sheila, Wow, I want to read that book now. Sounds like a stunning beginning.

Christina Brooke said...

Deb, my sister! I miss you!

Thank you for all your support. You've been marvellous!

Deb, I love the setting of the scene you were doing with that first meet--I can just feel the place! LOL Lots of young lovers among us, aren't there?

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Danielle, great to see you!

Thank you-- I hope you do enjoy this series. I've had a ball writing it.

Oh, how could we forget Miss Austen? I must go back and re-read Northanger Abbey. Haven't read it since I was in high school!

Thank you for signing up!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Laurie and thank you so much for the good wishes. Hope you enjoy the series.

LOL funny how couples remember their first meeting quite differently! My husband and I still argue over who asked whom out. (He asked me, of course!!)

Christina Brooke said...

Laurie, thanks for signing up for my newsletter, too!

You know there's a naked man theme running through these favourite first meets! Naked men and violence. You ladies are a riot!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Gannon! Lovely to 'see' you on the blog even if I am sobbing about not seeing you in person.

What an achievement--23 years! And you knew what you wanted from a very young age. Crushes are so desperate at that age, aren't they?I'm so happy you have your HEA!

Thank you for joining the newsletter list!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Gamistress! Thank you so much for the congrats and LOL on enjoying my glass as well. You're most welcome, as long as it wasn't Veuve and pink and then I would have to get tough:)

Thank you for the good luck!

Christina Brooke said...

Wow, Terri, I'm so pleased to know someone recognized my innate talent and charm:)) Seriously, thank you very much for the compliment on the website. My webmistress is amazing and I hope the site draws the reader into this fictional world I've created.

Oh, how utterly cool to get an ovation in front of this new man. You must have felt like a goddess. Thank you for sharing!

Christina Brooke said...

Jo, you are a darling. Thank you!

Yes I like those false assumptions kinds of first meets, too. I think we're all pretty much agreed that we like conflict in our first meets!

Christina Brooke said...

Maria, you're right--it is hard to generalize. Thanks for the congrats and for signing up for the newsletter!

Christina Brooke said...

Hello, Petite! Great story of summer lovin'! thank you!

Christina Brooke said...

My dear Lady Buckfastleigh, great to see you over here at the bandits.

Isn't Lisa Kleypas a wonderful writer? I love her books!

You're most definitely entered in the contest, don't worry!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Crystal! Thank you, isn't the cover beautiful? Ooh, nice rescue situation, I like it! Thanks for commenting!

Christina Brooke said...

Oh, Deb, I just love the idea of love blossoming among the blossoms! My goodness, it's after midnight and I really should be in bed which is why I'm making these truly awful puns!

Thanks for the congrats!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Catslady! Thank you for subscribing. It is a pretty cover isn't it? Such a sweet story! Thank you!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Virginia, thanks for saying you're looking forward to HEIRESS IN LOVE and for signing up to the newsletter!

Christina Brooke said...

Thanks for alerting the BBs to my problems AC. Unfortunately, once I could get into blogger, I no longer had any time to comment! So I'm sitting here at 12.40am, determined to get to everyone.

I am so, so grateful for this wonderful community. Thank you for the turnout today. You're the best!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Chey! Thank you so much!

Christina Brooke said...

Di, thanks for joining my mailing list. Now that I have so many people on it, maybe I ought to send a newsletter! LOL

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Rhonda! Wow, it's so long since I read Splendid. Wasn't that one of JQ's pre-Bridgerton books? What a cute first meet! I'm going to have to re-read this!

Oh, thank you for saying you love the wells books. Hope you love HEIRESS just as much!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Danielle! *Big waves*

I'm thrilled that you're looking forward to HIL.

Thanks for telling us your first meet story. I met my husband at work, too! 13 years is a long time, congrats!

thank you for subscribing to my newsletter.

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Annie, my dearest! I was spruiking your books to someone just today. I hope your ears were burning!

Annie, I may have hardbacks but you have manga! LOL Honestly, when will the Japanese realize that my books would be perfect for manga?

Can't wait to find out what the cute meet you're sniggering over will be. Oh, Snap! On the Untouched scene! that's the one I picked too.

Christina Brooke said...

Thanks Kat!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Jenn! Aren't all these stories wonderful? The writer in me is picturing how I would turn each one into a book. Pity I write historicals!

LOL on wearing the same colours. And such a relatively unusual one, too!

Thanks for signing up and for the compliment on the website!

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Jenn! Aren't all these stories wonderful? The writer in me is picturing how I would turn each one into a book. Pity I write historicals!

LOL on wearing the same colours. And such a relatively unusual one, too!

Thanks for signing up and for the compliment on the website!

Christina Brooke said...

Barbara, thanks for commenting. Jo Beverley does wonderful openings doesn't she?

Wow, that is commitment to move all that way so they could be together. I'm so sorry it didn't work out.

Christina Brooke said...

Hi Pat! Many congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary. That is such a wonderful achievement! Oh, I love the story about the last man left standing. I would have done the same as you. I hate it when someone is left out. I love that your husband valued that sweetness in you. Thank you for sharing!

Christina Brooke said...

Deb and Pat, thank you for joining the mailing list!

Christina Brooke said...

Amber, thank you! Hope you enjoy it!

Christina Brooke said...

Goodnight everyone! Despite the technical difficulties, I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your stories of true romance!