Sunday, July 31, 2011


posted by Jo Robertson
Our visitors are very clever; many of you pointed your fingers toward the Golden Rooster, and I must admit, he's a likely thief.
But, let's face it (whispering loudly), I don't think the chook's smart enough to pull it off.
After much deliberation, I let my two sons decide and . . . ta dah!!! Tyler and Rand are sure the culprit is . . . WAIT FOR IT!!! . . .
A Conspiracy of the Outside Caterers!!! The e-book download goes to DONNELL
Donnell, send your snail addy to and when the download is available, I'll see you receive it.
The winner of a free copy print copy of THE WATCHER by random drawing for those of you who sent me your address is . . .
ELLIE!!! Congratulations. Your book will be going out this week.
Thanks to everyone for playing our CSI game Saturday.
FYI: I'll be blogging at the following sites on the corresponding dates:
Aug 3 -- with Terri O. and Ms. Hellion
Aug 9 -- with P.J. and the gang
Aug 12 -- with Sia M.
Aug 16 -- with Mason's "Thoughts in Progress"
Aug 22 -- with Jen T.
Aug 25 -- with Aunty Cindy
Aug 31 -- with Donnell


Kim in Hawaii said...

Aloha! Let's not rule out the GR for other mischief!

Helen said...

Whoo Hoo congrats all it was a great day

Have Fun

marybelle said...


jo robertson said...

Definitely, Kim! That bird's always in trouble!

Thanks, Helen. It was tons of fun!