Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick Five Favs of NYC

Hey everyone!

Right up front I'm going to apologize for the brevity of today's post. I've been immersed in my new paranormal work in progress, working and trying to get back to baseline after a wonderful National conference in NYC. As a result I forgot until tonight, the 12th. Plus...I swallowed a bug on the way home :D

I had a great time the eight days I was there, despite a bomb scare in Times Square, a delusional rapper on a lamp post rapping for 2 hours and overdosing on cheesecake. But here are some of my top favorite things about NYC.

1. The food. Seriously, you can get anything you want, any time you want and never cook. We had great Italian at Tramonti's served by the dreamiest REAL Italian guys. Ummmm..yes Mario, I will have more cheese.

2. The diversity. Not just a handful of people from different countries but from ALL the countries of the world were represented at any one time. Yes, including Mars and other points south.

3. The history. I did the requisite tour bus twice and learned something new each time. For instance, Bellevue hospital invented the hyperdermic needle! The were the first hospital to seperate OB patients from the general population, the first bypass surgery and microscopic surgery. No deets on if they pioneered plastic surgery but odds were are they did.

4. The pups. I was missing my kitties so bad three days in. Surprisingly, New Yorkers do not walk their cats but they DO their I made the best of it. Cooing, and petting everyone I could including the explosive detection yellow lab. Oh, and I asked a police officer if I could pet his horse because I missed Cricket. He replied "Ah, geez."

5. Broadway shows. Man, I wish I had the time and money to go to every one. I did see "Anything Goes" which was BEYOND wonderful!!! I was actually tap dancing in my seat and sang the songs for hours afterward.

That's all I have for now. It would take multiple blogs to tell all about my trip but there is a storm going on and kitties that need cuddling. So give my regards to Broadway...

Have you been to NYC? What are some of your favorite things? If not, what would you like to see?


Inara Scott said...

Joanie! I can't believe you didn't mention the Naked Cowboy. You did see him, didn't you? I hope so! Susan Sey pawed him. And snuggled close to his naked chest. I have the picture to prove it.

I'm so jealous you got to see Anything Goes. One of my all time favorite musicals! Yay! My five favs obviously included seeing you...

barb said...

Hi Joanie

I have not been to NYC but we have Sydney and all those things happen here .....we meet other romance readers once a month at Darling Harbour one of the tourist attractions of Sydney

Helen said...

Well done Kirsten have fun with him


I do hope you are feeling better very soon and that the storms aren't too bad. It has been a very dull overcast day here in Sydney today and I had the day off work to attend a very good friends funeral it is always so sad saying goodbye to friends.
But on with the post I have never been to New York but that is one place I would love to visit I am sure I would love to see all the sites of NY and would enjoy everyone of them.
Enjoy your kitties and give them a hug for me and my friend Carla who adored her kitties.

Have Fun

Pissenlit said...

Congrats on snagging the GR, Inara!

I've been to NYC twice where the second time mostly consisted of being stuck in the Hyatt Regency on Long Island in between family wedding festivities so my five faves aren't all that varied.

1. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
2. Socrates Sculpture Park
3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
4. The International Center of Photography
5. Central Park (even though the closest I got to it was to drive along the outside of it for a bit)

Christina Brooke said...

LOL on the mounted police, Joanie! I'm with you on ANYTHING GOES. It was amazingly well done. How someone can sing like that, having tapdanced like that for an entire number is beyond me. She must have amazing cardiovascular fitness!

I think we might have been at the same performance--I kept an eye out for you! The Saturday matinee?

We were in the row all the actors walked in front of when they boarded the ship.

My other top fave in NY was seeing the Banditas. I treasure every minute I spend with you all!

Jane said...

Congrats on the GR, Kirsten.

Hi Joanie,
NYC is my hometown and I love hearing how many of the RWA attendees enjoyed their time in the city. I really love the museums here and the food is awesome. Liberty Island is another fave.

marybelle said...

I have NOT been to NYC, but I would love to. It is on my list pf places to visit.

Lisa Tapp said...

Hi Joan! I have to agree the food was outstanding. And the sheer number of people! For a small town girl, that was overwhelming after a few days. And yes, I had encounters with the naked cowboy, too. I think there was stalking involved, but I'm not sure which way. :0 Great museums: went to the Metropolitan Art Museum and The Discovery. Both were excellent. And St. Patrick's. And Tiffany's. And . . .

Daz said...

I love NYC. I lived there for a year and one of the more memorable moments was when we were in an Italian restaurant. It was a busy night and we were sitting near the kitchen door. The door was slightly ajar, so we were able to hear the conversation going on just behind the kitchen door.

Italian guy #1: Geez, I got pulled over today.
Italian guy #2: No shit, what happened?
Italian guy #1: Cop stopped me 'cos of my busted tail light.
Italian guy #2: He didn't look in the trunk, did he?
Italian guy #1: No, he didn't look in the trunk. If he had looked in the trunk, I'd be in the shitter for sure. No way I'd be here now. In the slammer for sure.

I mean seriously (1) who even talks like this? and (2) what WAS in that trunk??

I left that restaurant wondering what was in the guy's trunk and to this day I still wonder. I was too afraid to ask.

THAT was when I realised I was in a REAL Italian restaurant. :-)

Deb said...

I've never been to NYC, but my mom has and she liked it. I'd see a musical on Broadway, Ellis Island to find my grandpa's name on the wall (my mom did, but forgot to take a picture of it!), and all the neat things you told about in your post. :)

~Sia McKye~ said...

I've been several times. I also love the variety of people and food. It's also what I loved about living in California. I miss that variety here in the midwest land of white bread...

Glad you had a great time!

Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

Anna Sugden said...

Love NY! The restaurants, the culture, the city, the shopping (though it's cheaper over the Hudson in Jersey!) and yes, the people! NY/NJ are my second home!

Even though we lived there for six years, there's always so much more to see and do. I had planned to walk the High Line and see inside the NY Library this trip but didn't get time. I'd also love to go to that little park that's in the movie You've Got Mail.

Looking forward to my trip to Australia!

Anna Sugden said...

Helen, hugs on losing your friend. Our thoughts are with you.

Donna MacMeans said...

Daz - That's too funny!

Inara - glad to see you snagged the rooster.

This was my third trip to NYC and I fall in love with the place every time. We saw WICKED and must say I was Defying Gravity the entire week. My top five:

1. Broadway shows - so many of them to see (but can only afford one a trip)
2. Central Park - there's always something going on
3. Metropolitan Museum of Art - it's a requirement
We went to Cloisters - a separate part of the museum dedicated to medival artifacts - as this time. Very peaceful and serene with a beautiful park surrounding it.
4. FOOD! Restaurant Row! Chinatown. Little Italy. You can't go wrong.
5. Wall Street/Batelle Park/Statue of Liberty - it's all sort of together. I didn't get down there this trip, but my husband did. It's a part of the US you won't find anywhere else.

Seeing the other banditas - that's in a category of its own. You guys add an extra dimension to going to Nationals that surpasses the location. Thank you for that.

Antonia said...

I've never been to New York (or the US for that matter), but I would definitely like to go there one day and check out the Metropolitan Art Museum. And the bookstores. I always end up in a bookstore when I'm on holiday somewhere.

jo robertson said...

Great post, Joan! NY is an amazing city. I can certainly see why true New Yorkers never want to live anywhere else.

The subway system blows my mind, but I imagine after a while it's pretty easy to negotiate. When I was there, it just felt plain creepy LOL.

Yes, to the food! Yummy!

Hi, Inara! Good to "see" you and congrats on capturing the rooster!

hrdwrkdmom aka Dianna said...

Never been to NYC but would love to go at least once. Don't really have a list of want to see, I have no doubt it will be a quick trip so just the high points.

Kate Carlisle said...

Helen, I'm so sorry you lost your friend. Sending lots of hugs and love your way.

Kate Carlisle said...

Great post, Joanie! Food, definitely, is #1 for me, too! (Is it obvious???)

As far as the rest of the list, I'm looking over the comments so far, and I think Donna and I were on the same trip! I dragged a friend up to see the Cloisters, too, and I absolutely love it there. We rambled through the park for quite a while before heading into the museum, and the whole experience was amazing. I recommend it to anyone who's going to NYC to make the trek up there.

I love all the tiny, excellent hole-in-the-wall restaurants around the city. I ran into Donna at one of the best (Becco) and was so happy to see her (Bandita Sighting!! Definitely the best part of conference!) -- although I'm sure my eyes were glazed over by that point. Not sure if anything I said made sense to her. Such is the whirlwind of conference. :-)

Didn't get to see any shows this visit, but I watched the Tonys. Does that count?? :-)

Inara!! Congrats on snagging the bird!

catslady said...

I got to go to NYC for a couple of days last October and loved it. Alas, I didn't see the Naked Cowboy. But did see Lion King, Little Italy, China Town, took a great bus tour with a great guide who knews tons of facts, rode the subways, ate great food and had fun people watching.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hey Inara! You got the chookie! Make him work off all that ice cream from yesterday, okay?

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Inara said: I can't believe you didn't mention the Naked Cowboy. You did see him, didn't you? I hope so! Susan Sey pawed him. And snuggled close to his naked chest. I have the picture to prove it.

Seriously? This I must SEE!!!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

And Lisa T was STALKING the naked cowboy?

Oh, now I HAVE to see pictures!!!

This may rate as my fav NYC thing if I see pictures. Grins.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Awww, Helen, I'm so sorry for your loss.

We must get you to NYC someday. But definately NOT for a funeral.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

My top NYC Things...

1. RWA - seeing all my Banditas, writing pals, reading pals, and friend.

2. My Step-sister's Tony Award winning show, Sister Act. Brilliant!!!

3. The Addams family posters. I didn't get to see the show, but OMGosh I laughed and laughed about the posters, and got T-shirts for my boys.

4. The View lounge at the top of the Marriott. Not so much for the overpriced food which wasn't great, or the service which would have been good if the poor woman hadn't been overwhelmed. This again, was for the laughter of friends. :>

5. St. Andrews Pub. Kilted bartenders. Do I need to say anything else?

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Inara, you got the chook!

JT, what a fun post. Made me extra sad I wasn't at NY. As you know, I suffered a major pining session while you guys were all together over there.

I've been to New York three times. First time I was sick so it doesn't really count and it was only for a couple of days. But the next two trips were amazing. LOVE the museums there. I adore the Frick Collection.

MsHellion said...

My favorite part of NYC was leaving it. *LOL* Though I agree with your good points; and I admit the people there are usually very quick and polite to help you if you're lost. It's a lot friendly than I imagined it would be.

It's too big. The living spaces are too small. I get tired of not being able to cook, even with all the food available. I like cooking. *LOL* And Central Park is not big enough for me as a green space. :)

I wish I had been able to tap into the history like you did. I know as old as NYC is, I wanted to see more stuff that dated it back to Colonial times (like you can in Boston, which I loved), but it felt like NYC focused more on being modern than honoring its history.

I do enjoy the museums...and the chocolate store we found. :) BEST. CHOCOLATE. EVER.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hellion said: It's too big. The living spaces are too small. I get tired of not being able to cook, even with all the food available. I like cooking. *LOL* And Central Park is not big enough for me as a green space. :)

I do agree with this, Hellion. :>

What was the best chocolate store ever?

Beth Andrews said...

Joan, New York was fabulous! My daughter and I fell in love with the city and want to take our next family vacation there *g*

We loved the food and shopping (she really loved the shopping *g*) and sights and sounds. But our favorite part was seeing my wonderful friends! And proving that yes, the people mom talks to on the computer ARE real ;-)

Nancy said...

Inara, congrats on the rooster!

Susan Sey pawed the cowboy? And snuggled? Oh, wow--wish I had seen that!

Joanie, I love NYC. I'm with you on the theater and the cheesecake. I'm guessing you didn't eat at St. Andrews and see the kilted bartenders and wait staff? I ate there three times. . . .

ANYway, back to the topic. One of the things I love about NYC is the Central Park Zoo. The penguins are just fascinating, and one of the polar bears (name of Gus) swims backstroke. Dee Davis tipped me off to watching him. When the boy was little, we spent an hour watching the penguins once.

I love the museums, especially the Metropolitan. I could spend days in there. Haven't seen MOMA since its redesign and would like to.

I enjoy the mass transit. Give me a route map, and I can find my way anywhere, thanks to Mike and Eilis Flynn and one of my college friends who lives in NYC.

I love the energy. The city is always going. I think that might wear on me if I lived there, but for a visit, it's unbeatable.

I enjoy the window at Steuben's glass. If I have time, I like to go in and look at the glass art. Way beyond my price range, but it's so incredibly gorgeous.

MsHellion said...

It was a Godiva store. *LOL* Best hot chocolate ever.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Aw, Joanie...Miss you already!!

Here's my list:

#1 Musicals. I saw a Gershwin revival 15 years ago when I was there. This year I saw WICKED and JERSEY BOYS. Still have Frankie Valley songs going through my head!!

#2 Banditas dinner. That night that we get together, just us, it's magical! It's like seeing sisters you haven't seen in years. Lots of laughter and noise! Also spending bar time with you, Susan and Inara, and seeing all the other Bandits all over the place! Having Breakfast with you and PJ. I so enjoyed that!

#3 The food. Ate at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain! OMG! And of course I had the Rack of Pork...yummo! And of course I had to have a street vendor hot dog for lunch one day, because... well, I was in NY! And Junior's cheese cake and their Reubens!!

#4 Touring with my Texas girls. Two who had never been out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Saw lots and lots of NY that way.

#5 Spending time with my CP SAndy Blair who lives in NH now. (NH? Is that anywhere NEAR Texas? NOPE!!) She indulged my desire to go to the Museum of Fine Art our last day and wander through the impressionists gallery. Then walk to Central Park, dinner out at Sophia's and finally JERSERY BOYS.

Sigh, the only thing that bothered me besides the statement from every New Yorker that everywhere I wanted to go was, "not far, you're almost there, it's just around the corner" and turned out to be five or six blocks away, was the crowds. By the 8th day I'd had enough and needed the wide open spaces of TX!

Christie Kelley said...

What's not to love about NYC? I haven't been in a few years but I used to go up there for work a lot. Nothing better than a good bagel at a street vendor. I always thought it strange that their bagels were better than the ones I could get in the office.

Sheree said...

The beauty of the NYC subway system is that if you can figure it out, then no subway system in the world is going to stump you (unless you really don't know the language and can't figure out how much to pay).

Whenever I'm in NYC, I'm there to visit family so I generally don't see any of the sights. Still, I'm going to go again later this year so maybe I'll check out the Met and the Museum of Natural History as well as wave to Patience and Fortitude (the NYPL stone lions). And, of course, the food: not just my mother's cooking but Junior's cheesecake and some authentic NYC pizza (no pest or goat here!).

Joan said...

Evenin' everyone!

I haven't been to NYC today but at work!!! The nerve of not giving me a budget day today!

Ok, so Inara...duckling 'o mine...Susan SNUGGLED with the cowboy??? She's barely tall enough to come to his tidy whities...did she do a spell check while she was there?? :D

barb, I long to visit Australia..sigh...someday...when I can afford business and travel with my feet up

Joan said...

Oh, Helen...I feel so bad. Condolances on your lost. I've lost two wonderful friends the past ten years. It's so hard ((hug))

Joan said...


I wish I had the energy to walk deeper into Central Park...I only did the periphery thing too where I got into a heated political discourse with the Irish driver!

One of my dreams had been to eat at Tavern on the Green but they closed last year. I did get to see Regis and Kelly show. They are SO nice and down to earth though we missed Tom Hanks by a day

Joan said...

Well Christina, we WERE at the same show! I was above you in the mezzanine. We had great seats and a great perspective of the whole dancing numbers.

The guy playing Billy reminded me of Gene Kelly only cuter and...he is IRISH!

Jane! I do remember that you live there! Did you come to the conference and/or the literacy signing? Did you know the lamp post rapper :)

Joan said... need to try to go. There is NO place else on earth like it!

And yes, Jeanne...Lisa T. aka my roomie had a thing for the Cowboy! She also downplayed her determination to get to the Met by walking round and round and round only to pass by a live half naked model show at Abercrombie's....yeah sure Lisa and Karen...culture. Uh huh

Joan said...

Whoa Daz.....maybe he was talking about mozarella???

I could barely understand out guy. I could make out "calamari" and "fontina" but who cared...his sherry colored eyes TWINKLED. Not Irish, but dang good

Joan said...


I went out to Ellis Island a couple of trips ago. I'm sure I had relatives there though I suspect we came during colonial days....I'm convinced Mary O'Brien from Co. Cork was and indentured servant!!! To a hospital!!! No, wait...that's me :D

Thanks Sia!

Joan said...

Anna S. it was SO wonderful to spend time with you though it was far, far too short. Fabbo shoes for the GH ceremony!

Donna, you braved Chinatown to eat? Shudder...I can't get past the dead duck hanging in the window

Joan said...


I do too....rumors were flying that Barnes and Noble was featuring Susan Sey's latest "Money Shot"!! Woohoo...Susan!

Jo, I think it wouldn't take me long to navigate it and while I soon lost my fear that a "subway person" would recognize me as a hick from KY and try to push me onto the tracks (don't snigger..I watch movies!) While not creepy it WAS hot.....

Joan said... need to go, it is just a plain out experience!


Man, it was good seeing you and watching you present at the RITA's!!!

Those hole in the walls WERE surprising. I went out with Suz and some other Texas gals (lead by intrepid hometown girl, Addison Fox) to Greenwich Village to this tiny door in the basement of an old building. Inside fancy flatware, linen tablecloths, Frank and Dean playing in the background and a version of the Tramonti's server 60 years in the future...only grumpier

Joan said...

Yes, cataslady but did you pet a horse????

The best was running into a teacup and a puppy Yorkie named Amy And Beyonce!!!

Joan said...

Jeanne, seriously...I did NOT spend enough time with you!!!!!!!

Must be rectified...soon.

Glad you got time between Board meetings etc. Is your sister a nun?

Joan said...

Anna C.

Seriously, we could barely speak with the void your absence caused. And Macy's was particularly lonely for you :D


By that last day, walking back to the hotel after supper I wanted to scream "Don't get so close!!!"

I got home and practically rolled in my yard with glee at the space!!!

Joan said...

Imagine...a teenage girl enjoying shopping LOL.

I did too. My evil, cowboy stalking roomies DRAGGED me into the Fossil store by the hotel....FORCED me to fall in love with an olive green shoulder was rough.....

I HEART my purse :D

Anna Campbell said...

Oh, Helen, sorry - trying to get some writing done so I didn't read everyone's posts when I first commented. Just saw you'd lost a beloved friend. How very sad about Carla. My deepest sympathies! And big hugs too!

Anna Campbell said...

Joan, I've heard since Macy's missed my annual visit that shares have plummeted. Oh, it's so sad to be responsible for the corporate wellbeing of America! Seriously, I SOOOO missed seeing my Banditas!

Joan said...


I've heard there is a Museum for TV Sciences??? About the history of TV. I would LOVE to see tha AND the Museum of Natural History.

Joan said...

Suz, girlfriend.

You. Me. Diet Coke.

You. Me. Diet Coke. My WIP

You. Me. Diet Coke. My WIP. Your move your a** stare.

All good :D

Joan said...

Christie and Sheree...


I'm trying to talk my BFF into a long weekend trip...soon..

Louisa Cornell said...

Wow! Kirsten got the chook! He MISSED you!!

I LOVED seeing everyone in New York! I hoard every minute of memories from RWA Nationals as they have to sustain me through an entire year of writing!

Five Favs ?

1. Lady Jane's Salon with the Duchesse, Cassondra and Nancy ! It was a packed house and a really amazing event.

2. The FOOD! I indulged my craving for really great Italian food to the max! Shout out to my agent, Kim Lionetti, for treating me to some of the best Fettuccini Alfredo I have ever had! And to my best friend for treating me to some spectacular four cheese zitti!

3. The Pompeii Exhibit at the Discovery Museum. I have been fascinated with Pompeii since I was a young girl. Seeing this exhibit was a moving and intense experience.

4. Meeting my roommate, Andrea Stein. We got together through the RWA roommate forum and hit it off from the very first. Can't wait to see you in Anaheim, Andrea!

5. Returning to New York after many, many years and seeing how well they have bounced back after 9/11. New Yorkers, gotta' love 'em!

Joan said...

Shout out to Louisa!!!

I hadn't realized you were at the conference! HOW did I miss you??

Lady Jane's WAS packed...much too much for this ahem, hot flash chick. Still enjoyed hanging with friends in the "lower" parlor.

MER (My Evil Roomies) visited Pompeii exhibit too. They talked about the emotional punch of it!

And ummmmm...fettucine Alfredo. I don't know WHO Alfredo was but he makes a damn find sauce.

Well, gals, I'm headed to bed. Maybe I'll dream of pasta ala Mario or a horse named Cricket...with a badge..."Just the facts ma'm"