Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome NYT Bestseller Alyssa Day!!

Interview by Kirsten Scott

I am so excited to welcome NY Times Bestselling author Alyssa Day into the Lair! Alyssa hit THE LIST for the first time with Atlantis Unleashed, which was released on June 5, but she's sure to hit it again with Atlantis Unmasked, which was released yesterday. Alyssa was actually my very first guest blogger, two years ago and a lot has changed since then -- for us, and for Alyssa. But we've got no time for walking down memory lane -- we've got a lot of ground to cover. Now let's get started!

KIRSTEN: Alyssa, thanks so much for stopping by the Lair! First of all, let me congratulate you on hitting the New York Times Bestseller list for Atlantis Unleashed! That is a huge accomplishment. I bet you've been celebrating ever since you got the news. Can you tell us if your life has changed? We've got a lot of cabana boys running around the Lair -- any chance you're hiring one, now that you'll need a personal masseuse and errand boy? Or do they just assign you one when you land on the list? Our own Kate Carlisle hit the list a few months ago, and she claims she didn't get a cabana boy assigned to her. I suspect she's just saying that so she doesn't have to share him with the other Banditas.

ALYSSA: First off, thank you so much for inviting me back to hang with the cool kids! Yes, life absolutely changed in some ways and in others – not a bit. If you’re really interested, I posted the step-by-step minute-by-minute of the first few days in a New York Times bestselling author at my blog (http://warriorsofposeidon.blogspot.com/2009/06/first-few-days-in-life-of-brand-new-new.html) but here’s what happened when the actual call came in:

5:30 p.m. Talk to lovely editor, who is miserably sick but still in office. Tell lovely editor to go home, get rest, see doctor. Editor says: No, I’m waiting for NYT list – I think you might have made it. I say, I have no chance to make it. Summer beach read competition, etc. etc.

5:35 Other line rings. It’s agent. Heart rises into throat. Start stuttering. Editor yells at me to ANSWER PHONE. Click over to line with agent and say, Hello? Agent says, NUMBER 28!!!

5:37 Start laughing and make squee-ing sounds and fall out of chair. Say, Are you sure? Agent says, Yes. Start crying. Agent (who is a guy) hurriedly says, Talk to editor now!

5:38 Tell editor. Both of us are laughing and crying. Blurry. Said stuff. Thanked her for believing in me. She said words like, I told you so. More laughing and squeeing. Some shouting of happy words. Finally tell lovely (sick) editor to go home and take much Nyquil to celebrate.

5:40 Tell children. They shout out Yay and congratulations!! Then: she says, He touched me. He says, She stuck her tongue out at me. Wonder if other NYT bestselling authors have nannies. Or Swiss boarding schools.

As a lot of readers will know very well, it’s impossible to get a swelled head when you’re a Mom!

KIRSTEN: I managed to stake out a copy of Atlantis Unleashed and Atlantis Unmasked (thanks Borders!) last week. I started with Unleashed and thought it was your best book ever. But then I opened up Unmasked and fell in love with Alexios...but then Unleashed has Justice and he's so tormented and has all that lovely blue hair and that really big sword... Hmm...I can't decide. We'll have to talk about both of them!

First, though, for those who aren't familiar with the Warriors of Poseidon series, can you give us a little background? Who are these hot, tormented guys, and how did you manage to combine the legend of Atlantis, vampires, and shape-shifters all in the same world?

ALYSSA: Sure! It all came together as these things generally do for me – with an intense love story, some fascinating facts and an enormous What If?

I’m an addict, I admit it. A mythological history junkie. If there are facts or archaelogical evidence to be found that might possibly tie in with my preferred view of the universe – Atlantis really exists, Helen of Troy was real, vampires and shapeshifters are lurking at the edges of darkness – well, I’m all over it.

For example, there’s this device. A machine, really. It’s a mechanical computing device which pinpoints astronomical events. Comes complete with its own user’s manual. Seriously nifty technology.

The catch? It’s TWO THOUSAND YEARS OLD. Found off the coast of southern Greece back in 1900, but took us until now to be able to figure it out! The Antikythera Mechanism has been described as a pocket calculator of its time. (Of course, no mention of where the pockets were in togas, but that’s another book.)

I have collected hundreds of examples of technology and science far beyond what is believed to have been the scope of learning at the time. Also, designs or writings that are eerily identical – yet found in the ruins of ancient civilizations on entirely different continents.

How is it possible? Well, that was the giant What If for me. What if one ancient civilization was advanced far beyond the rest of the world? What if a cataclysm such as the flooding event described in countless different histories wiped this superior civilization off the face of the earth?

What if Atlantis really DID exist – and still does? What if Poseidon himself tasked a race of supernatural warriors to stand guard over humanity? What if the evil creatures hiding in the shadows grew bold enough to make themselves known – and take over our politics and our media?

What if the Warriors of Poseidon made the decision that Atlantis must rise to the surface and take its place as protector of mankind again? What if mankind didn’t feel all that much like being protected?

And, most important, what if a human female were discovered to have the ancient power of emotional empathy, lost to Atlantis for more than 10,000 years? What if the high prince of Atlantis, in spite of all the laws forbidding it, fell in love with this woman?

Oh, and what if the fate of the entire world were at stake?

At its heart, every book in the Warriors of Poseidon series is a love story wrapped in an epic quest – just the way I like it!!

KIRSTEN: Atlantis Unleashed was released June 2 and Atlantis Unmasked on July 7. Can you tell us a bit about each?

ALYSSA: Since I’ve been so long-winded above (sorry! Get a writer talking . . .) here’s the quick version: Atlantis Unleashed features Lord Justice - a gorgeous Atlantean warrior who has been fighting the dual nature of his soul for hundreds of years, and Dr. Keely McDermott, the beautiful archaeologist with special talents that allow her to work with Justice to discover one of the lost gems of Poseidon’s Trident. Oh, and there are about 500 other things going on, but this is, no doubt about it, a HOT love story!

Atlantis Unmasked continues the series with Alexios, a warrior who was brutally scarred by an evil vampire goddess – his perfect self-control is rocked by the lovely human rebel fighter Grace, who just happens to be a descendant of the goddess Diana. Sparks fly when these two are forced to work together to train new rebel recruits!

KIRSTEN: Now, we authors like to joke about torturing our characters, but you take that to another level. Poor Justice! I thought what happened to Conlan back in Atlantis Rising was bad, but Justice is truly driven to the point of madness. Anubisa, the evil goddess of vampires, breaks down the minds of her victims and the people she draws in to support her -- is "playing Sudoku" with their brains, as one character puts it. How do you write such complex, deeply psychological stories?

ALYSSA: I have a very dark and twisted mind. That is a direct quote from my editor, the brilliant beyond measure Cindy Hwang at Berkley. Also, my (guy) agent, after reading one particular scene in Atlantis Rising (remember Anubisa ripping the . . man parts . . off of that vampire?) said, “Never, ever make me read anything like that again.” My husband said the same thing. (Go figure!) LOL.

But in all seriousnesss, I studied deviant psychology in college and very nearly went into profiling with the FBI. The darker side of the human psyche fascinates me.

KIRSTEN: I see torture in your books as a metaphor for duty and ultimately, the need for redemption. Each of the Warriors makes incredible sacrifices for the people of the earth and for his brothers, but he needs a woman to redeem him and the blackness that colors his soul as a result. Now, as it turns out, your husband is in the military. Do you think your interest in the concepts of duty and redemption comes from your experience with the military? Does having a military man in the family change how you think about men and women?

ALYSSA: I love that you noticed that, because redemption is and always has been an overarching them for me in the Warriors books. I wouldn’t say that the concept of redemption comes from being married to a Navy Guy (he flies P-3 Orions); but honor and duty and courage and self-sacrifice is so fundamental to all of our men and women in the military. My dad was career Air Force, so I’ve grown up around guys like this; black humor when times get tough and courage beyond all measure. My nonfiction book, EMAIL TO THE FRONT, discussed what it’s really like to be a military family during war time. Scary stuff. My absolute admiration and thanks go out to all of our military families, always.

Thanks, Alyssa, for a fantastic interview -- and thanks for writing such wonderful books.

Now to you, BBs...Alyssa's had a lifelong fascination with Atlantis and ancient civilizations. I'd like to hear about your childhood interests. Anyone want to be an archeologist when you grew up? Do we have any former dinosaur hunters, cowgirls, or airline pilots in the audience? What did you dream about when you were a little kid, and do you still find it interesting?

Oh, and BY THE WAY -- Alyssa will be giving out FIVE -- count them, FIVE!! -- copies of Atlantis Unmasked to our commenters today! So have fun and welcome Alyssa to the Lair!


Christine Wells said...

Welcome the lair, Alyssa! Wonderful to have you here with us today.

Anonymous said...

Hey -- we traded the chook! Congratulations Christine! Did you know you shared a release date with the fabulous Alyssa Day?

Christine Wells said...

Yes, I did, Kirsten. Alyssa and I have the same publisher, too! Congratulations again on hitting the NYT list, Alyssa. I loved the story of your 'call'.

I really like the depth of your novels and the grounding you give them in reality and accepted mythology even though they are so fantastical in many ways. Fascinating about the ancient technology. I suppose we need only look at the pyramids to see that at work. I'd love to hear more about that.

Do you have a finite number of books planned for the series or is it open-ended?

limecello said...

I totally wanted to be an archaeologist when I was little. And a marine biologist. And a doctor. And, actually, when I was 3, a tightrope walker. Good thing *that* didn't pan out because I'm practically phobic about heights. (Is that the way to say it?) I also had lawyer thrown in that mix, and that's sadly the route I went, really.
I loved Classical mythology, and stories - actually, when I grow up I want to be an author :)
I will say Atlantis never caught my eye quite as much as the Classical myths, though they're close. I knew all the Greek and Roman names, and well, generally way, way too much about mythology and the ancient Romans.

limecello said...

:X I can't believe I forgot - thanks for visiting with us today, Alyssa- and congratulations on the new release! Also for making it on THE LIST :D

And - congrats on the GR, Christine! I have a feeling I won't be seeing him for a long, long time. He wouldn't want to be with me anyway - I'm spending ~10-12 hours a day studying :(

p226 said...

I studied military history as a kid. Particularly WWII. All my older relatives were there, but none of them would talk about it.

"Grandpa, were you at Okinawa?"

"Yeah, sure was."

"Neat! What'd you do there?"

"Duck. Now why don't you go play outside."


So, I had to read about it on my own. I ran out of material in my school's library in first grade. They let me go to the high school to check out more history books.

I guess I wanted to be a general or something when I was a little kid. I read about their tactics. Their innovations. I was fascinated by Jackson, Rommel, and Patton.

And obviously, no, I did not become a general. I was just a tad further down the chain of command than O-7. ;)

And sure, I still find some of that stuff interesting. But the face of warfare has changed so much, that most of it seems irrelevant these days. And my interests have certainly diversified.

Anonymous said...

I hate to speak for Alyssa, but I'm fairly certain there are more Atlantis books on the horizon. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Lime, a tightrope walker? Wow, that's impressive!

I wanted to be a vet, but then I took my first college level science course and realized I didn't have it in me. *g* So I went the lawyer route too.

Anonymous said...

p226, its too bad you couldn't weasel more out of the older generation. I'm sure those weren't exactly pleasant memories. But I can imagine you went through the library books. Surely some of that information is still useful? No?

p226 said...

I can't think of any of it being useful in my current field. No, most of it was pretty useless come to think of it. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge I guess, and even most of that is wasted, since I've long forgotten it.

I mean, what does Rommel's deployment of minefields around Tobruk have to do with computer forensics? Absolutely nothing.

But then, my history/experiences are a bit eclectic I suppose. Junior military history buff -> street thug -> Marine -> construction laborer -> VIP bodyguard -> computer forensics nerd.

Nope. It doesn't make sense. Those transitions are not linear, hahah. :)

flchen1 said...

Hi, Alyssa! I've heard such good things about your series! Glad to see you in the Lair and to learn more about you and your writing :) (And loved your call story! Not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but am a mom--hee!) Congrats on making the List!

No dreams of dinosaur hunting for me. I'd wanted to be a nurse or doctor or brilliant scientist or a ballerina. As I got older, I realized that I was completely squeamish about blood and "insides" and way too undisciplined and not all that interested in science-y stuff. I do still love ballet, but don't hold out any hopes of being a prima ballerina ;)

Congrats on the GR, Christine! Hope he's extending your release day celebrating at your house!

Anonymous said...

You know, p226, without getting too cliched, I think all of it is part of creating who we are. So as crazy and "useless" as it may seem, there's something powerful in it that is part of you. I think that about all my little journeys into Arab women's literature, my year of Hindi-Urdu lessons, my papers on esoteric legal issues in nineteenth century Oregon...definitely not useful in the traditional sense of the world, but I wouldn't give it up for a million bucks!

Anonymous said...

Fedora, I live out my own ballerina fantasies through my daughter. Now that's fun. I never had the discipline for it, but I sure do love to watch it.

Isn't Alyssa's story fun? You should check out her website where she gives the rest of the day. It's hilarious!

p226 said...

Er... Meant Rommel's deployments through and around the minefields at Tobruk.

See, told ya I've already forgotten all that stuff.

Leslie said...

Big congrats on the release Alyssa! I'm really enjoying the series.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher. My friends and I would gather up all the younger kids in the neighborhood, set up a classroom in my basement and play school. LOL Then I wanted to be a race car driver. Not sure where that came from. :)

Way to nab the GR Christine!

Lori T said...

Welcome to the lair Alyssa!! Congrats on making the NYT Bestseller list...how amazing!!

Blodeuedd said...

Welcome, great looking book there!

Oh yes I so wanted to be just that, just like my big hero Indiana Jones. later I realised that they just sat around in the cold weather digging for pottery in the ground and kind o gave up on that idea. I wasn't to keen other to move to another country to be able to study in my own language. Still will always be my dream anyway

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi Alyssa - Welcome to the lair!

Love the world you've created with the Atlantis series. Have you made a new trailer for this one?

I can honestly say that none of my dreams or aspirations as a child included being an accountant (big grin) but I did plan on being an artist - one with paint, though.

I've loved mythology ever since I saw Jason and the Argonaunts. I was ready to sail for that golden fleece (grin). Best of luck with your series. I predict you'll be on that list many, many more times in the future.

Lynz Pickles said...

Hi, Alyssa, and congrats on hitting the list! Loved your call story.

When I was little, eh? Hmm... I remember wanting to be a doctor, a vet, a ballerina, a gymnast, a sword-swallower, a lawyer, a masseuse, a scientist, a teacher, and a dancer. And I wanted to do all those jobs at the same time. I never was any good at making decisions...

I love the whole Atlantis idea! I've adored mythology since I first started learning about it, and any book that integrates it into the present day makes for a very happy Lynz. Especially if there're attractive males involved. And I love reading about the dark side of the psyche, the truly horrible acts that humans are capable of, because a) it's interesting, and b) it just makes the goodness that we're capable of seem so much more awesome.

Minna said...

I wanted to be an astronomist. I gave up that dream when I found out that maths is not my cup of tea.

Young Einstein HQ

Young Einstein...

Llehn said...

I wanted to be a detective, thanks to Charlie's Angels!

Eva S said...

Congrats on the release! I've always been interested in ancient civilizations but only loved to read about them. My dream was to be a librarian. I'm not, but I still love books!!

Maija P. said...

I was really interested in dinosaurs. And well, anything really old (eg. ancient civilizations). Actually I'm still interested in those things. I've had the chance to study one of my dream subjects: egyptology. My major is theology, but I just had to take a few lessons in egyptology when I had the opportunity. It was amazing!

Joan said...

I'm dashing out on my way to the DDJ but wanted to say "You Rock, Alyssa Day"!

I've been a fan of the Atlantis series since day one and LOVED Justice's story!

And am wondering what cave I've been in not to realize Alexios story was out!

Borders trip tomorrow!

Helen said...

Congrats on the GR today Christine have fun with him

What a great interview Ladies Alyssa these books sound fantastic I am really in awe of the way authors create such wonderful worlds for us to learn about I really enjoy reading these types of books although I have only been reading them for a relativly short time compared to the historical romances I have read forever (and still love) they never cease to amaze me these have been added to the must get list.

When I was growing up I wanted to be rich so as I could buy what ever I wanted and go on fantastic holidays all over the world LOL. Then of course I wanted to be a Vet or a nurse none of it happened but I am very happy with the way things have turned out, there are always books that help me dream and take me on wonderful adventures.

Congrats Alyssa on the release and hitting the NYT list. Thank you kirsten for inviting Alyssa along today.

Have Fun

Tiffany Clare said...

YAY on NYT and the new release of Atlantis. I'm a long time fan of these books! It's been a long wait, but so worth it! (Reading Unleashed right now, can't put it down)

Di R said...

Congratulations on making NYT!! I love, love, love your Atlanteans.

I didn't get to the store yesterday, but I am going today after the kids' pediatrician appt.


Beth said...

Welcome back to the lair, Alyssa! And super congrats on hitting the NYT list - I think a N Y T tattoo is a great idea *g*

Your series sounds fabulous! Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping track of connected stories? What has been the most difficult part of writing a series? The easiest?

CrystalGB said...

Hi Alyssa. Great interview. Congratulations on the release of Atlantis Unmasked and on making the NYT list.

RachieG said...

Good morning Alyssa!! :D Congratulations on your newest book, it looks great!

My childhood fascination...I wanted to be a rock star. I can't sing a tune and look like an awkward white chick when I dance, but I still wanted to be in front of that crowd rocking out.

Now I don't want to wear the leather pants!

Congratulations again!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Oh wow, both of those books sound wonderful, must go book shopping now!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

I got so excited I forgot the question!
When I was younger I was interested in astrology and mythology, when I was in school my senior English teacher said that my friend and I knew more about mythology than she did.

Alyssa Day said...

Thank you all so much!! Wow, it's only 10:10 and 32 comments! You must all be very early risers. My stupid comcast is still down (3 days now) so after the 52 mile roundtrip drive to drop Princess at art camp, I'm happily ensconced at Panera's and feeding my online addiction.

Thanks again for having me here! Yes, i do plan to write many more of the Warriors of Poseidon books - in fact, I just closed a very very good deal for the next 3 with my publisher, so the champagne blitz continues!! Good thing my agent sent me a whole case, right? LOL.

The next 4 to come out, in order, are Brennan, Christophe, Denal and Jack.

And I love the question of the day - I always wanted to be an international jewel thief when I grew up!! Turned to the good side of the law instead when I became a trial lawyer (arguably . . .) but my next heroine is going to be - wait for it - an international jewel thief!!! And for all of you who have been jonesing for someone to kick Christophe's ASS for him, she's definitely going to do it. mwah ha ha.

In terms of the difficulty in writing a series, it's that readers have such diverse wants as to how much of the other characters/story they want to see in a book. since my series isn't as loosely connected as some, because there is a definite overarching plot going on, each love story advances that plot. So some readers and reviewers feel that there is too much of the non-main love story going and some readers feel that there isn't enough! I do pay attention to what my readers tell me but I also have to write the stories how they come to me, so it's a delicate balancing act.

I'll be back later!

Alyssa Day said...

Oh, and HUGE CONGRATS Christine on release day!!

Heather Long said...

Congratulations on making the NYT best sellers list. Putting Atlantis Unleashed on my TBR wish list. I am probably going to have to take a suitcase with just books on vacation

Susan Sey said...

Welcome to the Lair, Alyssa!

I love to hear about such wildly inventive What If scenarios! I'm a wretched world building--really wretched--so I have the utmost respect for people who can not only create one but flesh it out & make it real.

A quick question for you, since we're on what ifs. Have you ever had an idea for a book that was so far out there, an editor or agent said, "Um, no."?

Thanks again for swinging by! Can't wait to get my hands on your Atlantis books!

M. said...

I actually have an abstract painting which I've dubbed 'Rise of Atlantis'. I felt free to do so because the artist had simply called it 'Untitled 45'!

joder said...

When I was young I wanted to be all sorts of things when I grew up. Among them was a veterinarian after watching Dr. Dolittle, a firefighter after watching Emergency, and a famous singer after watching Sonny & Cher.

None of those happened, but I still think about what could have been occasionally.

Aimee said...

Thanks for the great interview and congrats to Alyssa on an exciting and successful summer! I grew up wanting to be an actress, a Broadway actress, to bad I have two left feet, no voice to speak (or sing) of and very little acting talent. I revised my goals, got a professional job and then realized all I ever really wanted was a job that would let me work from home. I finally got it and it's a dream come true! Thanks for the contest!

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank for the great interview. I learned more about Alyssa and her process. I deeply enjoy the Atlantis books.
Please enter me in the contest.
Love From Canada
- Is there a way to subscribe to this blog via RSS to Google Reader?
Thanks again.

Christine Wells said...

Thanks for the congrats, Alyssa.

Oh, I love jewel thieves in books! Can't wait for that one;)

I was wondering if you're writing full-time now or if you're still practising law?

jo robertson said...

Welcome to the Lair, Alyssa, and thanks, Kirsten, for bringing her back! The Warriors of Poseidon series sounds exciting and delicious! I've just added them both to my Amazon list.

I like dark stories of fall and redemption, and these books sound like they fit that need.

I'd like to have been an FBI profiler too. The most interesting courses I took in college were in pyschology and abnormal pysch.

Becke Davis said...

The ancient computing device story gave me goosebumps. I love hearing how authors got the idea that sparked their stories! And the NYT phone call story gave me even bigger chills.

I discovered Alyssa's books when I went to Cherry Con a couple years ago. Learned a lot in the workshops there, too.

Since then, Alyssa's books have been on my "must buy" list -- and I loved the novellas, too, in WILD THING and SHIFTER.

I picked up a stack of the Alesia Holliday books, too -- they sound really good, but, unfortunately, they are buried in the TBR pile. I'll read them as soon as I can!

What fun that you and Christine shared the same release day. And, Christine, congrats on bringing home the GR!

Kate Carlisle said...

Alyssa, welcome to the Lair!! It's great to have you here today! And I'm glad you brought your warriors with you. They're so hot!!

I cried and laughed out loud at your NYT conversation. What a wonderful moment for you--and well deserved. I'm so happy for you!

I always wanted to be a spy when I grew up. I think I would've made a really good one. :-)

Madame, congrats on snagging the chook!

Alyssa Day said...

thanks again, everyone!! I'm now at Borders using internet after a long day of running errands like a wild thing getting ready for DC. Can't wait to see everyone!

chey said...

Congrats on the release Alyssa!
When I was a kid one of the things I wanted to do was to be a pilot.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, my little girl does the same thing -- she loves to play school (and she's the teacher, of course!). But I think for her, it's a control thing. She likes bossing us all around. ;-)

So, do you drive a Jetta by any chance? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Blodeuedd, the reality of a job should never interfere with the dream of having that job! The reality of being a vet is you have to stick a lot of thermometers into...er...certain places on the dog and cats. But they don't talk about that at "take your son/daughter to work" day.

Have you ever been to an actual dig site? They've got a cool display at the La Brea tar pits in LA where you can see how they go about extracting the bones and such, It's fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Donna, alas, I don't think many kids dream of being accountants OR lawyers. Sigh. But it's a great job anyway, right?

Okay, maybe not as great as romance writer...

Anonymous said...

Lynz, I just love the idea that the dark side is important because it highlights the good. That makes me think of conversations I had with people just after the horrible Tsunami a few years ago in SE Asia. Some would say, look at this horrible thing -- it's proof that God doesn't exist. And then others would point to all the people helping, giving their lives, sacrificing for others, and they would say, look at this amazing response -- it's proof that God does exist.

In either case, there's an amazing capacity for sacrifice and redemption that we humans are capable of. I think Alyssa did a great job of showing that in her books!

Anonymous said...

Minna, sounds like you were about as close to being an astronaut as I was to being a vet! Snort!

Anonymous said...

Llehn, I can totally second you on the Charlie's Angels bit. Which one were you going to be? Wasn't it sad to see Farrah die last week? She was so brave and fearless with her cancer. What a sad thing.

Anonymous said...

Eva S, maybe there's a second career waiting for you! I think being a librarian would be fabulous. I'd love the challenge of picking out books for my patrons.

Anonymous said...

Maija, how cool to get to study egyptology! I'd actually love to go back to school to study theology, so you've got me beat.

BTW, you're not Latvian are you?

Anonymous said...

Joan, get out of your cave and get to the bookstore. STAT! (that's the extent of my medical speak. *g*)

Anonymous said...

Helen, isn't it great fun to add a new genre to your list? I was like that with contemporary romance. Never bothered with it until I read SEP -- and I loved her so much I had to go find more.

Now I just dream of the day that Susan Sey's books will be on the shelf so I can buy them!

Anonymous said...

Tiffany -- I hope you're enjoying Unleashed! It's fabulous, isn't it?

Now, we'll just have to see about getting YOU on that list as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Di, I hope the kiddos are okay -- a doctor's visit is always an excuse to visit the bookstore, in my eyes. Enjoy Unleashed, and Unmasked if you can get both! They're great!

Anonymous said...

Rachie, I am so with you on the awkward white chick. Yep. That's me. And (shudder) absolutely no way on the leather pants.

But the adoring fans? Yes, that would be lovely. I'd take that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dianna, isn't it great fun to outsmart your teachers? I made that a personal quest of mine on several occasions. My poor history teachers didn't know what to do with me. Of course, I didn't tell them I got started on my history of the Ottoman Empire from reading racy books by Bertrice Small. *VBG*

Anonymous said...

Heather, I always weigh down my suitcase with books! It's amazing. If I'm traveling on business, I can go through two books in one plane ride. But then again, if I'm with the family, I don't get to read much at all. Feast or famine, as they say.

I hope you enjoy the Atlantis series!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan! Alyssa's worldbuilding is rather impressive. I was amazed that she could combine Atlantis, vampires, and shape-shifters all in the same world, but she did it, and it fit together seamlessly.

Anonymous said...

hey Joder, thanks for stopping by. Isn't it funny how the books or TV can spark an interest? Of course, I didn't really WANT to be a kadin, but Bertrice almost had me convinced it would be a pretty nice life.

A hot sultan, eunchs to rub me with fragrant oils...it all sounded pretty good, KWIM?

Anonymous said...

Aimee, how lovely that you kept trying to make your dreams come true. Working from home must be lovely. I hope you keep enjoying it! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Hey RK, I'm not sure about the RSS feed. I'll have to check with the more tech saavy Banditas about that one.

What exactly is a google reader, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Jo, I could see you as a profiler! And that must be why you've got some darker aspects to your fantastic suspense books. I stand in awe of those of you who can play around with such deep psychological issues. I'm a bit of a weenie when it comes to really torturing my characters.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becke! That ancient "pocket calculator" gave me chills, too. And how fun that you've got the Alesia Holliday books as well. I found about about Alyssa's books from her YA roots. She's pretty amazing to be able to write both fun, lighthearted YA and deep, dark adult romance.

You go Alyssa!

Anonymous said...

Kate, tell us the truth -- they DID give you a cabana boy when you landed on THE LIST. Didn't they?

Estella said...

Congrats on hitting the NYT list!
I didn't want to be a pilot, I wanted to be a stewardess.

Minna said...

Well, nice to see 2 other Finns here =).

Kirsten, before I wanted to become an astronomist I wanted to become a vet. Well, obviously that one wasn't for me, either.

Anonymous said...

Minna, those darn maths and sciences keep us liberal arts folks away from ALL the good jobs!

lunaticcafe said...

Congrats on the new release- I love this series of books. I haven't picked up the new one yet because we are getting ready to PCS, which means we're moving again. My hubby promises that I can stop at the bookstore and pick up all the latest releases on our way out of town. He claims its so that I have books when we travel, but I think he might be trying to postpone the large bill:)

As for the question for today: When I was a kid I wanted to be a reporter like Lois lane, or a burglar like Catwoman. I also wanted to be a vampire, an explorer and a nurse.

Anonymous said...

lunaticcafe, I second you on the Catwoman dream. I didn't care as much about the thievery, though that would have been fun. I was more interested in the hot outfit.

Glad you've moved past the vampire thing, too. Though that would be fun. I'd like the vampire bat/flying around part. ;-)

Alyssa Day said...

I've been writing full time since 2003. Love not having a commute!!

Kate Carlisle said...

Kirsten, since we're alone in the Lair, I'll confide that YES, when you land on the NYT, you get your very own cabana boy!!

**Ahem, Paolo, another margarita please, sweetie? Oh, a back massage would be lovely. Ooh, yes.**

Where was I? Right. Cabana boy. My very own. Magic fingers. A genius in the kitchen. And elsewhere ...

Uh, I gotta go. :-)

Alyssa Day said...

limecello, I always thought archaeology would be a blast! I had so much fun with Keely. A reader of mine in Australia, Prudence, is an archaeologist and she helped me a lot with details.

p26, "duck" - that is hilarious! My husband is in the Navy and he devours military history, too.

flchen, ballerina! Yay! I thought about medicine, too, wanted to be a neurosurgeon. Still wish sometimes I'd gone that way. OOOH Brains!!!

Alyssa Day said...

Leslie, my mom is a teacher. I always knew I'd never have the patience for that. Now race car driver - yeah!! I once drove brand new Mercedes cars on a racetrack with the Mercedes test drivers - TOO FUN!!

Lori T - thank you!!!

(Can you tell I am at my friend Barbara Ferrer's having desperately whined so I didn't have to go to yet a 4th place today for internet???) freaking comcast.

Blodeuedd, Indy!! "I hate snakes." I have an homage to Indy in Atlantis Unleashed you'll LOVE.

Donna MacMeans, Thank you so much!! My daughter is an amazing artist and I'm doing everything I can to encourage it. I wish I'd started writing sooner, but I wanted a "real" job first.

More in next response . . .a

Alyssa Day said...

limecelo, thank you!! I love all the archaeology, too. It's so much fun to be here!

p226, "duck!" hilarious! My husband devours the military history, too.

Kirsten, we should do a poll on how many romance writers are lawyers. We could start a whole new chapter of the bar association!!

flchen1, Thank you so much!! Ballerina - fun!! I wanted to be a brain surgeon for a while. Not sure why I changed my mind, still sometimes think it would be fun.

More to come . . .

Alyssa Day said...

Lynz, Thank you so much!!! Yes, always attractive males. :)

Minna, I loved Young Einstein for the kids! So fun!

Liehn, I think lots of us did. Rest in Peace, Farrah.

Eva, thanks!!

Maija P - love dinosaurs too! We went to the Museum of Science and History yesterday for the big DinoRoar exhibit!

Joan!! thank you!!! LOVE you!!!

More to come

Alyssa Day said...

Helen, thank you!!

Tiffany, thank you so much!!! I LOVE you too!!! Isn't Justice wonderful?

Di R, thank you too!!! Good luck with kids. I had to take mine to dentist. Oh, the excitement of my life!

Beth, thank you again!

CrystalGB, thanks!! It was so exciting!

RachieG, Thank you!! Rock star, woot!! I can't carry a tune in a bucket, sadly, but my daughter has diva aspirations.

more to come . . .

Alyssa Day said...

Dianna, thanks!! Yes, I love mythology, too.

Heather Long, thank you so much!! have a nice vacation!

Susan Sey, if you come to national, please come to my worldbuilding panel! I did have a book idea that my agent said, Um, no, about but it was more about sales potential than too far out there. I still plan to write it one day . . .

M, I would love to have a painting of Atlantis. Maybe one day I'll commission one.

Joder, I think most little girls want to be veterinarians at one time. I sure did and now my daughter does, too.

Aimee, thank you!!! Congrats on working at home! Isnt' it grand? No commute!!

more to come . . .

Alyssa Day said...

RKCharron, thanks!! hugs to you in Canada!

Hi Christine! I've been writing full time since 2003. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cover, by the way!!

Thanks Jo! abnormal psych is just never dull, is it?

Becke, thank you so much!! That Cherry Con was so much fun!!

Kate, thank you!! Ohh, spy. We're going to the spy museum in DC - can't wait.

more to come . . .

Alyssa Day said...

Chey, my husband flies, so I've often thought about learning to fly a puddle jumper. May still do it some day.

Hot sultans? Did somebody say hot sultans and oil? hee.

Thanks, Estella!!!

Hi Minna!!

Thanks lunaticcafe, good luck on the PCS. Argh, enough moving is enough. Oh, Catwoman! I wanted to be Batgirl, too. :)

more to come . . .

Cybercliper said...

Hi Alyssa...congrats on the release of Atlantis Unmasked! I loved Unleashed! My childhood dream was to be a marine biologist - until I learned I'd have to get into water over my head - then the dream died! :-)

Alyssa Day said...

Kate is correct, everyone. Not only do you get a cabana boy, you get one for each time you hit. I'm hoping for an entire harem one day . . .

OK, I have to go home and make sure my kids didn't burn down the house! Will respond to anything else tomorrow and pick winners first thing in the a.m. Thanks!!

delitealex said...

Congrats on making the list Alyssa. I've heard so many good things about this series and I can't wait to read them. My to read list is growing everyday. My childhood dream was to be a doctor but I'm squemish around blood.

Caffey said...

Hi Alyssa. This was so fab to hear more about this series, I even more understand it now! What a great interview Alyssa!

When I was younger, I always wanted nursing. I think more so because I loved helping others, like my grandma then. And even when they told me I couldn't because I needed to be able to hear, I still wanted to find a way to do it. And I even remembered when it came to HS and I was saying inside I wanted to do it but too knew I couldn't that it was still there within me and when a adviser from the college came around and said I could still do it, helping others, and I discovered Social work. I'm so glad I got to do that too with deaf children and their families. So sometimes we get those but just in other ways!

Cassondra said...

Hi Alyssa, and welcome back. Kirsten, thanks so much for bringing Alyssa and her awesome series back to the lair!

Okay, Atlantis is an interest of mine, so I'm definitely looking these up, but Alyssa, HUGE congrats on the success of this series! That's just so cool that you hit the list with these, and I love that story--having agent and editor on the phone at the same time! I totally enjoyed that story.

flchen1 said...

LOL, Alyssa! I think even thinking about the brains kind of gives me the heebies ;p Clearly that wasn't the route for me!

As for living out my ballerina dreams through my daughter, Kirsten, I'm definitely nudging her in that direction, and so far she likes it, but she doesn't *love* it. That's OK! I took my first ballet class at 17, and still *love* it ;)

And Alyssa, Kirsten, Christine, and all of you Banditas and BB writers, may all of you each be enjoying your own harem in the Lair soon!!

Eden Glenn said...

I'll make official. You are round the clock on the banditas. I will admit. It was close between me wanting to be a mermaid,a dolphin or a wild horse when I grew up. Go figure. A weekie wachee mermaid did teach me how to swim for many years of my childhood lol. Congrats on your continued successes.

Julie said...

I can't wait to pick up your latest, Alyssa! Congratulations on making the NYT Bestsellers List, it's well deserved.

Mmm, the whole fantasy/supernatural kick started early, which is probably why I wanted to be some sort of were-person, lol. Hasn't happened yet, but my fingers are still crossed. ;)

Maija P. said...

Kirsten: Close, I'm a Finn :) There are quite many of us here... Eva, Blodeuedd and Minna.

Tiffany Clare said...

Kristen, I'm really enjoying unleashed. I'm a sucker for a dark, tormented hero!

I want on that list very much. I'm determined to make it. :)

blackroze37yahoo.com said...

you so totally rock alyssa!! knew your books would blow up list!

Alyssa Day said...

Thank you again, everyone!! I finally got internet back at noon - corroded cable connections in outside box (so it wasn't something I blew up, LOL). I had such a fun time here!!