Saturday, July 18, 2009

People Who "Get It"

posted by Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy

I'm not really here. I'm in Washington D.C. at the RWA conference eagerly awaiting tonight's big Rita/Golden Heart awards ceremony. Here's hoping I'm not hung-over from being wined and dined along with the other CasaBabes by our publisher and editor last night! But I digress...

So here I am at the National conference and I have no doubt I'm having THE BEST TIME EVER!

Yes, they are expensive and often the timing is terrible, but I know there are lots of reasons to attend writing conferences.
  • the chance to meet editors and agents face-to-face
  • great workshops to improve your knowledge and craft
  • the latest and greatest info on what the publishers are buying and selling
  • rubbing elbows with 'famous' authors and being inspired by their speeches
But for me, BY FAR the best thing about attending any writing conference, but especially National is being with other people who "get it."

I remember my first RWA National, 2005 in Reno. I was utterly overwhelmed by all the crowds, books, general buzz of excitement. But the best thing was when I realized that everyone at the conference "got it" about romance writing and reading.

Because many of them had been there, they understood about pouring heart and soul into the writing of a book only to have a form rejection slapped on it. Heck, they understood about rejection in general and how it was hard not to personalize even the "good"ones.

They understood about sitting day after day in front of a keyboard and monitor pecking out a few words here and there, or typing in a frenzy to get the thought down before it escaped. They knew about forcing "the muse" to produce pages whether it or you wanted to or not.

Just like me, they had walked up and down the aisles of a store staring blankly at the shelves and seeing nothing, because characters were 'talking' inside their heads. And the readers "got it" too! They knew that the characters we writers create are very real and considered and discussed them that way!

Discovering people who "get it" has been a revelation and a life-saver for me! People who "get it" have kept me going in spite of all the rejections and doubt demons. Both the readers and writers have boosted my confidence in my writing when it was at the lowest possible ebb. They have invested themselves in my characters and stories as much as I have (I met one of my CPs and several good writing buddies at conferences).

Knowing and being with people who "get it" truly makes all the hassles and aggravation and frustrations of the writing life worthwhile! So please accept my most humble THANK YOU for all you do and for "getting it!" I absolutely do not know what I'd do without you!

What about you? Who are some of the people in your life who "get it?" Be they DH, CP, family or friends, how did you find them?

And what have you been doing while the rest of us are whooping it up in DC?


flchen1 said...

Not getting as much reading done as I'd like!

flchen1 said...

Oops, to answer the first part of your question, my sister is usually my go-to person when I need someone to "get" me--she's the best! Also on the list for various reasons, my husband, a handful of other close friends, and for my book-related issues, some on-line buddies :)

Glad you're having a fabulous time, AC!

Virginia said...

Congrats Fedora on nabbing the rooster!

To answer your question, DH doesn't get it but my sister does! She understands me and knows whats going on. When we were younger we didn't get along but as we got older we started to understand each other, so we get it.

I am not getting as much reading done as I want. To many other things going on right now!

You ladies enjoy yourselfs!

Helen said...

Congrats Feodra have fun with him

I have a wonderful friend Barbara who gets it she is always there for me and I for her and she is now totally hooked on reading romance as well YAY so I have someone really close to me to discuss the books we read and my younger sister as well is very close to me and loves reading romance too.

As for what I have been doing well I am going to be a Nana again Corey is going to have a brother or sister in early April (due around my birthday) how cool is that, and of course I have been reading I have just finished Jeanne's book Dark and Deadly and it is fantastic if you haven't read it yet go get it and I started Christine's Wicked Little Game last night and I am soo enjoying getting to know Lady Sarah and Vane loving it I need to get back to it.

Keep having fun everyone love getting the updates. And to everyone who is nominated Saturday night I have everything crossed for you all go get them Gals

Have Fun

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Fedora.

Hi Aunty Cindy,
Wish I were there. Can't wait to see more pics. I have two cousins who get more than anyone else in my family. They're both several years older than me, but we get along so well and our personalities complement each other. I also have a few friends from college and from work that always seem to know my moods and know what I mean without having to explain.

Joan said...

I SO "get it"

And you're right, AC....being at National...being at ANY writing conference provides precious fuel, reinforcement and energy to continue on down the road.

Eyes and ears open, careful observation and you gain so much valuable insight.

See you on the flip side.

Pissenlit said...

Huh, I don't think I know anyone outside of the interwebz who "get it" when it comes to romance reading.

Aside from the usual things, there's the baby blanket for a friend that doesn't appear to be able to knit itself and I've been trying to finish some books before they're due at the library. Unfortunately, right now, I have 3 unread books that are due on the 20th that can't be renewed...which might not be too bad 'cept in slightly over an hour, I've got a friend's wedding to attend(and then later, there's the banquet so my entire day's pretty much shot) and then tomorrow, I've got a softball game. Oh woe is me. :D

jo robertson said...

Glad everyone's having such a great time in D.C., Cindy! It's great to be with like-minded people, isn't it?

Congratulations, Flchen. A sister is one of the best "she gets me" persons!

sherrinda said...

Most of the people I have met who "get it" are the ones I have met through blogging. A new world opened up for me early this year when I began blogging and found those who are on the same journey I am. What a blessing it has been!

Beth said...

I was at the conference for Librarian Day on Wednesday and it was wonderful being surrounded by people who get the importance of libraries. The programs RWA put together for us were great, the food was great, the huge amount of freebies were "super" great and so was the chance to meet many of the authors whose names we see in catalogs and review magazines.

I don't know of another organization that has made me feel so appreciated. Thanks for a great time!

Pat Cochran said...

I know you all are busy but still enjoying such a momentous occasion!

I'm getting family photographs and
momentos ready to distribute to my
sibs and the children of the two
sibs who are no longer here with us. Mother had all these items and, as the eldest, they are now residing with me. Each time I think they are ready to go to each sib, I find another batch that has
to divided up. Oy vey!

Pat Cochran

limecello said...

Classmates, mostly friends, friends who have gone through the same thing, or I've grown up with - they're the ones who "get" it :D At least, to me/in my life.

Luciana said...

Hey Fedora! Great time to snag the Chook!

So glad everyone's stopping by!

Susan Sey did a great job helping to emcee the Golden Heart, but, alas, that was the sole Romance Bandit Triumph for the evening.

We still had a fab time, though and gorgeous attire by all concerned.


Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Go Fedora!

Great time at conference - gorgeous clothes! Fab speeches!

Susan Sey did a marvy job as one of the emcees at the GH portion of the program.

Alas, no other "love" for the RB's...there's always Nashville!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oh, my! I posted twice. See? Too tired! My babysitter had logged into her Google account while watching my son (I was watching the Rita's of course!) Obviously SHE is Luciana, not ME!


Jessica Scott said...

My DH doesn't get it but he's learned to accept it. The Austin chapter of the RWA is my go to place for 'get it'. No one else really understands the true neuroses I have when I get stuck or in a funk or have written myself into a corner. I love being around other writers but alas, that doesn't happen over here in Iraq. So I'm even more active online with other authors b/c that's my only lifeline to people who do 'get it'. Plus writers are the most understanding, supportive group of people I've ever been privileged to know and be a part of..
Other writers get it. I don't know of anyone else other than a writer who puts themselves through rejection after rejection and continues to keep going!

Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy said...

Hi All!

Thanx to everyone who stopped by yesterday to share stories about people who "get it." Pissenlit and Sherinda, I so totally agree about the online community! What did writers DO before the internet?!?!

I just got home a couple of hours ago and yer Olde Aunty's eyelids are drooping... But I had to check in at the Lair.

Yes, as Jeanne reported, no Bandit love at the Rita/GH ceremony but ONWARD and UPWARD next year!

We all had a BLAST all week and I'm only sorry that we only get to do it in person once a year.


Becke Davis said...

I cannot begin to explain the wonderfulness of meeting you all! (Or most of you, anyway.) I just posted pictures, including the ones I took at the Bandita Bash, on my Facebook page (Becke Martin -- if there is more than one, I'm the woman with glasses whose hair is almost white.