Sunday, June 19, 2011

Patricia Sargeant introduces Regina Hart

hosted by Donna MacMeans

It gives me great pleasure to re-introduce my good friend, Patricia Sargeant. We've known each other from our pre-published days. Patricia is a true sweetheart and I know you're going to love her as well.

Donna, thanks a million for letting me return to your Romance Bandits community. I had a blast last time. I’m excited to return to introduce my alter ego, Regina Hart.

This month, June 2011, my first contemporary romance as Regina Hart hits the shelves. Fast Break is the first book in my professional basketball contemporary romance trilogy, which features the Brooklyn Monarchs. Fast Break introduces the team’s owner, Jaclyn Jones, and its rookie head

coach, DeMarcus Guinn. To save the Monarchs franchise, Jaclyn and DeMarcus have to work together to take their Cinderella team from worst to first in the league.

Romance and sports. That’s a mouthwatering combination, my friends. Some of my favorites include Susan Elizabeth Phillips (golf and her

Chicago Stars football series, of course), Kate Angell’s Richmond Rogues baseball series, Farrah Rochon’s New York Sabers football series and Lori Foster’s SBC fighter series.

And then there are the romance movies with sports themes. Of course

I have to list Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger. Three of the movies greatest lines are staples of our lexicon.

  • “You had me at hello.”
  • “You complete me.”
  • “Show me the money.”

One of my newest favorites is Just Wright with Queen Latifa and Common. Just Wright has a cornucopia of my favorite story ingredients.

It starts with the sports appetizer, a Cinderella-themed entrée and a riches-to-rags-to-riches dessert. It’s like Rocky Road ice cream with all of this super deliciousness in one scoop.

What are some of your favorite sports romances, either book, movie or both? What do you enjoy about sports romances?

And, as a way of saying “thank you,” I’d like to offer one commenter a copy of Heated Rivalry, written as Patricia Sargeant, and a second commenter a copy of Fast Break, both are contemporary romances featuring former athletes.

Thank you again for letting me visit with you. If you have a little time, you’re welcome to visit my Patricia Sargeant website,, or my Regina Hart website,


barb said...

looks like he is coming back to the cold LOL

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Barb, he definitely likes you right now!

Hi Regina/Patricia! Lovely to have you back here. So glad you had a good time on your last visit.

I actually think I was about the only person on the planet who didn't like Jerry Maguire. Horses for courses I guess (I liked Sea Biscuit and National Velvet too!). Other sports movies that are great? I loved Field of Dreams and Bull Durham! And Susan Elizabeth Phillips has a lifelong fan here in Oz. I adore her sports books!

Love the sound of the Queen Latifah film. I think she's fantastic. Anything she does has oomph, hasn't it? Must get it out. Hadn't heard of it before you mentioned it.

Good luck with the new persona! Sounds like a hole in one to me!

barb said...

Yes Anna I think he does or maybe it is too hot for him over there.... I must say Anna I have never watched Jerry Maguire

Hi Patricia/Regina...congrats on your alter ego's new book, I like most books as long as they have a HEA

marybelle said...

I actually can't think of any other sports romances - I would have said Jerry Maguire. I obviously must branch out in my reading & viewing.

Anna Campbell said...

Mary, haven't you read Susan Elizabeth Phillips? I LOVE her books - try LADY BE GOOD or HEAVEN TEXAS or NATURAL BORN CHARMER or MATCH ME IF YOU CAN or... OK, ANYTHING by SEP is fabulous! Seriously, she's fantastic!

Helen said...

Well done Barbara it is a bit cool to wander down for a cuppa at the moment LOL

Hi Patricia/Regina

I gotta say this new book sounds so good and I can't wait to read it (I was lucky enough to win a copy at another blog). I haven't read many books about sports at all although I did very much enjoy Marie Force's Line of Scrimmage.

I have seen a few movies that I have really enjoyed (I am with you Anna not a fan of Jerry McGuire) but I love ones with kids in them like Mighty Ducks and there have been a few baseball ones that I can't think of the name at the moment to tired after a full day at work.

Huge congrats on the release thanks Sonna for inviting Patricia back to visit

Have Fun

Donna MacMeans said...

Congratulations Barb! That wily rooster must just like the cold, thugh it certainly hasn't been too hot over here. It's been cool and rainy here in Ohio, though I understand that's about to change.

I believe my favorite sports movie is Rudy. It's a true story about the importance of never giving up. I like that. Anna mentioned FIeld of Dreams and Bull Durham, both wonderful. I like Hoosiers as well. When I saw Just Wright, I thought it sounded just like your book, Patricia. Great minds and all that.

I love Susan Elizabeth Phillip's books. I remember when she said she had difficulty selling Fancy Pants because the hero is a golfer. That was one of the first romances I recall reading. Love the way she combines humor and storytelling.

Patricia Sargeant said...


You early bird! Good morning!


Patricia / Regina

Patricia Sargeant said...

Anna, hi!

Thank you for the welcome.

I actually know other people who aren't Jerry Maguire fans. LOL!

I hope you enjoy Just Wright. I've seen it three times. LOL!

Thank you so much for your well wishes. I really appreciate them.


Regina / Patricia

Patricia Sargeant said...


Thank you for your cheers on my Regina Hart personae.

You must be a voracious reader. LOL!


Regina / Patricia

barb said...

Patricia we are the other side of the world so it was about 4.00pm when I nabbed the bird..... not an early riser LOL

Patricia Sargeant said...

Marybelle, hi!

I can't think of a lot of sports romance movies. Often the romance is secondary, as in Glory Road. Loved that movie! But the romance is definitely secondary.

The Replacements isn't my favorite movie. It has some cute parts, though, and a romance.

For sports romances, please try Susan Elizabeth Phillips's It Had to be You, her first Chicago Stars book. You'll thank me for it. LOL! I read somewhere she hadn't intended for it to be a series or at least not as long of a series. I'm glad her inner writer wanted to write more of them.

All the best!

Regina / Patricia

Patricia Sargeant said...

Anna, oh!

Great list! And if I may add Fancy Pants and Nobody's Baby But Mine.

Marybelle, truly, you'll thank us. LOL!


Regina / Patricia

Patricia Sargeant said...


How lovely to "see" you here! I hope you enjoy Fast Break. Thanks so very much for your cheers. {{hugs!!!}}

I've got to read Marie Force's Line of Scrimmage. Thanks for the tip. I'm a huge football fan. Do you enjoy the game?

Hugs! And thanks again!

Patricia / Regina

Patricia Sargeant said...


Thank you so much for letting me come back to Romance Bandits! Wonderful community.

I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips's writing as well. Mercy! Lady Be Good has so many wonderful nuances in character development. I was amazed when she said she wasn't a plotter.

I may just buy Just Wright. Great story! I originally wanted the heroine in the third book in the Monarchs trilogy to be a physicial therapist. After seeing Just Wright, I didn't feel up to the challenge of "competing" with that story. Perhaps if the trilogy becomes a series, I'll resurrect that story idea. But not right now. I'm not feeling worthy. LOL!


Patricia / Regina

Patricia Sargeant said...


It was 4 p.m.? That's hilarious! I'm so glad you stopped by to comment on the post.


Patricia / Regina

Susan Gee Heino said...

Hi, Patricia! Oops, I mean "Regina" (and you know how I'm pronouncing that). Your upcoming book sounds great. I hope you do end up with a series. I don't know anyone else who is writing basketball stories and yours will be awesome.

I'll chime in with the SEP love. She's great, and I had read several of her books before I even realized they were "about sports". The fact that the characters all played sports never seemed to clue me in. LOL

Thanks for the movie tip on Just Wright. I love Queen Latifa and the story sounds really cute. I saw the previews and forgot to go hunt it down. But I'm hunting down your book first!

Barb V. said...

Hi Patricia!

I am a very casual sports fan, so sports romances were not always high on my "must buy" list. I have to say Susan Elizabeth Phillips is the author responsible for showing me that sports romances can be a great read. Another writer I'm fond of is Deirdre Martin, with her New York Blades hockey series.

I have my copy of Fast Break and it's very near the top of my TBR stack. It looks so good -- and I've read glowing reviews. Also, wanted to comment on how great the Fast Break trailer is. Big kudos to those responsible for it.

I do have a question: Any time frame for the release of the next two books in the trilogy?


Nancy said...

Barb, congrats on the GR! Keep him busy. :-)

Pamela, welcome back! I enjoyed the Chicago Stars but am not familiar with some of these other series. Your basketball books sound like fun. I enjoy watching basketball, especially when it's played as a team sport and not a background for showboating.

As for other books and movies, we North Carolinians have a soft spot for Bull Durham, which was filmed in Durham. I loved A League of Their Own. Fever pitch was great, and so was The Rookie. Field of Dreams is probably a classic by now. Robert Redford in The Natural, with a better ending than the original story, was terrific.

Hmm. Lots of baseball in there. I also loved Chariots of Fire. If we can warp in medieval sports, A Knight's Tale is a favorite with all that jousting.

Donna MacMeans said...

Barb V - Thanks for mentioning Patricia/Regina's trailer. Loved it. Here's the link:


Nancy said...

The dh reminds me that we tremendously enjoyed Bend it Like Beckham.

Nancy said...

Patricia, I can't believe I called you Pamela and didn't catch it! I am so, so sorry!

Donna MacMeans said...

Had to mention another football movie - thought it was more than that. WE ARE MARSHALL. Brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about it - especially as Marshall University is only a 3 hour drive south from here.

Sports teams, winning/losing - it makes such a great backdrop against which to plot a story. You just don't see movies set frequently (grin).
It can add so much emotion.

Patricia Sargeant said...

Susan Gee Heino!!!!

Oh, how lovely to "see" you here! Thanks for stopping by. {{big hugs}}

Yes, the Susan Elizabeth Phillips love is flowing and I just love it. I love, love, love her books and it feels so great to be surrounded by other people who also love her books. Group hug!

Donna introduced me to Susan Elizabeth Phillips, so I think she deserves some credit - or blame; LOL! - for this trilogy. LOL! (Love you, Donna!)

Susan, thank you for your cheers. Let me know what you think of Just Wright.

One last quick hug!

Patricia / Regina

Sue-Ellen Welfonder said...

Hi Patricia/Regina! Great post.

I'm reading FAST BREAK and it is so good. Heroine Jaclyn has backbone! I love how she stands up for her team in an early confrontation with someone who doesn't have the team's best interest at heart. And the 'Mighty Guinn' is my kind of hero: not just good looking and all the usual hero requirements, he's a man of integrity and honor. I'm LOVING this book.

Other sports romances... I devour anything by Kate Angell. Her Rogues are amazing.(baseball romance) I love Kate's hallmark wit, her always-sympathetic characters, how she paints a vivid storyworld, and that her books always have animals.

Just now, though, I belong to FAST BREAK. If you haven't yet picked up a copy, treat yourself. I've been a huge fan of Patricia/Regina since Tails of Love and her super-emotional tale, "Scaredy Cat." I've been loving her books ever since.

Have a fun day with the Bandits, Patricia/Regina! They're a super group.

Patricia Sargeant said...

Barbara V!!!

Come here, you! {{big hugs!!!}}

Thanks so much for stopping by and posting a comment.

I hope you enjoy Fast Break. I'm afraid I don't have the release dates for the other two books yet. I apologize. I'll post an announcement on my website, the Scamps & Vamps group and Twitter as soon as I hear back from my editor. I'm so sorry for the delay.



jo robertson said...

Hi, Patricia, welcome back to the Lair! Sports stories are so exciting, I think, and I'm especially fond of basketball ones!

Patricia Sargeant said...


How lovely to "see" you again! Thank you for posting a comment. I really appreciate it. And never to worry about the name. We're all friends here and love means never having to say I'm sorry. :)

Baseball movies are fantastic. I loved A League of Their Own. I'm always quoting, "There's no crying in baseball." LOL! Great line.

And I loved Bend it Like Beckham!

You've got great taste in movies, Nancy.



Patricia Sargeant said...


Thank you so much for posting the link to the Fast Break book video.


Patricia / Regina

Patricia Sargeant said...


I loved We Are Marshall, too. There's a lot of love in that story. Not romantic love, but love of a community, a team, friends and neighbors. So much inspiration.

Thanks for reminding me, Donna.


Patricia / Regina

Anna Sugden said...

Welcome back, Patricia and welcome anew Regina *g*.

You're talking my language when it comes to sports romances, be they books or movies. I still have high hopes that my hockey romances will sell one day, so I can join the ranks of Rachel Gibson and Dierdre Martin. Their hockey romances rock!

I'm a huge fan of Kate Angell's Richmond Rogues and SEP's Chicago Stars too.

Carly Phillips series about the sports agency is really good too.

I'm so-so about Jerry McGuire - the dialogue is awesome, but the acting is a little meh. LOVE Bull Durham! Mystery, Alaska is another great one.

If you like feel-good sports movies, Miracle (about the US hockey team) is fab, though no romance *g*. I also really liked We are Marshall (but then Matthew McConnaughey, even in tasteless clothes, is yummy!)

Will definitely pick up Fast Break - not a huge basketball fan, but if it's a sports romance, I'm there (as the Banditas and BB's know *g*)!!

Patricia Sargeant said...


Thank you so much for stopping by. How lovely of you! And thank you for your incredibly kind words about Fast Break. I'm so glad - and relieved; LOL! - that you're enjoying the story.

I love Kate Angell's stories, too. So funny and sexy. Great stories with strong characters. Love them!

I love your books, too. You have such a beautiful writing voice. You can make a grocery list emotional and compelling. I'm looking forward to reading Sins of a Highland Devil and I'm going to pre-order Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel. Great titles!

Love and hugs!!!

Patricia / Regina

Patricia Sargeant said...


Thank you so much for the welcome!

Are you a basketball fan? If so, who's your team?

Today's Dirk Nowitzki's birthday. His Dallas Mavericks just won their first ever NBA championship, it's Fathers' Day and it's his birthday. A triple treat, I think.


Patricia / Regina

Patricia Sargeant said...


Big hugs to you, lady!!! Thank you for welcoming me back and for welcoming Regina. LOL!

Very best wishes to you for your hockey romances. I hope you find a great home for them soon. Who's your favorite NHL team?

I'm a huge Kate Angell fan, too. Her characters are strong and three-dimensional. I can't wait to read Sweet Spot. May 2012, baby. Mark those calendars! LOL!

And Susan Elizabeth Phillips. ((sigh)) What a talent!

I've got to look for Mystery, Alaska. I meant to see it when it came out in the theatres, but missed it. My bad. Thank you for the reminder.

Loved, loved, Miracle. What a great story! The fact that it was based on a true story made it even more magical for me.

If you do get a chance to read Fast Break, I hope you enjoy the story.

Huge hugs!!!


Beth Andrews said...

Welcome back to the lair, Patricia! Congrats on your new venture - Fast Break sounds fabulous! My youngest and I have been wanting to see Just Wright and now with your high praise, we'll put it at the top of Must See list *g*

Though they aren't romances, I loved Little Giants and The Mighty Ducks...and watched them both at least a hundred times thanks to my son loving them as a kid :-)

I really enjoyed Leatherheads, but then I adore both George Clooney and John Krasinski ;-)

Patricia Sargeant said...

Beth Andrews, hi!

Thank you so much for your welcome and your cheers. Both are greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoy Just Wright as much as I did. I love Cinderella stories and this one was especially righteous. :)

I'm going to put Leatherheads on my must-watch list. Thanks for the recommendation.

All the very best!

Patricia / Regina

Judy F said...

HI Patricia.
Just wanted to stop and say hi.
I loved Fast Break. Great book and the trailer is HOT.

I love a lot of sports books. SEP,Rachel Gibson, Deidre Martin to name a few.

Hope you have a wonderful sunday.
Miss you already

Patricia Sargeant said...

Judy F.!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello. {{hugest hugs!!!}}

Thank you also for your kind words about Fast Break and its book video.

Miss you, too!!!



Becky Barker said...

My last post vanished into cyber space, so trying again.

I'm terrible with titles, but my favorite sports-themed book is a Susan Elizabeth Phillips story that involved football players and Lucky Charms. LOL!

We love you by any name, Patricia:-)

Hugs, Becky

Patricia Sargeant said...

Becky! Becky! I'm so glad you posted again. Thank you! We love you, too. {{{HUGEST HUGS!!!}}}

You've been getting mad kudos for Bridleton. Very well deserved!

Another Susan Elizabeth Phillips fan. Yay! The one with the Lucky Charms comment was Nobody's Baby But Mine. OMG!!! That line - that entire scene - should be cast in gold.

Smooches, Becky!!!

Patricia / Regina / Becky Barker Fan :)

glittergirl said...

Hey Patricia! Sue-Ellen at Tartan Ink gave us a heads up about your guesting here today! Congrats!! I've so enjoyed getting to know you and of course we share a love of sports--mine being the Oregon Duck's Football!! Go Ducks!! Enjoy your day- I'll have to collect your Seargeant titles now that I have "Fast Break"

Patricia Sargeant said...


Oh, my word!!! How lovely that you're here. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello. I'm so glad to know you. If you do get a chance to read my Patricia Sargeant titles, I hope you enjoy the stories.

Hugest hugs!!! And Gooooooo Ducks!!!


Caren Crane said...

Barb, congrats on nabbing the GR...I think. :)

Patricia, it's great to have you back with us and especially great to hear about your Regina Hart novels. You are so right that romance and sports make a mouth-watering combination.

One of my very favorites is Fever Pitch with Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. It has my very favorite ingredient of all - humor! Anyone who hasn't seen it should queue it up on Netflix right away. It is romantic, sweet, maddening (because Jimmy plays a super-obsessed Red Sox fan) and very touching. Just perfect!

And though it isn't a romance, I would recommend the remake of Brian's Song (2001). It was really good - better than the original (1971), which I rarely say about anything! For Firefly fans, the actor who played the doctor on Firefly plays Brian Piccolo and is fantastic. Watch it with a box of tissues!

I also love Remember the Titans. Denzel is always easy on the eyes, but he did a great job with this movie about facing and overcoming the resistance to integration. Really, sports teams were on the cutting edge of integration in the US and it's handled lightly in Brian's Song and more head-on in Remember the Titans.

I love this topic and can't wait to read the new books!

Caren Crane said...

Oh, and for the sports underdog film lovers, you can't beat Breaking Away, starring a VERY young Dennis Quaid, Dennis Christopher, Daniel Stern and Jackie Earl Haley. Good stuff!

Off to Netflix for Leatherheads, which I meant to see but missed somehow...

Donna MacMeans said...

You know - I've never made it through Leatherheads - George Clooney nonewithstanding. That one just doesn't do it for me. But I'd forgotten about Remember the Titans - That's a good one.

now here's an oldie - North Dallas Forty. I remember it because I think my husband looked like Mac Davis in that film. Notice the past tense (grin). That's back when my husband actually had hair. (But he still has the shoulders!)

Karen said...

Hi, Patricia! (waving)
Just wanted to stop by to say hello and extend Congratulations on the release of Fast Break!
Karen C.

Anna Campbell said...

Ooh, Nancy, Chariots of Fire. All those beautiful young men looking soulful? How could it fail?

flchen1 said...

Hi, Patricia/Regina! I do love sports romances--the ones you mentioned are favorites, as well as Marie Force's Line of Scrimmage.

Delighted to learn about your new pen name--I've quite enjoyed your writing as Patricia; now I have more to look forward to!

Deb's Book Nook said...

Hi Patricia. I'm trying again. Having a terrible time getting it to go through.

You know I love your books, regardless of what the subject may be so know the new ones will be another huge hit!

I'm not that big into sports but do enjoy the occasional movie. Think my current favorite is the one what Sandra Bullock and the football player that she takes into her home. Can't remember the name for anything.

Best of luck!


Patricia Sargeant said...


I LOVE your enthusiasm for sports romances! Wow, lady! You and I could definitely go to the movies together.

Loved Remember the Titans. Another one ot watch with a box of tissues. Denzel was wonderful in that movie. I also enjoyed Passing Glory. That's another movie that deals with integration in sports, as does Glory Road. Great movies.

I've GOT to see Fever Pitch. I love romantic comedies. And something tells me I may bare a slight resemblance to Jimmy Fallon's character. LOL!

Thanks, Caren!



Patricia Sargeant said...

Karen C.!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by to say hi. I really appreciate it and it's always a true pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for your cheers.

Huge hugs!!!


Patricia Sargeant said...


You brought me down about Leatherheads. :(



Patricia Sargeant said...


LOL! I have a weak spot for runners.



Patricia Sargeant said...


How wonderful to "see" you again! Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope you're well.

Huge hugs!!!


Patricia Sargeant said...


Thank you so much for sending your post again. It's lovely to "see" you here.

The movie you're thinking of is The Blind Side. It looks good and I liked the casting.



Kathy said...

Hi Patricia,

I enjoyed your peice here. As you know I have Fast Break sitting here in front of my monitor waiting not to patiently to be read. It's next! Sorry I'm so late to the party but I do see a familar name or two. Wishing you the best alway.

Kathy Garuti
Now to go read what everyone else wrote.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Patricia, welcome! Your new alter ego sounds great. I love the sound of FAST BREAK!

What's not to love about sports romances? You have all of the commitment, hard work and talent of the athlete as well as the team dynamics. And let's be honest, athlete heroes are not lacking in the looks department either! I know it's been said but SEP, all the way! My favourites are the Chicago Stars, in particular, This Heart of Mine and Match Me If You Can. Oh, and Heaven, Texas. And...

Good luck with this release, Patricia!

Patricia Sargeant said...


I'll echo everything you've said. and thank you very, very much for your well wishes.

Best wishes to you for continued writing success!

Patricia / Regina

Laurie G said...

I enjoy all of SEP's books. Love all sports related books.

Carly Phillips has several athletes especially with her Hot Zone series.
Jill Shalvis baseball, Rachel Gibson and Deidre Martin hockey players, Bella Andre ,Victoria Dahl ex-baseball pitcher. Pamela Britton= NASCAR, along with Wendy Etherington and Liz Allison.

Keanu Reeves in the Replacements, Warren Beaty in Heaven Can Wait, A League of Their Own, Rookie of the Year,Cutting Edge...

Love Rudy, Breaking Away and Remember the Titans