Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pitch Perfect--Bandit Booty!

Lara Lee has won the one hour pitch-perfect session with Christine Wells at National!!

To the others who played the pitching game, thank you all for participating and if you see me around the conference, please say hello and best of luck with your pitches!

Lara, please contact me on as soon as you can so we can make a date.

I'm flying to D.C. tomorrow morning (Oz time) so I'll be in the air when this posts. Some of the Banditas have already descended on the capital and I have it on good authority the rooster will arrive incognito this year.

Be very afraid...


Louisa Cornell said...

YAY, Lara Lee !! Your pitch will be polished to perfection with Christine's help!!

Incognito? That does NOT bode well for our nation's capitol!

Renee said...

Way to go! Lara!!!!!!!!!!!!! *smooches*

Lara Lee said...

Yay!!! Thank you!! This is fabulous news! I'm looking forward to meeting you in DC!

Becke Davis said...

Congratulations, Lara -- fantastic! Christine, it's so nice of you to do this!